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tv   Today  NBC  January 18, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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plaza starting to build finally. there is a backup, metering lights have been on for just about an hour. that is what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with you at 7:25 with more live, local news. >> and of course join us at 11:00 as well. "today" show is next. we'll leave you with that beautiful shot from fremont. >> look at that. >> good morning. dire warning. the nation's airlines sound a new alarm ahead of tomorrow's 5g rollout saying it could create a catastrophic disruption for flights across the nation. >> this is reckless, it's dangerous and it's got to stop. >> this morning, fea that the new technology will ground thousands of flights from coast to coast and grind the nation's economy to a halt amid an urgent plea for the white house to stipulate in. winter's wrath. millions across the east facing another dangerous morning commute in the wake of that
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massive holiday weekend storm. ice-covered roads forcing schools to close, airlines racing to recover from thousands of canceled flights. what you need to know. and the next potential storm already in the forecast. omicron strain, staff shortages and schools and hospitals growing worse across parts of the south. but cases now peaking in the northeast. so, could this be the last major wave of the virus in the u.s.? what the nation's top health officials are saying straight ahead. survivor's story. the hero rabbi held hostage in a texas synagogue leads an emotional vigil overnight. >> very few of us are doing okay right now. we'll get through this. >> what he's now saying about their narrow escape, and surviving the harrowing ordeal.
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those stories plus close encounter. the sky scraper asteroid set to make its fly by earth in a century from today. how you can watch it live. and rams tough. los angeles routs arizona to wrap up the nfl's first super wild card weekend. >> loft one for odell beckham, jr.! >> as the road to the super bowl takes shape, "today," tuesday, january 18, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to "today." we're so happy that you're joining us on a tuesday morning. i'm here in studio 1-a, savannah is working from home. >> get me out of here. >> not for long. not for long. i'm just waiting for my negative test. i feel fine. i think i'm going to be with you tomorrow. let's just get back together. it's going to be a sweet
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reunion. we have a busy tuesday morning, guys. lots to get to. big stories around the world including in paris. this morning we're going to take you inside the restoration of notre dame cathedral nearly three years after that devastating fire tore through the land mark church. just ahead, rare access and exclusive new images. meantime in florida, we've been reporting on the effort to save the manatees struggling to survive because they cannot find food. well, this morning we're sharing a success story. the live release of a rescued manatee back in the wild with kerry sanders. >> and take a look in pittsburgh where black ice is a real problem for drivers as millions across the east recover from that messy winter storm. we're going to have more on that and the next potential storm in just a bit. >> but we're going to start with this. the nationwide rollout of new 5g cell networks. with less than 24 hours to go, the nation's largest airlines are calling on the white house to stop it around airports, warning that the massive flight disruptions may come.
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nbc's tom costello has been on this story for months now. tom, good morning. they're used to very dramatic language this that letter, didn't they? >> reporter: they did. air and cargo c.e.o.s are warning of economic calamity and disruptions if the 5g rollout goes across the nation's airports. the entire aviation industry is concerned touch-tone disrupt critical cockpit systems. united airlines is warning this morning it could affect a quarter million passengers, tons of flights and cargo. the cell phone companies insist all of the research says 5g is safe. it is all set to go live at midnight. >> testing. 40, 30. >> reporter: it's the critical technology pilots rely on for precise altitude readings when landing in poor visibility. the radio ultemeter.
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pilots, air bus, boeing all warn the new 5g cell systems to interfere with the altimeter when the systems need it most. the airline c.e.o.s have written this letter asking that the 5g sites within 2 miles of airports remain turned off for now, warning that immediate intervention is needed to avoid significant operational disruption to air passengers, shippers, supply chain, and delivery of needed medical supplies. >> the faa is uncomfortable with the safety risk. and as a consequence, the impact on our operations to mitigate that would be a significant setback. >> reporter: concern about potential interference, the faa has already issued a notice to pilots. as 5g goes live wednesday, the faa will prohibit pilots from using altimeters during landing at 80 airports near 5g sites including hubs in dallas, new york, chicago and seattle. if those airports experience bad
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weather, the c.e.o.s warn the vast majority of the traveling and shipping public will essentially be grounded, facing cancellations, diversions or delays. >> this is reckless, it's dangerous and it's got to stop. take a pause. this is about a cell phone signal and we're focused on protecting lives. >> reporter: but the cell phone industry insists there is no 5g risk to planes, recently telling nbc news, 5g networks operate safely without interference in nearly 40 countries around the world, and it will be no different here. transportation secretary pete buttigieg. >> look, the wireless carriers are impatient to deploy technology that stands to make a big impact, positive impact on our economy. but on the aviation side, we've also got to make sure that it's safe. >> tom, i'm picturing people well their bags packed heading to the airport in the next couple days. how many flights could be delayed or canceled if this thing rolls out tomorrow? >> reporter: well, you heard the united warning. airlines in general say they could be forced to ground large numbers of planes because
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they're not yet certified to operate around 5g sites, and government aviation sources say as the system goes live tomorrow, we could see mass cancellations at airports where weather moves in, potentially already thousands of flights on the west coast tomorrow. some airlines already staffing command centers to address urgenting pilot issues. the faa released a statement saying they continue to work with the aviation industry and wireless company to try to limit 5g related flight delays and cancellations. clearly, hoda, the pressure right now is on the white house and the faa and the fcc to address this immediately today. >> indeed. all right, tom costello for us. tom, thank you. well, still on the topic of travel disruptions, the year's first massive snowstorm did just that and it's still causing problems up and down the east coast. the storm moved quickly across the country. it brought treacherous conditions to 30 states. we're going to get the forecast in just a moment. but first nbc's emily joins us
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from pittsburgh, hard hit there. hi, emily. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. schools in buffalo and here in pittsburgh have been closed for the day, and you can see why. some roads still slick with ice and snow. cities up and down the coast recovering this morning after the year's first major winter wallop. experts warn it won't be the this morning, more fallout after a massive winter storm pummelled the majority of the country. shovels and snow plows put to work. as many head back to work. but the roadways proving difficult even for emergency crews to handle. >> this is a major recovery. when you've got trucks hanging over the highway. >> reporter: driving conditions up and down the coast treacherous. crashes and spin outs piling up on roadways. in north carolina the storm taking a deadly turn. two killed after a car veered off the interstate. and injuries in virginia where
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state patrol responded to 1,000 crashes and disabled cars on sunday alone. more mayhem anticipated today after temperatures plummeted overnight. officials are again warning of icy roads. the holiday weekend a travel headache. at the airport in buffalo, a record breaking 16 inches, almost doubling the previous record. across the country monday, more than 5,000 flights were canceled or delayed. >> it has been crazy, really bad. >> reporter: as millions are still digging out, after snow, freezing rain, and high-powered winds caused chaos from florida to new england. dangerous wind gusts ripping off the roof of a nursing home in maine. fueling monstrous waves in massachusetts, and causing coastal flooding in connecticut. while 13 states logged double-digit snowfall totals. the winter weather beat down dumping 22 inches in ohio, new
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york and pennsylvania where snow is blamed for collapsing a college dorm's roof. the cold weather wallop hanging on, looking to be what is a long winter. this morning we are seeing some relief from the wind and snow, but for some areas that won't last long. forecasters warn weather could be returning to the east coast. talk about a one-two punch. >> emily, thank you very much. >> we'll get more on that storm and the potential one and bring in nbc's bill karins. you have a lot to cover. >> more like the one, two, three, four punch. it left a lot of rain behind, puddles, slushy conditions overnight. that's all frozen. the snow is ice bricks. all those puddles are now just black ice. the temperatures have dipped 27 in pittsburgh. 30 in new york. 20 in boston. there are thousands of school delays out there, even cancellations because of black ice.
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untreated surfaces are very dangerous. now let's talk about the next storm. the last storm was really well forecast. everyone got exactly what we thought was going to happen. this next event is going to be mostly east coast impacts. possibly into the carolinas. our u.s. model brings it offshore. nothing from d.c. north wards, but our european computer model, big disagreement. brings heavy know up the i-95 corridor friday night into saturday. so we still have three days to figure this out. if you're in the carolinas, make your plans now for a treacherous friday. back to you, savannah. >> bill, thank you. we turn to hopeful news in the pandemic even as hospitals and schools are grappling with staffing issues triggered by the omicron surge. experts are asking if this could be the last major wave of the pandemic. but we've heard that before. international correspondent gabe gutierrez joins us with the headlines. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. school districts are asking parents to serve as substitute teachers as omicron hits staffing levels hard. but there is new hope that this omicron surge could be on its
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way out. the omicron surge is proving hard to predict, with covid cases peaking along the east coast, but rising elsewhere in the country. >> i think what happened that no one could have, could have predicted was how quickly the omicron variant spreads. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci says it's too early to tell whether omicron will mark the final wave of the pandemic. >> it is an open question as to whether or not omicron is going to be the live virus vaccination that everyone is hoping for. >> reporter: some places like new jersey, rhode island and connecticut are plateauing. in new york, there's been a drop of nearly 47% in covid cases from earlier this month. but other parts of the country are getting slammed. in north kansas city, missouri, 300 teachers out on friday due to covid. >> we're having a pretty difficult time in covering all of our classes. >> reporter: meanwhile, public schools in neighboring kansas city, kansas, are cancelling
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classes today and tomorrow due to staffing shortages. one online tracker estimates nearly 6200 u.s. schools were actively disrupted last week. many hospitals are struggling, too. this medical facility in virginia is using its parking garage as a field hospital. last week we visited upmc children's hospital of pittsburgh and they've never been busier, seeing the number of children hospitalized double. >> it's important to remember that every year the wintertime is a big peak for children to be hospitalized with respiratory illness. a real difference this year is that we're not seeing those other viruses. >> reporter: tomorrow americans can go online to a new government website, covid and order up to four covid tests per household. it's the biden administration's latest effort to solve the testing shortage in the midst of the surge that some hope could signal a turning point in the pandemic. >> my hope is, yes, that omicron is the beginning of the end, but
7:14 am
i am ready. i'm ready to continue fighting if we have to. >> reporter: meanwhile today, a small study out of israel suggests that a fourth pfizer vaccine dose does raise antibody levels, but not enough to prevent infection from omicrons. hoda? >> all right, gabe, thank you so much. meantime, all eyes are on capitol hill in today's showdown in the senate over two voting rights bills, this after president biden used his martin luther king message to make one final appeal to lawmakers for support. peter alanhaexder s the very latest. hey, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. the senate is expected to begin debate on those two voting rights bills this afternoon. both of them the top priority for democrats and for president biden. but even before they start, the bills are without the votes to change senate rules so the democrats can pass them alone. with the democrats' push for
7:15 am
voting rights legislation likely doomed, president biden and party leaders are warning the consequences of inaction are grave. >> the attack on our democracy is real, from the january 6th insurrection to the onslaught of republicans' anti-voting laws in a number of states. >> what do we want? >> voting rights. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: with the martin luther king, jr., holiday serving as a rallying cry, a new sense of urgency. after a year on the march on washington, the leader's son demanding democrats continue the issue his father championed for years. >> don't tell us what you believe. show us with your votes. history will be watching what happens tomorrow. >> reporter: with republicans united against both voting rights bills -- >> it's just about democrats winning elections. >> now president biden is trying to change the subject by talking about race, and he is mismanaging that. >> reporter: pressure has intensified on democrats joe
7:16 am
manchin and kyrsten sinema who has drawn criticism for her tweet monday remembering dr. king. both senators favor the legislation, but oppose changing the senate's filibuster rules that would allow democrats to pass the bills with just 50 votes. >> if you really truly want to honor dr. king, don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy. >> reporter: the democratic legislation includes requiring all states to allow mail-in voting, making election day a national holiday, and loosening state voter i.d. requirements. it has the potential to mark a significant setback for president biden, so why go ahead with it? white house aides and top democrats agree they want to put lawmakers on the record. and aides here also tell nbc news one year into office, they are planning a new communication strategy to spend less time showing the public how president biden is talking to members of
7:17 am
congress, and more time speaking directly to americans. hoda? >> all right, peter alexander for us there at the white house. peter, thank you. 16 minutes after the hour. let's welcome craig. another big story we're following. hi there. >> hey, savannah, good morning. good morning to you, hoda, as well. new details surrounding the tense hostage standoff at a texas synagogue over the weekend. new details are now emerging as the rabbi who was held captive is opening up about the ordeal and what he did that helped the group escape. nbc's morgan chesky has been following this story. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. and it really is just an incredible story of survival. rabbi charlie walker sharing that it was active shooter training that let him know what to do and when to do it. and this morning we're hearing from him publicly, sharing how he convinced those other hostages to run when he says that gunman started to meltdown. overnight, the congregation
7:18 am
beth israel coming together and their hero rabbi speaking out. >> i love you all. while very few of us are doing okay right now, we'll get through this. >> reporter: earlier, rabbi charlie citron walker describing the terrifying moments during an 11-hour standoff at a texas synagogue last weekend. >> when your life is threatened the, you need to do whatever you can to get to safety. you need to do whatever you can to get out. >> reporter: after a gunman identified by authorities as 44-year-old british citizen malak faisal akram, taking walker and three others hostage at beth israel. >> right before he revealed himself, i heard a click. and it could have been anything, and it turned out that it was his gun. >> reporter: citron walker said after hours of negotiation seemed to be failing, he took an opportunity to flee. first making sure the other hostages were with him and ready
7:19 am
to run. then using a chair as a weapon. >> the exit wasn't too far away. i told them to go. i threw a chair at the gunman. and i headed for the door. and all three of us were able to get out without even a shot being fired. >> reporter: another hostage jig the frightening moments of the escape. >> i started crawling under the hedge row that is there, one of the fbi agents yelled, run to the front, run to the front. and i got up and i ran. >> reporter: akram was fatally shot by fbi agents. now the community slowly healing. >> somehow together we made it through that traumatic ordeal. >> reporter: and this morning a british security source is saying that akram was the target of a low-level one-month investigation back in 2020 by british intelligence agency mi-5. they say it was initially because of a potential terrorist
7:20 am
plot, but that investigation was ended because of insufficient evidence. craig? >> that rabbi, the embodiment of bravery. morgan chesky there in texas for us. thank you. we're coming up on 7:20. let's get the rest of the forecast from mr. bill karins. good morning. >> the wintry mess out there, there is some beautiful weather today from the areas of texas. dallas is 75 and sunny. get outside and enjoy it from the central plains to the midwest. guess what, i know what's coming and it's going to get a lot colder. that's a look at the national forecast. we'll get your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. after you. wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo. (vo) but there's just something about being well-adventured. (vo) adventure has a new look. discover more in the all-new subaru forester wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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good morning. it's friday degrees right now. good shot of walnut creek, but it's chilly to start. here's a closure look at your daytime highs for this afternoon. afternoon sunshine, still got fog up through parts of the north bay, santa rosa and napa included. 57 for san francisco. 60 degrees in can cord. and that's your tuesday forecast guys >> all right, bill, thank you. still ahead, nearly three years after that destructive fire, we're going to take you inside the restoration of the famed notre dame cathedral keir simmons is live for us in paris this morning with the firsthand look at the work that's underway. plus, amid the urgent race to save manatees in florida to survive, we're highlighting a
7:22 am
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or live chat at today. just ahead, the massive asteroid larger than the empire state building passing safely by earth today. >> that's all we need right now. after your local news. h, ozempi♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone. ozempic® isn't for peopl e. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it.
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7:27 am
they are working to meet the demands. the party mom will be due in court once again today for a bail hearing. she has been held in custody since she was arrested in october. her lawyers say there's no justification for continuing to hold her in custody. it's 7:27 now. we want to get a look at your microclimate forecast. we're starting out in the 30s and 40s in walnut creek. a live look, we still have areas of fog and a lot of that mainly in the north bay. here's a khroegser look at your daytime highs. we will see a little afternoon sunshine peek through during your lunch hour. 62 in san josé. 58 in oakland. 60 in martinez. 57 for san francisco. we are going to continue with the dry trend, not just for today but for the remainder of our week as we continue to see high pressure in the area.
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daytime highs will be mild and comfortable throughout the bay area. >> we have more local news coming up for you in just half an hour. hope your morning is off to a very nice start. if you need to find anything, you can find it at
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yeah >> watch her go. history in houston over the holiday weekend. that is 37-year-old cara d'amato and she broke the women's record in the american marathon she's 37 she gave up on competitive running for years, came back to it after having two kids starting a whole other career, and now she's the world record holder she's got her eyes on the olympics, too.
7:31 am
she's going to join us live in the next hour. we have a heaping dose of inspiration right there. >> not only did she break the record she shattered the record it's going to be a real fun interview. >> looking forward to it let's get to the headlines here at 7:30 tuesday morning the pacific nation of tonga appears to have avoided the widespread disaster many initially feared following saturday's eruption from an under water volcano. the biggest problem is the ash contaminating the drinking water there. new zealand's military sending freshwater and other supplies. ash covering tonga's main runway will delay the flight at least another day. common indication has been down making further assessment difficult. following a "the new york times" report that moscow has been evacuating the families of staff in the ukrainian capital, the times cited a senior ukrainian official as saying that 18 people, mostly family members of russian diplomats,
7:32 am
left ukraine on january the 5th. dozens of others followed. a u.s. official told the times it had -- it, too, had information that evacuation was coming there are fears moscow plans to invade ukraine, a plan russia has denied secretary of state anthony blinken plans to visit ukraine later this week. to the nfl, a playoff game was played monday night. the rams hosting the cardinals in los angeles, and about halfway through the second quarter, you knew it was going to be a long night for arizona >> rams pressure is picked up. did he get rid of it it's intercepted it's david long! into the end zone for the touchdown. >> not sure what he was trying to do there, but the rams take a 21-zip lead on that pick six they would go on to win it easily 34-11
7:33 am
next stop, the rams face the defending super bowl champion tampa bay buccaneers in the divisional round next sunday matt stafford taking on the ageless tom brady. >> the games are kind of blowouts this week, most of them it will be fun to see how it goes next week why don't we take you guys to paris now where a monumental effort is underway to restore a piece of history, notre dame cathedral. >> well, this morning we have rare access to the painstaking pro process. and exclusive new images of the fire that ripped through the church international correspondent keir simmons is there for us this morning. finally under way. the damage so >> reporter: bon jour from the cathedral. they are cleaning it up and making it safe we are looking at live images of
7:34 am
the notre dame cathedral the huge scaffolding, a huge work undertaken by the public establishment of the restoration of notre dame who worked with national geographic to give us a close-up look. notre dame's cathedral roof, restoration now underway, revealed in new exclusive images and this morning broadcast for the first time, stunning aerial video of the gaping hole where her famous spire once stood. the cover story of february's national geographic, rare access to the 850-year-old cathedral as it rises from the ashes. and in the evening, glowing once again. contrast that to the night of flames three years ago parisians watching helpless as smoke and fire rose above the city that world-famous spire collapsing national geographic based in the u.s. witnessed the gothic icon
7:35 am
burn from the banks of the sand. >> the banks of the sin were crowded with thousands of people people were singing softly they were praying. they were kneeling a lot of them just staring, transfixed >> reporter: he returned to paris to see the resurrection. >> you're going to see the church as you've never seen it before because the outpouring of donations from all over the world, including the u.s., was so strong that they've got enough money to really do it right. >> reporter: just a year before the fire, "today" was given exclusive access to the cathedral. are we going to run into quasimoto? >> it's possible >> reporter: to the roof, the hunchback of notre dame lived. a fictional man who couldn't show himself, and his lover, it's easy to see how that story caught people's imagination. the famous bells that have rung out through history. >> the events, the liberation of paris was celebrated with these
7:36 am
bells ringing. >> reporter: miraculously surviving the historic inferno, statues of the 12 apostles survived, too, because incredibly, just four days before the fire, they had been removed forest ration. photographer thomas using a 19th century wooden camera to capture these images of the gargoyles on glass plates >> i took it to the bell towers and photographed the gargoyles which were coincidentally made at the same time as this camera. >> reporter: the new rooftop and famous spire will be rebuilt using the same oak and lead that burned and melted in the inferno, using medieval tools and techniques a sea of scaffolding inside as they bring notre dame back to life, a cathedral that has survived revolution and war, even seeing napoleon crowned emperor. emerging from her battle with
7:37 am
the flames, once again making history. and the plan, guys, is to have the cathedral ready by 2024, in time for the paris olympics. but you can see those images from national geographic in their februaryi issue and nat >> i always think of you getting there in the dark of night and seeing that. it's nice to see the progress, isn't it >> it is, savannah a restored and resurrected and the speed with which they are doing it is also pretty impressive great story, keir. when we come back here on a tuesday morning, they're getting by with a little help from their human friends. >> kerry sanders is going to show us what's being done to nurse manatees in florida back to health. and he's taking part in a live release sending one back out to the wild right after this. a hideous curse. uhh, i mean the whole turning people to stone thing was a bit of a buzz kill, right?
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irresistibly smooth chocolate. to put the world on pause. lindor. made to melt you. by the lindt master chocolatier. we're back with our "today" climate series and the update on the efforts to save manatees in florida. >> you may recall we brought you the story last month marine mammals struggling to survive as colder temperatures drive them to warmer waters. but when they get there, there's no food for them to eat. >> nbc's kerry sanders is in orlando with a look at the fight to help these gentle giants. hey, kerry >> reporter: good morning. you're going to see a success story in the making.
7:43 am
here we go oh, this is 845-pound manatee. this is corleon. we're taking him down to water's edge where in a moment he's going to be released back into the wild but as you said, the problem has been one of food and right now across the state, manatees are in crisis >> count of three. one, two, three. >> reporter: this morning, manatees, the gentle giants with no predators, not even sharks oral gators in an unprecedented fight to survive a record number of manatees have died most from starvation. >> they're not down from 100 pounds, not even 200 pounds. 8, 900 pounds, half your body weight gone, they're skeletons >> reporter: orlando seaworld with the largest manatee hospital in the world, had 36 patients and was at capacity but over the weekend, with the help of shipping giant dhl,
7:44 am
teams flew four manatee calves from orlando to a columbus aquarium they needed to make room because increasingly in the wild, more and more of these gentle giants are in a life and death struggle but for all the heartbreaking losses, those that are rescued are likely to survive, like the newest arrivals in ohio nicknamed cardi t, ashley. the unprecedented death rate off the atlantic coast a result of fertilizer runoff from farms and lawns as well as leaky septic tanks. combined the nutrient rich water becomes super charged, causing algae blooms, preventing the sun from reaching the sea bed where sea grasses grow a billg manatee eats up to 300 pounds of sea grass a day.
7:45 am
>> there's no sea grass for a 70, 80-mile stretch. >> reporter: is it like a desert down there >> there's no food there's nothing there. >> reporter: in the manatee hospital, lettuce is the number one choice to build their weight back up. in the wild, the feedings like this have failed >> we continue to adapt. we are confident at some point we'll find a trigger that works. >> 1, 2, 3 let's go >> reporter: we're walking right now as corleon is released into the water. i have to ask you, j.p., one of the big questions people are going to have, we just talked about the lack of food and here you are releasing corleon where is food a rob? >> not in this the spring state park right now, there's 500 manatees up in the warm spring. this is the per ffect day to return corleon >> reporter: this is freshwater. we've been talking about the problem in the saltwater >> that's correct. if you go up north it comes out in jacksonville.
7:46 am
perfect spot for him to keep his weight on, get with the herd and migrate back out this summer >> reporter: we are so excited today to watch everything that seaworld and mrp have put together to see a success and an animal swing back off. it's the coolest day we ever have >> reporter: congratulations you may have noticed there was a tag or antenna they'll be able to follow corleon using satellite tracking to see how he does guys, congratulations. great success, guys. [ applause ] >> yes, congratulations. >> there he goes he's going right up to the spring where we want to see him. >> that warm water, lots of food beautiful. >> and bill karins is standing by bill, you know that area well. >> oh, yeah. i did local tv in orlando. blue spring state park is one of the most incredible parks. all the manatees go there. i'm sure there's a huge crowd. that's where our friend is heading. it's going to be great let's talk quickly about the forecast this is a rare day in mid to late january, very warm and mild guess what, the door to canada is going to open up.
7:47 am
the cold air is going to pour down good morning. i am meteorologist, vianey arana. this is a long island look at walnut creek. our current conditions are cloudy in some spots and temperatures still pretty chilly. up through santa rosa, 37 degrees. mid-40s to the south bay. your daytime highs will shape up to be mild, very comfortable overall and the low 60s for the south bay, 62 degrees in san josé. 60 in martinez. yes, we will get a mix of sun and clouds. and it's great having that buoy on him, too boats are the biggest threat to the manatees >> bill, you're a wealth of information. thank you very much. still ahead, guys, today's
7:48 am
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do we have a plan for the second half? nah, we're gonna get creamed... but we'll be on t-mobile! good morning. it's 7:56. i am kris sanchez. happening now students in hayward are expected to return to in-person learning after a week online. the d says it has enough kn-95 masks for all staff and enough surgical masks for all students. students are safer from covid inside the classroom than out and about. high schoolers in the east bay taking a stand, demanding better covid protocols. those students are high schoolers in the oakland unified school district. they got a petition signed by
7:57 am
1,200 students, and they are demanding rapid testing and better masks for students and staff. the district has been working to meet their demands as time goes on. we are still chilly. right now a live look in walnut creek. it's a little cloudy as well. we have temperatures in the 30s for dublin. 38 degrees in santa rosa. by the afternoon, get ready to enjoy a day in the low 60s in the south bay and interior valleys. 57 for san francisco with afternoon sunshine. kris? >> thank you, vianey. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on today coming up, catastrophic disruption airlines sounding the alarm this morning ahead of tomorrow's 5g wireless rollout saying the signal could interfere with technology used to land planes this is reckless it's dangerous and it's got to stop >> so what does this mean for travelers and package shipments? a live report straight ahead closed loop, inside the efforts to keep the winter games safe we'll tell you about the just-released strategy and the strict -- new restrictions for
8:01 am
athletes and other visitors. plus, picture-perfect. the touching photo betty white's assistant shared on what would have been the legend's 100th birthday and star-studded morning we're sitting down with valerie bertinelli to discuss her emotional new memoir then an interview with the mother of two who just shattered the american record for the women's marathon and the stars of the marvelous mrs. maisel join us to talk about their newest season they're all with us live, "today," tuesday, january 18, 2022 ♪ we're the martins from >> celebrating an 18th anniversary with "today. >> we're here in sunny jamaica to celebrate my 63rd birthday "today."
8:02 am
>> tur >> hello, "today" show >> from chismyrna, georgia. >> i'm 7 >> happy birthday, riley >> riley is looking good 7 looks great on little riley. welcome back to "today." we're happy you're starting your tuesday with us. savannah is doing the work from home thing, but not for long >> last day. >> one more day. we'll see you tomorrow see you in the studio tomorrow let's get to the news at 8:00 less than in hours before the new 5g cell networks rollout nationwide they are asking them not to rollout. they are warning of massive disruptions affecting passengers and cargo flights. tom costello covers aviation he's been on this story for us months now what's the latest? >> reporter: at&t and verizon are turning often the faster 5g network at midnight. the airlines and plane manufacturers are concerned that 5g sites could interfere with
8:03 am
critical cockpit technology around around airports, specifically the radio altimeter when landing in bad weather the c.e.o.s want the 5g sites to remain off if they're within 2 miles of airports. the faa told airlines not to rely on altimeters if they can't use them in bad weather, they'll be forced to cancel thousands of flights potentially affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers and that could start as soon as tomorrow at airports that are expecting bad weather, especially along the upper west coast. the cell phone industry insists 5g has been tested, already used in europe, has no problems, they say, but u.s. aviation experts believe the system are not entirely the same. the us us aviation system is far more complex they're almost universally concerned about the potential for interference the airlines asking the whouls to intervene and keep 5g ground stations turned off if they're within two miles of airports hoda >> all right, tom costello there for us in washington
8:04 am
tom, thank you china has announced tough new rules to prevent the spread of the omicron variant before the upcoming winter olympics nbc's janice mackie frayer joins us from beijing with a look at how these restrictions are going to affect athletes and spectators janice, good morning >> reporter: good morning. there are only a handful of cases, but with the omicron variant here just ahead of the winter olympics. this morning the count down is on to the winter olympics though the stands may be nearly empty, ticket sales to chinese spectators now canceled over covid concerns international fans were already banned it's a pity, i wanted to go, he says. adding he understands that now the pandemic is serious. beijing's first lone case of the omicron variant has triggered new restrictions here. and is testing china's rigid zero tolerance when it comes to covid.
8:05 am
across china, more than 20 million people are locked down over relatively small outbreaks. entire cities getting tested mass quarantine centers being built. for one woman, an abrupt lockdown left her stuck at a blind date's house for days. her videos about it went viral on social media. for china's leaders, the olympics was supposed to showcase the country's success in managing the virus. a harder sell with no fans, and the biggest covid crisis here since the initial outbreak in wuhan. for the games, thousands of athletes and officials will be confined to a closed loop. basically bubbles of walled off hotels and venues accessible only to them the bubble is actually this. it's fences, gates, security, drawing very firm lines between people to ensure there is zero cross-over drivers are warned to steer clear of olympics vehicles, even if there is an accident. inside the olympic bubble, a
8:06 am
world of daily testing, mandatory masks, and strict rules on keeping distance. robots can take your temperature. health codes will be routinely scanned, too, raising questions about surveillance and prompting team usa officials to urge athletes to leave their own cell phones and laptops at home chinese officials insist that the games will be safe and, quote, splendid, but outside the bubble there is the real chance of a wider lockdown coming to beijing. and just this afternoon, they suddenly closed schools until after the games. savannah >> janice mackie frayer in beijing for us this morning. thank you, janice. well, an event happening in space today is being closely watched here on earth because in a matter of hours, a massive sky scraper-size asteroid is going to zoom past our little planet last time this happened was close to nearly 90 years ago unlike back then, this time you'll be able to watch it live
8:07 am
on youtube here's nbc's gadi schwartz >> reporter: when it comes to space rocks, it's all about cosmic timing. from the dinosaur killer that struck our planet nearly 66 million years ago, to the deep impact variety that exploded on the big screen lucky for us, today's asteroid is going to safely pass by earth and incredibly, a backyard telescope could allow you to catch a glimpse as it zooms by at 43,000 miles an hour. if you don't have one, there is a virtual telescope online that will live stream the out of this world event. >> it's real and it's coming >> reporter: the smash hit "don't look up" couldn't be better timed real astronauts say it will be this fine. >> it's unusual to have something this big to come this close. it's be clo it's not close enough to worry >> reporter: it will be five times as far away as the moon.
8:08 am
those in track of the planetary defense, don't worry they have more credibility than leo as dr. mindy >> i have a shooting star in my back >> we will have a defense mechanism on the horizon, right? >> the ability to defend ourselves against asteroids is going to take a long time to develop, so we should start now. >> reporter: in fact, nasa's already launched a space ship. they're trying to crash into an asteroid this fall the real danger is it what we don't see coming like the fireball that blew up over russia in 2013. a direct hit from something big enough, and armageddon >> it's what we call a global killer nothing would survive, not even bacteria >> if that did hit us, that would be end times that would be very bad even, you know, 100 yards across would be enough to take out a city >> reporter: but those chances are getting slimmer the more we plan ahead >> unlike the dinosaurs, there was nothing they could do, right? we actually have the capability
8:09 am
to do something about this >> reporter: for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news >> watch it zoom by. that's our plan. >> shoot it down if that happens? >> who knows 8:08, kiddos let's get a boost, put everybody in a good mood here we go a mother on long island was wondering why her son was taking so darn long to do his laundry so she just peeked inside and saw him with his air pods in, lost in his groove getting the . getting the job done [ laughter ] >> oh, wow >> oh, yeah, it's good it's good. >> you weirdo. >> you weirdo, that's what he's calling his mom. she loved watching her son enjoying himself made her happy >> that's exactly what i was wondering. >> what's the song >> what's he listening to?
8:10 am
the kid starts to drop like it's hot. >> i bet it's juice by lizzo >> you know that's our number. >> you know it is. >> you're blaming it on the juice. >> that's right. >> guys, coming up next we are so happy our dearest valerie bertinelli is with us on a special day. >> we're going to share a powerful conversation on life, on love, on loss, and what she wants you to take away from her powerful journey to self-acceptance. it's all coming up right after this confident diy rashida... wait, was this the right wall? ...or last-minute gift shopping rashida... i'm putting a bow on it! wow... ...even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. shhh! i've earned this, okay? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema
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8:15 am
it's a beautiful title it's called "enough already, learning to love the way i am today. we'll talk with valerie in a few minutes. first, why we love her so much >> so, in a caprisi salad -- >> she is as comfortable teaching us how to cook with her recipes as she is starring in sitcoms that first put her in the limelight. >> get in there, you >> audiences fell in love with valerie bertinelli when she was just 15 years old, playing barbara cooper on "one day at a time." >> i'm the only kid i know that goes to confession that has to make up sins >> her life has been in the public eye ever since. from her years married to rock star eddie van halen and the birth of their son wolfy to co-starring with the late betty white on the hit show "hot in cleveland. her battle with weight became part of her journey, dating back to her days as the face of jenny craig. but it is her inner struggles
8:16 am
about the pressure of weight and self-image that valerie has found comfort in sharing, opening up with us on "today." >> i have to learn to love myself today as-is >> that emotional roller coaster has been part of her road to healing. >> i'm standing out in the rain. because i'm doing my best to distract my mind from spiraling to a place of self-loathing because i saw a picture of myself today that made me want to do that >> now in her new memoir "enough already, learning to love the way i am today," the 61-year-old gives an honest and raw account of her path to acceptance and openness valerie's truth includes openness about the recent separation from her second husband. and for the first time she shares the deeply personal final moments with eddie van halen who remained a central part of her life until his death in 2020 >> i knew the man for 40 years i was 20 when i met him. i still loved him. we spent a lot of time together.
8:17 am
he's the father of my son. he's the father of the greatest gift in my life. and i miss him and i'm allowed to miss him. >> and she continues to work on her own mental and physical well-being, valerie feels blessed, trying not to dwell on the negative while giving herself permission to feel joy >> to be grateful and i am grateful even through all the mess because there's still good in all the mess >> oh, there is good in all the mess we're so delighted to have valerie with us. hi, valerie. how are you? >> hi, hoda. well, i wasn't planning on crying this morning. >> i know. you know, i wasn't planning on starting with this part of the book, but i was watching you watch it, and so i feel like i have to. you found your soul mate in eddie van halen. and saying good-bye to a soul mate has to be among the most wrenching things in the world to do and then you put it right there on the pages not just your loss, but your son's.
8:18 am
tell me about that >> when i wrote it and when i did it, it was very cathartic to go through it. i didn't intend to write a book that had a lot of grief in it. it was about joy, and if i left that part out, it wouldn't, it wouldn't show you the path to joy and how to find that, even through the depths of the biggest grief you can feel and i know a lot of people have been feeling that across the country and around the world, you know we've all dealt with a lot of grief in the last couple of years. so at first it was very -- it felt very raw and vulnerable to write about it, but i thought, it was true, it was real, and it was something that i wanted to express about love and how love is just so important to remember, even when you're going through all of the pain. >> and to have found a soul mate, people go their whole lives, valerie, and don't find that they go to their grave and they don't find it.
8:19 am
you had it >> i know. but you know what, i don't think -- i think soul mates, i think we have more than just one. i think that i feel like partly wolfy is a soul mate of mine when i think of soul mate, i think of souls that come here to experience this life on earth together again and to get through and get to a higher place. so i definitely, definitely know that was part of ed. i loved his soul deeply, and we went through a lot of hell as well i mean, we weren't really good to each other at a lot of points in our lives because we met so young, and we were very immature but i'm so happy that we were able to come to a beautiful place by the end of his life and i just -- i wish he was still here >> valerie, this is a big book it's about so many things. it's about -- we got to watch you evolve we got to watch you -- i got to watch you. i feel like firsthand. >> it started with you >> i'm so touched.
8:20 am
but i have to say i feel like we have a lot in common because we both come from pleasing. how can i make you feel better i'll twist myself into a prietze so you'll feel better. i'll put a circle in a square so you'll feel better but you were managing to crack that nut, and that's not an easy one to crack how did you? >> because you can't make another person feel better if you're coming from a broken place. i mean, we all come from broken places life is not easy, and i think that when you can still step through that and look at the gratitude that you can see in your life, there is so much to be grateful for, even in the depths of the mess, because it can -- it's just about switching your mind to focus on the positive and focus on the gifts that you have in your life we all have them >> and it's about telling the truth, like speaking it out loud
8:21 am
and i didn't know when i was interviewing you back then that you were going through what would be -- what would later or prove to be the end of your current marriage >> um-hmm. >> but to say it out loud -- >> it kind of pushes you to a place -- because i'm a big old procrastinator i like to put things off till the last minute. and i also want to be gentle and caring and not just rip off a band-aid i like to pull it off gently i think there is definitely power and peace in changing your narrative, and changing the way that you can look at your life i know it is for me. when i changed the way i look at my life and stop beating myself up, most of the time, it still -- it reaches in there but there is power in that, and peace. >> this book, by the way, and i'm holding it in my hand because i love it so much, it's full of life lessons they pop out on every single page anyone going through a difficult time, if you pick this book up, i know you'll feel like a warm hand on your heart
8:22 am
before i say good-bye to you, valerie, and of course i'll visit with you again later on the 10th, you had a chance to work with betty white. most people knew her, but never felt her the way you did just a couple of words about betty before we say good-bye >> she was magical i mean, there's no other way to explain that lovely woman. and she is the one that taught me so much about gratitude betty walked in gratitude, and is she was grateful for every moment of her life, for every thing that happened to her and she was just -- i say this all the time because it's so true and anybody that knew her knew this she glowed she was other worldly. she was an angel here on earth for sure, and i'm actually, as sad as i am that we don't get to be with her any longer, i'm so happy she's with allen right now. >> what a beautiful sentiment. valerie, we're going to talk more in our fourth hour. this book enough already, is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful read thanks so much for being open.
8:23 am
>> thank you, hoda >> it's out today, so please pick it up >> thank you, hoda see you later. >> see you soon. head over to bill karins for a check of the weather >> that was beautiful, hoda. deserves a big hug i know we can't do it, but that was wonderful. just what you need heading out the door, icy roads in the northeast.right now at walnut c. we are still pretty cold after seeing santa rosa 39 degrees, 38 fairfield and we have a couple of 40s down through the south bay. as we head in towards this afternoon we will warm up a bit, we get some afternoon sunshine. it's a little cloudy to start, 52 degrees in san jose, 58 oakland, 59 napa, 57 for san francisco and we are still noticing patchy fog up through the north bay. that's your tuesday forecast and do i spy carson?
8:24 am
>> you sure do >> must be time for pop start. >> it is time for pop start. looking forward to see you tomorrow we're going to start with betty white. what a great way to start pop start, what would have been the hollywood icon's 100th birthday. her former assistant shared a picture of one of the last pictures of betty. seen here smiling in a snapshot december 20th. assistant kirsten sharing, she was happy and radiant. thanks to all of you doing kind things today to make the world a better place it was an impressive day for fans who set out to do good in honor of betty's centennial birthday an influx of donations thanks to the #betty white challenge that was circulating on social media. just one more way that betty left such a positive impact on the world. next up, law and order, this is a full circle moment for one actor whose childhood dream came
8:25 am
true lannding a gig on svu. 13 reasons he shared on instagram that when he was just 9 years old, he got a chance to meet the cast of one of his favorite shows they were shooting an episode in his hometown of hunts point, new york now 15 years later he's made it into season 23 of the hit nbc series, and he was guest starring in thursday's episode navarro writing on instagram, dream come true to go toe to toe with maeririska hargetey we got an exclusive look at the febru february issue which previews the beijing olympics the cover featuring female athletes including mikaela shiffrin speed skater erin jackson. check out more amazing athletes on the sports illustrated website. that issue is out on thursday. and that is your pop start
8:26 am
>> it was a very efficient pop start. very efficient >> it was. >> thank you >> that was the one pound of pop start in one pound bag guys, speaking of sports, actually, the mom who thought she left her running career behind, well, now she's inspiring people young and old good morning, it's 8:26, i'm scott mcgrew. happening today, the south bay mother accused of throwing out of control parties for young teens will be back in court. last october the judge denied bail for former loss cad dose resident shannon o'connor after prosecutors labeled her a flight risk. her attorneys argue there is no justification to keep withholding her bail. she faces dozens of counts tied to the parties where investigators say she provided children with large amounts of alcohol and encouraged sex acts. let's get your tuesday off to a start and a forecast from vianey. >> we're seeing cloud cover out
8:27 am
there, that's for sure. right now live look over walnut creek and the one thing that it's still definitely in place is the cold, especially up through the north bay. 39 degrees right now in santa rosa, 39 in a vat toe and mid 30s down through the south bay. your afternoon highs, once we get sunshine rolling through into the afternoon we will be in the upper 50s for oakland, san francisco, napa and santa rosa and low to mid 60s everywhere else in san jose 62 degrees, also your air quality outlook is expected to be moderate today from the north bay down through the south bay. scott? >> all right. more local news coming up in half an hour. of course, everything at
8:28 am
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8:30 am
we are it's 8:30 tuesday morning, january 18, 2022 that song will get your energy up if that doesn't work, the story we're going to tell you this morning certainly will kiera d'amato, she's a mom of two and she's the new holder of the american women's marathon record
8:31 am
it is an inspiring story she is an athlete. she's a mom. she's a real estate agent. she does it all. we can't wait to talk to her about it in a few minutes. and then look who it is. we've got the marvelous mrs. maisel herself, and her fan favorite dad we're going to talk to rachel brosnahan and tony shalub. it's back, the award-winning show it's been a very long time for fans, and we're ready to get back into it >> looking forward to that plus some fashion best sellers, winter essentials to keep you warm from head to toe. and in just a few minutes in the third hour, something for all the job hunters out there. a first look at the brand-new list of linked-in jobs on the rise >> okay. guys, tomorrow on "today," pretty excited for this one. the one and only goldie hawn will join us to talk about a cause that's close to her heart. can't wait to hear all about it. but first, bill, let's get a final check of the weather >> savannah, you have to have
8:32 am
lived in florida to understand this next story because it's a cold morning in florida. this is easily the biggest talker in the sunshine stated to it's not cold to the rest of us, but to down there it is freezing we're at 31 degrees in jacksonville, florida. and in tampa, you're down to 43 degrees. this is the coldest you've been in almost a complete year. this is the coldest morning of the winter it's in the 30s. by florida standards that's a big deal the north, watch out, black ice is a huge issue. schools are delayed or canceled. the slush has refrozen and now we're watching that issue. as far as the rest of the country goes it's actually pretty good for travel exception near the great lakes anywhere the typical lake effect snow areas a live look in emeryville and we are seeing some clouds out there. temperatures pretty cold to start in fairfield 38, still a couple 30s up to the north, mid 40s for the south bay, but your daytime highs will be in the
8:33 am
upper 50s, low 60s, mid 60s into the interior valley, 62 for san jose, also notice we will get some peeks of sunshine into the afternoon, this dry weather pattern will remain and your air quality outlook from the north bay to the south bay will be moderate. that's a look at your forecast for today, guys >> all right, bill, thank you. coming up next she thought she was done with her running career, but it wasn't done with her. we're going to talk about the new record holder for the u.s. women's marathon who happens to be a mom of two.
8:34 am
8:35 am
back now 8:35 you want inspiration we've got indiana pacspiration. kiera d'amato set a new american record in the women's marathon with the time of 2 hours 19 minutes and 12 seconds
8:36 am
>> basically as long as this show she topped the previous mark by 24 seconds but really it's the journey to get there for a 37-year-old married mom of two that's got everybody talking. before we chat with kiera live in just a moment, here's a look at her remarkable story. raising her arms in triumph, kiera d'amato crossing the finish line at the houston marathon, breaking the u.s. women's marathon record, adding another incredible chapter to her story book journey hugging her two kids tommy and quinn, the 37-year-old soaking in the celebration later, writing on instagram, the thing i am most excited about is some girl or woman saw it and thought, i can do that i know they will and i'll be rooting for them after a successful college career, d'amato stepped away from running following a serious ankle injury she got married, became a mom, and started working in i.t., in real estate. >> all right, kiera. >> but the sport she loved kept
8:37 am
calling. in 2016, while her husband anthony was deployed with the virginia air national guard, d'amato started running again. >> excuse me, miss, where are you going? >> soon she was competing and going faster than ever after an injury sidelined her during the olympic trials, she responded with a strong showing at the chicago marathon in october before setting her sights on making history in houston. surrounded by loved ones, including her kids, d'amato did just that by believing in herself every step of the way. we want to welcome in the new women's marathon record hold every herself, kiera d'amato hi, kiera. congratulations. >> hi, thank you this is wild i really thought it was a prank that i was being invited on the "today" show this is like totally blowing my mind right now i'm talking to you guys >> oh, no, you come on the "today" show when you make history, my friend i just, i just -- i'm thinking about this, you know, when you left college and you thought your running career was over
8:38 am
if someone had said, hey, kiera, you're going to have two babies, you're going to be 37, and then, then you're going to set the record for the fastest women's marathon in the united states. i mean, can you even, can you even grasp that concept? >> no, no, i can't at all. and i wouldn't have believed them and i think, you know, my journey back to running at the beginning of it, you know, it was really just to have a little space in a chaotic life for myself and just for health reasons. if you would have told me i'd be here now, i wouldn't have believed you and i probably would have hung up the shoes this is just wild. >> i feel like you have a real love affair with running you couldn't quit that dream it just kept popping up and popping up and as we look at the images of you crossing the finish line surrounded by your family, i was just wondering what did it feel like to step across that line and realize, wow, like, i did it >> um, i think, you know, the
8:39 am
cute little emote con, i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it i knew i could get my body and mind to a place to accomplish the goal i never pictured all of this i put in the miles and did the work i really believed i could do it. but for it to happen and everything to go, you know, good enough for me to be sitting here telling you i did it is pretty unbelievable >> i love your little daughter's sign, go mommy, go, mommy, go, mommy, go. you are still going. you are thinking about the olympics in 2024, and why not? >> yeah, the olympics have been a dream of mine ever since i can remember i remember in 4th grade, what do you want to be when you grow up? and it's an olympian it's been a huge dream of mine it's something that transforms through all the sports and brings people all over the world together to compete. and i want to be part of that. so i'm going to, you know, keep the running shoes on and keep
8:40 am
hitting the pavement, and 2024, watch out. >> you know, there were many times with all of your injuries that you could have said, okay, the universe is telling me something, okay, the universe is trying to let me know, i'll just run for fun. but running for fun was not enough tell us a little about that drive. >> yeah, you know, i do run for fun, and i think that's why i'm here sitting here right now, because i found a way throughout my whole life to make money in a whole lot of fun there's ups and downs, and, i don't know, i just believed that there's something more i believed i hadn't found my potential and i was just so curious to find, like, what the limit was. and it's just so exciting to me that i still feel like i haven't found my limit, and there's still a lot of room to grow in the sport. and, you know, setting my goals on, it's always what's next. i'm already looking at these pictures, like i can't believe it's happening, but my mind is already, what's next
8:41 am
>> what an awesome inspiration for your kids to behold every single day and your husband, i know he's a big supporter and i know it's a special day for him. i know you want to give him a little shout out >> yes, my husband is my rock. this morning we were just talking and i just told him i wouldn't be here without him just because he's made this so fun. he's made this possible. like, team d'amato we've all sacrificed a lot today. and today is his birthday. and he's actually right here come here. it's his birthday. kind of steal his thunder on his birthday this is my husband anthony, and i'm so team d'amato, we did it >> hey >> happy birthday, anthony wow. >> happy birthday, anthony >> that's awesome. >> keira, you are a "today" show super fan. you have the sign. i love it. >> i have been watching you guys, i can't even tell you how long through my pregnancy, through you guy's, you know, having children and everything.
8:42 am
like, i'm such huge fans of yours that, like, this is just -- i can't wrap my head around this. >> can i just say something real quick? my mom texted me her friend marlene said she's like your cousin's daughter and she said, please tell keira i said hello it's a small world so, hello from marlene >> you shared marlene's recipe on the chicken and i was like, oh, my god, that's my marlene! this is crazy. >> oh, keira, we're watching you, my friend happy birthday to anthony. thank you so much for being here and giving us just a really great reason to smile. >> oh, sweet guys. all right, guys. coming up next, the stars of the
8:43 am
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the three seasons of the marvelous mrs. maisel captured hearts of fans and kept them laughing three emmy's and golden globes the housewife turned comedian and cast are back. it is season 4 well, we had two of the award-winning stars with us. rachel brosnahan disappeared a second we think she's going to be back. and tony shalub is here. >> good morning. >> tony, it's good to see you. how are you? >> great, good to be here. what happened to that rachel elusive. >> maybe she pushed the end button in the top corner accidentally, or maybe we did. but we're going to wait for rachel to come back. but, tony, there is something about this show. there is some special sauce or something in a sea of like a million shows. the marvelous mrs. maisel busted right through. what do you think it was that got it started and has kept it going? >> well, as always, i think with these kinds of things, it's
8:46 am
really all about the timing. and i think the state of the culture right now, people i think were looking for, you know, a little bit of back into the past and taking a look back, seeing where we were and where we've come but mostly what's really -- what i think the success of the show is about is rachel brosnahan she is, she is phenomenal. and she's a tremendous leader. >> you know what's funny, tony you just said that, and guess who just popped back in. rachel, we missed you. >> i'm sorry i didn't hear you guys my bad >> now it's her turn to say something nice about me. >> i was asking tony there's something about this show that was able to breakthrough in a sea of gazillion shows somehow you captured people's imaginations and here we are on season 4 he said basically it's because of you what do you think it was
8:47 am
>> i mean, you know, i think tony is the one who said this -- first of all, it's because of tony i have to pay back tony is actually the one who said early on that we've all been a part of so many shows that we love and that we've loved being a part of and that we feel so proud of. but that never really find the kind of audience that we feel like they deserve. and so it feels like a little bit of magic and a whole lot of luck that kind of pushed this one to the forefront and tony shalub >> of course i think, rachel, in particular season 4 women are finding their voices these days and i think it's been happening over time. and i think there is something about watching your character midge kind of just stand up and say it and be bold and unafraid. >> yeah, absolutely. and i think there's something about watching her hit this bottom in her life, her entire
8:48 am
life implodes in front of her and all the dreams she had for herself and her family suddenly evaporate. and she is forced to pick herself up and decide whether she wants to wallow and eat ice cream forever or make something new of herself and she finds her voice in a brand-new way, a voice that was always there, but in a brand-new way. >> i think there's something very empowering about it tony, i heard that you have a new title in addition to being an incredible actor and award winner grandpa. >> yes, it's interesting, you know because when i first, first was sent the script and got casted, it was the first time that i had been cast as a grandfather and it was a little bit disconcerting. but then a couple years later i became a grandfather to this guy. and he's just changed our lives. he's just a dream. >> oh, my god, this child. >> look at his face, oh. >> squeeze rachel -- i could look at that
8:49 am
picture all day long you and your husband obviously work separately, but there is a moment where the two of you, maybe not on screen together, but you and your husband actually work on this show together >> yeah, i can't give a whole lot away of what he's been up to in maisel land you may see more than one familiar face on the upcoming season it was fun to finally get to show him what i've been up to all day and why i missed dinner many, many nights for the last couple of years. >> well, a lot of us are so excited that season 4 is back. we've waited patiently we want to say thank you to tony and to rachel. season 4 of this terrific show, the marvelous mrs. maisel, it arrives on prime video got to wait a little it starts on february 18th, but it's worth the wait. thank you so much, guys. we look forward to the season. >> thank you
8:50 am
>> thank you coming up next, chassis post has a timely addition of great sellers, stylish finds including
8:51 am
8:52 am
we're back with "today's" best sellers it is never too cold out to look stylish. this morning shop "today" contributor chassie post has fashion essentials to help keep you warm exaand on trend >> if you want these products, check your qr code and start shopping chasson chassie, we're looking for the perfect winter sweater and you have it. >> we see women wearing the sweaters and that look really cool and effortless? well, this is that sweater and what i love about it is not only is it cozy and comfy, it's made out of this great stretchy material
8:53 am
but the silhouette is so flattering it's that sort of oversized boxy silhouette and it's a really great length that kind of hits right at the leg so it's perfect for wearing with your leggings and, you know, gives you a little coverage. and it comes in really great, you know, new neutrals like that winter white that you've got there. >> you know, chassie, last night during the ram game at halftime i was talking to my neighbor matt we were talking about midi skirts and full leather and you have one >> i do, carson. guess what, i have one right here and i have to tell you guys, i think this is such a chic skirt. and there's a lot of style packed into this one skirt that great wrap silhouette, the little tie detail, and midi skirts are a huge trend, not only also faux leather which is really warm. this is high-quality it's got good stretch. amazing colors.
8:54 am
it comes in amazing colors like amazing faux leather, sign me up. >> that's what people were saying >> exactly >> you're looking for a warm pair of pants, you don't want to wear jeans and we need an alternative. what do you have >> oh, my goodness these joggers are not just your average joggers. she's are sherpa-lined joggers you guys have to feel the inside i mean, so, so, so cozy. number one best-seller, 18,000 rating i wish i had these when i was walking my son to school the other day in 17 degree weather and, carson, you're in luck. they also come in men's styles and kids styles. >> praise god, chassie >> look, carson is trying it out. they look good on you. >> this is like 20 years ago how about these boots here hoda loves -- you love this company. it's a great company >> isn't it a great company? i mean, i've never seen a better-looking winter boot
8:55 am
as you guys know, they came out with the first fashion snow boot and this is the sneaker boot, and it's just as comfortable as wearing a sneaker but, of course, it's waterproof and it's really light you're not even going to want to take these off they have great leather details. this is a fantastic boot >> do these come in minen's, to, or just women's? >> they do come in men's styles, but these are for women. they have so many amazing boots. >> let's talk gloves you have some good warm ones here, um-hmm >> i sure do these are real leather and guess what, they're touch screen and normally when you get a touch screen glove, maybe the thumb or just one or two fingers work on your phone with this one, all five fingers, the palm, the entire glove will work on the touch screen >> really? >> and it's got this great sort of sherpa -- >> put your right hand in there. >> the glove doesn't fit you must acquit. [ laughter ] >> well, guess what? they're real leather when was the last time you saw real leather gloves for $26?
8:56 am
>> long time >> what are we wrapping up with? this is a good piece, yeah >> oh, my gosh, you guys have to feel this. this is the teddy coat, and one of the biggest trends this season 22,000 ratings, and let me tell you why they call it the teddy coat because it's as warm and snuggly as your favorite teddy bear. we've seen this fabric on home decor, also in fashion and this is why this coat's so great. because it feels like a warm hug, but it's tailored and look at these lapels. it's it's double-brea good morning, it's 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. some oakland students are organizing a walk out today, they're demanding better covid safety protocols. more than 1,200 students signed the online petition calling for the district to restart distance learning. the district released a statement in part saying we are
8:57 am
already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in the petition. we will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in coming weeks. meantime, students in hayward are set to return to in-person learning after last week online. the district has enough kn95 has max for all staff and surgical masks for all students. happening now our sierra johnson is following both of when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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