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tv   Today  NBC  January 17, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

7:00 am and on our app. have a great day. >> have a great day. good morning, holiday weekend headache, tens of millions waking up to the impact of a monster storm. heavy rain, snow and wind across the northeast. ice a major problem in the south causing accidents and knocking out power. your full forecast straight ahead. searching for answers, the fbi identifies the gunman who held four people hostage at a texas synagogue for hours before they were freed in a daring raid. president biden declaring. >> this was an act of terror. >> as we learn more about how the suspect entered the united
7:01 am
states and his family is questioned by british officials. the very latest in a live report. game, set, match. overnight, the australian open gets underway without world number one novak djokovic. his new message to fans and officials after losing his court battle and being deported. fighting back, prince harry takes legal action against the british government over police protection when he travels home. we're live with the very latest in the royal battle. all that plus happy birthday betty, inside the touching tribute planned at movie theaters nationwide today to celebrate what would have been the comedy icon's 100th birthday. >> i know betty would say, oh, my gosh, don't cry for me. i had such a good time. and super wild card weekend.
7:02 am
>> touchdown. >> the chiefs and buccaneers advance with big wins. >> touchdown, gronkowski. >> while the 49ers upset the cowboys in dramatic fashion. >> oh, my gosh. >> official gets in the way. game's over. the game is over. >> and it's not over yet. with one more game to go "today," monday, january 17th, 2022. from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this monday morning, dr. martin luther king jr. day, thank you so much for joining us, savannah and hoda are off on this monday. >> good morning, i thought it was interesting, dr. king would have turned 93 over the weekend. >> yeah, and here's a live look of course at that statue and memorial down in our nation's capital. we'll have much more on dr. king's life and legacy, and
7:03 am
how folks are being encouraged to make it a day of service. let's get right to the top story, the winter storm taking a toll on the entire eastern half of the country. the northeast feeling the brunt, areas of snow, heavy rain, high winds as you can see there. a live look in hartford, connecticut, drivers there facing a little bit of everything. >> it's a mess. the system moved up the coast after hammering the south with a dangerous mix of snow and ice. officials in charlotte, north carolina, telling people to remain off the roads this morning unless absolutely necessary. >> and that damage stretching as far south as florida where one reported tornado damaged or destroyed dozens of homes near the fort myers area. we have complete coverage this morning starting with nbc's emilie ikeda, she joins us in pittsburgh. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, parts of the pittsburgh area have seen
7:04 am
snow. that number is going to continue to rise throughout the day, making for difficult, sometimes treacherous road conditions. what's noticeable about the storm is the pace of the snowfall. in western new york, 4 inches per hour, and we're not in the clear yet. this morning, a massive winter storm now walloping the northeast, a dangerous deluge of snow, sleet, rain, and damaging winds. >> it is a pretty mix of a lot of stuff. >> reporter: 100 million people under winter weather. an initial blast of snow turned to freezing rain in cities from washington to new york. >> we have seen a lot of vehicles sliding off on the side of the road. >> reporter: a foot of snow fell in buffalo. the northeast, the final gasp of a day's long storm system, sweeping from the northern plains to the southeast. states of emergency declared in virginia, georgia and the carolinas where treacherous driving conditions caused
7:05 am
hundreds of crashes sunday. >> there's a lot of people flying by, you can't stop. >> reporter: the biggest trouble, ice accumulation, on roads, and runways. >> ice, you can't see it, and when you do, it's too late. >> reporter: in durham, this tractor-trailer sliding right off a bridge and at the charlotte airport, 95% of flights were grounded sunday with roughly 3,000 cancelled nationwide. >> right now it's just a waiting game so i can get on the plane. >> reporter: that same system unleashing a different kind of fury in southern florida. at least three tornadoes wreaking havoc. >> we made it inside, and 10 seconds later it hit. glass flying everywhere, we came out and saw all this. >> reporter: more than 100 mobile homes were damaged, leaving behind a mangled mess, as the clean up begins there, this is the big concern farther up the coast. thick layers of ice coating power lines and this morning, tens of thousands are still in the dark amid frigid temperatures alarming state leaders at the center of the storm.
7:06 am
>> that is a crisis situation for families, especially for moms and dads with little kids. >> reporter: another factor causing power outages, those strong winds, and you can really feel their growing presence this morning, and anticipated 35 miles per hour wind gusts for here in pittsburgh. up to 65 miles per hour in parts of new england. craig. >> emily ikeda starting us off, thank you. we say good morning to nbc meteorologist bill karins who's in for al. good morning. >> this storm is throwing everything at us from the plains to the south to the northeast, and we're not done yet. the worst of the weather has to be from pittsburgh up towards buffalo. they have had intense snowfall overnight, the plows haven't been able to keep up. 14 inches of snow at the airport in buffalo, at one point, 5 inches of snow in one hour. that's almost unheard of. as far as the rain goes and the winds, the strongest is heading up towards boston.
7:07 am
be careful heading out the door this morning. it will be gusty and intense. and scattered rain, the storm is beginning to end from about new york city southward, so we still have 50 million people under winter weather alerts. most of stuff in north carolina is because it's still icy from yesterday's storm. it's still snowing hard in western new york and areas of northern new england, especially the higher elevations, the roads are treacherous this morning. the other issues, the winds are howling along coastal areas. high wind warnings from cape cod to boston, coastal areas of new hampshire and maine, already have seen numerous wind gusts of 60 miles per hour, and we could see that this morning from nantucket to boston. scattered power outages and one more thing we have to watch this morning. high tide cycle, coastal flood warnings up from long island to areas of coastal new england, guys, we are expecting a storm surge with this winter storm as we go throughout the morning hours and, craig, hopefully that won't be too damaging, but it is possible. >> we'll come back to you in a few minutes. thank you. also this morning, new details on that tense hostage standoff at a texas synagogue
7:08 am
over the weekend. president biden has called it an act of terror. the fbi now searching for a motive after a gunman held four people for hours before a dramatic rescue ended in the suspect's death. nbc's morgan chesky has the latest in texas. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, craig, good morning, authorities have identified the gunman as a 44-year-old british national. a senior law enforcement official confirming that police in manchester, england have detained his two teenage sons for questioning, although they are not considered suspects. authorities there are trying to figure out the same thing as those here in colleyville, texas, and determine what that gunman's motive was. this morning, federal investigators pouring over a place typically reserved for prayer. congregation beth israel synagogue now a crime scene after a gunman held four people hostage saturday during a terrifying eleven hour standoff.
7:09 am
>> could have been any of us. >> reporter: the suspect, malik faisal akram, a 44-year-old british citizen who died after they moved. >> the situation was really a result of a long day of hard work. >> reporter: according to a senior law enforcement official, two of akram's teenage sons were questioned by british police on sunday. there's no indication they are suspects. the fbi saying akram acted alone. akram interrupted sabbath services saturday morning. his voice heard making threats on the temple's facebook live stream. police say the 44-year-old took four hostages, including rabbi charlie cytron-walker, who was keeping everyone calm as tensions rose. authorities say akram's key demand, the release of aafia saddiqui, who was
7:10 am
convicted in 2010 of u.s. soldiers, 20 miles from the synagogue. >> our investigation will have global reach. >> reporter: the fbi says negotiators made contact early. seven hours in, akram released one hostage unharmed. as the hostage dialogue went late into the night, a pivotal moment. video from wfaa shows three people leaving from a side door as teams move in. confirming akram's death minutes later. his family released a statement saying their brother suffered from mental health issues and condemned his actions. president biden reacting to the situation on sunday. >> this was an act of terror. >> so morgan, what more do we know at this point about precisely how akram got into our country? >> reporter: yeah, craig, authorities are digging into that. they confirm that akram arrived back on december 29th, flying into jfk airport. they say his travel raised no red flags. he entered the country legally,
7:11 am
and his initially listed destination was a hotel in queens. it's unclear if he arrived there or started making his journey here to colleyville. craig. >> morgan chesky, thank you. despite signs in some areas of the country the omicron surge is easing, health officials say the next few weeks could further strain hospitals that are already overwhelmed. already overwhelmed. miguel almaguer is in los angeles with details good morning. >> reporter: good morning, when you look at the new daily case counts there's early evidence that the latest wave may be peaking but health officials are warning the worst of covid's ripple effects like hospitalizations and deaths may still be ahead of us despite forecasts of omicron's peak approaching, this morning top health experts warn the most dire days of the surge may be weeks away >> the omicron wave started
7:12 am
later in other parts of the country so the next few weeks will be tough. >> reporter: the nation now facing a conflicting reality. in the northeast where the virus first hit, the rise in new covid cases is slowing. >> the covid forecast is improving, looking better. the covid clouds are parting. >> reporter: but the delayed effects like deaths are on the rise, and hospitalizations are hitting record levels. >> we still have lots of people who are getting severely ill with covid coming in. and we're in no way seeing a plateau or decline. >> reporter: with 150,000 covid patients in hospitals nationwide, many health care systems are on the brink, cancelling thousands of nonessential surgeries and calling in the national guard. in los angeles county, home to the country's highest number of new infections, deaths have quadrupled in the past week. emergency rooms are nearing crisis levels. as ambulances are forced to wait to unload patients meanwhile, federal relief for
7:13 am
the strain on testing may be just days away >> the past few days we've gone to cvs and walgreens, they're sold out everywhere. >> reporter: the biden administration says starting wednesday, americans can order four free at-home covid tests per household online with delivery expected 7 to 12 days later. at pharmacies, private insurance companies are now covering the cost of at least eight rapid kits a month >> the more testing that we all get involved in, the better. >> reporter: the long awaited aid coming as those on the front line brace for more of omicron's onslaught. officials are also warning about testing scams including fake at-home tests and testing centers that are returning false results or none at all attorney generals in several states are advising people to only use authorized testing sites by local governments or recommended by a primary doctor. another red flag to watch out for, whether they ask for personal information like your social security number sheinelle. >> so important. miguel, thank you. lots more to get to on this monday morning as we welcome in tom llamas
7:14 am
>> good morning to you president biden marks one year in office this week, facing divisions in congress and his own party over key parts of his agenda at the top of that list, the push for a new voting rights bill heading for a show down in the cincinnati nbc's senior white house correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us with more kelly, good morning. >> good morning, tom democrats hoped this holiday to honor the legacy of martin luther king jr. would serve as an extra inspiration to deliver on new voting measures that would protect and expand access to early voting and mail-in ballots, and make it more difficult for states to set tighter voting restrictions. instead, there is disappointment, and frustration. some pointed at the president himself. this morning, grass roots pressure to keep the voting rights legislation alive >> it's time for action. >> reporter: demonstrators gathered this weekend in arizona including the family of
7:15 am
dr. martin luther king jr. to turn up political heat on democrat kyrsten sinema. >> senator sinema has been one of the challenges and so it made sense to come to arizona. >> reporter: sinema and senator joe manchin met with president biden but refused to change senate rules in order to pass voting protections with only democrats' support frustration aimed directly at president biden from civil rights allies like reverend reginald jackson of south carolina writing in the ”the ne york times”, the white house slept on voting rights and now our very democracy is at risk. but we need you to lead this fight as our president, not as a senator. house majority whip james clyburn says the voting rights legislation is on life support >> we got to have these votes, we got to see which side people are on if that were to fail, as people project it will, then what's the next best thing. >> reporter: in an interview with craig, vice president
7:16 am
harris defended democrats' resolve. >> i'm saying it's not over. and we don't give up we don't give up, and we will not give up. >> reporter: the senate vote could happen as soon as tomorrow with democrats braced to fall short. >> it doesn't look like it has the votes to pass. we're going to cancel our martin luther king day recess, and be there this week because we think it's so important for the country. >> reporter: when democrats return to the cincinnati, they'll decide next steps and key questions. will forcing the vote change any minds on voting rights, will it highlight divisions in the president's party or offer new direction. this is of course on an issue the president says is so essential to our country's democracy, tom. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house for us, thank you. there was a lot of football this weekend. lest talk about it let's start with the game people will be talking about for years to come. the 49ers and cowboys, a few
7:17 am
seconds left this is how it ended. >> we need someone, san francisco to get to the corner back here. >> prescott takes off running the football whoa, i don't think this is going to work out. >> they were playing for it, down, down, oh, my gosh. >> the official gets in the way. the game's over. the game is over >> that was painful. >> it was. >> and no one more surprised that tony romo, by the way. >> dak prescott tried to spike the ball the cowboys run out of time. san francisco gets the upset win in dallas. 23-17. >> my goodness, to the late game now, the chiefs and the steelers, it was close for a while, but the momentum shifted just before half-time. >> going for the first down as much as the field goal position. >> four-man rush, mahomes, he's going deep down field, wide
7:18 am
open, kelce is going to take it all the way touchdown. >> travis kelce, the chiefs go on with two touchdowns, they win easily, 42-21. >> that was a fun game to watch, and the party is probably still going on in cincinnati, the bengals on saturday winning their first playoff game in 31 years with a victory over the raiders. our condolences to carson daly cincinnati goes on to face the titans in the divisional round next saturday. the biggest play of this game by quarterback joe burrow may be the post game news conference. check out those shades when you win a game like that, you can flex with those glass, i'm told they're cardier, i'm not for sure >> i was looking at his bang, i was looking at the twirl action of the curl there. >> he has a whole look >> wear what you want. i can see bill karins rocking some glasses. >> and a little bang there. >> if i had three wide receivers like he has, i could look like that too
7:19 am
not saying he's not good he has some of the best wide receivers in the nfl 62 in sunny in dallas. amarillo, 64, great weather. denver is going to be like 60 degrees. enjoy in the west, in the northeast, obviously you have your issues this morning with our big storm moving on through. that's a look at the national forecast we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds real good call! brees, pass the oats! apples and cinnamon! still got it, baby! hey, wait for the bus! [whistle] unacceptable, bus! what i do? illegal use of window! he gets fomo, fear of missing oats. penalty reversed! the result of the play is... breakfast. quaker oats, a super trusted super food. always a good call.
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good monday morning. we are starting out mild in the 40s and 50s and a few sprinkles to the south but overall we will see a mix of sun and clouds. oakland, 59. mid-60s through the south bay and around the coastline. calm winds right now. we will remain dry for today and the next seven days. we will have a closer look at your 7-day knock in san francisco, mid-60s for some areas. and that's your monday holiday forecast. >> all right, bill, thank you. still ahead here, the australian open starts overnight without one of the tennis world's biggest stars, what novak djokovic is saying this morning about losing his appeal and being deported and the covid controversy still hanging over the year's first grand slam. inside the growing dispute that surrounds prince harry over paying security during visits to the uk could it prevent his family from attending a major celebration of
7:21 am
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tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. good morning. it's 7:26. i am kris sanchez. here are today's top stories, including kaiser workers planning a day of action. >> good morning, i am cierra johnson in san francisco. today is martin luther king day and many folks have the day off but so many folks, mental health clinicians working in oakland and richmond say they were given the day off and that day was taken back. they are going to strike, these are kaiser permanente mental health workers, and kaiser said they will adopt starting in 2023
7:27 am
mlk day as a scheduled paid all day across the organization. the water tore a dock away from the apartment building, and the tsunami only caused minor flooding. a beautiful shot of san francisco. it's about 52 degrees right now. if you felt a little sprinkle here or there this morning, don't be alarmed. we had a quick system from the north, not enough to bring measurable rain across the bay area. it will be cloudy for most of the day with peeks of sunshine at times. mid-60s through the south bay. oakland, 60 degrees. up through santa rosa and napa, also in the mid-60s. we are expected to remain dry but you can see some shower
7:28 am
activity, mainly off the coast. >> thank you. we have more local news coming up for you in half an hour. hope to see you then. ♪♪
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we are back. it is 7:30 on this monday morning, and you are looking live at the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial down in our nation's capital on this day to honor dr. king's life and legacy as we pointed out a few minutes ago, he would have turned 93 over the weekend >> 93 today. >> his family has always asked that he mark the day with a day of service engaging in some acts of service. let's get a check of your 7:30 headlines right now. north korea test fired up to two rounds of ballistic missiles again this morning it's the country's fourth
7:31 am
weapons test this month. officials believe that the activity comes in response to new sanctions by the biden administration that were imposed last week over the north's launches north korean leader kim jong-un has pledged to strengthen the military forces. there is pacific damage this morning on the pacific island nation of tonga. an underwater volcano erupted triggering a tsunami, and blanketing the island with ash satellite images captured the dramatic eruption. communication has been difficult after phone and internet lines for the entire island were cut off. there have been no confirmed reports of injuries or deaths. back here at home, some sad news this morning, brigadier general charles mcgee, one of the last surviving tuskegee airmen has died at the age of 102. called to service in 1942 at the age of 23, he became one of the first black military aviators and went on to fly more than 400 combat missions from world war ii to vietnam. mcgee received numerous awards throughout his life, including the congressional gold medal in
7:32 am
2007 >> meantime, another major sporting event, the australian open got underway overnight without one of the biggest names in tennis, novak djokovic. >> following days of drama and debate, djokovic has now been deported after losing a legal fight to overturn the cancellation of his visa nbc's matt bradley has the latest on this one matt also has the latest on what the star is saying this morning. good morning, buddy. >> reporter: hey, good morning, so that ban against djokovic, you know, it's supposed to last for three years, but scott morrison, australia's prime minister indicated this morning that djokovic might be invited back for next year's tournament. today it's advantage australia novak djokovic arriving in belgrade in his native serbia after the australian government finally deported him yesterday ending eleven days of drama down under for the 34-year-old champ. >> novak djokovic has lost his
7:33 am
appeal >> the world number one has been booted out. >> reporter: in a statement, djokovic said he was extremely disappointed and that i hope we can all now focus on the game and tournament i love. a huge loss for the winningest man in tennis. the government eventually caving to pressure from the australian public, among the most covid cautious countries in the world. >> i think it's a disgrace we have all done the right thing. we've all gone out and gotten our jabs and boosters, and we have someone that's come from overseas, and all of a sudden he's been exempt and can play, and i think it's an absolute disgrace. >> reporter: the country requires visitors to be vaccinated djokovic isn't. >> whether someone wants to get a vaccine or not, that's
7:34 am
completely up to them. >> reporter: he had hoped an infection last month would exempt him from vaccination. authorities disagree personally pulling djokovic's, most players pleased to be talking about tennis again, rather than covid culture wars. >> he's not playing. it will be a great australian open with or without him. >> reporter: and djokovic is already getting a warm welcome back in serbia where many are outraged by his treatment. >> humiliated, i think australian authorities humiliated themselves. >> reporter: the country lit up a tower telling djokovic he's the pride of serbia. but it's still game, set match for tennis's top star. and guys, at the risk of tortures this metaphor even more, france has hit its own volley, saying that djokovic won't be able to play in the french open in may if he remains unvaccinated craig. >> matt bradley for us there over the pond in london where apparently it is djokovic. not djokovic thank you, matt. >> tomato tomato up next, inside another high profile show down, this one involving the royal family.
7:35 am
>> why prince harry says he can't bring his family to the uk unless he's allowed to personally pay for police protection, and why the british government says that can't happen, but first, these messages it's still the eat fresh refresh™ so subway's upping their avocado game. we're talking just two great ingredients. perfectly ripe, hand-scooped hass avocados and a touch of sea salt. it's like a double double for your tastebuds. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing... woman: life's been hard enough. especially when you're struggling with depression.
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but none will make a difference like subaru. (jeff) thank you. (bonnie) thank you. (robert) thank you. subaru. more than a car company. all right. we are back now at all right. we are back now at 7:39 with an in-depth today, this morning it's a surprising legal battle involving prince harry. >> prince harry is challenging a decision by the british government that bars him from paying for police protection when he or his family returns to the united kingdom. >> nbc's erin mclaughlin has more on that good morning. >> reporter: guys, good morning, the queen has had a tough time of late, faced with fresh family scandal. harry is saying it's too dangerous to visit with his family without top level protection when prince harry and meghan stepped back from being royals,
7:40 am
they lost their top level security protection. prince harry's legal team is challenging that decision, asking for a judicial review in a written statement, prince harry's team said prince harry inherited a security risk at birth for life he remains 6th in line to the throne, served two tours of combat duty in afghanistan, and in recent years, his family has been subjected to well documented neo-nazi and extremist threats. the statement goes on to say that in the absence of such protection, prince harry, and his family are unable to return to his home. he insists that he needs top level protection while until the uk, and has offered to pay for it >> this is perhaps the beginning of a process whereby harry will return to the uk to visit, to pick up the threads of his family life. >> reporter: security has been an issue for prince harry and his young family, since he and meghan gave up their royal roles
7:41 am
telling oprah last march. >> you got word from overseas that we're taking away your security, why were they doing that >> their justification is a change in status of which i pushed back, and said is there a change of threat or risk and after many weeks of waiting, eventually i got the confirmation, that no, the risk and threat hasn't changed but due to our change of status, which we would no longer be an official working members of the royal family. >> reporter: while harry pays for his own security, he says it is not enough for the level of production needed when he returns home security experts in the uk unsympathetic. >> the only reason anyone gets protection at level is if they
7:42 am
warrant it. >> reporter: it remains an open question whether prince harry and his family will be seen in the uk this year, and whether his daughter will get to meet her great grandmother in person. more heart ache for the queen with family dramas already overshadowing her jubilee year of celebration three weeks time marks the 70th anniversary of the queen's succession to the throne, a big long weekend in june with concert asks street parties. as of now, it's unclear if prince harry and his family will be there for any of it sheinelle. >> we'll have to see what happens. erin, thank you. >> platinum jubilee, i think that's what they're calling it over there time for a check of the weather. bill karins in for al. what are we looking at? more snow, who has the remaining snow, and who's going to be shoveling all day long inside the blue and white is heavy to moderate snow areas from the capital district northwards to the adirondacks, by far the worst of it is from buffalo southward, blowing and gusting pretty good, 25 miles per hour the highest winds over toward the coast, a gust at logan airport of 53 miles per hour with the heavy rain moving north ward, we could have isolated power outages. the good thing about the storm, a fast mover, by 1:00, just about gone and out of the northeast, leftover snow showers. the areas getting the highest
7:43 am
snow totals, i-90 cleveland to buffalo through the erie area toward syracuse, and the new york throughway, that's where you could have snowy travel with here's a live look in san francisco. you might have seen sprinkles around the coastline and a majority of that is staying off the coast, but no measurable rain for today and we will stay dry. temperatures in the 60s for oakland today. 60 degrees in concord. we are seeing temperatures similar today. notice there's no rain in the long range outlook. the one thing i didn't mention, could be in the 30s tonight in florida they're panicking a little bit but they'll be okay. >> 30s >> think snow gear
7:44 am
hunkered down there. >> thank you, bill. up next here, you know what that music means, the new tribute that's happening all across the country today in honor of what would have been betty white's 100th birthday but first, these messages. but ♪♪ gravity. it's a force to be reckoned with. no one knows better than we do. but without gravity, you can't have lift. the very thing that holds you down is the very thing that helps you rise above. thanks to gravity, the real force to be reckoned with just might be you. ♪♪ my daughter has type 2 diabetes just might be you. and lately i've seen this change in her. once-weekly trulicity is proven to help lower a1c. it lowers blood sugar from the first dose. and you could lose up to ten pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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♪ you're a pal and a confidant and if you through a party ♪ ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ >> welcome back. today would have marked betty white's 100th birthday though the world has lost the comedy icon, the birthday is being widely celebrated. >> her town of home park, illinois, honored the star with a lively tribute over the week and that's just the start. >> nbc news anchor joe fryer joins us with more >> good morning, i asked those who knew her best, how would betty white want us to celebrate today. one thing was clear, no tears, no crying, she would want us to laugh, which is actually pretty easy when it comes to betty white.e want us to
7:49 am
>> hello, i'm betty white. >> reporter: on what would have been her 100th birthday, fans are getting a chance to remember betty white again. movie theaters across the country are showing betty white, a celebration. >> betty white. >> betty white. >> betty white, ladies and gentlemen. >> tributes from famous costars like jennifer love hewitt. >> for me, you will be here forever. so love you. >> reporter: fans will also get to hear from white one last time >> by the time i got to high school, the kids had made up this really mean nickname for me, just because i had hairy legs >> what did they call you? >> rose with the hairy legs. >> reporter: whether you first saw her in "the golden girls" or tv's "golden age." >> don't splash the coffee. >> reporter: betty white has been entertaining us for decades from game shows in the '60s to "the mary tyler moore show" in
7:50 am
the '70s and more recently her emmy winning hosting gig on "saturday night live." >> what is your last name, man. >> can you spell that for me. >> smi. >> reporter: and mention her frequent visits to "today. >> i never do it with a hoop >> i feel so fortunate to have crossed her path. >> reporter: vicky lawrence worked with white on the sitcom "mama's family." >> i will say this, i feel like every part that betty has ever done has been a little bit of a view into betty. >> reporter: "the golden girls," what part of rose nylund was like betty white. >> adorable. charming, simple, down to earth. >> if you could have any two people in the world living or dead to your house for dinner, what would you eat >> i think i better keep the lid
7:51 am
on this paint thinner. >> how about on your show when she worked with you on "mama's family." >> what part was betty, that sarcastic sense of humor, that little glimmer in her eye when she's about to send you a zinger. >> my husband doesn't run around with other women. >> of course not, who would want him. >> jeff was white's age the past 21 years said offers were coming in to the very end with some pretty nice paychecks. >> she would always amuse me, no matter what i got her, i always tried to get her the best t possible possible deal, she would always say, oh, they're paying me too much. >> reporter: and that's her legacy, a humble legend, not to mention a devoted animal lover long before it was fashionable. >> i honestly was blessed to join her on her journey of life. >> how are you doing right now >> i am sad. i know betty passed december 31st but i still haven't had the proper time to mourn >> reporter: but today, no
7:52 am
tears, he says, because betty will be watching >> she'll be having one big party. >> i know betty would say, oh, my god, don't cry for me i had such a good time please laugh and carry on. i know she would. >> once again, until we see you again, good-bye, everybody >> those who knew betty believed that she's been reunited with her husband, allen ludden, her husband who died 40 years ago. and all the animals she cared for over the years on social media today, the bettywhitechallenge, encouraging people to donate to charities, and shelters and in a couple of weeks on january 31st, nbc is going to air a one-hour tribute, called "celebrating betty white, america's golden girl." >> it's inspiring, especially in a time where people are cynical and polarizing, everybody you talk to loves betty white.
7:53 am
joe, thank you for that. >> thank you, joe. coming up, comedy legend tim allen ready to bring back one of his iconic roles we have the details on "popstart," but first, your local news and weather ♪ thank you for being a friend travel down the road and back ♪ t has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines,
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7:56 am
test test test test test test good morning. it's 7:56. i am kris sanchez. happening now, police staffing, and because of cases and exposures and quarentine the department is finding it tough to have enough patrol officers. they are asking officers to patrol more time this week and in one week from today the department will require all officers not on patrol to do at least one patrol duty per week. this is what else is happening. i am cierra johnson in san francisco. today in dr. martin luther king jr. day and many folks have the day off but so many folks, mental health clinicians working in oakland as well as richmond
7:57 am
said they were given the day off but that was taken back, and these are kaiser permanente mental health care workers, and the provider said kaiser will adopt starting in 2023 mlk day as scheduled a paid holiday across the organization. we are seeing a calm start to our morning. i know it's cloudy but the temperatures will be mild, and we had a sprinkle thanks to system off to the south. forecast highs will be in the 60s. >> more local news coming up in just half an hour.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, wicked winter weather. >> it is mix of a lot of stuff. >> a massive storm walloping the northeast, bringing snow, sleet, rain and wind. icy conditions knocking out power, grounding flights, and causing cars to slide off the road in florida, the same system producing devastating tornadoes. the clean up now underway up and down the east coast, and your full forecast. then, sharing her story. >> ovarian cancer is insidious, and it's a very sneaky cancer. >> tennis star chris evert, opening up about her cancer diagnosis, how they caught it early, and how evert is calling
8:01 am
her late sister her inspiration. reason everett i maya angelou becoming the first black woman to appear on the u.s. quarter we talk to the poet's son about the honor, and some middle schoolers who are inspired by her writing. and suiting up, michael keaton opens up about reprising his role as batman after 30 years. what he's now saying, and why the star says he's playing catch up, today, monday, january 17th, 2022 >> i'm celebrating my 50th birthday >> live on the "today" show. >> from minnesota, up and ready for the day with "today."
8:02 am
>> we're from nashville, illinois, and we want to wish all of you happy birthday, happy birthday, mama. >> happy birthday, mama. >> have a happy and happy mlk day. >> i love it >> happy birthday, mama. >> good monday to you, welcome to "today" on this monday morning. thanks for starting it with us savannah and hoda are off, so you're stuck with tom, sheinelle and craig. >> thanks for the big seller, that was great. we have to tell you that tomorrow on "today," we are catching up with one of our favorites, our friend valerie bertinelli, she's releasing a new memoir with a powerful title, "enough already learning to love who i am today" reflecting on the highs and lows of her life in an exclusive interview. >> looking forward to catching up with valerie tomorrow for now let's get to your news at 8:00. this morning, the east coast is getting the final blast of that
8:03 am
huge winter storm that's been causing travel chaos across much of the country snow giving way to freezing rain overnight, in cities from washington, d.c. to new york it brought down power lines and sent drivers skidding across the roads in many places the ice was so bad, states of emergency were declared in virginia, georgia and the carolinas. about 3,000 flights were cancelled nationwide as well the storm also dumped more than a foot of snow in places like pittsburgh and buffalo meteorologist bill karins is in for al this morning to tell us what to expect next, and what's the good word. >> i'm now seeing pictures of coastal connecticut and southern new england that we're getting the coastal flooding we were afraid we were at high tide, which is thousand beginning to move in. i've seen pictures of waves smashing on homes, and we have water with roads that aren't supposed to have water them, and
8:04 am
people being rescued we're talking about coastal connecticut, mystic, the nantucket region, too. the worst of it now is coastal areas, the water piled up in the long island sound and now the winds have shifted out of the south so it's pushing towards the coast. that's why we're seeing these issues later this morning, we will see the water peaking in areas near boston to cape cod that high tide is a little later at 10:47 this morning, high tide in boston. we're approaching that high tide in areas of long island. as far as the rest of the storm goes, the heaviest snow is beginning to wind down, still snowing pretty good. a foot on the ground in buffalo, and still snowing hard there, plenty cold, 29 degrees. you notice we're much warmer in areas of the east, rain overnight, most of southern portions of new england. and as far as the winter weather alerts, we're eliminating some of these careful on 81 through the new york throughway, in pennsylvania, and northern new england. as far as the winds go, we have seen numerous gusts in the 50 to 60 miles per hour range. i don't think we're going to see too many additional power outages, the exception of coastal maine and as we go up
8:05 am
the coast past there into areas of nova scotia later today. >> a lot of activity thank you, bill. the fbi has identified the suspect in saturday's hostage standoff in a synagogue outside dallas 44-year-old malik faisal akram held four people at gunpoint, including a rabbi. he demand the release of a once known as lady al qaeda, she's convicted of trying to kill u.s. officers in afghanistan. the ordeal lasted 11 hours until a dramatic rescue that left a gunman dead. president biden called the incident an act of terror. in some other news, it's been just over a week since bob saget's sudden death, and so many america considered america's dad has been laid to rest gadi schwartz has more good morning >> reporter: hey, good morning, tom, the pain is still clearly so fresh for so many of bob saget's loved ones who gathered to celebrate his life and mourn their loss many are now sharing stories and
8:06 am
memories of saget working to ensure his legacy lives on in los angeles, close friends and family gathered on friday to say good-bye to the beloved actor and comedian, bob saget. some of saget's nearest and dearest, serving as pallbearers, ted sarandos, singer john mayer, and full house costars, dave coulier, and john stamos, seen embracing outside the private ceremony, stamos calling it the hardest day of my life other members of the "full house" star's tv family coming out to say good-bye, including mary-kate and ashley olsen, his widow appearing to wear her late husband's gold wedding band around her neck, and posting a message on instagram, if you were in his life, you knew he loved you. i know how much he loved me until the very last moment, and he knew the same i'm so grateful for that
8:07 am
bob had so much more he wanted to do and love to give kathy griffin describing as a beautiful and hilarious sendoff. in the days since his death, tributes are pouring in. candace cameron bure and posting this picture from her wedding, i love you my sweet bobby dad by, and sweeten sharing from her podcast. >> jodi, i love you so much. >> i love you too, bob very much. >> "america's funniest home videos," a look back at what they called bob being bob. >> bob saget is synonymous with afc to this day, and this show wouldn't have been the same without his unique sense of humor. >> singer john mayer and comedian jeff ross getting emotional during an instagram live after picking up saget's prius from the airport where he left it after his sudden passing.
8:08 am
>> i have never known a human being on this earth who could give that much love individually and completely to that many people >> and one thing we've learned is that saget had such a wide ranging group of friends, including fellow comedians like dave chappelle, tiffany haddish and jimmy kimmel, as well as legends like norman lear a lot of those friends have referred to saget as a brother, which is a testament how cherished he was to so many. autopsy results are months away, but authorities say they have found no signs of foul play or drug use >> seems like he was so beloved, so many people across the country. >> his circle of friends, that is a testament to his life. we have the news covered, hoda is not here this morning, but she has authorized me to try and give you a boost here, so baby girl, not quite two months old, surprises her parents by saying her very first words. they weren't just any words
8:09 am
either, take a listen. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> isn't that cute >> i love you. >> i love you.h. the words i love you said to her about a hundred thousand times already, so it was just natural that she would -- >> those sounds, that is really sweet, really sweet, baby genius there. up next, the overwhelming show of support for tennis legend chris evert after revealing her cancer diagnosis, and why she hopes her stories can help others learn to spot the signs. that's right after this. on it e for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire. his grilling game? on point. and his a1c? ron is on it. with the once-daily pill, jardiance. jardiance not only lowers a1c...
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rashida earns cash back that automatically adjusts to where her spending is trending. just ask overly confident diy rashida... wait, was this the right wall? ...or last-minute gift shopping rashida... i'm putting a bow on it! wow... ...even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. shhh! i've earned this, okay? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. we are back, as jacob soboroff joins us now, we are turning to your health, because this morning, tennis legend chris evert reveals she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> she decided to share the news and the story behind it. we're going to talk to dr. natalie azar and anne thompson joins us with more on her announcement good morning. >> for most of her life, chris
8:15 am
evert has been something of a touchstone for those of us of a certain age, why we tried to master the two handed back hand, and tied our ponytails with ribbons on the tennis courts we followed her incredible athletic career, the ups and downs of her life, and now chris evert is showing us again this time how to get ahead of the deadly opponent, cancer, with early detection. evert the pressure player, 18 time grand slams singles champion, chris evert on tv to cover the australian open last night. >> it was a debacle. >> after news she has early stage ovarian cancer cut across social media this weekend with the ferocity of one of her ground strokes. >> ovarian cancer is insidious, and it's a very sneaky cancer. >> evert tweeted the news and asked for chris mckendry to help tell it. >> why did chris want to share her story? >> she wants to help people. she very much understands her
8:16 am
platform. >> evert says doctors caught it early. it is stage 1c. >> i actually had my chemo last monday you know, it's rough for three or four days. >> she says she expects positive results from her chemo plan but evert knows how difficult it can be this is the same cancer that took her sister jeanne two years ago. >> how much does it weigh on chris? >> a lot it's still very heavy. she lost her sister. if they didn't lose jeanne, they wouldn't have this information. >> they grew up playing tennis together, and in later years, she would travel with chris. a year and a half after her death, genetic testing showing she had a brca one mutation, leading chris to undergo her own genetic testing, discovering she had the marker, too. she tried to get a preventative
8:17 am
hysterectomy, and the surgery revealed she has cancer in one of her fallopian tubes. >> thousands of men and women have gotten this, it's nothing new, and i'm just one of many. >> this morning, the tennis community rallying to evert's side, rafael nadal, billie jean king, and one time rival and friend tweeting stay strong champ. as evert undergoes treatment, she said she'll be thinking of her sister when i go in to chemo, she is my inspiration. >> i think she does it for both of them. i know she does it for both of them >> evert has undergone one round of chemo she has five more to go, and she intends to keep on working and living through it all. >> certainly an inspiration. thank you so much. >> and we're joined now by nbc news medical contributor, dr. natalie azar good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so listen, we know ovarian
8:18 am
cancer can be tricky to detect, and very challenging with that said, let's talk about some of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer that we need to keep an eye out for >> that's right, sheinelle one of the things that makes ovarian cancer diagnosis so challenging is that many of the common signs and symptoms are very nonspecific they can be seen in a variety of other conditions, so just, we can put up this graphic here so women are aware. bloating, feeling full quickly difficulty eating. pelvic pain or pressure. additionally, women can experience abdominal or back pain, increased frequency or urgency of urination, constipation, as well as abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge. there's not an automatic length of time these symptoms need to exist before they become worrisome. i would caution women, know your body and if the symptoms are not going away and not explained by an alternative diagnosis, please seek evaluation. >> what about genetic testing? >> right so we know that inheriting an
8:19 am
abnormal variant in either the brca 1 or the brca 2 gene increases a woman's risk for a variety of cancers, in particular ovarian cancer. in one's lifetime, generally in the population, about 1% of women will develop ovarian cancer, brca one mutation increases that risk in 49% of women. what was important about chris' increases that risk story and a message i think is important for women to understand is that it appears her sister had what was known as a variant of uncertain significance, meaning that at the time that a variant was picked up in a brca gene, it was not at the time associated with cancer, and it was not common in the general population, but according to experts, about 90% of those variants of uncertain significance get downgraded to probably benign, but about 5 to 10% actually get upgraded to likely pathogenic or pathogenic, and this is what appears to have happened here, and so
8:20 am
fortunately, jeanne's family in this case, chris, was made aware in the change of classification of the brca mutation that she has. >> can you tell us anymore risk factors? >> sure. some of the common risk factors include age, a family history, a personal history of either breast, uterine or colon cancer. never having given birth, past exposure to hormone replacement therapy, and women of ashkenazi jewish heritage, these individuals would be candidates for testing genetic counseling at a minimum, to see whether or not they are candidates for these genetic mutations that can increase risk. >> important information you said what resonates with me, you have to be your own advocate, and keep checking it out! go get tested. absolutely >> dr. azar, thank you so much
8:21 am
for your time this morning. bill is in for al, hey, bill. >> good morning once again, after a snowstorm, the kids want to get outside, play, and there's lots of clean up to be done for the adults, we need good weather for that. in areas of the east today, it's not bitterly cold. sometimes you get the snowstorms, and behind you it's frigid vianey arana. it's a good day to do the clean up, get the sidewalks cleaned up and driveway, the kids should be playing in the snow in ohio, cleveland, areas of kentucky we didn't get a lot in tennessee, just enough to play in are the rest of the country is beautiful, by the way, 5 and we are starting out with some clouds in the bay area. we had a couple of sprinkles in the area, but no real measurable rain. you can see the system pushing in from the south. aside from that our temperatures will remain comfortable. a mix of sunshine into the afternoon, a high of 64 for san jose, 59 in martinez, low to mid 60s up through the north bay as
8:22 am
well as some of those interior valleys. and this dry weather is expected to remain for your ten-day forecast in san francisco. here is a closer look at what to expect. coming up next half hour, don't shoot the messenger, it is going to winter in the eastern half of the country, guys. >> isn't this enough >> make it stop. >> it's going to winter. >> it's bad when it's a verb. >> thank you, bill. if mr. roker were here, he would say time for the best part of the morning. >> time for a little "popstart." >> ladies and gentlemen, first up, michael keaton, the actor has scored some pretty big roles over the years there is really one that the entire world is just dying to see him bring back, you know it, you love it, that of course is batman lucky for everybody, keaton is set to return to the bat suit, the flash and bat girl, in a recent interview with siriusxm, the award winning actor opened up about what it was like
8:23 am
jumping back into the world of the famous caped crusader, watch this. >> i've embraced it. why would you not. and it's the right time. when it came around again, i was getting curious about it, you know, boy, what would that be like i wonder what that would be like, and coincidentally, there was murmurs, i got a call from one of the brothers, they wanted to talk to me about something, and there were hints of batman it has to be good. there's no reason to do it if it's not going to be good. it's not going to really change anything, i don't think. so it's really good, and i just jumped in and had fun and why would you not. >> so in the interest of full disclosure and in the world of journalism, i have been leading the campaign to bring michael keaton back as batman in 1990, 1991 that's me, second from the
8:24 am
right, that's my brother, mike as they call him, sean, his son, my best friend since i was 6 years old. >> that's michael keaton. >> that is not by birthday party. >> his real name is michael douglas, michael keaton. we don't have enough time to get into it. >> are you in the new movie? >> i am not. nobody is more excited. so you grew up with the keatons. >> i grew up with the douglases. "baby shark," just when this ear worm was out of your head, it is back, and that is because the children's music megahit set a new record on you tube, "baby shark" has become the first video ever to pass 10 billion with a "b" views, just take a look back at how this all happened it's been sung 10 billion times in my house. oh, my goodness. after swimming on to the scene in 2016, this song enjoyed 20 weeks on the billboard top 100 charts, and it has been spun off into a series on nickelodeon, we watch it in our house, and since november 2020, the "baby shark" dance video held the number one spot on you tube, with despacito far behind in second place 2 billion views, proving once and for all, you can run but you
8:25 am
cannot hide from baby shark. tim allen, it's 242 days until christmas but we're excited for the holidays tim allen is bringing back one of his most beloved character, "the santa claus," bringing a tv series, showing allen as an ageing santa claus, faced with the fact he can not be the big man forever. the hunt is on to find the world's next santa no word on when the show is scheduled to debut dolly dropped the first single off her upcoming album, "run, rose run" a novel of the same name that dolly wrote with best selling author, get this, james patterson, telling the story of a rising singer song writer on the run, and the first single from the project is titled "big dreams and faded
8:26 am
dreams". ♪ my own guitar and me out to find my destiny ♪ ♪ nashville is the place to be for big dreams ♪ >> dolly's new book and album good morning, everyone. it's 8:26. i'm scott mcgrew. police in castro valley are looking for the armed robbers who first stole a family's beloved dog, then later their suv. kyoto is a french bulldog, police say four or five robbers pulled up to a mother and daughter while they were out walking tito on saturday night. along with the dog they snatched the mother's purse which contained her wallets and keys. a few hours later police believed that same group went to the home and stole the family's car. let's hope for better news with vianey. good morning. good morning. we are going to have calm weather for really the rest of the week.
8:27 am
it's 43 degrees right now, we're starting out with some clouds out there and that's exactly what we're expecting to see. also you might have noticed some sprinkles, especially around the coastline. a little bit of light rain action, a lot of that, though, off the coast because of a system just to our south. we will keep the dry forecast, though, for the next several days. no measurable rain. temperatures today will top out nicely in the low 60s for palo alto, 62 degrees, 64 for san jose, low 60s for oakland in through concord, 60 degrees. just to give you an idea of how your seven-day forecast is shaping up, no rain, but we will keep the temperatures similar to today, no real change in the low 60s for inland areas with overnight lows dropping down into the 40s. >> more local news coming up half hour.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
back at 8:30 on this monday morning, and you may notice something a little different around here at 30 rock, the christmas tree. it came down over the weekend. >> wow, good call. >> i'm ashamed i didn't notice this morning. >> i saw it. i always pay my respects as i come in in the morning. >> that was our first tree from maryland, and folks wonder what happens to the tree when it goes
8:31 am
away, they cut it down and use the lumber for habitat for humanity. >> we love it, and also when it leaves, the crowd disburses and you can get to the office, which is nice. coming up on this mlk day, we'll celebrate another american acon, the late maya angelou, the first african-american woman to be featured on a u.s. quarter. we spoke about the importance of that milestone, and young girl rs she's inspired along the way. and vicky nguyen is here with the sales and deals to shop today, fitness g and chef j.j. johnson, he's going to join us to make a southern dish. we're talking about smothered steak and grits. >> oh, in the morning that's good. >> as a tribute to dr. king, inspired by what he ate while he was traveling the country during the civil rights movement. >> that's interesting. also coming up on the 3rd hour of today, ed helms and randall park are with us live, putting a hollywood spin on true stories from every day folks you meet people, and you say, your life could be a movie or a
8:32 am
show they meet every day folks and if their story is good enough, they get actors and turn it into a scene. >> it's a great concept. >> it's very funny. and tomorrow on "today," we'll talk to rachel brosnahan, and tony shalhoub about their mega show. >> do you guys understand the burden i carry >> i do, bill. >> i do, yeah. some days more than others sam, what i'm going to tell you, i'm not going to like, i'm not going to want to experience it myself. winter is making a big comeback. remember december how warm it was. we saved a lot of money on our heating bills. that is changing the next arctic blast comes down the northern plains. not going to be a lot of winter weather but it will be significantly getting colder and colder with a couple of arctic
8:33 am
outbreaks, and frigid air mass is going to settle over the midwest, great lakes, and head to the east. by the time we get to thursday, friday and saturday, especially as we head towards next week how bad will the temperature be, a lot of people interested in the football game in green bay, high temperatures in the 20s that's doable. but the cold air will make its way to the eastern sea board, d.c. by friday, 28 degrees for a high temperature, and that means the lows are even colder and guess what, that's not the end of it. this is the six to ten-day outlook. we saved and here in the bay area we're waking up to 40s right now. 43 degrees walnut creek. live look. we're also noticing the beautiful pink sky glow. beautiful overall but you might be noticed sprinkles. we have a system to our south off the coast and will make for
8:34 am
a nice day overall. a mix of sun and clouds temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s for the afternoon, 64 degrees in san jose, 60 degrees in oakland. a closer look at your seven-day forecast. dry weather for the next seven days. at least i didn't mention anything about an east coast snowstorm on saturday. we'll wait for that. >> we're out of time, bill thank you, bill. up next, the newest quarter celebrating dr. maya angelou, and marking a historic first blayne alexander, talks to the icon's son and young girls about why the honor means so much to them but first, this is "today" on
8:35 am
8:36 am
welcome back on this martin luther king jr. day, we're also celebrating another icon maya angelou. >> the late acclaimed poet, right, activist, has been honored on a new quarter from the u.s. mint she's the first black woman ever to be featured on the coin >> it's a beautiful coin there
8:37 am
nbc's blayne alexander joins us with the story from the historic ebenezer baptist church in atlanta. blayne, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, guys, good morning to you. definitely an honor to join you on this king day holiday from ebenezer baptist church, the long time home of dr. martin luther king jr it's perhaps fitting on this king day holiday, we are honoring and celebrating another milestone with dr. maya angelou. never have 25 cents felt so valuable dr. maya angelou celebrated poet, author, activist, and icon, now the first black woman to appear on the u.s. quarter shown with her arms lifted, a bird soaring behind her. a nod to her ground breaking autobiography, "i know why the caged bird sings," it's the first of five coins to be unveiled this year, celebrating trail blazing women and their contribution to american
8:38 am
history. treasury secretary, janet yellen calls the redesign a chance to say something about our country, what we value and how we have progressed as a society. >> let us show that we know how to put a light on to the darkness. >> reporter: it's being celebrated by everyone from michelle obama to former president bill clinton who invited angelou to speak at his inauguration, she was the first black woman to do so. >> history, despite its wrenching pain cannot be unlived. but if faith with courage need not be lived again. >> reporter: clinton tweeted if these wonderful coins can spread even a quarter of maya's strength, joy, wisdom, passion and compassion, our country will be a much better place >> i believe she should be the first of many. >> reporter: angelou's son guy johnson hopes the impact goes beyond just a symbol what do you think your mother would say to see her face on a coin. >> my mother would say, this is wonderful, but this is money she would say, we still have much to do roll up your sleeves let's get to work.
8:39 am
>> reporter: how many of you are inspired by maya angelou all of you these atlanta middle schoolers can't wait to get their hands on a quarter. >> young children when they get older, they will be like, maya angelou did that, i can do that too. >> reporter: is that how you feel when you look at her? >> yeah. >> black women can change the game for everyone here, and we can do amazing things if we put our minds to it. >> reporter: what does it mean to you to see yourself reflected on a coin? >> not only one person can do something like this, anyone can. it doesn't matter where you're from, any walk of life, anybody can do it. >> reporter: like hailey, who started writing her own poetry >> she really inspired me to write and keep going
8:40 am
>> reporter: and 12-year-old maya, you can probably guess where she got her name >> when my mom was 13, she went to the supermarket with her aunt, and in the produce aisle, she found maya angelou, and she told her that if she ever were to have a daughter, she would name her maya. >> reporter: and here you are. >> yes i want to be able to follow her footsteps and be someone just like her that other people can look up to. >> reporter: seeing her, seeing themselves, and standing a little taller, priceless does anybody have a maya angelou quote that's a favorite? >> i say, the reach of my arms, the span of my hips, the stride of my steps, the curl of my lips. >> i'm a woman, phenomenally, phenomenal woman, that's me. >> reporter: i think it's safe to say, guys, that those young ladies are well on their way they had so much to say about her. and really take in how much of an honor this is
8:41 am
we were actually able to get our hands on a few of these quarters right here this of course is going to be the first of five quarters rolled out in this series this year and not only this, we've got the quarter of course but the u.s. mint is actually producing these coin collector boards that you can request for free through the u.s. mint. so as you go out, look at all the change in your pocket throughout the year, this will certainly be the thing you'll want to look for and try and collect all five as they come out throughout the year. guys. >> that's great, what a beautiful story. kudos to those girls, good morning to you if you're watching this morning. thank you so much. >> great story, and american history right here >> absolutely. those are keepers. up next, vicky nguyen has the perfect anecdote for the winter blues, the deals on travel, where you should be shopping, but first this is "today" on nbc
8:42 am
8:43 am
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. it is 8:43 we're back with "today's" consumer, now that we have had a few weeks to recover from the holiday shopping season. a lot of folks diving back into deals. there are plenty of holiday sales to dive into nbc's consumer investigative correspondent vicky nguyen knows
8:44 am
what we should be looking out for. hey, vic. >> good morning, craig >> i mean, another national holiday means a lot of folks are going to be at home online shopping what kinds of items do we expect to see on sale today >> it is a day of service, so after you get that done, and you want to reward yourself with some shopping, think new year, new you, craig today is focused on wellness, personal fitness, self-care type deals, so go for it. that's what you're going to find a lot of bargains on because january is the month that people want to center and focus on themselves and get going on those resolutions think fitness trackers, wellness supplements, gym memberships you're not going to see as many deals as you might in years past because the gym industry has been hit so hard by this pandemic but planet finance is offering no sign up fee, $10 a month. no cancellation fee.
8:45 am
the other thing consumer reports says you should look out for is big home exercise equipment. so that elliptical, that treadmill, that stationary bike you have been keeping an eye out, today's the day. >> it's cold in a large swath of this country, a lot of folks might be looking to get away, any travel deals that you've got your eye on? >> yes, so there is always a travel deal to be had. number one, start with a travel agent. you know, you might think about all of these web sites that make it so easy for us to book our own deals. right now, with things fraught and you want flexibility a travel agent will be knowledgeable. a lot of times they can find deals for you that match what you find online, and they're going to be there for you if plans change and you need to cancel you can go it alone, and check out the travelocity, the price lines of the world know the bundled packages can be tough to unbundle if things go awry and hopper has a feature that allows you to freeze a price you find a deal, you're excited about it, but you want to make sure lindsey can get that time off.
8:46 am
price freeze will hold for a couple of days before you book >> that's actually a nice feature. any specific places, vic, that folks should consider? >> oh, my gosh, craig, the hot spots are going to be miami and cancun according to scott's cheap flights. expect to deal with tourist crowds and tourist prices. there are few round trips that are under $200 that i want to tell you about cheap flights is calling them silly affordable think central america if you are looking for sunshine so that's costa rica, guatemala, panama, under $200 round trip from both coasts as well as texas. another popular get away right now, puerto rico especially from cities in the east coast, like boston, and raleigh. you're going to get an under $200 round trip right now. >> besides becoming friends with vicky nguyen, what are a few other good ways to find the best deals out there? >> okay.
8:47 am
so the number one way that you're going to get a heads up about any sort of promotion or deal is to become a part of a retailer's loyalty club or sign up for their e-mails that's simple, you go to the web site everybody is offering that if you don't want to clog up your inbox with a bunch of spam, a pro tip is to keep a list of your favorite retailers, somewhere on your phone, maybe you e-mail it to yourself, and when you have a holiday sale weekend like this, just go to that list and say, you know what, the kids could use new clothes or maybe we need some new sheets, you can go directly to the web site and check and see what the promotions are, and the final tip is check social media. everybody has an instagram account and most retailers are advertising their deals on social media >> your tips are fantastic thank you, my friend thank you, thank you when we come back, we're going to cook up a southern classic with recipes for smothered steak and creamy grits. my parents can always check my glucose levels grits. but first, this is "today" on
8:48 am
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we are back with a special "today" food in our dr. martin luther king jr. day. >> new york city and harlem in particular played a very significant role in dr. king's life and leg sip this morning, we are cooking with an award winning chef who opened his first restaurant right here in new york. >> that's right. j.j. johnson created field trip in 2019 to be a community driven restaurant that celebrates culture through the shared experience of rice. >> he's with us now from his kitchen in harlem. j.j. good morning to you, so great to have you this morning. >> good morning, everybody, how are you? >> we're doing great really quickly, before we get into what you're cooking, talk about how special harlem is to you, and the significance between harlem and dr. king himself. >> harlem to me is truly special. i opened my first restaurant there. people walk through the doors every day. when you think about a community that supports each other, it's harlem and that comes from the time of
8:51 am
dr. martin luther king, malcolm x, adam clay, and powell jr. everybody that came through harlem really paved the way for the future, and that's what i'm trying to do with field trip is open those doors, welcome to everybody and build, you know, community by community, or rice grain by rice grain as i call it. >> j.j., i understand that what we're making this morning is sort of a nod to what dr. king might have on some of his journeys back in the '50s and '60s, what are we doing. >> i'm doing smothered steak, i just came out a food publication called the cookout and what we did is we followed everywhere martin luther king went, and what's the best way to follow him is through food that's how you can learn about somebody in community. smothered steak and grits is something he would love to eat this is my take on it. you want to find a beautiful sirloin, put that in a freezer bag and pound it you can pound it with your cast
8:52 am
iron pan or just your hand and then you take it out of the freezer bag and you're going to dredge it in some flour, garlic powder, smoked chili, mix that around, and throw your steak right in there. the reason you do this, you want to get the nice crust on your steak, basically like frying the steak. we're going to throw this in our cast iron pan, turn it up and let that go. >> you need that sirloin, you got to pound it out. it's got to be hard. you can't do that with every cut of steak. >> you can't do that with every cut of steak you're tenderizing, it pounding, you're getting all of that flavor in there, and you want to get a nice cut of meat i got a little bit of grass fed beef, i treated myself to that i sliced some onions here, i have my shallots and my garlic mix. i have some beautiful cremini mushrooms, and what you want to
8:53 am
do is get it nice and golden brown. that's going to take time, four to five minutes. of course i'm at home, in harlem, had to cheat a little bit. i cooked my steak here >> smells delicious. >> look at that, nicely golden brown. >> so now what >> so listen, it's a one pot dish you're going to flip this over and get that going you'll throw in all of your ingredients, don't do it like this, but you'll throw it all in right here, get this beautiful gravy going. >> once you finish, that's when it gets going. >> it's going to go, saute it down and you're going to get beautiful gravy. >> i hear there's red wine in that gravy. >> throw in your steak, let that simmer, now in the sauce, there's also red wine, there's some cream, there's some beef stock. now, we all know craig doesn't care for wine that much, he likes bourbon, so you can throw in some bourbon, get that flavor, which would be really beautiful. >> you know me well. >> and if i was able to eat with dr. king, i'm a big lover of grits.
8:54 am
>> yes. >> and look at these grits here. i did some beautiful cheesy grits. >> yes >> i have been cooking them all morning since 5:00 in the morning, we have been cooking these grits in my house. my kids helped me set up the set and everything, they were so exited, they came here and set my set up. >> j.j., we just popped up at the bottom of the screen, "today" time saver, use instant grits. >> no, no, come on you could use instant grits but come on now, craig. >> i want to correct that. >> no instant grits, absolutely not. >> nice beautiful stone cut grits, you want to let them cook low and slow that's what it's about that's where all the flavor is nobody cooking for dr. king had instant grits. they were back there, they were excited. >> we have about one minute left, how do we finish it off here >> lay this out. all that cheese, i put some cheese in there, you'll lay that out. you'll grab the steak. my spoon dropped grab the steak, put it here. >> that's so good.
8:55 am
>> oh, my. >> look at that. >> i'm ready >> come on, everybody. >> we've got mouths watering in here >> come by field trip. >> we got to go. >> thank you so much his food is fantastic, by the way. >> thank you, everybody. >> and for the recipes, if you want it for yourself, head to >> and again, a formal apology officially from nbc, no instant grits. we are back for the third and fourth hours of "today," by the way, coming up, you're going to meet a rapper whose lyrics are both entertaining and educating fans, but first, your local news fans, but rst, your local fi
8:56 am
good morning, everyone, it's 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. some kaiser workers in the east bay are returning the mlk day holiday into a day of action. organizers say hundreds are planning a one-day strike after they say kaiser went back on its word by initially giving mental
8:57 am
health workers the day off then taking it back. kaiser permanente released a statement acknowledging that miscommunication. the provider says next year the holiday will be a scheduled paid day off across the organization. workers plan to address other concerns as part of today's action as well. happening now our sierra johnson talking with workers, she will have a live report on our midday newscast. there's more on our twitter feed as well. a southern california couple has been reunited with their cat who was stolen from their car during a smash and grab in san francisco.
8:58 am
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. this morning, on the "3rd hour of today" packing a punch. a winter storm reaching havoc for tens of millions, bringing snow, ice, rain, and wind. we're live with a look at the messy traditions. and later, there's a message mixed into every song. >> black women in history, got to say it loud so it's not a mystery. >> meet the rapper who's dropping lyrics and knowledge in our latest dad's got this. and funny man ed helms and randall park live. they're teaming up for a new show that brings the true stories of every day folks to life with some help f


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