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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  January 2, 2022 8:50pm-10:00pm PST

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who's on the ball brought to you by manscaped. the official below the waist grooming partner of the san francisco 49ers. over 4 million men trust manscaped tools for their family jewel. >> well, elijah mitchell was on the ball. back for the first time since week 13 when he suffered a knee injury. all he did today was run for 119 yards. that's 878 of the season. breaking 49ers record for most rushing yards by a rookie, passing vickie washington's 1971 record. washington by the way set the record in 14 games. mitchell did it in ten.
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he is a special guy. >> he's very special and one of the things that i really appreciate about his game -- not only his vision but his ability to put the foot in the ground, and that's what kyle wants in his system. the ability to be able to stretch it, and then when you see the hole, get downhill or get uphill and get positive yards. >> funny thing happened in the bucs-jets game today if you watched it. besides the onfield action, you saw antonio brown. something set him off. something made him very upset and then he took his shirt off and took his uniform off. and threw it in the sand. and then, did jumping jacks and then just walked off the field in the third quarter. bruce aaron said he is no longer a buck and that is all i will say about it. he had some very reachable goals that, if he had stayed with the team, takeo, he could have easily made another million dollars very easy. going to be costly, too. but look, if there is a problem or something, we want him to get help. this was very unusual behavior. >> well, it's difficult behavior
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when you talking about ab and i think at this magnitude, this is when it really escalated to something that we have never seen out of him before. i would like to say, yeah, maybe it's a mental issue and i -- i probably think it is. but at some point, when you have a million dollars tied to a few plays -- eight plays, eight catches and three different ways, that's very attainable and you missed three games already by you lying about your covid test. and so for me, it's like is it mitchell issues? is it you just don't care? was it not you learned your lesson or not? i don't know. but it's very strange to see and it's quite disturbing to be completely honest with you. >> we will we will take a break. when we come back, we will look ahead to the rams. they have a lot to play for. the 49ers, also, obviously, have a lot to play for. playoff hopes on the line in los angeles. but first, here is audrey with a preview of the news which comes up next. i'm audrey asistio in the
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nbc bay area studios. long lines at campuses across the bay area on a sunday. we will show you the last-minute rush to get students tested before the bell rings. plus, ending isolation. the cdc considering new guidelines tonight. and from freeze warnings to return of some wind and plenty of rain showing up as we head back through the week, how much rain to expect and when it will arrive, that will be on the news next after xfinity sports sunday.
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security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. around the nfl, the rams will host the 49ers next week but the rams were against the ravens in baltimore, first quarter, matthew stafford picked off by chuck clark. returns 17 yards for the touchdown. first defensive touchdown of the season for the ravens. second quarter, stafford finds cooper cup for the 18-yard touchdown. and the fourth quarter, there is four seconds remaining and now 59 seconds remaining and, boom, that is a touchdown.
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o'dell beckham jr., rams win 20-19. so now, what happens? the rams will host the 49ers. we have showed you this playoff picture and if the 49ers win, they clinch a playoff spot. also, if the saints lose, they will clinch a playoff spot. but if the rams win, they will win the division. early favorite, five and a half points. rams are favored. 49ers won earlier at levi's. what do you think of this matchup? it's not one where one team needs to win, they both have a lot to play for. >> when i look at this matchup, you simply have to look at the past, the previous history. the 49ers run the past five games they played each other. we make an inside joke all the time, do the 49ers really own the los angeles rams? i do believe so from a mental aspect. i think they got something on them internally. but you have to go out and play the game, and you got to prove it every time. that's what's going to make this -- this matchup so different because both teams
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have something to play for and the 49ers are really fighting to make sure bump trying to see the sixth or seventh seed. it is all about getting in so now you can cause disruption inside the playoffs. >> why do they own them? in their heads now? is it a shanahan-mcveigh thing? why the domination? >> i truly believe that. you go back and look at the games, look at the offensive line, it is a mentality and i think the rams understand that but they just haven't been able to bring up their par play to -- bring up their level of play to par. >> so, the 49ers, if they win, will get in the playoffs on an up and down season. now, the question is say jimmy is healthy. now, who knows if he is going to be 100%. who are you starting at your quarterback next week? okay. the thumb is okay. they say he can do everything. will he be 100%? who knows? who are you starting? >> we won't really know if jimmy will be 100% going into next week but this is what i would say if i am the head coach, if i
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am kyle shanahan, jimmy, if you are not practicing the entire week to show me and give me that confidence, then i got to look at starting trey lance. but if he does, i am going to go with jimmy because he's gotten this team to this point. and i know a lot of people don't like it but at the end of the day, this guy is a proven winner for this team this year, despite it all. the injuries. despite not playing well at certain times to where we all have critiqued it. i think today proved a lot for a lot of people who was waiting to see what trey lance was going to do. >> and about 15 seconds or less, takeo. is this a team in your mind that could make a playoff run as we tell you that our pregame coverage will start at noon. one hour before the game. this game has not been flattened so you will see takeo and joe and dan day and laura at 12 noon for pregame live. >> i believe they can make a run. i don't know how deep you look at the injuries on the back end. the deficiency when it comes to the corner back position but the defensive line is playing well.
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they just need the quarterback position to continue to produce. >> simple. 49ers win next week, they are in the postseason. with takeo spikes, i am david fellman. happy new year and thanks for watching. terry and audrey with the news up next. don't go anywhere.
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right now on nbc bay area news. with children getting ready to return to school, parents are rushing to get their children tested for covid. how bay area districts responded today. also, it's been nearly one year since the u.s. capitol was attacked. we talk with congresswoman jackie speier about that frightening day as new allegations surface about what former-president trump didn't do at the time. >> >> and on this football sunday, the legendary john madden is remembered at levi stadium and across the nfl. the touching ways he was honored. thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. i am terry mcsweeney. >> and i am audrey asistio. thousands of students across the bay area head back to school this week but on the final sunday before classes start, stubtds and parents spent the day waiting in long lines for at home test kits. marianne favro reports from san jose on the high demand. >> reporter: san jose unified handed out thousands of home covid test kits today and many
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parents say they feel it is an added level of protection as their kids return to school after the holidays. the lines were long today as families in the san jose unified school district waited to receive free covid home test kits at the district warehouse. this teacher applauds the move. >> it's important to keep our students in the classroom. and -- and our teachers and to keep them safe and so that they can learn and be successful. >> reporter: oakland unified, also, handed out free test kits to hundreds of students and their parents who were willing to wait in long lines to get one. >> took little over four hours now. it was a very cold morning but definitely worth it. think it's very important, you know, to test and test often. that's the only way really to control the spread. >> reporter: the demand for test kits was also high at west contra costa unified. this teacher was glad to see it. >> this year, i am teaching, um, special ed kids who can't wear masks because some have, you
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know, sensory issues. so, it's really important to get as many kids tested as we can. >> reporter: as kids return to campus tomorrow and adults return to work after travel and holiday gatherings, concerns about the highly contagious omicron variant are high, which is why the demand for testing is also high. at this testing site at the santa clara county fairgrounds today, hundreds of people waited in their cars to receive nasal swabs. and at pharmacies across the south bay, including this rite aide in los gatos, covid home test kits are sold out. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. from the south bay to the peninsula now, this is what with it looked like in red wood city. any family with a student in one of the 12 schools in the red wood city school districts can pick up an at home test kit. in addition tomorrow between 8 and 4:00 p.m., kids can be tested at hoover elementary and
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kennedy middle school. students return to class tuesday. and in san francisco, the line for covid testing wrapped around the block. look at that. in the mission district. christie smith has a look at testing in the city, coming up later in our newscast. >> as covid cases spike, some parents in oakland do not want their children to return to in-person learning after the holiday break. a group hosted a virtual news conference today demanding oakland unified shut down face-to-face school for grades k through 12. these parents, students, and educators pointed the lack of vaccination mandates, the sharp increase in child infections, and sometimes unreliable covid testing results. >> there is not adequate ppe for our young kids. the vaccination rates of young people are still quite low. and for young children, there is no vaccine. >> this group is encouraging parents to essentially boycott in-person learning, and keep the children at home. oakland unified says it has beefed up its covid safety
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protocols, including distributing at-home tests, upgrading ventilation, and hosting vaccination events. terry, you will remember the cdc already made big changes to covid isolation guidelines last week. but dr. anthony fauci says more revisions could be coming soon. last monday, the cdc shrunk covid isolation from ten to five days for patients who are asymptomatic -- no symptoms. however, the guidelines don't require patients to test negative after they quarantine. chief medical adviser to the president says cdc is now considering a testing requirement. >> of course, you don't want to get people panicking over asymptomatic infections. but asymptomatic infections are part of the process that spreads it around to the community and many members of the community are vulnerable. that's the reason why you have so many people in the hospital. >> fauci continued to say he is concerned the omicron variant could overwhelm the healthcare system, and could cause a major disruption of other essential
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services. u.s. secretary of defense has tested positive for coronavirus. lloyd austin says he tested po positive this morning at home and his case is mild. he is isolating for the next five days. he is going to work remotely. austin also says his staff is testing everyone who came in contact with him. last time he met in person with president biden was december 21st, more than a week before the onset of symptoms. >> all right. so an nbc news tally revealed the u.s. topped 55 million cases today. the country setting that milestone just a couple days after the last one. go ahead and take a look at the list here. you can see, that since december, the amount of time it takes for a million new cases has been getting shorter. we hit 54 million cases just on december 30th. so, that means we added another million cases in just three days. and the u.s. jumped from 49 to 55 million in less than a month. this week marks one year since the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. our local members of congress were there, as the violence
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unfolded. tonight, they are reflecting on what happened and they are looking ahead to what's ahead on capitol hill this week. nbc bay area's ginger conejero saab has the latest. >> reporter: almost one year later, yet the images of the january-6th attack on the u.s. capitol are far from being forgotten, especially for those who unsuspectingly found themselves in the middle of the chaos. >> one of the capitol police came up and said the capitol has been breached and it was like someone had told me that someone in my family had died. it -- i mean, that kind of panic and pain. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier, like many of her colleagues that day, feared for their safety. >> all the sudden i heard a gun go off. in the speaker's lobby and i just remember placing my cheek on the floor thinking oh, my god, we're going to be killed. >> the house select committee that has been investigating ate tacks for the past sings monthsy says it will make public
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testimony and findings from 35,000 pages of gathered evidence that paint the picture of an orchestrated attack on the u.s. capitol. >> the briefing room at the white house. >> reporter: committee vice chairwoman liz cheney believes it is clear that former-president trump neglected his presidential duties to stop the attack. >> we have firsthand testimony that his daughter ivanka went in at least twice to ask him to please stop this violence. >> reporter: but other republicans say the left is just as guilty at destabilizing america's demock rasy. >> i think the threat of violence is probably more pronounced on the right today but that does not mean the left is not capable, as well. and that is what we need to see. >> reporter: beyond the political debate, congresswoman jackie speier believes the january 6th attack has marked its place as a tragic day in america's history. >> well, i want to introduce a resolution so that we put another painting on the wall that reflects what happened on january 6th.
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this is a day in the history of this country that should never, ever be forgotten. >> reporter: in san francisco, ginger conejero saab, nbc bay area news. house speaker nancy pelosi says there will be a series of events on capitol hill this week to commemorate the january 6th attack. we will have complete coverage over the next several days, both on air and across our digital platforms. all right. turning to our microclimate weather coverage now. they are back. look at that. always impressive king tides return to the bay area this weekend. this is a look at san francisco's embarcadero today with the water there just overflowing on to the sidewalks. and here is what happened in mill valley. you can see, look at that, water just blanketing the street there. got to take a live look outside now where warmer temperatures are returning i hear and rain as well. let's go ahead and bring in meteorologist rob mayeda, who has an updated timeline, so, rob, this is a big week ahead. with a lot of people heading back to school and work. >> yeah. and rain will be coming back but with the rain, will come those more mild temperatures.
9:11 pm
outside right now, we are at 51 degrees in san francisco. and instead of seeing 20s and 30s in our valleys like we had this morning with freeze warnings, we are expecting a few upper 30s out toward the tri-sally and north bay. right now, livermore dropped to 40 degrees and another thing for the morning will be a little bit of the wind picking up out of the south. notice our morning forecast. lots of 40s on the map here. few inland east bay 30s to start and then the rain will make an appearance as we go through the day. but i want to point out these winds out of the south from about 10 to 20 miles per hour. so even if you don't have the rain to start, you will probably notice wind speeds picking through the day into the evening. storm ranger not finding anything just yet in terms of rainfall but that will begin to change starting off in the north bay tomorrow as the rain arrives first. then, moving south as we head through the day, this is the first of a few days of rain chances around the bay area. we will show you the top-rain totals and how much more snow we could see heading toward this the sierra in our forecast coming up in about ten minutes. >> rob, see you in a bit. thank you. and if you want to get
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updates on the weather in your neighborhood, it is actually really easy. all you have to do is download our free nbc bay area app. >> a live look at sfo tonight where hundreds of passengers are dealing with a in you round of delays and cancellations. the manager at sfo says there were 208 flight delays, 64 cancellations today. those numbers actually similar to what we saw yesterday. oakland international, 11 cancelled arrivals, 7 cancelled departures, three delays, and san jose international. 14 cancelled flights, 19 delays. nationwide, covid cases among crew grounded about 2,500 flights today. still ahead. strikes and apparently she is out. twitter's had enough. why it suspended the account of a controversial congresswoman and how she is responding tonight. and tesla did something in 2021 that has never done before. the reason elon musk is celebrating tonight. that story is next. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have.
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the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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welcome back. u.s. reptsive marjorie taylor greene has had her twitter account suspended permanently. twitter says it took action after greene's quote repeated violations of its covid misinformation policy. the company uses a strike system. the republican congresswoman from georgia got her fifth strike, which means her account will not be restored. she got her fourth strike in august for falsely posting that the covid vaccines were failing. taylor greene said in a statement that twitter can't handle the truth. well, tesla finished the year strong setting a new production record. the company says it delivered more than 308,000 cars in the fourth quarter of 2021. that's more than its previous single-quarter record, and exceeded expectations from analysts. for all of 2021, tesla delivered more than 936,000 cars, which is an 87% increase over 2020. wall street and analysts predicted tesla would produce
9:16 pm
just under 900,000 cars for all of 2021 so they are doing broit good. >> might get your tesla but won't get a cable car in california street. a line of cable cars is down in san francisco. so for now, buses are taking their place. not really what people want to do when they are looking for a cable car. saturday morning, sf uni reported the california cable line of cable cars stopped working. no word yet when they are expected to be up and running again. now, to a story you will only see on nbc bay area. check this one out. an incredible effort in the east bay to find a rescue dog that escaped from its foster home. it included technology, treats, and some dogged determination. this is oso, a mastif mix. he came to the friends of alameda animal shelter in june after someone abandoned him at a beach in alameda. shelter workers cared for him for months. eventually, a volunteer fostered him until he was ready for adoption. after just a few days at the
9:17 pm
foster home, he dug a hole and escaped from the backyard. he wouldn't wanted his freedom. the shelter quickly organized. workers going out on foot alongside volunteers to search areas where oso had reportedly been sighted but he remained elusive. they eventually tracked him to a park right near 580. the search team then set up wildlife cameras to watch his movements -- this is crazy -- making sure he was eating the food they were leaving out for him. >> oh. >> i never seen this where a dog had escaped, and then made his way into a park. um, but -- and was really avoiding people. um, but in the end, i think that ended up being what saved oso. um, i think he was very resourceful and very smart. he found a safe spot, and he stayed there. um, and that's why, you know, our -- our strategy ended up being to keep him there even if we couldn't get him right away, we knew we had to keep him put. >> yeah. and this stretched out for
9:18 pm
nearly 30 days. k9 reunite eventually got involved. she helps track lost dogs in the bay area. setting up this elaborate trap. you see oso sniffing around, eventually goes right for the food. she tells us how she helped lure him in. >> the night before, i cooked a bunch of liver and got a rotisserie chicken from the store. and i loaded his bowl. he had a bowl that he had been eating from. metal bowl. and i took that from his feeding spot, and moved it into the trap. and i loaded it up with food, and i poured trail of chicken broth to lead him from where he was -- had been eating to the trap. and he just followed it like -- like planned. >> like a three-course meal. chicken broth. the rotisserie. the liver. workers rescued him from the trap within just a couple minutes. oso is now recovering and falling back into his routine at the shelter. >> maybe that's all they needed,
9:19 pm
you know? just need the rotisserie chicken, the broth. >> i just hope a person who does find oso brings oso into their home understands they have got an adventurous dog. >> i know. me time. 30 days before moving into his new home. >> yeah. all right. rob mayeda, can you top that story? >> no, i cannot. at least if you are going to do some, let's say, dog walking weather during the week, it won't be as chilly. and yes, the weather has been so cold, you have had to bring your pets indoors the last couple nights, especially tonight. cold, but not freezing cold around the bay area. right now, 47 degrees in san jose. livermore at 40. i think we will have a chance for at least a few hours tonight of probably dropping into the upper 30s around the tri-valley and north bay. but for the clouds continue to roll in, and warmer air starts to arrive. 40 degrees currently in walnut creek. there you see san francisco south wind at 7. we will see more of that south wind tomorrow at 51 degrees. and up toward lake tahoe, not as cold. we had single-digit temperatures up here over the last few nights. 29 right now. i do want to point out the
9:20 pm
sierra because things have been relatively quiet. that is going to be changing tomorrow. winter weather advisory going back up 1:00 tomorrow through 7:00 a.m. tuesday for snow at times but enough that it is probably more like chain controls type snow, not shutting down interstates. no, we are not talking several feet, we are talking about 4 to 6 inches of snow coming down late monday, into tuesday. and more snow showers at times over the next few days. closer look at those sierra snow totals in about one minute. morning temperatures tomorrow, instead of the spread of upper 20s and low 30s for the valleys, tomorrow looks like low 40s around san jose. mid-40s, san francisco to oakland. upper 30s, here from sonoma co-napa and to solano county, inland east bay. we actually hit low temperatures around 1:00 in the morning and then by 5 and 6:00 in the morning, you may see temperatures rising around sun rise. mid-50s for san jose and san francisco. still some low 50s around napa and inland east bay but daytime highs in the seven day, they are
9:21 pm
going to be trending warmer as winds pick up out of the south tomorrow. this is another change we will see. wind gusts at times near the into the evening, could be 20 to 30 miles per hour. so little breezy at times but not exactly a lot of rain. look at this future cast. through about lunchtime tomorrow, north bay focused. really scattered showers. nothing too heavy at times. 11:00 tomorrow night, just in and out of the showers, and you can see here rain estimates from now to about 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, just has about a quarter inch or so for parts of the north bay. maybe a little bit more in the north bay hilltops but santa clara valley and tri-valley may not get a lot out of the system for monday. but still have these chances tuesday into wednesday. monthly focused for areas san francisco northward. later wednesday into thursday, brief break. and then, what i think will be the best chance for more substantial rain and sierra snow comes on friday, right there towards friday afternoon. there, you see the snow towards the sierra and as we head toward next weekend, we will see a few showers and then drying
9:22 pm
conditions by next saturday. so the seven-day rainfall total outlook puts some red and little bit of purple here in the north bay. but keep in mind, this is spread out over seven days so totals not too bad. 2 to 4 inches of rain on north bay mill hills. a lot less around san jose. the tri-valley, this is an indication could be seeing some rain shadowing for inland valleys. better rain totals likely around the santa cruz mountains. now, for the sierra, we could see as much as 1 to 2 feet of snow. as we add up that friday storm. so good news, more snow heading toward the sierra but reminder now as we are into january, this normally is our big month for rain and sierra snow and the good news is we are into january, we are still carrying some pretty good leads in the rainfall department. bay area sitting about 200% of average rainfall from the central bay into the north bay. so you should see seven-day forecasts in january that almost have daily chances of rain. and we got precisely that. so i think the north bay will certainly do better at least through the middle part of the week. and then, that best storm in the
9:23 pm
series coming in on friday. so, i think a little good news for everybody. cold weather starts to move out. we got daily rain chances at times through the week. more snow in the sierra but not too much to shut things down. so, trying to keep everybody happy. >> yes. >> seven-day forecast doing a pretty good job there. >> nice start to 2022. >> thanks, rob. your next trip to the grocery store could be more expensive than your last one. the not so rosy forecast for the start of the new year. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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san francisco is gearing up for its big christmas tree chipping event. people can place their trees by the curb starting tomorrow all the way to january 14th. workers will pick up the trees, and mulch them. last year, 500 tons of trees were saved from the landfill. turned into mulch for landscaping, instead. san francisco's chipping program has been going on now for 35 years. >> pretty awesome. >> yeah. >> we are now in 2022 and retail experts say grocery store prices are expected to go up.
9:26 pm
across the board, manufacturers and retailers predict a 6% rise on some items. more on others. here is ali spillyards on why it's happening. >> reporter: it's not your imagination. prices at the register keep going up. all thanks to a perfect storm unlike anything seen in years according to grocery industry consultant gary huddleston. >> i have seen inflation, of course, in my 45 years. i've seen some supply chain issues and what we call out of stocks, being able to get product on the shelf issues. seen some labor issues but i don't believe i've ever seen it all come together, at once, like it has, say, even in the last six months. >> reporter: two of the biggest factors are increased employment costs thanks to an employee shortage that requires employers to pay more overtime along with increased fuel costs. >> because not only is it gasoline, it's the petrol chemicals, the use of packaging, plastic bags, the plastic and
9:27 pm
all those instant latory items that are -- petroleum provides for. >> reporter: and that gets passed on to retailers who have no choice but to charge the consumer more, especially as price hikes hit products at every level. >> if you think about this jar of preserves, it's got strawberries in and increased price of strawberries is one thing that goes into it. it's got sit rick acid, which is a preservative and that price of citric acid has gone up and sugar. sugar is all a time high right now. >> expect the highest hikes on meat, which is up about 15% from this time last year. for value, huddleston recommends fresh produce though a significant drop isn't on the horizon, the industry expects increases to ease sometime in the new year. in the meantime, huddleston says expect to see more self-check outs and anything stores can do to cut costs. still to come. a long line in a san francisco neighborhood as demand surges
9:28 pm
rush to get covid-19 tests after the holiday continues in moments. in the south bay, the push to get more children the covid vaccine the perk that is being offered if your child gets the shot. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist
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right now at 9:30, as covid cases surge, more and more people are trying to get tested before returning to work or school. so, you may have noticed, covid tests are in demand right now. and those tests are not easy to find. >> plenty of parents and students were able to find them in san francisco today as districts across the bay area take action before the bell rings. nbc bay area's christie smith continues our coverage from san francisco. >> it was going around the -- around mission and down 25th street. >> reporter: the line for covid testing wrapped around the block in san francisco's mission district.
9:31 pm
>> we are prepared to give up to 100 tests. >> reporter: suzanna is with the latino task force. she says demand keeps growing with concerns about the omicron variant, as people return to normal life after the holiday break. >> i think parents are trying to get their kids tested before they go back to school. also, people are hearing of close ones or people they got together with that they came back positive and they are coming to get tested. or they have traveled and are coming back. and others are just feeling sick. >> reporter: people will get the results of their rapid test within hours. >> went online and we were able to make an appointment yesterday. >> reporter: some families came to this testing option at san francisco unified as students return to class tomorrow, many parents hoping for peace of mind. >> it's really, really hard to find, um, rapid tests at walgreens or any of the other pharmacies. um, which we were hoping to be able to do and then when the school district came out with the announcement that they had these available, we jumped at it because we want everybody to be safe. >> it is not a requirement. we know that our rapid tests are
9:32 pm
hard to come by. >> the district partnered up to do about a thousand rapid tests and says several hundred more were available to take home and there were walk-ins. >> we have done everything we can, as quickly as we can. we know that the -- we expect tests to arrive from the state but that won't be later this week. so we took the opportunity to partner with, as i said, safer together and the department of public health to do what we could as quickly as we could. >> reporter: rapid testing will continue this week. it's one of the tools they are using. >> going to testing sites. some of them are like, we welcome walk-ins but thank you when you go there, they say they are out of kits. >> reporter: these sisters struck out at sites and pharmacies recently. today, they finally got take-home tests for their kids. >> we just want to take precaution, right? and make sure if the kids go to school, that they're negative. >> reporter: in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> san jose's children's discovery museum hosted its first vaccination event today. museum teamed up with health leaders to make vaccinations fun
9:33 pm
and easy for busy parents. response to the hesitation some parents were expressing they would rather wait and see, rather than vaccinate young children. >> we thought, well, it would really be best if kids got vaccinated sooner, rather than later. so, we decided that we could help with that. we could make it easy for parents. we could help give them a vaccination clinic, and say get that task done. but as a reward, you and your whole family can visit the museum. >> the good pass. any child or adult who got vaccinated today got a free pass to the museum for up to eight people. and it's good until the end of may. two more pop-up clinics going to be offered in the next couple months. york has been hit especially hard by this latest surge of covid-19 cases. senate majority leader chuck schumer talked about the latest efforts to fight the spike today. one of those efforts, the two antiviral drugs authorized by the fda to fight covid. schumer argues limited supplies of the two drugs should go to
9:34 pm
places, like new york, instead of being distributed across the board. >> we are number one in terms of covid cases. we are number one in terms of density. we are number one in terms of per capita. and so, we deserve to get as many of these antivirals as quickly as possible and as many as possible. >> he also called for everyone to get fully vaccinated and boosted, and for an increase in testing sites. >> a few days after talking with russian president vladimir putin on the phone, president biden spoke with ukraine's president today. white house says mr. biden made it clear to ukraine the u.s. and its allies will, quote, respond decisively if russia invades ukraine. russia has built up about 100,000 troops right on the border with ukraine. president also reaffirmed his commitment to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. after biden and putin spoke last week, both lead agreed to
9:35 pm
continue to work toward a diplomatic solution. the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. the jury has yet to reach a verdict after six days of deliberations. they will resume tomorrow. holmes, the founder of theranos, fois faiss nine counts of fraud, two counts of conspiracy. if she is found guilty, she could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison. a deadly fiery crash is under investigation in vallejo. happened about 11:00 last night on shasta treet. two people were killed when the driver crashed and the car exploded into flames. another man in a separate car was hit by the first car. he suffered minor injuries. bistanders rescued him. >> in pleasant hill, a bomb scare at a gas station this weekend. officers arrested two people after allegedly finding an explosive device in a car at a chevron on contra costa boulevard. the gas pumps were shut down and the bomb squad was called in to deal with the device. the pleasant hill police department posted on social media, quote it's not safe to drive around with a homemade
9:36 pm
explosive device in your car and it's definitely not ideal to stop at a gas station. now, fortunately, no one was hurt and the device rendered safe by bomb technicians. to colorado now, where some families are being allowed back into their neighborhoods to see what is left after they had to flee the state's most destructive wildfire ever. it destroyed nearly 1,000 homes. emilie ikeda continues our coverage. >> reporter: in colorado, the road to recovery means walking in the scars of the monstrous marshal fire. trudging through snow to face what's left, which for nearly 1,000 families, means nothing. >> you could count the number of items on one hand that you could salvage? >> uh, if that. if that. i mean, it's -- it's gone. >> reporter: the view from above capturing the historic blaze's wrath but to see it in person, louie delaware says, heartbreaking. bringing his family to tears. >> at what point did you realize that you were going to lose your home? >> um, basically, when we were leaving and the smoke was so thick and it was so hot and the
9:37 pm
wind was so fierce, i knew it wasn't going to be able to survive. >> reporter: under scoring the scale of destruction, authorities released a preliminary list of addresses that runs more than 20 pages long. >> i had no idea until i got there. i had been working and just had no idea. >> reporter: on that list, the police chief's street. >> i mean, it's tough. you spend 30 plus years of your life there and it's all gone. i mean, it's ashes. >> reporter: eight inches of snow may have helped freeze over the blaze more than 60% contained but it is complicating the aftermath for both residents and investigators still trying to find any signs of two missing people. >> we are actively working the scenes with dogs. um, the scenes are still hot. they are still, you know, deep in debris, hot debris. covered with snow. so it's very difficult task. >> reporter: the most destructive fire in state history, still feared to be deadly. >> for decades, john madden was either coaching or broadcasting
9:38 pm
nfl games. today, games were played but it was not quite the same without him. the former raiders coach passed away last tuesday. for every game today, he was honored, including the raiders-colts game in indianapolis. madden's old team the raiders had decals on their helmets with his initials. the hall of famer was also remembered at levi stadium during the 49 rts-texans game. john madden was 85 years old. former senator harry reid who passed away last week will lie in state in the u.s. capitol wednesday. house speaker nancy pelosi was among those who made that announcement today reid -- the former senate majority leader from nevada will lie in the rotunda following a formal arrival ceremony. because of the pandemic, the ceremony will be limited to invited guests only. reid, who served 30 years in the senate, died last tuesday at age 82 after battling pancreatic cancer. this week, another high-stakes day in court for texas's controversial abortion law. a federal appeals court in
9:39 pm
louisiana will hear oral arguments in the case on friday. this is after the supreme court declined to block enforcement of the restrictive law but allowed the legal challenge to move forward. the new texas law bans abortion at around 6 weeks of pregnancy and has no exceptions for rape or incest. it also allows anyone to sue any doctor performing or helping perform an abortion. firefighters raced to put out a large fire that ripped through south africa's parliament building in cape town. flames and smoke could be seen billowing from the building after the fire erupted. started on the third floor. quickly, spread to the parliament's lower house. leaders say the roof above the assembly hall is now gone. offices nearby have been destroyed. much of the building is severely damaged, waterlogged, smoke damage, so far, no injuries have been reported and there is no indication as to what may have started that fire. making a new year's resolution maybe not such a good thing, especially as we continue to be in the middle of a pandemic.
9:40 pm
why some say forget the resolutions, and motivate yourself differently. that story is next. we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
9:41 pm
if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
9:42 pm
well for those of us that have made new year's resolutions, you know keeping them, that is the tough part. >> of course. i don't think i have ever kept a resolution. zblim going to try again this year. >> one lifestyle coach says forget the resolutions, there are other ways to achieve your goals in 2022. nbc's leigh anne trotter explains. >> reporter: after all the new year's eve parties are over and we are in the new year, the hard work begins. what are your hopes for 2022? did you make a new year's resolution? >> spend lots of time with the family, stay healthy. >> stay happy and healthy. try not to get covid. >> reporter: a new survey by fidelity investments finds 84% of americans are reaching their goals more often. but according to meaty fast,
9:43 pm
less than half of all adults plan on making them this year. >> all of us want a fresh start. >> reporter: dr. judith wright is a lifestyle coach and co-founder of the wright foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals bring out the best in themselves. she is not a fan of making resolutions, especially considering we are still trying to manage our lives during the pandemic. >> it may not be as much about doing right now because we are limited. there are -- there's restrictions. we don't know what's going to happen. it's hard to predict. >> reporter: so her suggestion is to change our way of thinking. >> what we kind of have new and fresh is our attitude, a way of being, not just our doing. how areby going to be this year? that, we have control over and it is not dependent on the circumstances, not dependent on the pandemic. >> reporter: instead, she is urging people to look at why we want to change something in our lives and think about the things that really matter. >> how can i have a little more love in my life today? how can i have a little bit more security? how could i have a little more touching even if it's just hugging myself? >> reporter: and if you feel better about yourself, says dr. wright, you can create a more
9:44 pm
relevant vision for yourself in 2022. >> i try to be better every day instead of just once a year. >> reporter: so here is to a new you and new year. leigh anne trotter, nbc news. >> you guys do resolutions? >> i do resolutions. >> you do? >> not really. >> pretty much the same ones every year because i haven't done them -- didn't do them last year. got to try again. but you can't argue with that woman there. her name is dr. wright. >> she is always right. >> i do -- i do goals every week. so i have never really -- i start over. again, every week, every week. >> that's good. >> i got -- i got a resolution to not talk about the drought this year. >> that would be nice. >> get away with that? >> if we could put that on the top resolution, get the drought out of the way. so far ing things off to a good start. right now, storm ranger relatively dry but should not be this way. this time tomorrow night as the first in a series of rain chances and sierra snow makes a comeback in the seven-day forecast which we will have a look when we come right back.
9:45 pm
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legendary bay area music producer tracks million has reportedly died. the producer is known for influencing the hypy movement that still transcends today. he worked with top bay area rappers such as e 40, too short, keke the sneak. grew up in san jose, attended andrew p. hill high school. he was 43 years of age. a bizarre scene duringor during today's buccaneers-jets football game. antonio brown seemingly quit in the middle of the game. and has since been kicked off the team. look at this. during the third quarter, brown took off his pads and his jersey, and ran into the locker room. while waving to the crowd. the game is going on and he is doing this. after the game, bucs' head coach bruce aarons bluntly said he is no longer part of the team. aarons also told fox sports he tried getting brown to go into
9:48 pm
the game but he refused to go twice. the coach then told him to get out. and that's exactly what brown did. and this is how he did it. it's been a tumultuous free years for brown, who has had missteps squharjs in the past three years, he has been released by the raiders, patriots and now the tampa bay bucs. let's check in with rob one more time. >> and eventually, we will see more clouds that should act a bit like a blanket tonight. preventing us from getting to those 20s and 30s we saw to start the day today. lot of patchy frost and ice. should not see that tomorrow. right now, sfo, 51 degrees will see winds bilking up as we head toward tomorrow morning. san jose with some overcast conditions at 47. still, chilly, though. places like livermore and walnut creek i think briefly will see some 30s before midnight tonight. upper 30s, probably the coldest we will see around the east bay and north bay tonight. and 40 currently there in walnut creek. so, calm wind for now but notice the arrows are starting to make a turn out of the south and as we head through the morning, by
9:49 pm
the time you wake up you may begin to notice wind speeds picking up. yellow and orange here, pe flins la nins la through san francisco. north bay, by 5:00 tomorrow will see wind gusts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. sustained winds, 15 to 20. so it will be breezy out there. probably more wind as opposed to rain as you are about to see. so morning temperatures for the most part should be in the 40s. so, that is a change. we don't have any freeze warnings or any frost advisories up for tonight. maybe some upper 30s there in the north bay and around the tri-valley for the morning. and then, afternoon temperatures tomorrow little bit warmer than we had today. mid-to upper 50s for most the bay, down into san jose. low 50s around napa. over towards fairfield and the tri-valley for the afternoon. storm ranger scanning the skies right now. nothing showing up too close to the bay area. we had some high clouds which made for a nice sunset but the storm that will eventually get us the rain is still kind of getting its act together here offshore. by tomorrow morning, north bay, you will begin to see some of those showers coming on through.
9:50 pm
by midday, notice san jose throughout may not see a whole lot or the tri-valley. those are two areas where the moisture kind of rains out here on the west slope of the santa cruz mountains, also in the east bay hills. and then dries as it heads to the santa clara valley and tri-valley. you could see most of it is here around the santa cruz mountains and the north bay through 11:00 tomorrow so rain totals, again, should be highest in the north bay. and there is really not a lot there as you can see. most places here, south of san francisco picking up about a tenth of an inch of rain. but locally, higher totals. we will probably see quarter inch to half inch of rain up around sonoma county. that is the first storm that we have as we get into tuesday and wengz wednesday, you can see the north bay still in the rain at times. just a few showers south of san francisco. and then, we still think it will be friday which presents the best opportunity for more sierra snow and probably better rain for the entire bay area, not just the north bay but from north to south on friday and then a few more scattered showers heading toward next weekend. right now, expectations over the
9:51 pm
next seven days this is all very beneficial rain for the north bay once again. you see these areas in red indicating maybe one to two to three inches of rain for sonoma county, marin county, mount tam, maybe about 4 or 5 inches of rain but spread out over seven days. notice, san jose, livermore, not as much and we really do need more rain down here to help south bay reservoirs. the pattern the next seven days looks better. north of interstate 80 which includes of course the north bay and areas of north of highway 50 probably do better in this pattern. still cold enough for snow, near 5,000 feet. but maybe 1 to 2 feet of snow for the sierra instead of the 6 to 8 feet of snow we had over the last couple weeks. seven day forecast has rain chances at tienl times but i would say the rain should be mostly north of san francisco, especially mid-week. we kind of catch a break and that friday storm comes in. that right now looks to have the best rain totals, maybe half inch to an inch with that friday storm. and then, skies clear as we head toward next week. overall, first week in january forecast looks typical with
9:52 pm
those almost-daily rain chances as we go through the week. back to you. >> we are going to have to keep jackets and umbrellas at hand. >> anthony flores joining us for sports and with the new year comes the revival of the 49ers' quarterback controversy. which we way going to go here? >> well, you are a 49ers fan. what did you think? >> i thought he did pretty well. >> in the beginning you were like oh boy. >> okay. >> trey lance leads the 49ers to victory in his first start at levi's stadium but will the 9ers roll with lance next weekend with the playoffs on the line? we will hear from head coach kyle shanahan. stick around, sports is next.
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
rookie quarterback making his second career start. jimmy garoppolo did not gear up after hurting his finger against the titans. scoreless after the first quarter. lance a little rocky early. throws the interception picked off by desmond king. a few plays later, another rookie quarterback, davis mills from stanford getting houston on the board. rolging in the second half. little play action, get him comfortable, nice easy throw. hits elijah mitchell for the touch down and at 10-7 49ers lead. now, fourth quarter, lance hits a wide open deebo samuel. terry says look at this arm. pretty good. little underthrown, though. maybe? no? 45-yard touchdown. trey goes 60-23 for 249 yards and two touchdowns with that lone pick. the 49ers beat the texans, 23-7. so, they improve to 9-7 but will
9:56 pm
need to beat the rams next weekend to clinch the postseason or have the saints lose to the falcons. so, coach, who is going to start? trey or jimmy? >> i mean, jimmy is 100% healthy and could do everything like perfect. like, then i mean i would definitely go with jimmy. i am not just going to throw a guy in after bun game like this. i think it's going to be hard for jimmy to be 100% but trey did a good job. jimmy can't go, we won't hesitate at all you be if we feel jimmy can go, jimmy will be out there. >> if jimmy is healthy, belle the guy and if not, i am going to do whatever i can to fill my role. >> it is going to be an interesting week of practice. all right. a moment of silence before every game today to honor former raiders head coach and bay area icon, john madden. passed away earlier this week. now, in true raider fashion, the silver and black had a field goal in the final play of regulation to beat the colts,
9:57 pm
23-20. now, a win against the chargers in the season finale and the raiders will clinch a playoff spot. >> i think every game for the last month really has been a playoff game for us. and um, you know, i don't think anything changes this week. you know, we get -- we got to move on. we have a really good team that beat us last time we played 'em and so hypofully -- hopefully, we can flip that this time. >> that game will be seen right here on nbc bay area. john madden loved lambeau, and they loved him. moment of silence for john before the game. he lived in pleasanton where vikings' quarterback sean manning is from. his son was manning's freshman high school football coach. manning in for kirk cousins who was out because of covid but they were no match for the pride of east palo alto, davante adams and aaron rodgers. packers beat the vikings, 37-10. green bay clinches the top seed in the nfc playoffs.
9:58 pm
sharks were sleep walking at the beginning of their 10:00 a.m. west coast start time in pittsburgh. they were down 6-1 after the first period. san jose would come storming back. logan makes it a one-score game in the third period but the pens would add a pair of goals, including an empty netter and pittsburgh beat san jose 8-5. so, there you have it. the season is coming down to the last game of the season for the 49ers. they need to beat the rams on sunday. >> and it is going to be jimmy g if he is 100% but he can't be 100% so he looks -- >> we'll wait and see. we always do. >> anthony, thanks a lot. we will be back tonight at 11:00 in one hour from right now. see you then. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist
9:59 pm
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