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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  January 15, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the bay area remains under a tsunami advisory after waves powered through the news at 5:30 starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm audrey assistio. we continue to follow the tsunami advisory after a powerful eruption in the pacific ocean. the blast was strong enough to be seen from space. triggered a tsunami that's traveling over 5,000 miles across the pacific. it hit tonga's largest island sending waves flooding into the
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capital. people rushed to higher ground as tsunami waves crashed upon the store. communications have been spotty at this point but we have no information on any deaths or injuries at this time. for us here on the west coast, the entire bay area is under an advisory right now. look at how high the waves crashed over a sea wall in pacifica earlier today. so far, we have seen minor flooding in some areas but no major damage. tonga's consulate says there is still no internet or other forms of communication. it has been hard to find out what's going on. the consulate wrote on twitter that the damage is extreme, but the people of the kingdom are strong and they are sending prayers. these are pictures from the consulate on twitter. you can see how high the water was after the waves hit. >> tonga's population of more than 60,000 people in this year,
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we talked to one resident who said his family here is concerned about relatives and friends back in tonga. he saw the videos of the wave ravishing coastal communities heart breaking. >> have you been in contact with anybody? >> yesterday. before it went off. >> they knew it was going to go? >> yeah. >> what were they saying. >> scared. >> really scared. the volcano was just 40 miles north of tonga's main island. in just the past hour evacuation orders lifted for people living on boats in the berkeley marina following this morning's tsunami advisory. >> people were told to get off boats and away from the docks and shore. the concern was that waves could roll in and were one to three feet high could affect anyone near the water.
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police say they went boat to boat and people heard loud speakers asking them to leave. the red cross was called in to help. >> i got a call from a friend in san francisco and she said be careful because there is something coming. immediately right after that, knock, knock, knock. and then, you know, the words came, you know, got to evacuate immediately. beware and so on like that. so we came up. we came up. we're just like -- now we're shivering cold. >> berkeley police say they ended up evacuating more than 100 people. they have no initial reports of damage or injuries. evacuation orders are lifted but the advisory is still in place. once that lifts, the city will do inspections of the docks to see if there is any damage. our coverage is going to continue throughout the night. find the latest at any time on our website. go to we have also put together an explainer on tonight's advisory and how it is different from a tsunami watch or warning g. to
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our home page and click the banner or the link on our trend ing bar. next, tragedy in new york. the shocking assault that left a woman dead at the subway space station in times square. we are watching the latest on the ongoing tsunami advisory and when when rain may come back in our seven day forecast.
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in new york, a 40-year-old woman was pushed to her death in front of an on come train. it happened on a subway platform in times square. police are calling it an unprovoked attack. the suspect is now in custody after he turned himself in. police say he initially targeted another woman before attacking the victim. a florida police officer is under investigation after body cam footage showed he put his happened on another officer's throat. it happened when sun rise police were conducting an arrest last november. sergeant christopher poe leez
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arrived got into a verbal altercation with the suspect while officers were putting him in the squad car. a female officer grabbed polize from behind and pulled him away. he put his hand on the officer's throat and pushed her backwards. >> we see a female police officer finally doing the right thing, the thing we have been trying to retrain law enforcement around the country to do, intervene when you see excessive use of force. she does the right thing. i think the sergeant's response to that is even more if not just as appalling as his reaction. >> he has been relieved of his supervisorial activities. a huge fire broke out at a new jersey chemical plant last night. you are looking at it there. a massive blaze sent plumes of black smoke billowing into the area. among the buildings that burned
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was a more than 2,000 square foot chlorine manufacturing company. officials told people to close their windows, doors and stay inside because of all the smoke and the chemicals burning but no evacuations were ordered. luckily a security guard was the only person in the building when the fire broke out and evacuated okay. our stations are monitoring the evolving situation along our coast. this was the scene in capitola today. an erie sight as it is normally busy here on the weekend. emergency crews are making sure the area remains empty to keep everyone there safe. let's talk more about weather. man, we had it coming from all sides of us today. the tsunami warning was startling. >> yeah. we saw how massive that volcanic eraupgs was in the southwestern pacific. we are still seeing wild fluctuations in the water levels along the bay area and the california coast.
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in san francisco, even though the peak heights subsided somewhat. that was around high tide this morning. we are still seeing wild fluctuations there. with the highs and lows of more than one to two feet it is likely the tsunami advisory will be ongoing as long as we are seeing the tides that shift from high to low. we had a change of high point to low point to three to five feet. in san jose, as much as five feet at times. even though the peak water heights are coming down the extreme is causing strong currents and likely keeping our tsunami advisory ongoing through the evening. one more stop here. point reyes, the oscillating up and down motion is the water levels. even though the peak isn't as high as it was this morning it is still enough for unusual autoly strong currents coupled with high surf occurring on the coast. threw see the tsunami advisory which has been in secretary
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since this morning. same areas impacted the next high hyde at 11:44 point. and tomorrow morning the next high tide will be in the 9:00 hour at 6.15 feet. we will see if these conditions are continuing into tomorrow morning. what is complicating things, we have high surf. we have swell heights of seven to ten feet. all of these combinings arrival around high tide, the tsunami surge back and forth and high surf ongoing on the coast. right now around san jose it is 57. kind of a mild evening around the bay area. the weather relatively quiet, 55 into livermore. 55 in walnut creek. we will be watching for patchy fog tonight. there is a pretty view. emory ville looking back into san francisco, where it is sill 61 degrees. satellite view showed you the source of the sunset clouds, mid and high level clouds coming out of the south. the best chance for rain will likely stay to our south.
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maybe sprinkles overnight sarnd the santa cruz mountains and partly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon. temperature progression, tomorrow morning in the 40s, approaching 60 in the south bay. mid afternoon, more low 60s from mountain view down through san jose. notice the long range rain outlook. this does not look good, going through the 24th of the month. both of the medium range models don't paint a great picture. any storm that tries to reach california moves toft pacific northwest. not only is the seven day forecast for now tracking die but i think the outlook over the next ten days stays quite dry. san francisco, the concern would be the patchy fog at times. showers staying south monday and tuesday. second half of the week could see low 60s. and more dry weather, and above average temperatures. inland seven day forecast
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tracking die, best chance of showers monday around the santa cruz mountains as a low tracks from southern california. this time of we are we should be having storms every two days. we don't have that but coming up at 56h qu6h 6:00, we will see if anything is going to change. >> hope things chain. a busy weekend on the gridiron, the niners getting ready to fight to keep their spot in the nfl playoffs. did you know, there is a big reason their latino fans are able to keep up with the action? the story of one the niners' biggest fans from south of the border. coming up next. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. when the 49ers take top dallas cowboys tomorrow it is going to be the revival of a
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rival lee many of us remember from childhood. one fan from mexico, who has loved to niners since he was 12 decided a decade ago that there should be more content about the 49ers in spanish. jonathan bloom shows us how he made it happen. >> hi, i'm mario. i live in mexico city. mexico has a history with american football. >> let's go niners. >> in junior high, i loved the 49ers. i never missed a game n. 2012, i decided to open social media accounts for the 49ers in spanish. >> the frequency that he was hosting was incredible. he was keeping up with folks on my team who do it as a full-time job. >> this season i asked them to verify the account as the official spanish account for the 49ers. >> reporter: long before levi stadium, even before the invention of social media, the
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49ers had fans all over the world. but even just ten years ago, most of what you could find on line about the niners was in glishl. that was until a faithful fan in mexico decided it was time to do something about that. >> we love the nfl here in mexico. >> reporter: mario grew up watching the 49ers with his fans. >> joe montana, jerry rice. >> reporter: the team that made this historic play, called the catch, and then went on to win five super bowls. >> the colors. the gold in the helmet. everything. i love the team. >> reporter: some fans collect cards and autographs, even gloves and shoes. mario kept it simple. >> every game i used to wear the same jeans, the same t-shirt. my jacket. and it was like my lucky charm. >> reporter: he wore the jacket as steve young led the niners to their fifth super bowl victory. >> i loved steve young.
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>> reporter: he never saw him play in person. alex smith was quarterback when 49ers first set foot in mexico in 2005. what was that like getting to witness the first season game in mexico? >> it was great. the atmosphere was great a. lot of fans. >> reporter: it is not just one game. it's really all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the game. >> reporter: the chief marketing officer says there is a full week of events leading up to the game, almost like the super bowl here in the u.s. >> those singular games can create fans for life. >> reporter: it is why the 49ers might return next season for another game. at this first game in mexico in 2005 over 100,000 people attended. >> there are a lot of people who attended that event and that's how they became hooked on 49ers or american football. >> reporter: but youtube was in its infancy, twitter wouldn't launch until 2006, and the iphone, not until 2007.
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so a lot of things changed by the time mario came here in 2012 for this game. where a brand-new quarterback threw crazy long passes like this. >> in 2012, i went to candlestick, the first colin kaepernick game. >> reporter: there he is with his wife in the end zone. he was also at the afc championship game, where the niners won. and headed to the super bowl where the quest for six went unfulfilled. but that year mario did something more important. he decided to start twitter, facebook, and instagram opinions about the niners in spanish. >> just facts. >> reporter: news about the niners in spanish was hard to find. so mario reached out to the man in charge, the team's owner. >> i dm'd him, and he answered me. i asked him for more content in spanish.
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>> reporter: yorkly applies, we will get on that. and they have. >> every year there is more information in spanish. i love it. >> the first memory to have a football with the niners and the dallas cowboys. >> reporter: carlos himself kbru up a 49er fan in mexico. being a part of the team that was part of my childhood for me is a dream come true. >> reporter: now he says the number of faithful fans in mexico has exploded. >> there is growth in how many fans are because people who love the niners they have been teaching their kids. >> reporter: kids who love social media. and that's when mario became someone fans could rely on, live tweeting games and translating it in spanish. >> i was surprised to hear this wasn't his full-time job. >> reporter: he has a full-time job, as a doctor at mexico's cancer institute.
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but this quickly became his other job. >> it is my jobby. my hobby and my job on game day. >> reporter: here he is wearing his wrathman jersey, his favorite player when he was 12 years old. >> he had a sticker that said no fear. and i liked that very much. >> reporter: how big of a 49er fan is your son? >> he's a 49er fan because i say so. he loves soccer. >> reporter: this is about how game days looked until early last year. one day the 49ers' official account followed mario and his life as a fan and as a doctor suddenly collided. >> they asked me to translate some tweets about vaccination on levis and i helped them. >> reporter: the home of the 49ers became a mass vaccination
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site and he had to get the word out. but he had a favor to ask. >> i asked them for their help to verify the account as the official spanish account for the 49ers. >> reporter: mario finally got that blue checkmark and the team agreed to help him run the account giving him more time for his brand-new 49ers podcast. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i am just starting. let's talk about it in a couple years. >> reporter: but there is one detail we left out. in 2012, he went to another football game. >> my wife is a raiders fan. >> reporter: all these years he has been tweeting about the 49ers in spanish his brother jesus has been tweeting about the raiders in spanish. a family business.
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in a pinch they help them out. the brothers say that's just fine. >> we welcome the friendly competition, whether it is in mario's house or mine. >> what a shocker at the end. a house divided. >> it was going so smoothly. >> and then all of a sudden, whoa. they are doing a great service, translator, doctor. >> and helping out mario. thank you very much. kickoff for the niners and the cowboys is set for 1:30 tomorrow. we have a big wild card matchup here on nbc bay area. the chiefs take on the steelers in what could be the final game of ben roethlisberger's lendary career. coverage starts at 4:30. the game starts at 5:15. tonight get ready to hear "live from new york"en in as "saturday night live" is back with a live show after covid forced some changes in december. we will have a preview of the show coming up.
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. it is a big week for actress ariana debose. she got award season love for her work in west side story. >> tonight she is hosting "saturday night live" for the first time w the first new show of 2022. mark barger has details. >> reporter: ariana debose has already taken on the remake of a film classic. this week she gets to take on a tv classic. >> i don't know. it is just thrilling. i don't have good words for you. who thinks they are going to wake up and host "snl" one day? not this girl. >> reporter: but this girl is now an it girl in hollywood. a screen actor's guild nomination earlier this week for her work as aneeda in west side story. >> i am thrilled. i am thrilled people are loving it and hearing its message. i think it is valid and important in the time that we are living in. >> reporter: the broadway
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veteran also recently showcased her talents -- ♪♪ >> reporter: in the apple tv plus comedy shmigadoon. but tackling live comedy is a all the order. >> these people are so talented. i feel out of my league. but it makes me want to be better. >> i am hosting "snl" this week with musical guest bleacher. >> reporter: so far she's fitting in. >> i know by the time those cameras are rolling and actually live i will be exhausted but really excited about it. >> mark barger, nbc news. >> looking forward to it. >> it is lav at 8:30, and you can watch it again at 11:30. >> perfect. >> i wanted to mention that. go. >> there is good news for bagel lovers. are you a bagel lover. >> i do like bagels. >> one of the top ranked bagel shops is in san francisco.
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>> a site called trips to discover ranked the top bagel spots this the united states. taking the top spot, wise sons jewish deli. that's the one you are looking for. it is dinner time. >> i could have a bagel for dinner. >> what do you like? >> i could explore. >> i like the one they had there w the onions and the cream cheese. olives. i like olives. >> olives? >> yeah. like avocado, hum us, boring. >> somewhere there is a real bagel died in the wool who is not liking what we are saying. the shop prides it self on making bagels the old-fashioned day. that's all right with me. >> always works. thanks for watching, nbc bay area news at 6:00 is coming up next.
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right now at 6:00, anxiously awaiting word from loved ones. after a volcanic eruption trigger as tsunami in the southern pacific. members of the bay area tongan community on edge tonight waiting to hear from family on the island. >> the eruption triggering a tsunami advisory for the bay area and the entire west coast. people in the east bay evacuated from their homes as that water rose. >> that water flooding harbors, damaging boats, and leading to a number of rescues. why the danger isn't behind us quite yet. the news at 6:00 starts now. thank you for joining us. i am audrey assistio. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. stay away are the beach that continues to be the message right now from officials as the tsunami advisory remains in effect for the bay area and the west coast. earlier today we saw a


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