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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 3, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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headed our way, but not looking at a big impact here. a couple spotty systems that will bring us spotty showers later in the afternoon. the temperatures will come up a few degrees, reaching 55 in san josé. here we are at 3:00 this afternoon, also looking at low to mid-50s in parts of the north bay. another cool night but we're not looking at near freezing temperatures like we have seen recently. more changes in the forecast, and we'll talk more about that as well as where we will see the rain coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. the start of the new year starting with a new surge of covid-19 cases. the u.s. surpassed 55 million cases since the start of the pandemic. add to that thousands of people stranded at airports because of flight cancelations and because of the increases of cases among employees in the airlines. parents now facing the difficult decision of sending their kids back to school before they are
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tested. today in the bay's alice barr is tracking all of that, including new guidance that could be coming from the cdc. >> good morning, yeah. this is going to be regarding the isolation window that the cdc shrank from ten days down to five, and now there's questions about if there needs to be a new testing requirement at the end of the shorter isolation period, and this comes as new models suggest that omicron infections from the latest surge could peak to new highs over the next couple of weeks. the holidays are over, and many travelers remain stranded with severe weather and staffing shortages canceling flights. those that made it back, returning to school and work amid a covid surge. >> if you look at the uptick, it's almost a vertical increase.
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>> even though infections of the omicron variant appear to be less severe, the shear number of cases could lead to an overwhelming wave of hospitalizations, many parents fear putting their kids back in the classroom. >> i'm horribly nervous to send them back to school on monday. >> from school districts from atlanta to cleveland and newark, they are going remote and there are equal fears of students falling even further behind. >> students belong in the classroom and we can do it safely. >> some schools are reporting covid sidelined up to 10% of their staff, making matters worse, confusion over cdc guidelines, shortening the isolation period from ten to five days for those who test positive. many now asking whether to require tests again after that shortened period. >> it's something that absolutely should be considered, and i believe the cdc is going to clarify that. >> frustrations mounting as the new year begins, plagued by
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persistent pandemic problems. with covid cases increasing among children, sources tell nbc news the fda is planning to expand eligibility for booster shots to kids age 12 to 15 in the coming days. laura and kris? >> we will be waiting for that. alice, we are hearing the secretary of defense tested positive as well. do you have more info on had had a breakthrough infection. he is vaccinated and had his booster shot in october and the secretary of defense, lloyd austin, said his doctor said his infection is much more mild because of the vaccination status and he's using this opportunity to continue to push others to get the vaccine. austin also saying he had limited contact, and he's home right now, and it had been more than a week before the onset of
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his symptoms since he last saw president biden, suggesting there would not have been crossover there. >> let's hope that remains the case. alice barr, thank you so much. a holiday break coming to an end and it's now back to school and work for a lot of people. testing was in really high demand in the bay area over the weekend. that includes, san josé, west contra costa county, oakland and san francisco. some people lined up for hours to get some of the take home test for their families. the demand is growing with omicron as they try to return to a normal life. families were thrilled to have the testing option at san francisco unified giving some families a little peace of mind. >> it's really hard to find rapid tests at walgreens or any other pharmacies, which we were hoping to do, and when the school district made the
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announcement they had them available, we jumped on it because we want everybody to be safe. >> the government promised take home tests for students but not everybody got them in time for districts to require them. it's easy to find the coronavirus coverage. we put it all in one spot. go to there's a web page dedicated and how the changes could impact you. and then police are investigating a woman killed in a domestic incident prior to a police chase. witnesses reported a woman had been killed by her exboyfriend and was in a car. the driver took off as the police arrived and the car later crashed in fremont. the injured suspect is now in custody. investigators believe the woman in the car already died from blunt force trauma prior to that
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crash. a king tide warning in effect in san francisco. this is a look at how it looks after the king tide rolled into mill valley. this was the view from san francisco's embarcadero yesterday. you can see the water spilling over on to the sidewalk there. plenty of people were out snapping pictures and video of the event, and this was shared by the port of san francisco. we want to see whether those tides are going to continue. here's meteorologist, kari hall. >> this is the last day of the king tides, and if you have to deal with higher water, don't walk or drive into the water, and this is the last day you will see the king tides coming in, and that's about at 11:00 for san francisco. we will have peeks of sunshine today and the next couple of days. you will be happy to know our
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temperatures will be milder, and it won't be as cold. we will see more rain ahead, although we are not looking at any big storms this week. with the coastal flood advisories, all of these areas shaded in green, that includes the inner bay and parts of the coastline where high tide comes up right around 11:00, and we are seeing that as a result of the gravitational pull from the moon that we see also during the wintertime. we will talk about the rain coming our way in a few minutes. mike, what is going on with the roads? >> kari, it's pretty calm right now. i don't want to jinx things. i just did. i'm sorry. king tides will complicate things if there's flooding later in the day. san francisco, westbound 880, there's reports of a accident there and that could complicate things. we don't have the details of lanes blocked and there's a tad bit of slowing on the incline.
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a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, there are no metering lights. they did not cue that for the crash at fremont. this could be an early slowdown, but the traffic volume is light. back to you. >> thank you. looks light, at least for now. christmas we know has come and gone, and now san francisco is gearing up for the big christmas tree chipping event. >> people can place their trees by the curb starting today through january 14th. workers pick up the trees and turn them into mulch. last year trees were saved from the landfill and turned into mulch for landscaping instead. >> if you have lights headed for the trash, just wait. san leandro is collecting the lights to recycle. if you still want the lights, you can enjoy those lights at lake cunningham.
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that's what you are seeing right there. >> yeah, you just drive on through. no mess, no fuss. >> yeah, and downtown san josé, all those little elves they put up every year, it's time to go to sleep once again. last weekend for the annual christmas in the park event. people have certainly been enjoying that for years. i took the kids ice skating there yesterday. it was a lot of fun. >> we almost bumped into each other. >> were you down there? >> we were there on friday. >> got the hot chocolate. yep. christmas in the park, the drive-through is still open. this is at lake cunningham park. it will be around for another week if you want to keep that spirit going. it's running through next sunday. just don't want to get rid of
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the holidays. >> yeah. this morning the travel nightmare remains and continues. coming up at 6:25 on "today in the bay," a closer look at the record number of flights canceled across the country and the ones canceled here in the bay area, too. from a nightmare to a dream, what a great 2021 on the markets. let's take a look at the first day of trading, or the futures at least, and the positive spirit remains. a royally good surprise you certainly don't want to miss. i love this. we will show you what came in the mail for this queen mini me. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy first monday of 2022. right now at 6:13 as you are getting up and maybe heading back to work this morning, in fremont it's cloudy and cool. temperatures now in the low 40s. we will see a slow warm-up today. we're headed for the mid-50s. we won't see much sunshine today. there will be spots that get rain. we'll talk about that in the forecast in a few minutes. happy first monday commute of 2022. we're looking at oakland with a little more traffic than we saw last week but no problems. i am tracking one crash. looks like a minor crash on the san francisco side of the bay bridge. anything disturbing the flow
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could trigger the metering lights. they are not on just yet. happy first day of trading for the new year, and things look good. futures call for a strong open. tesla will lead the pack after the company on sunday said it had manufactured and delivered more cars than we were expecting. this despite a chip shortage. 2021 was phenomenal for the stock market. even though we saw the second year of the pandemic and record inflation. stocks were the place to be. the s&p 500 was up 27%. that's insane. 27% on return on anything is really just extraordinary. we wrap up that trading year and we can look back to this prediction, which was staggering wrong. >> they say the stock market will boom if i'm elected and if he's elected the stock market will crash. >> it's hard to find any prediction of 2021 stock market
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performance that could have been more wrong than that one. speaking of politics, georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene saw her twitter suspended permanently over the weekend after twitter says she promoted inaccurate information about covid and covid vaccines for the fifth time. that's five strikes. it's a permanent ban but she can appeal it if she can prove what she said was true. the congresswoman complained about the twitter ban but has not offered the proof she needs to get her account back. she still has a twitter account linked to her congressional office. that last post is wishing everybody a merry christmas. >> yeah, definitely have friends not going to the tech
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convention. sony and marvel movie topping the box office for the third straight week with about $53 million according to com score. worldwide it made just under $1.4 billion, the 12th highest grossing film. overall the north american box office was down 60% from 2019, of course, prior to the pandemic. trending this morning -- i love this one. the ohio toddler just got a royal surprise like no other. >> 1-year-old, ghislaine sutherland, she was dressed up like the queen, a replica. mom sent the photo to the queen on a whim.
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she said she did not expect to get a rely, but for christmas ghislaine was surprised with a letter from buckingham palace. the queen's lady wrote, the queen asked me to write you a letter, and the queen was pleased to see the photograph of your daughter, ghislaine, in her splendid outfit. >> very nice for her assistant to take the time. >> yeah, exactly, her lady. well, our lady, our queen of the hour, and mike with his fancy wave. it's not as chilly as we have gotten used to. >> yeah, i think that double breasted overcoat, that's going to be in style today. we are going to need that. we have had cold temperatures and as we look at the clouds rolling in, it's acting as our
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blanket. that's going to keep warmer air trapped closer to the surface and keep us from seeing very cold temperatures. rain to the north of us, as we will see some of the showers hitting the north bay. i want to show you what it feels like as we are heading out the door. we are in the upper 30s in the tri-valley from dublin to livermore and morgan hill, but mostly 40s elsewhere. we will head for the mid-50s this afternoon. you can see the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we will have milder weather for the middle of the week. i wouldn't quite say warm, but it's going to be better. we will see the temperatures reaching 54 in dublin, and 55 today in san francisco. 54 today in sonoma. if we want to complain today and say it's cold, let me show you what is really cold, it's 8 degrees in sioux city, iowa. even dallas right now, 25
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degrees. bitterly cold temperatures across much of the rest of the country. we are getting milder weather moving in, and also some rain. i think by late morning into early this afternoon, we will see mainly the north bay targeted for some of the moderate showers. we will also move down the peninsula as well. much of the rest of the bay area, we may see a couple spotty sprinkles, but don't expect a lot in terms of rain. we could see up to a quarter inch of rain in the next few days up towards dublin, and heading over to san francisco, it's the same. higher will see closer to half an inch of rain. in the sierra, another coating of snow but not a huge snowstorm even as we get a second system coming in by the end of the week. overall what we are looking at here, still an overall active weather pattern but not a big impact. off and on light rain here and there, cloudy skies and temperatures headed for the mid and upper 50s, and low 60s for
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wednesday. as we go into the weekend it will start to clear out once again and slightly cooler temperatures are headed our way. mike, you have been keeping an eye on the roads from home. how is it looking right now? >> looks great for my commute, but everything else also looks great as we look at the map. green sensors continue to dominate. i had one concern over in san francisco, looking at the tri-valley and there could be a new incident. we don't know which direction on 580, and no slowing showing up there. westbound 80, an earlier incident was just cleared by chp and the bridge crew. so that should alleviate itself. a tiny bit of showing shows up for highway 87, your typical suspect out of vallejo and headed towards novato. a live look from the emeryville camera, a span of the bay bridge shows volume with the taillights, and notice how
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smoothly they are moving and good spacing. we like good spacing. back to you. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> thousands of people have had trouble with air travel lately. we found a pathway to complain where the airlines are required to respond to you. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura. we will show you where and how, next. i found a pathway to good things in my life. there were things to celebrate in 2021. i posted this on my instagram. it was a really great year. let's make the most of 2022 together. you can follow me, i'm on instagram, facebook, twitter, the works, just like the rest of the team. follow me, laura garcia nbc.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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taking a live look at sfo out our window here. there's a holiday hangover for travelers still trying to make it home. according to flight aware, across the nation more than 1,900 flights have already been canceled today. that includes 37 at sfo and a handful at san josé and at oakland. only some of the problems have to do with winter weather, which is typical. more of it is an avalanche of
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travelers. >> some people, this was their first flight in two years and that means the demands were higher and stakes were higher and more people were traveling and it's hard to accommodate them on whatever flights are left. >> the "today" show will talk about it all morning long. and if you have a beef with an airline, uncle sam might be able to help you. >> chris chmura will show you how to open a federal case and what you might get out of it. >> contact the department. we are here to help. >> she's with the department of transportation office of aviation consumer protection. its agents take complaints about lousy airline service and investigate them and take action. >> ultimately there's a determination made as to whether or not there's a refund. >> before you start, collect your thoughts and document. writing down your saga is
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important, because the dot only takes complaints in writing, either by mail to this address or online. the online form is pretty simple. your name, travel dates and so on. there's a small box to explain the situation limited to 3,000 characters, and below it you can add an attachment and submit. what happens next? the airline will be asked for its take. it requires airlines to acknowledge consumer complaints within 30 days of receiving them and to send consumers written responses addressing complaints within 60 days of receiving them. the airlines are not required by law to respond to us. >> thank you, chris. coming up next on "today in the bay," we're following the first homicide of the year in oakland. the investigation that is under way this morning. schools and parents worry
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about possible covid outbreaks after the holiday break as they also struggle to get students tested before they head back to classrooms. plus, a bitter cold start to 2022. meteorologist, kari hall, tracking our chilly morning forecast and when we might get rain again. we'll be right back. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium. and the novarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california. this way to health insurance.
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enrollment ends january 31st.
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right now at 6:30, back to school amid a covid surge, kids
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getting back to the classroom in a few hours and a live report on the way bay area schools are jumping in to make sure they can return safely. >> plus -- >> we are in unchartered waters here. >> the elizabeth holmes fraud trial picks up deliberations again, and one question not related to any verdict, what if one of the jurors caught covid while on break? our legal analyst weighs in. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. first monday of 2022. i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking chilly temperatures and also rain in the future. >> we have a little bit of everything for everybody.
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let's talk about what is going on here with our last day of king tides where we have seen the coastal flooding as well the bay shore dealing with the astronomical tides, and we are going to see that happening later this morning. we have scattered showers in the forecast, especially for the north bay and the rest of the bay area will see peeks of sunshine today. we are headed for milder temperatures for the end of the week, and then more rain further down the line. we're not dealing with freezing temperatures right now, but we still have upper 30s from livermore to dublin as well as morgan hill. we will talk about what to expect as we go through the week. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. this morning covid-19 cases are continuing to surge across the country for another holiday season. the nbc news tally finds the u.s. now tops 55 million cases since the start of the pandemic. you can see the breakdown here.
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the u.s. recorded 55 million cases. a million cases were reported every two or three days. >> this morning it's back to school for thousands of students in the bay area, but before they can go back in the classroom, most will need to show a negative covid test. thom jensen joins us live from walnut creek where the district is asking parents to make sure they can show the negative covid test, and parents are scrambling to get it done, thom. >> reporter: yeah, an elementary school here in the walnut creek school district does not accept the at-home tests that have been so hard to get, and many others
6:33 am
have provided the take-home tests, the ones you can do at home. oakland unified school district sent students home with two before break. a group of parents hosted a virtual news conference just yesterday demanding oakland shutdown schools for grades k through 12, and they talked about the lack of vaccination mandates to the sharp increase in child infections and unreliable covid testing results. >> the vaccination rates of young people are still quite low, and for young children there is no vaccine. >> meanwhile san josé unified says it has not seen any transmission of the classes yet, and they are still asking for
6:34 am
children to be tested. these are common sense issues, test your children if they are feeling symptoms, and we have been hearing from parents from several districts that they don't have enough testing options. i am sure we will find out very soon how all that is shaking out as parents and kids and teachers return to classes here just in the next couple of hours. we're live in walnut creek, thom jensen for "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, thom. new year, same case. deliberations resume today in the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes. after the holiday break the jury will reconvene for a seventh day of deliberations. scott budman joins us live with where the case stands now. thanks for joining us. >> reporter: my pleasure.
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you mentioned the jurors will reconvene and they have not met since last wednesday when we broke here in downtown san josé. they were told they could not bring jury instructions homes, and as they have been reminded every day, they are told not to discuss this case with anybody, but even close family members. it had been a while since this has been discussed. this will be day seven of deliberations for the jury. the trial has gone on for nearly four months. it started back on september 8th. the jury heard from 29 prosecution witnesses and three witnesses for the defense, including holmes herself, about her relationship with fellow theranos executive, sunny balwani. they also heard from people that got false blood results and
6:36 am
heard from investors. so far the jurors asked two questions of the judge, one of those related to evidence. they asked to rehear a phone call between elizabeth holmes and investors. holmes is facing nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy, each carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison plus a $250,000 fine and likely victim restitution. we asked our legal analyst what would happen if one of these volunteers tests positive after the break. >> if somebody tests positive, i think the judge will step in and do what he can to keep the jury safe, and at that point they may replace the jury with an alternate. again, we are in unchartered waters here. i don't know what a judge is going to do in this case, i am just kind of speculating. i think given that he keeps the
6:37 am
panel safe -- >> reporter: she has a point, it's fairly unchartered waters. we have had three jurors drop from the panel in the case, and we have two alternates standing by. what i am told is if one of the alternates does, indeed, go on to the panel they would have to be caught up, so we would likely see a lot more deliberations if, indeed, somebody drops out. that's also speculation. we do know the jury is set to once again, deliberate at 8:30 this morning. we will be here for you. >> that covid hanging overhead was a factor in other trials, trying to get things done fast. we will follow you on twitter for all of the developments. thanks. as soon as the verdict comes down, we will send an alert to your phone. if you have our app, we will bring you live coverage and analysis here on nbc bay area. oakland police investigating
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a deadly new year's day shooting. it happened a little before 9:00 p.m. on saturday night on west oakland south of interstate 580. police say the 28-year-old victim died at the scene. so far they are not releasing much more information about the shooting but they are hoping anybody with information can come forward. happening tomorrow, san francisco supervisors will talk about mayor london breed's emergency declaration for the tenderloin. the mayor made that declaration last month in response to what neighbors say is rampant drug use and sales. supervisors approved the plan on christmas eve, which includes more police patrols there. tomorrow there will be a public hearing. it's 6:38 on your monday morning. first monday of 2022. we start with a chilly start across the bay area. you will feel it as you walk out the door. kari has a look at our forecast. change in the works as well? >> a lot of changes here over the next several days.
6:39 am
i think we are just in the whiplash where we were dealing with rain and cold temperatures and it will get milder as we go through the week. here's another storm system approaching the bay area. this looks pretty weak. we are looking at these weak storm systems over the neck couple of days. the north bay will have a chance of seeing scattered showers, most light by this afternoon, and then move into the peninsula as well. we will see a chance of rain into tonight as well and then tomorrow morning it starts to roll out of here. we will still have more changes ahead for the rest of the week. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, any issues popping up right now for the morning commute? >> i am trying to find something to report. i think that's great news. look at the map. we had slowing westbound 80 approaching fremont where there was an earlier crash. there was slowing, and i thought that might cue the metering lights. no, the slowing cleared up where the arrow is.
6:40 am
getting to the other side in san francisco, smooth traffic as well. and we're looking at the rest of your drive, an easy flow. the crash in dublin, not there, folks. that's cleared from 580 and an easy flow of traffic there as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. despite warnings from the faa, cell phone carriers preceding with the 5g network launch. and then victory at levi stadium, and then the question is, is that enough for kyle shanahan to start him again next weekend. you remember where's the beef? well, why is the beef so expensive? even the president wants to know. and then first day of trading
6:41 am
after a record-setting 2021. looking real good for the new year. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. right now at 6:43, we are approaching sunrise. we will take a live look out there in dublin. i can see a few clouds here and there and i think will only see peeks of sunshine today. it's a cool start in the upper 30s and we are headed for the mid-50s. we are also going to see some
6:44 am
parts of the bay area getting in on a little bit of rain action today. we will talk more about that in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. we're seeing some parts of the bay with a little traffic volume. flashing lights on the shoulder by the clock in the corner, and this is palo alto. 101 shows a smooth and easy drive. so does much of the rest of the bay. we will keep you the key spots, coming up. >> thanks, mike. president biden will speak with american farmers today. >> he's trying to find a way to lower the food prices. >> the price of meat in particular, i didn't think it would be one of the crisis for the white house. it's an important consideration for american households. the chicken in every pot is an old phrase, indeed, and the white house wants to show it's doing something. it's granting $1 billion to smaller meat packers and processors, and the biden
6:45 am
administration launched a investigation into big meat packers, too. a monopoly on the meat you buy at the store could mean higher prices, but it could also mean lower prices. president biden spoke to the ukrainian president and told him america and her allies would respond decisively if russia invades ukraine. a former tv comedian turned president. he won 73% of the vote. the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol says it will hold public hearings featuring pretty big names and the committee's chairman says the committee may forward any evidence of crimes it finds to proper authorities. that's not the committee's job. it's there to find and document the truth. it's not a criminal
6:46 am
investigation. then again, when it's investigating something that involves all these crimes, it's not beyond the pale if it finds evidence they would have a criminal referral. do not adjust your set. that's the white house. we are hearing from some federal agencies the washington, d.c. area, if you work there, work from home. this is a live picture from the white house. everything is white. quite the snowstorm this morning. president biden just boarded air force one a short time ago in delaware. this is not the traditional 747. remember, any plane the president is on is air force one. he's headed back to washington. president biden spends most weekends in delaware. president trump averaged 45 trips to his properties each year. either way we have entered a new era where the presidents go home for the weekend.
6:47 am
we assume the president will not be diverted. he is landing at joint base andrews where they can handle the storm. we will keep you updated on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. and then rejecting the request to delay the roll out of the 5g wireless technology. a new service operates on c ban spectrum that could interfere with the plane's electronics. airlines want more time for the fcc to resolve the issues. they are willing to limit some temporary measures, limits already in place in other countries. >> these modern jetliners routinely land using an auto pilot, and so until such time as
6:48 am
we know which devices are affected, and we can get that testing done, we don't know how widespread this problem is going to be. >> turning to the "today" show this morning, for more of the latest developments. after a big win, with jimmy g injured, trey lance looking good with his first ever start at home at levi stadium. and the niners had a 10-7 lead, and then in the fourth quarter he hit a wide open samuel for a touchdown and that was a thriller. the 49ers win it 23-7. if they beat the rams next sunday, they are in the playoffs for sure, and if they don't they can still get in only if new orleans lose.
6:49 am
and then the raiders with this field goal in the final play of the game. the colt have now won three in a row. the win against san diego next week gets them into the playoffs. that will air right here on nbc bay area. miley cyrus had a special appearance with her sister. >> here it is if you missed it. ♪ jolene ♪ ♪ ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene ♪ ♪ please don't take him just before you can. >> that's like me and my sissy. how about you and your sissy? >> yeah, just like that.
6:50 am
>> miley cyrus covering "jolene" with her little sister, noah cyrus. "jolene" was written by dolly pardon, who was miley's godmother. >> has the same voice. >> yeah, my sister and i, we wear different outfits. >> yeah, dipping into the cueso. it was a good weekend for cueso because that is nice and warm, and it was chilly. >> you will need more layers than that this morning as you are getting ready to head out. we see clouds blanketing the area as we start out. we are expecting more active weather this week, but we will not see the big storms we had recently. these are going to be weak systems, and we are stepping out the door with temperatures in the upper 30s with livermore in dublin as well as morgan hill. san josé right now at 43.
6:51 am
this is better than what we have seen in the past few days. we are looking at milder weather as well as what we will see for the middle of the week, checking out the 7-day forecast up at the bottom of the screen. we will see a high of 55 in fremont today. dublin reaching 54. 54 in arenda, san francisco and san rafael reaching 55. if you think it's cold here, we have seen bitterly cold temperatures, even stretching all the way down to dallas where it's in the mid-20s. minneapolis in chicago at 9. i have seen reports of snow in the florida pandemic this morning. we were just showing the shot of all the snow at the white house. looking at our weather, we will see spotty showers mainly for the north bay and peninsula. then we are go into the evening with a chance of showers quickly passing by. we're not all going to see a big rainfall. in fact we are looking at 0.1 to quarter inch of rain from san francisco on southward. for the north bay, this is where we are looking at higher
6:52 am
rainfall totals between today and early tomorrow. throughout the week for the sierra, just another light coating of snow, although we are still looking up to about 19 inches of snow over the next several days in spots like kingvale, and that's over the course of about a week so we are going to see some off and on light rain, cloudy skies and temperatures headed for the upper 50s and low 60s. we will see more widespread rain in the forecast on friday, and then that moves out early on saturday morning. mike, heading out the door this morning, it's back to work and school for a lot of people. >> yeah, but not enough to cause a major problem for the commute as we look at the map. kari, we have a light drive almost everywhere the last few minutes, and let's look at san francisco. we zoom in off the skyway heading down i-80 and 101. we had a fender-bender.
6:53 am
we look at the richmond side, and westbound 580, that toll plaza here. happening now, you have four weeks left to sign up for insurance on the covered california marketplace. open enrollment period runs through january 31st. it comes as the new omicron variant continues to spread. the california cover sports person said those uninsured get stuck with huge medical bills if they end up going to the hospital. we're live with the last-minute scramble to get kids tested before heading back into the classroom. plus, flight cancelation chaos continues. we will look at the cuts already happening this morning here in the bay area. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. 6:56. here's a look at your top stories today, starting first with back to school time for students around the bay area. >> with family gatherings and holiday travel amid this omicron fueled surge, districts are breaking for what it could look
6:57 am
like. thom jensen is live where students need to show a negative test result. >> reporter: yeah, you know, many districts did not get the at-home tests they were promised by the state and they actually provided testing here at the walnut creek school district, but the district is not accepting those at-home tests but other districts are that got enough tests to send students home with two before the winter break. san francisco unified ran into the problem of not getting as many as they needed, and san josé unified school district ramped up the pcr testing sites, which it says has been serving the community well. here's what san josé unified asked students to do. they asked them to test
6:58 am
students. get your child tested if they are feeling symptoms for sure, if they have been in close contact with somebody who has been infected, and also if the family travelled or was near people outside their regular immediate circle, smart advice for anybody returning to school or work after the holidays. live in walnut creek, thom jensen for "today in the bay." breaking news, a lot of families will be happy to a boo for the 12 to 15 allowing adole and adults to get the third shot five months after getting the vaccine opposed to six months. taking a live look at sfo where there's a holiday hangover this morning for travelers just trying to make it home.
6:59 am
nearly 2,000 flights have already been canceled today, and that includes 37 sfo flights so far today and another handful in san josé and oakland. experts say only some of the problems have to do with the winter weather. happening now, king tide warning in effect in san francisco. the water level is high. look at that sunset -- sunrise, too. this is in mill valley, and that's water left over from the parking lot when the king tides rolled in. >> never turn your back to the water. kari has a look at the forecast as well. >> we will see the king tides in the afternoon, and on and off showers for the north bay. we will continue to see spotty rain and the good news is we will have milder temperatures this week. mike, how is it moving on the roads? >> mild traffic. the only recovery after a disabled vehicle, and not enough to cue
7:00 am
the metering lights. light traffic out of oakland across to san francisco. >> that's what is happening "today in the bay." >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. look at that sunrise. that's a monday motivation for you. the "today" show is coming up, next. good morning. chaos. millions facing a post holiday travel nightmare from coast to coast. nearly 15,000 flights canceled or delayed in just the past 24 hours alone. powerful winter storms and a covid surge taking a toll on the airline industry and its passengers. we will have everything you need to know. back-to-school jitters. with the nation shattering daily records for new infections, growing fears that the return to school will only make things


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