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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 17, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, as america pauses to mark martin luther king jr. day, some health care workers will walk off the job. the promise they say has been broken. plus the lessons learned in the north bay. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting not only to your tv, but you can watch us on roku, amazon fire and apple tv and online if you need to head out. i am kris sanchez. >> i am scott mcgrew. marcus and laura, obviously off.
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and vianey is in for kari this morning. >> it will be a good start to our week. the dry weather for the most part remains in the forecast, but we have shower activity to the south. it's about 52 degrees in san francisco. a live look. we are starting out mild when it comes to the temperatures. beautiful shot of downtown san josé, in the 50s. this is what i was talking about when i mentioned we had a system to our south bringing us a little shower activity. here it is. i will talk more about your 7-day forecast in a few minutes, but first let's check in with mike. vianey, we have a great drive for your freeways, but let me take you out to the tri-valley. green sensors dominate the interstates and state highways, and we are just off of 680, we have a closure. originally a tree and potentially electrical wires,
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and pg&e has to go out and help out. there's a crash as well. mind the closures, when they say don't go there, don't go there. i will tell you how to get around that. >> easy enough. for mental health workers in oakland, today is going to be a day of action. >> therapists at kaiser facilities in oakland and richmond will walk off the job after the provider took the day away from them. >> mental health clinicians say the health care giant went back on its promise to make martin luther king jr. day a paid holiday. >> what are we saying as a agency if we don't that support civil rights. >> hundreds will strike on monday to protest.
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>> this is not a selling point when you tell somebody you don't get mlk day, but we believe in civil rights. >> the lack of therapists of color at kaiser oakland, she says there are five of them on its adult team, especially given how many patients ask for people they will feel more comfortable opening up to. >> when they walk in, they only see one or two providers that look like me and they wonder if it's a safe place to go. >> they asked colleagues about doing more to help the mental health of patients of color, and she said kaiser agreed to give them this mlk day off but later took it back. kaiser permanente released a statement acknowledging the miscommunication and disappointment saying kaiser permanente will adopt starting in 2023 mlk day as a scheduled paid holiday across the
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organization. the one-day strike is still on. >> i am not very trusting. if we were told in march we are going to get it and then got a note we are not going to get it. this could happen again this november, and next november. a south bay mother accused of throwing out-of-control parties for minors is back in court today. a judge in the case denied bail after she was labeled a flight risk. her attorneys argue there's no justification to keep holding that right. she provided minors with large amounts of alcohol and encouraged sex acts. we have heard from parents frustrated and angry there was no action sooner. they reported their concerns and nothing happened. find all of our coverage on our
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website, the island nation of tonga remained shrouded in ash. this is what it looked like following the eruption in the middle of the pacific ocean. the boom heard as far away as alaska. you can see some of the damage to coastal areas in tonga. so far no reports of deaths. people in the north bay were startled by how powerful and destructive the waves could be from the tsunami so far away. one dock was pulled away from an apartment unit. neighbors say this is a wake up call. >> we packed to go to higher ground just in case. >> these neighbors are grateful in tiburon. they have a waterfront apartment and kept their eyes on the
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conditions outside saturday morning. >> we could see the water was coming in with more force than we ever had seen before. >> they were concerned about the tsunami warning, and then they learned a dock by a neighbor's union had come off. >> we saw it this morning when they pulled it, and they were bringing it back which was quite an effort, three people just, you know, trying to corral it. >> the sheriff tweeted a photo of dock damage and advised avoiding some areas. >> it's definitely higher than it typically is. you can usually see piles of mud that go far out this time of year. >> another video showed a video of water flowing on a trial and it's an experience people here won't forget. >> it would come in and go out.
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but after a point it started receding and then did not come back in. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. isn't that pretty as we get up on this fine monday morning, a holiday morning. first i heard of the tsunami was from vianey arana on saturday morning, and she was warning everybody with the bright red maps staying say away from the sea shore. >> yeah, everybody was sleeping and it was a sunday morning, and people were going to go and want to walk along the beach because the sun was beautiful in the sky, but there were dangers in the water. glad you got that, scott. we have sprinkles to the south. we have had this move in but no measurable rain out of this. other spots you will not notice it at all. it will clear out by mid morning. fog and visibility, we are still seeing the dense fog up through santa rosa.
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two miles through santa rosa, and then the livermore and tracy area as well. four miles in through novato. not as bad through the south bay. we will see the mix of sun and clouds where it looks gloomy. temperatures are cool and comfortable now. full forecast coming up in a few minutes, scott. >> looking forward to it. taking steps to combat covid in the class. one what east bay school is doing to protect students as covid cases continue to rise among children. and then the new requirement police must follow as more officers call out sick. let's take you out to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's going to be a quiet one today. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. 4:41 right now. temperatures are in the 40s and a couple low 50s, but we still have fog and limited visibility up through parts of santa rosa and novato, down to less than two miles. the fog will linger for the first half of our day. i will have a closer look at how the rest of your monday will shape upcoming up in a few minutes. >> getting through sunol into fremont, and 880 looks fine. 680 is also okay, but a major alternate is not an alternate this morning. we are talking about sunol road.
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i will show you the maps coming up and that will sort things out. >> we know you will. thanks, mike. happening today despite the mlk day holiday, three testing sites will remain open in the west contra costa district. the sites will open at 9:00 this morning. and then enjoying one final day off after starting their winter quarter online. in-person instruction resumes tomorrow at the university. because of the covid surge, stanford opted to have all students attend online classes the first two weeks of the quarter, and then everybody expected back in full by phases by january 24th. and then san josé police department sources tell nbc bay area because of covid cases and
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exposers. they are asking all officers to work more time this week in addition starting one week from today, the department will require all officers not on patrol to pull at least one patrol shift per week. >> that's tough on families. new details we are learning about a standoff at a texas synagogue. what we are learning about the suspect and his connection to two teenagers being questioned now by authorities. we are seeing a couple sprinkles, mainly further south through monterey and around the coastline through the early morning hours. the rest of your day will shape up to be a good one. i will have a look at your 7-day forecast coming up in my full weather report. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay." >> and we are expecting light traffic, and there's a closure
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in the tri-valley. we will see how well our computers cooperate as well, coming up.
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good morning to you. somebody needs windex on that camera over the golden gate bridge. it's crystal clear this morning but that means we could be off to a chilly start at least there. we will talk to meteorologist, vianey arana, on what we could
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expect. >> it's going to be a good week. i promise the weather is cooperating when it comes to remaining calm. it's nice to get some days when it's not pouring after a series of storms, right? look how pretty that shot is. san josé, mild. 50 degrees downtown san josé. the winds are calm, so they are not a factor right now but i want to bring your attention to satellite radar because this points the picture of we have a couple sprinkles on the radar. notice the system to our south not bringing measurable rain to us, and if you live south of the golden gate bridge or around the coastline, not a huge factor. limited visibility up to santa rosa and novato, up through livermore and tracy so keep that in mind as you head out this morning that you might encounter fog. we are going to remain in the 50s and keep some of the cloud
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cover. once the isolated showers move out, we will get some clearing with the peeks of sunshine. it will not be a completely clear and sunny day, but it will be cozy like we saw this weekend where we saw overcast but no rain. 60 degrees in through concord. 62 in santa rosa. 59 in san francisco. as we head in towards the air quality outlook, and i want to mention this from the north bay to santa clara valley, all dealing with moderate air quality according to the quality management index, and we should all be okay. looks like the rest of january, if we take this timeline through wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, through january 22nd, we see the dry pattern continue thanks to high pressure that is once again going to dominate in our forecast. one thing you will notice through the middle of the week, there's breezy times heading into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. once we move out of the morning
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sprinkles, we will remain in the 50s and 60s for san francisco. the temperatures are going to pretty much remain on cue and on pattern, in the mid-60s all week long. i did not finally get a car wash. still need to do that. mike, i will send it over to you. >> i thought you were saying, mike, can you wash my car? i don't wash my own car, vianey. let's get a look at the maps. overall view looks good, great no matter if your car is clean or dirty. wires came down, and we are not sure if they are electrical wires. your alternate to the alternate is 680. just stay on 680 and you are fine. as you see from the shot of contra costa county, a quick look outside and dublin shows you there's traffic out there. there's not a whole lot of it as soon as you drive across the span. >> thank you. so the family of the gunman
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that took four people hostage in texas now issued an apology to the victims saying they do not condone his actions. authorities shot and killed 44-year-old british citizen, malik faisal akram, after an 11-hour standoff outside of dallas. no hostages were injured. his two teenage sons are in custody in the uc. akram contacted them during the standoff and it's not clear if they are going to be charged. a live look at the u.s. capitol, and congress not in session this week but democratic senators vow to keep the fight to that pass new voting legislation. last week kyrsten sinema made it clear she would not vote to change the filibuster. >> we have a fight and we have
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to have these votes and see which side people are on and if that were to fail, as people project it will, then what is the next best thing? >> democrats are calling for the end of the filibuster to allow them to pass the legislation on a simple majority vote. right now it's a 60-vote rule, which means republicans can and are blocking any voting rights bills. 49ers fans may be woozy this morning, but a win is a win is a win. why players say it will help as they head to the next round of the playoffs. contra costa leaders are requiring electricity be the sole energy source for all retail and hotel and other
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buildings. the board will debate the changes tomorrow. contra costa county staffers are recommending the new rules take effect as early as july. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. boy, that was closer than i think we wanted it to be. >> 49ers sure ended up making things a lot more tense as fans thought the game would be. >> the niners beat the cowboys in the wildcard playoff game, and you probably know this already, right? but the game might have felt like a roller coaster ride. >> good morning, everybody. i am anthony flores. what a game. the 49ers are moving on to the divisional round after a wild finish against the dallas
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cowboys. check out the rush just to get into at&t stadium. i see a lot of red there. mitchell caps a seven-play 75 yard drive. it was a 26 yard touchdown run putting the niners up by 16 points. they were cruising in the fourth quarter, and then the oh, no, jimmy throw picked off by brown giving the momentum back to the dallas cowboys. that would lead to dak prescott calling his own number from five yards out and scores a touchdown and the lead cut to six points. under 15 seconds to go, dallas with no time-outs, they call a draw. prescott runs up the middle and is tackled but time runs out before they can spike the football. the 49ers survive.
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they beat the cowboys 23-17. a wild ending. would you expect anything else from this niners team? >> whenever you have to battle at the end like that, it shows a real team and you can look guys in the eyes and see they are ready for it, and it's not going to be easygoing into lambeau and will be a tough go but we are ready for it. san mateo's own tom brady looking very much in playoff phone. 31-16. the buccaneers will host whoever the winner is from the arizona cardinals and rams. a day of action in honor of martin luther king jr. next on "today in the bay," we'll talk to a local event
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organizer about what is being planned here in the bay area. plus, the search is on for a stolen dog in the east bay. but not just a pet taken from a home or car, but what else thieves took from a family as well. temperatures in the 40s for san josé. 47 degrees. i will have a closer look at your 7-day forecast coming up in my full report. a quick look across the bay. san mateo bridge, a nice view and clear drive. we are expecting light traffic. some folks might not have the opportunities they normally will get on a monday. we'll talk about that coming up.
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right now at 5:00, taking a stand on martin luther king jr. day. the reason east bay health care workers will walk off a job on what they are calling a day of action. president biden marks his first year in office but it comes as several of his major bills appear to stall in congress. a live report from washington on what could be a critical week on the president's agenda. talk about a wake-up call on the bay area shorelines. we assess the damage from the weekend tsunami and the lessons learned in the north bay. this is "today in the bay." thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i am kris sanchez. >> i am scott mcgrew. marcus and laura have the day off. if you are on the go or at the
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gym, we are broadcasting not only on television but roku and amazon fire and apple tv and online as well. >> we will start with a look at our forecast in case you have the day off and heading outdoors. a beautiful day for it. >> 52 degrees right now, and we did have a little sprinkle activity to the south. this system sort of pushed up further into the santa cruz monterey area. the activity was right here at monterey. the sprinkles will clear up through the morning and fog and visibility right now still a factor for spots in livermore and in through tracy. i will talk more about your daytime highs and what to expect first, but we have to check in with mike and traffic. good morning. >> something unexpected in the tri-valley, looking at the map, contra costa no major


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