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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 6, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PST

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, beanie feldstein, norman lear and lady a i want to thank atom willard and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ bracing to keep up as omicron surges across the bay area. several new developments.
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the statewide mandate extended to february 15th. then what happens? >> what we'll have to do going forward is just make recommendations. >> we're talking to doctors about how your life could change after this latest surge. also, covid in the classroom. parents concerned and schools continue to scramble. the bay area school district that's temporarily shutting down campuses. and the new term, flurona. just as bad as it sounds. what you need to know before you go to sleep this evening. good evening, everyone. that mask is the keeper. the statewide mask mandate has new life. it is being extended until february 15th. and quite possibly it could go longer, too. >> we spoke with two infectious disease experts about how long they expect we'll have these mask mandates in place. we heard two very different answers. nbc bay area terry mcsweeney has the story as we work to move you forward. >> for some business owners,
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mandatory masking is a heavy lift. but until february 15th at least, if you're inside a place in california, you have to wear one. >> more cancellations. we have people fed up. they're just tired of it. there's no way in a gym that people could feel comfortable working out. >> reporter: when it will end? >> i think in terms of mask mandates -- >> reporter: she says when the omicron wave ends in two or three weeks, it should be just a recommendation and only for the immuno compromised or the elderly. >> especially for children who are very low risk, when we've been doing this for two years and the virus is what is called endemic. it will just be with us. it won't make sense. >> it will all depend on what the case numbers are. >> reporter: the doctor says when the omicron fueled hospitalization numbers come down, we can pull back on some mitigation measures but masking
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should not be one of them. >> i think indoor masking is one of the least costly measures. so that might be one of the later ones to go. >> reporter: he would like to see more masks and people stepping up protection by using n-95 masks. >> they are 95% of small particles and that's very important when you're indoors around people because omicron is far more transmissible. >> reporter: the doctor sees omicron as considerably less harmful as other strains which means more immunity in the population and a light at the end of the tunnel. >> i think this will put it behind us. at least let us live with it in an endemic state. >> as covid spreads, so does concern about our classrooms. the traffic mess in fremont. a free covid test giveaway attracted so many people that police ultimately had to shut it down. this was at the headquarters of
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the fremont union school district. >> it has ended. recommended you go home and try again tomorrow. >> to be clear, that is the fremont unified school district and that district is apologizing for this distribution traffic jam. the district announced tonight a new plan and it will open more locations tomorrow. here it is. free covid testing kit for families of the fremont unified district from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at american high school,ic irving high. today we learned a spike in cases prompted the temporary shutdown of some schools in contra costa county. hundred of kids at martin luther king jr. in richmond back being shifted to virtual learning. at least for the time being. the school district superintendent made that decision after ten of the school students in several grades tested positive for covid on monday.
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>> give a positive test, covid. uh-huh. for me, for my little ones. it is better study at home. >> now late this afternoon, the closure list got a bit longer. parents were told every school in the west contra costa school district will shut down friday and monday for deep cleaning. so will they walk tomorrow? several san francisco teachers say the district has failed to plan for the omicron surge so they might stage a sickout. that could happen tomorrow. leaders of the united educators of san francisco say they don't support a sick out. they want to stay open but only if the district does more to keep safe. they need a better plan for replacing sick teach,and distributing the at-home test kits. >> it doesn't mean educators having to deal with more and
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more students crammed into our classrooms but instead to make sure they are staffed appropriately and those who need time to get well can do it. >> the district says it has made testing available to students and staff since last spring and it got a new batch laugh night and plans to hand them out in the days ahead. not taking any chances. stanford sim plentying some new and temporary rules. from now until at least january 28th, no indoor events and gatherings are allowed. conferences and meetings are okay. as for indoor sporting events, no fans often family members. tonight the men's volleyball team played. you can see a handful of people this. family members eerily empty. stanford did beat lyndon wood university. a live look now at san jose.
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the city is big changes. city meetings will be held virtually. many will be done via virtual appointments. also the eviction help center at city hall is closed. however, places that will remain open, libraries and the community centers. >> also tonight, san jose may become the first city to mandate that all city workers not only well. they discussed the proposal this afternoon. if the proposal is approved, all city employees would have to get a booster. and anyone visiting large city-owned buildings like the sam center or the convention center would have to show proof of a booster. so a lot is in flux and no doubt you have some questions. so nbc bay area is holding a phone bank tomorrow. it runs from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. the number to call on your screen. we'll be posting that number on
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our website. we're following some breaking news in san jose. a deadly hit and run. police say a bicyclist was riding near the 880 interchange. a bicyclist was hit by a car and the car drove off. the cyclist was rushed to the local hospital where the person died. police are asking any witnesses to please get ahold of them. tonight the family of an alameda county deputy is mourning the death. david nunn was shot and killed. who shot him and why would they? cheryl hurd spoke to his sister and best fleenld are remembering the young recruit as a man with a passion for giving. >> it really hurts to lose someone like him. >> reporter: a sad yet strong statement from barbara nguyen
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who took time out to talk about her big brother david. >> it is very unfortunate that it had to happen to anyone. >> reporter: the nguyen family tonight trying to figure out who shot and killed him tuesday around 4:30 p.m. as he was heading toward the bay bridge. a 28-year-old who had a passion for law enforcement, a former california national guardman and a man on his way to becoming an alameda county sheriff. a dream ended with a bullet. >> seeing his body in that body bag. it was -- i can't even describe the feeling. it's just very unfortunate. just the reality of this. >> reporter: nguyen posted pictures of his reality on facebook like the one showing him guarding the state capitol last january following the january 6th attack in washington, d.c. today the chp giving us details on what has happened to him on
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tuesday. >> the bullet did strike the right front window of the vehicle which was a toyota prius. and the driver was then struck by that bullet. >> reporter: a highway shooting that is becoming a story told too often in the bay area. police are still looking for highway shooters who killed 23-year-old jasper and a young mother of two children. in fact, our investigative unit has been digging into the numbers. data from the chp shows the number of shootings along bay area highways have increased substantially over the last three years. up 117%. the most dangerous stretch, 580 in alameda county. this have been 31 shootings in 2021. >> i just want people to be safe and be happy and my brother would want the same for everyone. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc
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bay area news. tomorrow will be a difficult anniversary for a lot of people. not just in washington, d.c. but across the country. january of last year, rioters stormed the u.s. capitol. lawmakers ran for safety while police officers fought to keep the crowd back. only to be beaten. tonight bay area congresswoman jackie speier talked with two of the officers and about the ongoing investigation into the attack. here's jean elellie. >> reporter: the fbi is working to identify the rioters who took over the capitol a year ago, focusing now on people who attacked police officers. >> we were fighting for our lives. >> those individuals chose to beat me, really just to torture me. >> reporter: the bay area congresswoman jackie speier posted two officers. she titled fighting fascism in america. officers believe they believe the attack was coordinated and
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can happen again. >> not much has changed since january 6th, 2021. we still have politicians that engage in the same inciteful violent rhetoric and in many ways, they've doubled down. >> reporter: a area later they say the capitol is still vulnerable. >> to prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: the congresswoman said funding for reinforcement still needs to be approved by the senate. she said investigators are making progress, holding rioters accountable, filing charges against 700 people. more than 100 have needed guilty. they said the department of justice and the house select committee on the january 6th attack should shift their focus to members of congress who may have helped lead the effort. >> the charges being brought up, and people are being held accountable. >> reporter: the fbi has to identify the person and videos
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seen placing pipe bombs at the republican and democratic national headquarters, while the search for answers continues, congresswoman speers said it is clear the police officers who risked their lives and even lost their lives saved our democracy. >> for each of you, we would probably be living under an autocracy today. i think we came that close to a coup. to donald trump overturning the election. and putting himself in, back in office. >> reporter: in washington, the capitol police chief said in anticipation of possible incidents tomorrow, they are ready. >> we invite to you stay with us tomorrow for our live coverage from capitol hill. our coverage begins at 6:00 a.m. with special reports throughout the day. we are back in 60 seconds with a new term you don't want
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to hear your doctor say. flurona. you got that right. the flu and the coronavirus hitting you at the same time. also, someone just won more than $300 million in the powerball. was it you? that winning ticket sold not far from the bay area. and parts of the bay area have a dense fog advisory. that plus the rain timing storm system
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just in, we have a winner, actually, two of them. does this 7-eleven look familiar? lottery officials say one of the two winning jackpots sold this. 7-eleven, also, $630 million. the ticket sold in sacramento would be worth $315. the other ticket sold in wisconsin. the winning number. 6, 14, 25, 33, 46, and 17. okay. this might be the first time you're hearing of this. flurona. as in a flu and coronavirus. it is happening here in california and doctors expect to see more of these dual infections this season. sergio quintana has the details. >> reporter: the teenage patient tested positive for influenza and covid-19 at this brentwood site in los angeles. it one of few sites that test for both. many hospitals do as well if a
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patient is admitted for care. authorities say he was not vaccinated for either virus. this case is unusual but not unexpected. >> i think many people don't realize you can actually in the same person get both at the same time. in fact, it is not a new concept in medicine. >> reporter: the ucsf doctor says that is one of the big reasons health officials have been encouraging people to get their flu shots for months now. it is a new scenario for doctors. >> i think we're paying attention to it because we don't really know how flu and covid interact together. >> both infections present similar symptoms but may have different treatments. the teenager who tested positive for both had just returned home from a family trim to cancun, mexico. >> at home and doing well. >> reporter: flurona cases have
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already popped up in texas and israel. doctors say children may be more susceptible to both infections. unfortunately, they speck more cases like this. >> we've already started. what many don't realize, it continues, february, march, april. so it's actually not too late to get your in shot if you haven't. >> reporter: sergio quintana. nbc bay area news. making sure teens have extra protection. it was voted for the booster for kids 12 to 15. it will be given five months after the second dose. the recommendation comes two days after they cleared the shot form age gram. currently pfizer is the only vaccine approved for 12 to 15-year-olds. the cdc chair paying the its guidance for people who want to use tests following their covid isolation period. people can get a rapid antigen test around day five of isolation but it stops short of making that a requirement.
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last week the cdc did come under fair for shortening isolation time from ten days to five but not mentioning the addition of the additional test to leave isolation. some argue without that negative test, asymptomatic people could just be going around spreading the virus unknowingly. >> a princess cruise ship will dock tomorrow with what could be a covid outbreak. the crew won't tell them how many actual cases are on board. they are on the ruby princess cruise ship. they've been there ten days. a new years celebration that embarks in southern california. they've been ice hating in their room the past several days after learning the shipment's entertainers were quarantining because of a covid outbreak. he says the crew hasn't followed through on its covid precautions. he even called the cdc to warn them about what may be coming.
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>> they finally found a report where they could take a tracking number. so that's the only thing with anyone. especially now that the trip is denying that anything happened. >> not at love answers. it is unclear what will happen when the passengers embark tomorrow. we did reach out to the san francisco public health department but we didn't hear back. here's a possible covid-related twist. the super bowl is next month in l.a. the nfl apparently has a back-up plan. california's top health officials say he's confidence the game will stay right there. that includes wearing masks. however, the national possible to league is reportedly discussing a back-up location. the league would possibly move the super bowl to this stadium in texas. the home of the dallas cowboys. at&t stadium.
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regardless of where the super bowl is, you can watch it here on february 13th. wouldn't that be something? we have to get through friday and then we have a nice weekend. >> yeah. and then we'll have to deal with some fog. seeing the low clouds, low enough that the city lights are lighting up from below. you can see some patchy fog, toward 50. and more at about 55 degrees. especially toward concord. out there about a half mile. stay tuned for today in the bay. we may begin to see some of the advisers perhaps extended into the bay area. they could drop off a little more tomorrow morning. upper 50s around san jose.
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the clouds will thicken up. we could still see the temperatures close to 60 degrees. in terms of the clouds, fog for the morning. but here is one of the changes tomorrow. it looks like after sun down, we may see some light showers passing over the bay area. earlier than the forecast had. though the main event in terms of the heavier showers briefly will be right there at 7:00 a.m. 48. clearing out of the bay area, pretty. right after noon. and then partly cloudy skies friday afternoon and friday evening. given how fast that particular system is losing, the rain totals still looking pretty low. a bit higher up here on the north coast on the northwest coast of sonoma county. about a half inch of rain. after that, the things clear out. patchy fog likely to be around for the weekend. that dry pattern should hold through the weekend. the areas along the coast might see a shower or two as we get into monday and tuesday. you can see how high pressure
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really just continues to weaken any storm to try to come into approach early next week. so the weekend is looking dry with some patchy fog. the san francisco temperatures in the upper 50s. if you like today's weather, you will see more of it next week. patchy fog to deal with at night and morning hours. and then back in the low 60s again early next week. so after 48, things clear out and stay dry. >> we like that sunshine. thanks. happening now, new information about the troubled millennium tower in san francisco. our investigative unit has learned that a key rule designed to prevent settlement in the ground apparently wasn't followed. that sto
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he was kicked out for being unvaccinated. serbian tennis star novak djokovic has been denied entry into australia. djokovic was recently granted a vaccine exemption to compete in the upcoming australian open. however, when he landed in australia today, his visa was revoked. and he was met with a firm no from the aussie government. the prime minister said djokovic should not get special treatment just because he's a tennis star. the awards show has been postponed for a second area in a row pause of covid.
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they said uncertainty citing the omicron variant among the reasons for that move. after two years of delay, the consumer electronics show returned to vegas. expo hall today for a mass audience. attendance was cut down by half. lots of different times of tvs, virtual head sets, a smart home product. what you're looking at is a bmw that changes color. you can make it white. you can make it black. if you lose your car like i usually do in the parking lot, you can make it change colors so you can find it. >> i had an old rusty bmw
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okay. already the hot ticket in town, they might be returning tort warriors lineup this sunday at chase center. tickets, whoo! >> if you want to see clay play, that's the deal. that's for the boozy court side tickets. my tickets, the upper deck. those are expensive, too. $300 per. warriors in dallas. that's former mavs dirk nowitzki. they retired his jersey tonight number 41, after his amazing hall of fame career. now for the gang. steph curry in a shooting slump.
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the warriors led by 5 in the third quarter. the mavericks finished strong. tim hardaway jr. we remember his father around here. he led dallas to a we count down to the biggest game of the season for the 49ers. if they beat the rams on sunday, they're in the playoffs.
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today jimmy g was asked about his injured thumb and he gave us a blunt update. >> it [ bleep ], it hurts. >> did you get that? >> yeah. i got the bleeped out part. >> if the niners lose, they can still make the playoffs if the saints lose to the falcons. so make it easy. have the anymorers beat the rams and they're in. >> the raiders looking for a chance to win. they host the chargers on sunday night football right here on nbc bay area. the kickoff is at 5:00. >> wouldn't it be nice to see the raiders and the niners in. >> and some sunshine, too. the trifecta. >> five to seven days, more sunshine. maybe some light rain showers passing through the bay area. it will be 7:00 a.m. to noon on friday. that's the best chance for finding some rain in terms of the sunshine. that moves in for the weekend. paxy fog at times and the
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temperatures rebounding. closer to the 50s. sunshine for the weekend. >> it looks nice. thanks for joining us at 11:00. >> see you tomorrow. bye-bye. breaking news tonight. the cdc panel backing boosters for more children as more schools close due to omicron. cdc advisers voting a short time ago to recommend boosters for 12 to 15-year-olds as omicron surges u.s. covid cases doubling in a week to nearly half a million a day. chicago, the nation's third largest school district shut down teachers refusing to enter the classroom. the cdc under fire for confusion over testing and isolation guidelines what the agency's director said today. and omicron now impacting music's biggest night, the grammy's. also this evening the deadly fire ripping through a philadelphia row
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house. at least 13 killed including 7 children what officials said about the smoke detectors. the double winter storm threat blizzard conditions in the midwest. the the east coast a risk after that highway nightmare. al roker tracking it all. the eve of a one-year anniversary of the capital riot. our exclusive inside the investigation. the rioters the fbi is still searching for. the world's top tennis star turned away from australia. his visa canceled. the battle over his vaccination status. and inside the super bowl of gadgets. how the pandemic is ushering in a new era of personalized tech. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt, reporting tonight from washington, d.c. good evening, everyone we're here ahead of tomorrow's solemn observances of the one-year anniversary of the attack on the capital. tonight we'll take you inside a still very active investigation
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