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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 19, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PST

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank jeremy irons, hilary duff, jeff wright, everybody [ cheers and applause i want to thank daniel fang and the 8g band. stay safe, get vaccinated, get boosted. we love you guys [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight the shock has not worn off from new york city to fremont to san francisco. friends, family and strangers
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remembering michelle go. >> she lit up every room she was in. >> what we're learning about the bay area woman killed in horrific subway attack. videos hard to watch, security guard mauled by dog in middle of a public library in san francisco. changes that may be coming as a result. >> may not be as easy it seems, some people having a hard time ordering the free covid tests. we'll help you get around the hurdles. this could impact travel plans, 5g rollout across the united states. we begin with breaking news out of san jose. police investigating after driver in car hit three people this evening. two have died. they're in the hospital, the third expected to survive. sjpd said it happening before
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8:30, almaden expressway and foxworthy avenue. intersection expected to be closed several hours as police investigate. police say the driver stayed at the scene and was taken to the hospital. signs of love and frustration, memorials in san francisco and new york city for michelle go, 40-year-old fremont native pushed to her death at new york city subway station last weekend. >> death too random and senseless for anyone to comprehend. jean elle. >> reporter: friends, coworkers and strangers gather here in san francisco to honor michelle go. say she must not be forgotten and violence against the community must be stopped. holding back tears, dozens
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gathered to remember 40-year-old michelle go. >> she lit up every room she was in. >> reporter: grew up in fremont, honor student, got mba. man pushed her in front of oncoming subway train in new york. killing her. new yorkers gathering as well. calling for end to violence against asian-americans. >> somebody who memorial, unfortunate this happened to her. >> reporter: in san francisco, former coworkers say go was instant friend. >> knew her six months, had impact on my life. >> i know her parents. >> reporter: tommy came from san jose to show support and stand up against the violence that has his community on edge. >> it's on edge, a terrible feeling. >> reporter: mourners vowing to fight for community safety in go's honor.
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>> just want to say thank you all for being here. horrible sense of tragedy. we all deserve to be safe and to achieve our dreams. new at 11:00, uc berkeley police warning students about this guy. say he's likely responsible for three aggravated assaults on campus the past 24 hours. most recent at the school of business. officers urging you to be cautious if you see him, only call police if you can safely. this man is suspect in armed robbery at stanford shopping center before 3:00 this afternoon. investigators say that man approached two women eating outside at true food kitchen. showed them a hand gun, demanded their purses. he took off with them and took off on a bike. race continues to slow things down. several new developments as we wait for omicron surge to peak.
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top story, free covid tests shipped to your home. government website went live today, so far, mostly smooth sailing. however some people are having trouble placing orders because of where they live. also a bit of relief. look at the painfully long lines at testing sites across the bay area are starting to disappear. as demand for testing subsides, we're seeing positivity rate begin to fall as well. today, california's rate, 21%. a week ago, it was 23%. what about the free test kits from the government. might have gotten a text about them from friend or family member. president biden making good on his promise. americans can order rapid at-home test kits for free. website live today, not without a few hiccups. cheryl hurd. >> reporter: may have gotten flooded with texts and emails from friends telling you how to
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get your free covid-19 test kit. sandra was excited, tried to order hers today. >> went online, registered. when i put in my information it said the test kit was already going to be delivered to that address. >> reporter: rents a room in home in east bay. >> i thought okay, this could be a problem. >> reporter: a problem americans are facing. hours after the launch, social media was flooded with complaints about people struggling to place orders to homes or apartment buildings where other tenants placed an order. >> every launch comes with risks. can't guarantee there's not a bug or two. >> reporter: what can you do if your order is not going through? tonight, you can email the postal service, call the help desk 1-800-ask-usps. most aren't reporting problems.
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often getting confirmation within seconds of checking out. who can order tests? available for every residential address in the u.s., including u.s. territories and overseas military, diplomatic addresses. post office boxes included. is there a limit how many i can order? yes. the program will allow four per address. when will i get my test? how will they be delivered? all tests are delivered through the mail and will be shipped within 7 to 12 days of ordering. >> i think it's a great idea, a good idea, just wasn't thought out because of my situation. >> reporter: one final piece of advice, make sure address is correct, once order is placed, all that information cannot be changed. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> we've made it easy for you to order the tests,
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and click on the link top of the page on the trending bar. you'll find information about the free test kits and direct link to order. >> while those are hot commodity, the demand for in-person testing does appear to be slowing down. check out hayward at sky west golf course. left is line from last week. the right, the line today. not bad. you can see not nearly as many cars waiting in line. tonight stanford is getting pushback about its covid mandate, requiring all students and staff get booster shot. 1,600 people signed a petition asking the university to drop that mandate. the author is a stanford ph.d. candidate. said it's not being antibooster or antivax but being in support of autonomy and choice. requires proof of booster by
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january 31st. does include exemptions for medical or religious reasons. university adds it's intended to support sustained immunity and is consistent with the advice of the community and federal health leaders. oakland students and teachers skipped class to demand better precautions for covid. district said it's trying to meet the demands and says the teachers sickout forced cancellations impacting hundreds of students. there's no plan to make up for the learning loss. the mom accused of drunken sex parties for teenagers heard from people in court. faces 39 charges, include child
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endangerment and sexual battery. been in jail since october. attorney asking her to be let out. but alleged victims spoke out pleading to keep her locked up. jane doe number four tearfully told the judge that quote, shannon robbed me of my innocence, i feel she has not changed and i would feel scared and unsafe if you let her out on bail. >> we have a criminal pattern where she committed 39 acts of criminal conduct against children, had an opportunity to reflect on her actions and continued to commit those crimes against children. she's a danger to our society. and only way for our community to be safe is keep her in custody. >> another alleged victim and three moms spoke out telling judge they feared for safety. attorney says his client is not
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a threat or flight risk. pushed back the decision until february. atm cash ripped off literally. ring of atm thieves went on a rampage in san jose. shattered glass, truck pulled up, loaded money machine inside. within 90 minutes, police say they hit six locations. >> very bad. i'm very sad. it's too bad. bad for the community, all people living in san jose, california. >> police say it appears to be organized crime ring. 5g service goes live tomorrow, that has a lot of travelers asking is it safe to fly. verizon and at&t are pumping the brakes on launching near airports after intense pressure from airlines and faa. ian cull with the problem and what to expect moving forward. >> reporter: the showdown between the airlines and cell
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phone industry comes to head tonight. concern the new fifth generation of cell service, 5g. operates on radio spectrum that could lead over and interfere with the altimeter that gives pilots precise altitude, critical for landing in bad weather. at&t and verizon say they'll limit or delay turning on towers close to certain airports after ten airline ceos urged the white house to intervene. warning of catastrophic disruptions affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers if a two mile buffer zone isn't created around the sites. emrich, japan airlines and ama are canceling fights to u.s., including to san francisco. >> faa has to do analysis runway
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by runway to make it safe sto fly. >> it's minimal but the airlines didn't feel comfortable with it. >> reporter: cell phone industry insists it's safe. at&t took aim at faa saying we're frustrated by faa's inability to do what 40 countries have done, safely deploy 5g without disrupting services. >> europe uses less power on the antennas, focused away from the airports. united states is one of the most congested air spaces in the world. >> reporter: 50 major airports will have buffer zones and towers won't go live for six months so faa can evaluate the risk. passengers were not concerned. >> rest of the world has adjusted to it and are evolving.
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it's good, more precautionary thing. >> reporter: in south bay, ian cull, nbc bay area news. we're back in 60 seconds. how did this happen? and why? troubling new video of this dog attacking a man. security guard inside of a san francisco library. and changes that might be coming because of it. higher education in exchange for service without enlisting in the army. new program announced by governor to help students pay for college. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, tracking fog down to half mile visibility in
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a lot of mixed reaction to stunning video showing a dog attacking a security guard inside the san francisco main library. the dog's owner is facing charges. dog itself is with animal control. its future, uncertain. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: a terrifying scene on the third floor of the main library on larkin street. dog biting and not letting go of security guard while another tries to knock the dog away with a stick and uses what we're told is pepper spray. neither tactic gets the dog to let go. >> never happened before. >> reporter: just before 6:00, it did happen. security guards were letting people know it was almost closing time. >> apparently this individual was unresponsive. and in the process of trying to
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get his attention, his dog unexpectedly attacked our security guard. >> reporter: the dog's owner finally woke up and put end to the violent scene. the security guard is seriously injured. owner has been cited for failure to control his animal and dog in the custody of animal control. i spoke to library patrons who were shaken. >> makes me nervous, unfortunately not surprised. happens frequently. guys forced to let a lot of people in they probably wouldn't otherwise let in. it's unfortunate. >> really sad because if it's a service animal, they're supposed to be trained and proved to be safe in public places. it's really upsetting. >> reporter: the library says service animals are welcome, bad behavior is not tolerated. moving forward, consulting with
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the ability advisers and animal control. >> going to exhaust every option we have to prevent it from happening again. no help coming from city council for people of san pablo apartment complex facing eviction. got notices just after the state's eviction moratorium expired. landlord says he needs the units empty to make renovations. residents say he's using the loophole to get them out, bring in higher paying tenants. glimmer of hope, council considered new eviction moratorium but rejected it. likely now headed to court. early voting in effort to recall three san francisco school board members. lopez, moliga and collins are fighting to keep their seats.
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critics upset with how they guided the school district early in the pandemic. supporters say it's a power grab. open on weekdays and vote by mail option. february 15th. play ball or not, new poll suggests that oakland residents are weary of the plan to build new a's ballpark. the stadium alliance asked about the proposal, found overwhelming 81% want the a's to use their private money, not taxpayer dollars. asked about critical issues facing oakland, only 5% picked losing pro sports teams as important problem. we reached out to the a's, have not heard back. jamaica, sending a bobsled team to compete in winter games. qualified for three events, including the four-man
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competition first time in 24 years. made debut in 1988 games in calgary. didn't get the gold but inspired the '90s film "cool running," also will have a skier competing first time in history this year. one of the best freestyle skiers in david weis. born in reno, skis in tahoe, goes for a three-peat. >> this season has been a lot of reflection how far i've come in career, all the things i've gotten to do, approaching the season with sense of gratitude. only thing i can control is what i do on a pair of skis in a given day. >> wise is looking to find balance between physical and mental aspects of his sport. coverage of the winter games
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february 3rd in beijing, janelle will be bringing stories of the local olympians and watch her and us on nbc bay area. seems like just there. >> we were. >> no wonder. >> covid schedule. >> oh, man. wind chills in the single digits possible. >> took the question out of our mouth. >> thankfully not here but cold for bay area standards. going to feel the chill, 48 in the tri-valley, peninsula 43 and areas of patchy fog. north bay, 40, san francisco 46, east bay at 41. closer look at fog and once again areas in the north bay around the bay. also down the central valley traveling that way. but we will, yes, get in on some sunshine through the afternoon. i think that's going to make it a really good day for us. check out temperatures across
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the microclimates in south bay. 64 in cupertino, gilroy is 65. 62 in livermore, hayward 59. peninsula, afternoon sun, light winds out of the north, 58 in redwood city. san francisco, headed for work or staycation going on. 56 in downtown, 54 for the outer sunset. north bay, 63 in clearlake, 61 in napa, 67 in mill valley. beautiful weather coming tomorrow but reality, this is january, usually one of the wettest months in calendar year and nothing like it. record-setting rainfall in october and december to now, really no major storm systems this month. and with this area of high pressure, i don't think we'll see big storm systems rest of the month. every single bit of the rainfall is heading off to the north.
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these areas of high pressure can create stagnate conditions. moderate air quality for most of the bay but south bay will go unhealthy for sensitive groups. asthma, any respiratory problems, might need to limit outdoor exposure. seven-day forecast, it's simple. 50s to low 60s in san francisco. we'll get sunshine this week, will be fantastic for us. inland valleys, also lots of sun coming. in friday night and saturday morning, mountain wind, we might get advisory. but besides the wind, beautiful weather coming our way. >> gorgeous. >> sounds fun. up next, a bold move and show of solidary. reason all the employees of well-known bay area bagel shop quit. and video going viral. asteroid the size of golden
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gate bridge is passing by earth. scary news. good news, million miles away, five times farther than our moon, not going to hurt us. nasa says it's more than a bagel shop in vacaville going viral on tiktok because
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entire staff quit. 16 employees meeting and putting in notice at same time. say their manager was unjustly fired. 3.6 million views. >> we're not replaceable and disposable. can't fire somebody and not let them know. >> tells us how tight our bond is as team and family. >> noah's bagels is going to look in the matter, takes it seriously. governor newsom and 45 california colleges launched a groundbreaking program, californians for all college corps. a year of service, 10,000 bucks for higher education. services in areas of climate action, early education, covid recovery. governor calls it debt free college investment. hopes to expand it.
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inspired by peace corps in the 1960s. what the warriors did okay. not good. life without draymond. coming into tonight, warriors lost five of the last seven games. >> don't say that often. just what the doctor ordered tonight, matchup against the lowly detroit pistons. there's draymond in street clothes, we want him in uniform. lower back injury causing soreness in calf. he's out. without him, klay thompson streaking down the sideline, hits that three-pointer, right before halftime. see how fired up everyone is. steph, klay, whole bench. season high 21 points for klay.
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jonathan kuminga, the 19-year-old rookie who grew up in republic of congo, getting playing time, double-double, 12 points, 10 rebounds. warriors beat the pistons, 102-86. >> can we have everybody back healthy at the same time? >> would be nice. road to the super bowl about to get cold. 49ers working on short week getting ready for saturday's game in frigid green bay. a rare tuesday practice inside levi's stadium. usually practice on the adjacent practice field outside. jimmy g., limited work as he nurses a sprained shoulder and banged up thumb. he's good to go. heard from coach shanahan. >> dress warm, get mind right. it's usually not a factor. i think we'll do all right. i don't do well in cold but will
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be fine in football game. everybody else will be. >> looks like he's already in green bay. >> in santa clara. jeff, 5:15 our time kickoff. might be snow showers before the game, game time, 19 degrees and 17 at halftime and then a chill three, two, one. zero. ignition, and lift-off. >> successful rocket launch for spacex, falcon nine rocket blasted into space, carrying 49
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starlink satellites designed to bring internet to remote places that currently don't have it. >> cool to see. that's it for us tonight on tuesday. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. tonight, two wireless giants delaying the launch of 5g near some airports after a dire warning. at&t and verizon agreeing to temporarily limit 5g near some airports when they turn the service on at midnight it comes after airlines warn 5g could interfere with flight equipment and cause catastrophic disruptions. the faa under fire what the cell phone carriers say the agency failed to do. also tonight, the white house's free test website going live a day early how to get your test kits at no cost it comes amid dire new omicron projections. as many as 300,000 more deaths by mid-march just in, new
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subpoenas for trump allies from the january 6th committee, including rudy giuliani the showdown on capitol hill the senate debating voting rights bills, but is there a path forward new questions in the texas synagogue standoff what did british authorities know about the gunman? and news on his two sons questioned in the uk the white house warning russia could now invade ukraine at any point richard engel inside ukraine tonight. our exclusive after our reporting on young people dying after obtaining deadly pills through snapchat the platform's head of safety on how snapchat is cracking down. and the big honor for an nhl trailblazer. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening it appears tonight the cell phone companies have blinked in their showdown with the airlines verizon and at&t now say they will voluntarily delay


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