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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 5, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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. bracing nor the i was in of a dark stain on our nationese history. tomorrow marks one year since the violent insurrection at the capitol. the precautions in place this morning. 1 million cases a day. omron fuelling a covid surge like we have never seen, pushing the country's testing capabilities to the blink. president biden's message on shortages and to unvaccinated americans. and meet the super bowl champion who traded his pads for scrubs to fight on the front
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line of the pandemic quitting is good, in november alone, one out of every 35 working americans left their job. what's driving the great resignation? once the inseparable piece of xhup indicationcommunication millions, now the black berry will work no more. "early today" starts right now i'm vinita nair in for philip and frances. we begin with a new cdc study that found covid vax nation during pregnancy does not increase pre-term birth. the study involved more than 36,000 at-home women covid tests have hard to find, now they have gotten pricier, walmart and croaker raised the price of the test kit after a white house agreement to sell them at a discounted rate
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expired. the "new york times" is reporting that chicago public schools will be closed today after officials canceled classes. the move comes after 73% of union members voted in favor of remote learning, mayor lori lightfoot said it was unacceptable and unnecessary meanwhile, they filed a lawsuit over vaccine requirements for the national guard this as america surpasses 57 million covid cases. nbc news' peter alexandre has the latest. >> reporter: another covid record setter. more than a million new infections reported nation wife. some due to a holiday back lovmg nearly one in 100 testing pos testify in the last week hospitalizations up 41% in two weeks. president biden saying the unvaccinated are hardest hit >> there is no excuse. no excuse for anyone being
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unvaccinated. >> reporter: the president came to office vowing to shut down the virus but now faces an unprecedented covid surge. the president under fire for not being prepared on testing. last month, he promised free at-home tests for americans starting now >> rapid tests will start going out in the beginning of january, because they're being produced now. >> reporter: but the white house acknowledging it still has not finalized a contract with test manufacturers nor unveiled its website to order tests meanwhile, president biden is advising americans to use google >> i know this remains frustrating. believe me, it's frustrating to me but we're making improvements. google to find the nearest site where you can get a test >> states are pleading for help. >> we do not have enough testing to go around i don't think any state has enough testing to go around. >> reporter: massive testing lines remain from coast-to-coast. >> you can't find and at-home rapid test in this area.
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>> reporter: 21 states reporting records at healthcare centres are again overwhelmed and under staffed. maryland declaring a state of emergency. >> the next four-to-six weeks will be the most challenging time of the entire pandemic. >> reporter: in rhode island, two medical centers calling covid positive healthcare workers back to the job if they have mild symptoms impact growing on schools, too many schools in philadelphia now joining atlanta, newark and milwaukee temporarily going remote, due to rising cases and staff shortages. >> some of the stuff i don't know because it's new. >> reporter: the cdc is updating its guidance for the recommended five-day isolation period for those that test positive for covid. the agency is still saying no negative test is required to get out of that isolation period, but you should still wear a mask critics had questioned the policy since people should still be contagious the cdc says if
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you want to take a test ap test positive, keep ice lath for another five days. >> masks remain very important peter, thank you tomorrow marks one year since the nation watched in horror as hundreds of trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol. washington, d.c. is on high alert ahead of the anniversary. capitol police have stepped up security but say they aren't expecting any threats. president biden and vice president harris are set to speak about the capitol riot tomorrow law makers are holding several commemorative events america has to wait to hear president trump's thoughts about the riot anniversary. in a statement, he announced he was chance selling his january 6th press conference at the mar-a-lago resort. the 45th president blamed the house committee investigating the attack and said he would instead address these important topics in a rally in arizona january 15th meantime, the house committee investigating the events of that they now want to
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talk to sean hannity the panel sent a letter to the fox news host asking for his voluntary cooperation, saying he had advanced knowledge regarding president trump's legal team planning january 6th they revealed techs he septnt t the white house chief of staff mark meadows the panel says hannity is in possession of other relevant text messages an attorney for hannity said any request for cooperation would raise serious constitutional issues, including first amendment concerns regarding freedom of the press. one queer later, capitol police are also taking major steps towards preventing more violence in the future nbc news' garrett haake is in d.c. with a look at the new pre dawgss in place. >> reporter: from the outside, the u.s. capitol looks much like it did this time last year before it's ransack by rioters
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on january 6th >> the way the police department is operating, our equipment are training, our planning, all has improved since then. >> reporter: with $100 million from congress, chief tom major went to work reforming the department in july ro whaeps e . >> reporter: what keeps you up at night now >> right now the staffing, we're 200 officers below pre-january 6th and 400 below what we really need. >> reporter: congress set aside $300,000 for security improvements >> we have an effort of reenforcing the doors, both exterior and interior. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers point to some of their republican colleague's efforts to downplay the attack and the few who embraced violent language as a continuing risk. does the rhetoric and threats things of that nature make your job harder
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>> it certainly has increased the work load. threats against congress have gone through the roof. >> reporter: are we safer he now than we were then in. >> i think moderately. >> reporter: democrat tim ryan oversees capitol funding. >> reporter: making this safe would be expensive >> it's expensive to have an insurrection and they prevent a free and fair election from getting implemented. this is pennies on the dollar to protect our society. >> reporter: major told reporters there are no concerning threats prior to thursday's i was in. >> thank you fire investigators in california are blaming pg&e for starting last year's dixie wildfire cam fire says the inferno came into contact with power lines longing to the utility company the findings have been referred to prosecutors, pg&e has previously been liable for
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causing wildfires in california. the dixie fire is the biggest, it destroyed 1,300 buildings the tree that struck the power line, pg&e was one of 8 million within strike distance to lines. the company says it is committed to burying 10,000 and 100,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines let's see how your day is shaping one meteorologist janessa webb good morning >> hi, good morning, not shaping up too well if are you across the middle east, mid-atlantic states, i-95 corridor will be a huge problem once again. ra doppler radar showing precipitation making its way to the north. it is transitioning into freezing rain. so we will be watching a light glaze form that's why the national weather service have issued winter weather advisories due to the
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ice that is going to formerly this morning also watching our next storm system, impacting the tennessee valley early this morning into your afternoon before it lifts to the north, it will collide with colder air providing snow for kentucky to tennessee, models not i southwest. atlanta finally warming up this afternoon. back to 55 degrees well, to the north, we have bitter cold biting down icross the upper mid-west we do want to take a look at that forecast coming up. >> everyone sheer bundled up thank youers troy aikman wants to move the goal coast for the beer industry he is bringing up something new
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for conscious drinkers an all new loger with 8 calories it's the number 8, he wore leading dallas to three super bowl titles. it goes on sale next month aikman says he hopes it will be sold nationwide. we have a misdemeanor sex crime against former mayor cuomo. > th>>and e player that went from the front lines to the hospital we are back in a minute. recommend cascade platinum... ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. cascade platinum. when you really need to sleep you reach for the really good stuff. new zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep. did you know that even after you sanitize a surface,
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every touch can leave new bacteria behind? that means, you could be right back where you started. break the cycle with microban 24. just spray once and your surfaces are protected against bacteria all day. microban keeps killing 99.9% of bacteria touch after touch for up to 24 hours. these leading disinfectants do not. use the sanitizer 4 out of 5 doctors would use in their own homes. microban 24. leading is news the so-called great resignation shows no sign of slowing down a. record 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november. the hot labor market with more than 10 million job option have left workers with unusual leverage to seek higher wages and better working conditions. the highest turnover is seen in low wage jobs like in the
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hospitality sector, nearly 7% of restaurant and bar any workers changed or quit jobs in november prosecutors have dropped a criminal misdemeanor charge against andrew cuomo days before the new york governor was to appear in court. cuomo is accused of groping an aide in 2020 the albany da says the allegation was trouble and credible but there was a lack of evidence he told the new york post the decision to not prosecute will deter women from coming forward in the future. cuomo resigned in august over sexual harassment allegations. police in new york city are searching for two suspects after a brutal attack on a burger king employee officials released surveillance video that shows a man jumping over the counter and attacking a 22-year-old worker then a second person also hits the victim witnesses say there was an argument over the delayed food order. the victim is expected to be okay
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this happened in brooklyn one month ago. police are seeking any information from the public. now to the lineman who spent time on the front line he returned to football after getting his medical degree and treating covid patients.tibbles look >> reporter: when they take the field, a doctor is in the house. >> i am a professional player for the jets and hold a doctor rat. >> reporter: larry to his teammates made quite a bit of history at the onset of the covid pandemic right after winning the super bowl with the kansas city chiefs, he decided to opt out of playing last year. instead of pads and a jerry, he donned scrubs and a mask >> the nfl gave me so much my family gave me so much. at some point it's time for me
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to give back. >> reporter: he went to work in a long-term care facility to save the lives of patients battling covid, a decision his former quarterback admired >> he wants to make sure he is doing something to make the world a better place. >> larry is showing everyone inside the nfl and outside of it, you can step up and make a difference. >> was at this time toughest thing you have ever done >> i like to think i'm a mentally tough person, but in 2020 coming back home to my girl friend, i was crying she said, what else can you do >> what did you learn? >> medicine is an art. i hope i been a better person than in 2020. >> he will always been on the front line of covid. still to come, why a judge said never mind to a nirvana lawsuit.
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me i remember thinking it was too small. it should be more than just the two of us up here. [ music playing a federal judge is saying never mind to nirvana over an album cover. last year, the baby in the pool sued the picture alleging child pornography. that cover was on the front of over 30 million copies of never mind which sold world wide the judge dismissed the case this week after he miss at filing deadline. he has until next friday to file an amended complaint trending this morning, a plants-based meat that could be finger-looking good. for the first time in nearly a
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century, gm is not america's best selling car company cnbc's steve sedgwick joins us from london with all the details. good morning, steve. >> hey, really good to see absolutely fascinating story let's start off with the toyota gm story the biggest auto maker every single 84. in the state for the last 90 years, gm has been the largest auto maker last year, we no ethe semi conductor problems, shortages in the pipeline that meant gm sold only 2.2 million vehicles in the united states, which is 13% from a year earlier toyota managed to handle the supply chain issues better they produced 3 million in the u.s., an increase. gm says, though, in 2022, they expect a lot to abate. they will recover. kfc looks like they're launching globally the plant-based fried
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chicken product with beyond meat their partner monday for a limited period, starting around $6 bucks you can order six or 12 pieces of fried chicken with dipping sauce $$6.99 as well they will roll out a substitute across the range as time goes on back to you. >> i want to try it with or without the dipping sauce. next, the megaball jackpot are approaching a billion dollars combined and we'll tell you of a pizza shop delivering a supreme slice of kindness. of kindness. >> goodbye itchy squirm. hello clean bottom! we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin. inner voice (kombucha brewer): as a new small business owner,
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atr enwehewh janessa joins us now. good morning >> vinita, definitely chilling 50 below in some areas 50 below in some areas >> lock all kinds of dirt, dust and pet hair. unlike my vacuum, it sneaks under and around places. look at that!! dust free and hassle free. stop cleaning and start swiffering. nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, nighttime, sniffling, best sleep with a cold, medicine. can you save water running a less-than-full dishwasher? you bet! we do it every night, like clockwork. cascade platinum in a certified dishwasher uses less than 4 gallons of water per cycle, while a running sink uses that every 2 minutes. so do it with casce.
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'cause even small loads save water. . >> in the early 2000s blackberries were all the rage, the classic phone known as are shutting down for good, here's nbc news' kerry sanders. >> reporter: before apple, there was blackberry from presidents and politicians to celebrities and ceos, the phones with the signature keyboard quickly became a status symbol at the office and beyond now, decades later, those phones
4:27 am
are shutting do you mean blackberry discontinuing service for its classic models saying they will no longer reliably function >> all good things come to an end. >> reporter: at its peak in 2012, they reported having 80 million active users >> the blackberry was easy to understand and use and key boards real clicky. >> reporter: people everywhere were glued to their phones, or messaging friends through the popular bbm platform, easy and addicting. blackberries became crackberries for many eventually that once revolutionary keyboard became obsolete they all have these key boards that are there whether you need them or not to be there. we will get rid of all these buttons and make a giant screen.
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>> reporter: with the rise of the touch screen, apple's iphone and other devices took over. while blackberry tried to adapt with its own giant screen and new operating systems, the company came up short. >> the now blackberry built to keep you moving. >> reporter: even some of the famous long-time users had to move on interest we are now a security software company. 60% of our revenue comes from cyber security. >> reporter: the company now focused on providing security services to government and businesses around the world. as it officially pulls the plug on its own phones an finally says good-bye to a classic >> i do miss that. our thanks to kerry sanders for that report a pizza parlor in tennessee served up kindness, they reached out to the public after an employee reported
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positive to covid. they gave away sauces, sliced meat to people in line all for free the business hopes to be back up and running by the weekend. we want to thank you for waking one "early today." i'm vinita nair. have a great daynd stay safe out ath
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right now at 4:30, an alameda sheriff's recruit shot and killed. covid cases and hospitalizations are still on the rise. as those cases increase, it is becoming more and more difficult to book a covid test. the ahelpful tips that will allow you to move forward in


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