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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30 a push to let teenagers get covid shots without their parents' permission. a new state law being proposed by a bay area lawmaker. and then the union demanding the district implement changes. past the peak of the surge. the relief for bay area restaurants, how this could change your plans and theirs in the coming weeks. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting not only to your tv but you can also
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watch us on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv and live. i am kris sanchez. >> i am kira klapper, laura and marcus have the day off. let's start off with weather and kari. >> looks like the fog is not as dense and widespread as we saw yesterday morning, but confined to the north bay. we are seeing visibility down to quarter of a mile in napa and as you head over to novato. we start off with fog and will end the day with high winds and will have the high wind warning in effect, and that includes some of the coastal ranges and our hills, as we go up above 1,000 feet, and we can see the gusts topping 70 miles per hour. it's going to be a windy one, and we will talk more about that
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in the forecast coming up. mike, are you seeing early issues in the morning commute? >> i have seen differences, and we are looking at a clearer view than yesterday at this time. we can clearly see 880 and you can see it's flowing on the maps as well. the green sensors show that, and the yellow shading is off 680, and so watch those patches off into rio vista. even out of the altamont where it says 205, no slowing yet. so a light volume so far. new legislation proposed by a bay area lawmaker would allow children as young as 12 to get vaccinated for covid without permission of a parent.
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he worries some teenagers are not getting their shots because widespread information about the vaccineses made parents oppose it. there are 1 million california teenagers eligible but have not gotten their vaccines. currently there's some precedent for the bill. minors 12 and older can get hpv or hepatitis b vaccines without a parent's consent. the teachers could soon go on strike if the district doesn't agree to any updated covid safety plans. the president of the teachers' union says the remaining teachers showing up to work are stretched thin and are calling on the district to hire more support staff. the union president said he's
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authorized to call a strike. >> whether they are stickouts or strikes or anything like that, it's incredibly disruptive to parents, and -- >> at this point the meetings are scheduled to continue. it's not time to let your guard down, but the rapid spread of omicron in the bay area is starting to slow down. this is welcomed news for restaurant owners who are eager to reopen and move forward. we have more on the downward trend at the bay area scene. >> some restaurants closed during the omicron surge do to staffing concerns and safety issues, and some are getting remodeling done and now they are looking at reopening plans. omicron cases skyrocketed. >> it's difficult. they don't want to risk the rest
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of our lives and our staffs' lives. >> probably the perfect timing to be closed. january 10th is slow for restaurants in general. >> restaurant owners looking to reopen got some welcome news. city leaders say while case numbers are high the surge is leveling off. >> even though we are seeing our hospitalizations high, we have the capacity to handle what is coming our way. we are starting to see just the numbers plateau. >> they are following the numbers hoping for a reopening in february. >> they said it's coming down, so let's just, for sure, like, say close to the end of this month and ae evaluate where we are. >> they are aiming for a january 28th reopening. the challenge for every
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restaurant that took a break will get the word out about welcoming people back. >> it will take a week or two for us to get the word out that we are back open. >> health experts are continuing to caution everybody to be cautious. >> the peak means we are halfway through this, so we have number of exact same number of the cases. >> they are prepared to react to changes in the pandemic if they need to. one of a kind digital asset making their way into your feeds. >> what one app is adding for some users. we're starting out this morning, temperatures in walnut creek in the low 40s. it's going to be a windy day as our sunshine continues in the forecast. we'll talk more about the high
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winds coming up. still need your headlights right now, because the sun is not fully lit. we have a very clear view unlike yesterday. so that's good news. we will show you the compare and contrast for the rest of the bay. that's coming up.
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happy friday. it is 4:40. as you are stepping out the door, you will want to make sure
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you are wearing a nice warm coat. look at the temperature in morgan hill. it's 40 degrees. it's 45 right now in santa rosa. we will talk about warmer air and high winds in the forecast coming up. we're not looking at as much fog as yesterday. we can clearly see a look over here outside on the roadways. fremont, we had fog come down as far as fremont. not a problem. a very easy drive. let's see how well the business world is doing. let's check in with bertha. >> good morning, mike. good morning to you. i am bertha coombs from cnbc. the dow shedding more than 300 points. it had been up as much as 450 at one point. the s&p 500 seeing a similar
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reversal. the nasdaq seeing the biggest volatility of the day with the loss of 1.3%, after having been up 1.2%. rising interest rates and bond yields are pressuring high embrs. for now the feature is only available to members of twitter's blue subscription service who use apple devices, and they will appear as hexagons rather than the standard circled and you can tap on the pictures to find out more information if you are into that sort of thing. we are watching shares of
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netflix, they are down nearly 20% in the extended trading this morning ahead of the open. it expect to add a smaller number of subscribers than a year ago. they may have brought forward a lot of subscribers, and it's just adjusting to growing competition, including from consumers' leisure time that does not include streaming shows and movies. last week netflix raised prices for the first time in two years. it could be netflix's worth day in about a decade. it's going to pull things further down into what we call correction territory. >> i mean, i think they are just
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not enough people that don't already have it. at some point we have all gotten it through the pandemic and what not. >> yeah, that's what happened, they pulled forward a lot of the demand, and not to mention some people still share netflix accounts -- >> we would never, bertha. we are up standing citizens. >> never. it's what you want to hear as a homeowner, but not if you are a home buyer. the reason bay area housing prices are on the rise again. as we take a look at our live view in san josé, we are waking up to another clear start in san josé. we do have more sunshine and nice weather ahead. we'll talk about more -- what we're concernedbout, coming up next. well, not concerned about
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the san mateo bridge. it's clear. we will look at the issues from yesterday and see how your drive is on this friday morning.
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the fog is back. the legendary twitter account is posting again after a two-year
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hiatus. it got a reply from the national weather service that said we misted you. >> i am so happy he's back. a little bit of carl the fog out there as we look over the san francisco skyline. let's see what is in store -- >> picked the wrong day. >> yeah. >> it was a big day for carl yesterday. >> now, where is carla? >> yeah. >> carl went back to the north bay, too. let's see what is going on with that today. here's a look at our current visibility. quarter of a mile. right now carl hanging out over novato and moving towards napa and we are seeing that in santa rosa as well. we are clear over much of the bay area, and we start out with fog and turn our attention to
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the high winds today. some of the coastal ranges as well as heading up towards northern sonoma county. we will see some of the gusts and some of the upper elevations reaching up to 70 miles per hour later this evening. so high winds could bring down tree limbs and possibly give us power outages especially for people who live in the hills. we are going to stop it here. at about 230 this afternoon, we can see bright red color and dark purples will see the high winds. then as we go into the evening the winds will peak and we could see really gusty winds as we go into the night. it has been a while since we have had winds like this so it could cause issues with drowned trees once again, so you want to
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make sure you are preparing your home. the north bay will see the peak gusts pick up tonight and we will see the winds increasing this morning. as the temperatures warm up we will have nice comfortable weather for getting your home ready for the high winds. concord and antioch today reaching 69. 60 for today in san mateo. then for san francisco, we are looking at upper 60s and more of the same for parts of the north bay. dry weather as we go through the forecast. no changes there, but we will see the offshore wind and also the cold front sliding down that will cool off our temperatures starting tonight into the next several mornings. it will be low 60s by next week but no rain here. mike, what are you watching for the morning commute?
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>> i was just checking the up update, and there's still construction. at the top of the screen was come over the hill towards lincoln, we had a lot of fog building over the course of the morning commute. this morning it's clear, and the map shows you it's clear on the road weather index as well. the fog kicks in north. watch highway 37. that has been the case for the last week there. and traffic around the area, as folks head over from antioch into concord, no problems for the rest of the map. vasco is clear to 580. the view there was clear yesterday, and today it's also clear and that's good stuff. back over to you. >> looks good, mike. thanks so much. it's safe to say most of us
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love to live in the bay area, and it's not easy, and fewer homes are for sale and it has nothing to do with covid. our business tech reporters, scott budman, has more. >> many bay area would-be homeowners hoped we would have seen more houses on the market right now to ease the buying anxiety. we haven't. >> just looking around and finding empty shelves, metaphorically. >> that's mr. tucker with sobering stats. not only does the typical san josé home cost more than $1.5 million, the month over month inventory is down 24%. san francisco homes come in under a shade $1.4 million, also with low inventory.
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it's largely because they are selling so quickly. >> buyers are taking the listings off the market by buying so quickly. >> there's another reason at play here. some would-be sellers holding on to their homes, because they can get so much money by renting them out. >> why should i sell? i got all this money and i can hold on to it and buy something else, because i have the stock money. >> these days, that's a big if. it's 4:52. honoring a fallen deputy. there's design plans for a memorial to honor the officer
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killed in 2020 after responding to a call with suspicious vehicle with guns and bomb-making materials outside a home and he was ambushed by the homeowner and killed. >> it would be nice to have a park that damon enjoyed, and people can walk buy and remember him and what he stood for and the sacrifice that he and his family has made. it's 4:43. if you are getting excited for the super bowl, and more specifically the super bowl half-time show, we'll give you a sneak peek of what to expect during this year's half-time show. that's coming up next. the national science foundation is making sonoma
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state a place to a look at the wildfire research. we'll be right back. excuses happen. what? it's too windy. but with a huge selection of wellness support products for nutrition, sleep, immune systems and energy, cvs can help them happen a little less.
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how about this 2 for 1. a free trip to the oakland zoo and a covid vaccination or booster shot. they will have it on two upcoming saturdays, february 5th and 26th, between 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. anybody that gets a free shot
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receives a family pass plus free parking and that would normally cost you about 100 bucks. wow. >> if you are going to do it anyway, that's a good deal. >> a good incentive. they say there are three times of people in the world, those that watch the super bowl for the game or those that watch for the half-time and those that watch the commercials. >> what about the snacking? >> here's a preview for one of those groups. >> all right. that half-time show will be called california love and the nfl released a promotional video. some of the biggest names in hip-hop, all preparing to blow
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the roof off l.a.'s sofi stadium. i cannot wait. you can watch the half-time show on the super bowl here on february 13th. it will be a big day as we broadcast the olympics and super bowl both going at the same time for the first time ever. >> that will be so exciting. >> will be fun. a sigh of relief. coming up, an emotional night for one waeb family as they finally get a message from a loved one in tonga following that earth wake and tsunami.
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right now at 5:00, potential game changing legislation sure to raise some questions. should minors be able to get vaccinated without their parents' consent? a head in a live report, one proposal a lawmaker is laying out in a few hours. more damage control at the white house in the wake of the comments about russia's possible invasion of ukraine. a live report from washington as the president tries to walk back what he said and a new response from critics. gusty winds on the way for parts of the bay area. where we may have some trees down and power impacts in the microclimate forecast. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning. it's 5:00


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