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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now at 5:00, the mad dash to find at home testing kits is ramping up, continuing to ramp up. the steps you can take this morning to try to find one, and we'll show you how to make sure your insurance pays for it. >> and headed back to court, the party mom accused of putting young teens at risk faces a judge. also, the reason she could potentially be released from jail. plus sfwr where do you stand? whose side are you on? >> a senate showdown over voting rights takes center stage on capitol hill today. in a live report, we'll show you the reasons the bills are almost certain to fail. this is "today in the bay."
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good tuesday morning to you, and thanks for joining us, i'm chris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. you can find us live on roku, amazon, apple tv, and everywhere. >> good morning, we're starting out pretty quiet. this is sort of the weather pattern that we've fallen into since the weekend really. we do have some areas of fog, and right now a lot of the sprinkle activity on our radar is down through central california, monterey area. it's going to be mild and humid there. a lot of those sprinkles we saw yesterday didn't even make it to the ground. it wasn't any real measurable rain. today we're going to continue to see a mix of sun and clouds, daytime highs will be a little warmer than this. it's still chilly to start. concord 41, oakland 43. san jose 44 as you head out the door. we have dense fog through parts of the north bay, now less than a quarter of a mile through novato. a quarter of a mile through santa rosa and napa as well.
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i am starting to notice some fog through san jose in the south bay, so just be careful out there on your morning drive. i'll send it back to you. a live look at capitol hill where in just a few hours we expect passionate calls for national voter rights reform as the senate begins debate on two contentious bills. >> brie jackson joins us live from washington. this could end up being a futile effort at the end of the day. >> reporter: good morning, chris, scott, democrats are expecting an uphill battle today, the senate begins debate on two bills, the john lewis voting rights advancement act and the freedom to vote act. now, unless something changes, debate could be as far as these pieces of legislation go. democrats bracing for an uphill battle on capitol hill today. at the center of the fight, voting rights legislation. >> where do you stand? whose side are you on? >> reporter: debate begins today over two voting rights bills,
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the legislation could make election day a federal holiday and broaden access to the ballot box. democrats argue it's an effort to counter dozens of state laws after the 2020 election which they say limit access to the ballots and discriminate against minorities. >> it's no longer just about who gets to vote. it's about who gets to count the vote and whether your votes count at all. >> republicans stand against the legislation. >> this is not about a fair election. this is about gaming the system and putting your thumb on the scale for democrats to try to keep control of the congress. >> reporter: the debate comes on the heels of nationwide rallies commemoraing the life and legacy of martin luther king. >> we will be free someday. we will get voting rights. >> reporter: supporters drawing on the civil rights leader's legacy to ramp up the pressure on congress to act. >> if you do not, there's no bridge in this nation that can
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hold the weight of that failure. >> reporter: democratic leaders will hold a vote this week on changing historic senate rules that would allow democrats to pass the voting bills without any republican support. >> reporter: and the debate over voting rights legislation will likely stretch into wednesday before moving forward for a final vote. scott. >> you're talking about democrats wanting to change the voting rules, but they need all the democrats to agree with them, and it doesn't sound like they've got that agreement. >> reporter: scott, they do not have that agreement at all, and we've heard this before, but moderate democrats senator joe manchin and kyrsten sinema say they don't agree with the path forward that democrats are planning to take. they agree with the voting rights bills, but they do not want to change the senate rules, the filibuster to make that happen. >> which makes it sound as if they will absolutely fail in the
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end. we would like to officially welcome you to the "today in the bay" team, you'll be our new daily washington, d.c., correspondent, and we look forward to working with you and asking you lots of questions. >> well, i look forward to bringing you all the hard hitting washington, d.c., news to you guys. so thanks for having me. >> looking forward to it. thank you, brie. so a follow-up now, police in walnut creek are investigating robberies at two separate pharmacies. last night thieves targeted two cvs stores, one in ross more. police say they wore masks and hoodies and stole prescription drugs from the store in bancroft. in one case they did rough up a pharmacy worker. no arrests have been made. it's 5:05. happening today, the south bay mother accused of throwing out of control parties for young teens will be back in court. this hearing deals with potential bail for former los gatos resident shannon o'connor. in october a judge denied her bail after prosecutors labeled
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her a flight risk. her attorneys argue there's no justification to keep withholding that right to bail. o'connor faces dozens of counts tied to parties where investigators say she provided children large amounts of alcohol and encouraged sex acts. since o'connor was charged last year, we found out more about what was going on during those parties and we've heard from parents angry that action wasn't taken sooner after they reported their concerns to authorities. find all our coverage on our website, also happening today, walnut creek leaders will begin debate new buffer zones around its planned parenthood offices. of calls at planned parenthood location on oakland boulevard. they did make four arrests over that time. this is video of those protests. complaints have included verbal and physical harassment, intimidation, and blocking sidewalks. other bay area cities including san francisco and oakland already allow for buffer zones.
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walnut creek's first debate last fall was postponed because of technical issues. finding covid tests are still a challenge across most of the bay area, ordering online relatively easy, do make sure to save your receipts either way. new rules now require insurance companies to cover costs of rapid home tests. if you don't have information insurance tomorrows the federal government launched a website for free tests sent to your home. chris chmura has a step by step guide on how to get reimbursed for your tests by your insurance company. if you still have questions about covid, we are here to help. janelle wang sat down with the state epidemiologist erica pong. she will be among the many experts participating in a phone bank tonight with nbc bay area. they have questions about a variety of topics including how the vaccines impact children.
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>> people we know, people have questions and that's absolutely understandable. we of course want to get our kids protected. i'm a parent and a pediatric infectious disease. i'm confident these vaccines are safe for my children and patients. >> this is the number to call on your screen here, 833-422-4255. phone lines open up at 5:00 tonight. we also have this phone number on our website, i'll put it up on facebook, instagram, and twitter for you too. all right, take a look at this moon shot this morning. beautiful look because it is nice and clear, and that moon, vianey, is it full full or almost full? >> it's full full. if you want the scientific, i got a look into that one. it is really nice outside. >> just crossed over. >> exactly. you know, there is a fog,
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though, up through the north bay. if you live in the north bay, you might not get such a beautiful shot of the moon just yet until it clears out. forecasted highs for today, 62 degrees in san jose, milpitas 63, cupertino 62, down through morgan hills, 62 degrees. your daytime highs are going to be really comfortabl we haven't had a real drop in temperatures for quite some time. we're settling into this trend with high pressure that's been keeping us in these upper 50s, low to mid-60s. oakland 50 degrees. san mateo 56, if you're going to be heading into the city, up through napa, upper 50s, low 60s. mike, how are the roads. the roads are great. you are talking about fog santa rosa, napa showing more fog as well. that's a highlighted yellow part through novato. highway 37 may be affected. no problems for the early drive. on the right side, eastbound highway 4 getting over from
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pittsburgh into antioch, there may be a new crash but no slowing shows up. that crash in danville just a little bit farther down. circled there, but no updates. no lanes reported blocked no and no injuries to any humans in the area. looking to smooth the rest of the drive. no problem for the travel times and you're back on regular service for these transit agencies that had special service yesterday. back to you. >> thank you, mike. this morning a dire warning from our nation's airline. next on "today in the bay," the catastrophic disruptions they say tomorrow's new 5g service could create. >> apple looking to expand its digital car key feature. the new car model is set to include by this summer sfwr if you want to snag a camp site at yosemite national park, you'll have to buy a lottery ticket first. we have full details on the park's brand new lottery system. head to so you can prepare for your trip. we'll be right back.
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and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. . good tuesday morning. it is 5:13. we're starting out with this beautiful view with our emeryville camera. not a lot of fog through this part, but if you are in the north bay, you are seeing less than a quarter mile in visibility. i'll have a closer look at how your daytime highs are going to be shaping out for today and the rest of the week coming up. >> you took the bay bridge, that's clear obviously from that
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picture, we're looking at the san mateo bridge. a little farther to the south we should see more volume of traffic yesterday. we'll see more activity here, and we'll check the activity for business. let's check in with silvana. good morning, wall street is set to open lower this morning as the yield on the ten-year treasury bond jumps to a two-year high. more aggressive action by the federal reserve to fight inflation. the market is pricing in higher odds the fed will hike interest rates. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all down for the year. tech has been hit especially hard with the sector falling more than 4%. in focus toda earnings from goldman sachs. the ceo of u.s. airlines are warning of a catastrophic
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crisis. they sent a letter to the white house, faa, fcc and department of transportation. they say a new 5g wireless service set to be launched by at&t and horizon could make a significant number of wide body jets unusual causing chaos for flights. the faa has warned potential interference could affect sensitive instruments. at&t and verizon said they launched this new service in several other countries with no issues. apple's digital car key may be expanding. hyundai and its upscale genesis brand will support apple car keys by this summer. some hyundai cars include technology to support a digital key. you bring your phone or apple watch to the door handle to unlock it and place your phone in a given area to start the car. >> that sounds pretty cool. thanks. toyota also in the news this morning, they are cutting production starting next month by about 150,000 vehicles.
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the company is citing the global semiconductor chip shortage as the reason for those cuts. the world's biggest automaker says it will still build 700,000 cars worldwide next month, which is more than last year, but less than initially planned. and trending this morning, we all know that mothers are superheroes, if i do say so myself, but one from virginia is giving the flash a run for his money. >> distance runner keira demato set a new record during the women's marathon in houston over the weekend, 2:19.12 smashing the previous mark by 24 seconds. it's this moment at the finish line embracing her two children capturing the hearts of so many. you can see her first live interview on the "today" show this morning at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." she'll probably show up early. >> think about it, like, she ran a marathon in the amount of time it takes us to do "today in the
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bay." that is just wild. >> it's amazing. i think we'll stick to what we do. >> i do it but i'd have to read the stories. you have to do the weather. >> exactly. got to do it right here. got to stick to my green screen, all of this good stuff. or else how am i going to point at things if i'm running. >> exactly. >> 41 degrees right now in walnut creek. it is clear in walnut creek, but it's not clear everywhere. we are seeing satellite and radar right now. we've still got a little bit of activity through central california, some sprinkles because of a cutoff low that was in southern california. a lot of those sprinkles not making it to the ground. you might not even notice it. a lot of that rain yesterday, if you can even call it rain because it wasn't measurable was mainly off the coast. right now current temperatures as you head out the door in the 40s and the 50s for san jose, 44 degrees, 44 degrees in hayward. i said 44 degrees and i didn't tell you where, san jose, 43 in oakland, 50 degrees in san francisco. fog and visibility, though, dense fog up through novato,
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napa, santa rosa, look at this. less than a quarter of a mile in through novato. a quarter of a mile in through napa, and i am starting to notice some fog start to move into parts of the south bay in san jose now down t miles of visibility. so you're definitely going to notice that. by the afternoon, we're going to get some sunshine, temperatures are going to be in the upper 50s, low to mid-60s for the most part. we haven't seen a huge change in the weather the past couple of days, thanks to high pressure that's continuing to rebuild over the area. 59 degrees in napa. 57 for san francisco, 58 in oakland. 62 in san jose, and through concord, 60 degrees. now, your air quality outlook, it is going to be moderate. really all the way from the north bay down to santa clara valley. so you should be okay when it comes to the air quality and spending time outdoors. no worries about the rain, at least not for the next several days. if i take this all the way through monday, january 24th, that dry pattern continues, but we are going to see the wind start to pick up, mainly for the
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higher terrain areas, the mountains in the north bay, the east bay hills as the high pressure rebuilds heading in towards the later part of the week. let's take a look at your seven-day forecast for san francisco. upper 50s, low 60s for the remainder of the week, even leading into next weekend. take a look at your inland temperatures. on friday and saturday is when we really start to notice the wind pick up. really friday into early saturday morning we're talking possible gusts, 20, 40 plus miles per hour, especially for some of those higher elevation areas into early saturday morning. we will monitor that very closely. we're going to have very lovely weather ahead. let's get a check of traffic with mike. >> lovely weather. over here we're looking to see the roadways, lovely drive for most of your bay. we're looking at a pleasant commute. vianey called out the fog in the north bay. that's where that yellow is along highway 37 out of novato and over possibly to napa. the visibility's coming down just a bit. the drivers are doing fine.
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no slowing through contra costa county, the early drive leaving that county towards alameda county, we're at speed, still about 18 minutes from byron toward 580. on the right you see slowing as 580, 205 merge and then it smooths out out of the altamont pass. we should see more traffic than yesterday. we take a live look outside and see our san jose camera, 280 coming toward us at 17, no major problems, and a nice flow of traffic on those live cams. throughout the south bay we expect to see some slowing for 101. perhaps we'll check on that, should be developing in the next few minutes. that will give us an idea for silicon valley. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> the pandemic canceled her flight, so does that mean she loses the miles if she paid for if? no, but some of them are
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missing. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds. >> as we head to break, do you recognize this gal? this is a throw back photo vianey arana posted on instagram. she wrote my aspiring reporter days back in 2012, and her dreams came true, and aren't we all so lucky? 22-year-old vianey. >> i love this. you can keep up with vianey giving her a follow on instagram, twitter, and on facebook. we're watching "today in the bay."
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. welcome back. one of the owners of the warriors basketball team said on a podcast that, quote, no one cares about ongoing human rights abuses against the uyghurs in china, including him. he went on to say the plight of the uyghurs were, quote, below his line of the things he has time to be concerned about. the warriors have since responded saying in part the statements do not reflect those of the organization. now, the co-owner then posted more on twitter saying he lacked empathy by saying what he did, but then seemed to compare china's human rights abuses with actions in the united states saying, quote, as a refugee, my family fled a country with its own set of human rights issues, so this is something that is very much a part of my lived experience. to be clear, my belief is that human rights matter, whether in china, the united states, and
5:25 am
elsewhere full stop. calling consumer investigator chris chmura and his team was the ticket. >> good morning, barbara said she bought a trip to turkey 190,000 united miles. when the trip was canceled because of the pandemic, barbara says united refunded just 82,000 miles leaving 108,000 miles missing, unaccounted for. that's enough to fly free in united's new live business class suite from sfo to europe, a ticket worth a couple of grand easy. barbara wasn't going to let those 108,000 miles go. she said she called and wrote and didn't get anywhere so she contacted us. we emailed united and asked why it didn't refund all of barbara's miles when the trip was canceled. it said this was caused by a minor i.t. error. we corrected the error and redeposited the miles.
5:26 am
barbara confirmed she got her 108,000 miles back so she can enjoy luxury in the air when she wants. when airlines don't deliver or don't respond, you can make a federal case out of it and complain to the federal government. the airlines are required to respond to a federal complaint. how do you do it? we recently made a how-to video with each step. you can watch that episode and all of our other how-to videos on our website, or youtube page. look for the how-to play list. happening today, los gatos leaders will fine tune a new long-term park lets plan, the outdoor seating that we seem to really like during the pandemic. many restaurants rushed to set up those temporary parklets to provide outdoor dining. since then nearly $700,000 have been dedicated to fund a semipermanent program. leaders will hammer out the details to allow construction to begin. next top stories we're following today including the problems for the nation of tonga.
5:27 am
days after a powerful volcanic eruption, relief efforts so far are stalled. we'll tell you what's causing the holdup, and the bay area effort now on standby. plus -- >> and students in the east bay plan to protest covid protocols and another district returning from remote learning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, california's covid crisis passes
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another milestone, the nation's highest case count and deaths. all of that front and center for some bay area students. they're going to take a stand today, and we'll tell you what they're calling for. plus -- >> some people got 26 micrograms, but it's still pretty high of a dose. >> a dosage mix-up. one bay area health care provider says it gave the wrong dose of covid vaccine to thousands of people. the do-over they're offering. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting to your tv, but also you can watch us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online all live, too. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus and laura are off. let's get a start with look at the forecast. vianey arana in for kari this morning. >> it's 44 degrees in san jose really nice start to our morning. no fog in through a lot of the bay area, some parts still
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seeing it. i'm starting to see some fog roll into the south bay. i want to show you our current temperatures. we've got a couple of spots in the 30s right now. look at fairfield, 37 degrees, santa rosa a cold 34, novato 37, and then we've got some 40s down through san jose, 44 degrees, fremont 42. fog and visibility really limited, especially for santa rosa, novato and napa. some parts of the south bay are starting to see some fog. i'll have a closer look at how the afternoon is going to shape up coming up in my full forecast. >> thank you, vianey. let's begin with the omicron surge as new infections continue to drive the numbers up in california. the golden state now has officially surpassed 7 million confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic. that's the first state to cross that threshold. more than 217,000 new infections were added yesterday, some likely backlogged from the weekend. more than 78,000 people have
5:32 am
died in california since the start of the pandemic. now, amidst that backdrop, students in the east bay plan to take a stand today calling for more protection. as a result, they might not make it to class. >> on "today in the bay," cierra johnson is live. this is a boycott petition signed by hundreds of students. they plan to take that action. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning. they're estimating 1,200 students signed this petition demanding better covid protocols. this of course we're talking about the students in the oakland unified school district. that petition began a couple of weeks ago. it was started by a couple of students at met high school in downtown oakland, that's since by signed by high schoolers across the district. the students are requesting online instruction. they're also asking for pcr and rapid testing twice a week as well as kn95 and n95 masks for all students.
5:33 am
leaders say they are aware of the demands and have issued a statement which reads in part we are already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in the petition, and we will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. we thank our students for staying in front of these issues and bringing their concerns to district leadership. nbc bay area has also learned staff members at three oakland elementary schools will be participating this a sickout in solidarity with those students. over in hayward students are wrapping up their remote learning, and they're heading back into the classroom today. students in the district spent about a week online to avoid spreading covid and because of a staffing as well as testing shortages. back in oakland, the district says -- excuse me, in hayward, they are providing enough kn95 masks for all of the staff and
5:34 am
providing surgical masks for the students. a lot of folks concerned with covid as well as that omicron surge. we're live, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> the district and parents make the statement that a lot of times kids are safer at school because they are masking there. they're not out and about with their friends. we'll see what happens there. happening today after starting their winter quarter online, stanford students are headed back to the classroom. because of the covid surge, stanford told students to attend class virtually for the first two weeks of the quarter. students will return in phases with everyone expected to return by the 24th of january. listen to this, kaiser is informing some 4,000 vaccine recipients about a dosing mix-up at its walnut creek facility. anyone who got a pfizer dose between the end of october and the first week of december may have gotten the wrong dose, and in this case, it might have been up to four micrograms below the recommended dose of 30
5:35 am
micrograms. kaiser says the difference was likely not significant and people are still protected against covid-19. one ucsf infectious disease expert weighs in. >> some people got 26 micrograms, but it's still pretty high of a dose. it wasn't so low that they got like ten micrograms. they're right that it's probably going to still create the same immune response. >> kaiser says in a statement as a trusted health care provider we are committed to informing patients of circumstances that could affect them, even if any potential impact is not considered significant as in this matter. it adds that the mix-up was an isolated incident due to a training issue. anyone affected can request another shot. and do you need to get tested for covid? we have you covered. find a link in our trending bar, covid testing locations. in that location, you can find a testing site in your community. 5:35 on your tuesday morning, mourners plan to gather
5:36 am
in san francisco tonight for a woman killed in a random attack in new york city. 40-year-old michelle go died saturday after a man pushed her in front of a subway train at the times square station. the suspect you see there now in custody. investigators so far do not believe this was a hate crime. go was born in the bay area, agree up in fremont before moving to the east coast for a career in finance, and long-time friends are heartbroken. >> i had friends who went to high school with her as i was talking to them, we just felt compelled we need to do something to honor her memory. it feels random but as a member of the community you realize that it keeps happening over and over and over again. >> speakers at tonight's portsmouth square gathering will include friends and local leaders. go's family gave us a statement saying she was, quote, a beautiful, brilliant, kind, intelligent woman who loved her family and friends, loved to travel the world and help others. early voting starts today in the measure to recall three san
5:37 am
francisco school board members. opponents fault gabriella lopez, faaulga moliga, they cite misguided priorities including a botched school renaming effort and delays in bringing students back to the classroom. opponents point out all three are people of color and they called the recall effort a power grab. election day is february 15th. things not getting easier for tonga. now volcanic ash from the eruption is delaying aid to the nation. new zealand's military currently trying to send much needed supplies. they can't make the trip because of the heavy ash on the airport runways. unicef pacific also says they're ready to send emergency supplies like water and hygiene ki preparing to help the people as well. oakland's sf enterprises sends freight almost exclusively to tonga. the company is hoping to cooperate soon with official relief agencies in that country, but due to extremely limited
5:38 am
communication, that has been difficult. others concerned about tonga are setting up a go fund me site. all right, it is 5:37 now, and this is our live look out our window over san jose. we see some clouds there in the distance, but it is mostly clear, and if it's a repeat of yesterday, vianey, we'll take it. >> you're going to get similar conditions for sure. not just today but over the next several days. i want to give you a look at your daytime highs, of course, los gatos 61 degrees. morgan hill 62 degrees and down through gilroy in those mid-60s. if you're heading in through parts of the east bay, upper 60s. pleasanton 60 degrees. around the peninsula, upper 50s for areas like redwood city, san mateo and in through the city. not very windy for some of the higher elevation areas like the north bay mountains and east bay hills. we could start seeing some wind pick up later into this week as well as tomorrow.
5:39 am
santa rosa 58 degrees. it is going to be quite a pleasant day. first let's see how the roads are doing with mike. >> vianey, looking really good right now. you talked about fog in the north bay. that's what we show on the map. the upper portion on the left side, novato, highway 37, moving towards novato where vianey shows those numbers changing for visibility. let's check the bay bridge toll plaza. we do see more cars here. that volume of traffic, at least a little heavier than we've seen and another sign here, again, as we look at the map, i was talking about the fog in the north bay. it's my fault i stacked it that way. there was a little pit of slowing just below the speed limit. the circling of that area may be dramatic action for minor activity. it shows a little more volume than we've had the last few weeks over there. we see a little slowing for 84 coming through livermore. i've circled the area for san jose where we expect to see slowing perhaps in the next few minutes. so far very light through the south bay. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's 5:39. happening today, opponents of the new a stadium plan will
5:40 am
present new arguments on why it would be best to keep the team in its current coliseum location. some argue the new location near jack london square would undermine port operations. they also oppose the cost to taxpayers. they'll present their findings later today. tomorrow oakland planners will meet to look at a new environmental impact report. council members could sign off on that as soon as next month. this bay area olympian shows no signs of stopping, and next on "today in the bay," we'll introduce you to the central coast skier who never let a single injury keep her out of the game, and let me tell you, she's had a lot of them. we'll show you how she's gearing up. a skyscraper sized asteroid set to pass earth today. ahead what stargazers will have to do to see it. the amazing thing experts say if you look real close. >> here's a question, can you get omicron twice? right now on our digital
5:41 am
correspondent, abby fernandez talks to a bay area infectious disease expert about whether or not this is likely to happen. you can watch the full episode on instagram and tiktok. our handle is nbc bay area. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get
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good morning, it is 5:43. you might need a light jacket or sweater right now. it's about 44 green in san jose. 30s up to the north bay. eventually you won't really need it. it's going to be mild by
5:44 am
10:00 a.m., 51 degrees. i'm going to take you through your seven-day forecast, your air quality, and how are your allergens doing coming up in just a few minutes. i'm also looking at san jose, the blips right here on the speed sensors. they do show a little bit of slowing. the live camera in that same area shows a few more sets of headlights. that's what we're talking about, perhaps more traffic and slowing for the south bay than we saw yesterday. we'll give you a bigger look coming up. after the death of a student in a stanford fraternity house, his family is talking about it with nbc bay area. he died of an accidental fentanyl overdose in 2020. the family is now suing stanford, the fraternity nd six others. they cross-claim the boy had a near overdose two days prior and that his dorm, his fraternity and others should have intervened to make sure something was done and drugs were not accessible.
5:45 am
his father believes there's plenty of blame. >> for two years we've been begging, pleading with the university to hold the institutions and the individuals who had any role, any part in his death to hold them accountable. for two years, for two years we got nothing. >> the delta fi fraternity has been disbanded. the school issued a response saying we were saddened to receive news of this lawsuit as our community continues to mourn eitan's tragic death. we have great sympathy for his family and those affected by it. we do not agree with many of the allegations in the complaint, and we will defend the yufrpt university against this lawsuit. a massive asteroid headed in the general direction of earth. while it is going to be very close by cosmic standards, there's no danger of impact. asteroid 7482 is about the size
5:46 am
of three sales force towers end to end. because of its size, nasa lists it as potentially hazardous. as it passes, it will be about five times the distance between the earth and the moon and it will be close enough to see if you have a telescope. here's the chief scientific officer for one telescope company. >> moving fast in the sky, you will see with this telescope or any others, the tiny dot that will move in respect to the sky, and if you're lucky you will also see small variational, asteroids are kind of weird shape, and when they see the light change, the brightness change over time. >> astronomers say one upside to this event is to be able to observe the possibility of future mining of the asteroid. asteroids are often packed with
5:47 am
precious metals like nickel, iron and cobalt. we are now just 18 days away from the winter olympics. it's too late for us as we get the countdown to the games, we want you to get to know the people who are ready for the team. >> including a caramel native, brita sigourney. she has a long list of injuries she's overcome in a career of half pipe skiing. >> the main difference is that her list is quite long and she overcame them all. >> we didn't want you to be all alone, so this is my friend to keep me company. he's very tall. >> brita sigourney just needs to go really big. >> half pipe, i'm from caramel, california. >> winding up, here's the set of 20. >> i've done this shoulder, all the ligaments, broke the tip off the collarbone. i don't even have it anymore. this collarbone fractured into a million pieces in france. i also broke my pelvis, my left
5:48 am
fibula, right tibia and fibula. three knee surgeries, broken kneecap, cartilage repair, atl, endoscope. >> when i was young, it was never really a question. i just kind of bounced back from the surgeries no matter how long the recovery was. now it's a little different because my body is a little more beat up, but it was just never a question. i just loved the sport enough to come back to it. >> don't forget our coverage starts february 3rd, the opening ceremony february 4th. you can watch it all right here on nbc bay area and streaming on apple tv and amazon fire. >> i think i need some advil just watching that. my bones ache now. trending this morning, san mateo's tom brady giving something special to a young buccaneer's fan who -- i mean, he's inspired and inspiring others as well. >> you might remember this story. 10-year-old fan noah reed. reed was left speechless in october when brady gave him a
5:49 am
hat from the field after reed held up a sign saying brady helped him to beat brain cancer. that's the sign there. here's how brady followed up recently in a video conference with noah and his family. >> the nfl and the bucs look forward to sending deserving fans to the super bowl each year and fans that have incredible stories like the one you've had. as a thank you, i worked with both the bucs and the nfl to get you and your family super bowl tickets this year in l.a. >> oh, my goodness, look at that. brady then says he hopes to beat the game as well on the field, not in the stands. the the 9ers will have a say on that. a great gesture from a great player. and we are counting down the days until the super bowl. you can watch super bowl lvi right here on nbc bay area. the game is going to happen in los angeles. that is sunday february 13th, and the halftime show is going to be awesome too.
5:50 am
dr. dre, very classic. celebrate l.a. >> perfect. >> songs we might recognize. sometimes we don't recognize them all. >> 5:49 on your tuesday morning, let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> good morning, the weather's so nice. we haven't seen any big changes. it's sort of given us a calm that we can rely on for the next several days to remain pretty consistent. 5:50 right now. it is 41 degrees in walnut creek. look how nice this shot is. it may look clear here. it's also cold and cloudy and foggy in other spot s. santa rosa, 34 degrees right now, novato 37. it's pretty cold up there, and i do want to show you your visibility in santa rosa and novato, down to about a quarter of a mile in visibility in through parts of the napa and novato even less than that, but also san jose, this is about six miles, now we're seeing eight miles. not everyone's seeing that fog
5:51 am
or that cloud cover. that's going to linger a little longer for the coastline. you can see some activity to our south. that's what brought some sprinkle showers light mainly through monterey county. forecasted highs for today will be pretty much afternoon sunshine and then we're going to see temperatures very similar to yesterday. 62 degrees in san jose. oakland 58, martinez 60 degrees, napa 59. san francisco 57. half moon bay 56. i want to show you your air quality outlook. it's going to be moderate from the north bay down to santa clara valley, and your allergens. your allergy forecast, cedar's going to be high and so is mold. with mindful of that. you may want to take some of your medication to go. elder and pine will be moderate and grasses will be low for today. long range outlook, we're going to stay dry. the dry pattern continues really pretty much all the way through the end of january it's looking like right now. we are going to see the wind pick up. we've got high pressure that's going to continue to build over
5:52 am
the bay area. that's what's been keeping us dry and keeping the storms to the north and our storms to the south away from us. seven-day forecast for san francisco. wednesday, thursday, friday, no big changes. so again, it's going to be very consistent for the next several days, not even just in san francisco. however, by friday and saturday there is going to be a change, especially for the mountain areas. we're going to see wind pickup, 20 to 40 miles per hour gusts possible. also into early saturday morning, so if you live near a higher elevation, you're going to want to get prepped for that wind if you have anything that could potentially fly away in your backyard, just to play it safe. sunday and monday our conditions remain similar. sunshine and temps in the 60s. let's get a check of the roads with mike. vianey, first of all, those allergies, that's a good note because scratchy throat is an indicator for a lot of things but may also be allergies. make sure you do your due diligence. due diligence on the roads,
5:53 am
we're seeing some slowing. first slowing for 101 by the arrow, i also did hear about a crash in the middle and your left lanes blocking three lanes, two vehicles involved north 101 and 87. that will cause a backup until they can clear those lanes hopefully very quickly. i'm not hearing about any major problems. a look at this other side here, san martin north, we see slowing from 101. that's a typical spot when that volume is at its normal pace. looks a little lighter, not as many companies in person. slowing for the tri valley. 5:53. happening now, construction at cupertino's old valco shopping mall site now on hold. according to the mercury news, contaminated soil is preventing crews from breaking ground. property owners are now in charge of removing u.s. banned chemicals left behind by several dry cleaners in an old automotive center. the santa clara department of environmental health has to sign
5:54 am
off when that project moves forward. construction is expected to bring 2,400 homes and millions of feet of retail and office space. the volcanic eruption in tonga caused damage thousands of miles away. this may not be over yet. meteorologist vianey arana examines the impact on our climate. plus, caught on camera, we have new video of the moments leading up to the robbery of a french bulldog snatched at gunpoint. we'll show you the action the neighborhood is now taking for themselves in response. plus, calls for voter rights reform on capitol hill today. we'll take you arrive to washington, d.c., and show you the opposition democrats are facing even within their own party. you're watching toed toe. "today in the bay." "today in t"
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5:57 am
welcome back, it is 5:57. you're watching "today in the bay." the eruption of the hunga tonga volcano sent tsunami warnings and advisories across the west coast. the powerful underwater volcano impacted much of the pacific rim. scientists have known that large volcanic eruptions can have immediate and perhaps a year-long impact on climate change. as scientists work to understand this phenomenon, the early data from this weekend's eruption indicated it was too small to
5:58 am
have a telling impact on global climate. according to scientists, volcano are particularly good at impacting the climate change, unlike man made emissions which remain in the atmosphere for days or weeks on end. during a massive eruption the sulfur dioxide gets lofted into the stratosphere high above where most weather happens and can remain for months to years. mount pinatuba resulted in a global temperature decline of 1 degree fahrenheit. for more climate change stories like this one, head to ask select the climate in crisis tab, you can also find my climate hacks that show you how you can make a small impact at home. new video this morning shows the moments before armed robbers stole a french bulldog in castro valley. you can see two women walking their dog tito over the weekend. seconds later, thieves jump out of a stolen suv, point their
5:59 am
guns and demand the women hand over the dog. the robbers also stole one of the victim's purses, went home and stole her car. residents are now starting a neighborhood watch. >> the dog situation with the guns pointed at their heads was the final straw for me. >> due to heightened things going on, we definitely need to get this neighborhood watch started. >> the alameda county sheriff's department is looking for any tips, and tito's family is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to his safe return home. >> right now at 6:00, a senate showdown. >> where do you stand is this whose side are you on? >> voting rights take center stage on capitol hill, a live report from washington on the uphill battle democrats face and the opposition from both sides of the aisle. and will she go free, the
6:00 am
los gatos party mom. the mad dash to find at home covid testing kits, the steps you can take to find one and how you can make sure your insurance pays for it, so you don't have to. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. marcus and laura are off today. if you are on the go we're broadcasting not only to your tv, but you can take us with you on the go on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> let's start with the forecast, meteorologist vianey arana is in for kari. good morning. >> good morning, and you know, we've been so calm at least in the sky when it comes to the weather because of some high pressure that's been keeping real rain to our north and our south. so we did get some activity, though, from an upper level low that cut off from southern california that brought some slight sprinkles mainly to the central coast. a lot of it didn't even make it to the ground. we still


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