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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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kids will be at home for the week. >> right now at 4:30, reversing course. school for some south bay students will look different this week, and some students go back to distance learning. from distance learning to better health protocols, teachers and students in the east bay are demanding major changes at schools across their district. the reason they say their direct is falling short. taking a live look outside the bay area, it is a chilly start to our monday morning. meteorologist terry hall is checking how the rest of the workweek is shaping up. this is "today in the bay." ♪♪
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and of course we broadcast not only to your television, but you can also take us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez, don't worry, marcus washington is coming back. we start with the forecast. meteorologist kari hall is in with a closer look. >> good morning. and yes, we're starting out with a couple of spriengs in spots, otherwise patchy fog and then as we go into today, we'll continue to see that sunshine in the forecast later this afternoon. tomorrow, more sun and the dry weather continues for the rest of the week. we have this weak storm system passing by but a lot of dry air. we're seeing rain on the radar but it weakens and dries up before it makes it to the ground. as you're heading out the door for the commute this morning, looks pretty good through the trivalley. mike, you were saying that you may have a car in the water?
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yeah, sounds dramatic, kari, that detail, let me show you on the peninsula. this is northbound 101 if you're familiar with the area around candle stick park, i marked it on the map. you know how the road slopes down toward some shoreline and folks pull over there and do the fishing? that's where a car is, and it may be touching the water there. it's not a major crash, no injuries are rescue efforts going on there. that's what i'm told, but that's the detail for now. really all that's going on, peninsula side and all around the bay, contra costa county has an easy long drive starting out of antioch and the altamont pass where there is a note from the altamont and that's about it from the chp reports right now. >> thank you very much, mike. today, some bay area students are heading back to school under a cloud of uncertainty. some districts are already switching back to distance learning, others, giving parents a choice but not necessarily by
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design. >> reporter: he is deciding whether to send his daughter to class at mabel mattis elementary at milpitas. >> we are thinking of going remote this week because of the overall surge in cases. >> reporter: what does his first grader think of returning to remote learning? families in the district have learned to adapt to changes. on friday, the school district told its 10,000 students it would switch entirely to remote learning for the week of january 10th because of a high number of covid cases and staffing shortages. but the district didn't have the authority to make that quarantine call. it's up to the santa clara county public health department, which urged the district to keep schools open. so the district sent out this letter to families saturday, saying, schools will remain open this week and students will also have the option to learn remotely.
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>> safety is important, right? for everyone. so we are okay to be at home for a week. >> reporter: at hayward unified school district, remote learning is the only option for students this week. according to this letter to families, the district is transitioning all schools to virtual learning because of a surge in covid-19 cases a severe staffing shortage. marianne favro, "today in the bay." students in oakland are protesting how the district is handle be their covid safety protocols. more than 300 students signed a petition threatening to walk out if there are not more preventive measures in place. they are asking the district to provide kn95 masks for every student, weekly covid tests for everyone on campus and more covered outdoor spaces for students to eat in the event of bad weather so they don't have to go back inside. students gave the district a deadline of january 17th to meet their demands. ousd responded, saying, we are
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already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in this petition and will continue to work toward fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. the district said supply chain issues have slowed the delivery of masks and materials needed to create those outdoor spaces. meantime, west contra costa county schools will close to ease pressure. you might remember as we reported last week, schools were also closed on friday. the district is encouraging students and teachers to take a covid test before in-person instruction resumes tomorrow, and also this week, all teachers and staff at school sites will have to wear kn95 masks. a santa fe street closed to traffic for outdoor dining is reopening this week, part of post street was blocked in 2020 as part of the city's al fresco program. critics of the change say the one-way street should be car-free forever. several other streets in the al
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fresco program will remain closed. speaking of san jose, taking a live look downtown, early on this monday morning, clear skies, a chilly start. kari's got a look at our forecast and a peek for the workweek. >> yeah, we are starting out with a mostly clear sky for many of us and then we are seeing some drifts of fog around some of our inland valleys. right now, it's 47 degrees as you're heading out in the south bay and our temperatures will be cool to start this morning and then as we go into the re of today, we'll see a lot of sunshine for this afternoon, and we'll continue to see dry weather in the forecast. our temperature is headed for 62 in san jose, 58 in arinda this afternoon and 60 in sonoma. also 60 in san francisco and the upper 50s for spots like palo alto today, san mateo will see upper 50s in livermore, so we are going to settle into this weather pattern. we'll take a look ahead to when we may finally see some rain in
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the distant forecast. that's coming up and it looks like a very calm start to the roads this morning, mike. it is, kari. last week was very light. i thought we might see more traffic flow this week but with omicron being such a big factor, schools and probably a lot of businesses, as we said, let's get a look at the roadways and we see green centers and may continue to see light traffic. over here, the bay bridge shows a very light volume of traffic with those sparse taillights going into san francisco. it's a clear view, clear drive, the map shows the same for those speed sensors all around the bay, green dominates even out of the altamont pass. it's on the right side. the arrow shows vasco road there, at speed there, typical time out of brentwood and byron, same for highway 4 and 58. back to you. >> thanks, mike. all right, now accepting cryptocurrencies, still ahead on "today in the bay," the latest payment app that is helping users to start investing in
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crypto. and if you want your tesla to be a full self-driving car, you're going to have to pay up. the reason the feature is now going up in price. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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. right now at 4:40,s you're heading out the door, take a look at our current temperatures, right now in the low 40s for many of us in the inland east bay, we have mid 40s for the north bay and right now 50 degrees in san francisco as
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you're heading out. we'll talk about a warm-up in our forecast for the week coming up in a few minutes. and things are not even warming up as far as the volume of traffic on the roadways, very clear right now, so we take a look at the very clear view from hayward over to the high-rise heading toward the peninsula, those taillights are doing really nicely. i do see something on 92 but first we'll check in with dawn. and good morning, i am dominic chu. wall street is set out for a rocky start. the dow, the nasdaq, and the s&p 500 falling in that first week of trading as the federal reserve signals it could dial back its stimulus programs and raise interest rates more aggressively this coming year in a bid to tackle a lot of that inflation. in focus for traders and investors this week, reports on consumer and producer prices.
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also unemployment, retail sales, and consumer sentiment and the senate will hold confirmation hearings for jerome powell's nomination as a second term for the fed chair. paypal may be expanding its cryptocurrency business. the company is confirming to bloomberg it's exploring a, quote, unquote, stable coin after a developer discovered code in the company's app. a stable coin is backed by fiat currencies like the u.s. dollar and are typically more stable than bitcoin and other decentralized counterparts in terms of price volatility. paypal allows customers to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies as well as pay for some purjz through the app. and tesla is rising the price of its full self-driving software from $10,000 to $12,000. ceo elon musk tweeting the increase will take effect january 17th. the monthly subscription price of $199 will also go up as the software gets closer to a wider release date. the package does not actually make your car fully
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self-driving. rather, it offers enhanced safety features like steering assist and automatic lane changes, but for all those tesla and ev fans out there, the kd be an interesting and more pricey development, chris, laura, back to you. >> that's really interesting. >> yeah. all right, thanks, dom. >> i'll leave the driving. the oracle next on "today in the bay," after two years of grueling rehab, klay thompson finally returns to the court for the warriors. highlights from his emotional night at the chase center straight ahead. >> you can smile, klay, it's okay. and the start of your day in santa rosa right now, 45 degrees and we'll see the clouds sticking around for the start of the day. but some afternoon sunshine, a look ahead in your forecast coming up next. and a look at the now on your roads here, we're looking at fremont through 880 through fremont and we see the signs for pacific commons but not a lot of business going on there right now. still early for a lot of folks,
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getting to work, you see it's a smooth drive on the nimitz.
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good monday morning, as you're heading out the door, it's starting out nice and cool, and looks pretty quiet out there. as we get a live look at the golden gate bridge. no fog right now, and we'll see some patches of fog in some spots with our temperatures
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in the low 40s in fairfield, san jose starting out the morning at 45 degrees. and if you're making plans to head outside, get some fresh air, pleasanton, you're going to see those temperatures going from those 40s to low 50s and then into the upper 50s by the middle of the afternoon. also looks like a very pleasant day with those temperatures headed for the upper 50s and low 60s. we'll be up to about 61 degrees in south san jose, 62 in palo alto, sonoma and santa rosa reaching the low 60s and oakland today, a high of 59 degrees. and we'll see also this kind of weather continuing as you're getting a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen and we have had a couple of spotty sprinkles but with a layer of dry air under what we're picking up on the radar, most likely we're not seeing a lot of this making it to the ground. it's evaporating before hitting the surface so as we get a look at our wider view, we have this very weak storm system passing by and this is what we're expecting to hopefully bring us some rain but not a lot to it.
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and now as we go through the next several days, this blocking area of high pressure will keep the storm track farther to the north and it's going to keep it dry throughout much of the week. we may finally see the shifting into a wetter weather pattern after next week, but it looks like for now, we're going to stay nice and quiet here as we get a look at our seven-day forecast, we have slightly warmer temperatures headed our way, low 60s today and some spots in the inland area by the middle of the week will reach the upper 60s and then we'll gradually come back down but really nice for -- with a lot of people doing remote learning, make sure you get out in the backyard, take some time to get in that recess time as well. and for san francisco, we're going to continue to see our temperatures staying mild, upper 50s and low 60s, no change here, even as we head closer to the weekend. and mike, we're seeing a little bit of slowing near half moon bay? yeah, there are a couple of incidents on the peninsula, drawing our attention. the first one, as we look at the map overall, you see green. that's the great news. on my maps, at least, green
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means smooth flowing traffic and for 92, you have to go a little slower just as you're heading west in toward half moon bay. we're looking at roadwork and utility work and that is on the shoulder but it is slowing traffic down, as you should. we're down to one lane for that stretch there over toward half moon bay. coming away from half moon bay, you likely slow for those lights anyway. that should be cleared up completely by 6:00 a.m. everything else looks clear. down at the bottom of the screen, where it says south san francisco, there's that car that went off the roadway near the water but there was no splash, that's the good news, no injuries either. thank you so much, mike. 4:49 right now. golden gate warriors welcome back all-star guard klay thompson last night. >> yeah, so, this was his first game after more than two and a half years of rehab following significant injuries to both of his legs. you probably know that if you're a super fan. "today in the bay's" tom jensen was there for number 11's return to the court. >> and now, in his 11th nba
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season out of washington state university, number 11, klay thompson! >> cheers filled chase center as guard klay thompson returned to action for the golden state warriors after a 31-month hiatus. >> what was it like in there tonight with his return? >> electric. electric. absolutely electric. >> it was crazy. >> wonderful. it was like a dream come true. >> reporter: thompson tore a ligament in his left knee during the nba finals and then injured his achilles tendon during his rehabilitation. the injuries could end many athletic careers but thompson vowed to return to the only team he has played for. >> klay down the lane. >> reporter: despite limited playing time, thompson reached two milestones, 12,000 points for his career and his 1,800th three-pointer. but his presence on this team
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and in the bay area means much more than his stat line to his faithful fans. >> he's like the heart of the team. so much joy, plays his heart out. everything's back together. >> we have our ups and downs in any sport, but he shows he can come back and motivate the teams and move forward again. >> reporter: nearing the midway point of the regular season, that leadership could play a major role in the team's quest for yet another nba title. the warriors are tied for the best record in the western conference and with thompson back, their confidence is soaring. tom jensen, "today in the bay." >> that is fun to see. all right, so, the las vegas raiders are headed to the nfl playoffs after winning an exciting wild card game but before the game, the team honored the great john madden. madden's widow, virginia, along with his two sons and grandchildren, lit the al davis memorial torch before last night's game against the chargers. she then spoke to the raider
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nation. >> we are here today to light the torch for al davis and john madden. and all of those great raider players who played for john, alive and dead, that he loved so much. >> now the raiders will head to cincinnati for their wild card game on saturday. the game will air right here with kickoff at 1:30. nbc will also air the pittsburgh steelers and kansas city chiefs. kickoff for that game will be a little after 5:00. speaking out once more, next on "today in the bay," alec baldwin opening up again about the deadly movie set shooting. his comments in a new video posted this weekend. we'll take a look at it after this break. and happening now, public safety building is temporarily closing because of concerns over the spread of covid-19. this closure starts this morning. in a tweet, police indicated officers will continue to patrol
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the city and phone lines will be open to the public to report crimes. no word yet on when public safety building will reopen. five other agencies have also closed public buildings in the wake of the omicron surge. we'll be right back.
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it's 4: 55 now. alec baldwin took to social media, claiming he is cooperating with a cellular phone search warrant connected to the shooting on the set of the movie, "rust." he said any suggestion that he is not complying with the warrant is lie. baldwin's accidental shooting killed cinematographer hutchins
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and he said he is committed to finding out all that went wrong. >> the best way, the only way we can honor the death of helyna hutchins is to find out the truth. that's what i'm working toward and insisting on and demanding that the organizations involved in this investigation do everything in their power, everything in their power, to find out what really happened. >> according to the warrant, investigators hope to obtain any information related to the production of "rust," including all messages, calls, photos, and videos. now to incredible survival story following a very close call and a warning, some may find the video of this moment disturbing. we've got body camera footage of one of the los angeles police officers who responded to a small plane that had crashed on the railroad tracks. what you don't see is the train barrelling towards the scene. officers freed the pilot from the wreckage moments before the train crashes into the downed
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plane. it happened near a suburban los angeles airfield around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. rescuers say in the moment, they didn't realize it was such a close call. >> in the time, you don't really have time to think. you kind of just do it. it didn't hit me until afterwards, after the train had passed by, where i was like, that was a close one. it is a scary moment, but adrenaline is what kept us making good decisions to get him to safety. >> can you imagine that? the pilot is currently in the hospital. it's not clear what caused him to make that crash landing. >> i mean, that is bad luck, bad luck, and then really, really -- >> and bravery. amazing. this morning, covid cases are surging across the bay area and the demand for testing is at an all-time high. but pfizer having a hard time keeping up. next on "today in the bay," the changes some sites are making in san francisco and what you need to know if you are trying to book an appointment. and a cool start this morning in santa rosa as you're heading out right now, 44
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degrees. martinez at 44 and we will see our east bay temperatures cool but a lot of sunshine this afternoon. look ahead in the forecast coming up. and we do have cars out there. i don't know how much of a, well, i guess it's a commute for these folks but no delay, let's say that. there's the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm watching the peninsula for changes.
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>> right now at 5:00, covid uncertainty as cases climbment some schools revert to distance learning and there's growing frustration and confusion. coming up in a live report, the new pressure on the cdc from critics to get their story straight. plus a new deadline arrives for east bay employees. a new requirement kicking in today for anyone who has yet to receive their covid booster shot. in the forecast, we have some cool mornings, then some mild afternoons, but overall, a dry weather pattern for the week. we'll talk more about when we can see some rain in the distant forecast coming up in a few minutes. ♪♪ well, you know you can watch us on tv, but you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. we are where you are. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm kris


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