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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 20, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PST

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests dame judi dench, huma abedin, teddy swims [ cheers and applause i want to thank daniel fang and the 8g band. stay safe. get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ tonight breaking news, attacked carjacking, crash and
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shootout in neighborhood. what we learned. police say they were forced to open fire. search for missing nurse who disappeared in middle of shift at stanford. could have a lot of parents breathing sigh of relief, pfizer for children under five. plus -- >> did you hear that? the neighbors sure did. vicious and deadly fight between two mountain lions a warning for a peninsula neighborhood. we begin with the breaking news in the south bay. carjacking turned deadly after suspect crashes the car and opened fire on officers according to the sjpd.
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hedding street and park avenue in usually quiet neighborhood. cheryl. >> reporter: this shootout ended here as you can see, the road is still blocked off after four long hours. started with person driving a stolen car according to police from san jose, attempting to carjack someone in santa clara, that failed. drove back to san jose and authorities say the suspect crashed into another car, two people happened to be inside. we talked with gavin rust who lives nearby, this is what he said authorities told him. >> crashed the car into another car with two occupants, they got injured, sent to hospital. he took off running towards the corner and opened fire at the police officers. and then after that, he was shot and killed. >> sounds like there was a lot of gunfire, shots fired.
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maybe somebody is deceased. i don't know. it happened. random, sounded like a lot of shots. >> reporter: right now you're looking at video shot by gavin rust. stolen car on fire. the suspect died at the hospital after being shot multiple times by police officers. police say he was armed and shot back at them. two people he ran into are not seriously hurt, will recover. all police officers are unharmed. back here live, looking at car that was on fire, still sitting there as evidence. this is a wild, wild evening for san jose police in this normally quiet area. we'll have update on "today in the bay" in the morning. reporting live, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> super stressful for the people who live there. gunfire outside a shopping mall on the peninsula. investigation under way after
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shooting in the hillsdale mall parking lot in san mateo, unfolding around 5:30 this evening. officers arrived, someone had been shot, no word what led to the shooting. told that victim is in stable condition. where is michael o'dell, a nurse who left job mid shift stanford, not seen since. they're focusing efforts not far from where chp found his car. jean elle. >> reporter: search and rescue crews walked open space in fremont looking for 27-year-old michael o'dell. >> it's not like him to stop messaging. >> reporter: san francisco roommate says the traveling nurse was last heard from in overnight shift at stanford hospital. >> left work abruptly to go to
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car to get something, never came back. >> reporter: video shows his car leaving 4:30 tuesday morning but won't say if o'dell was behind the wheel. after not hearing from him, he checked his phone location, dunn barton bridge, eastbound, approaching fremont. >> nothing makes sense. he loved his job at stanford. >> reporter: he called police and spent tuesday searching the wildlife refuge with friends and nurses. stanford health care says in part we alerted authorities and are working to confirm the nurse's whereabouts, we're deeply concerned. the chp says the search will resume tomorrow morning. jean elle, nbc bay area news. all clear in oakland after
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suspicious package forces evacuation of the federal courthouse. before 1:00, someone dropped a package near the flag pole, prompted evacuation and parts of downtown closed for five hours. what appeared to be a pipe bomb was a hoax device with a message for police inside. >> looking at evidence, there was specific message in there for law enforcement that was left. we have since taken all of that evidence and turned it over to the fbi, who has collected it. they'll do their analysis and further investigation from there. >> investigators didn't share what the note said but did tell us the person responsible when they're caught could face serious prison time. on the covid front tonight, there are signs we may have started to turn the corner. cases beginning to drop in several bay area counties. indication we may have reached
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peak of omicron, that's the top headline. tracking important update for vaccination for children under 5. dr. fauci said could be soon. and now the white house is promising free kn95 masks for all americans. omicron is starting to dip down, graphs show case rates in three biggest counties -- san francisco, santa clara and contra costa. cases sharply increased through last week, peaked, appear to be dropping. >> this is right on target in a way. week after the level stop, cases dropped and basically after that, the cases will continue to drop and take three to four weeks. governor newsom said february 15th is when he thinks we'll be endemic, that could be right or around that time. maybe a week after that.
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>> number of people testing positive has also dropped 2% last week. pediatricians say this surge has been especially hard on kids but may be relief for little ones under 5. ian cull spoke with a children's doctor about what they're seeing in south bay. >> reporter: video of the covid vaccine clinic what 5 and up was eligible, booked solid. one pediatrician says recently kids have been hit hard by omicron. >> we've seen a good number of babies who got covid. you know, newborns. >> reporter: seen more covid cases past three weeks than any other point in the pandemic, but the vaccinated are faring much better. >> for the little kids not vaccinated, omicron is definitely giving them many days of high fever. >> reporter: help for those
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under 5 is on the way. dr. fauci said he hopes fda can approve pfizer vaccine for 2 to 4-year-olds for three doses. primary investigator in the study for young kids. >> could have enough data for the dad to review is in february or march. that's a reasonable estimate. >> reporter: explained why they may need three doses, which she says is normal in other vaccines. >> vaccine trials in under 5-year-old children have demonstrated strong safety, but just not the degree of antibody responses, especially in 2 to 4-year-olds. it's hoped that a third dose in under 5-year-olds will provide a strong antibody response. >> reporter: doctor says when
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approved, patients will be lining up. >> parents with little kids under 5 are anxiously waiting. >> reporter: ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> the biden administration set to give n95 masks to everyone. made available for free next week at retail pharmacies across the country. masks will come from the government's strategic national stockpile, more than 750 million masks on hand. health officials continue to tell us it's the n-95 mask which will give you best protection, much better than a cloth face covering. for those home -- free at-home tests, not too late to get them. check out, go and click on the link in the trending bar where it says how to get free at-home covid test kits. at 11:00, another big hurdle
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cleared. a's and oakland's effort to build new ballpark at howard terminal. planning commission unanimously recommended it certify the environmental report. so it likes what it sees there. expected to vote this february. big step. mayor libby schaaf wrote in part this is a huge win for entire region, puts oakland step closer to building a landmark waterfront ballpark district with the highest environmental standards. new trouble for santa clara county sheriff. state attorney general is opening a civil rights investigation into that department. that will look into allegations of mismanagement at the jail facilities and misconduct. sheriff laura smith is facing
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allegations of corruption, granting concealed weapons permits for donations. also held a no confidence vote against her. >> allegations regarding confinement in the jail, resistance to lawful oversight, other misconduct. >> sheriff smith did release a statement saying i have always welcomed any external review of the sheriffs office and will immediately open all records. i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and believe they will provide expertise for fair and impartial investigation. update on breaking news from last night. several candles, signs and employers placed at intersection where two men were killed crossing a busy street in the south bay. around 8:00, two men and women
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crossed near foxworthy avenue in san jose, not in the crosswalk. driver of toyota hit all three. driver had the green light at intersection. two men died, women expected to survive. driver was hurt, minor. drugs and alcohol not believed to be involved. seven pedestrians have already died in '22 in san jose after struck by car. back in 60 seconds with unnerving attack in middle of the street, middle of the night. violent confrontation between two mountain lions, has the peninsula neighborhood on alert. what is about to happen to castro theater and how it could have you rethinking weekend plans. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, fog back for the mornin
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plans under way in fremont. michelle go grew up in fremont, moved to new york to go to grad school and pursue a career in business. on the way to work last week, looking at phone on the platform, homeless man used both hands to violently shove her on to an oncoming train. investigators say he's admitted in three interviews that he did
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it. candlelight memorial is friday at downtown event center plaza. two mountain lions spotted on the peninsula, this time a violent confrontation between the two cats. fighting near hastings drive and belmont. audrey asisio spoke to neighbors who saw and heard the cat fight. >> reporter: sign says it best, this is mountain lion habitat. and people who live in the belmont neighborhood were reminded of it overnight. home surveillance video capturing what appears to be two mountain lions at 2:30 this morning on hastings drive. keith heard the roars. >> looked out the window, a mountain lion the size of a man rolling around and fighting and wrestling something. >> reporter: mountain lion
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dragged what police say was the body of another lion across the street. >> fascinating. never seen something that big around here. but after rolling around in front of my house, it just came to a stop. >> reporter: the video shows the larger lion looks around, sits on steps for a while before taking off. parents immediately alerted to to be careful taking kids to school in the morning. >> got a text from high school, saying there was aggressive mountain lion out and about. >> reporter: bioologist said it's normal. >> it's usually a territorial male killing a kitten which does happen if they come into territory of lion's home range. >> reporter: neighbors are not worried. >> i know that mountain lions
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live out here, foxes and coyotes, don't find it concerning. >> reporter: it's rare for lion to attack a human, but stay cautious, bring all pets indoors and install motion sensor lights around the home to avoid encounters. audrey asistio, nbc bay area news. will be emotional conversation, hoda kotb sits down with the wife of late comedian bob saget who died at 65. >> he was so kind and loving to everybody. and he was just -- i'm sorry. just such a -- he's just the best man i've ever known in my life, just so kind and so wonderful. everybody in his life knew it. even anyone that would casually meet him, wow, this is a special
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guy. >> watch that on "today," airs on nbc bay area after "today in the bay". the groundwork to have elizabeth holmes' guilty verdicts overthrown is in motion. legal experts believe her attorneys will scour documents to see if there was juror dishonesty or other issues. found guilty of four charges of defrauding investors. scheduled to be sentenced. vice president harris will be here, trip to highlight the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law in november. will carry message to milwaukee next week, then off to honduras for the inauguration of central
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america's first female president. karen chen left the olympics disappointed because she finished 11th. now looking for medal in beijing. >> the journey leading up to today, just to nationals and making the team has been a roller coaster. after 2018 i had a really bad ankle/foot injury, out for a season and even thought about stepping away from the sport. after injury decided to go to cornell,tayear, juggling school and skating. amongst the chaos i gained clarity how much i truly loved this sport. >> chen is darling, one of three figure skaters representing the bay area at winter olympics. our coverage begins two weeks from tomorrow. you'll be able to watch janelle wang there, have all the action and interviews, exclusive stories from beijing right here on nbc bay area. it's great to see karen going,
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yamaguchi has been influential in her life, part of all the bay area skaters heading over there. we've got talent. >> and great mentor, she's awesome. let's get you ready for thursday forecast. closer and closer to the weekend. you can see we'll start off with patchy, dense fog through the north bay, around the bay. and thicker around interstate 5 and 99 if you're traveling that way. but sunshine returning, setting up for another nice afternoon tomorrow. other thing we have to contend with, cooler temperatures to start. tri-valley, 39, peninsula 41, south bay at 44 and chilly 39 in north bay. san francisco is 44. temperatures through tomorrow, warm up a couple of degrees. south bay, awesome weather for january. 64 in downtown san jose, light
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wind out of the northwest at 5 and dry air with humidity in 50% range. east bay, 65 in danville, 61 in hayward. peninsula, 61 in redwood city. san francisco, 60 in downtown. ukiah, a warmer 67. sunny, beautiful weather from strong area of high pressure entrenched across the pacific. more of a spring-time pattern. that's why all the rainfall chances are moving north, high pressure funneling it well, well away. subtle change friday's forecast. small system dropping down the back side of the ridge will increase wind. friday, magenta is 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts.
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yellow is 10 to 25. saturday morning, gustiest over the north bay and saturday afternoon and sunday, wind calms down, nice weekend setting up for us. weekend forecast. san francisco, low 60s, sunshine moving in. pretty nice next seven days. inland valleys, 67 friday, 65 saturday, 63 sunday. looks like a pretty nice weekend moving in. almost there. almost saturday. >> delightful to go out and have fun outside. >> i agree with you. >> thanks jeff. big change coming to san francisco's castro neighborhood, going to have impact on the entertainment in the city. nationwide covid testing company that operated three pop-up sites in the bay area, minnesota attorney general filed suit against center for covid control, alleging misrepresentation, false
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advertising, deception. tests were new at 11:00, it's known around the world as icon of san francisco's historic lgbtq neighborhood, the castro theater announced it's making changes, transforming into concert venture. taking over programming for
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100-year-old theater. comedy shows, other live events, occasional film screening. plans to renovate with new marquee, technology as well. planning a slate of programming for grand opening in 2023. warning about using apple air tags, the small discs you link to apple devices to locate them. scammers are using them to mark cars to steal or putting them in bags or pockets to stalk you. better business bureau telling people to stay alert. if unknown device has been detected, turn off location services, contact apple and police. new controls for parents with snapchat. able to limit friend suggestions for teens. that way strangers won't easily find their accounts. will also no longer allow
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accounts for 13 to 17-year-olds as suggestions to others unless they have a number of friends in common. company is going to unveil more details in coming months. can the 49ers continue playoff okay, one playoff rival to another, after beating the cowboys last week, 49ers trying to eliminate the packers this
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week. niners leave for green bay to take on the packers saturday night. packers quarterback aaron rodgers has never beaten the niners in the playoffs, 0 for 3, including 2019 nfc championship game. it's a fun stat for niners to throw around, but both teams know it doesn't really matter much this week. >> mindset going into this thing, know what it's going to be like, hell of an atmosphere. >> understand the history of our rivalry, the history of us against them. but these are two different teams. >> kickoff is 5:15 on saturday night, will be cold there. playoffs continue on nbc bay area. winner of the 49ers/packers game play winner of the bucs/rams game. tom brady trying to reach his 11th super bowl, kickoff for
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okay. this is a romantic mystery. if you have friends who just got engaged in san francisco. look at something. photo taken last friday, happy couple framed against rose-tinted sunset shot of the golden gate bridge. photographer captured this moment after the proposal after they shared kiss.
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photographer posted on facebook, would love to share it with the mystery couple but need to find them. whoever you are, congratulations. that's wonderful. that's it for us, have a great night, stay safe. see you tomorrow. bye-bye. tonight president biden on defense as he marks one year in office the president taking questions from reporters for nearly two hours as he faces crises in multiple fronts his new message on the covid surge, inflation and his stalled agenda and his prediction that russia will move in on ukraine. the consequences he says vladimir putin will face. our kristin welker asking him will he run again in 2024 with kamala harris on the ticket how he answered and what he said about voting rights as senate democrats brace for a bitter defeat on the legislation he championed also tonight the biden administration's plan to hand out 400 million n95 masks for
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free when and where they will be available. the deadly military vehicle crash. at least two marines killed what we're learning. the newly declassified video from the botched u.s. drone strike in afghanistan that killed 10 civilians. what it revealed. just in, the supreme court rejecting former president trump's request to keep his documents from the january 6th committee. and major news of the fraud investigation into his company. and celebrating a barrier breaking fashion icon this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. with potential war looming between russia and ukraine and covid still ravaging the country, president biden making news tonight on several fronts as he offered a self-assessment of his first year in office in a nearly two-hour long news conference, the president appeared to hit the reset button as he begins his second year in office tomorrow,


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