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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 18, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PST

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what's most important is that we stand by their side in solidarity and show them that we believe in them. we believe in the safety of our community, and we'll keep fighting until those demands are met. >> right now at 11:00, taking that stand. more than 1,000 oakland students are skipping school because they say they don't feel their district is keeping them safe enough through the omicron surge. some teachers joining them in solidarity. we'll show you what they're demanding and how the district is responding. i'm kris sanchez.
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laura and marcus are off. new omicron cases continue to drive the surge here. and the golden state is the first state to officially surpass 7 million confirmed cases. this is, of course, we are one of the biggest states. now that includes more than 217,000 new infections recorded just yesterday for over the weekend and holiday. in california, more than 78,000 people have died since the start of the pandemic. that is as many people as live in the city of pleasanton. and that's the backdrop for a student walkout in the east bay. students want -- they skipped class to call for better protections from oakland unified and some teachers joined them in solidarity. nbc bay area's cierra johnson joins us live. this is as another district is returning to in-person instruction after they had to hit the pause button. where do we stand? >> yes, good morning, kris. really a busy morning in terms of education and schools here in the bay area. but right now we're in hayward.
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this is where we've been all morning. this is one of the schools within the district that are just returning after being sent home for remote learning. this took place last week and it was an effort to slow the spread of covid and there was also a staffing and testing shortage. now parents who said while they understand the concerns of both staffing during this virus as well as the testing shortage, they say learning remotely often comes with its own challenges so they were happy to return to the building. >> the way i see it is that they need a lot of experience at school. they have their friends, and even though they can't play like they used to, they can still socialize. so that's a very nice experience to have as a child. >> she doesn't understand. she's 6 years old. she does not understand.
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the high school and middle school was hard but better. but her, it's so hard. >> reporter: the district said as students return, they are providing kn95 masks for staff and some surgical masks for students. that's to keep themselves safe as they return to school. in oakland as we've been telling you all morning, 1200 students have signed a petition demanding better covid protocols across the district and they are planning to walk out of their classes today. this petition began weeks ago and was started by several students at met west high school. that's in downtown oakland. and it's since been signed by hundreds of high schoolers across the district. in it, the students are requesting online instruction. they're also asking for pcr and rapid testing twice a week as well as kn95 masks for all students. and in a move of solidarity, teachers are from schools in oakland elementary schools. they took part in a sickout as well as a car caravan.
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now a teacher we spoke with says this school year has been difficult navigating not only providing quality instruction but doing so safely. >> since this omicron surge, it's been quite scary for our community. bridges academy has around 400 students and we have had 28% active. so a little over 100 kids. so i think that when people talk about learning loss which i think is something important that needs to be addressed and recognized, you need to realize that one-fourth of our students are missing out on their education in the last two weeks and the district has nothing in place to support our students. >> and the district has responded. they said they are aware of the demands and have issued a statement which reads in part, quote, we are already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the
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petition. we'll continue to work toward fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. they continue by saying we thank our students for staying in front of these issues and bringing their concerns to district leaders. so a lot going on with district still grappling with the extent of covid as well as how to manage that return to the classroom. live in hayward, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cierra. the federal government's new website for ordering those free at-home covid tests we were promised is now live. it is a white house official says the site is in its beta phase and is operating at limited capacity ahead of the official launch tomorrow but you can give it a try if you'd like. the website includes a link for all americans to order rapid antigen tests. there's a limit of four tests per household. and results are expected in just 30 minutes. you don't have to ship it off to the lab. these are usually shipped to your home 7 to 12 days by the u.s. postal service. officials are emphasizing the
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federal website is just one way for people to get those tests. new research suggests a second booster shot may not boost your protection levels. this is a study out of israel that looked at nearly 300 people who received either a second pfizer or moderna booster shot. some moderna recipients initially received pfizer doses so they mixed and matched. antibodies did not increase enough to better protect against omicron. if you have questions surrounding covid, we're here to help. janelle wang sat down with an epidemiologist, among the experts that will participate in a phone bank tonight. they have answers about a lot of different topics, including vaccines and our kids. >> people we know, people have questions and that's understandable. we, of course, really want to get our kids protected. i'm a parent and peiatric
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infectious disease expert. i'm confident these vaccines are safe but i know parents may have questions they want answered. 833-422-4255. the phone lines open up at 5:00 tonight. they'll remain open until 8:00. we also put this phone number on i put it on facebook, twitter and instagram as well if you can find it there. this just in. congressman jerry mcnierney is not going to run for re-election. he represents the ninth district which includes parts of contra costa county. he made that announcement in a statement adding, quote, i'll keep working for the people of my district throughout the remainder of my term and look forward to new opportunities to continue to serve. a live look now at walnut creek. a little haze there that seems to be having a hard time burning off. vianey, you might see more sunshine depending on where you are. >> peeks of sunshine into the first half of the afternoon but still cloudy out there. current temperatures working
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their way up finally into some 50s for the south bay through the interior valleys. so currently it's pretty mild. satellite radar, you can see some of that cloud cover that's sitting over the bay area. what can we expect into the afternoon? well, after we get some of the clearing, we will get some sunshine and temperatures are expected to top out in the 50s and 60s for this afternoon. not just for walnut creek but the entire bay area. it's cloudy in san jose as well but we'll get some sun heading into the 2:00, 3:00 hour and we're still in a drying trend. this is going to linger a little longer than expected heading into january. so coming up, i'll take you through your extended seven-day outlook and our climate in crisis so you can have all of the info set up in my full forecast. >> thank you vianey. early voting is under way in the measure to recall three san francisco school board members. opponents fault gabriela lopez, moliga and allison collins with
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how they handled several issues during the pandemic. they cited misguided priorities including a botched school renaming effort and delays in bringing students back into the classroom in person. opponents on the other side point out that all three are people of color and they call the recall effort a power grab. election day is february 15th. new at 11:00, a major tech deal worth billions of dollars. microsoft is buying gaming company activision blizzard for nearly $69 billion. it's an all-cash deal that would allow microsoft to accelerate its mobile gaming and xbox content. activision makes games like call of duty and candy crush. a massive asteroid is headed in the general direction of earth and while it is going to be very close by cosmic standards, there's no danger of impact. asteroid 7482 is about the size of three salesforce towers end to understand. because of that size, nasa lists
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it as potentially hazardous. as it passes it will be about five times the distance between the earth and the moon. however, it will be close enough to see if you have a telescope. here's the chief scientific officer for one telescope company. >> it will be moving fast in the sky. you will see with a telescope a tiny dot that will respect with respect to the background sky. and if you're lucky, you will also see small variation of light because asteroids are not -- they are a weird shape and when they are seen they -- you see the brightness change, the light change. >> astronomers say being able to observe the possibility for future mining of the asteroid. asteroids are often packed with precious metals like nickel, iron and cobalt. controversial issue is on the table in walnut creek today. still ahead on nbc bay area, where buffer zones could pop up
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if city leaders approve the plan they're talking about today. and a dire warning from the nation's airlines over tomorrow's arrival of new 5g service. the catastrophic disruptions they say could create for thousands of passengers and rippling out. also just in, the wireless carrier now delaying its plans. and actress alyssa milano is charming kelly clarkson today. she and her husband have been together more than 12 years. an actor on "this is us" is responsible for bringing them together. keep it all in the family. find out who played cupid when you watch "kelly clarkson" here at 3:00 this afternoon. we'll be right back.
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new developments this morning following the weekend standoff at a texas synagogue. a senior law enforcement official now says the fbi's
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hostage rescue team was responsible for shooting and killing that gunman. 44-year-old british citizen malik faisal akram took four people hostage. it is still unclear how many shots were fired or if there was an exchange of gunfire. happening now, opponents of the new a's stadium plan are presenting new arguments on why it would be best to keep the team in its current coliseum location. some argue the new location near jack london square would undermine port operations and they oppose the cost to taxpayers. they'll present their findings later today. tomorrow, oakland planners will meet to take a look over a new environmental impact report. those eirs. council members could sign off on this. walnut creek will began buffer zones around its planned parenthood. police responded to dozens of calls at the planned parenthood location on oakland boulevard making four arrests.
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this is file video of some of the protests there. complaints have included verbal and physical harassment, intimidation and blocking of sidewalks. other bay area cities including san francisco and oakland already allow for buffer zones. walnut creek's first debate was postponed because of technical issues. and also today, los gatos leaders fill fine tune a new long-term parklet plan. when the pandemic started, a lot of restaurants rushed to set up temporary parklets to provide outdoor dining. since then nearly $700,000 has been set aside to help fund what's being called a semipermanent program. today leaders will hammer out the details so that the construction can begin. and maybe today would be a good day to have your lunch outside if you're headed out and about. vianey, you're not tracking any rain right now. >> no rain. that dry weather pattern remains thanks to high pressure that's been keeping any chance of real rain to our north and also to our south. so let's take a look right now
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at a live downtown shot of san jose. it's about 51 degrees and it's been mild but we did start out in the 30s and the 40s early on. also we still have some clouds lingering and some fog. this is what we're going to continue to see. at least for the first half of our day. so right now let's take a look at the satellite. the cloud cover right over the bay area and we still have some spotty shower activity, mainly through central california, though. not really for us here. a lot of it didn't make it to the ground and, yes, we've still got that fog. limited visibility up through santa rosa down to a mile in visibility. check what's going on down here in san jose. down to about four miles of visibility. eight miles in morgan hill. so we're getting that early morning fog. this is very similar to what we've seen. we're going to stay in this similar pattern for the next several days. but let me get you to you daytime highs. forecasted highs in san jose, 62 degrees. east san jose, 63. morgan hill, 62. milpitas, 63.
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wind not really a factor today but it will start to kick up, especially heading into tomorrow for some of the higher elevation areas and friday and saturday. pleasanton, 60 degrees. danville, 61. concord, 60 degrees. oakland 58 and even around the peninsula, we're also seeing those upper 50s on the map. 56 for san mateo. redwood city, 57. san francisco's daytime highs in the upper 50s. if you'll be out and about in the city a mild day ahead. santa rosa 58. ukiah, 63. clearlake, 61. so it is cloudy right now. the air quality outlook is going to be moderate from the north bay down to the south bay. this is based on the air quality index you can see between 51 and 100. it will be moderate. we'll keep monitoring this because as that high pressure continues to strengthen, heading into the week ahead we could see pockets of unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups at times, especially for the east bay. allergy forecast, cedar and mold
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will be high today. if you have plans being outdoors, be mindful of that. long range outlook shows a dry pattern continuing and that wind is going to kick up as that high pressure continues to rebuild over the bay area taking us down through pretty much the end of january. right now our extended outlook gives us a better hope for february but for now the seven-day forecast almost like a copy and paste over the next several days in san francisco. look at the daytime highs. 57, 56, 58 and then it gets warmer heading into friday and saturday. in those low to mid-60s thanks to the high pressure that's going to start to build. you'll also notice the mountain wind. especially for the higher elevation areas. up through the north bay and the east bay. all right. now let's head to our climate in crisis where scientists have known that large volcanic eruptions can have an immediate and perhaps a years-long impact on global climate. and so far the yearly data from this weekend's eruption shows
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that it was powerful. it caused tsunami warnings all the way over here in california. but it was too small to have a telling impact on global cooling. back in 1991, a mountain in the philippines erupted. over the course of three days, it released somewhere between 6 and 22 million tons of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, roughly equivalent to 10% of manmade sulphur di oxade made last year. that caused global temperatures to drop nearly one degree. for more stories like this, visit us online at and click on the climate in crisis tab and, of course, we've got you covered. kris? >> thank you, vianey. we're looking at the skies for a different reason. new at 11:00, at&t and verizon5e near some airports. this was originallymoow, but th comes as airlines and cargo carriers' ceos are warning what they say is economic calamity
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and catastrophic disruptions. the entire aviation industry is very concerned that 5g will disrupt critical cockpit systems. the cell phone companies insist all of the research that they suggest is that the research suggests this is safe. all right. tom brady can certainly deliver on the field. but for one little boy who survived a fight for his life, he's also coming through off the field. still ahead -- the unforgettable special surprise. first, here's a question. can you get omicron twice? right now on our synced in program our digital correspondent talks to an infectious disease expert about how likely that is to happen. you can watch the full episode on instagram and tiktok. @nbc bay area. happening right now, secretary of state antony blinken will travel to ukraine to meet with the country's president tomorrow. this comes as tensions between the u.s. and russia escalate over a possible russian invasion. the trip will focus on american support for ukraine following
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inconclusive talks last week. the biden administration has accused russia of preparing a false-flag operation to use as a pretext for intervention. russia has denied that charge. we'll be back with you right after the break.
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ask your doctor about ibrance. welcome back. you're watching nbc bay area. do you recognize this lovely
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lady? that is a thoughback photo vianey posted on agreement. my aspiring reporter days back in 2012. we're so glad her dreams came true. so did scott mcgrew's. this is his throwback photo of him anchoring here about ten years ago. and you can keep up with us on instagram, twitter and facebook. we love showing you behind the scenes and maybe a little bit of our regular selves as well. not just our work selves. we're now just 18 days away from the winter olympics and as we count down to the games we want to get to know the u.s. olympic team better. we think you do, too. this is carmel native britison. she already has a long list of injuries she's overcome in a career of halfpipe skiing. the main difference, though, she gets up and shakes herself off. >> we didn't want you to be all alone. >> these are my friends to keep me company.
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>> brita sig ourney. >> i'm from carmel, california. >> i've done this shoulder, all the ligaments. broke it off the collarbone. don't even have it anymore. this collarbone shattered into a million pieces in france. also broke my pelvis. my left fibula. right tibia and fibula. three knee surgeries. acl. >> and brita sigoourney is making home the bronze. >> when i was young it was never a question. i bounced back from the surgeries no matter how long the recovery was. now it's a little different because my body is a little more beat up, but i just love this sport enough to come back to it. >> boy, need some advil just watching that story. our coverage starts february 3rd. opening ceremony is february 4th.
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you can watch all of it right here on we are also streaming it on apple tv and amazon fire. tom brady giving something very special to a young buccaneers fan he inspired who is also now inspiring others. you might remember the story of 10-year-old fan noah reeves. noah was left speech unless october when brady handed him a hat from the field after he held up this sign telling brady that he helped him beat brain cancer. here's how brady followed up recently in a video conference with noah and his family. >> the nfl and the bucs look forward to sending deserving fans to the super bowl each year and fans that have incredible stories like the one you have. so as a thank you, i worked with the bucs and the nfl to get you and your family super bowl tickets this year in l.a. >> look at that little face on the right. tom brady hopes to be at the game as well, on the field, of course. the niners will have a say in that. the bucs first have to beat l.a.
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in their game saturday afternoon. watch that right here on nbc bay area. but a very nice gesture for a young man who really had the fight of his life. we're counting down the days until the super bowl. you can watch that right here on nbc bay area. the game is set in los angeles sunday february 13th. vianey, really looking forward to the halftime show. >> yeah, so am i. and l.a. is where i'm from. that's where all my friends and family are. there's going to be a lot of excitement leading up to the super bowl for sure. let's take a look at how your seven-day outlook is shaping up. we are not seeing huge changes in the temperature but you still want to be prepared, right? tuesday, wednesday, thursday, heading into tomorrow and even in through saturday and sunday you'll notice that it's going to get warm, just a little bit, into the 60s. the reason is because we get rebuilding high pressure and as the high pressure starts to build we're also going to notice the wind start to pick up. especially for the mountain areas heading into friday and saturday. you can see 20 to
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40-mile-per-hour winds possible. north bay mountains and east bay hills above 1,000 feet. it will start to get breezy heading into tomorrow. >> thank you, vianey and thank you for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. also at have a great tuesday. hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory.
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to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii, the beaches of mexico or along the california coast. sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at right now on "california live," we're raising eyebrows and lifting spirits. >> then we're playing cubid with a celebrity matchmaker. >> right after christmas, all the way to valentine's day you'll have a great dating pool. >> plus, kids growing up rich are going from the penthouse to the farm house. >> i definitely didn't know what i signed up for. >> and tips to cut your monthly costs. >> the first thing you need to do is educate yourself with what's going in to your bank account and what's coming out of your bank account. >> it's all happening right now on "california live."


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