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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, an alameda sheriff's recruit shot and killed. covid cases and hospitalizations are still on the rise. as those cases increase, it is becoming more and more difficult to book a covid test. the ahelpful tips that will allow you to move forward in finding an appointment.
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this is "today in the bay." of course we are broadcasting not only to your television traditionally, but you can watch us live on roku, apple, online, everywhere. i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez. we want to get a look at your forecast and commute. we start off with kari hall. >> as we take a look at stormranger, it's fairly dry as you are heading out the door. we are still in a very active weather pattern across the region and there will be a chance of showers move into the north bay, but a lot of the rain well to the north of us right now. as we look at sonoma, we are starting out at 51 degrees, a mostly cloudy morning and we will continue to see clouds throughout the day. temperatures staying cool and slowly warming up as we head
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into the upper 50s. mike, you are tracking a hit-and-run crash, right? >> yeah, sounds dramatic at the san mateo bridge near the toll plaza. we are looking at the live picture and the taillights are in that direction, westbound. we don't see a problem here or on the sensors, and i think there was a report of somebody driving dangerously, and i circled it there, the san mateo bridge. we have a couple closures for construction and we'll talk about that coming up. we are following breaking news in san josé. there is a standoff going on, and it has been happening since about 1:00 a.m., and this is right across the street from branam high school. a man has been waving a knife and axe at officers, throwing things at them.
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at one point the police fired a pepper ball at him. we will have a live report as soon as we arrive. and alameda county sheriff's office in mourning for one of their own this morning. a young recruit was shot and killed while driving home from academy classes. it happened on the macarthur maze interchange. the chp initially thought it was an accident but then saw the driver was the only person in the car that was shot and killed. that's where they found paperwork indicating he was an alameda county sheriff recruit. he was set to graduate from the academy in february and begin a career in law enforcement. the alameda county corner had to tell the family he was not coming home. >> today it hit home, and they have to call his parents and say your son is not coming home. his sister, and girlfriend and
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everybody else, some of which came to highland to help with our procession to the coroner's bureau. >> the chp and oakland police department are investigating the deadly freeway shooting. the motive is unclear at this point. back in november somebody shot into a car and her children and fiancé were in the car but not hurt and so far no arrests were made in that case. we just brought you this story as breaking news last night at 11:00, on our twitter page. you can follow us at nbcbayarea.
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a month ago we were just at 3% in covid case rates, and if you go back to last august during the delta surge, our peak was at 7%. there's an important perspective to these numbers. if you are vaccinated, doctors say your chances of needing to be hospitalized is unlikely. look where we were last year, last january. more than 22,000 people were hospitalized. that's nearly three times as many. what about the death rate? within the last 24 hours, 77 people died from this. this time last year, 671 people died on the same day. as omicron continues to spread as an unprecedented speed, many people in the state and across the country are feeling anxious, and then with the increase concern over our
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kids as they returned to school yesterday, and many teachers called in sick. >> people in cars and on foot looking for covid-19 tests in san francisco. this lady said she made her appointment this past sunday. >> i had covid exposure on sunday, and i kept refreshing every half hour and one slot came up. >> it's a challenge in many parts of the bay area. >> i have been looking everywhere and can't find any places. yesterday we spent seven hours online looking. >> cars lining up and down the street at this san josé drive-through testing site at kaiser. public experts say there's no secret to landing an appointment for a pcr test, but widening your search may help you out. >> don't stay in your own city, for example.
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sometimes i visit colleagues in other counties, like napa, sonoma, and they often times have available tests. >> it's not just here. omicron has people lining up across the country for pcr tests. at the nation's largest lab outside of new york city, northwell health said it's processing some 25,000 tests a day. >> so far we are hanging on but we are hanging on by our fingernails. >> with omicron surging, long lines and waits for results could be something we are going to need to get used to. we put together a list of places where you can get tested anywhere in the bay area, how about a breath of fresh air this morning. taking a live look at the golden
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gate bridge. not a lot of cars going across the span. i want to check the forecast now with meteorologist, kari hall. halfway through our first full workweek of 2022. how are we looking, kari? >> it's starting out foggy and some low clouds in some spots, but overall we have a nice commute for you this morning as a lot more people are heading back to work. we can see the cloudy skies over san josé right now. our temperatures feeling much milder over the weekend. we did not see the high temperatures like what we are feeling right now to start out the morning. it's 52 degrees and we will stay in the low 50s for the next few hours, and later today we will get peeks of sunshine as our temperatures head to 50 degrees. i am tracking a little rain. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, you are tracking also a few thins out there. >> yeah, overnight roadwork.
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a lot of folks do that around the bay for caltrans, and thank you for maintaining those roads. we thank them. we look at the maps and there's not a lot of slowing in the bay, but there are closures. highway 84, as you are cutting through niles canyon, you can't cut through right now, not until 5:00 a.m. webster tube closed and should be reopening any second here. getting over from oakland to the island of alameda. we are going all electric. the american carmaker now planning to use an all-new fleet by 2028. it's looking like the latest surge in covid cases will now impact your shopping. the changes one big change store is making to their store hours. we saw the golden gate bridge, and now we are looking live at the bay bridge toll
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plaza, and it's nice and quiet, nice and dry, which is a bit of a change. the rain is returning. we'll talk with kari about that. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy.
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happy wednesday. right now at 4:42, the heater may not be kicking on as much. our temperatures right now in the upper 40s and low 50s as you are heading out the door. we are also looking at some spots getting some rain today. i'll talk about that and when
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we'll get more widespread showers, coming up. along the peninsula we're looking at a smooth drive. we will take you for a live look at palo alto where traffic on highway 101 may have you questioning signs lit up further north between the airport, sfo and redwood city as they are testing out the signs. they are working on the express lanes, not done yet and not charging you yet. speaking of money, let's check in with brenda. >> nice tease, mike. investors flocked to stocks that stand to benefit from a economic
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recovery. we saw yields on treasury bonds rise and that's usually bad news for tech and high gross stocks because a lot of folks worry that higher interest rates will pose a headwind for them. meantime we will watch for a new report on hiring the private sector. meantime, chrysler says it plans to shift to an all-electric lineup by 2028. the automaker will introduce new products including a utility vehicle. chrysler is showing off the vehicle at the consumer electronics show. the plan is for the brand to offer its first electric vehicle by 2025. chrysler's parent company plans to aim to invest $30 billion for the product lineup. macy's is not charging ahead but
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ramping back, and it's reducing hours for all of its stores through the rest of january as covid cases continue to surge nationwide posing problems for staffing. hours will stay the same on friday through sunday because usually weekends is when they see their most traffic. they will try and staff up those weekends. guys, back to you. it's tough right now with folks having to isolate and have more exposure to omicron. we are just seeing these rolling staff shortages among a number of industries. >> i was just at target and the cashier was saying so many people were calling in sick they were having to work overtime. >> the whole nation has to work through that. they are also working to make
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the tenderloin in san francisco safer. the reason residents are questioning london breed's new plan to tackle crime in that area. as you are heading out in the east bay, we are taking a look at walnut creek where we are seeing clouds but overall a dry morning for you, and only a slight chance of showers here. we will talk about where you have a better chance of rain in the forecast, coming up. 880, everything looking smooth. looking at an easy drive, although we have a couple closures sticking around. we'll talk about another closure where you might get a better opportunity, coming up.
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good wednesday morning to you. right now at 4:49, you're waking up and heading out the door to some nice dry conditions for ones. we will continue to see that for the most part as we take a look at stormranger, what it's scanning now and not picking up on any showers, but we had been in such a busy weather pattern where we are looking at a lot of clouds and the possibility of rain mainly for the north bay today, and a lot of the showers will stay up to the north of us if you are traveling around portland and seattle.
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now, most of us will be staying dry, even peeks of sunshine for this afternoon. tomorrow also looks pretty dry, especially for the morning into the afternoon. but then on friday early in the morning we'll start to see a round of showers moving through, and that will affect the mainly late morning commute and clearing out for the evening on friday and setting up the stage for a nice weekend ahead. as far as rain, we are looking at about a quarter inch of rain or less, and when i say less it could be a lot less for spots like the tri-valley, maybe 0.01 of an inch. and then the state capacities for the reservoirs, we were at 20% capacity for a lot of the reservoirs but with all of the rain we have had recently we have seen that number going up. it's nice to see the improvements. right now 32% of capacity
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overall, and across the bay area we have seen the reservoir levels coming way up. i remember looking at 11% and now at 95.9% of capacity here. nothing major here, about a quarter inch of rain or less between now and friday. the weekend is going to be really nice with sunshine and those temperatures reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s. mike, what is going on out there now for the morning commute? >> pretty calm, kari. as we would expect, we have the overnight crews out there. let's look at the speed sensors. kari, people care mostly about the longer drives and we have slowing out of the altamont pass, and that's what we have not seen the last couple of weeks. that's on the right side of your screen. circle 84, there's a focus right here through livermore and sunol, and we have crews around
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that section and around 84, and that cleared for the signal there. a live look at the bay bridge shows no backup right now. we will see that build, i'm sure of it, but for now we'll send it back to you. it's the mayor versus the district attorney in san francisco, and at issue the question of how to make the city safer. the mayor's plan to tackle crime in the tenderloin was cleared last month, and it aims to tackle overdose deaths and more police. the board of supervisors voted to push the vote until february. >> i spent 25 years working in the tenderloin. i urge you tonight to move forward with the emergency declaration. it should focus on housing the homeless and offering treatment and needed medical services for those who are addicted. >> there are supporters of the mayor's plan, includes the
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police chief and the former mayor, willie brown. district attorney, chesa boudin, has been critical of the plan. and then still ahead on "today in the bay," how the niners and raiders are gearing up to try and make the playoffs. happening now, thousands of people still without power in the sierra. take a look at the pg&e outage map here. you can see a sea of green and yellow and orange from lake orville. hospitals and critical supply lines are all back on. pg&e hopes to have most power restored by today and next week. we'll be right back.
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like most teams the sharks are juggling their lineup because of covid. the captain is among the latest of players to be placed in covid protocol. last night the sharks played without their leader and it was not pretty. detroit scored the first goal. it was hard to watch. the sharks have lost four of their last six games. the nfl play offs are in reach between the 49ers and raiders. they can get in if the saints lose to the falcons for the
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playoffs. this morning we continue to follow breaking news in the south bay. right now a man with a knife prompting a standoff. coming up next on "today in the bay," what police are telling us and the streets that are shutdown in san josé. if you will be heading to the sierra, very light snow will be coming through over the next couple of days, but clearing out through the weekend. we'll talk about what to expect in the bay area, coming up. a little fog and a little traffic right here. trust me, the golden gate bridge is open for business. traffic is flowing nicely when it's on the bridge. i will check it out and make sure nothing is wrong here, and we will look at the changes in the visibility and the volume coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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grief. an alameda county sheriff deputy recruit shot and killed near the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a live report on what investigators are revealing about the shooting and the search under way for the suspect. many times when schools have this situation they could be able to cover inhouse, but not with numbers like that. >> a crisis on campus as omicron spreads, hundreds of teachers call in sick in san francisco. what is being done to keep your kids safe and the classrooms open. and in hours the cdc set to
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decide if it will expanded the booster shot eligibility to kids 12 to 15. the reason this approval could be a game changer in making sure your kids stay safe. this is "today in the bay." you know you can watch us on your tv, but did you know you could also watch us live on amazon, fire, apple tv and online. we are wherever you are. good morning. i am kris sanchez. marcus washington is off. >> it's great to have kris here. i am laura garcia. let's start this hour with a look at the forecast and see what we are in store for today with meteorologist, kari hall. good morning. >> good morning. we're waking up to a lot of clouds in spots but also slightly warmer temperatures. so far it's dry but we will be watching the north bay for a chance of showers. as you are heading out in the east bay we are checking out pleasant hill. a lot of clouds throughout the day and we are going to the upper 40s to upper 50s this afternoon. it will be a


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