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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 15, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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one last sentence on the game. >> drew: everything we saw from the bengals during the season, joe burrow playing calm and efficient, ja'marr chase making big plays and the pass rush wreaking havoc. >> defensive line going to be an issue going forward. chiefs at home at arrowhead against the steelers. >> kansas city handled them well during the regular season. mahomes was efficient. they get travis kelce back who they didn't have in that game. i look for the chiefs to make a lot of plays. >> big ben's final game, you're headed there with rodney harrison, and jac collinsworth. a great way to spend a birthday. >> that's right. >> the raiders season of overcoming, could not overcome the momentum of the bengals who win a playoff game for the first time in 31 seasons. final score 26-19. coming up next, it's "that's my jam" and later tonight an all new "saturday night live" with the host ariana debose.
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right now at 5. we are monitoring a tsunami advisory for the entire bay area after a massive volcanic eruption in tonga, triggering powerful waves across the pacific ocean. >> the warning, stay out of the water. we are seeing why. new details of a rescue off san
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mateo's coast. the impact may seem minor, it may be devastating for the tonga islands. they're waiting and praying to hear from loved ones. the news starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us, terry mcsweeney, and i'm awed # audrey asistio. we are under a tsunami advisory as we see strong currents and dangerous waves along the coast. it started with this. look at these pictures from space of that massive eruption friday night on tonga's biggest island. a huge eruption, plume of ash, steam and gas rising into the sky. flooding to the capital city, businesses, homes, places of worship inundated by rushing water. we're waiting for word on injuries. this is one of the few videos
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out of the island since the tsunami. >> the country is more than 5,000 miles from us here in the bay area. but the impact triggered flood warnings and high waves on the coast and we are not alone. the entire west coast is still under that tsunami advisory now. you can see why. flooding like this at the santa cruz harbor, this was posted by a viewer, about 9:00 this morning. water started to make its way into the parking lot. an eery feeling. became an unfortunate situation for people whose cars were parked there. this video shows a truck partially submerged. rising waters forcing people to scramble to safety from the boats. >> and the situation causing weekend headache for emergency crews at the harbor, trying to make sure everyone stays away. many say they had to see for themselves what's going on. >> just a lot of current changing, the water flowing out for a couple minutes, coming
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back in. five to six foot swing in tide. pretty significant. >> many people we spoke with say they're grateful it wasn't a repeat of the 2011 tsunami that hit the santa cruz area after the earthquake back in japan. that caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the harbor. >> we turn to rob mayeda. he has been tracking the advisory all day. rob, where are we now? >> we're watching what was an under sea volcanic eruption, displacing a lot of ocean water. saw it late last night. instead of being earthquake generated event, you have that eruption that displaced ocean water, as that energy travels the pacific. gets closer to the coast, it slows down. we saw peak levels in crescent city of three to four feet. bay area, point reyes, monterey,
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two to three foot rise in water level. that's what a tsunami advisory is supposed to cover would be water level rises, one to three feet. you can see some exceptions there, where it exceeded the numbers. san francisco, what was interesting about the data, around high tide is when we had peak water heights start to come in. you had the compounding effect of high tide and water levels rising. san francisco, about one foot rise there. notice what's interesting, it wasn't the initial waves, it was later on, fifth or sixth peak that saw the highest heights in san francisco. notice the difference between high and low in monterey. it is high, rapid rises and falls, and water level causes currents to get stronger, rush in and out of harbors, inlets. port san luis, when the energy moves into smaller harbors, inlets and bays, things get hazardous. seeing it around santa cruz and
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san lorenzo creeks and rivers there. you're seeing the reversal of river flows as all that energy is funneled into smaller inlets in the bay area. on top of that, high surf. it was high tide, high surf, rising water levels. we're seeing wave heights, part of the northwest swell of 7 to 10 feet. again, a lot of it coinciding with high tied, 9:00 this morning. you see areas in orange behind me. coastal areas, bay side locations. technically, we're closer to low tide now. see another high tide around 11:44 tonight. we have to watch the areas. we have fluctuations in water levels. currents are relatively high. until that changes, the tsunami advisory is still in effect heading into the evening. back to you. >> rob, thanks so much. as that advisory is still in effect, impact of big waves are felt in san mateo county. two fishermen were saved from
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drowning in the ocean. you could see one of the fishermen airlifted to the hospital. both were swept off rocks by waves, knocking one of them unconscious. county sheriff says a bystander flagged down a deputy that jumped into raging water, pulled out both fishermen. he performed cpr on the unconscious fisherman, saved his life. both are now in stable condition. now to video on the coast. take a look at the choppy conditions and strong waves. fishing, boating, some sight-seeing taking place, despite experts telling everyone to stay off the beach and water due to that advisory. san francisco beaches are closed but things are staying fairly normal. a look at the san francisco marina. that's alcatraz in the background. buoys are bobbing. no signs of trouble from boats docked at the marina. as precaution, beach and coastal access points were closed to
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make sure people got the message. >> get off the beach. get out of the way. >> no doubt of that warning. this is san francisco firefighters patrolling the beach, issuing warning by loudspeaker. the department tweeted strong currents are expected for hours. not just a warning, some people in berkeley had to be evacuated this morning. that's where christie smith joins us live. >> reporter: i heard from berkeley police. they say the evacuation order for boats and docks has been lifted but of course the tsunami advisory is still in effect. as you can imagine, it has been quite a day for people here that started with leaving in a hurry. the evacuation order was clear, get out of boats, off the docks in berkeley. sarah greenwood was asleep. >> they drove by with patrol boats and also walked up and down the docks with loud speakers, telling us to evacuate
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immediately. it was about 7:20 this morning. >> reporter: another long time berkeley resident was alerted by a friend. >> got a call from a friend in san francisco, she said be careful, there's something coming. then immediately right after that, then knock knock knock. >> reporter: the red cross arrived to help, some people left, others waited in cars. >> i am more worried about residents of tonga honestly. yeah. we're okay here. >> reporter: a red cross volunteer shared video of water moving near the marina. west coast advisory prompted by underwater volcano that erupted near tonga. >> for berkeley, in the marina, there will be waves one to three feet high. >> reporter: police say 113 people were evacuated from the shoreline area, access was
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restricted. >> better to play it safe and make sure that there's no injuries. there hasn't been any injuries reported thus far. >> reporter: police didn't know immediately how long the advisory would be in place but said the state hoped for sustained period where currents were not as strong. >> right now, it is fairly calm, but we had probably about three or four surges of strong currents. it will come in, three or four minutes. >> reporter: she's with the california geological survey, asked to observe the current. >> i have seen a couple boats try to come in three or four times, they turn around, go back out, current is too strong. >> reporter: today, people waited it out. >> this may be several more hours before we are allowed back on the docks. >> reporter: berkeley police tell me once the tsunami advisory is over, there will be inspections of docks out here to see what, if any, damage may have occurred.
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live in berkeley, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. the situation triggered minor flooding in sausalito. rising waters making their way onto the pavement at the yellow fairy harbor. one couple spent the last 36 years on a boat. they said the situation is not the worst they've seen in all that time on the water. the tonga population of 60,000 people is one of the largest communities outside the pacific island itself. nbc bay area tom jensen talks to families anxious for news about loved ones in tonga and say they'll need help when this is over with. >> really sad. we left our family out there. >> encourage people to make donations.
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>> yeah. >> how useful. you're going to do laundry, things like clothes, money. >> food. >> yeah. >> nonperishable things. >> yeah. >> have you been in communication over there today? >> only yesterday. >> they knew it was going to go. >> yeah. >> what were they saying? >> scared. really scared for their family. >> we'll continue coverage live at 6:00 and again at 11:00. find the latest on we also put together an explainer on today's advisory and how it is different from a tsunami watch or warning. go to the home page, click the banner or link on the trending bar. another big story we are following. a terrifying standoff inside a texas synagogue. we'll have the latest on the hostage situation, how it is possibly tied to one of the most notorious terrorists on the fbi
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most wanted list. covid forced many schools to switch online this past week. one here in the bay area is getting ready to welcome kids back to the classroom. that's next. we are seeing clouds passing by the area, but sprinkles under the clouds to the south. how much of this can factor into the sunday forecast. we have a look when we come right back. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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welcome back. we are following news out of colleyville, texas. it appears a man is holding
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several people hostage in a synagogue. in the past few minutes, nbc news reports one of the hostages has been set free. three senior law enforcement officials briefed on the situation say a man is holding a rabbi and potentially others hostage inside congregation beth israel. the man told authorities he wants release of aafia siddiqui from federal prison. the 49-year-old siddiqui was convicted of attempting to kill u.s. officers in afghanistan. she's held at a federal prison in fort worth. not clear how many were in the building at the time of the incident, whether anyone is armed. in response to the incident, new york city mayor is deploying extra officers to synagogues in the city. continuing coverage of the tsunami advisory now in effect in the bay area following volcanic eruption in tonga. this is surfer's beach.
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more powerful waves. cal fire underscoring the importance of staying away until the advisory is lifted. with high surf like this, you can see why they're making that suggestion. you said it, terry, the advisory is in effect now. rob, how long do you think it will last? >> as long as they're seeing big fluctuations high to low, causing unusually strong currents, we'll see it ongoing into the evening. you see it along the coast and inner bay, tsunami advisory continues. watching high tide. 4.66 feet at 11:44 tonight. next high tide over 6 feet at 9:00 tomorrow morning. it was interesting tracking the pressure wave on the satellite view over tonga, traveling 820 miles per hour across the ocean and it actually registered on the barometer here at san jose state meteorology. you saw that pressure felt in the bay area, under two millibar shift there.
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literally a blast in terms of a pressure wave being felt around the world from that event occurring in tonga. san jose, a calmer view city camera wise. 61 currently in san francisco. and hour by hour outlook tomorrow, start in mid to upper 40s. lunchtime temperatures are mostly mid to upper 50s. highs tomorrow, south bay could see low 60s into the afternoon. satellite view shows what we have seen all week. lots of mid level clouds, not necessarily rain producing clouds. there might be some sprinkles in santa cruz mountains. notice going through the day tomorrow, high clouds start to thin out. we get a little sunshine during the afternoon. unfortunately the pattern is a lot of nothing as applies to rainfall. high pressure weakening storms approaching california. the seven-day forecast is looking dry, especially by mid january standards. look at san francisco. no rain on the map to beginning of next weekend, and valleys while staying mild, patchy fog
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the top concern at times heading to beginning of next week. more news after this short break. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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in hayward, kids, parents, schools are shifting gears yet again, preparing to return to classrooms tuesday. at the end of an emergency education meeting, they he voted to return to in person. they had switched to distance
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learning because of staffing shortage and covid concerns. now it is back to the classroom with covid protocols in place, including n95 masks for teachers and staff. still expected to be a rough next few weeks with district administrators and staff filling in for some teachers. number of covid cases climbing as fast moving omicron variant continues to spread across the country. today, the united states surpassed 65 million overall cases. the cdc says 98% of new cases are the omicron variant. here in california, there's more than 13,000 covid hospitalizations, as of friday. at least 1700 of those patients are in the bay area. still ahead, people living at a housing complex have house guests. a rat infestation and how officials are responding.
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people living in march in city public housing are struggling with rodent infestation. so unbearable, the housing authority moved a couple residents out of the building. >> people that live there say more needs to be done. here is sergio can tan a. >> reporter: these are photos. looks like a mouse. that's small to what her granddaughter saw. >> black, large tail.
5:26 pm
he was three, four inches long. >> reporter: i talked to sheila by video call between bus driving shifts. she says the situation at her unit at 59 cold drive is unbearable. >> hear them chewing the walls, be in the bathtub, sounds like they are coming up the pipe into the bath water. >> reporter: rodents are a problem the residents had a few years. recently, it seems to be worse. she says maintenance crews tried to seal pipe areas with foam, and spokesperson for marin housing authority contracted with a new exterminator to deal with pests. in a statement, the housing authority writes we are aware some of our residents are experiencing pest control challenges. the location of the property next to a wilderness area as well as age of the facility and in some cases accumulated possessions can make fuller add indication a challenge. residents say they heard this already. >> the housing authority says
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they're going to begin, but the thing is when? this is an emergency situation. >> reporter: she feels it is a battle every time she goes home. >> i come home from work, they're running like they live there like i do. >> reporter: they moved one resident out because of infestation. people that live there hope maintenance crews and exterminators work fast to clear out rodents that are there, too. up next at 5:30. the eruption that triggered alert across the pacific. coverage of the tsunami advisory continues after this break.
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the bay area remains under a tsunami advisory after waves powered through the news at 5:30 starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm audrey assistio. we continue to follow the tsunami advisory after a powerful eruption in the pacific ocean. the blast was strong enough to be seen from space. triggered a tsunami that's traveling over 5,000 miles across the pacific. it hit tonga's largest island sending waves flooding into the


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