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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 7, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PST

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♪ >> announcer: tonight, on "late night with seth meyers," colin jost star of "what we do in the shadows," actor harvey guillen featuring the 8g band with raghav mehrotra. and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, and this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? all right. good to hear let's get to the news. president biden's nominee for attorney general, judge merrick garland, said yesterday during his senate confirmation hearing that he is committed to
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combating systemic racism, but you never know, the senate might confirm him anyway the biden administration began meetings with community leaders yesterday to discuss an outreach campaign to vaccine-skeptical groups it will be the first outreach program to use a ouija board president biden met virtually with canadian prime minister justin trudeau today to discuss bilateral and global issues. the meeting began after a few minutes of biden asking trudeau to put his dad on. "oh, you're the prime minister wow! good for you, kid. good for you." former vice president mike pence is reportedly planning to stay under the radar for the next six months for a grand total of four years and six months according to a new poll, congress has a 35% approval rating, which is its highest approval rating in 12 years. even more impressive, if you remove ted cruz, it's 97%! gun violence prevention group march for our lives yesterday
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called on the biden administration to dedicate $1 billion to address urban gun violence after that, they can tackle suburban gun violence. new york governor andrew cuomo announced yesterday that movie theaters in new york city will reopen next week wow! i didn't even know his book was made into a movie. the electric music duo daft punk announced yesterday they will retire after more than 30 years together then they took off their helmets and blew everyone's mind i can't believe the fro maintained its form under the helmet the strength of the curl is really impressive. some state officials in florida yesterday told their offices to disregard governor ron desantis' order to lower flags to half-mast in honor of rush limbaugh. but it's florida, so they'll still wear their masks that way. a 105-year-old woman in new jersey said in a new interview that she believes she survived the coronavirus because she has
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eaten nine gin-soaked raisins every day for most of her life nine gin-soaked raisins, or as it's also known, the royal family [ laughter ] organizers of the -- woman lives to be 105 and we just use her to zing the royal family. [ laughter ] organizers of the scripps national spelling bee announced yesterday that the 2021 contest will take place virtually. v-i-r-t-u-a-l-l-y. virtually. [ ding ] [ laughter ] former president barack obama and singer bruce springsteen launched a podcast yesterday called "renegades: born in the usa. "now for my next two wishes," said dads. japanese prime minister yoshihide suga yesterday appointed tetsushi sakamoto as ministry of loneliness to his
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cabinet. said sakamoto, "thank you? i think? new jersey governor phil murphy yesterday signed laws to legalize marijuana in the state, which is good news because it's been almost 20 years since new jersey added a new smell that's right, new jersey has legalized marijuana. oh, god. can you imagine what those edibles are going to be like "so, you want the lasagna or the stuffed shells?" [ laughter ] that's right, new jersey has legalized marijuana, and i can't believe it took them this long to legalize something that makes you "forget about it!" guys that -- i mean, where's -- can i get another spelling bee ding never mind [ ding ] [ ding ] but, like soft [ laughter ] no, the first one was perfect. [ ding ] like, throw a my pillow over it. [ laughter ] that was a monologue
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we've got a great show for you tonight. he's the co-anchor of "weekend update." my good friend colin jost will be here. he was just nominated for a critics' choice award, deservedly so, for playing guillermo in "what we do in the shadows," harvey guillen will be joining us but before we get to all that, you guys, i'm in my 40s, married with two kids, but nothing, and i mean nothing makes me feel older than when i realize i no longer understand the slang terms the teenagers are using. and these days, well, it seems almost impossible to keep up because these slang terms are evolving so fast so, we decided to both help me and to help you, we'd give you a little primer on new teen slang terms in a segment we call "seth explains teen slang. ♪ >> seth: our first new teen slang term is "ted cruise. here's the definition. "it's a vacation that only lasts one day. here it is in a sentence "jenny found a sweet deal on tickets to cabo, but it was only good if you left on a wednesday and flew back thursday morning
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so that trip was a total ted cruise." our next new teen slang term is "potbelly. here's the definition. "it's someone whose diet consists mostly of edibles." and here it is in a sentence "kyle's the best kid to trade lunches with i gave him my pb&j and he gave me some th&c #potbelly. next up, we have "perseverance rover. you guys, here's the definition. "the kid who's been turned down for prom by everyone, so they travel to a whole other school to ask everyone there. pretty eggy definition [ laughter ] here it is in a sentence "tough luck for lance getting turned down by every girl here, but i heard he took an uber across state lines to st. luke's all-girls school to search for signs of interest in his life. #perseverancerover." up next, we have "gamestop." let's see the definition "it's someone whose temporary social stock far exceeds their actual worth." for example, "when people find out that the swimming pool-sized hole in aiden's backyard is
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actually for a new septic tank, that gamestop is gonna see his stock plummet. moving on, we have "mrs. doubtfiring. here's the definition. "when you dress up as an old lady to try and get the vaccine. let's see it in a sentence "principal greene got caught mrs. doubtfiring his vaccine appointment, which is weird, because he's 70 years old, and as far as i know, there's no priority for women or people with bad scottish accents. moving on, we have "spliffnotes." this is "when you did the required reading while high. for example, "we're reading 'animal farm' in mr. ogburn's class, but braden must be using the spliffnotes, because he leaned over and very seriously asked, 'are all the animals talking to you, too?'" next up is "mdmma. this is a variation of ecstasy that makes you violent for example, "jeremy and i bought what we thought was molly last night, but this morning i woke up with a black eye, a cracked rib and cauliflower ear.
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#mdmma." next up, it's "anti-snaxxer. this is the kid who believes conspiracy theories about junk food here it is in a sentence "i ripped open my bag of cool ranch doritos and that anti-snaxxer josh said, 'bill gates developed those chips so frito-lay could track my location.' next up, it's "gabafool" kids are using this a lot today. it's someone who doesn't know basic facts about "the sopranos." and here it is in a sentence "megan tried to act like she was a huge 'sopranos' fan, but then went on to praise the show's distinct miami setting total gabafool." moving on, if you followed the news, you've almost certainly heard of the disturbing qanon conspiracy theorists well, this slang term is related, and it's about a new troubling trend amongst teens. hughanon this is a group that believes radical conspiracies about hugh grant. let's see it in a sentence "lydia seemed normal, but turn
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on 'about a boy,' and she starts ranting about how hugh grant is a satan worshiper who killed and ate paddington girl gone full hughanon. this next one is really, i mean, it's really blowing up with the teens. and i don't just say that. it's "milff" with two fs it's an acronym that refers to mom i'd like to "freaky friday." here it is in a sentence "bryce's mom gets to work in a dentist's office, drive a kia sportage and stay up until 11:00? sign me up to swap bodies with that milff!" finally, our last new teen slang term is "fidgerton." "this is when you have to hide that you're aroused in a class after watching a 'bridgerton' sex scene on your phone. here it is in a sentence "tried to sneak in some netflix during chemistry and had to fidgerton a textbook over my pants because that scene with the duke of hastings and daphne turned out to be a little too much chemistry for me! you guys, this has been, and has always been, and will continue
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to be, once every three months [ laughter ] so if you have any criticism of those, it wasn't because it was rushed [ laughter ] "seth explains teen slang. we'll be right back with colin jost ♪ ♪♪ gravity. it's a force to be reckoned with. no one knows better than we do. but without gravity, you can't have lift. the very thing that holds you down is the very thing that helps you rise above. thanks to gravity, the real force to be reckoned with just might be you. ♪♪ ♪♪ you pour your heart into everything you do,
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♪ >> seth: back with us tonight to sit in with the 8g band, he's a 16-year-old up-and-coming drummer from new jersey who starred in the tony-nominated "school of rock" on broadway his videos have garnered millions of views, so be sure to check him out on instagram raghav mehrotra is here! thank you so much for being here, raghav you know our first guest tonight from his work on "saturday night live," where he serves as a head writer as well as co-anchor of "weekend update. he stars in "tom and jerry: the movie," which premieres in theaters and on hbo max on friday please welcome back to the show our good friend colin jost how are you, buddy >> great, how are you? >> seth: good. it's so wonderful to see you i cannot - >> i started waving -- when you introduced raghav, i started waving just, i was like, maybe he thinks i'm pretty good at drumming i was like, we'll see where this goes >> seth: yeah, you're -- a lot
12:52 am
of people have said you're a 16-year-old drummer who's taken the world by storm >> yeah. i was like, i mean, i'll take it i'll take it i know i read as late teens, but -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: you guys are doing your fifth show in a row. i believe your last run was six shows in a row that is a very punishing schedule obviously, a lot of it is necessitated by the times we're living through, but are you -- you must be exhausted. >> yeah, mentally, i think a lot of us are hitting a breaking point. but it's very hard -- it's really hard to complain when you work at a comedy show. be like, "we worked five weeks in a row!" [ laughter ] you understand, but to any sort of, you know, normal functioning human, they're like, "uh huh." you know you can't, like, complain. like my parents, i'm like, yeah, "mom, you can't believe i'm working five weeks in a row. and she's like, "yeah, i worked just in, like, hospitals, for
12:53 am
like six years straight without a week off so, yeah, no, that must be tough. you're like, yeah, okay, that's harder >> seth: that does make sense, because i've been trying to get people to bang pots and pans at end of each "snl" just to, like, reward you guys. >> and it hasn't taken off in the same way >> seth: no. nobody wants to engage that. but i will say - >> i think if you were thinking of it as booing and they're booing along, you might get some people to join [ laughter ] certain weeks, you might get some people to join in, but no, not -- >> seth: some people said they would like to come out on their balconies and just scream how it was better in the '70s [ laughter ] >> yeah, that's right. are terriblehaain, this is the based on safety -- but you know, whether the "snl" was good or bad, the nicest part of the way the week was structured is at the end of the show, you went out with everybody and it could either lift your
12:54 am
mood, or if your mood was great, it would elevate it. so, how weird is it when the shows are over that everybody just kind of dissipates? >> it's very strange i mean, the first part is, there's no energy backstage. so when you get off, if you felt like things went great or you felt they went horribly, either way, there's nothing you walk into, like, a wall of silence. normally, you'd see, you know, whatever adam levine is there, he's like, "hey, what's up, man good job." or someone's -- you know, there's a llama and abraham lincoln from the costume before and abraham lincoln's got a couple notes for you, "maybe hold your head this way," things like that. you're getting energy. and this is -- and you have no -- you have nothing then there's no -- normally, you would sort of decompress with your friends after the show, you know, like your fellow castmates, the writers you talk about how things went and then you're operating in this weird vacuum and you have none of the release and none of the social part of the show. and there's no -- it must be so
12:55 am
weird to start this year, like, new people that started, because there's no, like, going out for a drink after the table read and learning about why things aren't getting in the show or not getting in the show. or that -- everyone's living in their own weird vacuum and when you see people with masks on, you never want to talk to anyone with a mask on you're just like, yeah, all right, whatever. it feels like you're greeting someone in a hospital. >> seth: it's so true about new people, because i remember when i started, one of my first reactions was, "huh, so there's no cocaine anymore." and now for them, it must be, "so there's not even beer! [ laughter ] >> yeah, you're allowed one soft drink after the show [ laughter ] but you really do, like, truly, we'll have a drink -- we'll have, like, one beer in a hallway where you're shouting down the hallway to a fellow cast member. and that's, like - that's like the closest we've had to a party >> seth: sounds great. >> so, this is the year to sign up, guys
12:56 am
[ laughter ] if you're looking to join, sign up i'm really selling it. and it's a dream job everyone's on the verge of a mental breakdown, and you can't drink anymore at work. [ laughter ] sorry. >> seth: we did -- you know, we obviously, to be in the building, you know, you and i get tested every day and we took advantage of that. i'm happy to say that two weeks ago, after my show, i just hung out in my office and then you came down to my office and we got super hammered and watched youtube videos together. >> yeah, it was pretty fun you ordered us cheeseburgers, and we ate cheeseburgers on your desk like it was a table >> seth: yep >> and -- great. one of the greatest nights of my life >> seth: yeah. that's the new rainbow room. >> oh, yeah, that's -- >> seth: the new rainbow room is office burgers and youtube and then we both -- at the end of the night, we both spun
12:57 am
around and went "new york city!" >> i mean, that was probably my wildest night out in new york in the last six months. >> seth: 100%. >> and i didn't leave the building >> seth: yeah. you did -- since the last time you were on the show, obviously, as established, i've seen you, you did get married. jost married and this is -- for people who couldn't tell by colin's gold chain, he is from staten island. [ laughter ] >> that's where we did the wedding and the reception. cans are real. my brother did some great photoshop work i know it looks real, but they didn't actually tie a bunch of 100-foot-long cans on the back of the staten island ferry i mean, they probably -- someone would have used it as an excuse to get bodies in the can that they needed to get rid of. [ laughter ] someone i grew up would have put bodies in the cans and been like, "oh. um, yeah, it's also very strange to get married, because part of marriage is, obviously, sort of
12:58 am
entering society as a couple, you know that's, like, the traditional idea of marriage so instead, it's like, just, again, everything happening in a vacuum, and some of our closest friends we haven't seen in a year, you know, couldn't come to the wedding. and we actually went through - we got engaged and then immediately went to london to film -- i went to film "tom and jerry," and scarlett went to film "black widow. we'll see which one ends up being the bigger hit [ laughter ] the jury's out >> seth: colin, colin, do not put money on this. [ laughter ] >> we left -- we got engaged, then basically fled town, so i didn't see anyone that summer. then i went right back into "snl," and then covid hit. so, there's been basically these two years that have been a huge moment in our lives where we haven't seen most of our friends. >> seth: wait, am i finding out now for the first time that tom and jerry are also british actors who are doing american accents this whole time?
12:59 am
>> yes that's the big scoop yeah we just had regé on, and hopefully -- we'll see, fingers crossed, tom and jerry join nick jonas this week >> seth: i want to ask about nick jonas i want to talk more about "tom and jerry. we'll be right back with more from colin jost right after this ♪
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>> i got this drone because i thought when preeta and i come into the wedding on the elephants that the drone could be kind of -- as i'm saying the
1:04 am
words "drone" and "elephant out" loud to another human being, i'm wondering, "is this, um, is this a lot? >> wedding's been -- they're already stressful enough, you know >> yeah. >> the important part is that preeta, she can't wait to marry you. so just take it easy, you know enjoy the ride you only got one shot at it. >> like, one chance to, like, get it right >> uh-huh, uh-huh. so, just go ahead and pull it back >> yeah, pull it back and just sort of let it rip >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with colin jost they didn't -- they didn't have a clip with tom or jerry in it [ laughter ] >> i was told that they would be making me tom after the fact >> seth: oh. wait you thought -- you thought this was, like, a motion-capture situation? >> yeah, i thought that motion -- you know how you normally put on like a powder blue motion capture sweater? >> seth: of course >> that's what i thought that was.
1:05 am
[ light laughter ] and so, i kept -- and i was like, bill -- obviously, i'm just saying a couple words, but bill put in, like arms going crazy. i do a flip at the end, you know, something that makes it fun. >> seth: yeah, puts a little more tom on it >> a little more tom on it that was my number -- when i told friends i was doing "tom and jerry," they were like, "oh, so are you tom or jerry? and i was like, "oh, i'm, um, neither. i'm just sort of a man [ laughter ] i'm just, like, a human man. and they were like, "oh, so who's tom and who's jerry? i was like, "no one. they just -- they don't talk." i'm just -- they're like "what are you doing in it? i'm like, "just, i'm getting married. they're like, "so, like, what you're doing in real life? i'm like, "yeah. don't let me really stretch a lot as an actor. it's exciting. >> seth: you were really entertaining me talking about -- again, you and i, we are desk people >> yes >> seth: our best work has been done sitting and you were saying that, like,
1:06 am
being in a film with actual actors, trained actors, actors who have been in other movies, it really -- the difference in your skill set was obvious >> yes i had a lot of scenes with michael peña, who is not only very funny, but a great actor. and we would be in a scene and there would be, you know, like 200 extras around us they had obviously been setting up this whole shot and the scene and the set for days and everyone waiting and then i would come in and i would walk into the set, completely miss my mark, not even consider where -- it never even dawned on me that there was a mark walked way past it up to michael peña, start talking to him, have a long, emotional speech and he's looking at me like, "mm-hmm," just like smiling. and i'm like, it's weird that this emotional speech is kind of making him laugh, but -- and then after the fact, he's
1:07 am
like, "you were out of focus the entire speech. he goes, "you just blew way past your mark. none of the cameras capture you talking. and he just enjoyed letting me do it so he could just rub it in my face about how much worse an actor i am on just the very basic not being on camera level. we normally sit at a desk. >> seth: yeah. >> we don't really have to worry if we're off a couple inches it doesn't really matter are, apparently, like work-based on focus and light and things like that, and when you're not in those things, it's bad. >> seth: um, hey, this is very rare, but we just got some news. andy samberg has reached out he wants you to check your phone right now. >> oh, my god, jesus all right, well, let me -- i'm filming on it, so hold on. [ laughter ] i've got to, like, you know, take "do not disturb" off. this is going to really
1:08 am
backfire um - [ laughter ] i just got some texts. "hey, are you on with seth right now for your interview reminder to turn off alerts on your laptop. [ laughter ] photo of me. "this you? if you don't turn off alerts, it will keep popping up and interrupting, can be very annoying." more coming in as i say this "anyway, hope you getting these in real time so it doesn't become annoying if someone texts you while it's happening might be bad tv. nielsen ratings could get screwy also, frisbee sucks, right?" [ laughter ] "the dog." he specified the dog [ laughter ] first punctuation he's used was after the dog, period.
1:09 am
"please respond, spinning out. >> seth: spinning out? >> "need to know you hate frisbee. [ laughter ] "full disclosure, on peyote right now. don't be mad [ bleep ] pic, question mark?" >> seth: is he asking if you want one or is he asking you to send one >> he says, "get or send." [ laughter ] >> seth: huh >> god damn it >> seth: all right >> he knows -- you know what say what you will about andy, but he knows the biz >> seth: he knows the biz. i mean, the nielsens part really talks, really speaks to how intuitive. >> uh huh, always obsessed with the nielsen numbers. >> seth: can we get you back
1:10 am
can we get your visual back? oh, there he is. >> hi, i'm back. andy just texted again, "remember to turn your alerts off, would hate for it to mess up seth's show." [ laughter ] >> seth: very kind >> yeah, he's thoughtful hi >> seth: hi, buddy you, um -- i want to ask a question about your acting range. as you mentioned, they didn't ask much of you in "tom and jerry. >> thanks. >> seth: but you did a political impression this year you got to do pete buttigieg >> yes >> seth: now transportation secretary buttigieg. and you guys actually lived in the same dorm at harvard university >> yes, that's right >> seth: did you know him at all in college >> yes we were in the same dorm for three years. we had a mutual friend who -- so we kind of met and saw through him. we didn't cross paths a lot, i would say because he was more involved in the college side of things [ laughter ] he perhaps was a more studious
1:11 am
student at college >> seth: yeah. >> and i - >> seth: like he wouldn't use like -- he probably used enough words to know not to say "studious student. >> maybe, i don't know i don't want to put him on -- make him some kind of elite -- your words no, i'm sure, let him run transportation, yeah like, i took a subway every day, okay, to high school what does he know? >> seth: exactly >> probably still more [ laughter ] he was -- he was -- yeah, he was -- i spent a lot of my time, as you know, in the lampoon organization, which i would describe as kind of heaven's gate, but we got out, like, right before the mass suicide. >> seth: right >> all the fun leading up to it. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i haven't read much about it, obviously. you can ask pete mayor pete would probably know more on this, too. but i sense that heaven's gate
1:12 am
was kind of a party, fun times, right? >> seth: yeah, i think it was a good time. >> but of course, the suicide -- >> seth: they all went like nike shopping together and stuff. >> yeah, i read the broad strokes. >> seth: right >> and the lampoon was a little bit like that, and i think he was more tapped into human society at harvard >> seth: gotcha. >> and i think he probably was a -- probably a better student >> seth: yeah, well, you both turned out great buddy, it is always a pleasure to see you have a great show this week with nick jonas that's very exciting i love you and i will hopefully see you soon >> love you, too it's great to see you. i'm glad that you have a show that we can talk on. >> seth: "tom and jerry -- >> very convenient >> seth: "tom the movie: the movie" - >> and tell -- please thank mayor -- i don't know, is he confirmed as transportation? >> seth: he is, yeah >> hmm okay [ laughter ] well, wish him the best, i guess, you know? >> seth: all right he was on yesterday, so i feel like it's too late >> all right
1:13 am
well, do you have an email or anything for him >> seth: "tom and jerry: the movie" premieres in theaters - >> do they still accept -- do they still accept -- you know how like for supreme court stuff, you can send in like an amicus brief [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> like, it's friend of the court? >> seth: sure. >> do they do that if, you know, say someone wanted to send in something less than flattering about a nominee for a, you know, cabinet appointment, do they accept things like that? >> seth: i don't really know i think the important thing now is, like, i've got to get this plug in for the movie. >> right no, no, go ahead >> seth: "tom and jerry: the movie" premieres in theaters in - >> maybe -- is railroads hr would just do railroads >> seth: what, for transportation >> yeah. >> seth: no, it's not just railroads. >> what's another one? >> seth: air -- planes [ laughter ] >> you don't sound that sure
1:14 am
you know, airports are privately owned. >> seth: what? wait - >> yeah, like laguardia. >> seth: laguardia the guy there's a guy named laguardia who still -- >> well, his stuff -- yeah, there was a man. his stuff is privately owned, like his clothes and stuff but the airport, laguardia, it's privately owned. >> seth: well, this is great i feel like you got a lot smarter once this segment was over [ laughter ] >> i'm just saying it's a no-show job what's he got to do? >> seth: what's a no-show job? >> transportation secretary. >> seth: it seems like you want to file an amicus brief about the job, not about the guy >> no, i'm just saying, this guy says he's, like, you know, great at stuff [ laughter ] i mean, you're like, "what are you gonna do?" "oh, i don't know, just railroads. >> seth: you know what i'm not telling people >> it's crazy. >> seth: you know what, i'm not telling anybody how they can see "tom and jerry," where, or when it's available >> they'll kill me you've got to say it [ laughter ] >> seth: we'll be right back with harvey guillen. >> no! say where they can see "tom and jerry" ahh! ♪
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is a talented actor you know from shows such as "the magicians" and "zoey's extraordinary playlist." he recently received a critics' choice award nomination for his role as guillermo in "what we do in the shadows." let's take a look. >> am i not a good familiar to you? >> you are a great familiar. >> thank you so you'll make me into a vampire. >> did i promise that? >> you did, 11 years ago >> that's a long time. >> that's a long time. >> did i really though >> you did, 11 years i've been here for 11 years, all right? you know, maybe celeste would want me. >> okay, fine, fine, i promise i can't say when, but i will, okay want to come back or not that's not necessary >> seth: please welcome to the show harvey guillen. how are you, harvey? >> i'm great how are you? >> seth: i'm wonderful this is such a fantastic show.
1:21 am
it is a mockumentary, for any who haven't seen it. uh, but we actually -- we didn't meet at the time, but you were in a documentary-style show that i wrote, an episode that i wrote. "juan likes rice and chicken" from "documentary now. you were so fantastic in it, and i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for doing that >> no, thanks for writing that they actually found me in colombia i was actually a professional banana peeler, and you wanted authentic banana peeler, so next thing i know, i moved to hollywood. [ laughter ] >> seth: we were just so happy to give you your big break >> all thanks to you, seth, thank you. >> seth: this is season three right now. you're shooting at this moment, correct? >> season three. we're a quarter of the way done with season three, and it's cold in toronto, but we're getting it done >> seth: was this -- was the world of vampires -- certainly, this is a new look at the world of vampires, but were those the kind of movies you were drawn to as a kid
1:22 am
did you like that kind of horror >> yeah. i mean, i genuinely loved "interview with a vampire. i always thought it was so cool. i think it was the costumes, just because they were so, like, you know, floofy and like, exotic to me i was just like, "i could wear that blouse. i could genuinely see myself wearing that, like to school." and it didn't happen for me. so, next best thing is to be on a show that has that kind of, you know, clothing >> seth: it was -- i was very happy to see your name when i saw the critics' choice award nominations. how did you find out that you had been nominated because i think there was certainly some expectation that the show would get a nomination, but i think it must have been fantastically pleasant surprise for you. >> yeah, it was really nice. i get a text from my friend, court. and she's like, "congratulations." and i was like, "what? and it's like, "you guys got
1:23 am
nominated. and i was like - and the second part was like, and "you got nominated, you know, for supporting." i was like, "that's even better! it's great!" [ light laughter ] so, it was a lot of that i think my neighbors think i'm really weird just because i do that a lot for any kind of announcement it's like, the pizza's here. "oh, my god, the pizza's here! [ laughter ] >> seth: they probably -- because those award nominations usually happen early in the morning. they probably were like, why's he getting pizza this early? >> well, i also order pizza for breakfast. it kind of just goes hand in hand they're used to it >> seth: you -- there is some degree of stunts in the show how often do you do your own stunts and is there ever a line that you don't want to cross or the production won't let you cross >> well, i mean, i showed up to season two not knowing anything about the season and the first day, they were like, "yeah, there's going to be some stunts, so here's a trainer. you're going to go to the gym. you're going to build some upper body." and i was like, "i'm loving this, like, what are we doing? um, and i got to do all the stunts it started as a test like, "can you fall off of that,
1:24 am
you know, box? and i was like, "sure. "can you stab this human?" i was like, "of course." and they're like, "can you jump out of a third-story window? i was like, "well, there's going to be padding, right?" and they were like, "there's no budget for that. so, there are certain things that i didn't have to do because it just wasn't safe, and they wouldn't let me because, you know, insurance. >> seth: for a show that maybe doesn't have the biggest budget, you have often got some of the biggest names as guest stars people like tilda swinton, wesley snipes. was that -- when you first saw that in the scripts, was that something you thought was real >> no, because i thought it was just like a placement, like, someone like tilda swinton or someone like, you know, danny trejo or something like that i was like, "we are not -- are we getting these people to do the show?" and they're like, "we don't know." kept asking like jemaine and taika and paul, and they're like, "we're trying, we'll see." and they'd never tell you. and we actually didn't shoot with them because they were all over the world so when we got to see the
1:25 am
episode is when you guys got to see it we're like, "oh, my god, we got them we got -- tilda's on the show! [ laughter ] sorry, i got a text from andy samberg, so - [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, no! why do we give the guests' numbers to sandberg? i'm so sorry >> no, i didn't ask for that and -- definitely didn't ask for that >> seth: oh, no! [ laughter ] did he send you a picture? >> um, anyways, where were we? um - >> seth: harvey, i am so sorry >> no. it's just, i didn't ask for it, and it just -- anyways tilda swinton was wonderful in the show, and it was wonderful to have them all and we welcome any guest star who wants to come and play with our show because it's super fun, and we love everyone the cast is amazing. this cast is, by far, the best cast i've ever worked with >> seth: you -- i know you have a very supportive mother, but as happy as she is with this show and your nomination, this is not your biggest work accomplishment in her eyes. >> no. the biggest thing i've ever done
1:26 am
was when i was a spokesperson for metro pcs in spanish, which is a phone, you know, company in america. and she would just brag about that to the neighbors. my aunts would be over with the neighbors, and they'd have coffee and i'd go visit her. and she'd be like, "is this mijo de metro pcs?" like, she spotted a celebrity in the market "is this mijo with metro pcs?" it's like, "i'm your son, like, you don't need to advertise. i know these people, these are your neighbors." and she always, "it's mejo de metro pcs. and i stopped doing the commercials after three years, and you know, she'd always ask me, it's like "no mas metro pcs? i was like, "no, mom, that's done i won a glaad award, it's like a big achievement. "oh, no mas metro pcs. i'm like, "no, mom, i'm not doing that anymore." "okay, que bueno." that was like the pinnacle of, like, my success with my mom >> seth: just for those of us who might not have been lucky enough to see it, let's just take a quick look at your mother's crowning achievement in your career. [ speaking spanish ]
1:27 am
♪ >> seth: i mean, to be fair, it was a pretty good part you played a lot of characters >> that was my reel for a while. i'm very versatile i was this close to playing, you know, a football player, so, and an opera singer as well. so, it was -- anyway, that was the best time for my mom like, i could win an oscar now, and she'd be like, "pero metro pcs? >> seth: hey, thanks so much it is just a delight talking to you. stay warm up there in toronto. i can't wait to see season three. congrats again on the nomination >> thanks so much. oh, wait, i got another -- sorry. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, boy the first two seasons of "what we do in the shadows" are available to stream on fx on hulu we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪
1:28 am
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i think she's trying to kill me. >> seth: i want to thank my guests colin jost and harvey guillen i want to thank raghav mehrotra and the 8g band. stay safe. wash your hands. wear a mask. we love you. ♪ ♪
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