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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 3, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, the u.s. quickly hitting a new milestone as coronavirus cases continue to jump. the reason the cdc is now considering a new testing requirement following the holidays. kids are headed back to the classroom. in a few hours we will show you the way bay area school districts are jumping in to make sure they return safely. and the jury deliberations start up in the elizabeth holmes trial. how soon a verdict could be reached. this is "today in the bay."
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happy new year to you, and monday morning, first one of 2022. >> first one. >> good morning. i am laura garcia. >> we are only 60 seconds in, though. i am kris sanchez. marcus washington has the day off. kari hall is tracking chilly temperatures and when that rain is set to return. >> it has been so cold across the bay area, and now we are waking up to more clouds, acting as the blanket that will keep f degrees. right now all of the rain still well to the north of us but we can see the clouds reaching in. we will see off and on rain. take a look at what you are feeling as you are stepping out the door this morning. it's 38 degrees in morgan hill. we are also looking at low to mid-40s in parts of the north bay. for walnut creek, it's a clear start and 43 degrees. we will see the clouds linger
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through today with only peeks of sunshine. we will watch out for a chance of spotty showers, and temperatures reach into the mid-50s. i will have more on the rain coming up in a few minutes. this morning covid-19 cases are surging once again across the country, as you might have imagined. an nbc news tally finds the u.s. topped 50 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic. >> the u.s. recorded 4 million cases over 3 1/2 weeks in december. that's from december 3rd through the 28th, but at the end of the month, a million cases were reported every two or three days. >> and then the cdc is making changes to the covid guidelines. the cdc cut in half the covid isolation from ten days to five
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days for people who are positive but don't have symptoms. those guidelines don't require people to test negative after they have quarantined for that shortened time, and now they are considering a testing requirement. >> this comes as kids are getting ready to go back to school today. ahead of their return, covid tests are in demand but they are hard to find. >> today in the way's christie smith continues the coverage. >> the line for testing wrapped around the block in san francisco's mission district. with the latino task force, the concern keeps growing about the omicron variant. >> i think kids are trying to get tested before they school,
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to get tested after they have been positive, and others are just feeling sick. >> people will get results of the rapid test within hours. >> we went online and were anyone to make an appointment yesterday. >> some families came to the testing option at san francisco unified as students returned to class, many parents hoping for peace of mind. >> it's hard to find, which we were hoping to do, and then when the district came out that these were available, we jumped on it. >> it's not required. we highly recommend it. we know rapid tests are hard to come by. >> several hundred more were available to take home, and there were walk-ins. >> we know -- we expect tests to arrive from the state and that
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won't be later this week so we took the opportunity to partner with the department of public health to do what we could as quickly as we could. >> rapid tests are one of the tools they are using. >> some of the sites are like, we welcome walk-ins, but when you go there they say they are out of kits. >> we just want to take precautions, right, and make sure if the kids go to school they are negative. >> we try to make it easy to find all of our coronavirus coverage in one spot. head to we have a web page dedicated to the latest pandemic and how it can affect you. the elizabeth holmes fraud trial continue into the new year. the jury has yet to reach a verdict after six days of
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deliberations, and they will resume today. nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy, and if she's found guilty she could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison. as soon as a verdict comes down we will send an alert to your phone if you have the app. the skyline looks just as chilly as downtown san josé, and we're okay with it because we're inside. >> yeah, i'm inside and super excited, kari. >> yeah, it's nice to have all the cool temperatures and it's fairly quiet in terms of rain, so we are going to see some mild weather, milder weather over the next couple of days and also watching out for these spotty showers. in terms of rain today, we will see spotty showers, mainly light in parts of the north bay, especially by early in the
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afternoon. as we go into late this evening, a chance of some of the light rain moving in, we will see it clearing out as we go into early tomorrow morning but there's more waves of rain behind that, and it's going to be much lighter than what we have had recently. we will watch on it for that. this morning, we have mike keeping an eye on the first monday morning commute. >> yeah, kari things are looking light. they were really light last week. this week we expect more folks coming back into schools, and my kids go back tomorrow and not today. light traffic right now, still too early in any case. we do have a couple incidents, one that just popped up. a disabled vehicle in the north bay, and the one if richmond sounds like a serious crash reported by the richmond pd. it went to city streets 12th at
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barrett. i-80 is moving smoothly there, and the longer drives are moving all right. we are looking at the all the altamont pass with no delays. next on "today in the bay," how elon musks is >> the threat experts say 5g can now possibly pose. you're watching "today in the bay."
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year. right now at 4:41, as you are heading out in the south bay, san josé, 46 degrees. this is warmer than what we have seen recently. we do have more clouds moving in. i think for the south bay for the most part will stay dry, but there will be some spots that get rain. we'll talk about that in the forecast, coming up. we're looking at palo alto where we have a smooth and easy drive right now. we are expecting some traffic to return but it's kind of early for folks coming off of vacation, right? not too early for this guy, though, let's check in with dom. >> wall street is set to kick off the new year on a positive note this morning, this after the markets closed out a strong 2021, and the dow gaining
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roughly 19%, and the nasdaq up 21%, and the s&p 500 just under 27%. it's the sixth time overall the s&p beat theownd nasdaq, it's the first time since 2005. the number of people quitting their jobs and how many people are filing for unemployment benefits is all topped off by the big monthly jobs report that comes out on friday. at&t and verizon rejected a request to delay the roll out of 5g technology this week. they dismiss concerns by airline companies that the service could interfere with the plane's electronics. at&t and verizon say they are
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willing to accept some temporary measures to limit service by runways, and limits, by the way, in place in other countries. tesla has more than 308,000 cars in the fourth quarter. that's up nearly 90% from 2020 levels. the majority of those, by the way, were the model 3 sedan and y suvs. kris, laura, i am not sure about you guys, but we have been dealing with supply issues for quite sometime and it's impressive to see a company like tesla put out that many cars. >> it is. still ahead on "today in the bay," an incredible effort to bring a rescue dog home when he
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was lost in the east bay. as you are heading out for a dog walk this morning, we do have milder temperatures right now. 44 in santa rosa. watching out for rain by late this morning. we'll talk about more of the rain and what is ahead for the rest of the week, coming up next. what's ahead may be the golden gate bridge and perhaps a disabled vehicle, and i am trying to sort out the specifics from chp. we'll check it all out, coming up.
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good monday morning. right now at 4:47, maybe it's back to work or getting the kids ready for school this morning. we are starting out with quieter weather and, boy, has it been busy around here lately. we have been dealing with the king tide, and we are watching out for scattered showers moving in especially for the north bay and peeks of sunshine elsewhere. our temperatures are coming up a few degrees and that will be the trend throughout the week, and we have rain ahead. taking a look at the hey temperatures for today, we are headed for the mid-50s. we are going to make it up to 54 in livermore, and 55 in oakland today, and sonoma reaching 54 degrees, and san rafael and san francisco reaching about 55 degrees. if you think this is cold, take a look at what they're feeling
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right now across parts of the midwest, you see sioux city at 7 degrees, and it's in the 20 and 30s as you head across parts of the southeast. cold there and chilly here in the bay area. as we go into today we are watching out for on and off for parts of the north bay especially. it will be more scattered for the peninsula as well as the east bay. as far as how much rain we are expecting, very light amounts, in fact we may not measure much of anything. some higher rainfall totals in the north bay, so that will be the focus. we are going to see more sierra snow this week, not a big dumping, but we are going to see about half a foot and possibly over a foot of snow for kingvale as we go into the next few days.
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off and on spotty showers, and temperatures feeling better by the end of the week. we are watching out for more widespread rain in the forecast from friday into early saturday morning. at this point it looks like it clears out for sunday and san francisco will see temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we will see a high of 58 degrees by wednesday. mike has been keeping an eye on the roads this morning from home. how is it looking for the morning commute? >> my drive was great getting home. we are looking at traffic on the map, and that dominates the roadways. we are expecting to see a return to a lot of traffic flow, but perhaps not just right now, i should say. i sorted this out. the disabled vehicle southbound 101 around spencer, so it's just before you get to the golden gate bridge. the shot, we showed you how light traffic was, and police activity still going on in richmond for the serious crash
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on barrett and 12th. through contra costa, you see a slow start and that's good for highway 4. back to you. >> thanks, mike. now to a story you will only see on nbc bay area. an incredible effort to find a rescue dog that escaped from the foster home. >> this is a mastiff mix. somebody abandoned him at a beach in alameda. shelter workers cared for him for months and then a volunteer volunteered to foster him, and he dug a hole and escaped from the backyard. workers were going out on foot alongside volunteers to search for oso.
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they tracked him to a park near 580, and the team set up wildlife cameras for movement. >> i have never seen this where a dog escaped and made his way into a park, and was really avoiding people, but in the end i think that ended up being what saved oso. she was resourceful and smart and found a safe spot and stayed there, and our strategy was to keep him there, even if we could not get him right away we knew we had to keep him put. >> it stretched on for nearly 30 days. and k-9 reunite got involved and set up an elaborate safe trap. he was sniffing around a little bit and essentially goes right
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in for the food. she tells how she helped to lure him in. >> the night before i picked up a bunch of liver and got a rotisserie chicken from the store, and he had a metal bowl he was eating from and i took that from his feeding spot and put it in the trap, and i poured a trail of chicken broth to lead him where he had been eating to the track, and he just followed it like planned. >> so the workers did rescue him from the trap within minutes. oso -- look at that handsome devil. he recovered and hopefully will find a forever home with a tall fence and chicken wire on the bottom. and then the 49ers and the
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first win at home. what he's saying about his performance this morning. you have four weeks to sign up for insurance through cover california marketplace. the open enrollment period runs through january 31st, and this comes as the covid omicron variant continues to spread. uninsured get stuck with huge medical bills if they have to go to the hospital. if you have not signed up, you may want to take a look. we'll be right back.
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legendary bay area music producer has died. the producer is known for influencing the movement that
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transcends today, and he has worked with the top rappers. his real name is salton banks, and he grew up in san josé and he was just 43 years old. after a big win against houston, next sunday it's win and you are in for the 49ers, and by that we mean into the post season. trey lance looked good at levi stadium. the niners had a 10-7 lead at half-time. the 49ers win it 23-7. it's not clear who starts next week behind center, but he said heel be ready to go. >> if jimmy is healthy he'll be the guy. >> if the niners beat the rams
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and they are in the playoffs for sure. the raiders have won three in a row. the quarterback says this is no time to get complacent. >> we have to move on and we have a really good team that beat us last time we played them. >> for the raiders, a win against san diego next week gets them into the playoffs, and that game will air right here on nbc bay area with kickoff a little after 5:00 a.m. a winter break is just about over. still ahead on "today in the bay," students and parents scrambling to make sure they can get a covid test before classes, and the report on the long lines and wait, just ahead.
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♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. if you look at the uptick, it is actually almost a vertical increase. >> right now at 5:00, a new year is coming with a record number of covid-19 cases. a live report on the reason why the white house is backpedalling on recent guidance. the rush for tests is on, and before heading back to class this week, the one thing you need to do before your child returns. and meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking king tides,
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and when rain will return. this is "today in the bay." >> we are broadcasting on your television and streaming online. good morning. i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez in for marcus washington who has the day off. happy first monday of 2022. we're waking up to another cold start, but just not as cold as it was the past few days but we are still in the upper 30s right now in dublin as well as morgan hill. we are at 44 in santa rosa and 48 in san francisco. after this cool start we will gradually start to see our temperatures heading up but we will only reach in the mid-50s in concord today. a lot of clouds and some spots will see off and on rain especially in parts of the north bay. we are watching some of the spotty showers, and elsewhere we are looking at mostly cloudy


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