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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 3, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and when rain will return. this is "today in the bay." >> we are broadcasting on your television and streaming online. good morning. i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez in for marcus washington who has the day off. happy first monday of 2022. we're waking up to another cold start, but just not as cold as it was the past few days but we are still in the upper 30s right now in dublin as well as morgan hill. we are at 44 in santa rosa and 48 in san francisco. after this cool start we will gradually start to see our temperatures heading up but we will only reach in the mid-50s in concord today. a lot of clouds and some spots will see off and on rain especially in parts of the north bay. we are watching some of the spotty showers, and elsewhere we are looking at mostly cloudy
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skies. we will track that and talk more about what is ahead in our forecast, and that's coming up in a few minutes, laura. >> thanks so much. the start of the new year is beginning with the new surge of covid-19 cases. the u.s. has surpassed 55 million cases since the start of the pandemic. >> thousands of people are now stranded at airports because of flight cancelations and pair pairants facing the difficult decision of whether or not to send their kids back to school. >> good morning, laura and kris. that guidance will surround the isolation requirements for people who test positive and possibly putting in a new testing requirement at the end of that window, and that comes as the u.s. surpasses 55 million cases over the weekend, and as new models are showing new infections from the omicron surge could peak at new highs over the next couple of weeks.
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>> the holidays are over and many travelers remain stranded with thousands of flights canceled. >> i just got to the airport and so far it's a little wild in there. >> those heading back face a surge in covid. even though infections from the omicron variant appear to be less severe, the number of cases could lead to an overwhelming wave of hospitalizations, and many parents fear putting their kids back in the classroom. >> i am horribly nervous to send them back to class on monday. >> some schools are going remote for the beginning of january, and there are equal students falling further behind. >> students belong in the classroom and we can do it safely. >> still, some schools reporting
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covid sidelined up to half of their staff, and the isolation shortened from 10 to 5 days for those that test positive, and many asking whether to require tests again after the shortened period. >> it's something that should be considered and i believe the cdc will clarify that. >> frustrations mounting as a new year begins, plagued by persistent pandemic problems. with covid cases increasing among children, sources tell nbc news the fda is planning to expand eligibility for booster shots for kids age 12 to 15. laura? >> on the heels of all of this, we are hearing the second of defense tested positive. what do you know? >> lloyd austin did put out a statement that he tested positive while home on leave, and he's fully vaccinated and
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got a booster shot in october and his doctor told him that his infection, his case is much more mild because of his vaccine status so he's using the opportunity to remind people how important that is. he noted there's contact tracing for those he was in contact with, and last thursday he was at the pentagon and he said he has not seen the president for more than a week prior to the onset of his symptoms, and there is no possibility he could have infected president biden through his symptoms. >> good to note, alice barr. thank you so much. the holiday break is over and it's time to head back to school and back tok. testing was in high demand all-around the bay area this week, including in san josé, west contra costa county, oakland and in san francisco. some people lined up for hours just to get some of the take-home test for their families. demand keeps growing with
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concerns over omicron as people return to normal life as much as we can. in san francisco the line for covid testing wrapped around the block in the mission district, and families were thrilled to get testing at the district giving parents a piece of mind. >> it's hard to find a test at walgreens or the pharmacy, which was difficult to do and when the district came out saying these were available we jumped at it because we want everybody to be safe. >> people get results of the rapid test in hours. head to prior to a police chase, officers responded to calls about a woman being in a car who
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witnesses reported had been killed by exboyfriend. the driver took off as they arrived and the car later crashed in fremont. investigators believe the woman in the car already died from blunt force trauma prior to that crash. christmas has come and gone and san francisco is gearing up for the big christmas tree shipping event. >> people can put their trees on the street side and it will be turned into mulch for landscaping. >> if you have a string of holiday lights headed for the trash, san leandro city will collect those and recycle them. all lengths and colors of lights are expected, even the ones with
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the bulbs that don't work. taking a live in downtown san josé, it was the last weekend for the annual christmas in the park event, all the lights there, 2021 marked a return for a familiar setup that people have been enjoying for years. if you are just not ready to let go of christmas just yet, the drive-through version will be around for one more week, running through next sunday. king tide warning in effect. this was the view from san francisco's embarcadero on friday -- no, yesterday. water was high enough to spill on to the sidewalks. a lot of folks were out taking pictures and video as that happened and this one was shared by the port of san francisco.
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that's always an exciting sight to see, and happens overnight. we can't tell, kari. >> yeah, we will watch out for the king tides again today, and this is the last day we will have the high tides and watching out for scattered showers move into parts of the north bay. we will see peeks of sunshine, but just don't expect it to be a clear and sunny day. we are headed for milder temperatures with more rain by the end of the week. with the king tides today, we have the coastal flood advisories for all the areas shaded in the green, and this is some of the low-lying areas. high tide will be at 11:02. we could seacoastal flooding, and do not drive where there's water on the road. we have temperatures headed for the mid-50s for today. mike, how does it look for the early-morning commuters. >> kari, first commute of the
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year, calm start right now. an easy flow of traffic, although on the maps we will point out the disabled vehicle reported on southbound 101 around spencer just before the golden gate bridge in the north bay. a little activity that is not usual for a disabled vehicle, so i am tracking that. it seems odd they would have that much concern with a vehicle in the slow lane and it has been there for a while, and we'll track that. there's a new incident just off the freeway, and i think that's a crash off of alum rock avenue. there was a deadly crash in san josé that happened overnight. the freeways are moving easily right now, and that's good. happening now, a line of cable cars down in san francisco. for now buses are taking their place. the line runs along california state serving the china town district, civic center,
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financial district, pacific heights. the california line of cable cars were reported not working on saturday morning and they have been out of service ever since. no word on when they are expected to be up and running again. this morning the travel nightmare continues. next on "today in the bay," a closer look at the record number of flights that were canceled across the country and here in the bay area, and also the reasons for those cancelations. from a nightmare to a dream, today is the first day of trading of 2022, but 2021, laura, was absolutely amazing. >> it sure was. if you are still looking for a booster shot appointment, we have you covered. a consumer team put together a how-to video. you can find it online at just stroll down to our how-to explainers. we'll be right back.
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just a little less. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st at right now at 5:13 on this first monday morning of 2022, we are going to be watching out for spotty light showers, especially for the north bay. our temperatures this afternoon headed for the mid-50s. kind of cool out there but it's going to get milder. we will talk more about that in the forecast, coming up. kind of mild out there for the drive out here, a good volume but nothing unexpected.
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today could be calmer, and over the next few minutes, we will track it. happy monday and happy new year. today is the first day of trading for the new year. things look good. futures call for a strong open. tesla will help lead the pack after the company on sunday said it manufactured and delivered far more cars than we were expecting. this despite a chip shortage. 2021 was phenomenal for the stock market, even though we saw the second year of the pandemic and record inflation. stocks were the place to be. the s&p 500 was up 27%, and that's insane. 27% on anything is extraordinary. as we wrap up that trading year, we can look back to this prediction, which was staggeringly wrong. >> mr. president i have to move on to the next question. >> they said the stock market will boom if i'm elected.
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if he's elected the stock market will crash. >> hard to find any 2020 prediction that could have been more wrong at the time. and marjorie taylor greene saw her twitter suspended permanently over the weekend after twitter said she promoted inaccurate information about covid and covid vaccines for the fifth time and that's five strikes. it's a permanent ban, except she can appeal if she can prove what she said was true. the congresswoman complained about twitter's ban but has not offered the proof she needs to get that personal account back. she has an official twitter as well and that is up and running, and the latest post wishes everybody a merry christmas. a lot of companies have dropped out of the consumer conference
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and we'll talk more about that. and then more fireworks for spiderman:no way home. the film earned roughly $610 million in north america, which ranks tenth of all-time. the 12th highest grossing film. overall the north american box office made $4.5 billion last year, and that's down about keu% from 2019, of course, prior to the pandemic. trending this morning, a ohio toddler just got a royal surprise like no other. >> 1-year-old, jaw lane was the picture of elegance. her mom sent that photo to the queen on a whim and did not expect to get a surprise, but on
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christmas she was surprised to get a letter from buckingham palace. the queen was pleased to see the photograph of your daughter in that splendid outfit. >> i love it. she's so vivid. >> she thought it was kind of you. >> that's adorable. that's cool. if i dress up like that, will she send me a letter? so kind of you. kari, what do you think? >> yeah, that was super cute. i love that. it's always nice to see great news on a monday morning, and i am going to deliver a little more better news for us. it has been so cold recently and we have milder weather on the way, and part of that is due to the clouds that have rolled in. we can see that on our storm ranger and the satellite imagery there, and it's going to track
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spotty light rain. we are not looking at a big storm coming in here, and it's going to be off and on and we can see the rain and snow further off towards north of here. we are in the upper 30s in dublin as well as morgan hill. 44 in san josé, and i know the past few days have been chilly and we are headed to the mid-50s for today. the 7-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen with a look at san francisco where our high will reach 55 degrees. we will see 54 in sonoma. if we think this is cold, check out how cold it is for much of the rest of the country. even looking at dallas fort worth, it's 26 degrees there. it's 9 in chicago. as we are waking up to chilly temperatures, we will have milder weather coming along with the rain. spotty showers mainly for the north bay. by late this morning into early this afternoon, i think the north bay and peninsula will be
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the main targets for that chance of showers for today. as we go into tomorrow morning, it starts to taper off. we're looking at about 0.1 to a quarter inch of rain for san francisco, and lighter for the santa clara valley. for the north bay, we could see up to half an inch over the next couple of days and could see a nice coating of snow for the sierra, and the possibility of about four inches over the next couple of days in lake tahoe, and more for kingvale. heading up to 60 degrees on wednesday. we will see upper 50s and low 60s as we go into the rest of the week. we will be watching out for more widespread rain in the forecast by the end of the week. mike, heading out the door this morning for commuters, how is it looking out there on the roads? >> it's looking light. we will start in the south bay because there's an ongoing issue
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from last night. it's not on the freeways, but i marked it with a little exclamation point. alum rock, that is that happened yesterday involving the pedestrian, and that was -- was it yesterday or the day before? yesterday, i believe. that's what is going on in the south bay. you will find an alternate a couple blocks from there. disabled vehicle north of the golden gate bridge. there was a traffic break, and things did clear so we are tracking that and the bay bridge toll plaza, and things are light. i am watching for the major difference to kick in here. first, we'll see if that's the case. >> thanks, mike. next, "nbc bay area responds." >> thousands of people have had
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trouble with air travel lately, and we found a pathway to complain where the airlines are required to respond to you. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. we'll show you where and how. >> as we head to break, i am sharing on instagram. for me this is a special moment. i got married and expanded our family, and it was nice to go through the pictures. >> it's a good reminder, good things did happen in 2021. >> yeah, don't forget you can keep up with us. we will try and keep up with your messages as well, as we get back to work on this mday morning. a lot more ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a live look at sfo right now where there's a holiday hangover for travelers still trying to make it home. according to flight aware, across the nation more than 1,800 flights have already been canceled today. experts say only some of the problems have to do with winter weather, that it's really more of an avalanche of travelers. >> some people, this is their first flight in two years and that means the demand was higher and the stakes were higher and more people traveling and so it was hard to accommodate them on
5:25 am
whatever flights were left. >> and the "today" will air the travel issues this morning. contact the department. we are here to help. >> she's with the department of transportation office and aviation protections, and they take complaints about lousy airline service and investigate them. >> there's a determination made customer is entitled to a refund. >> writing down your saga is important, because they only take airline complaints in writing, either by mail or online at
5:26 am
finally, you can submit it. what happens next? government reps will investigate. it requires airlines to acknowledge consumer complaints within 30 days of receiving them and to send consumers written responses addressing these complaints within 60 days of receiving them. we can also let our responds team know, though the airlines are not required by law to respond to us. >> thanks, chris. 5:26 right now. the premier of the final season of the drama season that stole america's heart, "this is us." here's a preview. >> sometimes i think about what my very last memory will be before the candle goes out. >> such a great show. don't forget, you can watch
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"this is us" right here on nbc bay area on tuesdays. pack tissue. >> we will cry over the last one and then cry tomorrow. it will be fun. next top stories we are following today, including a violent start to the new year in the east bay. the investigation under way right now into a deadly shooting. plus -- >> reporter: thousands of bay area students return to schools today but did they get the covid testing needed to return to class? we're live in walnut creek. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, the u.s. quickly hitting a new milestone as coronavirus cases continue to jump. the reason the cdc is requiring a new testing requirement following the holiday. kids are expected back in the classrooms in a few hours, and the bay area districts trying to help them make sure they return safely. we are in uncharted waters here and i don't know what the case is going to do in this case. >> the jury in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial picking up on deliberations today, and the issue is if one of them caught covid while on break. our legal analyst weighs in.
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here we go, monday morning. the first monday of 2022. >> we're off to a good start. >> yeah, at 5:30 in the morning. thanks for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez. marcus washington certainly starting the year off right, sleeping in with the day off. let's look at your forecast. it is not as chilly as it has been, and we will check in with mike in just a bit. yeah, we are starting off this morning with more clouds giving us a blanket for slightly milder temperatures. even though we are seeing a lot more in the way of clouds, the rain is still well to the north of us. we are watching out for a chance of rain especially for the north bay later this morning, and for the most part we are going to see dry conditions in parts of the east bay. in concord, 42 degrees as you are stepping out the door. we are going to need to leave the sunglasses at home but keep the umbrella nearby just in case. we will have more rain in the
5:32 am
forecast. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. this morning, covid-19 cases are surging once again across the country. a lot of you might not be surprised but an nbc news tally finds the u.s. topped 55 million cases since the start of the pandemic. take a look at your screen for the breakdown here. the u.s. recorded 4 million cases over 3 1/2 weeks in december, and that's on december 3rd. that is a million cases every two or three days. this morning it's back to school for thousands of bay area students, but before returning back to the classroom most will need to show a negative covid test. today in the bay's tom jensen joins us live where the district is asking parents to show the negative covid test.
5:33 am
thom, parents are scrambling to get this done and find the tests. >> reporter: yeah, they are not taking the at home tests here, but they are providing a test here twice a week wednesdays and fridays 8:00 to 4:00, and they have other sites around the district that provide testing in other parts of the week. some districts are accepting the at-home tests, and oakland got enough tests to send each student home with two before the winter break. and diablo got fewer than they needed. san francisco unified ran into the same problem, and they were to get 59,000 at home tests, and not until later in the week when students return this morning. a
5:34 am
transmissions at school that occur in the classroom, and sometimes it could occur outside the school and in the community. >> reporter: these are common sense guidelines for everybody. get your child tested if they are feeling symptoms, or if they have been in close contact with somebody who tested positive. if the family travelled or hung out with people outside their immediate regular circles, and there are concerns about covid surges at schools because people getting so close together through the holidays, and in oakland a parents group held a virtual press conference yesterday asking the district to postpone the start of in-person
5:35 am
learning and now they are asking for parents to boycott classes. we will hear from one of those parents coming up in the next hour. >> it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days. thank you so much, thom. >> keep those masks on. jurors are returning to the courthouse this morning to deliberate in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. jurors last convened there on wednesday of last week. they broke for the new year's holiday and then the judge ordered them to avoid reading about the case, discussing it during the break and they could not take their notes home, as you might remember. overall this will be the seventh day of deliberations and with covid concerns running high one legal expert says there's always a chance for new delays. >> if somebody tests positive i think the judge will step in and do what he can to keep the jury safe, and at that point they may replace the juror with an alternate. again, we are in unchartered waters here. i don't know what a judge will
5:36 am
do in this case, i am just kind of speculating. i think that he keeps the panel safe. >> right now there are only two alternate jurors left. if one of them steps in, deliberations do not have to start from the beginning, but they have to get up to speed and that could take time. coming up at 6:30, scott budman will join us live with what with a can expect today. if a verdict comes down, we will alert you if you have the nbc bay area app. and then investigating a deadly new year's day shooting south of i-580. police say a 28-year-old victim died at the scene. so far they are not releasing much more information about the shooting, but they are hoping anybody with information comes forward. in san josé, police are investigating a deadly
5:37 am
hit-and-run crash. it happened about 8:00 last night near south white road and east hills drive just off of alum rock. it's the first deadly crash of the year. taking a live look at the san francisco skyline. it's super clear, which you know means it's super chilly. we will check in with meteorologist, kari hall. it's not as cold as it was last week. >> yeah, our temperatures are getting milder now. we watched the approach of a system, a very weak one, moving to the north of us. we will use our mobile doppler radar, that's stormranger parked on the mountain. we will have peeks of sunshine, and we will have more rain by the end of the week. once again with the king tides,
5:38 am
do not drive where water covers the road. we will see the high tide in san francisco at 11:00 and all of these areas shaded in green, which includes much of the bay shore as well as the coastline, and we will also have to deal with some of the higher than normal tides. we will watch out for that. we will take a look at our hour-by-hour rain forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike, how it is looking for the early-morning commuters? >> yeah, marin county, watch out for that, king tides. no problems or delays, and for the early commute on the freeways, we are looking out towards vasco where you are at the limit at discovery bay. the speeds may be starting to dip a tad bit. a new crash here at southbound 880 and it should be out of lanes in the center divide.
5:39 am
very light traffic as we look at the bay bridge. we are monitoring the live shot of the span itself. a nice and easy flow. we're watching the toll plaza for any big build and so far no big change from last week. we're tracking it. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. we look back at the legendary life of betty white. her career spans decades. and then the threat this could pose. why is beef so expensive? even the president wants to know. and then the suspect of a violent robbery of a little dog. the new reward and the latest details. you can find them all on it's there in the top video
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good monday morning. right now at 5:42 as you are heading out and maybe heading back to work for the first monday of 2022, it's a chilly morning. in walnut creek we are now at 42 degrees. we will continue to see clouds today and the rain here may hold off and it may not be the case for the north bay. we will talk about that and the forecast coming up in a few minutes. we'll track that closely.
5:43 am
meanwhile looking at the golden gate bridge. this is a lot more traffic than we saw about 40 minutes ago. things were very calm, and so far no major slowing. this is our first morning commute of 2022. we will show you the bay bridge toll plaza and show you how that is shaping up shortly. >> thank you, mike. it's 5:43 right now. and overnight according to the country's media, he had stomach pain and he was operated on after he was stabbed at a political rally back in 2018 and since then he has undergone stomach surgery several times. last july he was hospitalized because of a severe case of hiccups. harry reid who passed away last week will lie in state in the u.s. capitol on wednesday. he will lie in the rotunda.
5:44 am
reid served eight years as majority leader, and he died last week at the age of 82 after battling pancreatic cancer. and then federal appeals court in louisiana will hear oral arguments on the case in friday after the supreme court declined to block enforcement of the restrictive law but allowed the legal challenge to move forward. the new texas law bans abortion around six weeks of pregnancy and has no exceptions for rape or incest. 5:44 right now. president biden will speak with american farmers today. scott mcgrew is trying to find a way to lower some of the food prices that have been hurting families. >> i don't think i would have guessed, kris, that food prices and the price of meat in particular would be one of the crisis the white house faced,
5:45 am
but it's an important consideration for american households. a chicken in every pot is a very old phrase, indeed. the white house said it would grant $1 billion to small independent meat packers and processors, and the white house launched an investigation into big meat packers, too. there are only a few of them and that means a monopoly and the meat at the store could present higher prices. monopolies could also bring lower prices, and even if they don't breaking up companies before they get too big takes years upon years upon years. and then zielinski is an interesting fellow, former tv comedian turned politician, he won 70% of the vote.
5:46 am
while we are on that subject, the house select committee investigating the january 6th capitol attack, that led to the second impeachment is involving big names. it's not the committee's job specifically, it's there to find the truth. it's not a criminal investigation, but then again what its investigating involves crimes and it's not beyond the pale if it finds evidence it will give a criminal referral. this is a live picture from the white house where everything is white. quite the snowstorm this morning. the secretary of defense says he has a mild case of covid.
5:47 am
marjorie taylor greene has been suspended on twitter, this time forever. we are talking about that on social media. you can see on your screen where to find me. >> thank you, scott. this morning at&t and verizon rejected a request by the faa to delay the rollout of 5g technology this week. airlines want more time for the faa and the fcc to resolve some issues. at&t and verizon say they are willing to accept some temporary measures around some runways, limits already in place in other countries. >> these jetliners use an auto pilot, and until such time where we know which devices are
5:48 am
affected and we can get that testing done, we don't know how widespread the problem will be. >> tune into the "today" show for more on the problems between the stalemate between the faa and the telecommunications giants, and that's at 7:00 after "today in the bay." this morning tributes are still pouring in for legendary actress, betty white. generations of people adored her iconic character on the mary tyler moore, and "the golden girls." >> such a treasure. details on her funeral arrangements are still unknown. ahead on the "today" show, they look back at her life, legacy and her uncanny ability to
5:49 am
always make us laugh. such timing. that's at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." and then jimmy g was injured yesterday, so trey lance looked good at his first start every at home, at levi stadium. in the fourth quarter he hit a wide open samuel for a 45 yard touchdown. the niners win it 23-7. you probably already knew that. the niners, if they beat the rams next sunday they will be in the playoffs for certain, and they can get in if new orleans ends up losing. and then the final game against the colts. the raiders won three in a row, and the win against san diego next week will get them into the playoffs. that game will air right here on
5:50 am
nbc bay area. miley cyrus certainly rang in the new year here on nbc bay area with a special appearance from her sister. >> their performance is catching the internet's attention. check it out. ♪ ♪ >> that is miley cyrus singing "jolene." jolene was written by dolly pardon, who is -- maybe you don't know, actually miley's godmother. let's talk about it, though. that poor little gal lost her top. >> i guess i missed that part. >> yeah. she was classy about it, she
5:51 am
just turned around and walked off stage, and the backup sin singers were, like, we waited for this our whole lives. >> yeah, kari, better put a jacket on. it's a chilly start. >> yeah, put multiple layers on. it's chilly out there. we have seen clouds rolling in, and we talk about how clouds act as a blanket. our temperatures are not dipping as quickly, and we are seeing some of the spotty showers well to the north of us. as the forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, it's cold but not as cold as it has been. we are in the upper 30s as well as the south county and morgan hill. we have mid to upper 40s in the north bay and we are headed for the mid-50s this afternoon. you will notice the winds will
5:52 am
start to pick up as the system comes from the north, and as we talk about that we also put in perspective the temperatures we are feeling right now. it's 8 in minneapolis, and detroit, 10 degrees. even for spots in texas, it's cold, dipping below freezing. dallas, right now 26 degrees. we will have milder weather as this spotty rain moves in. it's going to be light, and mostly for the north bay and parts of the peninsula. we will have a chance of very light rain for the east bay as well. some of our bigger rainfall measurements will be definitely in the north bay where we could get close to half an inch of rain and a quarter inch of rain or less further to the south. as far as snow, it will be a week of light snow here and there. we are still in an active weather pattern. we will see our temperatures in the inland areas in the low 60s by the middle of the week, and by the weekend we will see
5:53 am
everything drying out with highs in the upper 50s. mike is keeping an eye on the roads from home. how is it looking out there for the morning commute? >> looks great right now. easy into the first morning commute of the year. i do have something new on the peninsula. green sensors, that's the standard now. northbound 280 approaching 380, there's a crash. everything should be out of the lanes and there's no slowing, but that's what i got. it's a light traffic flow in contra costa county. we are looking at no problems getting to the richmond bridge or the bay bridge toll plaza, and a live look shows you traffic starting to build a tad bit. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, you have four weeks left to sign up for insurance through the covered california marketplace. the open enrollment period runs through january 31st, and it comes as the new omicron variant continues to spread. a covered california
5:54 am
spokesperson said those uninsured will get stuck with huge hospital bills if they have to go to the hospital. and then the concerning spill that has contaminated waters in southern california, plus, at 6:00, starting the new year with a surge in covid cases. while the omicron variant might land you in the hospital. the reason hospitals are preparing for the worst. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." developing in colorado, three people remain missing after the wildfire that destroyed hundreds of homes. the sheriff fears they may not be found alive. it's no longer being considered a threat thanks to half a foot of new snow over the weekend. some southern california beaches are closed because of a sewage spill. up to 7 million gallons of untreated waste water fell into the ocean after the sewage system collapsed because of storm runoff. all beaches will remain closed
5:58 am
until bacteria levels are safe again. and then pleasant hill investigating a bomb scare at a gas station. officers arrested two people at a chevron on contra costa boulevard and they found a explosive device in the card. the gas station shutdown and the bomb squad called in. the bomb technicians defused the device. the chp says there were 263 dui arrest across the state, which is an 8% increase over last year. bay area music producer treubgs amillion has died. tracks amillion. his real name was salton banks, he grew up in san josé. he was 43 years old. right now at 6:00, a new
5:59 am
year is coming with a new record number of covid-19 cases. if you look at the uptick, it is actually almost a vertical increase. >> a live report on the reason the white house is now backpedaling on recent guidance and the push to get students tested before returning to the classrooms. plus a warning from the coast. meteorologist, kari hall, tracking king tides and when the rain returns. this is "today in the bay." of course we're broadcasting to your television, as traditionally, and also streaming live and on the app so you can take us on the go. i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez in for marcus. welcome to the first monday of the year. not too shabby. let's get a look at the forecast with kari. >> good morning.
6:00 am
a couple storm systems headed our way, but not looking at a big impact here. a couple spotty systems that will bring us spotty showers later in the afternoon. the temperatures will come up a few degrees, reaching 55 in san josé. here we are at 3:00 this afternoon, also looking at low to mid-50s in parts of the north bay. another cool night but we're not looking at near freezing temperatures like we have seen recently. more changes in the forecast, and we'll talk more about that as well as where we will see the rain coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. the start of the new year starting with a new surge of covid-19 cases. the u.s. surpassed 55 million cases since the start of the pandemic. add to that thousands of people stranded at airports because of flight cancelations and because of the increases of cases among employees in the airlines. parents now facing the difficult decision of sending their kids backo


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