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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 17, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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only on television but roku and amazon fire and apple tv and online as well. >> we will start with a look at our forecast in case you have the day off and heading outdoors. a beautiful day for it. >> 52 degrees right now, and we did have a little sprinkle activity to the south. this system sort of pushed up further into the santa cruz monterey area. the activity was right here at monterey. the sprinkles will clear up through the morning and fog and visibility right now still a factor for spots in livermore and in through tracy. i will talk more about your daytime highs and what to expect first, but we have to check in with mike and traffic. good morning. >> something unexpected in the tri-valley, looking at the map, contra costa no major problems, and no problems getting down the east shore freeway. down 680,e the
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closure for pleasanton and sunol road, and wires are down and they could be live wires and we don't want to mess around with that. somebody did go through the closure and there's a crash there now. the traffic around the rest of the bay is light, and we hope that's for the rest of the morning. we'll track it. back to you. happening in the bay area and all over the nation, many will take martin luther king jr. off. some bay area health care workers, it will be a day of action. >> the day itself, the holiday, and whether or not it should be considered such, and there are unhappy workers planning to walk off the job. good morning, cierra. >> reporter: yeah, this centers around whether it's a holiday.
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they work for kaiser permanente, and hundreds could participate in the strike surrounding that discrepancy. today they are calling it an official day of action for the kaiser mental health clinicians. at some sites they are protesting the lack of holiday. kaiser gave them the day off and then took that back. they are looking for staffing inequities for people of color. the staffing does not reflect what their patients of color request especially given how many patients ask for people they will feel more comfortable opening up to. >> they wonder if it's a safe place to go. >> reporter: we did reach out to kaiser regarding the issue of not granting or allowing the workers to recognize mlk day as a holiday. kaiser did release a statement acknowledging the
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miscommunication and gave a statement saying, kaiser will adopt in 2023 mlk day as a scheduled paid holiday across the organization, and despite the statement the workers said they will still go on strike. again, it will involve the workers at the oakland location as well as the richmond location. we are live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks. as the nation celebrates the life and legacy of martin luther king jr., one local organization is hosting a week full of events in his honor. the anti-police terror project has organized events for eight years straight and organizers say this year is no different. we are showing you events from last year, and today these will kick off with the people meeting at the port of oakland and then a car caravan will wind through oakland until 12:30. covid may have changed the format of their events but not the events behind their action
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>> the same is true today, folks get tired and get complacent when we talk about holding hands and singing kumbaya, and we need to organize and activate and leverage the power of the people to continue to push for the same things king was pushing for 50 plus years ago. >> there was a virtual film festival, and it's critical his message continue to be shared today. celebrations in contra costa county include the 33rd mlk junior celebration rally and car parade in el el cerrito. democrats are vowing to push their voters right legislation
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through despite almost certain defeat. today in the bay's brie jackson has more. this comes as president biden faces scrutiny over the push. >> good morning, scott. some democrats say they want to see more action from president biden. this week marks one year since president biden took office, and so far we have seen successes such as the president signing the infrastructure bill into law, but there are challenges ahead, including getting work done on voting rights legislation. president biden heading into his first year in office this week with a mix of successes and setbacks. >> there's a lot of talk about disappointment with the things we have not got done. we are going to get a lot of them done, i might add. >> accomplishments include the trillion-dollar relief bill and
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infrastructure, but there's no path forward on priorities like voting rights legislation. a few members of the president's party proposed changing senate rules in order to get the job done, and top democrats are pressing ahead anyway. >> we are going to keep pressing, and i am convinced the people of good will will step up and help get this done. >> republicans argue the country is worst off in this administration, pointing to inflation. >> gas is 50% higher since he took office, and covid is a mess and the resurgen. >> families can order up to four free covid tests per household, but the fate of voting rights hangs in the balance.
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now president biden is expected to face tough questions from reporters about issues including voting rights when he holds his first press conference of the year on wednesday. scott? >> vice president harris will be holding an event today. what can we expect out of that? >> vice president harris is going to make remarks at the church there in florida, and the president and vice president visited the church last week to begin their push for voting rights legislation, and we expect vice president harris will continue those remarks today. >> thank you. if you want to know more about the events we are talking about, go to the website,, and click on the link in our trending bar. looking for armed robbers that first stole the beloved dog
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and came back for their suv. four or five robbers pulled up to a mother and daughter while walking their dog and along with the dog they snatched the mother's purse that had her keys and wallet and then the same group went to the home and stole the car. >> talk about a violation. and then tonga remained shrouded in ash. the video gives you a good idea of what it looked like following that eruption in the middle of the pacific ocean. ash, steam and gas rose like a mushroom. the boom was heard as far away as alaska. you can see the damage in tonga there. the explosion shut off power and communications and so far the good news is there are no reports of any deaths. it's just a reminder of how powerful the ocean can be.
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neighbors in tiburon were breathing a sigh of relief acknowledging the damage could be been worse. >> we were constantly looking out to see the water. it would come in and go out, come in and go out, but after a point it started to recede and then did not come back in. >> for the most part the tsunami caused minor flooding but did have many people saying they would like future warnings to be taken more seriously. you can find the latest developments on our website, click on the link in our trending bar. take a live look at san francisco this morning where everything is back to normal, but the first word i got about it was from vianey arana. yes, you are supposed to take it seriously. i am so frustrated sometimes, vianey, when you say get away from the shore, there's a huge tsunami coming, or potentially a huge tsunami coming, and people
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are standing there. >> yeah, i completely agree. that's one of the reasons why we did a tsunami explainer of what an advisory means and a warning, what that means and all the things combined when you hear that advisory what you should do. go to if you want to learn more about it. it's important you take it seriously. we saw a couple rescues and that's not what we wanted to see. we will get sun and clouds in the afternoon and daytime highs will be in the upper 50s and 60s. palo alto, 62. we did have a couple sprinkles to the south of us, mainly in monterey and around the coastline. looks like we are heading into the dry weather pattern over the next several days for january. i will have a closer look at the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with mike. vianey, we are looking at a very light flow of traffic right now. that's what we expect.
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martin luther king day is a holiday for schools. as we look toward the rest of your maps, we are seeing traffic here looking great through vasco, for example, as folks are traveling down 580, no major delays. we have a crash in sunol where there's the closure for the frontage road along 680 in the tri-valley. other crashes are on the shoulder. back to you. one major retail chain getting into the met averse. next up on "today in the bay," the goods walmart is getting ready to sell. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it's monday morning. it's about 5:14, and our temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it's 47 degrees and looks like we will remain dry for the remainder of the week. stick around for my full forecast. let's stick around for a check of traffic with mike. >> nobody is sticking around. traffic is well on the move for 101. we will talk about what is different for some folks taking that commute or a pleasure ride
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along that peninsula and around the bay, coming up. apple will require all store and corporate employees to get a booster shot. this is according to a report sent by an eternal e-mail. pt workers will have four weeks to comply with the policy once they are eligible to get a booster, otherwise if they don't take one they will need to take frequent tests to enter a store or office. this is starting on the 15th. peloton will raise costs for its popular bike and tread models. costs will climb between $250 to $300, depending on which one you buy. monthly subscription fees for on demand content will not change. >> that's a lot. and then walmart plans to
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create its own cryptocurrency, and in addition cnbc said walmart filed several new trade marks last night that indicate its goal to sell virtual goods. walmart is always exploring how to shape future shopping experiences. san francisco's great highway among the 52 places are on "the new york times" list. >> it breaks down places where environmental change is taking place and how travelers can be part of that change. the great highway closed cars at the start of the pandemic and that let people take in the coastline carless. last august it did reopen to cars on weekday. >> also trending this morning, one woman is flying into the record books. she's touching down in belgium
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today, becoming the first woman to fly solo around the world. her journey has taken her to 15 different countries. her parents are also pilots and she said she started flying at 14 years of age. >> what? >> i have a 14-year-old. i don't know if i would want her to fly. >> well, see you in eight months. good luck with your flight around the world. >> she doesn't even have a driver's license. >> that's the version of let them spread their wings and fly. >> wait, that mom, she's 15. >> it's okay. the pandemic took a couple years out of my mind, too. i always crack the joke i went into the pandemic in my 20s and came out in my 30s, okay. it's pretty in san francisco. we don't have a lot of fog in through that area. satellite radar does tell us a
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story. we have had high pressure, and that has been keeping us dry for the past week and maybe longer than that, because maybe the system to our north is bringing us rain. we did have this system starting to creep up last night and that did bring a chance of a little sprinkle activity through monterey county. no measurable rain. we are going to remain dry overall. fog and visibility in novato down through the interior valleys, and we are doing okay with the fog. forecasted highs for today once again, a mix of sun and clouds. starts out cloudy with peeks of sunshine. temperatures in the 60s for the south bay. 64 degrees in san josé. 60 degrees in concord. 59 in san francisco. santa rosa, 62. palo alto, 62. around the santa cruz area, 64 degrees. as far as your air quality goes, all the way from the north bay down to santa clara valley,
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usually it's between 51 and 100 and so it's going to remain moderate for the entire bay area. long range out look, what are we expecting? when can we see rain and not just sprinkles? the dry pattern is continuing if you look at the time stamp up here, and then we see plenty of activity. it stays off to the north and we get a high pressure system and it will continue to dominate in the forecast looks like through the end of january. february looks a little more promising in our forecast for maybe potentially seeing rain for the first week of february, and we will know as we inch closer to that. a chance of sprinkle action on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperatures remain in the upper 50s and low 60s. the dry weather remains not just for san francisco but inland
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areas. no big changes or temperature changes for the next of the rest -- i would say through the end of january, no rain in sight. remember, we still need rain and are in a severe drought. i will have a closer look at that, plus how your sierra snowpack is doing in a few minutes. mike, how are the roads? >> great, talking about dry weather that helps a lot and it's also a holiday. two issues for the tri-valley. the first one is the closure for pleasanton and sunol road just shy of highway 84 alongside 680 because wires went down and there's a crash there as well. somebody went through the closure apparently. and we have westbound 84 out of pleasanton and livermore, there's a crash, a single car, and somebody out of their car sitting on the railing and that's a distraction at the transition, and that will cause folks to slow down when deciding
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to go to 680 or 84. the rest of the bay shows green sensors. today is a holiday for schools and businesses and we have transit as well, and bart has a saturday schedule. there's the martin luther king celebration train, and this year cal tran is celebrating with a virtual version of that. go online for how to participate. the modified schedule is there for trans as well. well, we're counting down the days for the winter olympics. one skater looking to win gold as he returns for his second olympics. marcus washington took time
5:22 am
last friday to talk to students in san francisco over the importance of the holiday, the martin luther king jr. day, of course. keep up with cierra on instagram, facebook and twitter. we'll be right back.
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it's just a little over two weeks out from the 2022 winter olympics, and we know who will be wearing red, white and blue
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on the u.s. figure skating team. >> that is including jason brown, known for his personality and ponytail, but when he makes his second olympic appearance this february, one will be missing, but it's not his smile. >> hi, i am jason brown from highland park, illinois, and i am a figure skater. >> triple axil. >> there he goes! >> you know, it's so funny. when i first cut it, everybody said it's the power in the hair, it's that whole myth. i cut it and went straight to the rink and i tried all the jumps and i was at ease. i look back and i do enjoy it. fortunately in the sport of figure skating we get to travel the world and it was in japan when i started to speak a little japanese, they were so appreciative. i was so determined when i got home, i thought i will learn
5:26 am
japanese and i want to make an impact and communicate with the fans there. i have been doing it every since. >> do you have a favorite between asian and japanese? >> my favorite word is like a garbage truck man. it's fun to say. >> got to work that into the conversation somehow. >> yeah, i will have to remember that. >> that's scary. people are superstitionen and i am not surprised people were asking him about his ponytail and cutting it. >> yeah, february 3rd it all starts. watch it on nbc bay area and fire tv and apple tv as well. next our top stories we are following include the fight expected this week on capitol hill over voting rights and the push from democrats to pass new legislation. plus --
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>> reporter: with omicron continuing to spread, hospitals are seeing a new age group filling up their hospitals. coming up, we will break down which age groups are filling those hospitals. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪♪♪ my name is austin james.
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covid's impact on our youngest americans. taking steps to combat covid in the classroom. what one east bay school is doing. and then a new requirement as east bay officers call out sick. this is "today in the bay." you know we are broadcasting to your tv but you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online if you have to head out the door. thank you for watching us. i am kris sanchez. >> i am scott mcgrew. kris and marcus were off. the faithful in full swing last night. the 49ers with a heart-stopping win against the cowboys. fans erupted at the sp2 bar and restaurant when the niners won
5:31 am
yesterday. anthony flores will have complete highlights coming up. let's start out with the forecast and vianey who is in for kari. >> we had a different celebration at home. my boyfriend was acting just like that. it was wild. walnut creek, about 43 degrees. over the next couple of hours you will get a mix of sun and clouds. am i still hearing cheering or is that just in my ear? 43 degrees in walnut creek now. san josé about 47. the trend goes up into the 50s and topping out in the mid-60s for the south bay. we will take a look at the sierra snowpack and the drought monitor in a few minutes. mike, good morning, i am cheering for pierre, sorry i was so loud. i was so excited for him. we are cheering for speed
5:32 am
sensors as well. a closure for pleasanton and sunol road because of some wires down, and it happened just after 1:15. 680 is fine, but getting to 680, highway 84 has a crash at the transition so that will be an issue heading towards sunol. the car is on the shoulder there and is a distraction. hospitals in parts of the u.s. still being overwhelmed by the omicron covid surge. more than 140,000 covid patients are hospitalized across the nation. here in california, it's more than 13,000. in some cases, hospitals are seeing more children. today in the bay's cierra johnson is looking at that. are these kids that are not vaccinated? >> it's the kids younger than five years old being
5:33 am
hospitalized with covid-19. at this point it's at a higher rate than before in the pandemic. in the last 7-day period, that ended last wednesday, and the u.s. was averaging 881 newly admitted children and teens with covid per day, and the new hospitalizations among that group is six times higher than two months ago. the latest surge as been alarming with families who have kids compromised younger than five, and still not eligible for vaccinations. two months after pfizer's covid vaccine was authorized for ages 5 to 11. only 18% or 5 million kids have both doses. public officials have warned the affects of the young children can be long term, and it could
5:34 am
include fatigue and breathing problems. they can also get multisystem inflammatory system, and that's a rare but potentially deadly condition, so a lot to really pay attention to as our youngest members of society are being hospitalized. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you, cierra. happening today despite the mlk holiday, three testing sites will remain open for family and teacher in the contra costa school district, and that includes district headquarters and the alvarado adult school in richmond. the sites open at 9:00 this morning and you do have to have an appointment. stanford students are enjoying one final day off before returning in person. in-person resumes tomorrow. stanford opted to have all students attend virtual classes. they will return in phases with everybody expected in full by
5:35 am
january 25th. this morning covid affecting the number of staff at the san josé police department. department sources tell nbc bay area because of covid cases and exposures the department is having a tough time finding enough officers to patrol. the department is asking all officers to volunteer to work more time this week. in addition, starting one week from today the department will require all officers who are not on patrol to pull at least one patrol shift per week. with demand and covid tests so high, people are paying a lot of money to learn their status, paying up to $300 for a rapid pcr test. state and federal regulators require covid tests to be free or covered by health insurance, but many are being asked to pay up front at private pop-up clinics. experts recommend saving your receipts. it's important to remember extra service charges are not covered.
5:36 am
these will be things like fees for expedited results. and the state is looking into prices gouging. this is a hearing surrounding bail for the former los gatos resident, o'connor. the judge denied her bail after prosecutors labeled her a flight risk. her attorneys argue there's no justification to continue withholding that right. she faces dozens of counts tied to the parties where investigators say she provided minors with large amounts of alcohol and encouraged sex acts, some of which did not appear to be consensual. we have found out more about what was going on during the parties and we heard from parents who were angry that was not action sooner because they reported concerns to the police and school. walnut creek leaders will
5:37 am
debate buffer zones around the planned parenthood offices. complaints have included verbal and physical harassment and intimidation and blocking sidewalks. other bay area cities already allow for buffer zones. walnut creek's first debate last fall was postponed due to technical issues. we'll take you live to the u.s. capitol, and congress not in session but this week democratic senators vow to continue the fight to pass new voting legislation. kyrsten sinema made it clear she would not vote to change the filibuster. james clyburn said tomorrow's senate vote is still important. >> we have a fight. we have to have these votes. we have to see which side people are on and if that were to fail,
5:38 am
as people project it will, what is the next best thing? >> democrats calling for the end of the filibuster to allow them to pass legislation on a majority vote. right now it's a 60-vote rule, which means republicans can and are blocking all voting bills. happening now, a winter storm is hitting the east coast. a live look at i-279 in pittsburgh. there are drivers now contending with very wintry conditions on this holiday. hopefully a lot of folks are staying home. the weather pattern bringing not only dangerous cold but packing heavy snow. currently 100 million americans are under some sort of winter weather wind or coastal flood alert. already there are wide scale power outages with more on the way. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled today. meanwhile back a the home, let's take you for a live picture. not a bit of snow to be seen in
5:39 am
san josé. a lovely day, no doubt, ahead. let's check in with vianey. >> yeah, we are in a dry pattern here in the bay area. no real measurable rain, at least not looking through the end of january. i want to guide you through the drought monitor. this gets updated every thursday. this will get updated again on thursday based on what we have not seen in the series of storms in the past week or so. 66% of the state of california remains under a severe drought, which is this category up here. if you notice, no more red, no more exceptional or extreme drought, which is good, less than 2% for the state of california. a closer look at how the snowpack is doing, but first let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> starting with a closer look of traffic, the red sign indicates pleasanton and sunol road, and that is still closed from 1:00 this morning, and
5:40 am
there could be wires down, and there was a crash there. much less slowing on the right side. westbound 84 crash at the transition with 680. this crash looks like it cleared a couple seconds ago at walnut creek. green freeways, that's great. back to you. >> mike, thanks. this morning, new details emerging about the gunman during a standoff at a texas synagogue. his connection to two teenagers now being questioned overseas. fans could be woozy this morning, but as they say a win is a win is a win. we break down the moment that had fans on the edge of their seat, the heart-stopping game and why niners think it will
5:41 am
help them the next round. make sure you get a n95 mask, but is it a real or fake? right now on, we break down five ways to spot fake u.s. government approved masks. head to our website. it's right in the find link on our home page.
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if you are heading out in your morning commute, you don't have to worry about rain, that's for
5:44 am
sure. dry weather remains through the south bay. 40s and 50s throughout the afternoon, and eventually topping out in the 60s. i will have a closer look at your 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. you don't have to worry about any slowing or rain at the bay bridge toll plaza. hardly any cars. a lighter vacation for a lot of folks. it's a significant day off for a great purpose, martin luther king. we are looking at the affect it will have along some folks' drive for pleasure or for work, coming up. the family of the gunman who took four people hostage at a texas synagogue apologizing say they do not condone his actions. the gunman was shot and killed after an 11-hour standoff in a synagogue outside of dallas. his two teenage sons are in custody in the uk.
5:45 am
the tennis australian championships are under way without tennis superstar, novak djokovic. he posed for a few photos in dubai and then boarded a plane to serbia. that's where he lives. an australian court upheld a decision to cancel his visa because he was not vaccinated. he claims he recently became infected again. the 49ers sure made things a lot more tense. i think we all expected sunday's game might have been. >> anthony flores shows us the game felt like one of those roller coasters at great america next to the stadium. >> i am anthony flores. what a game.
5:46 am
the 49ers are moving on to the divisional round after a controversial and wild finish against the dallas cowboys. check out the rush just to get into the at&t stadium. on the 49ers first possession, mitchell caps a seven-play 75-yard drive. it was 16-7, 49ers at the break. then samuel with a 26 yard touchdown run, putting the niners up by 16 points. they were cruising in the fourth quarter and then comes the oh, no, jimmy throw picked off by anthony brown giving the momentum back to the dallas cowboys. that would lead to this, prescott calling his own numbers. under 15 seconds to go, dallas with no time-outs, they call a draw. prescott runs up the middle and
5:47 am
is tackled. time runs out before they can spike the football. the 49ers survive. they beat the cowboys 23-17. a wild ending. would you expect anything else from this niners team? >> i mean, whenever you have to battle like that, that shows a real team and you can look guys in the eyes and see who is in that moment and ready for it, and it's not going to be easy go into lambeau, but we are ready for it. >> they will face the top seeded packers in the divisional round. and then almost an embarrassing win over philadelphia. next sunday the buccaneers will host the winner of tonight's game, that's the l.a. rams against the arizona cardinals. the game next sunday will air here on nbc bay area with
5:48 am
kickoff scheduled at noon. can you watch super bowl lvi here on nbc bay area, and that's on sunday february 13th, being played in los angeles. today would have been betty white's 100th birthday. >> so close. she died at 99. we will be right back after this commercial message. >> all clear. >> all right, who in the hell -- >> sounds familiar. just kidding. documentary, betty white will play in theaters just today. on social media, people are recommending people honor her legacy by donating to animal organizations as part of the
5:49 am
hash tag betty white challenge. white, as you likely know was a big animal rights supporter. >> good idea. everybody go and adopt all our furry friends. please. >> yeah, another animal rights supporter, vianey arana. >> yeah, adopt, don't shop. it takes a lot of patience to take in a rescue, so you can't take that decision lightly and you have to think about it, and they take a lot of loving. it's beautiful in san francisco. we are seeing a little activity on satellite radar but it's not enough to where it will bring a ton of rain. we do have a system up to the north. that has been blocking any chance of real rain. we did get a few sprinkles late last night and we could get a chance of seeing that again at the coastline through the south bay. fog and visibility when it comes to miles in through livermore, down to four miles. concord as well, and down through south bay.
5:50 am
san francisco not really an issue through there either. forecasted highs for this afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. similar to what we saw this weekend where it feels cool and calm for the weather. that's going to be today. 59 degrees in san francisco. 59 in martinez. 59 in oakland. the mid-60s down through the south bay and san josé, 64 degrees. 61 in livermore and 62 for santa rosa. what can we expect with the air quality. we will see moderate air quality. anytime the high pressure lingers or rolls around it keeps our air quality moderate, and sometimes making it worst but we are going to say in the yellow category. what are we looking at when it comes to the rain? the dry pattern is expected to continue. the only thing you will likely see is probably going to be the wind, especially for some of the higher elevation areas heading into tomorrow and thursday as well. for the most part, look at this, sunday, january 23rd, taking
5:51 am
this all the way to the end of january, and it looks like we will stay dry. showing you last week's drought monitor, and we will have an updated map this upcoming thursday, but for now 66% of the state of california is under severe. we did get out of the rain, and that's terrific. the series of storms really helped out. as you know, with the series of storms we got a boost there but still need more of it. we are pretty dry. we should be seeing more rain than we are seeing right now, but here's a 7-day look for your forecast. inland areas can expect similar conditions as well. it will be a beautiful week ahead. let's get a look at how the roads are doing with mike. >> it's a beautiful drive right now, and let's take you to the maps. look at the green sensors. i marked the bay bridge toll
5:52 am
plaza. no backup, no metering lights. contra costa county, traffic highway smooth. the only issue in that area, i circled the crash, it's at 680 and it's out of the lanes but there's slowing because of the distraction and the closure from overnight wires down on the frontage road. for transit today, not as many opportunities to ride because they are on holiday service. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:52. happening now, contra costa leaders considering requiring electricity to be the sole energy source for all new residential, hotel, office and retail buildings. some buildings already have been
5:53 am
natural gas. the board will debate the changes tomorrow. the recommendations is the new rules take effect in july. and then coming up on "today in the bay," we will show you how good samaritans help reunite this cat. and then picketing on mlk day. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." an american hero decorated airman charles mcgee passed away. he died at his home in maryland yesterday. this was shot in december in texas where mcgee was honored. he enlisted in the army in 1942 and flew 409 conflict missions. his plane was hit by enemy fire twice and despite battling racism and segregation during his military career, family and friends say he always stayed focus on his mission. after brief dips in gas prices, they are moving higher again. the national average rose to
5:57 am
$3.30 for a gallon of unleaded last week, and in california it's more like 4.65. analyst expect prices to keep rising due to increased global demand. if you have the day off it would be a good time to spend time outdoors. this is half dome in yosmite where admission will be free. it will be free at every national park on martin luther king, and there could be paying for parking. a couple was notified last friday good samaritans found their cat on the street and recognized it from news stories. the couple picked it up over the weekend and they are all back home and say they will be forever grateful.
5:58 am
>> what a lucky thing. >> that is, indeed. >> wow. san francisco's glide memorial church could soon get a national honor. >> it's honored as a designation of a historical place. it was built in the '30s. california state historical resources commission will meet on friday to discuss those nominees. imagine not having one but two boys in the nfl, both won a super bowl in their career and what do you do when they play on the same day. >> if you are donna kelsey, you go to both games. her son is an all pro for philadelphia and her other son all pro tight end for kansas city. she started to watch one play the bucs, and the then she took a taxi to the airport and her flight to kansas city was delayed by 30 minutes, and after switching jerseys she landed in
5:59 am
kansas city and rushed over to the stadium and made it. like all good moms do, she made it for her kids. the steelers look to make the super bowl for the third straight year. >> those kids are making millions of dollars which they could pay back all the gallons of milk that must have been going through that house. >> yeah. the reason east bay health care workers are going to walk off the job in what they are calling a day of action. president biden marks this week his first year in office. a live report from washington on what could be a critical week for the president's agenda. a wake-up call on bay area shores. we assess the damage from the weekend tsunami as lessons learned in the north bay. this is "today in the bay."
6:00 am
good morning. thanks for doing this on this monday. i am kris sanchez. >> i am scott mcgrew. marcus and laura have the day off. if you are on the go or at the gym, we broadcast on the television, on roku and amazon fire and apple tv as well. >> we're on all of them. vianey, we are tracking the forecast. looks lovely for getting outside. >> yeah, and if you follow us on social media, we give you a swipe up option to watch on there so go to our social media accounts. we are starting out cloudy in some spots, but it's going to be a mix of sun and clouds so we will get some sunshine and no real measurable rain. if you catch sprinkle action, it's from a system to the south pushing up, but it could be a couple 0.01 of an inch and some may not register. notice in the icons we don't get to full sunshine until maybe 1:00 or 2:00 in some areas, right around your lunch


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