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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 6, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- beanie feldstein writer and producer, norman lear. music from lady a. featuring the 8g band with atom willard ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. and now, if you don't mind, we are going to get to the news during his speech last night at a rally for gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe,
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president biden attacked former president trump and said he was, quote, "the only president since herbert hoover in the '30s to see more jobs lost than gained." which is why biden voted against trump and hoover [ laughter ] during the same speech, president biden criticized republican candidate, glen youngkin, and said that extremism, quote, "can come in a smile and a fleece vest," whereas obstructionism prefers denim. [ laughter ] that's right, arizona senator kyrsten sinema is receiving attention on social media after she wore a denim vest presiding over the senate. well she was either presiding over the senate or the breakfast club [ laughter ] west virginia senator joe manchin complained during a speech yesterday about his fellow senate democrats and said, quote, "i have a hard time, and i'm totally out of sync with 48 other democrats." well then, just a thought, but maybe it's you [ laughter ] that's like your friend saying his last 48 girlfriends have been psychos [ laughter ]
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like, at that point, it's just, like, suspicious odds. according to reports, a cyclist in alaska managed to fight off an attack from a 500-pound brown bear but that was the easy part the hard part was getting the bear onto the scale. [ laughter ] no [ applause ] i -- see this is the worst thing you can do because ian, so our writer ian, he just sits at home and -- what happens is we send out setups, which is, you know, the first half of the joke ian doesn't do any work. he doesn't read the news he doesn't - [ laughter ] all he gets are the setups, and he sees, "oh, 500-pound bear i wonder how they -- scale." [ laughter ] so that's -- you know, he just -- it's just worthless. [ laughter ] but it filled time it filled time [ laughter ] i actually really like that joke i feel bad now [ laughter ] japan's princess mako got married, yesterday, to a
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so-called commoner, which marks the end of her royal status. this news first reported by a very drunk maid of honor "i mean, what were you thinking? [ laughter ] i was there. hold on. [ laughter ] i was there when she met him, and i was like --" [ laughter ] a zoo in colorado announced this week that 11 lions and 2 tigers have tested positive for the coronavirus. so far, they only have mild symptoms, which is more than can be said for the guy who had to swab them. [ laughter ] i like that eight people are like, "oh, no. "oh, no, i'm -- i'm clapping for the victim of a lioncide." [ laughter ] i guess lioncide would, maybe, be if you killed the lion. look it up [ laughter ]
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don't just stare at me, shoemaker. and finally, according to a new survey, less than 20% of americans said that they eat the wider, yellow end of candy corn first, whereas the other 80% turn the candy corn around, and then, chuck it in the trash. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause and that was the monologue, everybody. we have got a great show for you, tonight you know her from "lady bird" and "booksmart," and now, "impeachment: american crime story," in which she plays monica lewinsky. beanie feldstein will be here. [ cheers and applause you know, so excited beanie is getting ready to star on broadway in the first-ever revival of "funny girl," after barbra streisand played the role in the '60s. the show was never revived on broadway until beanie came along, and it is maybe the most anticipated show this year so, this is my way of saying, "yes, beanie, i will take two tickets to opening night." [ laughter ] he is a television legend. "all in the family," "the jeffersons," "sanford and son," "good times," "one day at a time," "maude. his book "all in the family: the
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show that changed television," is out, next week. norman lear will be here [ cheers and applause how about that and this is very exciting, a multiple grammy, cma and acm award-winning band, whose eighth studio album, "what a song can do," is out now. we'll have music from lady a [ cheers and applause but before we get to all that, gop members of congress, like paul gosar and marjorie taylor greene, are facing growing scrutiny over their roles in the attempt to overthrow our democracy on january 6th, after a bombshell report linked them to the organizers of the days' events for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: the stakes of joe biden's presidency and the democrat's agenda could not be higher if democrats don't deliver on their promises and fail to give voters a reason to keep electing democrats, then the republicans waiting in the wings to take power are people like this >> rudy giuliani used a filter to make himself look like abraham lincoln in an odd attack on virginia governor gubernatorial candidate,
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terry mcauliffe. >> "virginia, vote against the man who dishonored our past by selling my bedroom hundreds and hundreds of times to scoundrels, in a pay for play scheme in my time, we had a name for men who sold bedrooms for one night. in your time, the name is terry mcauliffe. end the clinton flees once and for all. >> seth: wow disney's haunted mansion really went all out this year [ laughter ] you know, you know you're a real scumbag when you can make abraham lincoln seem dishonest [ laughter ] that's rudy giuliani, former mayor of america's largest city and former personal attorney to the president of the united states. although he looks more like a character who got cut from "oregon trail" because he gave the kids nightmares. whenever you encountered him, a message would pop up that says, "you have died of embarrassment.
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looks like the guy you get your mission from in "grand theft auto civil war. [ laughter ] "your next mission is to whack robert e. lee. [ laughter ] then go see vito down at the docks and tell him it's done." [ laughter ] also, what accent is he doing? is that supposed to be 19th century american or a coma patient learning how to talk again? [ laughter ] if that's what abe lincoln had actually sounded like, the north would've given up and lost the civil war. "four score and seven years ago, somebody rented out my bedroom." "this guy sucks. [ laughter ] that's the modern gop, sorry, that's the current gop they tried to overthrow an election based on bat [ bleep ] conspiracy theories from bamboo fibers on ballots, to italian satellites hacking voting machines, to election software designed by hugo chavez and the cia to spread communism around the world. these are all things they've actually said. i'm waiting for them to claim next they saw thousands of people vote twice using the kanye mask [ laughter ] and you would know who it is, because they'd vote twice for
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kanye. arizona congressman, paul gosar, one of the leaders of the attempt to overturn the results, said in a recent congressional hearing, that mysterious unnamed sources had approached him the day after the election to tell him the election was stolen from donald trump now don't worry about trying to follow any of this, because you can't. >> the day after the election, i was contacted by two individuals. one had -- had security and fraud -- jobs with the banking world. the other one is from fraud from the department of defense. what they saw from arizona drew their attention quickly, first, based on numbers of 90 some thousand, 60 some thousand, 40 some thousand the ballots drop into donald trump's category, and then, it quickly come out verbatim but then, they started watching and looking to the dumps and what i mean by that, is there's a first dump there's multiple dumps, maybe nine or ten through the night. if the first dump in coconino county with 61% for joe biden,
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you would expect the rest of the time -- the rest of the dumps to be very similar. [ light laughter ] 58, 62, 55 and so forth. not 40, 38, 35 that right there, a big question mark for them. >> seth: hey man, if you're going to talk about dumps that much, could you, maybe, move away from the camera a little bit? [ laughter ] or just point it lower did you record this on an atm security camera? [ laughter ] are you under the impression that your forehead is your best feature? it's not [ laughter ] and i say that as a person who has the same one also, i love the idea that someone would find rock solid evidence that the election was stolen and say, "hey, this is big, should we take it to the fbi, cia, 'washington post' or how about that space case congressman from arizona." gosar was, along with other fringe weirdos, like marjorie taylor greene, one of the key instigators in the attempt to overturn the election results on january 6th greene got into a shouting match on the house floor, last week,
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with colleagues during a vote to hold former trump advisor steve bannon in contempt for defying the subpoena from the committee investigating the insurrection and when she was asked about that vote by cnn, the interview took a weird turn. >> what was the rationale behind your vote? >> the rationale behind by vote, is i'm not self-absorbed like the rest of these jerks here in congress they're all ignoring inflation people can hardly buy food gas has gone up. >> why call them jerks, if you don't mind >> because they're self-absorbed. all they care about is congress. they don't care about the american people that pay all the taxes. >> there was an attack on -- >> all you want to talk about is your trump derangement syndrome. and all you want to talk about is january 6th, where there's a riot here. >> why are you protecting steve bannon why protect steve bannon >> because i care about american people >> seth: she has the grammar and cadence of the lady at buffalo wild wings trying to get everyone's attention after one too many keystone lights [ laughter ] also, you might've noticed there was a weird ending where a random dude just wandered up next to her during the interview. now, if you've ever taken the subway before, you might be thinking, "oh, no, he's about to ask her about scientology. [ laughter ] but -- turns out he's another
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republican member of congress, and he decided to just crash the interview and pull greene away >> the interview ended, soon after, when fellow republican congressman pete sessions, of texas, walked into the middle of our conversation >> so you doing okay let's get out of here. >> okay. >> but not steve bannon. >> seth: well, even her fellow republicans are like, "marjorie, marjorie, you wandered off maybe you should stay away from the cameras, marjorie. marjorie [ applause ] or at the very least, marjorie, at the very least, use a filter to disguise yourself." [ laughter ] i've never -- i've never seen that happen in an interview before you know, doing interviews is my job. it definitely doesn't help you seem more normal if someone in a suit came up to andy samberg halfway through an interview on this show and said, "hey, andy, you okay let's get out of here. i definitely would think something's up with samberg, and then i'd text him later and i'd say, "hey, man, what was that? and he'd text back something like, "sorry, i forgot to tell you. and i'd say, "forgot to tell me what?" and then there would be like three dots making me think he was writing something painfully confessional, until he just
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said, "frisbee sucks." [ laughter ] i mean, seriously, can you imagine the reaction if halfway through "a closer look," someone just stopped me and took me off stage? >> hey, seth, are you ok maybe you should go. >> seth: why do you say that do i not seem okay >> oh, no, you seem fine but you see, every time i say a line on camera, i get paid, and i need the money to fix my pool. [ laughter ] >> seth: your house has a pool >> don't be silly, seth. my beach house has a pool. [ laughter ] the beach house seth meyers made wink [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: we're not paying you for the [ bleep ] wink [ laughter ] you don't get money for a line if it's just saying a stage direction. [ laughter ] then, this week, greene seemed to justify the insurrection by claiming that the declaration of independence says to overthrow tyrants. that apparent confession that comes just days after a bombshell report from "rolling stone" tying greene to the so-called "stop the steal" rally on january 6th, that eventually led to the riot.
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two planners of the pro-trump rallies, who are now cooperating with the committee investigating the insurrection, described participating in dozens of planning briefings ahead of that day. "when trump supporters broke into the capitol, i remember marjorie taylor greene specifically," one organizer said and you would definitely remember talking to marjorie taylor greene, the same way you would remember being attacked by chucky [ laughter ] if the cops were taking your statement after a chucky attack, you wouldn't say, "oh, man, i don't remember his name. i think he was like two feet tall, orange hair, overalls? scars all over his face. might have been a cabbage patch kid, i don't know. former mayor." but basically, greene had initially responded to the allegations by denying that she was involved in planning the rally, saying the only thing she was very involved in was objecting to the election results on january 6th then referring to the "rolling stone" article, she added, "shouldn't they cover music? they do, which is why they were writing about you, one person who is equal to 10,000 maniacs [ laughter ] and hey, i know it seems like pandering to reference a hot modern band to get an audience reaction, but hey, hey, we give
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'em what they want [ light laughter ] [ applause ] i'm sorry. that's a [ bleep ] network thing. they're cracking on us really hard they're like, "you haven't even obliquely mentioned natalie merchant in like two years. [ laughter ] if you're watching at home and you like that joke, like, reach out. [ laughter ] joke also, her denial is itself a damning admission. she claims she wasn't involved in planning the protests, because she was too busy trying to overturn the election results. we shouldn't just let that pass by unnoticed it's the classic defense, "i couldn't have burned down your house, because i was too busy buying gasoline and matches and a map to your house. [ laughter ] but probably the worst non-denial denial came from alabama congressman mo brooks, one of the most vocal advocates of the big lie and another co- conspirator who was also implicated in the "rolling
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stone" article brooks said, in response, that he had no involvement in planning the january 6th rally, but said, "i don't know if my staff did, but if they did, i'd be proud of them for helping to put together a rally lawful under the first amendment at the ellipse to protest voter fraud and election theft." wow, he o.j.'d his own staff [ laughter ] "i didn't do it, but if my staff did, here's how. [ laughter ] it's a really nice joke that we just told. like that we change what o.j.'ing means to mean, like, writing a book [ laughter ] like for a long time, he's been like, "i feel like when people say o.j. - [ laughter ] for me, it's like author, football, and then - [ laughter ] brooks really threw his staff under the bus. although in fairness, i do that a lot with my staff when a joke bombs. like, i had no involvement with that 10,000 maniacs joke
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[ laughter ] but i'm proud of whoever wrote it took a lot of guts [ laughter ] took a lot of guts to go out here in front of people. now, if you're not familiar with mo brooks, he's the extremely pro-trump congressman who gave an incendiary speech calling on trump supporters to start taking down names and kicking ass then, said he only did it because trump told him to. he metaphorically ran away from a lawsuit over his involvement in the insurrection and literally ran away from a reporter who tried to ask him about support for accused sexual predator, roy moore, in 2017 >> seth: yeah, that definitely seems like the kind of guy who would incite an insurrection, blame his staff, and then, i guess, judging from the clacking sound, escape on horseback [ laughter ] seriously, the foley work on that clip is outstanding
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why does it sound like they're galloping into town on a mustang? "i didn't invite a riot, but if my staff did, i'd be proud of them now if you'll excuse me, me and old thunder here, will be down at the saloon drinking a sarsaparilla and getting our next mission from weird old abe lincoln. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: the core -- the core of today's republican party is the big lie that the election was stolen. they tried to overthrow the results. they're being open about it, trying to justify it and planning on doing it again, which is why they have to be stopped. one of our two major parties, the party poised to take back power if democrats fail, has been captured by a cult-like movement of weirdos, authoritarians and - >> scoundrels. [ laughter ] >> seth: you don't get used to it this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with beanie feldstein, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪
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just might be you. ♪♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our rotating drummer program returns this week. and sitting in with us is one of the best he's played in iconic bands like against me!, angels & airwaves, social distortion and now plosivs. their debut single, "hit the brakes," is available now, and their self-titled album will be out in february.
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atom willard is here thank you so much for being back, atom [ cheers and applause our first guest, tonight, is a talented actress who you know from the movies "lady bird" and "booksmart." she plays monica lewinsky in the limited series, "impeachment: american crime story," which airs tuesdays, only on fx. let's take a look. >> i don't understand why you have this. i don't understand what is happening. why is this happening? ♪ linda, what did you do?! >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our friend, beanie feldstein, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back to the show >> thank you for having me [ cheers and applause
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>> seth: it's so great to have you here >> oh, my god. >> seth: so nice they're so happy to see you. >> thank you >> seth: and we're -- i'm not just happy that you're here, at the show it's also very nice to have you back in new york city. i know this is home. i know you were away for a long time working on "impeachment." are you happy to be back >> i'm back in the new york groove, baby i'm here i'm so happy to be back. i just smile, but no one can see it under my mask [ laughter ] when i walk around, i'm just like, "i'm so happy to be here." >> seth: you -- your eyes. there's a light in your eyes when you smile yeah >> there's a -- like a real smizing happening in my eyes for sure [ light laughter ] >> seth: and we've talked in the past obviously, this is not a secret that you are a great fan of musical theater. have you been able go back and see shows yet? have you -- have you done it >> yes i -- my partner, bon, had never seen "hamilton." >> seth: that's amazing. >> so, i was like, "i have to take you to see 'hamilton.'" and she's british. so, she loved the king i was like "that's not the takeaway of 'hamilton.'" [ laughter ] she was like, "oh, yay." [ laughter ] but we had the greatest time we saw "freestyle love supreme." we saw "nollywood dreams" at mcc. it's been so great to be -- to be back at the theater >> seth: that's really exciting. and we were talking backstage
1:01 am
about "funny girl. i mean, this is a show that has never been revived an iconic part played by barbra streisand >> it's barbra streisand >> seth: it's barbra streisand >> it's just barbra streisand. >> seth: you know, so you must have -- i mean, i don't know if hesitation's the right word, but, like, what's it like to take on something like that? >> it's insane i mean, it's truly, the first dream i ever had of -- "funny girl" was my obsession as a two-year-old [ laughter ] normal like, i begged my mom to make my third birthday party "funny girl" themed so, you know, like at party city you have, like, elmo plates and "beauty and the beast. and i was like where is the fanny brice balloons [ laughter ] and she was like, "they don't exist. it didn't click for me but i -- i literally had a "funny girl" themed birthday party. my mom made me a fanny brice costume. >> seth: so you're three years old. that's so shocking to me like, how did you know it? were your -- were your parents just playing, like, the broadway recording, like --
1:02 am
>> my mom showed me the movie. >> seth: she showed you the movie. >> she was like, "look at this iconic jewish woman on the screen." >> seth: yeah. >> "you have to see this at two-years-old. and i became obsessed with it, and i would ask her to play it like, other kids would be like "play 'the little mermaid.'" i'd be like, "can we do 'don't rain on my parade' one more time, please, mom, from the top. [ laughter ] and i just became obsessed with it so yeah, i'd walk around my third birthday party, like, eating all my snacks in my, you know, fanny brice costume. and all the parents are laughing, and all the kids are like, "what the heck is going on?" >> seth: "what's going on. what about -- so then, it must've been a pretty special moment when you told your mom you were going to do this on broadway what was that like >> so, i didn't tell my mom that i was auditioning. 'cause i was like, "if this doesn't go my way -- >> seth: right >> "it's going to hurt her so much more than it's going to hurt me. so, she had no idea any of this was happening. so, when i got the call that i was going to be fanny brice on broadway, which is insane, i called my mom. and it was during the pandemic it was, obviously, we're still in a pandemic. but it was pre-vaccine and i called her, and i was like, "i'm going to come by the house. please put your mask on. and bring dad, come outside. i'm going to be masked but i have something to tell
1:03 am
you. my mom was like, "what's going on what what is going on?" [ laughter ] like screaming like, literally shaking. and she's like, "you just have to tell me, because i can't sit here." i'm like, "it's been four seconds. you need to calm down. [ laughter ] >> seth: now, do you think -- i don't know your mom. do you think she thought she was about to hear good news? >> no. >> seth: or do you think she was worried that it was going to be bad news >> i mean, it's jewish mom >> seth: right >> it's, like, gonna go to the bad. you know, whatever >> seth: yeah. >> she was like, "something is happening that i don't know about. and -- [ laughter ] >> seth: that's really what it is good or bad. >> exactly >> seth: it's like, "i don't know!" >> "i'm not in the know. and i was like, "i'm, um, going to be fanny brice on broadway. and i -- i've never seen her that happy it was honestly like -- and even my dad - oh, thank you. [ cheers and applause even -- even my dad, who's like -- i think my dad says like ten words a year like, he literally doesn't speak. [ laughter ] was like, "bean, that is -- that is incredible. [ laughter ] and i was like -- so even he was excited in his own -- in his own way. yeah >> seth: i say this, this is a comment on not on your mother, but on my mother and things that she has done in the past how quickly after you gave her
1:04 am
the good news did she start asking for tickets for her friends? >> it was the -- it was, "can i tell my friends? and i was like "no and you can't tell them for months." and she was like, "and that's going to be hard for me. [ laughter ] "that's going to be tough for me, because i really wanted to call charlsie, and if i can't call --" and i'm like, "okay. relax. but yes, the tickets, she calls me once a day about them >> seth: that's great. >> i'm like, "i promise you're going to get to go [ laughter ] like, it's not a problem i swear. >> seth: "i'm sorry, mom it's sold out. i'm sorry. [ laughter ] we talked about this when you were in "hello, dolly! >> yes >> seth: your brother, jonah hill, got a "hello, beanie" tattoo, which is just such an incredibly loving and supporting thing >> insane. when he told me he was going to do it, i was like, "get it on your arm." and i expected it to be like that big >> seth: yeah. >> and it's like truly, most of his -- >> seth: it's a real big one, yeah >> yeah, it's too big, honestly. it's too big >> seth: and do we think there's a "funny girl" tattoo in his future i feel like -- >> you have to keep up if you start this rolling -- >> seth: you got to keep up with the revivals yeah [ laughter ] >> yeah, exactly if you're not going to put the revivals on your skin, where are you -- what are you going to do so, yeah, i guess there has to be some sort of like - >> seth: i mean, it does seem, like, very complimentary yeah >> it's very sweet
1:05 am
>> seth: i mean, he said the "hello, beanie," so does he do like, "funny beanie? or does he do "beanie girl?" >> "beanie girl? like, what is it [ laughter ] i don't know i'm not that funny so, you know, it has to be - >> seth: this must also be nice to, like, go into something as joyous as this after -- well, it's an incredible performance "impeachment" must have been exhausting, both the schedule and just the emotional weight of what you're playing. >> yeah, i mean, i was standing backstage when you were playing the clip and i'm like, "oh. you know, it's just it's so -- it was really something like i'd never done before. most of what i've been lucky enough to be part of in the past has been leaning comedic you know like a dramedy or like a true comedy or a musical and "impeachment" is not only a drama, but it's someone's real life and monica was a producer on the show so, it's -- it was a tremendous amount of responsibility for me. i really felt like i wanted to do right by her in every way that i possibly could. and so to do that, i had to really send myself into some really intense places.
1:06 am
and ryan murphy directed the episode from the clip you just saw. and he'd come up to me, and he would be like, "how you doing? can we go again? and i just would be like, "it's for monica, we have to go again. if you need to go again -- i have to do right by her. that's like all i -- i brush my teeth thinking about it i go to sleep thinking about it. like, i do -- everything in my life revolves around doing right by her so i -- you know, it's -- what she had to go through was really disturbing and intense so, yeah, it was very different. >> seth: it's been very nice to, sort of, correct the record. because, i think a lot of people, especially, you know, younger people - not that, you know, older people shouldn't be excused either -- but i think younger people might not know the full story. and might know it from, like, small pieces of like, you know, jokes or this or that. and to actually see what happened - i would imagine when you would talk to monica, who, as you mentioned, was a producer on it. like, what sort of questions would you ask her without having to make her, sort of, relive it herself? >> totally so, she's the producer and the subject. so that's like a really tricky thing to navigate. and as you said, i didn't want to make her, sort of, rehash the most traumatic days of her life.
1:07 am
so, by the time i met her, i'd been researching her for ten months, which is like a really weird interaction of like, "hello, i know almost everything about you. [ laughter ] and, so, i really wanted know things that i just couldn't find in any book or any transcript, because monica was interviewed 22 times by the office of independent counsel about what happened so, unfortunately, there's just so much material of her being questioned so i wanted things that, like, you'll just never be able to find like her best friend's name is catherine. and i was like, "is she cat? is she cathy like, when the two of you are just, like, alone and hanging, like who is she to you?" you know, these things that i just couldn't get from any book. like, is that grandma bubby or is that grandma bubby? >> seth: yeah. >> you know, just like these -- these little specificities that i couldn't find. and she was so gracious, and she was so giving to all of us from every stage of the project, and i just -- yeah, i hope we did right by her >> seth: i think you did congratulations on that. i'm so excited for "funny girl." and thanks so much for being here >> thank you for having me, i'm so happy >> seth: it's always a delight [ cheers and applause beanie feldstein, everybody. "impeachment: american crime story" airs tuesdays on fx we'll be right back with norman lear.
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is a legendary emmy-winning television writer and producer behind shows like "all in the family," "the jeffersons" and "sanford and son." his book, "all in the family: the show that changed television," is out november 2nd please welcome to the show norman lear, everyone. [ cheers and applause >> and here he is. >> seth: norman, i'm so happy to see you. you are 99, which means you're in your 100th year, and i'm assuming you get asked this all the time you're probably exhausted answering it, but how do you do it, norman >> seth: that sounds -- thats le
1:13 am
key to the whole thing >> and i -- no, no i always think about two little words we don't pay enough attention to over and next. when something is over, it's over, and we are all on to next, and if there was a hemic in the middle, that would be the best definition i could give of living in the moment so i think that's what i have been able to do. the fact that my life is, seth, it's taken me every split second of my life to finish this sentence [ laughter ] and it just took you every split second of your life to go -- [ laughter ] so it's an important moment. >> seth: it was lovely to read about this show. it must be nice going back and revisiting it in your memory i want to ask, you know, now, i think, people would not even begin to think that the show would not have worked. but, you know, no show is guaranteed success when did you know it was working?
1:14 am
>> are you talking about - >> seth: "all in the family. >> "all in the family. you know, i made it three year -- i made it three times before it went on the air. made it in new york twice and once here before it went on the air. always with -- with carroll o'connor and jean stapleton, but the first two times absent, the -- rob reiner and sally struthers, made it with two other young people and it was a blessing that the network didn't pick it up, because by the time it came -- by the time we found rob and sally, the chemistry between each of those four, in every direction, was so glorious and so - that was, you know, the fate of the gods
1:15 am
>> seth: it was not universally loved by critics when it first came out you would respond to the critics when this happened do you remember any of that back and forth, or do you remember why people didn't like it right out of the gate? >> well, they didn't like -- you know, didn't understand the reason for a -- a bigot as the center of a show and there was a review by the name of a very well known author and critic, a woman i can't remember her name for the moment anyway, she gave it a terrible review in "the new york times. and then about six weeks later, she wrote another review and took back what she had said the first time, 'cause she understood the show better >> seth: that's really amazing that doesn't happen.
1:16 am
how many times have you had a critic change their mind in your 100 years? >> that was it >> seth: that was it, yeah [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> my soon to be a hundred years. i'm only working on a hundred. >> seth: did you -- i've heard you describe yourself as -- i've always thought of myself as a writer who works well under deadlines, because, you know, i think like a lot of writers, i procrastinate. but i've heard you call yourself -- i like this term a lot more than procrastinator, you're a clutch writer is that what i think it means? [ light laughter ] >> well, i spent the -- many years at the beginning of my career, i had to deliver, let's say on a monday morning, a monologue for tennessee ernie ford or george goebel, and i'd start on it the wednesday preceding i'd be caught in a clutch wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sometimes sunday.
1:17 am
many times late at night writing all night and finishing what i was responsible for five days earlier [ laughter ] and without any sleep, going down to hollywood to a reading of what i had just written it was scary as hell, but we got through it >> seth: you received viewer mail over the years, as well, not just about "all in the family," but all of your shows was there a piece of viewer mail you remember with any fondness >> i remember a piece of mail where it called me the number one enemy of the american family in our generation. [ laughter ] and i didn't know his name, at
1:18 am
first, and then later i learned -- wait a minute, the guy who wrote it is on the air, and he's a reverend. it's jerry falwell [ laughter ] called me the number one enemy of the american family, and then i heard from pat robinson who certified that falwell was correct. [ laughter ] >> seth: well, if it was just one of them who said it, i would take your side, but if it was both of them - [ laughter ] you -- i guess at a young age, someone who chooses his career and sticks with it for so long, at a young age you must have known you had not just a good sense of humor, but maybe the ability to see humor where others weren't was that the case? >> you know, when i was nine-years-old, my father got into trouble and was sent to prison something to do with fraud and the night he was -- or two
1:19 am
nights after he was called away, my mother had to give up the apartment we were living in and so forth she was selling the furniture. i was going off to live with my grandparents anyway, there were strangers in the house looking at -- the thing that killed me most was my father's red leather chair where we used to sit together to listen -- i had radio, no television then -- to listen to the fights on friday night from madison square garden. very sentimental to me and i was in -- not in good shape. when a stranger who was looking at my father's chair with a -- you know, about to purchase it, put his hand - [ laughter ] put his hand on my shoulder and said, "well, norman, you're the man of the house now."
1:20 am
and somehow at nine years of age, i knew that was hilarious [ laughter ] i wanted to say [ bleep ] hilarious, but i don't know whether i can do that or not [ applause ] >> seth: well, norman, it was an honor to speak with you, but even more important than that, it was an absolute delight thank you for making time for us tonight. >> i couldn't have enjoyed it more, and i think the world of you, seth meyers [ audience aws ] >> seth: thank you, norman lear. "all in the family: the show that changed television" is out november 2nd we'll be right back with music from lady a. ♪ people think unusual circumstances, means complicated taxes, but for a turbotax live expert like me, it just makes things interesting. so, give us everything you've got. what if i'm a professional gamer with a ton of expenses? if they help drive views, let's talk deductions.
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perform "like a lady" off their latest album, "what a song can do," give it up for lady a [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ lad lady ♪ ♪ boy i'm not the kind of girl ♪ ♪ to go and fight for all your attention mmm mmm ♪ ♪ i'm not too afraid to call this off and go see what i've been missing mmm mmm ♪ ♪ leave the dress at home 'cause it makes me too polit no more waiting by the phone i'm stepping out tonight ♪ ♪ 'cause i feel like a lady sippin' on tequila with my levi's o a lady ♪ ♪ singin' to the musi playin' all night long
1:27 am
yeah i'm feeling right i'm living my life ♪ ♪ i do what i lik 'cause i feel like a lad a lady ♪ ♪ treat myself to what's up on the highest shelf i want it i get it i want it i get it ♪ ♪ i might loo like i'm lonel but i'm only lovin every minute ♪ ♪ ooh baby ♪ ♪ leave the heels at home 'cause they never do me righ going dancing on my ow man these hips don't lie ♪ ♪ 'cause i feel like a lady sippin' on tequila with my levi's o a lady ♪ ♪ singin' to the musi playin' all night long yeah, i'm feeling righ i'm living my life ♪ ♪ i do what i lik 'cause i feel like a lad a lady ♪
1:28 am
♪ feel like a lad a lady yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ might change my hai and change my mind might change you whole damn life ♪ ♪ i might break your hear and not think twic that's right 'cause i'm a lady ♪ ♪ sippin' on tequil with my levi's o a lady ♪ ♪ singin' to the musi playin' all night long i'm feeling righ i'm living my life ♪ ♪ i do what i lik 'cause i feel like a lad a lady ♪ ♪ i feel like i feel like a lady i feel lik i feel like a lady ♪ ♪ i feel like i feel like a lady
1:29 am
lady ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: lady a, everyone! "what a song can do" is out now. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪♪ gravity. it's a force to be reckoned with. no one knows better than we do. but without gravity, you can't have lift. the very thing that holds you down is the very thing that helps you rise above. thanks to gravity, the real force to be reckoned with just might be you. ♪♪ ♪♪ you pour your heart into everything you do, which is a lot. so take care of that heart with lipton. because sippin' on unsweetened lipton can help support a healthy heart.
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, beanie feldstein, norman lear and lady a i want to thank atom willard and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ bracing to keep up as omicron surges across the bay area. several new developments.


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