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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 7, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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rapid and reliable results? experts break down what tests you should break for the most accurate information, and which tests to take after you have become infected. >> we have seen this before with even the california variant. >> a new variant unique from the omicron variant raising concerns overseas, but why officials here so far are downplaying the fears. this is "today in the bay." you knew you could watch us on your tv, but if you watch roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and you can find us there and online as well. i am kris sanchez in for marcus who is off. >> i am laura garcia. and vianey is in for kari. how are we looking, vi? >> a fewer asked me if this was
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a real dog. yes, this is my rescue job, and that's his favorite spot when i am working from home. it's a real dog. if your dog doesn't like the rain and you live in the north bay, listen up. we are going to be seeing shower activity for the first half of our morning and it's going to continue until midday, and not completely widespread downpours, but just enough shower activity. you will be seeing those temperatures stay in the 50s, but notice in fairfield around 9:00 we will start to see showers. but it will be a nice day overall by the afternoon. let's see how mike is doing on the roads -- no, i will send it back to you. >> yeah, we'll check with miking in a minute. teachers planning possibly a sickout, and they are trying to draw attention to the elevated covid risks in their classrooms. and cierra johnson is live in san francisco where teachers
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walked out yesterday. cierra, this could be difficult when you have to go to work and your kids cannot go to school. >> good morning. yeah, parents in tough spot this morning. a lot of uncertainty surrounding the potential walkouts in oakland, and here in san francisco a lot of parents saw teachers were not -- we'll get to san francisco in just a moment. yeah, oakland, e-mails were sent out so parents are aware of the situation. nbc bay area did receive a copy of the letter to the oakland unified families last night, and it said the sickout could disrupt the instruction, and the district calling it illegal in terms of the union terms. and ousd argues teachers could end up in a situation that is less safe if teachers do not show up. it's not known how many teachers
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will fake part in the sickout and which schools will feel the strain. parents we spoke with said they are concerned with their child's safety. >> if there's one staff member being asked to watch 90 kids because that's the reality in the moment, i -- i would make the choice, most likely, to pull my kids out of school. >> reporter: so what are teachers there saying? we asked the teachers' union for its take, and it said in part, quote, this is not an official action but we are urging district and state leaders to listen to the urgent demand for better masks and more testing. here in san francisco, sfusd saw a similar sickout from some of its teachers on thursday. the bay area's largest district had 616 teachers calloff, and many were answering the call of a sickout to protest what some see a lack of covid safety on campus. just to put that number in
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perspective on a typical day, there's 200 to 300 teachers that do call out sick, and so yesterday it was a little more than double than what they typically see in terms of teachers calling off. we will continue to follow the numbers coming out of san francisco as well as the sickout there in oakland. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> we know it's hard to find a substitute in a lot of our school districts, so tough times. thank you, cierra. and then contra costa campuses temporarily closing and a brief return to remote earning for about 28,000 students in the east bay district. the schools will be closed today and monday for deep cleaning, and classes expected to resume on tuesday. and then there's growing concern about the accuracy of test results. some experts believe the omicron variant could be more difficult to detect and are presenting
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recommendations on how to get a good result. the virus may be concentrating more in the back of the throat instead of the nose, so some people are adjusting how they are collecting a test sample. >> some people shared anecdotes of testing negative with nasal swabs versus a swab of the back of your throat. >> a pcr test is far more accurate in detecting an infection shortly after potential exposure, but doctors recommend you do not get a pcr test after isolating for five days or more. an antigen test may work better. and then catching the attention of health workers in europe, the ihu variant, and the
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w.h.o. said the variant was discovered in france around the same time as the omicron variant, but there are only a dozen or so confirmed infections. experts say on average there's a new variant every two weeks, however they rarely escalate to a variant of concern. >> things in the lab are always scary in real life. we saw this before with lambda and mu, and the california variant, it stuck around regionally and never went anywhere. >> we are building immunity within the population. go to and slick on the tab right there on the trending bar. developing this morning, the search for a service dog stolen once again. look at that face.
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there's still no word on how it got there, and the german shepherd was snatched on monday just before 5:00 p.m. so far no arrests have been made. yet another snag in the long process to rebuild anderson dam in the south bay. costs have nearly doubled. the price tag now stands at more than $1 billion. the price jump is due to higher than average prices for labor and materials. water rate hikes for its 2 million customers will pay for the costs. the project could take up to ten years to complete. when it's done we're going to want to fill it up with water. we want to see if rain is in the works as we take a live look at a clear san josé for the moment. vianey arana is in for kari this morning. a little rain, but it depends on
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where you are? >> yeah, it will depend on where you are like you said, it's just a little it is not going to be widespread. if you live in the north bay, you will probably get the most of it especially between now and about 8:00 a.m., and between 8:00 and 9:00, san 9:00 moving d it will move into the south bay a little bit. so a little bit of rain. let's look at your daytime highs. notice on the right, clearing skies. south bay showers should be ending by sort of late evening, so once that clears out we're going to see a mix of sunshine and cloud cover. san josé, 58 degrees. daytime highs in fremont, 57. up through napa, only topping out in the mid-50s at about 55 degrees. san francisco, 56. i'll talk about your extended 7-day outlook coming up in a few minutes. let's send things over to mike. >> all right, vianey. we're looking at an easy drive. it's friday. we have seen light traffic all week anyway, and we have not had
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the return after the holiday. san martin, 101 at the limit. the backup was visible until couple minutes ago. that's an easy drive. there's moisture on the roadway, so potentially slick in some spots. no problems reported. it's 6:09 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," the twitter feature being rolled out for its users. the care of the future making a splash in las vegas. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. 51 degrees right now in walnut creek. notice in the temperature trend we will stay in the 50s, and yes there's a chance of seeing shower activity in the bay area. things will clear up in the afternoon. your weekend forecast, coming up. maybe we will have lunch indoors, then. getting outside, looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, a easy drive, friday light around the bay, and post vacation drive, and it's a great drive but
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there's a sheen on the roadways, and we'll talk about your longer drive coming up. >> all i heard was vacation right there. and then a flat open, even though the december jobs numbers came in well below forecast, in fact, and it's kind of flat at the moment and dow futures are down. another social media app coming, after tiktok, twitter is allowing users to share reaction tweets. you can send a reaction rather than a typical tweet. the original post will be embedded as a card over flap, so side by side. this is similar to tiktok's reaction videos if you have seen those, that has a comment or other users' clip as a source. coca-cola teaming up with the maker of corona for a new
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alcoholic version. fresca mixed will launch in the u.s. later this year. so-called adult beverages like ready-to-drink cocktails are an $8 billion industry. if you watched the jetsons you could wonder why we don't have flying cars already. there's one car that can travel on the road and fly in the air, it lifts off vertically and can fly a distance of 250 miles of speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. the price tag is steep, $750,000. from the bay area to tahoe, only one hour in this vehicle. what we predict in the future is, people will have a small electric car to do everything from one to 30 miles, but more
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than 30 miles you will use a drive and fly vehicle. >> current models seat four people and are about the size of an suv. the goal is to produce them by 2026. >> do you have to have a pilot's license, i wonder? >> i don't know. if you have to head to tahoe, do you take chains? >> when you land, maybe. taco bell lovers rejoice. >> the taco lovers pass subscription nationwide, and kicking it off with 30 days of tacos for $30, and you can get a taco every day. the pass will work in store and at the drive-through. you have to sign up at the taco bell app. how do they track it? >> if you have the app, i think they have all of your information, unless you are feeding my whole family, this is not helpful to me.
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one taco. >> i have to pick which triplet gets the taco of the day. >> you get a taco, you get a taco. tacos for everyone. >> it's not raining tacos, though, vianey? >> no, and the way my stomach is set up, i don't know if i could do all that. right now san francisco is about 50 degrees right now, and we're mostly dry. there has been reports of drizzle, and we are still monitoring, of course, shower activity because we have a cold front up in the pacific. let's look at what satellite radar is showing us. this definitely looks more intense than what it is based on the way it's presenting itself on satellite radar. i do want to take you through the visibility right now, because we are down to about three miles in santa rosa, and
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down to a mile and a half in tracy. hayward, and even in san francisco, doing okay. if you are wondering about when are we going to see the rain, let's take you to the hour-by-hour outlook. there's activity pushing in through san francisco by about 8:00, 9:00, and then it moves into the city, and by 11:00 or 12:00 we will get scattered showers in through santa cruz. it's not continuous, so once the system moves out we will get clearing skies and more peeks of sunshine. not a lot out of this initial system, but look, the rain has been such a welcome sight for our drought conditions, we will take any drop we can get. it has definitely helped our drought there. and then temperatures remaining mild overall, and topping out in
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the upper 50s, and some of the cooler spots in the north bay, napa 55, and santa rosa, 56. down in the south bay, upper 50s. and then this weekend we will remain dry, however we could see foggy nights and a return of fog during the early morning hours. if you commute early saturday or sunday morning, that's something you are going to encounter. head into sunday night and monday, there's shower activity offshore, you can see that, it's the green there. and then next thursday and friday, which is january 13th into the 14th, there's the possibility of seeing shower activity by the middle of the week. let's talk about the 7-day outlook, so you can plan next week. rain early, a little breezy, and then on saturday morning, patchy fog rolls in, and notice a boost in temperatures as high
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temperature takes overheading into monday, tuesday and wednesday. we will top out in the low to mid-60s in through the inland areas. as far as san francisco goes, also expect to see the fog early on for tomorrow, and also going to be breezy at times and by next monday and tuesday, showers stay to the north and we will remain sort of partly cloudy, heading into wednesday and thursday. we will see an increase in cloud cover, and that's when we could see the next system heading through into next week in the later portion. this weekend conditions are going to be better when it comes to road travel up to the sierra. just hold off on that. it's better to play it safe. that's it for me. let's see how the roads are doing with mike inouye. good morning, mike. >> good morning, vianey. listen to the meteorologist, she sees what is coming. i talk about what happened on
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the chp, and we are looking at what will happen on friday. as we look out to the maps, we know it's going to be friday light around the bay, and it's also a week after a holiday for a lot of folks, but we have not seen that commute come back, so great stuff including the south county, no problems. highway 101 through san martin, no slowing. we had an earlier crash on the bay bridge toll plaza, and now there's no slowing for 37 and no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, and no problem for pittsburg or concord for highway 4, but maybe patchy fog so be careful out there. the san mateo bridge, there is mist. over here droplets are on the lens, a light mist here and a little sheen, but not a problem. looking at another live look outside, we see emeryville. we are looking at the meter as far as the volume of traffic goes.
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we will see how light the amount of taillights are going around the curve over towards the bay bridge again with no backup or problems right now getting into san francisco. >> pretty shot out there. i guess because we are not sitting in traffic. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> two viewers moving companies dropped the ball and at least one box. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. >> as we head to break, we share this photo mike inouye posted on instagram. his daughter had a pop quiz, a test to get back to school, and not the kind we are used to, this is the at home covid test the school asked them to perform before she could return to school. remember, you can always keep up with mike by following him on instagram, facebook and twitter. you're watching "today in the bay."
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you know here at nbc bay area, we like to say we are moving you forward but we can't say the same thing for some moving companies. >> that's right. many moves go sideways, backwards and really nowhere. chris chmura had complaints with his team did the heavy lifting. >> here are two new complaints about movers. alice paid 1,100 up front to move from ohio to san francisco. the movers did not show up when
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they said they would in ohio, and she canceled and expected to get her money back and that didn't happen until we contacted them. then she got the full refund. and then in san mateo, the movie company did not take responsibility and the movers paid $1600 in compensation after we contacted them. the california household goods and services, this qr code will load the complaint form. enlist us to get your complaint moving forward, go to and click the tap or call us, 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. must-win for the niners, a
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win over the rams gets them into the playoffs, and for the raiders, a similar situation, but in this case whoever wins will clinch a playoff spot while the loser goes home. >> what an exciting time for the last game of the season for the city, to mean so much and for our organization, it's exciting. >> they have now won their last three games. you don't want to miss this one. can you watch the most important raiders game in the past five years right here on nbc bay area. kickoff for sunday night football is at 5:20 p.m., early enough for us to watch even on this early morning show. >> what a treat. next, our top stories we are covering today include tracking down a suspected gunman that killed a cadet, and now there's a new reward for information
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leading to an arrest. plus -- >> reporter: the cdc recently cut covid quarantine time in half to about five days, but now what? what about testing stphg what the cdc's detector is saying about testing after leaving isolation in just five days. right now online, you can read and listen to more stories from inside the capitol. head to or our nbc bay area app where you can find all the links to our top video section. it's 6:27. we'll be right back.
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we are in the middle of a surge right now, and we have to do everything we can to address that surge. >> clarifying the guidance after backlash and confusion after covid and isolating at home, speaking out to ease concerns. >> so stretched. hospitalizations are climbing across the bay area and across the nation. the new response from health leaders to treat covid cases. and then one hearing that may impact millions of americans. this is "today in the bay." good morning. you know, we broadcast not only to your television but you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, online, on your
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phone, wherever. take us with you. >> we want to go. >> good morning. i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez in for marcus washington who is off. vianey is in for kari. the forecast is going to let us get outside and enjoy. >> yeah, it is. you can see the radar that will show us shower activity today, and don't worry things will move out by this afternoon and we will get a nice mix of sun and clouds. right now in fairfield, about 48 degrees and temperatures in the 50s. by 11:00, 12:00, notice the icon, at 9:00 a.m., you will notice a little rain moving in, and if you live in the north bay you will be the first to get it, and dublin, and then finally we will notice the increase in cloud cover for the afternoon. if you live in the city, san francisco, you will probably get the rain between 8:00 and 9:00, and if you live in the south bay
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you will be slower to get it. this is a quick-moving system. it's in and out by midday, and i will take you through the timing of all this and your 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. all eyes on the supreme court as it hears two mandates for the vaccination, one is for large employers and the other applies to most health care workers. the mandate impacts 80 million people. the latest challenges to the policies are being brought by several states and groups. these numbers here on your screen, more than 62% of all americans are now fully vaccinated, and that's 207 million people, and about 35% of people have also gotten their booster shots. that's almost 73 million americans. more than one-third of the country, including all nine supreme court justices have been boosted. 6:32.
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breaking news just into our news room. the fda is shortening the interval between the primary series of moderna covid-19 vaccine and the booster dose by a month for people age 18 or above. they are putting it at five months. the move follows the agency's decision to move up the booster. now, surrounding testing and isolation, a lot of this has to do with the change from isolating from ten days down to five, as long as you are asymptomatic. thom, there are so many questions looming about when is the right time to get tested because the tests are so limited to find? >> reporter: that's right, laura. you remember dr. fauci a few days ago saying he thought people to should get tested
6:34 am
before leaving quarantine after just five days, and this was just a short time ago, dr. walensky was on the "today" show, and she said if you feel like getting the test and you are leaving isolation just after five days, go ahead and do it, but she did not give that full recommendation. >> in this moment where we are evaluating the science and looking at the epidemiology of the disease, we said five days of isolation, and then are you feeling better? is your cough gone? if your symptoms are gone, we say come out of that, you're okay to come out of the isolation, but you do need to wear a mask all of the time. >> reporter: again, talking about how important the masking is. they recommend the antigen test for ending isolation because the
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pcr tests are so precise, they may give a false negative. the antigens may give a more accurate reading as if the antigens are still active who were contagious but could come off of isolation because they are no longer contagious. the interesting thing this morning from dr. walensky on the "today" show, she did not give a full recommendation, she said if you feel like testing if you are coming off isolation in the five-day period, then go ahead and do it, but you need to mask up indoors for the first ten days after your first symptoms. >> thank you, thom. according to "the chronicle," more than 8,000 people are hospitalized with covid across the state, which is nearly 60% more from the week
6:36 am
before. the state positivity rate among those taking tests is now more than 20%. it's a similar story nationwide. nbc's sam brock as more on the overwhelming situation still developing right now. >> reporter: kris, good morning, from florida, of course, where we just recorded 67,000 cases of covid just yesterday, about a 500% increase in the last couple of weeks, and to give you a broader sense of what is going on nationally. it took you six months to get to the first 4 million cases, and in the last four days, we have 4 million cases. we know testing demand right now is part of the story, and so is the depletion of our workforce. icus are just brimming with people. the situation is staffing
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shortages, and all of that is coming up on "today." kris, back to you. >> thank you, sam. if you are having a hard time finding a testing site we can help. go to we put together a list of places you can get tested in person in the bay area, and we divided that up county by county so you can find things easily. new details this morning in a deadly freeway shooting. a $10,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest. 28-year-old david nguyen was a cadet training to be an alameda county sheriff's deputy. the association announced the $10,000 reward for any lead that can help catch the shooter. san francisco police are searching for two men who were caught on camera trying to shoot at a man who was trying to stop a robbery. this happened wednesday morning
6:38 am
in golden gate heights. neighbors noticed two men taking tools from a construction truck, and when the homeowner went outside and had his phone recording in his hand, the thieves ran to a nearby parked car and then one of them fired a shot as the driver drove off. nobody was hurt. police say they recovered one shell casing. witnesses did tell us police collected a lot of video evidence as well. what a difference a month makes. this is a satellite look from uc berkeley sierra snow lab. the one on the left was taken on december 2nd before the storm dumped the snow in the tahoe region, and the one on the right was taken on new year's day. 214 inches picked up making the region the snowiest december since 1970. great to see. a live look at downtown san
6:39 am
josé. a little rain out there in some parts, but will it be a lot? vianey is in for kari this morning. how are we looking? >> well, it will be just enough to where you will notice it, and as quickly as you notice it, it will be gone. not expected to carry over into your weekend plans, which is good news. if you have not been outdoors recently, here's a closer look at what to expect. santa cruz, not the best beach day because it will be cloudy and a small chance of showers. still in the upper 50s, and so if that's chilly for you, may not be a good beach day at all. in the city, a closer look, and mainly tomorrow morning the impacts will be the fog, and aside from that we are tracking sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50s in through the weekend and also into monday. hey, maybe you are heading over to big sur. expect to see a chance of showers. this is mainly towards the first
6:40 am
half of the day. if you are going to be driving out later tonight you should not encounter the rain, but by saturday, more sunshine and the temperatures comfortable in the 60s. if you are going to be up in napa valley -- now, napa will be seeing a little more rain than us in the south bay, and that's because where our station is located. by saturday and sunday, you will get more sunshine, a mix of sun and clouds. overnight lows into saturday night will be cold, in the 30s. south lake tahoe, there's a lake wind advisory and winter weather advisory in place today, not the best day to commute up there strictly based on the fact that winds are gusting upwards of 80 miles per hour on the corridor. be mindful of that, and a better commute will be in weekend. locally no problems like that, vianey. a little fog in some minor spots. the map shows green all over the
6:41 am
place. i circled down there at the bottom, a little slowing, right around 680 up to oakland road. also 84 as you are coming toward the tail end there, southbound 680. those are the usual spots for the commute. little tad bit of slowing for highway 37. and the bay bridge toll plaza is clear, and we will look at oakland where there's a build, and 880 showing a smooth drive. >> thank you, mike. still chaos at airports. coming up next on "today in the bay," thousands of flights canceled nationwide and here in the bay area. the latest situation on the ground at airports everywhere leaving passengers frustrated and stranded. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. it is 6:44 right now. we're starting out mild in the 40s and 50s, but we are monitoring shower activity, especially for the north bay. take a look at fairfield. by 9:00, 10:00 a.m. moving into the area, but if you live in the north bay you will probably get a chance of rain before 8:00 a.m. i will guide you more through your weekend forecast and what to expect coming up in just a few minutes. it's follow the leader here in palo alto, but a lot more leaders and followers showed up
6:45 am
in the last few minutes. remember, taillights head into the area where they are testing signs for the 101 express lanes, and they are not getting charged there. >> thank you, vianey and mike. it's almost quarter to 7:00 right now, and breaking news, the monthly unemployment report is out. last month the economy added nearly 200,000 jobs, but the unemployment rate for december dropped to 3.9%. that's the lowest since the start of the pandemic. happening today, the former theranos president faces similar fraud charges as elizabeth holmes did. balwani is accused of defrauding doctors and patients. holmes was convicted on four counts in her own criminal fraud trial and her sentencing is still to come. a jury selection in balwani's
6:46 am
trial is expected to get under way next month. airlines are still dealing with massive cancelations due to covid-fueled staffing shortages. the tsa is dealing with outbreaks. over 3,200 tsa agents have active covid infections, and that's number is up by 25% in just the last two days. now we can see even more cancelations as the east coast is getting hit with blizzard-like conditions. here at sfo, 94 canceled flights, and san josé 25 and oakland, 12. let's get to some positive news. warriors start their home stand on sunday with the possibility that klay thompson will return to the fold as well as the other star veterans nursing injuries. last night warriors were missing
6:47 am
curry and green. the rest of the warriors kept it close but new orleans came out on top in the end. the warriors have now lost two straight games. we're counting down the games until next month's winter olympic games. and this morning the figure skating team is being decided. the u.s. figure skating championship is under way in nashville, and two bay area hopefuls are in the bay area, and alysa liu and karen chen. chen was in second place and liu was in third. the team will be decided tonight after the long program. that's something you can watch right here on nbc bay area. be sure and download the latest podcast called my new favorite
6:48 am
olympian. an all-female car club paving the way. >> yeah, the group got a special surprise while on the kelly clarkson show. these are the founders of the car club in sunnyvale. they say they grew up loving low riders but never felt like think belonged in the male-dominated sport. >> when they see y'all, they will see the whole club just cruising. >> you see all these beautiful cars and then it's women, and it's usually a man driving, and they are, like, is that your car, and yep, it's amazing. >> they were gifted with $5,000 worth of tools and parts and even an invite to jay's own
6:49 am
garage, which is expensive. you can watch that full surprise and learn about how they are giving back to the community right here on nbc bay area. that's at 3:00 this afternoon. >> wow, that will be cool. he has quite an extensive collection himself. >> and sunnyvale ladies making an impact. >> representing. >> yeah, and my pleasure to be with them right here. >> it's nice to be in the driver's seat. >> yeah, in my honda. >> yeah, we need to get hydraulics on the mom mobiles. >> listen, it's paid off. i feel like it's very on brand. >> yeah, put the flames on the side. >> exactly. let's get to our weather right now. san francisco is about 50 degrees. great shot of the golden gate bridge. you are not having any issues when it comes to rain right now with your morning commute. when the rain does move in, it
6:50 am
will not be a whole lot but just enough to where you will notice especially if you live in the north bay or areas north of the golden gate bridge. let's get right to the satellite radar so i can see what i am talking about. we have a cold front. you can see that right here, so it's pretty far up. however, that's going to impact us a little bit in the early afternoon. tracy is now down to less than even a quarter of a mile visibility, so if you are traveling into tracy be mindful of that. morgan hill down to about five miles. everywhere else we are doing okay. santa rosa also seeing some of the fog. let's get to the timing of the rain. your hour-by-hour outlook, the rain is light at about 8:30 in the morning, santa rosa, novato and san francisco will get a little of that rain pushing through to about 10:00, 11:00. notice down in the south bay, it's super scattered. that rain chance clears out by
6:51 am
midday. in the evening hours, we clear out the rain, and upper 50s. san josé 58 degrees. it's going to set us up quite nicely for your weekend ahead. speaking of the weekend into next week, what can you expect on saturday? well, early morning fog. that's for sure. at least no rain, though, until late sunday night we see showers approaching just offshore, and that could bring us the possibility of some shower activity as well head into thursday and friday, we get another system by the middle of the week. i want to show you this great shot of tahoe, it's about 42 degrees and lake wind advisory which means there's 50 plus-mile-per-hour winds being reported, and at the peaks of west crest lake tahoe, they have seen wind gusts at 80 to 100-mile-per-hour range. 144% of sierra snowpack, and
6:52 am
remember that accounts about one-third of california's water supply. seeing all that snow being so plentiful is a welcome sight. over the next seven days, we have a quiet pattern head into the weekend. temperatures will remain in the 50s. notice a slight warm-up by monday and tuesday. not by much, though. it will be comfortable in the 60s. i prefer mid-60s and low 70s for california weather. personal preference, though. also, what is the speed limit out on the road typically, mike? >> yeah, the temperature, 65, 70, around that area, and we're on the same page there for temperatures. as we look out to the roadways, folks, we are looking at a smooth and easy drive, no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. only once, on wednesday, did we have a backup during the show and that was largely kicked off by a crash, but it's clear this morning. we are looking at a smooth flow of traffic as we look at the
6:53 am
maps. and ac transit, they may have delays or cancelations because of some of the employees calling in with covid. we don't have a backup at the toll plaza, although there's slowing in san francisco at the bottom of the screen there. highway 4, just a little below the speed limit. that's the only thing going on for contra costa. everything else is clear. a little call on slowing in san josé on 84 at the tail of 680. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, amazon is expanding further into the bay area. "the mercury news" reports the seattle-based company just bought a seven-acre parcel of land in santa clara off of mission and college boulevard. the giant made nearly $52 million in cash for the land. amazon already has smaller offices in santa clara, alameda and santa cruz counties.
6:54 am
>> hopefully we can still see our lady of peace over there. >> right. and then parents bracing for a sickout possible. in a live report we will show you the way to see which teachers will show up to class this morning as a new response from the school district. don't forget about our "synced in" show. we break down where you can book a covid test and also explains how to use the best face mask to protect against covid. we're back in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. year's watching "today in the bay." before you head out the door, if you are not working from home, here are your top stories. >> it's more like before you walk into the kitchen. >> yeah. >> here's breaking news we are following this morning. the fda is shortening the interval for moderna vaccine recipients to receive their booster shot. the time is being cut from six months down to five and that's for anybody over 18. the move follows a recent decision by the fda for pfizer recipients. classes will remain open, and today in the bay's cierra
6:58 am
johnson is live where teachers walked out yesterday. what do parents need to know here? >> reporter: good morning. right now parents really uncertain about what is going to happen in the district, and it's unclear how many teachers are expected to walk out and which schools would be impacted. we received a copy of the e-mail sent to parents in the oakland unified school district. in it explains that a teacher walkout could be disrupting instruction and the district is calling the move illegal. kids could end up in situations less covid safe if teachers don't show up. again, it's unknown how many teachers will take part in the sickout in the district, and in response oakland unified school district teacher's union said this is not an official action but we are urging the district
6:59 am
and state leaders to listen to the urgent demand for better masks and more testing. on thursday, the bay area's largest district saw 616 call-out, many of them for that sickout, protesting what they call a lack of covid safety in the district. i'm cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. happening today, also west contra costa campuses are temporarily closing after a positive covid test there. that means a brief return to remote learning for about 28,000 students across the east bay district. the schools will be closed through monday for deep cleaning, but classes are expected to resume on tuesday. a quick look at the forecast on this friday morning as we take a live look outside from the east bay, walnut creek. >> yeah, you know, we are going to see rain chances early on for the first half of the day, and then once that rain chance clears out, we will be good for
7:00 am
the weekend. >> all right. sounds good. that's what is happening "today in the bay." we will be back at 7:25 with a live local news update for you. >> don't forget, can you join us for our midday news at 11:00 this morning. the "today" show is next. have a fantastic day and weekend. good morning, rough start. a major snowstorm impacting 60 million people up and down the east coast many schools and businesses closed the morning commute a mess for drivers. and in its wake a weekend blast of frigid temperatures, al has everything we need to know here tstay what the biden administration's former pandemic advisory team is saying about covid in a series of new op-eds out today and the criticism the white house needs to change its response the cdc coming under fire for mixed and confusing messages as schools and work places


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