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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  January 9, 2022 8:50pm-10:00pm PST

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>> al: for those of just tuning in. number up with, i'm sorry
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>> cris: how you do it, nobody cares. just get your team to the playoffs. >> al: the raiders will begin from the 25 yard line. >> cris: let's talk about derek car one moment here. here's a guy that led his team to the playoffs, broke his ankle, never got a chance to play in a playoff game. and out of all of the strange things that have happened this year to this raiders football team, it has been derek carr who has made those plays in clutch moments to win games and here he is controlling his own destiny. >> al: 127th start for carr. he has never played in a playoff game. play fake.
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rolling. then just flips that one into his own bench. second down and ten. so the raiders, this is the fourth time they have been in overtime this season. they won all three. carr is 5-0 in overtime when having at least one possession. but this team won three games, including their opener on a monday night against baltimore. so they are used to this. >> cris: al, it's time for joey bosa to take his shot. we have seen maxx crosby on the other side. >> al: second and ten. jacobs breaking tackles! big-time run! all the way out to midfield and beyond. to the 47 of the chargers.
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he goes for 28. >> cris: josh jacobs, playing on bad ribs and he is just been breaking tackles all night long. it has been so many of the run plays that has really energized this raiders offense tonight. it has not been derek carr for the most part. >> al: jacobs again. weaving his way. great run, inside the 30 yard line. so jacobs looking like he did as a rookie. adderley makes the tackle. that one is good for 18 yards. >> cris: nice job by andre james to get back over here. leatherwood who takes so much heat in this town. big block by him. great read by josh jacobs. >> al: big heat because he was their number one pick 17th overall out of alabama. to the 29.
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quickly. they do that in 1:30. give it to him again. this time, no. chargers are there. the stop made by kyzir white. second down and ten. >> cris: i'm amaze at the casual conversation that derek carr has at the line of scrimmage, aren't you? it's really fun to try to figure out exactly what it is he is saying to those offensive linemen. basically, you probably have the center making one call and carr going, no, no, we are good. >> al: second and ten. pass is caught. jones came up about three yards shy of the first. asante samuel makes the tackle there. third down and we will call it
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three. >> cris: what are you going to say? here it is. you have a chance. you get first possession and score a touchdown and end it. you're starting to watch the clock. >> al: 7:30 left in regulation. touchdown ends it. third down and three. rush four. carr going all the way to the end zone. incomplete. waller was there. so it's fourth down and that means carlson comes out to try to give them the lead but the game will be extended. >> cris: just a bit more time and this is going to be the game ender right here. there is definitely a step. carr just can't get it to him.
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>> al: this will be a 40-yard attempt. cole will put it down. carlson has never missed in this stadium. and -- still hasn't. just barely inside the right upright. of course! .
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the best show in vegas tonight, i'll tell you that. >> cris: al, you want to play a little game? >> al: sure.
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>> cris: if the chargers go down and kick a field goal and eat up a bunch of the clock. you burn through a few time-outs. no time-outs. 2:00 to go. you get the ball back. do you take a knee and send your team to the playoffs? >> al: i hear you. what bisaccia told michele. whatever it takes to get our team in the playoffs. >> cris: i have to say i'm with them. i'm with them. >> al: yeah. chargers will begin their drive from the 25 yard line. the chargers, the last time 22 minutes and 15 seconds in real-time, the chargers, tonight, had 19-play drive, 78 yards, converted on every fourth down. what happens here? >> cris: you can run the
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football if you want here. >> al: herbert fires wide open is jared cook! and cook is taken out of bounds. flag is down. flag down back at the line of scrimmage. chargers are already walking back. >> referee: ineligible man down field offense number 71. five-yard penalty. replay first down. >> al: that is matt feiler, the ex-pittsburgh steeler. >> cris: why he is down the field? it was a rpo. a run-pass option. he is blocking on the play and he ends up down field because he doesn't know if it's a run to his side or a pass. yet, these guys trained don't go down the field because your quarterback has the option to throw it. just a major mistake! >> al: negates 31-yard gain. this one is caught. keenan allen makes the grab.
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perryman with the tackle. a gain of five. second down and ten. >> cris: chargers run hundreds of rpos throughout the course of the season. yet you want to be firm if that is a run play but you also flue understand you cannot take that block down the field. >> al: herbert to the outside and incomplete. intended for ekeler. third down and nine. >> cris: it doesn't get interesting until it's fourth down. >> al: you're used to this. this is like a decade and a and a half worth of games like this. >> cris: just as fyi, mike williams was open on the other side of the field and the defender fell down.
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>> al: williams wide left. hayward. herbert fires to the outside. incomplete. so here we go again! guyton is covered by trufant. do they have any more magic? it comes down to this. >> cris: well, what the chargers are going to want to do is work the middle of the field. yet, the raiders have been leavthe middle of the field and trying to take that away. so, yeah, you're getting some tight coverage on individual receivers, but you have that helper in the middle of the field so it takes away one of their favorite targets. >> al: do the raiders go to the playoffs or dot chargers keep the game going? fourth down. down to this. herbert fires. it is williams! williams again! all the way down to about the 27
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yard line. i mean, what -- what -- i'm speechless at this point! >> cris: what they did was they took advantage of that player working in the middle of the field and threw it behind him in this situation. al, if this is a movie, i would have already left because the script was so unbelievable. like that can't really happen! yet, here we are in the last game of this season and it is getting weirder and weirder and weirder. >> al: 27 yard line. 5:30 left in regulation. touchdown wins the game. field goal extends the game. ekeler. they have converted six fourth downs tonight. it is the -- it is the first time in 30 years that a team has converted six fourth downs. >> cris: here is the completion to williams now. you'll see players in here but they end up stopping people just in front and then they jump out
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of the way. there are two receivers in that same throwing lane and it was receiver number three coming in behind that they ultimately hit. >> al: herbert has thrown 62 passes tonight. 383 yards to the outside. dangerous. incomplete. guyton was the intended receiver. casey hayward on the coverage. >> cris: you have to be careful with casey hayward. that guy has seen a whole bunch on the outside. look at him looking back in at herbert. he saw that short drop. he broke before the receiver did. if he had broken inside guyton on that one, who knows. >> al: third down and six. 4:40 on the clock. herbert deep down the sideline and williams cannot haul it in. now you got fourth and six.
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do you bring in your field goal unit? the line of scrimmage is the 23. so you're looking at a 41-yard attempt for dustin hopkins who was picked up mid season. talk about all of the kicking woes and how many games the chargers have blown through the years, because they couldn't find a kicker. this guy has been good. can he extend the game? from 41. we ain't done yet! oh, man! >> cris: you cover field goals with -- in your place. >> al: hey. this is why we love this game. i got to tell you, man. stuff like this. >> cris: oh, wow.
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>> al: you can't make this up. >> cris: you're talking about a season of pressure on that kick. i mean, think about how hard it is to make a three-foot putt to win your weekly game. the entire season comes down to one kick. now you got to start watching this clock. we are 4:30, right? >> al: we are. >> cris: now next score wins. or those scores take both teams to the playoffs. >> al: dean spanos, the owner of the chargers and susie spanos is right there. he's been through a ton of these. trust me. raider are trying to go to a postseason for only the second time since they lost the super bowl following the 2002 season to tampa. think about that. >> cris: what do you think ben roethlisberger is thinking right now? >> al: he probe went to bed. how can you watch this? >> cris: his career could be
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over based on what happens the next four minutes or he's in the playoffs in a remarkable comeback. >> al: a lot of people in pittsburgh with their heads covered. raiders start their drive in the 25 yard line. of course, the steelers got into their own overtime game today, which was crazy. and pulled that one out to knock baltimore out officially. and stay alive. >> cris: i have so many scenarios in my head right now. >> al: yes you do. >> cris: if they get it to two minutes and both teams have time-outs and take these and that is a different story than no time-outs. >> al: oh, yeah. one for the books. carr throws down the field.
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brian edwards hauling that baby in at the 42 yard line. 17-yard pickup. >> cris: i think the chargers were planning a run on that and they are not typically in that kind of mode. because everybody was starting to walk down around the line of scrimmage. great ball on that one. that is a gutsy call but the right ball. >> al: under 4:00. he gets up to the 48 yard line. jacobs gets up to 48 yard line. who is going to call a time-out? in what situation? the ball is at midfield. hum, got to let it go. both teams. >> cris: how about that, al?
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>> al: hum. second down and three. a little over 3:00 to play. carr to the outside and taken down. tackle made there -- or close to the line of scrimmage. >> cris: no flag. >> al: derwin james. no flag. they were looking for one. >> cris: raiders almost jumped out of their skin on be that thinking a face mask or something. >> al: now the crowd sees it on the boards and saying, are you kidding? that is a blown call. james makes the tackle. a loss of five. we have 2:30 to go. now you've got a third down and eight.
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carr throws to the outside. along the sideline. >> cris: what a throw! >> al: zay jones is there along the chalk. >> cris: that may be the best throw i've seen carr make in a long time. he had to throw it right on the boundary. he gets it in over the outstretched hands. oh, my goodness! what a throw! >> al: you get a two-minute warning and why the clock stops here. two minutes. .
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>> al: all right. how do you want to play it right now? to win it with a field goal. >> cris: you don't want to go
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too crazy here. >> al: stay on the ground. jacobs is going to get stuffed at the 47 yard line. >> cris: we are going tick, tick, tick. i'm just telling you. >> al: you hear you. >> cris: at some point. you know the chargers wouldn't call a time-out. >> al: right. >> cris: you run it three times this game is over and the only people in pain are in pittsburgh. these two teams go off to the playoffs. >> al: if it winds up in a tie, raiders go to the kansas city. >> cris: the pittsburgh fans look a lot like that. >> al: going crazy. second and 11. jacobs. he gets tackled at the 39. i guess maybe you take it down. if you're the raiders, as far as you can. at the end of overtime, you try
9:13 pm
to kick a field goal to win the game. >> cris: maybe. >> al: maybe. >> cris: anything could happen in that situation. you're taking a chance on not going to the playoffs if you try a kick and could get blocked. anything could happen. if you take a knee, game is over and you're in the playoffs. >> al: who could have ever dreamed of this scenario? third and four. now what? chargers take a time-out. >> referee: los angeles takes its first time-out. 30-second time-out. >> cris: what? >> al: you tell me. >> cris: raiders were playing to get it down to either a field goal or just let the clock run out and the chargers took the time-out. >> al: i'm trying to process this myself. >> cris: wow!
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>> al: i know. i know. >> cris: that is really interesting. i assume they are going to take another one here and try to force a punt if they don't get it. >> al: these will be very interesting press conferences after the game. third and four. jones in motion. he is going to take it to the 29. now they are set up for a field goal attempt by carlson. no sense taking a time-out if you're the chargers here because it doesn't matter. it's coming down to this. a man who has never missed in this stadium in two years will try to send them to the playoffs. send the chargers home. and send pittsburgh to kansas city. >> cris: oh, my gosh! now. >> al: i thought a second let it roll all the way out.
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>> cris: they could have and that would have been the way they could have guaranteed themselves a spot in the playoffs and yet they still want to win the game. they still want to kick this field goal. >> al: exactly. >> cris: i'm just saying. >> al: i know what you're saying! i know. >> cris: anything can happen here. >> al: of course. 47-yard attempt. for a man who has been money. raiders in. chargers out.
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steelers in. >> cris: we will never know but i can't help but wonder if that time-out changed the mindset of rich bisaccia. >> al: we would like to know. will he fess up totally? >> cris: no, no. >> al: what a game. what an ending. what a season. off to postseason we go. >> cris: i've never seen like it in my whole life.
9:17 pm
>> al: you stick around long enough, you'll see everything. this was a one-off. . pittsburgh to kansas city. charrers to the off-season. raiders win 35-32. face of keenan allen. second time in 19 years, raiders go to playoffs. postgame show is coming up. .
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>> al: one of the ages here tonight. raiders win it in overtime at the very end. 35-32. off they go to postseason. back we go to the 47-yard field goal. carlton, tonight, had five field goals, two extra points, and through the uprights to sends the raiders to postseason. carr is one of our players of the game. michele? >> michele: derek, congratulations. this game had everything! >> yeah. >> michele: how would you describe the emotions from
9:20 pm
beginning to ends? >> i trite my best even from pregame and coming out of the tunnel to stay as low key as i could but it was hard to do with this atmosphere. i think vegas showed up in a real way and helped us pull this out. it was unbelievable. >> michele: it was unbelievable. the final drive when the chargered tied it up and you know you're heading into overtime. how does your mindset change at that moment? >> i had a big mindset change. up 15 a little while in the fourth. stuff happens. we played complimentary football and got the ball back and win it a couple of games and our defense did a great job all game and hats off to the chargers. one of the best defenses i play every year. the talented they have over there is unbelievable. >> michele: you are driving. this thing could have ended in a tie. chargers call a time-out. how does that shift the it definitely did, obviously. we knew no matter what, we didn't want a tie. we wanted to win the football game.
9:21 pm
if you're a tie you're in and those things. i texted with aaron rodgers this morning. my mindset was to make sure we were the only team moving on after this. >> michele: what were you texting aaron rodgers about? >> he always been good to me ever since i came in the league. aaron, appreciate you, man. we became friends and we talk and i appreciate the encouragement today. >> michele: you seem really calm right now. >> yeah. >> michele: this is the fourth straight win for a team that was 6-7 and against every single odd has managed to get back to the playoffs and you'll be playing this time. how do you describe this? >> i'll have a lot of emotion later, probably. a lot of heart ache and a lot of hard times and a lot of fight and a lot of grit. but the job is not done. so there is something sick in me that just feels like this is awesome, this is cool, this is what we do it for you about the job is not done. >> michele: the job i guess starts next weekend weekend again. congratulations, derek. >> thank you so much. appreciate you. >> michele:al?
9:22 pm
>> al: thank you, michele. the players of the game is carr with two touchdown passes. crosby in the chargers backfield all night long. philon with a fabulous night as well. carlson with the game winning kick. those are your players of the game. for more nfl coverage, catch "pro football talk" tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. coverage continues from vegas right now. "sunday night football" final and special guest snoop dogg only on peacock. if you're sticking with us, we take a look to super wildcard weekend right after this. .
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>> al: all right. let's take a look at super wildcard weekend. nbc and peacock 4:30 eastern time saturday. las vegas against cincinnati. then at night, new england is at buffalo. then sunday, three games. fox has philly and tampa bay to start out the early game. cbs has the 49ers at dallas late afternoon eastern time and we go to kansas city for pittsburgh and kc in prime time game. monday night, first monday night wildcard game ever, arizona will take on the rams in los angeles. where do we want to start? >> cris: i don't know. >> al: in the words of bill belichick, raiders can now say we are on to cincinnati. >> cris: they are. >> al: if it was a tie they would have been on to kansas
9:26 pm
city. >> cris: joe burrow and ja'marr chase will be sitting back and watching what they saw tonight. you have to acknowledge the raiders team. their season was basically cooked. they won three games in a row to get here and then go to the overtime for their fourth overtime win of the season to get in the playoffs. the impossibility of all the stuff that happened today, to have that go down to the last-second kick, to me, is like mind bending. >> al: we know the whole thing with jon gruden out after five games and bisaccia comes in. what a job he did. what a job. >> cris: absolutely. >> al: the other game is our game on sunday night which is pittsburgh against kansas city. it goes right to the end for the steelers. they go to overtime. they pray that this one doesn't go to overtime. off they go to kc. interesting matchup. >> cris: it really is. two great franchises going at it. just honestly you got to be a little happy to see ben roethlisberger getting one more
9:27 pm
run at it, you know? no matter what happens. who knows. this is crazy time in the national football league. but ben roethlisberger and the pittsburgh steelers earn their way into the playoffs with the way that they played today. they got their shot. they got a little bonus out here tonight. here we go against the defending champs, chiefs at least as far as the afc. >> al: 18 seasons. we watched ben get out of the grass a thousand times. he does it again. he still goes. it's roethlisberger and mahomes and pittsburgh and kc. 35-32 the final score and las vegas wins it in overtime. that is the end of the regular season. billy hayes and george hill and andy freeland and our thanks to the gang up top and downstairs. fred and the rest of the crew. for all of us, good night from las vegas. .
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♪♪ hi, everybody. dave feldman. donte whitner. welcome to the final xfinity sports sunday of the regular season and what a regular season finale. it comes down to the end. the raiders get into the playoffs with the win. the 49ers get into the playoffs with the win. and, done day, like you said,
9:31 pm
the extra game made this season so much more exciting. >> yeah. made the finale of this season very exciting. usually, you have players ready to go home, u-hauls packed. >> resting starters. >> but now, it's going down to the wire with 18 weeks of football. adding another playoff team, it just is intriguing at the end of the season. >> 49ers have ownage over the rams. i think that's safe to say. let's show the highlights from southern california 'cause the 49ers have done it. second quarter, down 3-nothing. matt stafford, tyler higby, two yards it's rams up 10-nothing. so not a good start and it looked like the 49ers were not prepared still this the second. stafford and higby again. it's 17-nothing, the wrong team. >> are you sure? is that travis kelsey? i see the dance moves. >> jimmy garoppolo. uh-oh. picked off, he's got the bad hand. 9ers down 17-3 at the half. bad start, donte. >> yeah, direct pressure.
9:32 pm
hit on the arm of jimmy garoppolo floated that ball up. bad interception. >> third quarter and the 9ers' offense starts to wake up. why not just hand it to deebo samuel who rumbles 16 yards for the touchdown. 17-10, rams on top. but 49ers on the board. >> zigging, zagging. taking bikes, taking chains. kicking -- and taking names. >> kyle shanahan isn't done, just yet. how about some fancy -- deebo samuel can throw the ball. dewan jennings can can catch-let ball and all the sudden, we are tried at 17. >> he can run it, he can catch it, he can throw it. >> fourth quarter, 17. jimmy g, another mistake picked off by jaylen ramsey. los angeles takes over with just under 8 minutes left in regulation. now, under three, matt stafford marches his team all the way down the field. cooper kupp's having an mvp-type season.
9:33 pm
24-17 chargers. 9ers on life support. but this team did not want to lose. 26 seconds left and jimmy g finds ja wan jennings, more on him later, he had a heck of a game. second touchdown of the game. tied at 24, we headed to over time. >> perfect play design. jimmy garoppolo, ice water in his veins, putting it on the money and jawan jennings had a career day. >> in the overtime, the offense goes all the way down to the rams '7-yard line. and that paves the way for robbie gould to save the day. from 24 yards out, 49ers win it in overtime 27-24. this team is headed to the playoffs where they will take on the dallas cowboys sunday at 1:30 local time. jimmy g -- bad finger andall -- is going to the postseason. john lynch says oh my goodness, we did it. we waited till the end but we did it. how about the resilience, donte, of this team to come back from 17 down? >> this is a team that's been
9:34 pm
fighting all year long. remember, they dubbed themselves into a 3-5 record. they lost four games in a row and to dig themselves out of that? they knew they could do it today and i am glaed they did it. i'm proud of this team for fighting all the way to the end. jimmy garoppolo, hats off to jimmy. >> they beat the rams six to eight times. >> cracked a cold six pack. >> time for a closer look, it's presentlied by zenni. let's take a look at that final drive to tie the game. jimmy g, brandon aiyuk. aiyuk had a good game. that was a good play. and then, finding -- i mean, jimmy g was just composed in that final drive. >> he was, and they talk about practicing these two-minute situations. they understand what coverage they gonna get. right there, throwing that ball in. laser to deebo samuel, he maneuvered and moved jaylen ramsey with his eyes, tubt ared deebo samuel was going to make the play and that was a huge play in the game.
9:35 pm
>> and the more -- and then the touchdown to jennings. we will go on jennings but a huge play. >> huge play and the play design, hitting him free over the middle. brandon aiyuk clearing out the safety. and then, just the soft hands. jimmy garoppolo trusting that jennings was going to be where he was supposed to be. he was there and it ends up in a touchdown. >> jimmy g on the final drive and getting in to the postseason. >> it was definitely -- just, you know, it's football. it's -- i don't know what to say. yeah, sorry, but it is what it is. we got the win and that's all the that matters. >> so, the nfc playoff picture looks like this. the cowboys and the 49ers will play on sunday. that is the sixth seed versus the three seed but, donte, you -- you really like the 49ers' chances to play spoiler there? >> i really do. whenever the 49ers play teams outside of their division, the
9:36 pm
variant variance in the run game really gives defenses problem. i like to see trent williams versus micah parsons. i would like to see on the outside, deebo samuel versus trayvon diggs. but when i look at this 49er team, they are just bigger, they are more physical, and they understand what their identity is. and guess what? jimmy garoppolo is playing la like a gun slinger right now. >> hopefully, the 49ers and the gun slinger find jennings because it's time for t-mobile right connection and jennings was the right man in the right place. seventh round pick from 2020 from tennessee. he had six receptions from 94 yards and two touchdowns and when you have kittle and you have deebo and you have mitchell and you have all these other great weapons, sometimes you don't talk about jennings but today you had to. >> yeah. you have aiyuk and you know the la rams' defense was key on kittle, samuel, aiyuk and the last person they thought about was jennings and he made them pay today. here slipping behind the defense, receiving the pass from deebo samuel. kind of a juggle.
9:37 pm
probably, felt like it was going in slow motion when you are so wide open but he talked about making that catch for the team, not wanting to let them down. that was a huge play there. catching the ball, being ultra physical. jennings had a career day today. >> and then, there was the controversy whether jimmy g would start or whether he would go with trey lance. i think they made the right decision. whether jimmy g was 100% or not, he was certainly good. we will take a break. when we come back, donte will weigh in on jimmy g's performance today, he's had a lot of krit iz ism. he's had a lot of praise. donte will tell you what's deserved, what wasn't as we continue on xfinity sports center. we're getting destroyed out there. we need a plan! i have a plan... right now at t-mobile, customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 ...and t-mobile will pay for it! i'm talking new customers! i'm talking existing customers like ronald!
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francisco 49ers. over 2 million men trust manscaped tools for their family jewels. jimmy g was on the ball today. 23 of 32. 316 yards, one touchdown. two interceptions. he is a quarterback. i get it, donte, they are the lightning rod of either praise or criticism depend ongoing how a team does. your assessment of jimmy g today? and what type of leader he could be in the postseason? >> well, today i saw a fiery leader and -- and what showed me that was when he threw that sbrepgsz and george kittle, you see how fiery he was with the ref when he got hit in the head? getting ballot to brandon aiyuk. getting the ball to deebo samuel. operating the running game. operating the screen game. fitting the ball in tight windows. there was times out there i didn't feel like he would be able to fit those balls into windows and jaylen ramsey and these guys matched up and jimmy showed it in the fourth quarter. late ot. he came through, big throws. trusted his instincts. he was decisive.
9:41 pm
um, and -- and this is what you expect from your quarterback when you go out and you pay a quarterback $100 million, plus, and you expect him to come in, lead the franchise, you expect him to bring you back football games and that you always in it. jimmy garoppolo showed his work today. >> early in the season, he was inconsistent and received a lot of criticism. do you think the criticism was just? >> i think the criticism was fair. i thought they simplified the system for jimmy garoppolo and he was still making the mistakes. he was able to fight through that. obviously, he's been working on it in practice, and today he came out with ice water in his veins. yeah, he threw two interceptions. one of them, ball was kind of tipped. i don't put that on him. and then, jimmy garoppolo, fourth quarter overtime is the quarterback the 49ers expect him to be. >> special delivery time it is brought to you by amy chi's. and we don't always do this but let's highlight a kicker because robbie gould had the
9:42 pm
game-winning field goal and he was clutch, all season. for the season, he was 18 of 21 in his field goal attempts. that is a percentage of 85.7% along 52 for his pats, he only missed one. he was 36 of 37. my first question to you, donte, will catch you off guard. did you ever talk to a kicker in the locker room? >> absolutely. >> you did? >> all the time. it's like a country club. we are going out for practice. they got "the wall street journal"s rolled up. right? the tobacco cup and the spit and watching espn. but i did talk to him but let's not forget that he filled in for wiz nous ki today and he did a good job punting, changing the field direction. >> and kyle juszczyk was holding, did a great job. >> he did a great job. so just the 49ers still being interchangeable, complementary, filling in where the need be, and not dropping off any production. >> so, the kickers in the locker room enjoy a country club atmosphere? >> yeah, the snappers, the punters, the kickers.
9:43 pm
they have their one or two periods per game -- per practice. and then, they go to the -- >> slippers on. >> get massages. yeah. it's just like country club. >> we will take a break. come back tell you act the raiders. when we continue on xfinity sports sunday. but first, here is audrey with a preview of the news, which is coming up right after a us. >> i'm audrey asistio in the nbc bay area newsroom. reduced koe vitd testing hours tomorrow at a major bay area city. we are tracking changes. plus, back to remote learning. some students forced to go virtual as omicron surges. but the south bay, some parents must now make a choice after their district reverses course. and plane crash wasn't wild enough, just wait for it. the incredible rescue in southern california, next after xfinity sports sunday.
9:44 pm
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9:46 pm
the dallas cowboys dominated the philadelphia eagles the other night. and as a result, they will host the san francisco 49ers saturday at 1:30. donte, we touched on this earlier in the show. you like the 49ers in the upset in this game. >> i really do. i they matched up well. yes, they have a plethora of, um, skill-position players over there. cd lamb, omari cooper, dak prescott. he has been playing like mvp for a majority of the season. defense has a lot of talent over there. they're fast, they're physical. but the 49ers understand their formula. kyle shanahan has so many variations in the running game, and i don't think one week is enough time to get caught up on his offense. the play action, the rpo game is so much for the dallas defense to be detailed on, it's going to be that front four of the 49ers who's been heating up over the past few weeks. getting to dak prescott, forcing him to mistakes and not giving up the big play, making him throw the ball underneath and
9:47 pm
they have to have their best tackling game. >> do you agree green bay is the team to beat? >> i think green bay is the team to beat. whenever you had adams, you have aaron rodgers at kweert back, it is tough to go into lambeau and beat them. >> raiders used all the magic they could today to beat the chargers in overtime and as a result, the raiders are now in the playoffs. the first team in 60 years to make the postseason when making a coaching changes mid-season. donte, they could have still gotten in. they bent for the win and as a result, they will play the bengals. >> yeah, and in the same division so why would you ever want to lit a divisional foe into playoffs when they understand your dna. it's better to get them out the way right now, kick the field goal, win the game, and las vegas raiders are going to the playoffs. >> any thoughts on how the raiders could do in the postseason? >> i think it's all going to be predicated on how derek carr does. if he has a phenomenal game, doesn't turn the football over,
9:48 pm
able to run the football and play good defense, they have a chance versus anybody. but it is all about him. if he turns it over, they don't have any chance. >> and you love this extended game. you love what they did for the season this year adding one more game. >> i did. it just makes it exciting for the fans. it makes it exciting for the players. you know pittsburgh steelers were sitting at home on the edge of their seat. similarly, to the 49ers game earlier. it went down to the wire, over time games. teams are giving it all. coaches are pulling out their best tricks and plays and, you know, it went down to the wire this year. bent season of football i seen in a long time. >> raiders win, knocked the chargers out. put ben roethlisberger in his final season and pittsburgh in the -- in the postseason. donte, good week. thanks for watching xfinity sports sunday. don't go anywhere. the news with audrey and terry is about to start, right now. thanks for watching.
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area. i'm audrey asistio. >> and i am terry mcsweeney. an uncertain week lies ahead as a lot of students to go back to school tomorrow. some of them won't be going to class at all, though. they are going back to distance learning. >> one south bay district, last-minute change to this weekend has some parents facing a pretty difficult decision. nbc bay area's marianne favro begins our coverage tonight.
9:51 pm
>> reporter: he can send his 7-year-old daughter to class at mabel elementary school monday or she can stay home and attend class via zoom. >> thinking of going remote for this week because of the surge in the covid cases so we will go remote. >> reporter: so what does his 1st grader think of returning to remote learning? >> i'm fine with it. >> reporter: families in the district have learned to adapt to changes. on friday, the unified school district told its 10,000 students it would switch entirely to remote learn for the week of january 10th because of a high number of covid cases and staffing shortages. but the district didn't have the authority to make that call. it's up to the santa clara county public health department, which urged the district to keep schools open. so, the district sent out this letter to families saturday. saying schools will remain open this week, and students will also have the option to learn remotely.
9:52 pm
at hayward unified school district, remote learning is the only option for students this week. according to this letter to families, the district is transitioning all schools to virtual learning because of a surge in covid-19 cases, and a severe staffing shortage. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. west schools railroad were also clouz cloezed friday. district is ep encouraging students and teachers to please take a covid test, before in-person instruction resumes on tuesday. also, this week, all teachers and staff at school sites will have to wear kn-95 masks. >> we do have some sad news from hollywood tonight. with ties to the bay area. one of america's most beloved tv dads has died. bob sagit was found dead in a florida hotel room. the 65-year-old was in florida as part of his latest comedy tour. last night, he tweeted about how he loved the night show, and was
9:53 pm
happily addicted to comedy, again. saget was also a longtime host of "america's funniest home videos." a cause of death hasn't been released but police don't suspect foul play or drugs. "full house" was set in san francisco and the victorian feature in the show is still a tourist attraction and some stopped by tonight to leave flowers on the steps. now, to an incredible story of survival. a sinal-engine plane crashed on railroad tracks. the pilot pulled from the wreckage just before a train smashed the plane. warning, the following video -- some may find it disturbing. this is the scene captured. you can see officers trying to get the man out of the plane. they have just seconds until that oncoming train arrives and slams into it. this is like out of a movie but the real thing. the pilot got them out of there, he is now in the hospital. >> well, there is no question clay thompson is back in a big way, right?
9:54 pm
his return at chase center tonight was electric. and for good reason. he hadn't played in nearly 950 days but who is counting here? nbc bay area's thom jensen reports on the historic return at chase center. >> reporter: it's the game warriors' fans, the team, and the three-time champion guard had been waiting for and working towards for 31 months. >> announcer: 11, klay thompson! >> i can't wait to see him. i miss him. >> reporter: for one excited fan from san mateo, tonight, this isn't the bay area, it's the klay area. >> i am here for klay day. i am so excited been counting down the days. >> reporter: the official announcement of klay thompson's return to action came after saturday's shoot around and coach kerr made it clear he would start even after a two and a half year hiatus from nba game action. >> when you can score 60 points in 29 minutes, you -- generally, your coach should start you. >> reporter: thompson tore the
9:55 pm
acl in his left knee when he landed on it awkwardly during a dunk attempt in the 2019 nba finals against the toronto raptors. and more than a year later, he tore his right achilles tendon. it is the type of injury combination that could end an nba career. fans were elated to see thompson's hard work over the past two-plus years paid off and he was deemed ready to play tonight. >> he hasn't given up and it shows a kind of spirit with himself but also with the team. all the team members love him for -- for being positive all the this time while he was out. >> he is one of the -- i think one of the heart and core of the team. he showed leadership and everything. he is a motivator. and i think we need players like that on our team. >> reporter: there was no doubt, tonight, number 11 is back. in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. back and strong. >> looking great.
9:56 pm
>> vianey arana joining us now. take us through the work week. maybe some dry i nice weather? >> yeah. today was nice. we are going get a lot more of that, heading into monday and tuesday. but of course, the return of that fog into the early-morning hours, but right now, it's pretty mild, terry. we woke up with 30. it is about 44 degrees in walnut creek. taking a live hook right now. so, the weather has definitely been much calmer than, you know, the previous storms we saw. although, very much needed in the bay area. fairfield right now is at 43 degrees. over night lows we are going to notice cloud cover as well. into the early-morning hours, take a look at satellite radar. so you can see a system but that is going to remain off shore. not expecting any rain to come from that system for us, anyway. mostly get that cloud cover, fog and visibility down to about 3 miles in livermore. tracie, down to about 6 miles. and even santa rosa, you can see some of that fog. tomorrow's air quality for the north bay and the east bay will be moderate because we have got that high pressure building into
9:57 pm
the bay area, that's what's helping keep the sunny skies into monday. so, another thing you will notice with this building high pressure are slightly warmer temperatures. tomorrow, we are going to be topping out in the mid-60s for the interior valleys and upper 50s. take a look at san jose. 65 degrees. a comfortable 63 in morgan hill. even the city is going to be much warmer tomorrow in the upper 50s. possibly, even a couple of low 60s through areas like heyward and dublin. so over the next seven days, the calm-weather pattern remains. and, overnight lows will be in the 40s for san francisco. notice, no rain in sight and that's good news there. we were monitoring a bit of a system towards the later portion of the week. but it looks like majority of that is going to stay out of the region. seven day forecast, temperatures are going to be in the 60s and overnight lows into the 30s as well heading even into thursday and friday we will keep that early-morning fog and the cloud cover. but by the afternoon, you are going to enjoy plenty of sunshine this week. if you didn't get a chance to
9:58 pm
wash your car because of the recent storms, this is gonna be the week to do it. that's what i plan on doing tomorrow on my day off. terry, i will send it back to you. >> fantastic, thanks very much. what a gorgeous week ahead. >> yeah. >> it's going to be dry. >> uh-huh. >> still need that rain. >> i know. >> we can get it later in the month. >> bring it. >> yeah. >> but after this week. >> after this week. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. we will actually be back again at 11:00, so just one hour. >> see you then.
9:59 pm
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we're agonizing for these last two years initially, it was panic. and then it turned into torment. i was concerned that she was hurt somewhere i felt so helpless >> kelli bordeaux was always there for others >> she liked to help people that needed help. >> there for her friends there for her country. >> this was a good fit for her, the army >> she wanted to be an officer >> her personal life was a little more complicated. she was estranged from her husband. >> were they talking divorce


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