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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  January 5, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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another safety advance, hard hats, right? we see them now, but they at any time use them back then. miners first used them in 1919, but the golden gate team is credited with the first to use them
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the white house covid
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response team says all signs point to the omicron variant being led severe. >> you have a good reason to be concerned. >> health officials warn omicron spreads more quickly, which has led to the rise in hospitalizations among adults and children. >> every hospital is strugging with a staffing shortage like they have never experienced. >> some school systems are struggling to find enough teachers. boston down more than 1,000 staffers today, spurring the superintendent to trade her computer for chalk and an eraser. >> i jumped into gear and said i will clear my calendar and go over and teach a fourth grade class. >> the white house insists it's safe for schools to be open. >> we know they can be open safely. we are here to help make that happen. >> in chicago, the teachers union insists it's not. >> don't keep using us as sacrificial lambs saying that it's safe to be in school.
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it's not. >> they voted to switch to remote. the city canceled school all together for most students. >> there's no basis in the data, the science or common sense for us to shut an entire system down. >> the cdc is defending its decision to provide guidance how to use rapid tests to end isolation after contracting covid while stopping short of making tests a requirement. antigen tests aren't authorized for that purpose. >> if you are are having a difficult time finding a test site, we can help you. we put together a list of places where you can go to get tested here in the bay area. the comprehensive list is divided county by county. just ahead of tomorrow's first anniversary of the january 6 attack, the senate held a hearing today with capitol police. the police chief told members of the rules committee the steps he has taken to improve the capitol
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police team, addressing all recommendations from senate members. >> it's our job to honor their service by doing our part to ensure that they are never faced with the circumstances they were faced with that day. >> without addressing the root causes of the violence on january 6, the insurrection will not be an aberration. it could well become the norm. >> in anticipation of any incidents tomorrow, the chief outlined an action plan. however, capitol police staffing is down by almost 450 police officers. tomorrow, there are many scheduled events to mark the grim anniversary. president biden will make remarks. there will be a moment of silence on the house floor and a candlelight vigil. larry, seems to be so much led by the democrats in terms of what we will see tomorrow.
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will any republicans be part of the events tomorrow? >> you wonder. they certainly were not appropriately operating a year ago. doesn't seem like many of them have changed their mind. let's be clear, no matter what they do, what we saw a year ago was nothing short of an attack on congress. therefore, an attack on democracy given what congress was there to do. it was about overturning the will of the people even though the results had been accepted by attorney general bill barr, the trump cybersecurity expert, the 50 secretaries of state, most of whom were republican, several recounts and 60 court cases, including ten trump judges who all said the election was fair and done. >> larry, you do this for a loving. you have done this for decades. when we look back on this, not just tomorrow but ten years, 20 years from now when we look back on that january 6 insurrection, what will history say about us?
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>> history is going to say that the moment we dodged a bullet. i will tell you why. the most critical concern would have been, had these people succeeded in stopping the election, then the unknown would have been there. would the military have come in to stabilize things? we never had the military step in when we talk about politics. would the president have declared himself president for another four years? we don't know. it was so close when you think of all the people who might have been hurt or killed. remember the gallows, hang mike pence. this was not people seeing how far they could push the button. they were there to take over and reverse an election, an election that had been won by joe biden. history is going to look very, very sadly upon this day and hopefully will not happen again. >> if you don't believe what happened, just do an internet search of the raw video out there of what happened at the capitol. the attorney general spoke about the efforts of the doj to arrest
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the people responsible for that insurrection last january 6. what was the significance of his speech today? >> i think three things to report with respect to what garland did today. number one, timing. it wasn't by accident he made this day, one day before the one-year anniversary, a day upon which to lay out what doj was doing to pursue and prosecute this case. number two, the numbers. he announced 725 people had been arrested, hundreds more are being searched for as we speak. here is the key phrase here. he said, people would be accountable at any level. at any level. let your mind wander on that one. thirdly, the promise. how long would it take, when it would be over. garland said it will take as long as it it takes. that's what it's going to be. we are not going to put limits on anything. we will go until we are done with our job. it was a very, very persuasive and important speech for the nation to hear. >> we got two things working simultaneously. doj, also that january 6 select committee. are they working together or
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independent? >> pretty much independently of each other. the committee has referred certain things over to doj for prosecution. we don't know what they will do about that. let's remember, doj is out there to find the bad guys and prosecute. the committee is there to investigate what happened. we know about that. how did it happen? who was behind it? who paid for all the buss to bring all these people here? most importantly, it seems, what was the president's role? in watergate the question was, what did the president know? how did he handle it? that's the same thing here. what did the president know? how did he handle it? we are beginning to get reports by the committee that suggest the president was very involved with this whole process. we just don't know how involved. the committee will continue its investigative work until the clock runs out. particularly if the republicans win the majority in the house come november. >> larry, thank you for your
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insight. we will check back with you tomorrow as well. up next on "nbc nightly news," a look inside the fbi's january 6 investigation. video from inside an fbi field office shows agents still combing through videos and photos from that riot last year. they are sorting through thousands of tips and using facial recognition software to find and prosecute people involved in the attack. tonight, pete williams from nbc gets behind the scenes access with the agent leading the fbi investigation. that includes the ongoing hunt for a pipe bomber. >> why don't you know who placed these bombs the night before? >> they are covered from head to toe. fully clothed. >> it's an active investigation. up next on "nightly news," what the fbi's priority is in this investigation. "nightly news" starting at 6:30. 2022 is off to a tough start
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for a father in oakland. our investigative unit introduced you to him. we showed you how he overcame homelessness with his daughter. we just learned i came home new year's day to find his new apartment destroyed by fire. >> we just left. it was 12:15 when we left. >> we have been following his story since 2020 when he was surviving the streets with his daughter danielle, getting rejected from homeless shelters because he was a single father. in 2021, he found a job and a home in oakland. >> me and danielle and my first home since this whole thing began. >> new year's day 2022, mike says he took danielle to the park for a couple of hours. >> i remember it was 12:15. something was just -- something was egging me to just get out of the house as quickly as possible. >> the 911 came came in at 12:45
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in the afternoon. firefighters say they knocked down the flames at 1:00 p.m., meaning the years of work mike put into creating this home for him and his daughter gone in less than an hour. fire investigators still determining a cause. they say the flames raged near the front door. >> we wouldn't have made it out because where the fire was raging. we would have died. what is my next move? how do i mitigate this? since i have danielle. she was saying, my house burned up. my house is all on fire. >> as a single dad, he has already overcome numerous housing and childcare barriers that we first told you about in our digital series no man's land. in some ways, he and danielle are back to staying in a hotel for now. mostly, he says, they are in a better place with community support like from his next door neighbor. >> i was worried about him. i didn't see his car.
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when i saw the people, i thought they were investigators. i asked the question, how is the guy who lives there? good. >> this is all just stuff. it's okay. danielle and i are okay. you can go through all these things and give up in misery or you can just take it in stride and just build as much as possible. >> mike's employer is helping him with where he will live next. his family started a go fund me page for him and danielle. to learn more, you can watch our nbc bay area five-part digital series at one of america's best chances of winning a gold at the upcoming winter olympics. we sit down with bryce bennett. a few widely scattered
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sprinkles across the north bay mountains. nor rain friday. it could be trepdtrending dry f while.
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now to the road to the winter olympics. the best skiers and snowboarders in the country will compete for a spot on team usa. the team is expected to be announced in a couple of weeks. bryce bennett will be on the mountain looking to make his second olympics in downhill skiing. i met him at his training gym. >> i live two lives. my ski racing life and my home life. i'm not thinking about ski racing. i'm thinking about training and becoming better and stronger. it's been best thing for me to just check out of ski racing in the summer months when i'm training. then when i do go back to skiing, i'm able to focus.
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i'm not distracted or burnt out or tired. >> tell us about growing up in this area, tahoe area. >> i was born and raised in alpine meadows. i was on the ski team since as far back as i can remember. all my best friends were on the team. it was just what we did. we went and skied every weekend. dad would come early during the weekday and pull you out of school and take you skiing. those were the best days. >> i was impressive in the downhill training runs. >> pyeongchang four years ago. beijing now. have you evolved? >> i was naive. in new york, i am going to be on "the tonight show." i got a gold medal in my back pocket. i couldn't get that out of my mind. i wasn't able to focus on skiing. what i needed to do in the race.
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last spring i came up with a plan. i thought i executed it pretty well this summer. i'm excited to see what happens. >> this experience from then and the focus has shifted? you have a different mindset it sounds like going into this season. >> yeah, for sure. as a kid, you want to be an olympian and make the olympics. for me, i think as i'm getting older, my priorities have shifted a bit. i really want to win world cup ski racing downhills. when i'm in the start, i'm nervous. i've been nervous that entire morning. i hold on to it and i use it. those courses are so icy and so fast. the tv gives it no justice. if one thing goes wrong, it's like -- you are in the net. >> i have spoken to many olympians. they live, breathe, eat --
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everything is about the olympics or their sport. you seem to have good life -- work/life balance. >> i try to do the best i can. there's other things in life that i value. i'm running on the theory that i can balance both of those. >> you are doing a good job. >> thanks. >> he is just over 6'7". >> he could play for the warriors. >> he was the tallest team usa athlete. >> i was thinking about winning a good medal. >> he is focused and ready to go. >> you will be with him. we expect a medal there. rob joins us talking about sunshine. >> sunshine. 60s for parts of the bay area. lake tahoe, the winter olympics mood, the conditions up there. more snow. 36 degrees. your travel forecast tomorrow looks good. the snow does come back for
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friday. then clears on saturday. unlike previous storms that have set up over the sierra, we are not talking about a lot of snow. two to four inches, most above 6,000 feet. we may have a winter weather advisory friday. chain controls over the passes. i don't think that amount of snow is going to cause major issues heading towards the sierra. 57 degrees in san jose after low 60s earlier. we had 60s around livermore. 57 in walnut creek. fog to the west of downtown san francisco at 55 degrees. over the next couple of mornings, patchy fog the top issue. especially around the inner bay, east bay valleys and north bay valleys with morning temperatures in the upper 40s. san jose southward, more 60s. mid 50s, cooler around napa and fairfield tomorrow afternoon.
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storm ranger not finding a lot other than a few sprinkles across the higher mountaintops in the north bay. a lot more moisture offshore that by late tomorrow evening may bring sprinkles across the bay area. just after sunset around mount hamilton. the main event with this friday storm, this is not looking all that strong, will be on friday morning, 7:00 a.m., north bay, san francisco. by lunch, or just before lunch, it's moving out of the south bay. it's moving through more quickly. doesn't have a lot of moisture. you will notice the rain expectations have come down considerably. less than a tenth of an inch of rain south of san francisco. even the north bay, probably a quarter inch of rain out that storm. that might be it for a while. friday may be it. high pressure builds back across california. that's going to weaken storms on approach which leads to a drier seven-day forecast. moving forward from the weekend
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and beyond. there's a chance of your friday rain chances. we will probably get sun by the afternoon. that system mainly a morning to midday impact. patchy fog, sunshine for afternoon. if you liked today's weather, you will see a lot of it. saturday through wednesday, things looking dry. once we get into the weekend, clearing skies. they will stick around for a while. >> that sounds good. >> enjoy it. thanks so much. could the super bowl be moved out of l.a. the nfl has a backup plan. we will tell you about it next.
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the super bowl is five weeks away. it's scheduled to be played in l.a. will covid force the nfl to call an audible? california's top health official says today that mitigation strategies are in place.
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that includes fans wearing masks. the nfl is reportedly discussing a backup location. the home of the dallas cowboys. that's at&t stadium in arlington, texas. regardless where the super bowl is, you can watch the big game here on nbc bay area february 13th. >> fingers crossed the niners make it to the super bowl. who would start at quarterback? we will check in with jimmy g. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost.
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all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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a familiar face returned to practice for the 49ers today. jimmy g. was back on the field. >> here is the gamesmanship from kyle shanahan. he is not saying who will start as quarterback. you have to guess if you are the rams. this is the most important game of the season. >> back tossing the football. jimmy garoppolo was limited in his first practice since spraining his right thumb almost two weeks ago against the tennessee titans. number 10 did not hold back when describing how painful it is for him to throw passes. >> it [ bleep ] -- it hurts. >> too soon to say if he will be healthy enough to play in sunday's showdown against the rams. if not, trey lance will make his
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second start. >> i probably will make it before the game starts. i will not tell you when i do that. >> while the quarterback situation is grabbing the headlines, the health of the niner's defense could be just as important for their chances of beating l.a. >> the majority of the starters in the secondary might miss the game after being placed on the covid list earlier this week. >> watching how it worked for a number of teams around the nfl last week and guys who got it monday and stuff were able to come back and things like that. some guys on tuesday were able to come back. i am optimistic. your guess is as good as mine. >> the season comes down to week 18 against the rams. it's simple. win and they are in the playoffs. the 49ers have dominated the rams over the past few seasons. they have won five in a row against l.a., including the 31-10 victory in week ten. >> each one is its own game. i never really tied those together. it has no baring on what's
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happened in the past. it's about the four quarters. >> they are literally one of the best teams in the nfl right now. if we don't come to play, they're going to embarrass us. preparation has to be at an all-time high. >> they can still back into the postseason with a tie or if the saints lose or tie against the falcons. >> that's going to be exciting. the raiders looking for a win to clinch a playoff spot. they play the chargers on sunday night football. the winner of the game goes to the playoffs. if the raiders lose this game, they still have a slim chance. they would need the colts and steelers would lose. let's focus on the raiders beating the chargers. >> how stressful is this? we needed 17 games. if it ended last week, we would be out. >> this is what we like. coming up at 6:00, too many
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covid cases. it's back to distanced learning. the elementary school making the move that many parents, students and teachers feared. >> this week, a lot of kids positive test, covid-19 test. he had been on the job for only a handful of months. >> when i got the call from the deputy about my brother's passing, i thought they were joking. >> we talk to the sister of the sheriff's deputy recruit who was shot and killed on the freeway near the bay bridge toll plaza. is the cure worse than the disease? we investigate new developments in the sinking and leaning millennium tower of san francisco. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for being with us on this wednesday. >> shut down. that's the fate


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