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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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unvaccinated. more damage control at the white house in the wake of president biden's comments about russia's possible invasion of ukraine. a live report from washington as the president tries to walk back what he said and a new response from critics. we have gusty winds on the way for parts of the bay area for today. where we may have downed trees and power impacts in the microclimate forecast. this is "today in the bay." it's good to have you with us on this friday morning. i am kris sanchez. >> i am kira klapper. both laura and marcus have the day off. if you are on the go, we are broadcasting on your television, your roku, amazon fire and apple tv and we begin with a bold move this morning to get more people vaccinated, and one bay area lawmaker is proposing minors be
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allowed to be vaccinated without their parents' consent. >> there's new data on the challenges for people who are not vaccinated. good morning, cierra. >> good morning, kris and kira. this proposal is being introduced by scott wiener. it proposes that children 12 and older get a vaccine without their parents' consent. we will let you know what he has to say there. a little background on this proposal. he introduced this legislation yesterday and he says he worries some teenagers are not getting their shots because widespread information about the vaccines led to their parents opposing it. this bill led to many communities across the state seeing a surge in cases due to the omicron variant. there are 1 million california teenagers who are eligible but who have not gotten their vaccine.
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according to the california department of public health, people who have not received their covid-19 vaccine are four times more likely to be infected, and six times more likely to be hospitalized and nearly 18 times more likely to die from the virus than folks who are fully vaccinated. as it stands now, minors 12 to 17 cannot be vaccinated without permission from their parents or guardian unless the vaccine is specifically meant to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and wiener will allow that bill to include vaccines approved by the fda. at 9:30, that's the time when that senator is expected to expand on his proposal that he introduced yesterday. we're live in san francisco. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> that is definitely going to be talker today. we are going to cover that at
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9:30. thank you, cierra. and then nurses plan to address what they say is pandemic staffing and safety concerns. they say the hospital is prioritizing profits and now they plan to air those grievances in a virtual news conference. we did request a comment from the hospital and we are waiting for that and once we get it we will bring that to you. we know you have questions about that minor vaccination move. we are here to help you out. go to you can find helpful links in the trending bar. we have resources to get the free test from the government and find a testing location in your community and ask the commonly asked covid-19 questions. new this morning, the u.s. and russia are providing little hope at averting a conflict in europe. 100,000 troops amassed near the ukrainian border, many near
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moscow is planning to invade but russia is denning that. now they are scrambling to prevent a front to coordinate a response. the situation with russia is just one issue for the white house as president biden starts his second year in office. today in the bay's brie jackson joins us live from washington. brie, republicans are really using this opportunity. >> that's right. the democrats are looking to repair the damage from the remarks the president made earlier this week. meanwhile this comes as a new nbc news poll shows the president is struggling to satisfy voters in certain areas. >> let me start by saying a few words about russia and ukraine. >> president biden entering year two of his presidency walking back statements made the last
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day of year one. >> russia will pay a heavy price. >> the president sent shock waves through europe after appearing to suggest there's wiggle room with russia could get away with. the white house playing defense thursday, further clarifying the president's words while emphasizing actions he took to help americans and fight off covid. >> we have made incredible progress this year on building and now shipping out these tests. >> republicans insists republicans have done more harm than good. >> we look at the accomplishments. we have an economy damaged, cities and streets that are dangerous. >> an overall approving rating shows just 43%. 53% are unhappy with the handling of the pandemic, and 64% is unhappy.
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>> when you go to the grocery store you find things three and four times higher than they used to be, but our paychecks are not four and five times higher. >> the legislation previously stalled in the senate but the president hopes breaking the infrastructure bill up into smaller pieces revives it. >> he will make his case to the nation's mayors when he has a conference here in washington, d.c. >> thank you. happening today, the vice president is coming home to san francisco and set to visit san bernardino in southern california with agriculture secretary. the vice president will carry a similar message to milwaukee next week. after that she's off to honduras
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for the inauguration of the country's very first female president. and then last night authorities confirmed that they recovered michael odell's body after a search near the dumbarton bridge. at this point foul play is not suspected. friends and loved ones will gather tonight to remember a fremont native that died in a random and violent attack in new york city. 40-year-old michelle go died when somebody pushed her in front of a subway in times square. a homeless man there is now in custody. he already admitted to pushing her according to authorities. a candlelight vigil will take place tonight at the downtown plaza. and family members are finally hearing from family members in tonga who were caught
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by the surprise of the underwater volcanic eruption and tsunami. thousands upon thousands are without shelter. homes were leveled. piles of rubble covered the streets and volcanic ash is everywhere. supplies from new zealand and australia are just arriving and arrives are leaving from the port of oakland today. we are looking live at san josé and the skyline, which we can see today because the fog is not as widespread as yesterday. yesterday it looked like the central valley out there with all the heavy, heavy fog, and kari says wind is the word for today. >> yeah, that will mix up the fog earlier today for the north bay. it's clear in the south bay. once again starting out with the cool temperatures. take a look at the visibility around novato, and we have seen about quarter mile visibility in
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napa. we are not seeing it spread into the east bay or san francisco at this point. we are concerned about the winds that will pick up today. we will have a wind advisory in effect for all of the areas shaded in orange. for the north bay, the red shading there is for a high wind warning going up at 7:00 and continuing into tomorrow morning. we are watching the north bay. mike, what are you watching for the morning commute? >> looking for something in san josé. looks like a disabled vehicle. the interchange around here in the camera shot. you see traffic moving smoothly, and crossing under that 17/880 interchange. the disabled vehicle not interrupting the flow of traffic. in the south bay, i should show you this map. 101, it's just a blip now, not even a surge.
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a smooth flow of traffic there and out of the rest of the bay. going through contra costa, a smooth drive. a little slowing for highway 37, and maybe a little traffic here. no backup at the bay bridge. barelies in incidents out there. back to you. >> thanks, mike. there's heightened pressures, and some relationships are failing to thrive. i took to twitter to ask how your relationship is doing. it's split. we're doing all right, but we have challenges and i guess it could depend on the day, right. we spoke with a relationship counselor about what he's seeing during this time in the time of uncertainty. >> the data does show there was a surge and spike in divorces
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and breakups, so -- >> uh-huh. >> do you think all that extra time was the factor in that it turned out not to be a gift for people. >> what it did was actually permit people to see these cracks that were in the relationship. because they were running around and trying to deal with the aspect of living and surviving, it meant the tracks in the relationship were not as obvious. now having time to sit still and be home and around this particular family member for an amount of time and the cracks that had been ignored became more present and especially if there were no tools around to address the cracks, yeah, breaking up became the most effective way to resolve those cracks. >> a lot of people at the beginning of the pandemic expected that we would see a baby boom because people were spending so much time together,
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and turned out to be a bust. why do you think that is? >> i don't know. that probably has to do again with what this pandemic has brought up for people. it has brought a lot of enter specktion for people. what we are dealing now with the inflation is affecting ideas like is it worthy for me to have a child, and is it worthy for me to bring another life into this situation, and coupled with that with the cracks in peoples' lives -- >> working from home and learning from home blurred our boundaries. how do we make sure people get a break at home without feeling like you are shutting somebody down. >> that's about creating routine. when you give a child a time to
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walk the dog, you need a routine at home as well. after so many hours at your job you are supposed to take a break mandated by labor laws. same thing applies in your home. you need to take a break and walk around the house. you need to take a moment to take fluffy for a walk. all of those things are creating a routine in our homes just like we have outside on the normal days. >> that's a really good idea. >> so important. >> yeah. did you know you could be tracked without your knowledge or consent? coming up on "today in the bay," a warning from a top watchdog group about apple's popular air tag devices even if you don't have one. plus, centuries later. the brand-new discovery in the historic land here, when we come
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good friday morning. as you are making plans for the day, and if you are going out for a hike, heads up, starting out with fog in the north bay. then foggy into windy from late morning into the afternoon. if you are hiking today, be prepared for wind gusts and temperatures reaching the low 60s. we will talk about that more and the weekend forecast, coming up. yesterday we had fog here in palo alto. looks great.
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it's friday. we are looking for a lighter volume of traffic but we are picking up the volume a little bit on this stretch of highway 101. we'll show you how some of the other usual suspects are shaping up this morning. it's just shy of 6:17. wall street is set for a mixed open after stocks reversed course yesterday and sold off into the close. this morning nasdaq futures are falling 1%, as netflix drags tech-heavy index deeper into correction territory. new warning this morning from a top consumer watchdog about apple's airtag devices. we are talking about the small disks that you put into things you tend to lose. criminals are using them to mark cars they want to steal or dropping them in bags or purses to stalk people. >> the criminals, some of the
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scammers found out that, you know what, we could use these tools as well. we will put these inside a purse and be able to track and stalk you, and maybe we will take an airtag and drop it somewhere in your car or a wheel well or whatever, and we will track your car, and that gives us the ability to find your car maybe when you are not there or where you live and so on and maybe steal the car. >> the better business bureau have not received any complaints here in the valley, and that could be because they are going straight to law enforcement. if you see an unknown device has been detected, turn off your location services and contact apple and if you feel your safety is in trouble contact authorities.
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>> it's so small, too. hard to detect. and this is super exciting. >> previously unknown parts in the ruins of machu picchu. they used a remote sensing technology, and parts of a water system from the 15th century. engineering all the way back then. >> that's incredible. let's check in now with meteorologist, kari hall, who see how our friday forecast is shaping up. >> yeah, we have a lot of changes on the way. take a look at this camera. yesterday it was so foggy as we were heading out in oakland. now it's clear. as you are on your way to work this morning, it's just a chilly start. it will start out calm but the winds will pick up as we go into
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the late morning and afternoon. upper 40s to the low 60s today. it's going to be very comfortable, but the wind will be the issue for us for today. that's the reason why we do have wind advisories in effect for all of these areas shaded in orange. we do have the higher concern for the areas shaded in red, and that's where we will have a high wind warning and that's where the winds could gust up to 70 miles per hour. watching out for the areas around mount st. helena. and then for the east bay we could also see the winds picking up around mount diablo. the winds increase early this morning and then peak for tonight. the highest wind gusts could reach 70 miles per hour. the north bay is where we are watching. make sure your home and everything around your home is ready for the high winds. as the temperatures head for the mid to upper 60s today, a little warmer today. as the system passes through to the east of us, it's pushing in
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the high winds and also around the high pressure that has been keeping our weather dry. it has been dry for a while so you are probably wondering how is the sierra snowpack? not bad at all. we're still above normal and on track to continue to see above normal snowpack. we are right now at 113% of our average amount of snow thanks to the big boost we had in december. now as we take a look at our 7-day forecast, it will get cooler. dry weather continues for the next several days. hopefully we see a change in the pattern for early february. as of right now we are still dealing with comfortable temperatures, but just watching the gusty winds for later today. mike, you have been looking at the fog and how it has had an impact on the north bay commute. >> kari, we are watching slowing on highway 37. maybe it's the fog because the traffic is light out of vallejo. a live look shows you the
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richmond san rafael bridge. as you showed in oakland, we have spots with much better visibility. mid span westbound, that's the upper deck, there's reports of wood debris on the bridge. have not seen slowing in the last ten minutes. there's the slowing above at the highway 37 area. barely any slowing for the highway through concord. it's your typical friday light. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> happy friday. we have some happy viewers to tell you about. we got each of them hundreds of dollars back. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next.
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welcome back. when it comes to new year's resolution, our consumer team stuck to theirs. they are saving you money in 2022. >> chris chmura shows you a freshly baked batch of savings. >> at telemundo 48, consumer investigator helped rebecca from oakland with her washing machine. it stopped working two weeks after she bought it. he got her $814 refund.
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and then there was a $500 cell phone battle. the reps offer a $500 gift card bonus and then the credit card company told him that store was not a participating location, and we stepped in and he got his $500 gift card. if a cell phone sales person makes aan offer, keep that in writing until they deliver on the offer. >> thank you, chris. up next, the top stories we are following today, including looking back and forward as the pandemic hits a milestone. the new hope for small businesses paralyzed by the
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latest omicron surge. plus -- school districts throughout the state are facing teacher shortages, and meantime one district may go on strike. i will have the latest. the bay area tech giant expanding but nowhere near the silicon valley. the intel on intel's latest production unit promising thousands of jobs. you're watching "today in the bay." we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support.
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call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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i also have a lot of confidence this district leadership will meet ever reasonable demand. >> teachers threatening to action in a crisis over covid. ahead in a live report that a strike may be days ahead in a district already experiencing major upheaval. and then we will show you how the declining covid surge could change some restaurants' plans, and maybe yours in the days and weeks ahead. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting to your television. you can also watch us live on your roku, amazon fire, apple tv and good friday morning to you. i am kira klapper. >> i am kris sanchez. laura and marcus both have the day off. we will get to your morning commute with mike ahead but first we want to look at the forecast. we see some of the fog lingering, but not as widespread as yesterday.
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>> yeah, not as widespread as yesterday but we are seeing it still in the north bay this morning. visibility dropped down to zero in novato. we also have seen fog drifting around napa and santa rosa. we're going to start out with cool temperatures there. take a look how told it in is santa rosa with the fog. it's 37 degrees. the fog will linger through at least 9:00 to 10:00, and then clear out and that's when the winds will be picking up. we could see gusts reaching up to 70 miles per hour, especially in the hills and mountains in the north bay. we'll talk more about the wind advisory and the high wind warning and the forecast as well as the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes, kris and kira. >> thank you, kari. two years ago today the term coronavirus finally hit home for a lot of us. that's when the cdc confirmed the first u.s. case which was a man in washington state that just had come home from overseas. the day before three u.s.
6:32 am
airports including sfo and l.a.x. all started screening for coronavirus following reported infections in japan and southeast asia. >> now, two years later like covid and covid protocols have tremendous meaning. for one school district it's the focus of a dispute that could lead to teachers walking off their jobs. today in the bay's sharon katsuda is live for us this morning. schools everywhere are struggling with pandemic problems, but especially this cool. >> reporter: that's right, kira. this comes at a time when school districts statewide are dealing with teacher shortages. more than 100 staffers in one district tested positive last week and the remaining teachers showing up to work are stretched thin and are calling on the district to hire more support staff. the union president said he's authorized to call a strike in the next 48 hours and parents are worried about what it could mean for them.
6:33 am
>> if there are sickouts or strikes, it's incredibly disruptive for parents who do not have the luxury of working from home and rely on school as child care. >> districts are dealing with closures due to lack of staffing because of covid, and there could be an extended school year to make up for the losses. schools outpace health care facilities for covid-19 outbreaks in the fall. palo alto recruited 800 parent volunteers to fill in for teacher aides, and it's interesting because the oakland unified school district situation is definitely evolving. students -- some students calling for a zoom meeting at 10:30 today to talk about their concerns over covid, and this is during school hours when most
6:34 am
students should be in school. it will be interesting to see how many people turn out for the zoom school meeting. it's 6:33. the rapid spread of omicron in the bay area is finally starting to slow down, but it's not time to let our guards down just yet. restaurants, however, are getting ready to welcome that news, especially those that shut their doors during the surge and are eager to reopen. some closed over safety concerns and some over staffing issues, and some took time to remodel trying to make the best of it. one restaurant in san francisco planning to reopen next month. >> it's coming down, so let's just for sure stay closed to the end of this month and re-evaluate where we are. >> restaurant owners say one of the new challenges is trying to get word out to people that they are ready to open once again.
6:35 am
>> we have a follow-up now. california's department of justice is investigating a deadly police shooting at sfo in the international terminal. responding officers found a suspicious man that was reported, and he pointed two guns before they opened fire. those two guns were actually airsoft style replicas, and they are not calling it an act of terror. happening today, san josé's police chief will reveal more details about a deadly police shooting. it happened on wednesday night after a crash involving a carjacking suspect in san josé's rose garden neighborhood. that car eventually caught on fire. when officers arrived they say
6:36 am
that man started shooting at them forcing them to shoot him. he has not been identified. intel plans to invest $20 billion in two new chip manufacturing plants, not here, in ohio. this is a look at company headquarters in santa clara right there along mission college boulevard. the factories are going to be built 20,000 miles away in columbus. despite soaring demand for digital products the pandemic has led to a global semiconductor shortage and they hope this will help solve that problem. a live look over san francisco. the beautiful skyline. clear enough to see that the golden gate bridge. it's friday and we are looking ahead to the weekend. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall, to see what is on tap. >> yeah, it's going to be a nice
6:37 am
weekend whether you are going to be here in the bay area or hitting the road. if you are going to the sierra, looking at the palisades tahoe forecast, it's going to be 30 degrees today for a high temperature. it's good to make theshe in the forecast. there's still 107 inches of snow on the ground at the upper parts of the mountain, so that's pretty good. also a lot of lifts and runs scheduled for today. maybe you will head down to l.a., and temperatures are near 70 degrees all throughout the weekend. also nice and dry weather but windy there as well. taking a look at paso robles this weekend, going for wine tasting and going to be nice with sunshine and comfortable temperatures and highs reaching into the upper 60s. the mornings are starting out chilly, though. if you are going to take a drive down to big sur, temperatures will reach 71 today but will be
6:38 am
cooler for the rest of the weekend with highs reaching in the mid-60s. the morning starts in the upper 40s. then from your woods it's also been one of those weekends where it starts out windy and a little cool, but i think those high winds are going to make it feel cooler than 64heext couple of days, it's going to be nice for whatever you have to do outside. now, i am going to show this forecast again for people who may be packing up and heading to wisconsin. i don't know why you would want to suffer through this, temperatures will only reach into the teens for a high and continue to drop throughout the game. this is going to be something that we will be watching on the game and they will be talking about, and those announcers always talk about how cold the weather is in the tundra, and it will be bitter cold with the temperatures dropping below zero. i will watch that from the comfort of my watch.
6:39 am
what are you watching right now, mike? >> i might crank the ac so my kids could get a little taste of what that could feel like. a live look shows no backup. some slowing as you get through the toll plaza, and you need to slow down for safety's sake. and then i have circled a blip heading towards the metering lights, and then it narrows at the incline and that's a reason for slowing as the volume is just building. slowing at the richmond bridge with slowing there. fog has crept down into the richmond area off the carquinez bridge but nothing like yesterday. south of the bay bridge, a clear drive and barely slowing, just 84 through the tri-valley and the altamont pass. back to you. >> thank you. coming up on "today in the
6:40 am
bay," the tributes pouring in for meat loaf after his death overnight. plus, as kari was talking about, off to green bay. the 49ers are heading to take on the packers. we'll show you the friendly rivalry you can't help but notice when you walk into one bay area spot. plus, stick around for a friendly wager from our friends from wisconsin. dow starting out in the red this morning, and we are expect the trading will be down on the nasdaq as well because netflix is posting pretty big losses this morning. we are also checking in with abby fernandez. >> we are two weeks away from the winter olympics, and the best part is the opening ceremony uniforms were just unveiled. you want to see what they look like? check out the latest episode of "synced in."
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happy friday. right now at 6:43, it's a chilly start in the east bay, but at least it's clear. right now in walnut creek it's 40 degrees. we'll go from 40 right now to a lot of sunshine and our temperatures headed for the low 60s for today. it's also going to be windy. we'll talk about where those winds will be gusting the highest. that's in the forecast, coming up. kari, that's the big contrast today. here in fremont the skies are clear and a great view of the
6:44 am
traffic. it is building for the nimitz on 880 right here north of tesla. we are tracking a build around the bay in a few spots. we will show you where the sensors are changing and what is changing also as you cross the bay. we are going to talk to you about a 74-year-old entertainer born with the name marvin aday. he died overnight, but you might know him as meat loaf. ♪ >> fans everywhere mourning the loss of the star not only his music but also of film. you may not know meat loaf acted in dozens of films, he was in "wayne's world," and "rocky horror picture show." his classic album "bat out of
6:45 am
hell" is one of the best selling albums of all-time. meat loaf died with family members at his side and the cause of death has not been announced. as you can imagine the entertainment world is flooding social media with condolences, and that includes the likes of cher, boy george and pearce morgan. and then naomi osaka won the australian open last year before later pulling out of the u.s. open citing mental fatigue. we have been talking about it, the 49ers left for green bay yesterday. that's where they take on the top-seeded packers in the divisional playoffs tomorrow.
6:46 am
and for two east bay restaurant owners, this makes it personal. >> yeah, you have a rivalry off the field. these are best friends, and they have owned the good time tavern for 17 years, and one is a 49ers fan, so he's right, and the other is wrong, he's a packers fan. they are like siblings about it. they are splitting the place right down the middle. >> i don't want to mention too much. last time we did not even have to throw to beat you. >> that's okay. can't win them all. >> you just have to win the big ones, which will happen very soon. they say their friendship will survive sunday night's game no matter who wins. here on "today in the bay," we decided to make things interesting with our morning show counterparts over in green bay. here's the wager. >> hey, "today in the bay," we wanted to send over a big
6:47 am
midwest hello before tomorrow's game. >> welcome to the frozen tundra. hope their niners have their gloves, hats and long underwear -- >> i think they get it. >> if the packers win, which, of course, they are going to, you guys have to send us some of the good sourdough, right? >> if the niners do somehow win, maybe, we will send you some of our famous cheese kurds. >> how about that? sounds like a deal? good luck in the game tomorrow. go packers. >> or go 49ers. the one-hour pregame show starts at 4:00 on saturday, and then you will want to know what is next for the niners in the postgame show. >> whatever is next, the winner, they will go on to play the winner of the bucs playoff game on sunday.
6:48 am
that game airs here on nbc bay area. kickoff is at noon. >> we are all grateful we are going to be watching from home or our favorite sports bar, because i would not want to be at lambeau field. >> no, ma'am. >> a hi -- high of 16 degrees, and windchill below zero. here, heading out it's nice and clear in the south bay. it's cool for us to start out this morning but visibility is lower in spots like novato where it's down to zero. we have dense fog drifting around the north bay. elsewhere it's clear and even clearing from san francisco where it was foggy at this time yesterday morning. so as we go into today, we go from the fog in the morning to dealing with some high winds, and we are going to be seeing the high wind advisory beginning at 7:00, and also really concerned about the gusty winds
6:49 am
kicking up in some of the north bay hills from parts of marin county in the coastal ranges to sonoma county, around st. mount helena we could see winds up to possibly 70 miles per hour. the winds start to increase this morning but continue to pick up as we go through today with some of the peak gusts picking up to 70 miles per hour for tonight. our north bay is where we are focusing for the high winds, and we can also see the high winds around mount diablo and make sure everything around your home is secure for the high winds. reaching mid to upper 60s, but the dry weather continues and we are looking at still more dry weather. the system passing to the east of us is what is causing the winds to pick up. still we have a lot of dry weather in the forecast in the next several days. today the temperatures reach in the mid-60s for the inland areas, just a little cooler once
6:50 am
the system passes and then we will see more of the sunshine and highs reaching where we should see the highs for early -- for late january into early february, we are looking at temperatures around 60 degrees, and we will see that in san francisco with more dry weather at least through the end of next week. mike, you have been watching the impact with the fog for the north bay commute especially. >> yeah, but fortunately a light volume of traffic. we have not seen much slowing but highway 37 did see a little more than i expected given the volume we are looking at out there. let's look at the roads. only ten minutes of slowing here, and then things settled through silicon valley. lighter traffic. i circled the castro valley, and
6:51 am
it's indicating a little more traffic. smooth towards the bay bridge. i circled that. slowing on the richmond bridge as well. le toll plaza may have been slowed for debris that got cleared from the span. >> back to you. >> love seeing all that green. thanks, mike. happening now, a windfall grant for one bay area school to improve wildfire safety. the national science foundation is giving sonoma state university more than $1 million to study the impact of wildfires. students will look at how forest structures propensities.
6:52 am
>> reporter: a local lawmaker just proposed minors to get the covid vaccine without their parents' consent. we will break down that legislation coming up. we learn about covid-19,
6:53 am
6:54 am
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. welcome back. here's a look at the top stories for today, including one that will be a talker for you and your family.
6:55 am
the possibility of young teenagers getting vaccinated without their parents' consent. >> today in the bay's cierra johnson joins us with more on what that proposal means. >> reporter: good morning. that was proposed yesterday by state senator scott wiener. it would allow children ages 12 to 17 to make their own decisions about getting vaccinated without their parents' consent. he is expected to hold a press conference around 9:30 and i will be there and relay any information on line and on air. he worried some teenagers were not getting their shots because of widespread misinformation about those vaccines that led their parents to oppose it. many places are seeing a surge due to the omicron variant. 1 million teenagers are eligible that have not received the covid
6:56 am
vaccine, and people who have not received their covid vaccination are four times more times to get infected and 6 times more likely to be hospitalized and 18 times more likely to die for those unvaccinated. senator wiener's bill would allow this to include any vaccine. minors and 12 are allowed to receive the v and hepatitis vaccine without their parents' consent. this will be a talker. we will hear what senator wiener has to say live at 9:30. i'm cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. in the east bay, a teachers strike is looming. this is because oakland unified school district and the oakland
6:57 am
teacher's union have not yet come to an agreement. that means the teachers could go on strike if the district does not agree to an updated covid safety plan. the president of the teacher's union said the remaining teachers are stretched thin and they are calling on the district to hire more support staff. the union president says he's authorized to call a strike. meetings at this point are scheduled to continue. on to a follow-up now on a story we brought you about a missing stanford nurse. last night authorities confirmed they did recover the body of michael odell during a search near the dumbarton bridge. his car was found there earlier in the east bay lane. no foul play is expected. friends and loved ones expected to gather and remember a bay area native when she died
6:58 am
after somebody shoved her in front of a subway train in times square. the homeless man now in custody admitted to pushing her. a candlelight vigil will happen at 7:00 tonight at fremont's downtown event center plaza. happening today the vice president is set to come home to san francisco visiting san bernardino county. the trip will highlight the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law back in november. the vice president will carry a similar message to milwaukee next week. after that she's headed to honduras for the inauguration for central america's first woman president. new this morning, intel plans to invest $20 billion in two new chip manufacturing plants in ohio. this is a look at the company's headquarters in santa clara. the factories will be built
6:59 am
nearly 2,500 miles away near columbus, and that would create arizona and new mexico and committed about $95 manufacturing in europe. let's get a last look at your forecast because the weekend is now upon us. kari, we are looking forward to it. >> yes, we are. we are also going to have high winds picking up today, especially in the north bay. watch out for the wind gusts that will calm down by tomorrow, and our temperatures remain much more of the same with highs in the low 60s for the inland areas and cool for the early morning hours. how is the commute rolling, mike? >> i think the debris on the bridge has cleared and they stopped traffic for a minute or
7:00 am
two here on the bridge. there's haze but not the fog like we had yesterday. >> mike and kari, thank you so much. that's what is happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. we'll see you soon. >> enjoy that niners game, guys. good morning. damage control. the president himself before the cameras forced to his remarks about a russian incursion into ukraine. >> let there be no doubt at all. if putin makes this choice, russia will pay a heavy price. >> overnight, the secretary of state taking that message directly to the foreign minister during a high-stakes face-to-face. we're live with what's next in the showdown. one-two punch. another day of bitter cold. temperatures on tap across the country as millions in the south brace for a significant ice storm.


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