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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 8, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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bay showing a dramatic highway 1. what we learned about the investigation. and we know who is heading to beijing to represent the women's ice skating team and the bay area will be well represented. the news at 6:00 tarts right now. thanks for joining us. continuing our coverage of california's coronavirus surge. at home covid tests have been flying off the shelves for weeks now and sometimes they have been almost impossible to find. but within the past our governor gavin newsome signed an executive order to prevent price-gouging. now stores that increase the price of at-home tests by more than 10% can face legal consequences. and in the meantime, going back to work despite testing positive, now, the state department of public health is allowing health care providers and hospitals to let asymptomatic staffers return to work in some situations.
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the rule comes with strict guidelines, however. the strategy is only to be used as a last resort due to staffing shortage, which are getting more severe at hospitals, and those covid positive workers should only interact with covid-positive patients and wear an n95 mask at all times. the change goes into effect today. to even a year ago.nd of the governor newsom is activating the california national guard to speed up and boost covid testing capacity as the state is seeing a surge in cases driven by the omicron variant. >> and as christie smith shows us, national guard troops could be found helping out in anitoch today. >> reporter: outside the anitoch community center people spent another saturday waiting in line for a covid test. >> we are here to support in any way that we can. the testing, the state, whatever they need. >> reporter: that support came from members of the california national guard today making sure that people have completed their
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sign-up before reaching the front. >> what it does is make the process a little bit faster for while they are whiting in line. if they do that in front, the process takes ten minutes per person to sign up. a lot of people are having issues doing it. >> reporter: he tested here before and noticed the difference today. >> today it's better. last time i'm here i went out of line because it's not moving. but it's because the guards are here it's much faster, much more organized. >> governor newsom is activating the california national guard to help overwhelmed testing facilities and to expand capacity. providing interim clinical staff, crowd control, filling absences and increasing walk-in capacity. demand for testing remains high with long waits and testing kits that are hard to find. before the holidays, this site, which does pcr tests, saw 200 people a day. >> it increased 200, seeing close to 400.
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after the new year, the first of year, seeing 600, 700. >> reporter: the governor says more than 200 members will be deployed at 50 testing sites. under newsom's budget proposal, the state could spend $2.7 billion on efforts to address the covid surge, including expanding testing and vaccination efforts, assisting in health care settings and new rules for covid sick bay. we spoke with anitoch's mayor about the assistance in his city. >> so we're excited to have the national guard show up and provide us support. you know, in eastern contra costa county we have some of the highest rates of covid infection. >> reporter: christie smith. the continuing surge of covid-19 infections across the bay area and the country continues to put a strain on first responders. in san francisco the mayor's office says 140 fire department employees are not working because of infections or isolation from potential exposure. at the same time, 911 operators have been inundated with more
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calls for service. the fire department asking people, please don't dial 911 for minor questions or concerns. >> please don't call 911 to ask for a covid test or because you have a cold or minor flu symptoms. we really want to keep our ambulances available to people having a heart attack or a stroke. >> the chief says the department is able to fully staff all stations, but because of so many calls recently paramedics are stressed very thin and she is hearing the same from departments across the bay area. and testing is of course crucial right now. if you are having a hard time fining a testing site, we can help you out. go to we have put together a list to places where you can go to get tested in the bay area. the comprehensive list is divided county by county. the search for a missing skier, rory angelotta, is over tonight. a sad story. search and rescue teams discovered the body in an area
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north of north star ski resort. he had been missing since christmas day. the area where angelotta was found just half a mile from a residential neighborhood. he almost got there. experts say it's possible in the blinding whiteout conditions he got lost on the back side of the resort and was trying to find houses. the family says it is deeply touched by the outpouring of support and the efforts of searchers. the san jose police are investigating a dramatic hit and run crash. it happened thursday afternoon on pasco avenue. you could hear it there. this is near el rio drive. the driver ran a stop sign hitting an suv at high speed. that suv rolled over. thankfully, the person inside wasn't seriously hurt. the driver sped away and is wanted on felony charges. it's been almost two years since a fire killed three dozen people off the coast of the california. now the coast guard is announcing new rules to make sure that doesn't happen again. the national transportation
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safety board never determined the cause of the fire onboard the conception. but blamed owners for a lack of oversight and the boat's captain for failing to post a roving watchman. the safety rules include fire detection and suppression equipment. boat owners with overnight passengers onboard must provide better escapes from below deck. a popular downtown san jose restaurant turned a lot of heads today not with its food b but which lolling down the street. ♪♪ >> the poor house bistro moved a little italy on the other side of the sap center. you see dozens of locals following the restaurant on a short journey, taking video. they do offer to-go, and today the entire restaurant had to-go with a live new orleans style band playing in the street. locals said it felt like a mini parade. >> it's a neat part of history. always new construction and multi level housing. it's need to see an old housing
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being around for 100 years be saved. i lining that. >> this is not the first time to moved locations. it was originally a victorian home serving as a sorority house next to san jose state. then it moved to downtown west in the 1950s and became a family home. it was later repurposed in 2005 to become the restaurant it is today. >> it's moved a lot. well, turning to the olympics, the u.s. women's figure skating team is set. and two skaters are from the bay area headed to beijing. u.s. figure skating tweeted out that national champion mariah bell and fremont native karen chen are representing team usa. and despite recently testing positive for covid 16-year-old alysa liu from richmond has the third spot. she tested positive yesterday morning. forcing her to withdraw from nationals. but now the two-time national champion is set to compete in her very first olympic games.
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the 2020 winter olympics start in 26 days right here on nbc bay area. and the winter olympics begin february 3rd right here on nbc. down hod the latest podcast from nbc lx called my favorite olympian. you can start listening now wherever you get your podcasts. in the state of california we recognize the disparities. that's why we passed gender equity legislation. this piece of legislation with gender-neutral retail continues in that spirit. >> new year, new rules. a new law requires a change in the toy aisle. we'll show you. . and we have a lovely night ahead. temperatures are going to be chilly in some parts and we will see the return of fog. i'll guide you through your sunday fun day forecast in just a few minutes. stay with us.
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i feel so much better. see me. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. there are hundreds of new laws on the books for 2022. one requires toy stores to create a gender-neutral section for toys. jacob ward explains how this could change the children's toy and television industry. >> reporter: if you have been inside a big toy store you know how it's traditionally organized. a boy's aisle, a girl's rile. the new law gives retailers two years to add a gender-neutral section or face big fines. this might seem like a silly piece of typical california
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politics, but the truth is that big box toy stores across the country have been moving in this direction. both walmart and target have done away with gender toy sections and experts say that's good because gender toys shape how children see themselves and each other. >> we teach them to be separated, to be competitive, to inhabiting different worlds. >> reporter: companies focus on traditionally boy toys. a professor says the industry assumes girls play with boy toys and watch boy programs but not vice versa. a destructive market force. >> girls mature and stop make with toys and games much earlier, so it's more again economical to produce more boys toys that they are kind of supporting the program. >> reporter: in children's television the toy making potential can even determine when a show is about. >> broadcasters look at the children's block on television
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as a 30-minute commercial for a commercial product that they want to sell. >> reporter: and because toys have usually been gendered, tv producers who make gender-neutral characters might miss out on that money. >> because of profit motives that exist, corporations and media companies are not going to put that stuff out there on their own. >> reporter: bias experts say it's been a terriblecal. producers had to feed into stereotypes to get stores on shelves and stores with gendered toy sections didn't know where to put toys that weren't masculine or feminine. the bill's opponents call it government overreach. >> in the state of california, we recognize the disparities. that's why we passed gender pay equity legislation, and also legislation to require women and minorities on corporate boards. this piece of legislation with gender-neutral retail continues
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in that spirit. >> reporter: now the question is whether the reshaping of the toy aisles can inspire toymakers and broadcasters to change as well. jake ward, nbc news, san francisco. >> a lot to consider there. after being deserted for several years, san jose is reviving a garden that honors its vast vietnamese community. the vietnamese heritage garden has sat vacant due to a lack of funning. but this week the city installed dozens of new garden plots for neighbors to harvest their own vegetables along with a new irrigation system. at the grand opening today neighbors said the garden is cleaning up the community and promoting a healthier lifestyle. >> that is another step to really having the vietnamese heritage garden be the jewel, the jewel that we know that it is, and we're one step closer to realizing our hopes for this beautiful space. >> and this is all part of a program to restore several
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gardens, actually, across the city. hooking out there, looks like it was a cloudy day at the gardens. let's see if -- i had some sunshine on the other side of the golden gate bridge. it was a beautiful, sunny day. >> yeah, you know, we had a little bit of fog in the north bay. there was a dense fog advisory, but then the sunshine prevailed and it was nice to see. but somebody wanted to say hello. say hi, buddy! >> hi! >> so cute! >> he might be barking. i think somebody knocked and he started barking. let's talk about how beautiful this shot of lake tahoe is. look how pretty that is. but it is very cold up there right now. 27 degrees. i will say this though. if you had plans to travel up there, this is going to be a good window of opportunity. there are no wind advisories in effect, no winter storm warnings, the weather is quite pleasant. just cold, typical lake tahoe fashion for the winter. let's talk about how great this
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shot of san francisco looks because aren't seeing any fog wrapped around the golden gate bridge yet. we will get that cloud cover early on tomorrow morning. right now 46 degrees. overnight lows will dip down into the low 40s by 1:00 a.m. we will continue to see that cloud cover as well in through areas like fairfield and napa, but right now about 49 degrees. look at 1:00 a.m., dipping into the 30s. it's going to get cold out there. satellite/radar right now, high pressure dominating in our forecast. that's going to help keep us dry, but it's also bringing us cloud cover and sort of the pink skies. notice out this the pacific there is a storm but that's going to stay well off to the east, so that will be good. no issues of any fog or visibility right now. let's look at the hour-by-hour outlook into early sunday morning. you will get some spots near fairfield, concord, novato, livermore. late sunday night we see the return of the dense clouds for your monday morning commute. so keep that in mind. remember don't use your high beams. use your regular headlights.
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the high beams reflect off the fog. sunday's forecast. more shine on the way, temperatures in the upper 50s. 58 degrees in san jose, 56 in fremont, 55 in san francisco, and your south lake tahoe forecast this one i have been getting so many viewers asking about this. let's tell you what's going to happen. sunday, monday, and tuesday high clouds but we will see nice weather there. we did all of the winter weather advisories expired. showers my may be possible by the middle of the week. hey, look at that. that's looking into thursday and friday. we should be good to go there. you don't have to worry about any rain for now. and your seven-day outlook looks fantastic. monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures in the upper 50s for san francisco. take a look at the inland temperatures. might bump up into the 60s. but, hey, it has been so nice today. we great air quality. heading into tomorrow we could see mood rit because of the high
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pressure. but binks had the longest walks today and i can't get rid of all his energy. i hope you had a chance to take your dog out on a nice long walk. >> all right, thanks very much. always good to see binky. when we come back, he is the nba's three-point king. steph curry opens up about his life outside the court and how his children are showing him this he still has a lot to learn. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema
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basketball, but he still has a lot to learn from his children. >> 'always have a lot to earn from our children, right? warriors superstar steph curry recently opened up in a
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wide-ranging interview. curry says his son and daughters you are teaching dad a lot. >> they are introducing me to different sports and activities and things that i never, you know, experienced growing up. so that will be kind of a cool dynamic. but also my son is, he loves basketball. he loves golf. he loves all that. so same way i, you know, have that experience with my dad, thinking about what it would be like with him, you start to imagine what that could look like watching the family. >> have you gotten kind of on the golf course? >> not on the course yet. he is a wild child. i don't think my wife would trust me that he would mike it home. he might get lost, i would be swinging and he would be running around to different holes, stealing the golf cart. he is a wild child, a lot of energy. we have a backyard net and he get some swings in. he loves it.
6:21 pm
and when i come home that's kind of hike the first thing he says. daddy go play golf? he knows i play basketball and he has been to a couple of games. so he's been able to enjoy watching me play, you know, with my jersey on and be out there and hooping and all that. but golf is possibly his first love. we'll see. >> watch the entire conversation with curry on race in america, a candid conversation tomorrow 9:30 p.m. on nbc sports bay area after dubs talk live. speaking of dubs and guards, the return of the other guard of the splashes brothers. that's right. sunday is a huge day in the bay area. the splash brothers will be reunited for the first time in more than two years. how the warriors are preparing for klay thompson's return to the court. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. a day two and a half years in the make something almost here. klay thompson is returning to action tomorrow at chase center. today the three-time nba champion broke the news himself. >> dub nation, i'm back. >> yeah, thompson will suit up sunday when the warriors take on the cleveland cavaliers. it comes 941 days since he last played in game six of the 2019 nba finals. what a journey it's been. he had to rehab two major injuries. a torn acl in his left knee and a torn right achilles. now he is healthy and ready to ball, but, hey coach kerr, is he going to start? >> he is klay thompson, you know. when you can score 60 points in 29 minutes, you generally, your coach should start you. so, klay is going to start. i talked to him about it, and it
6:25 pm
makes the most sense to do that because it's going to happen anyway. >> all right. tip-off sunday night at chase center at 5:30. the other big story, it is looking more and more like jimmy garoppolo will be under center in the 49ers showdown against the rams. he is trying to play with a torn ligament in his right thumb. he was limited at practice this week, but he did throw for four days in a row with no setbacks. today the niners did not elevate third string quarterback nate sudfeld to the active roster, so that suggests jimmy is going to play. the niners can clinch a playoff spot with their sixth win in a row against their nfc west rival the rams. >> whatever i can do to be out there, i will be out there. but you've got to be smart and think about what's pest best for the team. >> i never tied those together. it has no bearing on what's happened in the past. it's about these four quarters.
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>> all right. the raiders are looking for a win to clinch a playoff spot. they play the chargers on "sunday night football" on nbc bay area. the winner is in the playoffs. kickoff at 5:20. the sharks are cutting ties with evander kane. they are placing him on unconditional waivers. the sharks told kane they are planning to terminate thinks contract for breach and for violating the ahl covid-19 protocols. he four years remaining on a 7-year, $49 million deal. he had been make with the san jose barracuda following several off ice issues, serving a 21 game suspension for submitting a fake vaccination card. that's a look at sports. nor news after the break. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place.
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it is never too late to earn your high school diploma. all you have to do is ask 98-year-old donald. >> he was drafted in world war ii. just three months before he was set to graduate high school in iowa. he didn't get a chance to walk up on stage and get the diploma. he served in special forces, was wounds, spent eight months in a prison camp. a social worker heard how not graduating was a regret for him, so she reached out to get limb him an honorary degree. now he has his diploma.
6:29 pm
>> i always hoped that i would get a diploma, and i am pleased to punch. i am so pleased, i couldn't be any more pleased. >> you know, of all the things he went through, the high school diploma meant so much and he is so excited about this. there he was as a young man. he is also now an official member of the auburn high school class of 1943, folks. >> what an incredible moment. 98 years old, finally gets his diploma. i love that. >> there is a life well lived. all right. thanks very much for joining us. we are back tonight at 11:00. take care. male announcer: this is an "nbc bay area news special." bigad shaban: is this the worst you've seen it? male: by far, the worst. by far, the worst. male: i'm worried that we're getting too accustomed to it, and we're almost allowing it to happen.
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announcer: they're talking about car break-ins in san francisco, hitting the city at double, even triple the rates of other major cities. so who's to blame, and what are the consequences? we investigate. then-- female1: if i hadn't come forward, there would either have been a suicide if a kid got isolated or, you know, harassed by her. there could've been a pregnancy. announcer: an nbc bay area exclusive. for the first time since the scandal broke, two women come forward to talk to our investigative team about how a los gatos mom allegedly lured their daughters to parties at her home where she served alcohol to underaged teenagers and encouraged sexual encounters. plus-- tom parsons: i looked at every building in the bay area, so just under a million buildings. announcer: and guess what? a lot of 'em are sinking, but not quite like the infamous millennium tower. tonight, we investigate the implications of new satellite data showing much of san francisco is sinking as sea levels keep rising.


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