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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  January 16, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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the cowboys, it was an exciting and emotional victory for the red and gold. >> you win is always awesome, no matter how you do it. um, obviously, we have things we have to fix because -- or learn from, i would say, because we almost let that one get away from us. but our team stepped up when it needed to step up and we got the win. >> you know, we can win ugly. we can win -- win good ways. you know, we are battle tested. been through a lot and, you know, we are not really phased by too much. just keep winning football. >> whenever you got a battle at the end it like that, it shows real team. look guys in the eyes and see who is in that moment and ready for it. it's just going to do us well down the road. it's not going to be easy going into lambeau. we know it is going to be a tough challenge for us. >> you heard jimmy g. next up, 9ers head to lambeau field to take on top-seeded green bay. that game is next saturday at 5:15 p.m. you might remember, packers beat the 9ers on a last second back in week three.
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you will have complete highlights coming up a little later in sports. guys, keep the faith. >> all right. anthony, thanks a lot. when the game ended, the fans erupted. 49er faithful really soaking this one up after a trying and lengthy regular season. this was the scene at sb 2 bar and sfraunt in san jose. certainly, a lot of scarlet and gold in downtown san jose today and a lot of energy. >> smoke eaters, right? i'm -- i almost lost my voice. from all -- from all that good energy to all those 9er fans out there, bang bang 9er game, bay area! >> love it. >> that is one serious fan. faithful on cloud nine or maybe it's cloud 49 tonight. our 49ers coverage continues on you are our website. check out jonathan bloom's story
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on the devoted fan behind the team's spanish twitter account. great story, plus the full story about how he made it happen. click the link in our trending bar. we will also have highlights from today's game coming up in sports. thursday marks one year since president biden took office. he is set to hold a news conference on wednesday, marking the occasion. also, on wednesday, the biden administration is making it easier for americans to access at-home tests. all you have to do is go online to and place an order. each household will be able to order up to four tests. once you place an order, test kits will ship seven to twelve days later, so these of course will be useful with if you develop symptoms or are possibly exposed to covid in the future. the white house says it will also set up a phone number so americans who don't have sbrant internet access can still place orders. new tonight. stretched thin. covid cases have led to serious staffing concerns at the san jose police department. sources tell nbc bay area covid cases and exposures have
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increased to the point that the patrol unit is having trouble meeting minimum-staffing levels. the department is asking for all officers to voluntarily step up this week, and work as a patrol officer in addition starting january 24th, the department will require all officers who are not on patrol to do so for one of their weekly ten-hour shifts. sanford is ready to move forward as students return to classrooms this week. after starting their winter quarter online, stanford students will be back on campus starting tuesday. students will return in phases, all students expected to return on july 24th. while schools are closed for the martin luther king jr. holiday tomorrow, an east bay school district will still be giving covid tests. the west contra costa unified school district will have three covid testing sites open tomorrow. the sites are for students, staff, and parents of the district. you will have to make an appointment online to get one. the sites are located at the district office and alvarado adult school in richmond, as
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well as ohlone elementary school in hercules. we know it is pretty tough find covid tests right now but we of course are here to help you out. just head to click on covid-19 testing locations in the trending bar. we have put together a list of places where you can go get a test. it is broken down by counties so you can find a test site that is closest to you. quick correction, folks. i just said stanford is going to be going back on july 24th. it's january 24th. all right. a 16-year-old boy is dead after a crash that officers blame on a driver under the influence of drugs. chp says a 24-year-old man was passing cars over double yellow lines along state route 116 in unincorporated soy know ma county. the man eventually triggered a four car collision that killed the teenager. driver arrested while two people in other cars taken to a hospital. take a look at this. waves still roaring at san francisco ocean beach today. just 24 hours ago, first responders were warning people to leave the beach because of a tsunami surge. today, plenty of people checked
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out the scene. and people in the north bay were startled by how powerful and destructive the water could be. in tiburon, a dock was pulled away from an apartment. here is nbc bay area's christie smith. >> we packed to go to higher ground just in case. >> reporter: these neighbors are grateful today in tiburon, they have a waterfront apartment unit and kept their eyes on the wild conditions outside saturday morning. >> we could see the water was coming in with a lot more force than we have ever seen, before. >> reporter: therapy concerned about potential danger from the tsunami advisory in the bay area because of the massive volcano that erupted near tonga. then, they learned a dock by a neighbor's unit had come off. >> we saw this morning when they actually pulled it and they were bringing it back which was, you know, quite an effort. three people just trying to, you know, corral it. >> reporter: marin county sheriff tweeted a photo yesterday of dock damage in the richardson bay area. and advised avoiding travel to coastal areas to observe surges. >> i didn't know it was gonna
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happen so i just kind of avoided it, altogether. >> reporter: heather stayed inside yesterday, and noticed differences even today. >> it is definitely higher than it typically is. usually, you can see, um, like how the mud that goes pretty far out this time of year. >> reporter: another neighbor shared this video of water flowing on a trail yesterday. it is an experience people here won't forget. >> we were constantly looking out to see if the water -- it would come in and go out, come in and go out. so -- but after a point, it kind of started receding, and then it didn't come in. >> reporter: in tiburon, christie smith, nbc bay area news. well, yesterday's tsunami forced postponement of the usa surfing competition in santa cruz, but you can't keep surfers sidelined for long. competition resumed this morning. this is at steamer lane. you can see some of the surfers out there. way out there. catching some waving. but here is what santa cruz looked like yesterday. you see flooding and cars partially submerged outside the harbor. well the tsunami threat may have receded but tonga remains
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covered in ash. it proved difficult but surveillance flight from new zealand was finally launched to inspect the damage. satellite images captured the eruption on friday with ash, steam, and gas rising like a mushroom above the pacific ocean. the sonic boom could be heard as far away as alaska. the eruption cut the internet to tonga, leaving people around the world to wonder about the situation there. so far, there are no official reports of any deaths. and a person who helped make tonga famous is now asking for help as the island tries to rebuild following the eruption. may remember the ton began flag bearer who carried the nation's flag during the opening ceremony of the 2016, 2018, and 2020 olympics. he says he hasn't heard from his father since the eruption. he started a gofundme page, and says the money will go to those in most need and repairing damage, infrastructure in tonga. at last check, more than
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$200,000 has been pledged. and we are continuing to follow this story very closely. you can find the latest developments on our website, just click on the link on our trending bar. new details tonight after dwrerd's dramatic standoff at a texas synagogue. the fbi has now confirmed the identity of the man who interrupted services and then held four people hostage. authorities say 44-year-old british citizen malik akram is the man responsible. we also learned british counterterrorism officers detained akram's two teenaged sons as part of the investigation. their father was reportedly in contact with them during the standoff in colleyville, texas, a dallas suburb. they were in england at the time. in the eend, none of the hostages were hurt. akram was shot and killed in the confrontation officers. as the senate prepares to take up voting legislation this week, democratic leaders are admitting they don't have the votes but are vowing to fight on. last week, arizona senator kyrsten sinema made it clear she would not vote to gut the filibuster to ease passage of the freedom to vote act, and the
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john lewis voting rights advancement act. house majority whip james clyburn told "meet the press" this morning that tuesday's senate vote is still important. he says it will show who is on the right side of history. >> people tell me they are for this legislation, or against the processes that we lead, then i'm -- i don't think you on the right side of history. so, we ought to fight, we got to have these votes, we got to see which side people are on and if that were to fail, as people project it will, then what's the next best thing? >> democrats are calling for the end of the filibuster because it would allow them to pass the legislation on a simple-majority vote. right now, it's a 60-vote rule, and the bills face overwhelming republican opposition. what are we saying as an agency that we don't respect his
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legacy? >> still ahead. going on strike. why some mental health workers in the east bay say they are planning to picket tomorrow on mlk day. plus, they stole a bay area family's dog but didn't stop there. what we are learning about a brazen robbery in the east bay. and it's round two for seeing a chance of a few sprinkles or isolated showers tonight. we are watching it on or storm ranger mobile doppler radar and temperatures in the seven-day forecast may surprise you a little bit later this week. we will have a look when we come right back.
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. new video in our newsroom of a rescue along a popular east bay hiking trail. police say around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, a hiker fell down an embankment at mission peak. you can see, chp officers had to rescue her using the helicopter. paramedics took her to the hospital. no word on the extent of her injuries. in san francisco, a determined group of parents kept busy today encouraging people to vote in a recall election involving three school board
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members. they gathered at lowell high school to give out t-shirts, signs, and buttons. they are in favor of recalling board members allison collins, gabriella lopez, and they say they are not happy with the way the board has handled a number of issues throughout the pandemic. >> the best outcome would be to get competent people on the school board. um, there are some really big problems right now. there is a huge budget deficit and there is a lot of kids who have actualen behind in terms of their schooling and this board hasn't acknowledged the learning loss that's happened, much less which up with a plan. >> the election is february 15th but early voting starts on tuesday. black therapists at kaiser permanente in oakland and richmond say they are going on strike tomorrow. they say they were told they would have martin luther king day off as a paid holiday, but then it was changed back to a regular-work day. well tonight, kaiser is apologizing for what it calls a miscommunication. but it's not backing down. nbc bay area's scott budman has the latest. >> reporter: mental health clinicians at kaiser oakland say
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the healthcare giant went back on its promise to make martin luther king jr. day a paid holiday this year. >> what are we saying as an agency that we don't respect his legacy but civil rights. >> now, sabrina, a mental health therapist at kaiser oakland says her group and hundreds of others will strike on monday to protest. >> this is not a selling point. when you tell somebody you don't get mlk day but we really believe in civil rights. >> she tells us the larger issue for her staff is the lack of therapists of color at kaiser oakland. she says there are five of them on its adult team. especially, given how many patients ask for people they'll feel more comfortable opening up to. and when they walk in, they only see one provider, two providers that like look me, they wonder if it is a safe place to go. >> reporter: after the murder of george floyd, shomet andle colleagues asked kaiser about
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doing more about the mental health of patients of color. she said kaiser agreed to give them this mlk day off, but then later took it back. kaiser permanente released a statement tonight acknowledging the miscommunication, and disappointment saying kaiser permanente will adopt, starting in 2023, mlk day as a scheduled-paid holiday across the organization. she says the one-day strike is still on. >> i am not very trusting. if we were told in march that we were gonna get it, and then november we get a note saying we're not going to get it, this could happen again next november, this november. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. in the meantime, many people are remembering martin luther king jr. and his legacy this weekend. stanford university held a multifaith celebration today. it was a virtual event because of covid concerns. one of the highlights was remarks by the new head of the university's mlk jr. research and education institute. and coming up at 9:30, we will hear from dr. martin.
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he is an associate professor at stanford and the director of the university's martin luther king jr. research and education institute. we will talk about the importance of the work the institute does and his vision moving forward. investigators in the east bay are looking for a group of robbery suspects who not only stole a car but a family's dog as well. this is tito. a mother and daughter took the french bulldog for a walk in castro valley last night. police say a black suv pulled in front of them, and four or five people jumped out armed with handguns. they snatched the mother's purse which contained her wallet and keys, and also took the dog before taking off in the suv. few hours later, the suspects went to the mother's home and stole her car. is this scary? investigators are working on identifying the suspects, and recovering that dog. well, police in la are investigating a high profile burglary. the home of actress lori loughlin and fashion designer mossimo giannulli was burglarized earlier this month. a representative for the couple says no one was home at the
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time. it is not clear what was taken at this point. loughlin has been in the spotlight lately as one of the faces of the college-admissions cheating scandal serving time here in the bay area for paying to get her daughters into the university of southern california. game set and match. the world's best men's tennis player won't be able to play in one of those sport's most prestigious tournaments. novak djokovic left australia today after a lengthy ordeal involving his vaccination status. you may have been following this one. he returned home on the eve of the australian open after three federal judges dismissed his challenge of his deportation. on friday, his visa was cancelled for the second time since he arrived in australia because he hasn't gotten the covid vaccine. in a statement, djokovic said he was disappointed with the ruling, and then in part, quote, i am uncomfortable that the focus of the past week has been on me and hope we can all now focus on the game and tournament i love. let's step outside right now. take a look at this
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beautiful-live shot of the golden gate bridge looking especially nice. and audrey and i were talking. it kind of/sort of is red and gold tonight. >> it might as well be. >> in honor of the 49ers, of course. >> very special day today. lot of people happy tonight because of that big win. >> oh, yeah. and we got some nice temperatures to take us into the week as we get ready for green bay on saturday. rob, take it away. >> we had the red and gold last night. little bit of that outside right now. we will show you the temperatures around the bay area, it is very much unlike green bay in the 40s and 50s out there. mid-50s around san francisco. and a view of the bay bridge also looking very nice on this sunday evening at 55 degrees. san jose, mostly cloudy at 55. and as we go through the next couple of days, you might notice the haze in the air without any storms or strong wind to push some of that air pollution out of here, we are back in the moderate range throughout the bay area. north bay and east bay, specifically, might see levels closer to unhealthy for
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sensitive groups at times by tuesday so we will have to watch air quality the start of the week. now, for the morning, a chance of few isolated sprinkles and patchy fog. numbers starting in the 40s and around midday and lunchtime, close to 60 again in san jose. and watch these south bay temperatures, again, tomorrow. mid-60s down toward san martin. and around the santa clara valley, near 61 degrees in oakland. and even upper 50s to near 60s until the north bay. storm ranger right now not seeing a whole lot but to the south, it's ban little interesting. watching these band of showers weakening as they are kind of encountering some drier air aloft. as showers fall, they are not quite reaching the ground but still this ample supply of moisture coming up from sooebt moving to northwest as we head toward tomorrow morning. so it's very much like we had this morning. a lot of mid-level clouds, slight chance of a coastal shower or a few sprinkles around for the first half the day. and through 5:00, looks pretty cloudy. yeah, now watch what happens by 11:00 tomorrow. we begin to see the pattern shift. little bit of clearing that will
9:20 pm
take us towards a warmer forecast for the second half of the week. so the next five days, beyond those chances of sprinkles or isolated showers into tomorrow, things are looking dry. main impact could be that valley fog which may try to drift into the east bay, and north bay valleys. and look at the seven-day forecast there. scrolling at the bottom of the screen. it is kind of distracting because when you look at the south bay, there is a chance for areas around morgan hill and san martin, by friday, could get close to 70 degrees. so, here is the reason why. you don't really see this and we really don't like to see this in january. strong-high pressure which is deserting all the storms off to the north. so if this continues next weekend, this is good for your outdoor plans, friday, saturday, and sunday, those temperatures are going to look pretty warm, especially around the south bay. so, for san francisco, could have a few sprinkles early tomorrow. patchy clouds. little breezy in the hills wednesday. and san francisco temperatures actually have a chance of getting to the low to mid-60s approaching next weekend and valley temperatures starting off in the week low to mid-60s through about wednesday.
9:21 pm
and i think friday, saturday, and possibly this time next sunday, we could with seeing mid-to upper 60s here as we watch the 49ers playing in green bay where game-time temperatures, any guesses what that might be? >> i heard the teens, is that right? >> about 12 degrees. >> yeah, and they are playing the late game. maybe bump it up to the afternoon. >> no? >> 7:00 green bay time. it is going to be cold. they are going oh win. >> yikes. >> rob, thanks. >> still ahead. some dmunt communities are taking them down, but others are moving in a different direction. what a south bay town plans to do with its parklets.
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups.
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because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to one thing the pandemic brought us is more outdoor dining, right? but now, a south bay town is getting trod build a bigger and better version of its restaurant. parklets almost two years ago,
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many restaurants rushed to set up parklets to provide outdoor dining not knowing how long they would last but now, los gatos is almost set to built semipermanent parklets. now, in a town council meeting on tuesday, leaders will discuss the details to allow construction to begin. >> more city council meetings are going back to virtual only. hayward city council says its next meeting will be held entirely on zoom. the city brought back in-person meetings in september, at the same time continued to host them on zoom so the public and council members could participate remotely. it is up to the public, which way you wanted to go. but now, the meetings will be only on zoom until the wave of covid infections subsides. britain says it will no longer require fully-vaccinated travelers to get tested for covid. britain's transport minister is in favor of axing the testing system for those who are fully vaccinated just in time for a february break for uk schools. according to reports, the formal
9:25 pm
announcement on the rule change is expected to take place on january 26th. coming up. honoring the life and legacy of the late dr. martin luther king, the events planned across the bay area and how the president is observing mlk day. and we will speak with the head of stanford's mlk institute about the importance of his work and his hopes for the future. plus, imagine having a shot to compete in the olympics just two years after a traumatic-brain injury. the one bay area man, this is a reality he shares his incredible story of overcoming the odds, next. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie...
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can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. tomorrow, millions of americans will take action to improve their communities in honor of dr. moorten luther king jr. the late tefbl civil rights leader's birthday was yesterday. he would have been 93. he was assassinated in 1968 in memphis. where he traveled to support striking blacksontation workers. on the third monday january each year, americans participate in marches and volunteer events in his honor.
9:28 pm
mlk day is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service. well today, president biden and the first lady helped pack boxes at a hunger relief organization in philadelphia. well, terry, ahead of mlk day tomorrow, i sat down virtually with stanford professor and director of the university's martin luther king jr. research and education center, larone martin. thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. okay. so now, you are the second faculty director of stanford's martin luther king jr. research and education institute. let's go ahead and start by talking about the kind of work the institute does and, um, what's your vision? >> well, thank you for having me. really appreciate it. the mlk institute and research and education institute at stanford, we, first and foremost, we have the papers project which is, um, the
9:29 pm
responsibility of publishing all of mlk's private papers. we are organizing, archiving them, and putting them together in an edited volume. we have planned 14 volumes, and thanks to the wonderful work of my predecessor, dr. carson, seven volumes have been published and now we are working on 8 to 14. so, part of my vision, of course, is to complete that project. and it's also, moving forward in the future, my vision is to make the institute the global destination for the study and public understanding of martin luther king and his legacy. and we hope to do that through research and teaching at service both by having scholars come in to do research on the papers, to have the public come in and view some of martin luther king's original works, um, and see some of the things that he wrote. and also, by having an educational perspective, both in teaching our students in stanford but also social impact by reaching out to local area high schools and having a college prep program that helps
9:30 pm
students in the region be prepared for college, and by using martin luther king and his writings as a way to educate students and help them prepare for college. >> well, it obviously sounds like you have a huge vision moving forward. and it is a lot of responsibility, as well. so, i'm wondering, what does it mean to you to be able to head the institute moving forward? >> it's such a privilege and honor. um, i'm -- like many young people -- grow up hearing about martin luther king and grow up learning about him in school. and having that bit of knowledge given to me in school, um, provides the impetus to want to learn more as i have gone through school, high school, and college. learning more about him and my admiration increasing. so now, to be here and to be the second director of the mlk research and education institute is just, um, a dream come true. and it's, um, flattering and also somewhat daunting to have
9:31 pm
such a responsibility. but it's also a privilege to have this responsibility, and i am looking forward to carrying the institute forward and moving it into the future. >> well, larone, obviously, like a lot of other events, a number of events honoring dr. king have been impacted because of the pandemic. um, how do you hope people will honor his legacy this year? >> well, i hope like every year, that king's legacy is remembered for its expansiveness. i think often king is frozen with the "i have a dream" speech. but king's ideas for america were so much more expansive. he was concerned about poverty, and he was concerned about war as well as racism. and i hope that our celebration of him will encompass all that he was really concerned about, and we don't narrow his scope of concern to simply one line of a speech that i have a dream. but he was also concerned about labor, and concerned about
9:32 pm
everyday people and concerned about how, as a country, we treat others and how we treat those who are marginalized and other marginalized populations. >> he was also concerned about voting rights, right? he fought for that. on monday, his family's actually going to be going to march in d.c., um, in support. so, here we are more than 50 years after his assassination and the fight continues. what's your reaction to the current stalemate in congress? >> well first, i will say that thinking about voting rights -- king is so concerned about that. he was very concerned about that in the '60s and he fought and marched and many others bled and marched with him for the voting rights act. so, what i see today is something that, in some ways, martin -- would happen. reverend king said that there would be a backlash and we are seeing a backlash of some of the games that we saw during the
9:33 pm
civil rights era. so i can think of no other way to honor martin luther king than to push for voting rights to make sure that we have policies set in place so that everyone has access to vote. whether or not they take that is none of our concern. what is our concern is making sure everyone has the opportunity and the access to vote and i can think of no other way honor him than to push for any legislation that does that. >> and of course, the fight for racial equality continues. how important is it for people to examine civil rights history and just be more informed? >> very important. um, one of my favorite writers, james baldwin, told us that history is not principally about the past. that it's actually about the present because all of us carry history within us. and it's how we recognize the current moment, how we explain current phenomenon, so i think knowing civil rights history is no important for the nation so
9:34 pm
that the nation can know itself. that, where we are today was not inevitable. the gains we have made did not happen just because of -- america naturally got here. what -- what made america what it is today is people pushed for change, and people pushed for legislation that was more inclusive of people regardless of their race, class, gender, or sexuality. and if we are going to move forward and have a democracy that is more reflective of the multicultural country that we have and the multiracial, ethnic, and religious country that we have, then people will have to push for it and advocate for it, both, through voting and also through nonviolent protest. >> all of us carry history in us. all right. thank you so much for joining us today. really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. contra costa county has several mlk celebrations set for tomorrow. there is the 33rd annual mlk junior celebration rally and car
9:35 pm
parade. the parade starts at 10:00 in the morning, goes from the dell norte bart station, down san pablo. where the rally is going to be held at 11:00. in richmond, there is an event called passion and perseverance at the richmond greenway. runs from 10:00 in the morning till 1:00 in the afternoon. well, imagine having a shot to compete in the olympics just two years after a traumatic-brain injury. >> for one man from the bay area, it's a reality. and he could soon realize his dream. here is his amazing comeback story. >> it is one of those things where i almost died two years ago, and now i might get to go to the olympics, like i have got a realistic shot of it happens and that is amazing. my name is steven o'mara and i cross-country ski for ireland.
9:36 pm
♪♪ >> things were going well. um, until apparently a dog jumped out of a car while i was on the bike leg. and i say apparently because i woke up in a hospital. in reno, um, and obviously people -- people wake up unexpectedly in reno all the time but this wasn't those types of experiences. so, good news. i missed the dog. uh, bad news, you know, had a few broken ribs, popped my hip out of place, and a little bit of abrasion and was told to take a little time off work, and avoid screens and stress.
9:37 pm
♪♪ >> initially, it actually seemed like, you know, some of the worst parts of my accident were the broken ribs and hip. like, i was very upset i couldn't run, which is a key part of summer training for skiing. but subsequently, i started having some bad head symptoms. um, was getting a little stumbly, real extreme sensitivity to light. um, and -- um -- yeah. like, throbbing headaches that would come on quite suddenly, and basically just knock me down. ♪♪ going through the metal detectors, uh, really not looking good and an intake nurse in the check-in handed me a
9:38 pm
vomit bag. and that is the last thing i remember that week until i woke up friday with 200 staples in my head. turns out, ultimately, it was a brain bleed that was missed for three months and fortunately, we caught it about 30 minutes before i might not be here sitting and talking to you today. the result of the scan was you should be in a coma. you know how you have the two lobes of the brain? i had a bleed so big, about -- about that big, about an inch, that i effectively had one. apparently, the odds of survival when you have something like that going and have to have the subsequent craniotomy apparently is like 50-50. but i had made it through the surgery so at that point, it was just a matter of like well, will he be able to talk? will he be able to walk? we going to have to teach him how to eat? um, and i woke up the friday and i -- i was very fortunate to be
9:39 pm
able to do all three. ♪♪ helmets are not a thing in cross-country skiing just because of where the -- um -- the risk is assessed. but nevertheless, out of caution, i had one on and was just slowly skiing around meadows, getting my bearings back and it -- it came and it felt good. so, i had my international license renewed and i popped -- you know, i popped into a couple races in the mountain west. and i hit the olympic standard in them. ♪♪ yeah. i kind of just always identified a bit with ireland, um, on the sports side. it's who i represented in the triathlons i have raced locally.
9:40 pm
and at the international level, as well. a year and change earlier, i was 30 minutes from death. um, and probable having to have somebody teach me how to eat and potentially getting spoonfed for a while. so even just hitting that, that was like, um, that felt good. you know? almost dying a couple times gives you some perspective on things -- things that matter and you might only get one shot for, and this is -- this is certainly my -- my shot at the olympics. i -- yeah -- this is -- this is -- this is the one. and that would just really be a dream come true. >> what a story. we are just about two weeks away from the start of the olympics. opening ceremony, february 4th, our coverage begins february 3rd and you can watch it all right here on nbc bay area. still ahead. a kitten stolen from a car in san francisco back home with her family in southern california.
9:41 pm
how good samaritans helped reunite them.
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
they have been at the forefront of the bay area social activism for decades. and now, san francisco's glide memorial church is up for a designation as an official historical site. church was built back in the 1930s and is one of several nominees for consideration for a spot on the national register. the california state historical resources commission will meet virtually on friday to discuss its nominee. the mlk holiday coming up tomorrow might be a good time to check out the great outdoors. here is a look at some really great outdoors. half home at yosemite. admission is free tomorrow. in fact, admission's going to be free at every national park on martin luther king jr. day here in the bay area, free admission tomorrow. still charge for the shut bull getting in, it's free. all part of a plan that makes the parks free to enter for five days out of the year.
9:44 pm
a pawsitive follow-up to a show -- >> sorry, i saw what you did there. >> -- to a story we first brought you several weeks ago. a southern california has been reunited with their cat that was stolen from their car during a smash and grab. it all happened while they were visiting san francisco. the couple was notified last friday good samaritans found the one-year-old tabby named minalusa. the good samaritans, who want to remain anonymous, found the cat on the street, recognized it from news stories. that's really paying attention. the couple picked up the cat yesterday, and are now back home enjoying their beloved pet. they say they will forever be grateful to those people who reunited them. so it is paws-itively. >> i love it. >> thumbs up. yeah. it is a great story. great story. >> i am so happy they are reunited. that is incredible. >> it is. it is. to see a cat and recognize it from tv. so many cats out there. rob mayeda, he is one cool cat. he is joining us now.
9:45 pm
>> actually, not cool weather, is it? >> no, it's not. it is actually kind of warm out there right now and storm ranger this time of year, see a lot of green here but right now, the best we could do some isolated showers. coming up out of the south could see that thoerm tomorrow morning. we will talk about that and a warm-up in the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
9:46 pm
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people in southwestern florida are surveying the damage after a tornado ripped through this morning. national weather service confirms an ef-2 tornado touched down in several communities. winds are estimated around 115 miles an hour. you see just how destructive that twister was. the debris littered yards and streets as people scrambled for cover. >> it was just unbelievable. it -- it -- we were watching the news. and we thought that it was gonna come but this really came. it came hard, and it came fast. you can see, all the damage that it's done. >> we made it inside, and ten seconds later, it hit. glass flying everywhere.
9:48 pm
>> despite all that, the pictures you are looking at -- no serious injuries have been reported. >> that is a good to hear. today is world snow day and people on parts of the east coast are getting slammed. take a look at this video from north carolina and virginia. you see the tow trucks out interest. some people actually trying to take a walk in all that snow. our forecast here on the west coast chose not to observe the holiday. and take a look at this. crews had to do quite a bit of work to get ready for tonight's steelers-chiefs game in kansas city. more than 150 workers cleared out snow at arrow head stadium this weekend. snow was hauled away by the truckload as crews shoveled from sun up to sun down. temperatures in the 30s right before the game that aired right here on nbc bay area. the chilly weather didn't stop kansas city from winning the game to move on in the playoffs. >> much more from anthony a little bit later on but right now, more on the forecast. and we got the national map out there, rob. >> it's january. you can tell.
9:49 pm
a bit of kind of a reality disportion field here in the bay area with our numbers in the 50s and 60s today. but east of the sierra, there you go, 20s and 30s. green bay, 20. and look at that snow storm hurling up the east coast. slight theys to the northeastern airports possible tomorrow with that active weather to the east. and well, about a week from now, out at lambeau field, this is a look at game-time temperatures into the evening. got to say green bay in january. that shouldn't be a big surprise. temperatures in the teens as the game gets underway in green bay next weekend. 55 right now in san francisco. we have got a few areas of clouds around. watching for a few sprinkles overnight. right now, 55 in san jose without a lot of rain or wind, air pollution could be a bit of an issue. you might notice is, especially in the morning and the afternoon. you will be begin to see kind of that haze setting up around the bay area again. north bay and inland east bay, watch those aqi levels. may briefly get to unhealthy for sensitive groups at times maybe by use. now, sierra, no problems with
9:50 pm
the air lugz there. you have got clear skies. 26 degrees. no new snow coming. but temperatures looking pretty good. low to mid-40s and low temperatures in the upper teens to 20s during the week. easy travel up to all that snow in the sierra. fog and a few sprinkles possible for the morning. we have got temperatures in the upper 40s around 8:00. by noon, we will see numbers close to 60 in san jose and, again, chances are we could see some temperatures in the mid-60s south of san jose for the afternoon. 59, san francisco. over toward the tri-valley and low 60s down towards santa cruz. storm ranger right now, still picking up a few light showers coming up out of the south. and this pattern's going to continue probably for another at least 18-or-so hours. you can see all the clouds here coming out of the south. 9:00 a.m., maybe a few showers around the santa cruz mountains. and then, mostly cloudy skies for about 5:00 and then as we head toward tomorrow night, little bit of clearing starts to take place as our forecast transizs -- right there, you see it on the bottom of the screen -- things trend a bit warmer the second half the week.
9:51 pm
top concern could be that valley fog, which may try to drift back into the north and east bay valleys over the mornings but starting friday, heading towards next weekend as we watch that very cold playoff game in green bay, here on the west coast, strong-high pressure means some areas around the south baby friday and saturday could be close to 70 degrees. so, an update here on our rain season. of course, we had the big lead we built up in the first half the rainfall season. still, have above-average rain totals throughout the bay area, but no longer the double-digit surplus we had just a couple weeks ago. you see santa rosa, still about 6 inches plus above average, so far. san jose, still running about an inch above average. and the sierra snow pack, still 126% of average. next chance for rain and snow, probably coming toward the end of the month. in the meantime, mild temperatures just around the corner. san francisco should see low 60s later this week. warmest day is coming friday and saturday and there you go for the valleys. numbers in the mid-to upper 60s.
9:52 pm
my -- my -- my guess, maybe almost 60 degrees warmer than the temperatures over in green bay. >> yikes. >> we should have had home field here. it would have been gorgeous. >> that would have been nice. rob, thanks a lot. anthony flores, now, with why we are even talking about green bay with the 9ers did today. >> yeah. another impressive win. the 49ers and cowboys go down to the wire. the controversial and thrilling ending that is sending the 9ers onto the next round of the playoffs and a matchup with the packers. stick around, sports is next.
9:53 pm
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covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium. and the novarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. welcome back. i'm anthony flores. hey, viev in advance. the 49ers are moving on to the divisional round after a wild finish against the dallas cowboys. check this out. the rush to get in to at&t stadium -- where is my seat? where is my seat? now, this is how those watching nickelodeon saw the game. a lot of slime. that is kind of cool. the 49ers, this is also cool. march down the field on their
9:55 pm
first possession. elijah mitchell. it was 13-nothing 9ers, then the cowboys respond. dak prescott goes up top to former raider omari cooper. 9ers up 16-7 at half and bosa was hurt ask left the fame in the second quarter but the defense comes up big in the third. williams picks off prescott. next play, it's deebo time. samuel -- how many times has he done this this season? 26 yards touchdown run. 9ers up 16. they were cruising in the fourth quarter. uh, then comes one of those oh-no jimmy throws. and it's picked off by anthony brown, ask that would lead to this. dak prescott calling his own number. takes it in from five yards out for the touchdown. dallas back in the game, and it is only a six-point game. so, it would come down to this. under 15 seconds to go, dallas with no time-outs. prescott runs up the middle. he is tackled.
9:56 pm
they can't get back to the line of scrimmage in time to spike it and time runs out. the 49ers survive. they beat the cowboys 23-17. a wild ending, what else would you expect from this 9ers team? >> the guys were excited. trying to figure out where i'm at. it was pretty emotional out there. lots of opportunities. i thought we had -- we had to win the game. i felt like we did a number of times but those guys just kept fighting. we had a couple mistakes there at the end. shouldn't have let it get there. just the guys come out and finish that game, especially in that environment, um, hell of a win by the guys. >> the highs and lows of it, just never felt like it was getting away from us. i always felt like we were in control of the game but just i mean made for some good tv, i guess. >> he is not lying about the good tv but was he watching the same ending we all were watching? next up, the 9ers headed to lambeau field. they will face the top-seeded packers in the division next saturday night. kickoff at 5:15 p.m. you might
9:57 pm
remember the packers beat the 9ers back in he week three. it was a lapper for tom brady and the bucs against the eagles. a pair of toufrp down passes leading the bucs to a 31-15 victory. the 44-year-old brady improves to 35-11 and 46 career postseason starts. the warriors had a lack of star power and a lack of firepower tonight. no draymond green and no steph curry for the final of a four-game road trip. golden state in minnesota. andrew wiggins spent five and a half seasons with the timber wolves before joining golden state. second quarter, klay thompson knocking down the triple. he had 13 in 23 minutes of action. then, golden state on the move. jonathan taking it to the hole. rookie had 19 points and seven boards. the timber wolves, though, took control of the game late in the third and early in the fourth. carl anthony towns led the way with a game-high 26.
9:58 pm
minnesota beats golden state 119-99. draymond is out for at least two more weeks with calf and lower-back issues. curry who hurt his right land is expected to play tuesday when the warriors host detroit. that is a look at sports, guys, back to you. terry, it is a little too early to ask me about next saturday's game because i have to know the condition of nick bosa has a concussion possibly. and the ankle of fred warner. if those guys are back, i like the 49ers. they just match up well with the packers. earlier this season, because the 49ers are a much better team now than they were back then. >> all right. >> there you go. >> i like it. i am encouraged all week long. >> anthony, thank you. and thank you for joining us. >> we will be back tonight at 11:00. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind
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