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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 1, 2022 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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stations. >> rain around the corner, next at 11:00. right now at 11:00, the search and big reward for 9-month-old bulldog. >> i think the next two weeks
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will be critical in the bay area for disruptions to everyday life. >> we hope to move forward but first bundle up, freezing night. >> i do wish i had warmer coat. didn't realize was this cold, been inside all day. >> how low the temperatures will drop and how long the freeze is going to last. the news at 11:00 starts now. thanks for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. audrey is off. freezing start to the new year. san jose will be under a freeze warning. meteorologist rob mayeda with microclimate weather alert. that woman, if she was listening to you, would have had the warmer coat. >> 35 degrees in walnut creek and around the tri-valley, 33 in livermore and in dublin hit 32. downtown san jose is down to 39. 32 in san martin.
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seeing mid-30s out there. freeze warning for the valley. tri-valley and inland east bay. north bay most chance for upper 20s by tomorrow morning. santa rosa and calistoga you're close already, and 30s closer to san francisco by morning. should be the last of the truly cold temperatures before rain chances come back. into the new week, how much rain and sierra snow in five minutes. temperatures near freezing expected overnight in south bay, people are bundling up, seek warmth. >> reporter: because of the bitter cold, santa clara has opened overnight center at california national guard building in san jose.
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>> do not try to ride out the cold in your tent tonight, please make your way down to the shelter. >> reporter: as temperatures drop, urgent plea from homeless advocate scott largent, letting people in encampment know this opened up to escape the near freezing temperatures. shawn hopes this option will save lives in the bitter cold. >> two weeks ago, seven people died in one week, five of them expected to be exposure. >> reporter: across the bay area, people are bundling up, braving chilly weather. in campbell, people dined outside but relied on fire. >> i wish i was wearing winter coat, i have one, doesn't get
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much use but that would be nice right now. my arms are bare. >> reporter: even with the sun out, felt chilly. this san jose family headed home, planned to grab blankets and crank up the heat. >> had the heater running all night long, kids have their own as well. >> reporter: freeze warning in effect overnight for santa clara valley, also scrambling to protect pipes and plants. avocados are susceptible, this homeowner covered tree with the tarp. but biggest concern is unhoused, at risk of hypothermia as the temperatures drop. nbc bay area news. >> track the freezing temperatures from palm of your hand, find out how cold it's going to be in your neighborhood, download the nbc bay area app. prime conditions at tahoe ski resorts. palisades is reporting more than
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17 feet of snowfall, just for month of december. blows away all other records. what's good for the slopes is good for the snow pack, which has a lot of catching up to do after years of drought. new year starting to look a lot like 2021 on the pandemic front as the omicron variant drives up infections and to lesser extent, hospitalizations. will likely get worse before better but one expert is optimistic. >> reporter: will be ringing in 2022 in pandemic form with walkup and drive-up covid testing sunday morning. this campus is one of many sites to get a test before traveling, returning to work or school. >> i just learned that rapid test is negative, which is great news. >> reporter: this man lucky enough to find open but busy testing site in oakland new year's day. with a shortage of rapid at-home
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tests, the pressure to get all students tested before class monday is tricky. sound familiar? pandemic continues to hit us with new challenges. may be reason for optimism as 2022 matures. >> a lot unknown but i feel optimistic at some point the pandemic will end. after all, all pandemics do end. >> reporter: all good news from dr. peter chin-hong, not following holiday exposures from thanksgiving to new year's eve. >> next two weeks will be critical in the bay area. for disruptions to our everyday life because people are going to be sick in the work force. >> but he says after we survive pandemic hardships like staffing shortages, long waits at restaurants, flight cancellations, could optimistically have months of
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normalcy. as more people get boosters and more unvaccinated gain immunity from exposure, population immunity may improve and maybe we can start treating covid like the seasonal flu. >> you look to see what's happening in other areas in the winter like australia and new zealand, south america, and use that to predict what might happen in north america during our winter. >> reporter: dr. chin-hong said a new deadly mutation of the virus could still show up but stands by his statement that the pandemic will end. and maybe 2022 will be the year. >> happy new year! >> reporter: in san mateo, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. morning walk turned into a dognapping for a devastated puppy owner in san francisco. this is rosy, 9-month-old french
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bulldog, walking her around 10:00 when grabbed the leash out of her hand and took the dog. owner is offering $10,000 for rosie's return, and would be no questions asked. new trend you don't want to be part of in east bay. emeryville police posted person stealing out of a car at gas station. part of a rash. stop, fill up with gas, then they hit. advice is lock your doors all times, don't leave valuables in the car. live look at san mateo bridge, right now costs $1 more than last night at this time. tolls on seven bay area bridges rose to $7 today. new signs up indicating it's not last increase. that's just the second of three toll increases approved by state lawmakers and voters.
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next is set for 2025. all bridges in the area are affected except the golden gate bridge which is more than $8 right now. in colorado, communities are reeling from most destructive wildfire in that state's history and three people reported missing are feared dead. snow that came after the fire you're looking at now. the latest from boulder area, homes burned, debris under the snow. >> reporter: sobering news in colorado after the fire, three missed. fearing the worst. >> unfortunately believe these are going to turn into recovery cases. calling in cadaver dogs and search teams. >> reporter: family lost track of 91-year-old grandmother when evacuating, and no word since.
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>> tried to go out front door with the neighbor, engulfed, back door, engulfed. >> reporter: more than 1,000 destroyed, 100 additional homes damaged. fate coming down to luck in superior, a destroyed neighborhood one side of the street, untouched homes on the other. >> walk out my front door, this is what i see. >> reporter: today with the investigation into the cause of the fire ongoing, authorities executing search warrant at undisclosed location, weather whiplash, fire, now ice. >> structures where folks would be are completely destroyed. and covered with about eight inches of snow right now. so our ability to attempt to search and recover from those structures is very much impeded right now. >> reporter: residents beginning to access some charred neighborhoods. kathryn lopez narrowly escaped
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abandoning her car. is there a moment you thought i could lose my life? >> definitely. told my son i don't know if i'm getting out. >> reporter: police drove her out of the zone. >> i couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> reporter: force of nature burned into the memory of boulder. >> we hope within the next couple of days we can help families, perhaps recovery remains. trapped high above the ground for hours in freezing temperatures, 21 people stuck in two tram cars in new mexico have now been rescued. that's where they spent the night. stuck for hours at top of the santiam mountains near albuquerque. a fast accumulation of ice on the cables caused them to droop, making it unsafe to move. rescuers worked to get everyone
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to the ground safely. luckily had blankets and water on board the tram. up next, new year's day tradition returns, all the sights and sounds of the rose parade one year after canceled because of covid. good thing they did this when sun was out, still looks cold. polar plunge in the bay area. air is pretty cold, 32 degrees, but big changes around the corner, warmer temperatures and return of rain next week. how much when we come right back.
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estimated half a million people turned out for the 133rd
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annual rose parade in pasadena. didn't happen last year because of covid concerns. this year's theme -- dream, achieve, believe. float from carmaker honda describes a young girl with a rocket strapped to her back. people say they were thankful to get out of the house, have a good time. >> wonderful, full life, 2022 has got to be better. right? >> and winner of the most beautiful float right there, the ups store with rise, shine and read float. moments after the countdown to the new year, baby girl entered world of antioch. madeline may simms appears to be first baby born in bay area, official time, 12:01. that's just waiting for it to hit and coming on in. close race though.
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kaiser said three other babies were born first hour of the new year in bay area. in san francisco, handful of people started out new year with plunge into the frigid waters of the pacific. look at people braver than many people i know. there's often an event new year's day. this year, wasn't ever organized but some really like it, strip down, run in. >> quite invigorating and refreshing. great way to start the new year. like i was just saying, if you get used to the unpleasant, everything becomes pleasant. it's invigorating way to start the new year. i love it. >> polar bear plunges have become a yearly tradition for many across the u.s., around the world really. hosted by rip tide bar, crowd usually in the hundreds. just staying up to watch the sunrise, what the crew of the international space station did
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after the new year's countdown. whoa, this is nice, absolutely amazing view. the space station orbits every 90 minutes, crew gets to see 16 sunrises every day. rob, those are very nice pictures. >> they always have the best views. >> unobstructed. >> true, see meteors, aurora. >> we see nice sunrises, even though it's cold. >> gorgeous outside this morning but had to really bundle up. another round of that for tomorrow morning. san francisco, not too bad, low of 39. 44 right now. see if we get there. humidity 73%. san jose downtown in the 30s. mid-30s south of downtown san jose and cooler temperatures inland towards the east bay. 35 in walnut creek and
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tri-valley down to 33 degrees in livermore. freeze warning starts midnight tonight, through 9:00 a.m. close to freezing in san jose, tri-valley already there and north bay valleys seeing coldest, bayside, 30 to near 40. san jose southward, mid to upper 50s. but we're going to see increasing clouds to limit the areas from warming up, but no rain to talk about sunday. should be nice weather for the football game in the afternoon. temperatures in mid-50s, increasing high clouds towards end of the game, no big wind, no rain in the forecast for now. tracking chilly temperatures monday and tuesday. monday's lows in the 40s, begin to see rain chances coming. in by tuesday, morning temperatures in the 50s, about to get more comfortable through
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the week. big rain totals, probably won't see much through the day monday and tuesday, bands of mainly light rain for south of san francisco as we widen out for you. lot of it aimed in on the north bay and north coast. friday, the best storm midday friday, biggest snow producer for the sierra, then start to dry out toward next weekend. peak rain totals focused on the north bay and saturday and beyond, the forecast could be trending drier. high pressure builds in. most of the rain chances next week for north bay most of the week will take us probably through thursday. best storm in the series rolls in on friday. biggest in the series but might be it for a while. have to watch to see how long the clearing lasts. but good news, if you don't like the cold weather, improving temperature-wise up to the 60s inland by midweek.
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back to you. >> 60s going to feel nice. >> very warm. check in with anthony flores with sports. warriors up against a couple of problems tonight. >> but as you just said, looked real nice once again. shorthanded on the road, how the warriors beat one of the best teams in the west without one of their best stars. sports is next.
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we're proud to help them help you everyday. welcome back, i'm anthony flores. new year, same old dominating warriors. ws with a statement win against one of the best in nba. golden state without draymond green in utah. first quarter, steph curry breaks his own record, 158th straight game with a three-pointer. just before the half, curry cans the triple, up two touchdowns. but the jazz turn a double-digit deficit into a five-point lead
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with red hot third quarter. scored 31 points in the quarter. then in the fourth, curry coming through in the clutch with another trey. 28 points, 9 assists. andrew wiggins added 25 and andre iguodala with a dozen after the bench, warriors beat the jazz 123-116, improve to league best. >> get wins like this, show who we are, our dna is chasing championships, got to win games to get that done. >> rookie trey lance is in line to make second start of his career against houston tomorrow. jimmy garoppolo is doubtful after hurting his right thumb in the loss to the titans. jimmy g. didn't practice all week but head coach kyle shanahan was not ready to name lance starter on friday. did say the team is ready to roll if number 5 is in the huddle. >> i think guys believe in trae,
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expect him to play well. he knows how to handle the part, get in the huddle, take command. his preparation is very impressive, guys a lot of confidence in him. >> terry wants a score. 31-17 niners. >> i like it. >> big game. they can clinch a playoff spot if they beat the texans and saints lose or today against carolina sunday. there are other possibilities but that's for now. kickoff 1:05 at levi's stadium, more news after the break. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. a very special surprise birthday shout-out to one of the warriors' most devoted and possibly oldest superfans.
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>> what's up, stephen curry here, want to wish you happy 106th birthday, that's absolutely amazing. hope you enjoy with your family. thanks for all the support, see you soon. >> los altos hills, she gets a shout-out because today is her birthday, turning 106 years young. her granddaughter amanda posted the picture on social media this week asking for help for warriors' shout-out. someone saw it, got the warriors involved and they really helped out. received surprise messages from steph curry and coach kerr and juan toscano-anderson. >> just want to say happy 106th birthday, and thanks for court hearing for the dubs. >> happy birthday, 106 years old? very impressive.
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>> has nine grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren, never misses watching a warriors game. happy 106th birthday and thank you for watching us. "saturday night live" coming up next. have a great night.
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thank you, thank you thank you.


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