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tv   Today  NBC  January 4, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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heavier than yesterday. >> thank you very much, and thank you for joining us as well. our next local news update in half an hour. ♪ good morning, winter wallop, parts of the east coast paralyzed by up to a foot of snow overnight, a 50-mile stretch of i-95 near the nation's capitol in d.c. brought to a standstill, stranding drivers for 12 hours and counting. water.on't have any food or i have gas but how long does that last. >> hundreds of thousands without power. temperatures now plunging across much of the nation, and al says more storms could be on the way. the very latest in his full forecast straight ahead. record shattering surge, more than a million covid cases
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reported in the u.s. just yesterday. children being infected at an alarming rate disrupting the return to school and fueling record hospitalizations in several states. >> i simply have never seen anything like what we're experiencing now >> while the fda now approving booster shots for kids as young as 12 years old. we'll have everything you need to know. breaking overnight, convicted, theranos founder and former silicon valley prodigy elizabeth holmes, found guilty of defrauding investors, inside the stunning downfall of the ceo compared to steve jobs at one point worth billions now facing years behind bars. battle grounds, former president trump's children, donald jr. and ivanka issued subpoenas by new york's top prosecutors in a probe over the trump organization's business practices. the pair fighting back, refusing
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to comply. so where does the case go from here those stories plus out on the town, nfl star antonio brown takes in an nba game overnight follow ing his dramatic mid game exit from the buccaneers what apparently happened before that shocking moment, and why tom brady says brown deserves compassion and support and bye bye blackberry, the iconic device once beloved by presidents, stars and millions of americans, set to finally stop working today we'll look back at the phones that revolutionized the way we communicated and typed today tuesday, january 4th, 2022 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza welcome to "today," we're so happy you're joining us on this tuesday morning. savannah, we're together >> i haven't seen you since last year.
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>> happy new year. by the way, the blackberry story really spoke to you? >> it did, it did. there was a time i thought i would be in my grave with a blackberry, it's gone, the blackberry is in the grave >> we have a lot to get to we're going to start with the wild weather. >> yeah, across the midatlantic and south, emergency crews are responding to hundreds of car crashes caused by the snow nearly a million homes without power this morning, and take a look at the scene happening in virginia at this very hour drivers stuck throughout the night on i-95. we're going to talk to one of them in a moment and plus, we're going to check in with al, he's got the full forecast, including today's frigid temperatures and the prospect of maybe some more storms, but we do start out with nbc's tom costello along the snowy national mall in d.c hey, tom, morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning. it is beautiful but boy have we got a mess here in the nation's capitol. we've got multiple inches, depending on where you are in the city, 6 to 12 inches of snow
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the roads are an absolute mess this morning i drove on them last night, again this morning we've got trees down, powe outages, take a look at i-95, south of washington and west virginia as you mentioned, people have been sitting in their cars for 12 to 15 hours they're still there. stuck. this has been just a historic storm. this morning, a dangerous situation on the highways outside of washington. drivers trapped overnight. the region pounded by nearly a foot of snow causing standstill traffic, stranded vehicles, and collisions and a massive backup on i-95 i virginia after a crash involving six tractor-trailers nbc correspondent josh lederman trapped about 30 miles south of washington since 8:00 p.m. last night. >> as it got past five hours, it was like, okay, this is a little scary, i don't have any food or water. a lot of people around midnight started turning their cars off,
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trying to conserve gas because we didn't know is this going to clear up any minute or are we going to be here all night long. >> reporter: the virginia department of transportation calling the situation unprecedented and saying it is working to clear trucks and melt ice and snow around drivers to guide them to off ramps. it's warning other drivers to avoid the area a concerning development in a storm that's frustrated travelers across the northeast thousands of homes and businesses left without power. >> we live in maryland, so one day 70 degrees, next day 30 degrees and snowing. >> reporter: the whiteou conditions even impacting president biden's return to the white house after his holiday break. crews rushed to clear the runway at joint base andrews for air force one. monday's travel headaches capped an already chaotic holiday season since christmas eve, more than 18,000 flights, 18,000 have been cancelled. at washington reagan airport on monday, 87% of departing flights cancelled.
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the most of any airport in the country. the aftermath, hundreds of bags piled up, waiting to be claimed and reconnected with their owners chicago o'hare trying to recover after days of long lines and cancellations, leaving passengers frustrated. >> i was supposed to be home yesterday. it made me aggravated. >> reporter: here's where we stand right now at the nations airports we've got 1,100 cancellations working right now today. that's nationwide. we can also tell you that we have 500 delays, the most affected airports, again, washington reagan airport is the number one and the reason is because all the snow that we're showing you. baltimore, seattle, newark, and laguardia hard hit southwest airlines this morning, sky west, jetblue and also republic airline commuter airlines are hard hit very cold, 20 degrees here in the nation's capitol a big digout underway. back to you. >> we have nbc correspondent josh lederman live, he's in his
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car where he has been for the last 10 hours on i-95. josh, good morning, walk us through. i know ten hours is a long time, but what's it been like for you? >> reporter: i think the word is dystopian, hoda, it was a pretty strange experience i was heading back to d.c. last night, and about 7:30 just north of stafford is where we really came to a standstill, and you said okay, we're going to be delayed for a while, you understand that with the weather, but once it started to get to 9:00, 10:00 p.m., and we were not moving at all, yo start asking yourself, am i going to be here all night long. am i going to sleep in my car, should i turn my car off, and we started to see a lot of drivers turning their cars off to conserve gas people running out of food and water. kids and pets holed up for so many hours people letting their pets out of the car to walk them on the street in the meantime, no signs of any emergency vehicles that we could see. you don't know if that's because they can't get to where you are,
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but you really start to think, if there was a medical emergency, someone that was out of gas, and out of heat, you know, it's 26 degrees, and there's no way that anybody can get to you in this situation. >> how are you getting along there, josh, i see your little dog right behind you you mentioned you didn't have food and water for yourself. you do have some provisions for your dog what are people doing just to survive the night? >> reporter: well, you know, i saw a number of people taking whatever bowls or cups they had and taking snow in case that that might eventually melt and make more water. people are starting to look at how much supplies do you happen to have in your car. i had a lot of gum, but no enough granola bars, which is what you want in that situation. and you know, people trying to scroll through twitter, trying to find what information they can get from local authorities or local radio but really, it was just a mystery how long this is going
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to last. i can tell you in the last few minutes, we finally got movement on the northbound side of i-95, that is moving again i just pulled over to speak with you. southbound 95 still completely shut down. there are miles and miles of people who have been backed up all night and are still waiting in their cars as we speak trying to get moving on the highway. >> josh, you were nice to pull over and speak to us, i would have said call you later, put the pedal to the metal. >> and we were just saying, we were talking about families with kids in the car, elderly people, and what a difficult road it must be. we wish you the best of luck keep us posted, okay, josh. >> safe travels home >> gosh, can you imagine. >> no, i can't i mean, how do you explain what might have happened there? >> look, i don't want to point blame, but it would appear road crews or there management didn't get things going, and this was a very intense storm
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we're talking at some points 1 to 2 inches per hour so it really overproduced, so i'm sure they'll be doing monday morning quarterbacking look at these temperatures, this doesn't help, 13 in chicago, 7 in new york, 24 in wilmington. nashville feels like 27. 18 degrees in memphis, and there's another blast of cold air coming behind this temperatures anywhere 5 to 15 degrees below average into the plains and we get on to tomorrow, minneapolis, you're only going to be 12 degrees. that's 11 degrees below average. kansas city 23, st. louis, 22, 23 in chicago, and by the latter part of the week, look at these temperatures, chicago, 14 on friday, 22 on friday in detroit. 32 on saturday in new york city. here's the next storm we're watching, and it depends on the track but we want to give you a little warning low pressure develops down through texas, pushes up through the midwest, into the mid atlantic states and then sets up off the coast. now, there is significant snow possible for the northeast it is going to depend on the track of the storm we still have got a number of days to track this
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we want to give you a little warning, as you plan your travel as we head toward the end of the week guys. >> all right, al, thank you. let's move now to covid's unprecedented grip on the nation as the new year begins more than a million cases reported just yesterday, and this morning there is alarming new data on the number of children now being infected and hospitalized raising even more concerns as schools open nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest hey, steph, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. most students are back in school after the holidays, but these new numbers from the american academy of pediatrics show just how fast cases are rising among children in the week leading up to christmas, pediatric covid cases reached nearly 200,000, but troubling new numbers from the american academy of pediatrics show an even more dramatic statistic, the very next week, a 60% jump of cases of children getting covid, more than 300,000. >> i simply have never seen anything like what we're
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experiencing now >> reporter: according to an nbc tally, the case numbers are leading to record hospitalizations of children with covid in nine different states and while some of those children are being treated for other conditions when they test positive, doctors say a significant number are getting serious cases of covid. >> covid in a very short period of time has become one of the leading medical causes of death for children in this country so i think it's about time that we stopped downplaying the significance of covid for children. >> reporter: the omicron variant is even having an impact on the unborn, holy cross in fort lauderdale is temporarily shutting down its maternity ward because of a surge in covid cases among the hospital's staff. at the texas children's hospital, there was zero pediatric cases when december began. now there are 70. >> today's hospitalizations numbers have surpassed our peak of patients during the recent delta surge. >> reporter: the problem say health experts, low vaccination
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rates for young children. >> we're beginning to vaccinate our 5 to 11 year olds. when you look at who has been in the hospital, it's those 5 to 11-year-olds that have not yet received the vaccine. >> reporter: as the omicron variant has surged in recent weeks, the fda authorized pfizer boosters for 12 to 15, and third doses for those 5 to 11 with compromised immune systems some parents hope the extra dose of protection will help their kids to stay in school. >> i would like it everybody felt confident in the booster and all the kids got vaccinated. because then i think -- you know, i not only want my kids to be safe. >> reporter: another semester of uncertainty for school children with families facing difficult choices in the weeks ahead later today, president biden will be meeting with his covid response team to talk about resources and case numbers afterwards, he's expected to address the nation hoda >> all right stephanie gosk for us, thank you. after a month long trial,
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the stunning downfall of theranos founder elizabeth holmes is complete once hailed as a silicon valley whiz kid, a jury has convicted her of defrauding investors through her medical startup. nbc's erin mclaughlin is on the store for us this morning. erin, good morning >> savannah, good morning. 37-year-old elizabeth holmes was stoic as the verdict was read. she hugged her parents before leaving the courtroom to confer with her counsel after her nearly four-month trial ended in dramatic fashion elizabeth holmes once celebrated as the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world left court a convicted felon, clutching the hands of her parents and husband. late monday, a jury found her guilty of four fraud related counts for conning some of her investors into believing her blood testing start up theranos could perform hundreds of diagnostic tests from everything from cancer to hiv to pregnancy with just a prick of the finger. some of the world's most powerful invested close to a
7:15 am
billion dollars in holmes' company, including the family of secretary of education betsy devos. prosecutors allege holmes defrauded patients one woman said she was wrongly told she was miscarrying her baby but the jury found holmes not guilty on multiple counts of defrauding her paintients >> you are part of something that is going to change our world. what higher purpose is there. >> the saga was the subject of documentaries, podcasts and an upcoming hulu series the trial lasted four months the prosecution repeatedly alleging out of time and out of money, elizabeth holmes decided to lie in her defense, holmes shocked legal experts by taking the stand, arguing she acted in good faith, alleging during a decade-long romantic relationship, she'd been abused
7:16 am
by the company's coo, ramesh balwani, an allegation he denies this morning, the woman once hailed as the next steve jobs faces 20 years behind bars. >> fake it until you make it, i don't think they're going to be living by that anymore. >> reporter: legal experts say it's unlikely holmes will receive the maximum sentence for her crimes the jury was deadlocked on three of the 11 counts against her the judge says he wants to deal with those counts before a sentencing date is set, and allowed holmes to remain out on bond until sentencing which could be months away in addition to jail time she's also facing potential fines of $250,000 per count plus restitution. savannah >> all right, erin mclaughlin, thank you very much. craig joins us with another story we've been following closely. >> yeah, good morning, savannah, hoda as well new developments in the civil probe that's looking into the trump organization's business practices. two of the former presidents children, donald jr. and ivanka now joining their father fighting subpoenas issued by the attorney general here in new york nbc's senior washington correspondent hallie jackson has
7:17 am
all the details. hallie, good morning >> hey, craig, good morning to you. and new this morning, the attorney for the trump children is arguing those subpoenas set a dangerous precedent, accusing the new york attorney general of trying to circumvent the grand jury process, but the attorney general says despite their names, the trumps must play by the same rules as everyone else. with her civil investigation into the trump organization now becoming a family affair overnight, the newest move from donald trump jr. and ivanka trump asking a judge to quash subpoenas against them with both under new scrutiny now from new york's attorney general letitia james. she's issuing subpoenas for documents and testimony from the former president's children as part of a civil tax fraud investigation into the trump organization's business practices and whether the company inflated the value of assets for tax breaks and loans. the new york ag also wants to question the former president under oath
7:18 am
mr. trump's other son eric has already been deposed in the case, meeting with investigators in october of 2020 the former president's children have played key roles in their but saying james with delay tactics because no one is above the law. the former president's children have played key roles in their father's business for decades, and when mr. trump became president, he installed ivanka as a top white house adviser, turning over control of the trump organization to his sons >> my two sons who are right here, don and eric are going to be running the company. >> reporter: legal experts say the trumps may have no choice but to comply. >> i think filing this motion indicates that they're not going to be cooperative, that they're going to fight tooth and nail every chance they get, but i think ultimately a judge will order them to sit for the depositions. >> reporter: keep in mind, the new york attorney general has also been assisting with a
7:19 am
separate criminal not civil investigation into the former president's company. the manhattan district attorney, remember, charged the trump organization and its chief financial officer with tax fraud last year. both have pleaded not guilty mr. trump and his children have not be accused of any wrong doing in that case craig. >> our senior washington correspondent hallie jackson, thank you. let's get back to the top story, the rest of al's wre lo coming into the pacific northwest. we've got a lot of wind and a lot of dry southwest. fire risk, plenty of sunshine, great lakes to the gulf coast, chilly here in the northeast, much chillier than usual after an especially warm december. we'll look at that coming up in the next half hour but we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. nope. daisy's got lassoing lessons at noon. ok. high two o'clock? i got a spur fittin' at two o'clock, how's about three? i'm getting thrown through a saloon window at three.
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we don't need any more overscheduling. but we could all use more ways to save. i can squeeze you in between swim class and kevin's harp recital at 3:30. i thought we was eatin' beans at 3:30. right. switch to geico for more ways to save. tell you what. what about tuesday? good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. as we take a look at our live camera at the golden gate bridge, we are seeing very soggy conditions there. coming out of the north bay into the city you need to slow it down as we have seen the scattered showers moving through. it should clear out a little more for the afternoon but we do still have more rain in the forecast, and we'll continue to see off and on showers as we go into today as well as the next several days with highs in the upper 50s. and that's your latest weather, guys. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, antonio brown stepping out at an nba game overnight in the wake of the
7:21 am
bucs star's mid game exit. what we're learning about that shocking moment, what led up to it, and why tom brady says brown deserves compassion. today marks the end of an era for an iconic cell phone, lc who could forget the classic blackberry, why that device once blackberry, why that device once seen a
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...even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. shhh! i've earned this, okay? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. a very good morning to you. it's 7:26 right now. i am laura garcia. here's a look at today's top stories, including the bay area's demand for covid tests. >> the demand for covid tests is surging as the number of cases increase. labs are struggling to keep up with the demand, which means some tests are taking too long to come back to be worthwhile and this complicates the return to work and school after the holidays, and the ability to get together with family and friends. this is video from foster city of a line of people waiting in the rain to be tested.
7:27 am
in pleasant hill, another long line of cars to be tested. marin schools are changing guidelines when it comes to quarantining for covid. after five days the person in quarantine will need to take another test and if that test is positive then the person will have to quarantine for five more days. meantime, bay area school districts are trying to make it easier for students to get tested but keep in mind it's not mandatory. let's get a look at the microclimate forecast this morning with meteorologist, kari hall. >> yeah, we're waking up to some spotty rain across the bay area. we will gradually start to see it taper on for a drier afternoon. we will have more rain in the forecast on friday, but a clear and sunny weekend, laura. >> thank you for joining us as
7:28 am
well. we will have another local news update for you in about half an hour. hope to see you then. also, join us for our midday news at 11:00 a.m.
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when i was talking to the prince philip, we happened to talk about television and i just mentioned incidentally that the "today" show would be -- if he could work into his schedule would be a very good thing for him to do. i don't know whether he's going to do it, but if he doesn't do it this year, he'll do it next year. >> mr. president, you're the best agent the "today" show has had. we received a telephone call that prince philip will indeed be able to do the interview. >> how about that. >> president nixon, former "today" show booker, who knew,
7:31 am
that was one of the many "today" show moments we're looking at as our 70th anniversary hits later this month. the legendary barbara walters interviewing president richard nixon right there, live from the white house dining room. that was november 6th, 1969. >> isn't it weird to think about the people who sat here. every time we see one of those clips, this has been around for 70 years. >> prince william did come on. >> very few institutions left on television. verizon saying they will delay 5g wireless service for two weeks, that decision coming after a request from transportation secretary pete buttigieg over the concerns that that service could interfere with systems on airplanes. at&t and verizon plan to launch the new 5g service tomorrow in many u.s. cities. at&t made its promise to reduce power of the networks around airports. if you haven't checked your powerball tickets this morning, we have a spoiler, nobody won
7:32 am
the powerball, but the jackpot growing once again, it's now a whopping, $575 million, so if won, it would be the ninth largest jackpot in powerball history. it's been growing since early october. that's the last time someone took home the top prize. the next drawing, by the way, tomorrow night. to the nfl now, and it was the end of an era in pittsburgh last night. steelers quarterback, ben roethlisberger playing in what was likely his final home game ever at heinz field. >> 50 yard line, first and goal, ben, quick throw, diontae johnson hung on to that one, touchdown, steelers! >> steelers took the early lead on the diontae johnson catch there. that would turn out to be roethlisberger's final td pass in front of that home crowd. pittsburgh goes on to beat the browns, 26-14, big ben has spent
7:33 am
his entire 18-year career as a member of the steelers. he hasn't officially retired yet but strongly hinting at it for weeks that he will probably hang it up this season. after the game, number 7 took the time to say good-bye, did a lap around -- did a little lap around the field there. two super bowls, six, if i'm not mistaken, six pro bowls, no one has played more steelers game than ben roethlisberger. >> are they in the playoffs, can they still go on? that's it, even though they won? >> that was it. speaking of the nfl, guys, we're learning more about the shocking moment over the weekend when tampa bay star antonio brown stripped off his equipment and left right in the middle of the game. >> nbc's morgan chesky is on the story for us again this morning. morgan, good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, savannah, hoda, good morning, and antonio brown's career has had its fair share of controversy, in his
7:34 am
career, but the moment he walked off the field felt final. with his football career potentially over, there's growing concern about what prompted that outburst on sunday. >> antonio brown, that's antonio brown without his uniform. >> reporter: the dramatic midgame exit by one of the nfl's biggest names. unleashing a blitz of questions. the star wide receiver ripping off his pads and jersey during sunday's show down between the tampa bay buccaneers, and new york jets. on monday, brown seen out for the night in new york, courtside in brooklyn at a nets game. posting, it's a new day, and later sharing a video with rapper fabulous. >> don't disrespect that work. >> reporter: also appearing to post this video on the cameo app monday, not mentioning sunday's incident, but instead supporting former steelers teammate ben roethlisberger. >> let's cheer him on, wish for one of his best games tonight. >> reporter: bucs qb tom brady again offering his support for brown. >> i'm going to continue to do everything i can to try to be a great friend and supportive to antonio and the things he's going through. >> reporter: after the game
7:35 am
sunday, the team appearing to release brown. >> he is no longer a buc. >> reporter: but this morning, technically, antonio brown is still on the team. the bucs telling nbc news they didn't officially cut brown monday and they are not sure what the next steps are at the moment, but there are new questions about what went down on sunday. nfl network reporter, ian rapoport says he spoke with people close to brown. who say the star wide receiver didn't want to keep playing because of a lingering ankle injury. >> in his mind, he did not feel he was healthy. >> reporter: but during a press conference monday, bucs head coach bruce arians said he spoke with brown on the sidelines, shortly before the dramatic departure, and they did not discuss an injury. >> cleared to play last week, we had a conversation, and he left the feel. >> reporter: when pressed. bucs coach not offering much more. >> i wish him well.
7:36 am
i hope if he needs help, get some, and yeah, it's very hard because i do care about him. >> morgan, what exactly could be next for him if he's officially released by the bucs? >> reporter: yeah, savannah, good question. in the short term, we could be seeing a punishment from the nfl as brown walked off the field midgame. but after that, if the buccaneers officially do release him and he passes the waiver process, brown technically is a free agent. and there's already conversation going on about how a team could pursue him to make a run in the playoffs. all of this despite what's already taken place. savannah. >> morgan chesky. >> by the way, not quite a correction before steelers nation comes at me, there's an outside chance if certain stars align, they could -- >> i wonder why the picketers were outside. >> no one wants steelers nation out there, trust me. >> there's always a chance. >> always. just ask eagles fans. just ahead, an ode to an icon on this final day of service for those
7:37 am
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7:42 am
the blackberry classic device, once a go-to for millions, including then president obama, will no longer work. >> the blackberry was the device to own, a phone that defined a generation that was quite the sanders joins us with more. hey, kerry. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, status symbol. speaking of status, nbc's kerry sanders joins us with more hey, kerry. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, i mean, depending on your generation, this was it, that iconic keyboard that really changed the way we communicate i mean this here replaced this remember these guys, flip phones, which at some point replaced these, bag phones, yes, kids, there were phones once that were in bags, but today as you noted, the classic blackberry is going dark, rest in peace before apple, there was blackberry >> my blackberry. >> reporter: from presidents and politicians to celebrities and
7:43 am
ceos, the phones with the signature keyboard quickly became a status symbol at the office and beyond. but now, decades later, those phones are shutting down blackberry discontinuing service for its classic model starting today saying they will no longer reliably function. >> all good things come to an end. >> reporter: at its peak in 2012, the company reported having 80 million active users. >> the blackberry used to be one of the most popular phones in the world. it was easy to understand and use. it also had those keyboards that were clicky and tactile. >> reporter: people everywhere were glued to their keyboards which made answering emails for work - >> all standard personnel will be issued blackberries. >> reporter: or messaging friends through the popular bbm platform, easy and addicting blackberries became crack berries for many but eventually that once revolutionary keyboard became obsolete. >> they have these keyboards that are there whether you need
7:44 am
them or not to be there. what we're going to do is get rid of all of these buttons, and just make a giant screen. >> reporter: with the rise of the touch screen, apple's iphone and other devices took over. and while blackberry tried to adapt with its own giant screen and new operating systems, the company came up short. >> the new blackberry z10, built to keep you moving. >> reporter: and even some of its most famous long time users had to move on >> we are now a security software company, 60% of our revenue comes from cyber security >> reporter: the company now focused on providing security services to governments and businesses around the world. >> built to stand the test of time. >> reporter: as it officially pulls the plug on its old phones and finally says good-bye to a classic. blackberry stopped making these blackberry phones in 2016 but you may have an android device that runs on the blackberry software that still works
7:45 am
it's just the classic that will stop working, and if you're an android owner or an apple owner, you probably know if you drop your phone, the nickname for a dropped apple is a crackle, the one great thing about these, and i experienced this, if you dropped it like 20 feet, it still worked, didn't break it was like you could hammer nails with it. they were really durable it sounds like folklore when you consider how delicate those phones are today >> you could drop it in the phone too. >> how many phones do you have >> you can't hack that phone on the wall >> there you go. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> thank you >> thank you, kerry. >> you were a blackberry addict. >> i loved the crack berry, i mean, didn't everybody you had it i'm sure. >> once the iphone came out. >> it took me a long time. >> you held on to it. >> that keyboard was money >> yeah, it was. >> little tiny keys. >> little phones. take a look. just now, we've got this video
7:46 am
in there are ems folks going literally car to car trying to make sure people on i-95 just outside of d.c. are okay but look at this line, i mean, this is going to take hours and hours to clear, boy, there are going to have to be a lot of explanations about virginia dot, what they have done during this period, and we may see it again coming up toward the end of the week december, talk about a december roast. 88% of the lower 48 above average temperatures i mean, record highs, almost 6,000 of them during the month only 373 record lows 34 cities getting their warmest december on record top three warmest for 66 cities. we have been set up with this big area of high pressure pumping up unseasonably warm air from the gulf of mexico, but this week, it's a blast of bitterly cold air as an upper level low pumps in that cold air and for the month of january, cooler than average from the west coast up into the great lakes, warmer than average in the southwest, and as far as
7:47 am
precipitation looking very wet through the mississippi and ohio river valleys, unfortunately dryer than average through the southwest, wetter than average up into the pacific northwest. that's what' good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. taking a live look outside in walnut creek, we are seeing a cloudy sky and off and on light rain. most of the rain has been over san francisco and the peninsula for the past couple of hours, so it will be a soggy commute for some. as we go into today, we should see a mostly cloudy skies and some breaks in the rain, and showers staying to the north of us, and mostly cloudy ahead of the forecast on friday and that looks like a weak storm system and dry for the weekend. latest weather, guys. >> just ahead, guys, and that is your latest weather, guys. >> just ahead, guys, vicky nguyen, she's going to be here we need a refresher on masks they're more important now than they were for a while. especially during this latest covid surge. >> from finding the right ones
7:48 am
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7:52 am
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7:56 am
a very good tuesday morning to you. 7:56 right now. i am laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. >> i am sharon katsuda. marin schools are changing guidelines when it comes to quarantining for covid. it will drop the number of quarantine days from ten to five days for anybody that tests positive for covid or is exposed to somebody that tests positive. after five days in quarantine, that person will need to take another test and if that test is possible they will have to quarantine for another five days.
7:57 am
meanwhile. >> there are 10.6 million job openings in the united states, a smaller number than we expected but still big. there are only 7 million americans that say they are unemployed. really it's more than that, and it doesn't count people who are unemployed voluntarily, and that's millions more who are not clearly willing to fill those jobs. and then let's check the forecast with kari. >> keep the umbrella somewhere close by. we are seeing scattered showers moving through, and we will continue to see the rain for the person and parts of the east bay, and not so much san josé or the tri-valley. and we are looking at north bay rain heading into tomorrow as well, and a bit of a break and then friday we have more widespread rain that could bring us another quarter inch of rain before a dry weekend and temperatures in the 50s.
7:58 am
laura? >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in about half an hour. hope to see you then.
7:59 am
- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet.
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at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. it's 8:00 on "today." it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, stuck in the snow, drivers on a stretch of i-95 in virginia, unable to move since yesterday morning. >> people are just staying inside their cars and trying to conserve heat. >> a winter storm dumping snow across the east coast, hundreds of thousands without power. we are live with the latest. plus, mask up, with a record number of new covid cases, a look at the latest guidance on face coverings, so what type should you be wearing and how can you make sure it's protecting you. we've got you covered just
8:01 am
ahead. and "this is us", we are live with the beloved cast ahead of tonight's final season premiere. what they're saying about the pearson family's future and what the actors are doing behind the cameras this season that may surprise you. today, tuesday, january 4th, 2022. good morning, "today" show. >> from carol, texas. >> we're a lifelong fan from naples, florida. >> at harper base. >> and our anniversary at the "today" show. >> from northeast kansas, happy new year. >> hey, "today," wanted to kick off 2022, letting our friends and family know, we're having a baby. >> ahh. >> love that. >> and the crowd said aww, that's a great way to start it off. welcome back to "today," we're so happy you're starting your tuesday morning with us.
8:02 am
>> see how fun that was. that's my "today" plaza. obviously we're not doing the plaza right now because of covid concerns, but the online plaza well, it is still going on. #mytodayplaza. the hash tag on social media, and we'll see you and you'll see us in our opening. >> birthdays, anniversaries, baby announcements, we want all of it. >> or it's just tuesday. whatever. >> let's get to our news at 8:00, that winter storm that knocked out power, created travel chaos along parts of the east coast, still causing problems thi a traffic jam you got to see to believe, nbc's tom costello joins us with the very latest. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning, washington, d.c. was in the bulls eye of the storm, up to a foot of snow, trees down, power lines down, the roads are a mess, but i-95 south of washington, d.c. is the story. a 45-mile backup.
8:03 am
people stuck in their cars for 12 to 15 hours. many of them overnight. ems personnel just recently in the last hour or two have been going door to door, car to car, to check on people stuck in traffic. among those stuck, nbc's josh lederman, who found himself in that traffic jam starting at about 5:30 or so yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: once it started to get to 9:00, 10:00 p.m. and we were not moving at all, you start asking yourself, am i going to be here all night long? am i going to sleep in my car, should i turn my car off. we started to see a lot of drivers turn their car off to conserve gas. people running out of food and water. kids and pets holed up for so many hours. >> reporter: yeah, josh was in fact in that car all night. but an update, he just now got home. finally made it out of that traffic line, but he's one of many people who were stuck in that line. the other major story is travel
8:04 am
as it relates to the airports and the airlines. we have, again, today 1,100 flight cancellations after 3,000 yesterday. the hope is that today is going to be a day of recovery. the hardest hit airport, again, washington's reagan national airport. the vast majority of flights cancelled yesterday. today we've already got multiple cancellations and delays. they're hoping as the day progresses, they'll be able to get these planes back into position, flight crews back into position, but we now have more than 18,000 flight cancellations since christmas eve. a lot of people simply did not make it to grandma's house for christmas or didn't get home from grandma's house. so this continues to be a holiday travel story and the digout is underway here in washington. guys, back to you. >> tom, thanks for the update. and again al will have his forecast in a bit, another storm may be on the way. meantime, attorneys for britain's prince andrew believe they have new grounds for
8:05 am
blocking the sexual assault lawsuit here in new york. the civil suit by virginia giuffre claims jeffrey epstein, and ghislaine maxwell forced her to have sex with the prince when she was just 14 years old. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah, that's right, this hearing in new york this morning could be prince andrew's best chance to walk away from these sexual assault allegations. his lawyers are arguing that a newly unsealed agreement between giuffre and epstein signed almost a decade ago also clears the prince. this morning, a secret settlement between the late billionaire jeffrey epstein and his accuser virginia giuffre has been revealed. the newly unsealed court documents from 2009 showed giuffre agreed to drop a sexual assault lawsuit against epstein in change for $500,000. according to the court papers, giuffre also agreed not to sue any other person or entity who could have been included as a potential defendant.
8:06 am
prince andrew's lawyers are arguing that legal language should protect the queen's son, too, even though he's not mentioned by name in the settlement. >> i think this is probably his best chance of getting out, and i suspect it's not before an appeal. >> reporter: giuffre who is seen in this photo with the prince and epstein's recently convicted confidant ghislaine maxwell alleges she was forced to have sex with prince andrew three times back in 2001. >> he denies it ever happened, and he's going to keep denying it ever happened. he knows the truth, and i know the truth. >> reporter: prince andrew has consistently denied giuffre's allegations saying in a new infamous bbc "news line" ie-- >> i have no recollection. >> reporter: the duke of york has stepped back from royal duties and his charities have cut ties with him. he has been spotted out riding in windsor, but has no public role.
8:07 am
today's hearing may be the best yet to avoid a drawn out trial but the damage to his reputation has already been done. and that hearing to decide whether to dismiss this lawsuit is being held right now virtually by video link. the judge could issue a ruling as early as today. savannah. >> kelly cobiella at buckingham palace, thank you. 18 months after retiring its old name and logo, the washington football team is almost ready to reveal its new name and look. the organization just releasing a video highlighting its storied past and teasing the big announcement coming on february 2nd. guess what, that first reveal of the team'sew name will be made live and exclusively right here on "today. so be sure to join us on 2/2/22 and you can learn a little bit more about that big reveal on >> okay, next month. >> just a few weeks. >> 2/2/22. >> i was down a few weeks ago and tried to get the new name out of them.
8:08 am
no luck. >> they told you to tune into the "today" show on 2/2/22, got it. all right. got a boost for you guys and here is one reason why pizza is one of america's favorite foods. if you need a reminder, watc ba. a baby enjoying her very first bite. >> want some pizza we got to take small bites >> mmm. >> when you close your eyes, you know it's good that's called pizza heaven >> oh, my god, you know what, she was sick of those peas and carrots. something real, hearty. >> me every friday night. lots more ahead this morning, including masks 2.0 is it time to ditch that old cloth mask what should our kids be wearing to stay safe in school vicky nguyen standing by with everything we need to know. plus, a tuesday morning treat.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
nbc's senior consumer investigative correspondent vicky nguyen vicky, we do need a refresher. we're pulling them back out again, so what are the types of masks we should have >> good morning, hoda, savannah and craig. yeah, there are a lot of things for us to sort of refresh our memories on and also some changes coming with masks as well three categories of masks that the cdc and public health officials want you to pay attention to first, the one we're familiar with, the cloth mask, two layers of high quality material some cloth masks have a pocket where you can put a filter in. even something like a coffee filter can make a difference if you are using a cloth mask but with omicron spreading evading vaccines and so infe infe infectious, many people are recommending that people upgrade their masks to a surgical mask, this basic one you can find them everywhere or really consider the kn95 or the
8:14 am
n95, these are respirators, and designed to filter out 95% of particles. that means also those virus particles and droplets that can carry coronavirus so these are the things the cdc recommend people wear even if they are fully vaccinated anytime you are indoors in a public space or even if you're outdoors and you can't socially distance. >> what about the fit because that's a big thing you see a lot of people with masks and you see them hanging off the nose, and that kind of thing. can you give us a refresher on that >> really vital to make sure the mask fits over the nose and mouth. snugly, so with the surgical mask, some thing people need to make sure they pull it all the way out and so it extends the mask and mash down this part. you're looking for that wire to keep it very very snug against your cheeks, something you can do if you wear glasses or sunglasses, if you put them over your mask and they're fogging up a lot, you have too much space at the top of your cheeks. people think kn and n95 are the more comfortable because they
8:15 am
have the traditional ear loop. however if you want the most snug fit, and you're constantly coming into contact with the public, open this wide, put under the chin, and you see the elastic strap, they go all the way over your head not the most comfortable but very very snug not a lot of air is getting in between the sides of any cheeks or the tops of my cheeks. >> the kids are back in the classroom, at least the overwhelming majority of them. what's the recommendation for our youngest learners? >> okay. so we talked to dr. john torres about this because i actually just sent my kids out the door this morning minutes ago with two masks. obviously the kn95 and the n95 are the most effective but it can be hard to find them in small kids' sizes and to keep them on your kids all day is not the most comfortable the second best option is a kids size surgical mask by the way, look at what a difference the kids' size mask is from the adult size you want to make sure you have
8:16 am
one that fits your child's face, and layer the cloth mask over the mask the surgical mask first, and then the cloth mask. if you can't do that, surgical mask alone, dr. torres least best, but better than nothing, the two layer cotton mask that fits your child. the best is the one your child will wear and keep on the whole day in the classroom >> good advice, vicky, thank you so much. we'll go to al with another check of the weather. >> whatcha got >> well, guys, we're watching a big storm coming into the pacific northwest again. they're looking at a lot o snow, a lot of rain along the coast, and you also see the clear skies but chilly conditions in the east, mid atlantic states, that pacific moisture, a big problem for today. fire risk through the southwest, plenty of sunshine but chilly along the east coast we're watching the storm potential by thursday, coming up out of texas, making its way through the mid mississippi and ohio river valleys, comes off the coast, we're going to be watching this path because there is significant snow possible for the northeast. those amounts will depend on that storm track that's what's going on around the country.
8:17 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, low visibility and we've also seen light rain so the roads are wet coming out of the north bay into the city. we will continue to track some spotty showers across the bay area but it should start to taper off as we go into late morning into the afternoon. tomorrow another round of rain, mainly for the north bay, and mostly cloudy on thursday, but temperatures reaching 60 degrees with showers back in the forecast on friday. don't forget as you head out the door, check us out, sirius xm, channel 108. guys >> all right, al, thank you. since its premiere in the world has watched and fallen in love with the pearson family on nbc's hit show "this is us. well, now, 38 emmy nominations and too many tissues to count have led to this moment, tonight's debut of the sixth and
8:18 am
final season >> first, the cast is up early with us live from los angeles, mandy moore, milo ventimiglia, sterling k. brown, chrissy metz, justin hartley, chris sullivan, and jon huertas, good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> oh, i'm glad we brought you coffee in the "today" mugs, you needed it so early out there >> it is early >> we don't see the sun or anything but we're here. >> i want to walk down memory lane because i remember when this show, before it even premiered, there was buzz in the hallways here at nbc nbc's got a great show it's addictive, you've got to see "this is us. mandy, did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine it would be the success and the phenomenon that it became? >> absolutely not. i think we all knew what a special show, like, that first episode was, but to be a part of something that has the sort of like immediate affection of the audience like the audience has been with us since episode 1, and it's
8:19 am
just incredible. i can't believe like six seasons in, like here we are, we're such a family it's so nice to be able to celebrate all of these incredible milestones together. >> sterling, i know people stop you on the street all the time, and they don't just say we like your show, they say your show changed me your show changed the way i interact with my spouse, changed the way i speak to my mom. this is different than being on probably any other show you've ever been on >> it is different i mean, i got a really good reaction to supernatural, but it was different on this show i would say. i've had a woman come up to me one time who had a child strapped to her chest, she was walking around she saw me, and she said i adopted this baby because of you not you but your character people come up to me and say i just quit my job because of you. and i was like, hey, randall didn't tell you to quit your job. i was already close enough to making the decision and watching that episode put me over the
8:20 am
edge it affects people in a really profound way it's nice for us because we're in a bubble shooting it, and we go out into the world and see how it affects people. oh, we're doing something that means something to other people. >> also, i was thinking not only do you change viewers' lives, your lives have changed so much in the past six seasons. chrissy, i think about you, i mean, you came on the scene, suddenly everyone knows you. you sing in addition to being a wonderful actress, what has this journey been like for you? >> i mean, i know justin likes to say i got a new car, and it's true >> true. >> i got an electric car. >> i got an electric car i just, yeah, i never thought it would be possible, and obviously my life has changed in ways i never thought would even be imaginable, so yeah, i mean, i get to pursue things that i dreamt about, you know, as far as singing and of course, you know, getting outside of a desk
8:21 am
when i was a talent agent. so, you know, it's hard when you're watching everybody pursue their dreams, will it will be me, the fact this it has been, and i've got to work with literally the best people in the whole wide world in the business and learn from them every day. you try to get me emotional at 4:00 in the morning. don't do it, it's going to happen don't do it. >> you know what, i got to say, justin, i think for a lot of people who work together, there are work friends, and then there are friend friends, people who are bonded, it's clear just watching your show that you know that it's a real bond. but you're sitting next to your bestie right there, i mean, sterling is your guy talk about how the friendships have formed over these seasons >> it's a lot of blackmail he's got a lot on me yeah, look, i mean, everybody here, i think we all started off acting maybe not you so much,
8:22 am
you're brilliant, maybe not you so much, but acting before the show, and when you're young you don't appreciate things as much as you probably should, and we come here, we're all a little bit older, not old but older, and we knew what we had. we didn't know it was going to get this reception, but we knew it was something special, and we kind of took care of it like it was our child, and we love the show, and we love each other, and you know, when you spend this much time with people, you learn about their personal lives and about their struggles and their history, and their legacy and all of that and it becomes something that is this family. >> milo, i know we're not allowed to give too much away about the plot points of this final season, but do you think people are going to be happy with how everything is resolved? >> good approach. >> i think people are going to be satisfied with the full heart, at least i think that's kind of hope, you know, understanding the journey of what these characters have been
8:23 am
through, this family, everything they have been through a lot but i think what they've ultimately done, what they've ultimately accomplished is showing other people that it's possible. and even in, you know, heartbreak or heroics or celebration or anything, there's this full heart, and even if things are coming to an end, it doesn't mean that you have to be despondent about it or upset about it it's something that is full. so i'm hoping that people are going to be very satisfied and feel like, wow, i saw this wonderful story with these wonderful characters that are just like me, and i've closed the book on it, and i can also flip it back over, open the book and start it back up again >> that's good >> i like that >> you're a poet >> clear eyes and full hearts, right. >> i like that >> can't lose. >> there you go.
8:24 am
>> hey, chris, you know what i like, this show is so serious, and there's so many tissues, and everyone's always, you know, we're all weeping watching it, but there's always a jokester in the house, okay, and i'm looking at him in the back, that's your role >> yeah. hello, are you talking about me? where are you? >> let him go. >> you wind him up and -- >> i've enjoyed filling that space in this show, and especially enjoyed getting to play maybe some of those lighter moments with my fellow cast mates, especially this guy right here he has a mischief in his eye that i cannot refuse and whenever we're on screen together, i have a really hard time keeping it together >> who's going to cry hardest,
8:25 am
jon, when the last bit of the season ends. is it going to be you? who's going to need the most tissues? >> not me. i'm cold as ice. >> it's dead inside. >> it's probably going to be sterling he's just such a baby. >> speaking of babies, you have that sweet little boy. >> he's the best thank you, it's so much fun. >> we're looking at little gus, and we're so excited thank you for sharing those with us you guys, thank you for giving us this incredible program we can't wait for this final season and you're not leaving us because you got to stay up you're going to be on the "3rd hour." you're going to be on the 4th hour. >> you thought you were taking a nap. not happening. put something stronger in those mugs. fifth hour >> you'll be hosting that, chris, that's your job >> thank you so much, you guys, we'll see you a little bit
8:26 am
later, and for a peek behind the scenes of "this is us" you can go to "today's" "pop start plus" on "today" all day go to good morning to you, it's 8:26, i'm kris sanchez. san francisco supervisors will take another look at mayor breed's recent declaration of emergency for the tenderloin. supervisors approved breed's declaration right before christmas which calls for more police patrols to fight the tenderloin's growing problem of drugs, among other things, but not all board members were present for that vote and supervisor peskin reportedly had more questions about what that plan entails. the meeting is planned for 2:00 this afternoon. we had some spotty rain showers, kari hall is tracking
8:27 am
them all. >> yeah, we will continue to see that rain mainly for the peninsula as well as the east bay. we've soon the rain in san francisco and the north bay and not so much in the south bay. that's the kind of activity we will see into tomorrow as well. some of the showers staying in the north bay. on thursday it's a little bit warmer, but staying mostly cloudy as we get ready for more showers, more widespread rain on friday. looks like we could get another quarter inch of rain, but then a dry weekend as our temperatures reach into the upper 50s and more of the same in san francisco. off and on showers through the end of the week. thanks, kari. more local news coming up in just a half hour. we will see you then.
8:28 am
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welcome back, 8:30, tuesday morning. the 4th of january, 2021, and look who's with us >> hi, guys. >> happy new year. >> i'm so excited because we are going to reveal our first read with jenna's book of the year. plus, you guys, can you imagine surprising savannah? >> not possible. >> she knows everything. >> she can unpack anything
8:31 am
it's impossible. >> we celebrated her milestone birthday she turned the big 5-0. >> you did not blindfold her >> we did. >> now we're working like this, jenna goes that's how we're going to walk when we're old ladies. >> i can't wait to share that with you all, it's such an epic surprise. >> you can't have a birthday celebration without a birthday -- >> are we having a birthday supper >> christina tosi is going to show her spin on savannah's favorite flavor red velvet. >> oh, i love christina, and i love red velvet. carson is going to have "popstart," including the movies, we're going to be talking about in 2022. ahead on the 3rd hour as parts of the east coast dig out from a whole heap of snow, we're going to talk about winter safety with the common mistakes to avoid as the weather gets even colder. guys, tomorrow, we're going
8:32 am
to kick off a 30-day exercise program, la, la, la, la -- to start the new year off right if that sounds a little intimidating, don't worry because it says here you only have to do it ten minutes a day. >> now we're talking. >> are we all doing this together >> it depends on what it is. anyway, it's supposed to be good it's a 30-day program, we're going to launch it it would be fun to all do it together >> yes >> i'm out. >> don't say dry january >> we get it we know it. we'll show you what we have going on, out west, big storm coming, look at this, we're talking about days of heavy rain and snow, in fact we're going to be looking at about anywhere from 3 to 4 inches of snow from seattle down to eureka, i should say rain, and out in the mountains, snowfall wise, we're talking some places, 2 feet or more rest of the country today we are going to be looking at snow through the plains, a fire risk continuing through the southwest. plenty of sunshine from the mid atlantic states, great lakes, gulf coast, into the mid atlantic and northeast however, a little on the chilly side
8:33 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at storm ranger, we're seeing the spotty light rain still lingering across parts of the bay area. you might just want to keep that umbrella close by just in case, but overall not looking at big disrupter of our day with the showers that have been moving through. we're looking at more off and on rain and our temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. going into the friday we will see some more widespread rain, maybe another quarter inch of rain, and then we do have dry weather for the weekend with highs in the upper 50s. >> all right, al okay start of a new month, you know what that means, one thing it's time to read with jenna, what you got okay, you guys, a lot of your new year's resolutions are probably to read i'm so excited to share the first read with jenna pick of 2022 should we count down >> yes >> we don't have a plaza, but will you all help.
8:34 am
>> all: three, two, one -- >> and the first pick is "th school for good mothers" by jasmine chan this is a debut novel, you all it's dystopian, which is not usually my thing but who doesn't want to start with dystopian in 2022 it is incredible about a mom who makes a critical mistake and ends up "the school for good mothers," it's about parents and love and how we judge parents. please read with me. it's so beautiful. she must prove that she's a good mother and able to keep her daughter it seems heavy but it's incredibly beautiful i hope you read with me. it's already being made into a tv series. >> of course, it is. >> uh-oh, thanks a lot thanks a lot >> that's really good. >> please read it's fantastic >> "the school for good mothers" if you want more on the book, and you want to join the club, of course you do, scan the qr code or head to with jenna i'm still on december 2020 >> come on, guys, the only person that will read with me,
8:35 am
pass it to al. pass it to al. give it to debra. >> carson daly is a big fan of the book club. >> i've already read that book four times i love it. you guys are going to freak out. i don't want to spoil it >> what's coming up in "popstart," buddy? >> we got a lot for you this morning, craig good to see you guys hi, jenna, i love you. >> what you can expect from the weeknd's newly announced album that we're excited about that features a very unexpected collaboration with a hollywood actor. there's a little tease for you but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we're back, 8:37, mr. roker, you know what time it is. >> best time of the day. time for "popstart." here we go hit it >> well, we got to go behind the iron curtain today somewhere in the kitchen, so we got the graphics department, head, jackson daly here helping out today. we're in good shape. say hello.
8:38 am
wheel of fortune, sunday's episode of celebrity this is celebrity wheel of fortune has a lot of fans re-examining the lyrics to a 1970s bee gees classic raven-symone stepped up to the wheel to solve the '70s music themed puzzle when she was stumped by the pronunciation of two letters. watch this >> i'm going to solve it, i'm going to solve it. ay ay ay ay staying alive, staying alive. >> can't take that >> what's up there >> ha ha ha staying alive, staying alive. >> that's it >> it's so easy to do, and you were going ah ah ah instead of ha ha ha. >> what is going on in wheel of fortune, they robbed the girl of an audi on christmas eve, and now raven-symone is playing for the goodwill of southern california charity, and they're
8:39 am
going to nitpick on ah ha ha ha or ah ha ha. and the bee gees were from manchester, and australia. who even understands them. >> it's an outrage. >> we're in a global pandemic, wheel of fortune. >> agree >> get off my lawn next up, the weeknd on monday, the chart topping artist revealed he's got new music in the works, the weeknd dropping a teaser for the new project called dawn fm here's a sneak peek, see if you can recognize the narrators voice. ♪ you are now listening to 103.5 dawn fm, you have been in the dark for way too long. it's time to walk into the light. except your fate >> ryan reynolds >> did you catch who that is >> jim carrey, very good.
8:40 am
>> the weeknd credits jim carrey with the inspiration to ever wanting to become an actor he was thrilled to play a part in his symphony, that album, dawn fm is out on friday we're talking about the big movies headed to the big screen, imdb has revealed which titles, users have voted for as most anticipated films of 2022. action and adventure flicks, topped that list with "jurassic world dominion" coming in at number six chris pratt and jeff goldblum in that franchise 2022 looking for a big year for the stunt master, tom cruise, made the list twice. fans are dying to see him back in the captain's chair as maverick in the upcoming "top gun" sequel. we have waited for this movie for like five years. and we'll see tom in the return for "mission impossible" mi 7 coming out this year and sequels continue to dominate the fifth "scream" movie is
8:41 am
number two, nerve campbell, courteney cox, david arquette, reunited again what is the number one movie people are looking forward to seeing it is "batman. >> it's robert pattinson's take on the iconic comic book superhero leading the pack, great cast, zoe kravitz, and paul danno, one of the most underrated actors in hollywood he's the riddler check that out, 4th of march >> savannah, these are the most anticipated movies of the year >> got you >> quickly, ben affleck, we know he can write, act, direct, did you know the oscar winner can break dance. in a recent conversation on the kelly clarkson show ben was revealing him and matt damon, their friendship goes back to
8:42 am
their nylon jumpsuit wearing days on boston's subway platforms. >> we learned how to break dance, and i was like, if we just get linoleum and put it down at the subway, we can do our moves. it is not a lie to say that he and i and a few other people who i won't name because they have families, and they're somewhere in boston now. >> you made money break dancing. >> who knew. >> i think a few of us in that same age group might be guilty of that after the movie "breaking" came out, i might have had that track suit, and some cardboard too guys it's ah ha ha ha staying alive. >> you never know. >> thank you, carson. coming up next, you do not want to miss an epic surprise, jenna pulled this one off to celebrate savannah's milestone wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it.
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8:44 am
so you guys, over the holidays,
8:45 am
savannah celebrated a milestone. it's a special birthday. >> i'm old. >> she has hit the best decade of her life. she is 50 years young. >> okay. and we all wanted to surprise her with something she'd never expect, a once in a lifetime experience to be serenaded by one of the most inspirational and talented singers of all time let me tell you, savannah is a control freak, this was no easy feat but the look on her face when we actually pulled it off, priceless. >> there is so weird >> oh, my gosh. >> this is unprecedented savannah guthrie our ever in control, always prepared leader, completely in the dark about her birthday surprise. >> what is that noise? where are we >> and let's just say getting here wasn't easy >> the vice president of the. >> final jeopardy, the category today is reference books. >> finding the ultimate birthday gift was a challenge, especially when your friend has already
8:46 am
done everything. so for savannah's 50th, we had to get creative. if you know savannah, you know how much her faith means to her, her trip to the holy land, one of her most treasured experiences. she's also a huge music fan. ♪ >> so when we heard andrea bocelli, one of the greatest opera singers of all time would be performing downtown, we hatched a plan >> we are taking savannah to madison square garden. she's going to walk in, and she will hear andrea bocelli with his daughter singing "hallelujah", and she'll be in for a surprise of a lifetime we're here at madison square garden, we're the only people here, she's going to freak out a few minutes to go time i stopped in for a quick check in with andrea's team >> this is what we're going to see? and his daughter >> are we all ready?
8:47 am
>> yes >> happy birthday, savannah. >> we're going to surprise our girl. >> a big surprise. >> and hello to the man himself. >> it's going to make her year. it's going to make her 50th year >> it's finally time to grab the birthday girl. >> hi. >> okay. where are we >> this is probably the least prepared you have ever been for any shoot in your life >> now i'm getting a little nervous. >> okay. >> am i going to fall? >> no, i've got you. >> this is scary. >> it's happening. >> the fact that andrea bocelli adapted this very famous song that i know savannah loves. ♪ i've heard there was a secret chord that dave played ♪ ♪ >> to grapple with the power of faith is something that i think is going to move savannah in so, so many ways >> i think there will be tears
8:48 am
i think savannah will cry. ♪ i did my best it wasn't much couldn't fear so i tried to touch ♪ ♪ i didn't come to fool you ♪ ♪ and even though it all went wrong i stand before the lord of song ♪ ♪ with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah ♪ >> i want savannah to know that in 50 years she has done so much she has brought so many people happiness ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪ ♪ >> and that she is so special, i just want her to feel all the power of who she is and to feel loved because she is >> happy birthday, savannah. >> oh, my gosh where are we >> we're in madison square garden.
8:49 am
>> stop it, no we're not andrea bocelli, i can't believe it i am such a super fan. can i give you a hug >> oh, my gosh i love you forever thank you so much. this was the honor of my life. >> thank you >> thank you very much >> i still kind of can't believe it >> man well done, jbh. >> jbh and our producer, robin, andrea's team, andrea. >> where am i? >> his little daughter virginia. >> wasn't she incredible. >> his son who also has a new album out. >> the whole thing was incredible. >> i have seen your face do a lot of different things, but when that blindfold came off, i don't think i have ever seen that look before amazing. >> it was magical. >> it was a spiritual moment we started snorting and ugly crying >> that's what i was hoping to give you for your birthday, a real ugly cry. can we also say that andrea bocelli will be back in the
8:50 am
states next month to kick off his annual valentine's tour. >> you got to go see it. >> should we go. >> yes, we should go. >> we should stay for the show, we're like, we don't have any child care >> well done, well done. >> happy birthday, savannah. >> how beautiful >> that was amazing. >> we're just getting started. we're going to keep our savannah celebration going. with christina tosi putting her unique spin on one of ms. guthrie's favorite desserts. you can't have a party without cake but first, this is "today" on but first, this is "today" but first, this is "today" nbc. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year.
8:51 am
limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att.
8:52 am
we are back with "today's" food and more of our belated birthday celebration for our fearless leader. >> but a fun fact, savannah
8:53 am
kicked the year off with her favorite dessert, a homemade red velvet -- >> i made that >> you made that >> my sister-in-law christy and i made it together it was a fun thing to do we were kind of locked down. >> i thought it was a professional cake. >> oh, stop, it didn't take professional. >> let's have a professional one, one of your favorite chefs is here, the owner of milk bar, your pal christina tosi. >> hi, christina. >> hello happy belated birthday, savannah >> thank you, honey. >> i mean, she's done the baking part already so you're going to assemble this beautiful cake for savannah, show us. >> that's right. okay so, hoda, you know our cakes, they are like more is more, right, it's all about a flavor story and blowing it out of the water. so our red velvet cake at milk bar which goes on the menu in just two short weeks, so savannah this one's for you, all yours for two weeks. it's red velvet cake itself, the sponge, which you can get the recipe for online in the interim.
8:54 am
we soak the cake with a butter milk soak, to get a little bit more of that tang that you know and love with red velvet. >> mine was kind of dry when i did it. >> cake soak, savannah, that is the secret to a cake never going dry. also an opportunity for flavor then we take what i call liquid cheesecake which is basically like cheesecake that's under baked so it's this nice spreadable, pliable cake we spread as its own layer, a mixture of a cheesecake or red velvet cake, love child of the two. and you know we love texture, i've got chocolate crumbs that go down into the cheesecake layer. then we have, instead of a frosting, this right here is a red velvet cheesecake frosting, so deep, it's chocolatey, it's rich we layer those things up, cake, butter milk soak, liquid cheesecake chocolate crumb, and
8:55 am
this glossy, incredible, red velvet liquid cheesecake >> look at that. >> red through. >> bury me in that. >> and then we top with this incredible red velvet cheesecake crumb, girl, i got you at any of the milk bar, and you can get more on you know me, savannah, cake for the people, right? >> always be hustling, i love it you did take that next level, i tried to make the red velvet cake, it was okay, but it was a little dry. >> got to soak it. >> and trying to get that color was really hard. >> so it is all about balance, right, baking is about the right amount of chocolate, the right amount of richness, acidity, but cake soak for me is one of the pro moves and then because you put so much work and ingenuity when you're spending time in the kitchen, at milk bar, we live by don't frost the sides of the cake and for me, for me, it's an
8:56 am
invitation. >> we brought your cake to savannah, she's going to have it for breakfast. >> she's going to get a spoon and sit. >> this is like a little red velvet truffle on top. my favorite. >> these are red velvet crumbs it's breakfast of champions, and she's earned it. 50 years around the sun, right >> christina, thank you. >> you are so sweet. thank you. >> this recipe, christina is going to be back on our 3rd hour, showing us how to make milk bar's sweet treat. good morning to you, it is 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. the cdc is now recommending that the pfizer booster that we get it at five months instead of six. this means that people can now get that pfizer booster shot five months after completing their second covid-19 shot. the booster recommendation for
8:57 am
people that received the johnson & johnson vaccine or the moderna vaccine has not changed. the cdc is also recommending that immunocompromised children 5 to 11 years old receive an additional primary dose of the vaccine 28 days after their second shot. happening now with the bay area demand for covid tests surge rg more school districts are taking new measures to make sure children are staff as they return to the classroom, staff, too. we will have a live report in our midday news. we have a lot to break down in the aftermath of the elizabeth holmes guilty verdict. jurors convicted her on four of the 11 criminal counts. some are asking what will silicon valley learn from that conviction. head to our homepage for more coverage. we have more winter weather drama, you can find that on as well. have a great day.
8:58 am
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