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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 15, 2022 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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relatives. in the bay area, east bay evacuations and daring rescue at sea. tonight new video emerging from southern pacific after underwater volcanic eruption triggered tsunami warnings around the world. speak to reporter on the ground in fiji about the new information starting to arrive. surges forcing people out of their homes, leaving mess in our
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region. >> breaking news, tsunami advisory for the bay area just dropped. meteorologist rob mayeda explains the threat, is it over for other parts of california? the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening, i'm aubrey asisio. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. the threat mostly behind us, tsunami advisory for the bay area has dropped. >> brought big waves and strong currents. flooding as far south as santa cruz. number of fishermen and fishers rescued from the surge. >> meteorologist rob mayeda has been watching it all day. the tsunami advisory is dropped for us. not all of the state. >> central coast seeing two to three feet at times. we saw peak wave and water heights around crescent city, 3 to 4 feet, and point reyes to
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monterey 2 to 3 feet. point reyes to san francisco, amplitudes starting to drop off next high tide 11:30 tonight. monterey southwater, port san luis still seeing advisories. bay area it's dropped. other thing we're watching in the forecast might be water of a different sort, rare showers could be moving in from the south. see how much this could change your sunday forecast. in about ten minutes. new video of the surge waves from the tsunami disrupting things on the santa cruz coast. planned surfing thing canceled, evacuated because of the warning. >> take a look at video from santa cruz, the harbor, could see cars parked there became partially submerged.
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another look just how flooded the harbor got. no word how much it will cost to clean up and repair damage. the damage this time around isn't like the flooding in 2011. 8.9 earthquake in japan triggered a series of tsunamis that hit santa cruz harbor, $26 million in damage. today's situation nowhere near as severe. one of the largest tongan populations outside of the islands, 60,000 people. community members here are worried for their loved ones. thom jensen. >> reporter: we weren't able to reach anyone at tongan consulate in burlingame office but with tens of thousands in the community living this area and blackout across all of the island they're likely to get very busy in coming days.
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members of the community are only hearing bits of news from tonga. >> a lot of devastation, a lot of fear right now. >> reporter: michelle's grandmother is safe in fiji but worries about extended family, friends and people of tonga. there's no communications right now. >> have gotten so bad that the internet connection is out. read that there's also no way to radio in either. >> reporter: a few videos showing water rushing through town like this church, but the community can tell by the images and descriptions that devastation will likely be widespread. >> it's really sad. >> reporter: a sad conversation, able to talk to family on the main island before the eruption and tsunami hit. have you been in communication today? >> yesterday. before. >> reporter: they knew it was
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going to go. what were they saying? >> scared. >> reporter: another fear facing communities, what will happen when hundreds, possibly thousands of people come for recovery efforts. worries that covid will grab a foothold in vulnerable and largely unvaccinated populations. >> one of the few countries that didn't experience covid until recently i believe. i think there's a lot of conversation, trying to figure out best step for our people. >> reporter: michelle said the restaurant is eager to hear from survivors as soon as they can, find out how to help with donations. she knows they'll need food, fresh water, clothes and probably monetary donations as they start to rebuild. in burlingame, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> with no internet or cell service tonight, the world is
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watching and waiting. trickles of information are starting to arrive in nearby fiji. joining us now a reporter in fiji. jessa, these images and videos from tonga are incredible. describe to us what you're seeing, hearing, from people really affected by the kohl vannic eruption and tsunami firsthand. >> reporter: from the pictures we've been receiving from the islands and maritime zone, villages back up with reception and network like the one on the screen right now. there have been damages in these villages. boats, which they depend on for survival daily basis have been damaged, and other peoples that have been making the rounds on social media. >> you know, jese, communication
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is down, we haven't been able to reach anyone, still trying to figure out if anyone has been hurt or possibly died. have you gotten any word? >> at the moment, unfortunately, we haven't heard anything from tonga, their internet and phone lines are also down. what we've been able to gather from our maritime islands closer to tonga, nothing so far, no one has been injured or had their lives taken away. >> okay. we know you're going to stay on top of it, jese, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. really appreciate it. back at home, a surfer who ventured in the surge wave had to be rescued this afternoon. kelly's cove, north part of the beach.
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fire department says the waves were so rough, the surfer's board broke, stranding him 300 feet from shore. boats, rescue swimmers and helicopter got him to safety. two young men at san gregorio beach, swept off the rocks, one unconscious. deputy jumped in, pulled out both fishermen and performed cpr on one. parents feeling incredibly grateful tonight. >> so scared, came back to work, said i have to go. called my husband and we rushed to look for him. >> truong is doing well tonight, says he's worried for his friend, in stable condition. roller coaster of a day for east bay residents. more than 100 people in berkeley evacuated early this morning, getting back into homes tonight.
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nbc bay area's christie smith. >> reporter: the evacuation order was clear, out of the boats, off the docks in berkeley. sarah was asleep. >> drove by with the patrol boats and walked up and down the docks with loud speakers telling us to evacuate immediately. 7:20 this morning. >> reporter: another longtime berkeley resident was alerted by a friend. >> called from friend in san francisco, said be careful, there is something coming. immediately after that, knock knock knock. >> we heard three hours with no water above a foot. >> reporter: red cross arrived quickly to help. some left, others waited in cars. >> worried about the residents of tonga, honestly. yeah, we're okay here. >> reporter: red cross volunteer shared this video of water near
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the marina, west coast advisory prompted by volcano that erupted near tonga. >> for berkeley, in the marina will be waves roughly 1 to 3 feet high. >> reporter: police say 113 people were evacuated from the shoreline area and access was restricted. >> better to play it safe and make sure that there's no injuries. there hasn't been any injuries reported thus far. >> reporter: police didn't know immediately how long the advisory would be in place but said the state was hoping for sustained period where currents were not as strong. >> right now it's fairly calm, but we've had probably three or four surges of very strong currents. it will come in three or four minutes. >> reporter: with the california geological survey, asked to observe the current. >> i have seen a couple of boats try to come into the harbor three or four times and turn
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around and go back out, current is too strong. >> reporter: today people waited it out. >> several more hours before we were allowed back to the docks. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> a geoologist who returned from studying volcanoes under hawaii say the volcanoes could seem catastrophic but in big picture, a different story. >> it's underwater and we don't get a bird's eye view and observing volcanic eruptions is not for the faint of heart. remember mount st. helens on a subduction zone, large to us as human beings but moderately small on the scope of the toll geologic time scale.
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>> impacts on the bay area not just limited to water. sent a wave of air pressure across the pacific that made its way here. meteorologist rob mayeda breaks it down on our website, tense moments in a synagogue over tonight. back in 50 seconds with how the hostage situation in texas ended. new rules for concerts and sporting events, and what it means for you. overnight, we dust off storm ranger, could see isolated sprinkles or showers. you see it there. how much impact on sunday when we come right back. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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following breaking news about tennis star novak djokovic. the associated press reporting the australian court upheld decision to cancel his visa, going to be deported. arguing he posed threat to public health because he's unvaccinated. now he's unable to defend his australian open title in melbourne monday. the hostage situation in texas is over. the team breached the synagogue, rescuing the three remaining hostages. suspect is dead. not clear if killed in confrontation with officers. gunman interrupted morning seskss and took rabbi and three others hostage. he wanted release of convicted terrorist from federal prison. police departments are beefing up presences near synagogues.
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san francisco police are coordinating with local jewish community organizations. state rules changing for large gatherings. lowing capacity indoor to 500 instead of 1,000. outdoor cut from 10,000 to 5,000. the state pointsous since thanksgiving seven-day case rate increased 410%. google is tightening rules ahead of expected increase in employee cases. already on the rise, company is telling employees weekly testing is mandated. anyone coming in will need a negative test or surgical grade masks and report vaccination status. google's chief health officer says the company is bracing for significant rise in cases in coming weeks. last time we saw rob mayeda -- i like that behind you. let's talk about that.
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>> sales force tower and hoyt tower. like a lava lamp, going from red to gold. ahead of the big game tomorrow. 56 degrees in san francisco. city looking pretty good. not much in the way of fog right now. san jose, 56 degrees, and few of those mid and high level clouds, may see a few sprinkles overnight into the morning. walnut creek 49 and light winds and some patchy fog. slight chance of sprinkles as times and visibility at times around the north bay and santa rosa down to 2 to 3 miles at times and patchy fog for the morning. mid to upper 40s, lunchtime is closer to 60, warming up to low 60s for afternoon.
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san jose southward, upper 50s, san francisco to oakland. checking out storm ranger. sprinkles near union city. if you're not seeing rain, lowest levels of the atmosphere are dry, it's raining higher up but not all hitting the ground. there's a chance to see more bands moving through between now and midmorning tomorrow. through 9:00 a.m., a chance of showers and then clearing south to north, partial clearing during the day. talking about showers but rain totals, you have to look hard. would be nice to get something to wet the ground. next seven to ten days is unfortunately looking dry. hard for storms to make a dent. high pressure is blocking the storms. will go by south, miss us to the north.
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this is something we'll see most of the next week. long range forecast between now and 25th, not much there. next ten days looking dry, medium range, in the same mindset, areas south of santa cruz with the best chance for rain showers. tomorrow, a few sprinkles through midmorning, then cloudy skies continue. warmer thursday and friday, windy in the hills later. areas around san jose likely in the 60s most of next week. looking dry. we're hopeful things might change in february. longer range models do indicate some rain maybe two weeks out. for now, mild and dry. >> fingers crossed. >> thanks rob. anthony flores joining us now. you like football, this is your weekend, folks. >> you want to talk 49ers right? >> i do, i have other things in
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mind. >> no doubt about running the football but concern is interceptions and defensive front be able to put pressure on dak, will he be able to elude it? find out sunday. today the raiders' season comes to end against the bengals. a little controversy, did the refs blow it when they allowed this touchdown for cincinnati? stick around, sports is next.
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enrollment ends january 31st. welcome back. i'm anthony flores. silver and black go one and done in the postseason. raiders on the road to take on the bengals in wild card. controversy in quarter, one of the refs blows whistle after throws this pass. raiders appear to give up.
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by rule the down should have been replayed but after discussion it's called touchdown, 20-6 bengals. fourth and goal from the 9, derek carr is picked off, that's the ball game. 26-19. >> didn't feel like it was going to go this way any point. all the way up until last couple of seconds, but bengals beat us, we came up short today. >> in buffalo, bills taking on the patriots, big day for josh allen. more touchdowns five than incompletions. they blew out the patriots. 49ers at cowboys for sunday, 27 years since they met in postseason. red and gold like their chances even as underdogs on the road.
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>> we know we have a chance to do something special. you don't get that opportunity every year. i've been on a number of teams that have been to the super bowl, i'm not saying anything like that but there's a feeling, you want to make them count as long as you have them i guess. >> more confident than i am. check out nbc sports bay area for the best pre- and postgame coverage. in the tank, sharks against the pens, 1-1 in overtime. sidney crosby feeds jake guentzel for the winning score. sharks host the kings on monday. that's sports. more news after the break. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps,
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a request in betty white's honor is going viral and leading to big event in her name. a longtime advocate for animal rescues. someone posted donate $5 to local shelter which would have been her 100th birthday on monday. shelters are going further, holding adoption events. in bay area, humane society of silicon valley has named eight pets after characters and shows she was affiliated. they're up for adoption starting today, and fees are waived through the end of the month. >> great tribute to a great woman. here's a great tribute to great team. rob was showing this. can't get enough. landmarks lit up in red and gold tonight.
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coit tower, sporting niners towers. sales force tower red and gold, niners' spirit. you have a feeling of confidence? >> hope. go niners!
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and now a message from president joe biden. [ cheers and applause


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