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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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announcing large health care providers to provide tests within 24 hours of a request or face fines. >> it needs to be followed. right now that doesn't seem to be the case in all instances. >> reporter: providers will need to provide weekly proof that they're meeting that standard. the reality is the city needs help. nbc bay area was there when computer problems shut down two san francisco test sites monday, turning away hundreds waiting for tests and advising that even when computers are fixed staffing orders will force them to reduce hours. >> reporter: this is one of those public sites offering seven days a week from 9:00 to 6:00. now it's closed. the workers sending those who showed up for tests today to another site nearby. that site in bernal heights.
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it got as high as 17,000 in one day last week. an average of just under 1400 tests come back positive each day, more than quadruple last winter's peak. >> we are in the middle of this omicron surge, but we can, and we should, and we must be looking to the future. >> reporter: meanwhile, dr. vincent matthews says his district will be providing tens of thousands of take-home tests to students. he says the district is determined to remain open but access to testing and masks will be key. >> in-person learning offers the best place for our children. >> reporter: it wasn't all bad news from san francisco health officials. they say the surge should peak
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and drop within a couple weeks but admitted this is unlikely to be the last covid surge we see. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. david chu sent a letter to community wellness america inc. asking to see appropriate licenses in order to continue providing covid tests in the city. last wednesday, san francisco started getting comments that they were offering tests but unable to present valid licenses when asked. we'll tell you about another testing irregularity that has silicon valley concerned. this is not the first winter surge we've gone through. let's compare last winter's surge to the one we're in now. check out the positivity rate. the blue line indicates the end of 2020 into 2021. last year we hit the peak in
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early january 2021. the positivity rate back then 17%. now look at january this year, we're at 22.4%, and we haven't even reached the peak of the surge yet. now let's compare case rates between the two years. on this same day in january 2021 we had a little more than 42,000 new cases. today california reported more than 140,000 new cases. there is a silver lining. hospitalizations are not seeing the overwhelming influx of patients like we saw in early 2021. on this day last year, we had 22,000. today less than 12,000. 707 people died on this day. today that number is 14. now down to the south bay, san jose city council is once again
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discussing an ordinance that would require city workers to be vaccinated and boostered. but anyone visiting large buildings like the s.a.p. center, would have to show proof of a vaccination shot. if the proposal is approved, san jose would be the first city in california to have a booster mandate. and an update to a story we brought you last night. pfizer said it's ready to make up to 100 million doses of its omicron vaccine this spring. pfizer and moderna are working on booster shots that would specifically target omicron. moderna's is expected in the fall. pfizer said it would manufacture between 50,000,150 million by april. they are working on a vaccinate to target multiple variants. in oakland, lighthouse public community schools is
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extending virtual learning through friday. students are unable to be on campus due to a positive covid test or exposure. they are also seeing staffing shortages because of the omicron variant. a return to in-person learning is scheduled for a week from today, next tuesday, after the mlk holiday on january 18. not every school district in the bay air what is struggling to find enough healthy teachers, but palo alto has a plan, asking parents to step in the gap. we have more and a team effort in palo alto, stephanie. >> reporter: right, so we're talking about nearly 700 parents that signed up to volunteer in just the last 48 hours. some of these parents tell me they're ready to start tomorrow, and others are wondering if kids should just go back to virtual learning. >> yes.
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i start tomorrow 8:00 a.m. i'll be here with a volunteer vest on. >> reporter: jan wiener will soon be directing traffic in the hallways. she is one of hundreds of parents who signed up to volunteer after getting this message. >> we need your help. >> reporter: the palo alto unified school district superintendent. >> that was a great idea. keep the schools open. >> reporter: the school district like many others in the nation have been dealing with staffing shortages. up to 80 teachers a day. and the positions are going unfilled because there simply aren't enough substitutes. >> the message went out to families. by 9:30, we already had 50, by 9:3 in the morning, 350, and now 760. >> reporter: even assisting
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substitute teachers when classrooms need to be combined. >> i have so much gratitude to our families that seriously, i have to choke back the emotions on it. >> reporter: in cupertino, they also received help. >> you never know who your kid is going to get in the classroom one day, who they're getting the next day. because teachers are absent on a daily basis. >> reporter: in san francisco, parents are signing up to pass out rapid covid tests and ppe. some of the parents i spoke with say the goal really have to help students and staff feel supported and also to help relieve some of the burden during these difficult times. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. message received. oakland unified school district swinging into action it update safety measures after teachers staged a sickout last week. the district is providing
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high-quality kn95 and n95 masks. the changes go into effect immediately. the district asks for patience as it waits for some supplies to arrive. after shutting down for two school days to better prepare for the surge, the west contra costa school district reopened campuses today. roughly 28,000 students returned to class after schools were closed last friday for deep cleaning. all staff are required to wear k n95 masks now. they are providing one mask per week to employees through the end of the year. >> they're anxious of course. they, like everybody, want to make sure that the kids are safe. the staff wants to be safe, but there's a real commitment to have school as usual, you know, for everybody. >> west contra costa school district has 3,000 employees.
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now we know you have a lot of questions about this latest omicron surge. we are here to help you find all your answers. from mask rules to vaccines, boosters, where to get tested, just click the link on our trending bar. it is a brutal one-two punch for the oakland food scene. two popular restaurants that drew foodies to the uptown neighborhood announced they're closing down for good. brown sugar kitchen and lucas tap room. nbc bay area's melissa colorado spoke to the owners who have a warning for the city and other restaurants. >> can you just feel the emotion, every day coming in to work. and the customers are emotional. the staff is emotional. >> reporter: it looks and sounds
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like the typical lunch hour at lucas tap room in oakland. but this month is the beginning of the end for the dining hot spot that helped revitalize the neighborhood 17 years ago. when the pandemic hit, lucas tap room pivoted quickly to takeout. >> those who came in during the pandemic, they've been the most supportive people i've ever met. >> reporter: but as the pandemic dragged on and office workers continued to work remotely, foot traffic has not bounced back. owner rick mitchell says the final blow came when the building's new owner wanted to hike the rent. >> we've been running losses for 20 months, and we have to pay an extra $150,000 in rent, that's an extra $150,000 in losses. >> there's not going to be much business going on. i wouldn't be surprised if other
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businesses start shutting down slowly but surely. >> reporter: brown sugar kitchen has served its last meal. >> through the perfect storm and with the boarded up buildings in oakland and office buildings that are empty and the crime, it's all adding up. >> reporter: holland says she filed for bankruptcy last year in an attempt to get the restaurant's finances in order, and now the culinary star is focussing on the museum of california. >> there's been so much resistance. i can't fight it anymore. >> reporter: back at lucas tap room, mitchell is trying to find alternate jobs for his 45 staff members but warned if nothing is done to help other struggling restaurants stay rooted in oakland their days are numbered, too. >> others told me they have two weeks left, two months left, but, you know, there's, there's
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a tidal wave coming. >> reporter: melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> certainly difficult times. a new return to work day for facebook employees. how much longer they will be allowed to work from home. plus a 12 year old's hidden talent now on display. the homework assignment that unleashed an artist within. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we did manage some sunshine today, but high clouds making for a beautiful sunset in san jose. i'll show you what's up for the week ahead in about six minutes.
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following the unveiling of yesterday's state budget proposal, the governor visited a
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kern county site. >> we have universal health care in this state. and in this country, but it's on the back end. it's called the emergency room, and it's costing you the taxpayer a fortune. >> they have a task for improving the health care costs for all californians. the state will investigate price gouging for test kits. the price gouging of covid tests is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, six months in jail or both. remote learning during the pandemic was an experience many teachers and students wish they
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could forget, but for a sixth grade teacher and his students, it had more results than one. >> reporter: at san jose's st. victor's school, like so many other institutions of education, distance learning was tough on everyone. >> all of a sudden, we're home, and i'm learning how to teach remotely. >> reporter: certainly nothing in his decades of teaching forced him to meet students he couldn't meet face-to-face. >> i didn't know these students. all of a sudden i met them on zoom, and they were just little faces in boxes on my screen. >> reporter: but on the other side of one of those boxes where 12 year old vivian nguyen sat, things were even different. >> i fell into depression because of it and i didn't have any contact with my friends at
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that point. so i was really sad most of time and failing a lot. >> reporter: kevin said he could tell that something was up for vivian but wasn't sure how to best connect while being so disconnected. until that is one day when kevin asked students to draw a self-picture of themselves and he saw vivian. >> i was stunned. i mean, i looked at this thing and just thought, my god, she's got amazing talent. >> reporter: and kevin had just the idea for an outlet for that talent. he had always enjoyed writing and had written poems for his grandchildren, so kevin asked vivian to provide illustrations for one, and they'd publish it. kevin thought it would take a while for vivian to do all 49 pictures, he was wrong. >> i'd produce one every day, and it took me nine hours every day to produce the drawing. >> reporter: and the more vivian drew the better she felt.
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>> at that moment, it did keep me very preoccupied and made me happy in doing something i enjoyed. >> reporter: vivian says having someone recognize and encourage her talent plaent the world to her. >> she got so excited and all of a sudden she just, things just turned around for her. so this is the cover. >> reporter: "cherries in the summer" was published last fall. >> a bowl of fresh-picked cherries, a very special treat. >> reporter: proof that the really good teachers always find a way to bring out the best in their students. regardless of distance between them. garvin thomas, nbc bay area. >> so true, garvin. that teacher went above and beyond, and vivian, exceptional artist. well, tackling rising sea levels, it is a new priority in
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the new year. they have joined the bay adapt platform. the platform will create guidelines and actions to deal with the rising bay area waters and mitigate the impacts of climate change. otto lee says b2040 more than 80,000 housing units will be at risk. >> certainly an extreme change from the active pattern we had in december. we will have more coming up in the 6:00 show later on tonight. but let's get a look outside. pretty beautiful here. we did manage some sunshine. at least if we can't get rainfall, a little blue sky might give you a little mood booster right now, as the sun sets we have beautiful colors. currently checking in with 59.
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i want to show you the current weather pattern. it is kind of frustrating. we could use more rainfall. this looks very impressive. but all of this storm activity is going to be heading toward seattle, a little bit for portland. it's for this area of high pressure. it's ridging everything and pushing it off to the north. we're going to be stuck with this dry pattern with on again/off again cloud cover. you'll need sun glasses to start. i think overall it will be pretty good to start off. tri valley 41 and coming in with more low to mid-40s over the north bay, san francisco and the east bay. daytime highs, another impress ever jump in the south bay, a touch of spring. it will make it nice outside. we've been used to really some frigid mornings, 67 in morgan hill, 68 in gilroy, up to
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milpitas, 66. a little cooler for microclimates back toward the east bay. 61 in oakland. let's bring it to the peninsula. 61 in redwood city and 63 in half moon bay. let's move it off through the north bay. i have you at 64 in clear lake, 62 in napa. low 60s in mill valley. again, sunshine as we move through tomorrow, but i want to show you when the clouds are really going to come back with a vengeance here. by tomorrow night we're still dealing with a little bit of the sun as it sets. pretty good there. but as we hit 11:00 tomorrow evening, it looks like clouds will return. widespread clouds into thursday morning and thursday afternoon. so thursday certainly looking overcast for us. what about rainfall chances? want to give you a look at my long-range forecast. as we head into the end of this month, early february, i'm calling for a 65% chance that our wet weather trend does start to return. so things will look up for us
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again on the rain front. it definitely looks like the end of this month and early next month. dry here in san francisco next seven days. we have a mix of 50s and 60s. and through the inland valleys, morning fog on thursday. so far the weekend's shaping up pretty good, janelle, low 60s, a nice weekend with everything else going on to sit back and relax. >> for sure, we'll enjoy it every single day, thanks, jeff. coming up a new california law that will help you make it in the bay. a new zoning rule that can help address the housing crisis.
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announced the change this week. many employees were originally set to return at the end of this month. now they won't return until march 28th. employees who wish to continue working from home after that date will have to request a deferral. 2022 is the year california says good-bye to its long history with single-family zoning. it allows property owners to build at least three additional units on their property. single family zoning is associated more with california than any other state. critics say it's helped create our current housing crisis. we will be back with america's factories getting more automated. we'll show you next.
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a company is developing robots aimed at doing warehouse work. it has created a
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fully-autonomous robot system that can be customized to meet the needs of any warehouse. the company aims to use its technology to help ease labor shortages brought on by the pandemic. >> even with the booming during the pandemic, there's more and more difficulty finding laborers to support daily operations. >> today was the demonstration. >> here's what we have. tough questions and decisions being made as america's case load continues to spike and the u.s. shatters yet another covid milestone. the heated moments it created on
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the news at 5:30 starlgts right now. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathai. >> another covid milestone today in the united states. another record 1.3 million cases. nbc news now reporting that the u.s. has had 62 million total cases. take a look at the progression yesterday alone. we had 61 million. 690 day before that, and we've been seeing this jump since the end of december, so how bad is it going to get? we're actually expected to hit the peak next week. >> public restrictions are being considered. sonoma county imposing restrictions beginning at midnight, and in washington, d.c. today government officials and scientists were questioned by a senate committee. he's nbc's jay gray. >> the hearing opens with a warping. omicron is spreading out of control. >> has a massive unprecedente


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