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tv   Today  NBC  January 21, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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there's haze but not the fog like we had yesterday. >> mike and kari, thank you so much. that's what is happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. we'll see you soon. >> enjoy that niners game, guys. good morning. damage control. the president himself before the cameras forced to his remarks about a russian incursion into ukraine. >> let there be no doubt at all. if putin makes this choice, russia will pay a heavy price. >> overnight, the secretary of state taking that message directly to the foreign minister during a high-stakes face-to-face. we're live with what's next in the showdown. one-two punch. another day of bitter cold. temperatures on tap across the country as millions in the south brace for a significant ice storm.
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al's full forecast including the impact on your weekend plans. family business. the january 6th committee formally requests the testimony and cooperation of ivanka trump. what investigators believe she may know about the words and actions of her father in the crucial minutes as the insurrection unfolded. breaking overnight. acclaimed singer and actor meat loaf has died. his family announcing the news. tributes pouring in for the star behind one of the best-selling albums of all time. this morning, we're going to remember his remarkable career on stage and screen. all that, plus feeling the burn? inside the struggles facing peloton and netflix, two pandemic success stories facing lagging businesses as life returns to normal. what it could mean for millions of users.
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and catching the fever. >> playoff football. let's go. >> tom brady is pumped. fans pretty pumped, too, for a big weekend of nfl action on the road to the super bowl, today, friday, january 21st, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's good to have you with us on a friday morning. >> i love saying a friday morning. we have a busy friday, in fact, including news breaking just a few hours ago that singer and actor meat loaf died at the age of 74. >> the artist known for hits like paradise by t dashboard light passed away with his wife by the side. we'll have a full report and a look back. we hear a lot of folks playing meat loaf around the studio. >> plus, another day of rough weather. frigid temps for tens of millions. this is myrtle beach, south carolina. a threat of ice expected to make
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for dangerous travel conditions. stretching all the way to texas. al has everything you need to know to plan your weekend. and we begin with the story that has the world's attention. a potential russian invasion of ukraine. president biden is trying to clear up his comments about it that sparked a firestorm. he had suggested a minor incursion might draw a weaker response from the u.s. and its allies, but he's now trying to make it clear that is not the case. meanwhile, the secretary of state, antony blinken, is holding tense talks with russia's foreign minister in geneva overnight. we have two reports for you, including richard engle who is live from kiev this morning. let's start with nbc's senior white house correspondent, kelly o'donnell. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. president biden says there is no confusion between him and vladimir putin about the serious cost if russia invades ukraine. right now, the president's top diplomat is trying to head off conflict with russia in what could be the last real chance for diplomacy.
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this morning, president biden's words and vladimir putin's actions under scrutiny. high-stakes diplomacy in geneva today. as secretary of state antony blinken meets face-to-face with his russian counterpart. while president biden and the white house try to walk back confusion. >> if any, any assembled russian units move across ukrainian border, that is an invasion. >> following alarm after his more spontaneous comments wednesday that suggested certain russian aggression against ukraine might not trigger a robust response. >> one thing if it's a minor incursion and then we end up having to fight about what to do and not do, et cetera. >> with 100,000 russian troops at ukraine's border, president zelensky responded on twitter. we want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions. just as there are no minor casualties. senate republican leader mitch
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mcconnell urged president biden to send more u.s. forces to tbolster nato allies. >> we cannot afford to let moscow underestimate our resolve to impose serious, serious crushing costs in response to any further incursion against ukraine. >> on the brink of conflict, the president had also exposed that key allies are not on the same page. >> there are differences in nato as to what countries are willing to do depending on what happens. >> but trying to strengthen his hand, secretary blinken emphasized the u.s. and european partners intend to speak with one voice. >> we'll continue to make very clear that if moscow chooses the path of further aggression, we will impose swift and massive costs. on this, too, we're united.
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>> looking for more clarity, the white house also says that the u.s. and nato allies do not have to have identical views of russia and ukraine in order to be unified in their approach to stop putin's aggression. >> kelly o'donnell leading us off. thank you. >> let's bring in richard englen ukraine's capital of kiev for us. richard, good morning. >> good morning. the me way. and going into those talks, the foreign minister, sergey lavrov of russia, was thrown a question, does he expect russia to invade? he said no, he does not. russia has repeatedly denied that it intends to invade. but it still keeps those troops on the border. it has been putting more troops into belarus, and here in kiev, i just came from the cyber defense agency, and i was talking to the deputy director there, and he was showing me the charts and the number of cyberattacks against this country, which he attributes are
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mostly coming from russia has been spiking dramatically over the last several days, over the last several weeks so this country is concerned about an attack. publicly, they're not saying very much. the president aside from that sharp rebuke against president biden, is trying to keep a calm face he's not telling the people that they should panic, that they should take up guns, that they should rush to the border. he's saying that they should behave as normal, especially as these negotiations take place. one other tidbit out of geneva so far, the deputy foreign minister was asked is russia afraid of ukraine? because if you listen to the russian media, they say all of their actions are defensive in nature that they have built up forces along the border because it's ukraine and nato who are the aggressors, and he said no,
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russia is not afraid of anybody, including the united states. >> talk about fear and tension imagine living in kiev right now. how are folks dealing with this, knowing there's 100,000 russian troops at their borders? how are they preparing and dealing with that possibility? >> well, there's a lot of confusion. i met with a group of russian businessmen, of ukrainian businessmen yesterday, and they don't exactly know what to read of the situation because this country has been at war, low-level war with russia for the last eight years so on one level, they think, well, maybe this is just an escalation of what they have already been living through. they're watching their own government telling them to be calm if you turn on the local television here, you don't see many reports about the russian
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build-up they're talking about local things, so clearly, they're not trying to cause a panic deliberately but they also see the world's media is descending on this country. they see that their international negotiations are going on they know there are these 100,000 troops so they're worried they're worried why their government isn't talking more about it, and they're worried, is this significantly different than the low-level war they have been having with russia for the last eight years >> tense times, richard. thank you very much. in the meantime, millions of americans are once again waking up to bitter cold temperatures and the threat of winter weather. much of the south under an ice storm warning this morning al's going to have the forecast in a minute. first, emily is out in the cold again just to our north near the new york/connecticut border. hi, emily. good morning >> good morning. well, this is the type of cold that will slap you in your face when you step outside. parts of upstate new york will feel like negative 20 to even 30 degrees, and that's just a glimpse at the deluge of winter weather this weekend will bring. already resulting in hundreds of flight cancellations today it's an arctic blast from north to south slamming millions of people with the cold, bitter cold. cold enough to partially freeze
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the waterfall on this billboard. >> i got my boots, i got my clothes, my hat, scarf, everything >> the northeast digging out of snow once again. and seeing another day of slippery commutes. as areas from south texas through eastern virginia brace for dangerous ice. and the carolinas, officials warning of sweeping power outages ahead of a rare ice storm. >> it's going to be so cold friday and saturday night, we're concerned about maybe some families who can't stay warm and we need people to check on their friends and neighbors. >> even strangers to weather won't go unscathed >> we're going to try to find any ice and take care of it. we're going to mark it as soon as we can. but you might be the motorist who discovers it first >> as millions gear up to brave the chill, reminders that winter weather can quickly turn life-threatening across north texas, 11 house
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fires reported this week, as temperatures plunged >> i can't believe that someone would try and cross the ice. >> and in new york, a high-risk rescue firefighters saving two kids who fell through ice in queens >> you don't know the thickness of the ice do not go on the ice >> and for the second time this week, the carolinas and virginia all under states of emergency. an ice storm appearing to take particular aim at north carolina, where remember, just days ago, tens of thousands of residents there were without power amid freezing temperatures savannah >> emily, thank you very much. 7:11 mr. roker, what's happening with the cold how long is it going to stick around >> unfortunately, we're going to see cold, not this cold, but bitter cold on into next week. in the meantime, 66 million people have windchills at zero or below so we're going to be watching that very closely. in fact, right now, it feels like minus 24 in minneapolis minus 8 in kansas city cleveland, a windchill of 8.
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new york city, a windchill of 4 degrees. minus 30 in saranac, new york. windchills in the teens and low 20s, even below zero in minneapolis. as we move into the weekend, temperatures still moderate just a bit, but anywhere 10 to 20 degrees below average. now, we have also got winter weather alerts from the plains down south to texas and on into the southeast for 15 million people you can already see freezing precipitation now stretching from baton rouge into mobile, and we're also going to be watching the southeast here's what's happening. snow and ice developing today from georgia to the carolinas. strong storms, in fact, we have a marginal risk of severe weather in florida for today then for tomorrow, those storms end early as it tracks off the coast. cold air settling into the mid-atlantic we have ice conditions anywhere from a tenth of an inch to a half-inch from charleston up to the outer banks. that could be extremely dangerous, and we're talking about a couple inches of snow from parts of the southeastern -- the southeast on into the mid-atlantic states, as far north as the delmarva
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peninsula. and that's just -- got confused. back to you guys >> so much weather we had to hit you early. former president trump is facing new scrutiny on multiple fronts over his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election a top prosecutor in georgia is now requesting a special grand jury to investigate possible criminal behavior. while on capitol hill, the january 6th committee is now requesting ivanka trump give voluntary testimony about communications she had with her father and others in the moments of the insurrection. nbc senior washington correspondent hallie jackson with the latest now. good morning >> good morning to you and we're talking here about two trumps, two investigations, and two new developments this morning. including from the lawmakers investigating january 6th, with ivanka trump now invited, not subpoenaed, just invited to share more with the committee about what she knows the january 6th committee
7:14 am
spotlighting not the former president but a different trump this morning his daughter, ivanka, asking she share specifics about her communications with her father and white house staff as the insurrection was happening >> we have direct testimony that ms. trump went in multiple times. at least twice, maybe more, to her father i believe she was alone with him, to ask him to call off the violence >> lawmakers also want to know more about conversations between mr. trump and his then vice president, mike pence, to try to stop the counting of electoral votes. whether mr. trump ordered the national guard to respond to the riot, and his activities after the attack on the capitol. so far, ivanka trump, the former president's oldest daughter, who held an official role in his administration as a senior adviser, has not been subpoenaed, and in a statement, a spokesperson saying she just learned of the letter from the committee, adding she did not speak at the january 6th rally
7:15 am
and said that day the violence must stop immediately. it comes as the former president himself faces legal pressure on a different front. with a top georgia prosecutor requesting a special grand jury to bolster her investigation into possible election interference by the former president and his allies in a letter obtained by nbc news, the fulton county district investigating any coordinated attempts to unlawfully alter the outcome of the 2020 election but says some witnesses have been uncooperative pointing to georgia's secretary of state, brad raffensperger who was on the receiving end of that now infamous phone call from mr. trump last january when he pushed raffensperger to overturn the state's legitimate election results >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state >> president biden won georgia, but mr. trump continues to
7:16 am
insist in a new state that his call was perfect, repeating again his election fraud lies. raffensperger, by the way, say he's cooperating with the d.a.'s investigation and will comply with any grand jury summons. there's also news out of the national archives which says it is in the process of handing over trump white house records to that house january 6th committee after the supreme court shot down the former president's push to try to keep those documents secret savannah >> hallie jackson, a lot of different headlines to follow there. thank you. 16 minutes past the hour craig's sad day in the world of entertainment. >> good morning. good morning to you as well. the family of legendary rocker and actor meat loaf has announced the star has died at the age of 74. sheinelle is here with more on meat loaf's life and legacy. sheinelle, good morning. >> good morning. meat loaf had a remarkable career that stretched across six decades and included more than
7:17 am
100 million albums sold while starring in dozens of ♪ this morning, his family and fans are paying tribute. ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ ♪ but i won't do that ♪ >> this morning, love for the legendary rocker, meat loaf, who died thursday at the age of 74 the singer behind the iconic album "bat out of hell" one of the best selling albums of all time and decades of movie roles his death was announced on his official facebook page our hearts are broken, the statement read in part the musician's wife debra, daughters pearl and amanda, and close friends were by his side in his final 24 hours. a cause of death was not given born marvin lee day in dallas, he had a career spanning six decades, selling more than 100 million albums worldwide his 1977 debut album "bat out of hell" including the hit "paradise by the dashboard light. ♪ i can see paradise by the
7:18 am
dashboard light ♪ >> sparking a devoted fan base he appeared in the stage and screen version of the cult classic "the rocky horror picture show." in the 1990s, he had a career resurgence with his hit "anything for love." and in movies, including "wayne's world," "spice world" and "fight club. >> my name is bob. >> even stopping by "today," thrilling fans with performances, and witnessing a dramatic reading from hoda and kathie lee always a sense of humor and rock 'n' roll, the beloved rocker will be missed >> glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife. here's yours here's your line here's your line >> i can't even speak now. i'm speechless >> his family asking for
7:19 am
patience and privacy, writing, we truly appreciate all of the love and support, as we move through this time of grief and losing such an inspiring artist and beautiful man. from his heart to your souls, don't ever stop rocking. such a huge loss meat loaf touching not only fans but fellow stars, including boy george, andrew lloyd weber and cher tweeting overnight, had so much fun with meat loaf when we did dead ringer and very sorry for his family, friends, and fans there are a lot of fans in the studio, even just coming in from security to wardrobe >> he was such a delight to have on the set i remember, he never took himself too seriously. he wanted to be called meat. i thought that was the cutest thing. >> and only meat loaf could have a hit with himself and phil rizzuto, the great yankees sports caster. >> it does seem like god is calling away a lot of his talented angels recently >> thank you, sheinelle. >> mr. roker, back again another check of the weather >> we'll take a look at the rest
7:20 am
of the country we're expecting some santa ana winds. snow showers through the rockies. there's a clipper going to bring light snow through the plains. lots of sunshine in the eastern third of the country with the exception of the southeast, where we have ice and snow and strong storms down through florida. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. now in many more cities so more businesses can do more. mike's bike shop! downloading up to 10 times faster. whoa! is that already... (mike) yeah. (vo) hello business on the go. bye-bye public wi-fi. 5g ultra wideband is faster and safer. would you look at rhea's real estate game? closing in low lag, crystal clear hd. it's a new day for more businesses! 5g ultra wideband is now in more and more places. verizon is going ultra, so your business can too. good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we're taking a live look outside in oakland. a much clearer start to our
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friday morning compared to yesterday. we will see our temperatures headed for the upper 60s. heads up, it will be windy this afternoon into the evening. high wind warnings in effect for the north bay mountains. for the east bay, wind advisories in effect and pretty gusty in the santa cruz mountains. the rest of the forecast continues to say high with the temperatures reaching 60 degrees. >> you like that >> you know you're his fashion inspiration. he saw your buttery jacket and he raised you one buttery plaid jacket it's very nice >> and roker wears jeans on friday so craig is wearing jeans. >> you know what funny about the show the men talk about fashion far more than we ever do >> we just hope we match >> just ahead, a story you're really going to see if you're heading out into that snow and ice. vicky nguyen is going back to driver's ed. she's going to learn a few pointers for navigating the slippery roads and the must-have supplies you should always have
7:22 am
in your car. >> plus problems for two major companies that experienced a boom at the start of the pandemic, we're talking about netflix and peloton. the signs they're now struggling and the potential impact on millions of users. first, this is
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♪ ♪ ♪ "how bizarre" by omc ♪ no annual fee on any discover card. ♪ ♪ good morning. it's 7:26. i am kris sanchez. here are the stories we are following for you right now. >> i am sharon katsuda. teachers statewide are facing shortages, and oakland unified teachers may go on strike. the president of the teachers' union says the remaining teachers showing up to work are stretched thin and are calling on the district to hire more support staff. the union president said he's authorized to call a strike within the next 48 hours. good morning. i am cierra johnson in san
7:27 am
francisco. state senator scott wiener introduced a bill that would allow children 12 to 17 could receive the vaccine without parents' consent. he believes some parents do not agree with the vaccine because of misinformation, and he is hopeful the legislation would allow children to make their own decision. as it stands, children ages 12 to 17 cannot have the vaccines without permission unless it's for a sexually transmitted disease. we will have high winds picking up today, really watching the north bay for a high wind warning that goes into effect and continues until tomorrow morning. those winds may gust up to 70 miles per hour. especially for the upper elevations. the rest of the forecast, we're looking at calmer conditions and temperatures reaching into the 60s and a little cooler and
7:28 am
staying dry for the start of next week. we have more local news coming up for you in half an hour. hope your morning is off to a fantastic start. take a look at the golden gate bridge picture. have a great day. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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7:30 now friday morning, january 21st, 2022 we got some excited fans already. you know what they're doing? they're up early, man. they're in tampa >> whoa. >> don't worry it's just two days before the game, before brady and the bucs take on the rams in the nfl playoffs this, my friends, is a drive-through pep rally. >> i'm here for it >> two days early. >> of course those fans are excited. they're the defending super bowl champions. nbc's sam brock is inside raymond james stadium. we say tampa bay, but they have been calling it champa bay ever since. what's up, sam
7:31 am
>> top of the day to you good morning i think the dancing pirate was my favorite part of that, either that or the dancing tom brady. this started at 5:30 in the morning. that was outside of bucs beach, not far from where i'm standing. you can still hear it going on right now. this, of course, raymond james stadium, the same field where tom brady and the bucs won the super bowl last year now, a massive slate of games set for this weekend with very recognizable names allen, mahomes, rodgers, and brady ready to get to work >> the games only get bigger tromhere playoff football let's go >> the most accomplished athlete in nfl history, and the owner of seven rings, the bucs' tom brady says there's no free rides through the playoffs >> we're going to have to play great this week. >> brady and the bucs will take on matthew stafford and the l.a. rams in a billboard worthy matchup on sunday. >> the biggest thing about going against a guy like tom is knowing his consistency and his ability to get his team in the end zone
7:32 am
>> all eight teams are trying to score a trip to the super bowl as we're reminded of the passion this sport inspires. from fandemonium at at&t stadium last week in dallas to this epic primal scream in buffalo a shirtless ryan fitzpatrick, a former bill, rooting on the team in subzero conditions. the bills and josh allen squaring off against kansas city and patrick mahomes in arguably the most hyped game of the weekend. >> i think i really like winning. that's pretty much the end of it >> it's going to be a dog fight. as playoff games always are. >> the season's compelling story lines carrying into the playoffs rams running back cam acres tore his achilles six months ago, yet somehow defied the odds and made it back on to the gridiron in time for the playoffs. >> welcome back. >> and packers quarterback aaron rodgers, a lightning rod for controversy, he's once again a favorite to win.
7:33 am
>> i think football immortality is something we think about and how many opportunities we're going to have moving forward, and each one is special. >> maybe the biggest surprise of the season so far, the upstart bengals, once affectionately known as the bungles who are fresh off their first playoff win in more than 30 years. for wild card weekend, there were more than 100 million viewers. that is a more than 20% increase since 2021, and now, because i have to throw this at you guys, an unreal brady stat, because there are so many of them, he has more touchdown passes now in his 40s than he did during his 20s. tom started playing as a starter with the patriots at the age of 2023 back to you. >> who do you like, sam? let's put you on the spot. who do you like this weekend >> this weekend, so i like chiefs over bills, which is i think going to be the biggest
7:34 am
matchup. then can the niners upset the packers? i think they might be able to do it >> look at you >> sam brock >> i like when sam goes all sports >> like it >> by the way, we should mention that you can catch that bucs/rams battle sunday right here on nbc. also streaming over on peacock coverage will start at 2:00 eastern. who do you ladies like >> wings no, actually not wings we're making wings later in this hour though. >> we're making those. >> i like the snacks yeah guys, coming up next, two huge success stories at the start of the pandemic, now experiencing tougher times as life returns to normal we'll tell you about the issues now facing peloton and netflix and how it might impact you. right after this from your friend, they can say, "hey, i paid for those." but on free fries friday, they can't. free fries friday at mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba. ♪ why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control?
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seems like a good time to find out about both. why are you talking like that? is this an ad? are we in an ad? we're back 7:38, with in depth today, as parts of the country face another winter storm, of course that means slick and icy roads that can be dangerous for drivers. >> that's why nbc's senior consumer investigative correspondent vicky nguyen is here she went back to driver's ed to get some important and potentially life-saving tips >> absolutely. it was great i loved driving around with that sign above the car people gave me a wide berth and i learned a lot. good morning with the weather is dreadful, it's best to stay off the roads, but that's not always possible if you have to deal with snow and ice, take time now to prepare and practice it can help you literally steer your way out of trouble. it's winter, and that can mean situations like this cars slipping and sliding all over the road, and drivers
7:40 am
stranded earlier this month, thousands of motorists spent 24 hours stuck on a stretch of i-95 in virginia of course, the safest option is to stay off the roads when it's snowy and icy. sometimes that's not possible, so i'm heading back to driver's ed to get a refresher on how to drive in the winter. aaliyah owns the ap driving school in new jersey and has ten years of experience as a license instructor what's the first thing we need to know before we hit the road in the winter? >> the first thing you want to do is know what kind of conditions you're driving into and winterize your car for those conditions >> that means clear off the snow and make sure your tires are road worthy. use the penny trick. if you can see the top of lincoln's head, that means your tread is worn and you may need new tires. and there are a few must-have items to keep in your car. >> you want to definitely have some kind of blanket and a pack that can stay dry. we also have some snacks and some water
7:41 am
a remote jump start that is a pack that can jump start your car if you need a jump and you don't need another car around. >> she also recommends a head mounted flashlight >> this one i like because you can strap it on to your head in case you need to find maybe if you drop your keys or need to change a tire. >> she says always keep your tank at least half full in case you get stranded and need heat with our winter supplies ready, it's time to get our driving lesson when you're driving in icy conditions, what should you keep in mind? >> the first thing you want to do is reduce your speed. >> she says the speed limit is only for optimal conditions. in the winter, slow down and give yourself 150 feet to come to a full stop >> you're increasing your reaction time, and you're increasing the car's reaction time to different terrain. >> she says the old rule of pumping your brakes no longer applies. >> most cars today have antilock brake systems. the computer chip in the car is pumping your brakes for you. >> let's say i hit an icy patch. what should i do
7:42 am
should i hit the brakes? >> you don't want to hit the brakes you don't want to change the momentum that the car has already too quickly. you want to come off the accelerator. and you want to regain control of the car >> let's say the back of my car starts to skid to the left what do i do >> what you want to do is first remain calm and come off your accelerator. then you want to adjust your steering wheel very gently to the left you're turning your wheel in the direction your car is spinning >> by doing that, you're preventing your car from going into a spin. what if you slide off the road and get stuck? what's the first thing we need to think about >> the first thing you want do is make sure you're visible. if you have some flares, now is the time to use them >> okay, make sure you read the instructions for how to light the flare and place the first one about eight paces away from your car and a second one about 40 paces away this is to give other cars enough distance to see you and
7:43 am
react. no flares, borelli says don't use hazard lights which blink. instead, use your parking lots here's the symbol. they'll keep your lights solid which indicates to drivers you have come to a stop. it sounds strange, but keeping kitty litter in the car could save you >> a little kitty litter right behind your tires might give you the extra traction you need to get unstuck from a spot. >> you can also use your car's floor mat, easy tips and tools to help you out of an icy jam. another tip if it is foggy, avoid turning on your brights. the light will bounce off the fog and make it harder for you to speed instead, slow down, increase your reaction time and use your fog lights good little reminders for all of us >> a lot of stuff. thank you. >> blinking lights kind of attract drivers to you, according to aaliyah >> if you're stuck, put your car in the lowest gear and do a gentle rock back and forth >> oh. you have done that
7:44 am
>> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah, you have. >> car's a rocking we've got a weather game for you. are you ready to play? okay here we go who's had more snow. all right, who is the snowiest >> you know it's d.c >> denver or washington, d.c >> d.c.? let's find out that's right it's d.c denver is actually almost 20 inches below where they should be okay next one chicago or nashville >> that's tough. i'm going to say nashville because i feel like that's - >> i'll take nashville >> let's take nashville. you bet, boom. nashville. almost seven inches above normal, almost ten inches below normal for chicago a tough one, pittsburgh/boston >> pittsburgh. >> pittsburgh. >> i'll take boston. >> look out, it's pittsburgh >> somebody in the middle keeps winning. >> 3 for 3 >> you get sandwiches. here's the deal, we had a persistent january pattern hudson bay low sending this arctic low south, and so for
7:45 am
january, from minneapolis all the way down to texas, temperatures below normal, but above normal out west. the good news is february, we're going to start to see it change to warmer weather here in the east, down through the gulf, but then cooler than average up into the pacific northwest. good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. as we take a look at what is going on today the winds are going to start to pick up, and we will have a wind advisory for much of the bay area and we are concerned about the north bay where there will be a high wind warning that continues through tomorrow morning. we can see gusts reaching up to 70 miles per hour, so be prepared for that especially in the upper elevations. the rest of the forecast, slightly cooler as the dry weather continues through the middle of next week. and that is your latest weather. guys >> i love those quizzes. >> when we come back on this
7:46 am
friday, are you one of those folks that raced out to maybe get a peloton or sign up for netflix at the start of the pandemic why that covid-led boom for the popular companies may be coming to an end, and what it could all mean for users around the country. that's right after this. and talked to my doctor. i'm taking my antidepressant, but i still feel stuck. adding rexulti could help. when added to an antidepressant, rexulti was proven to reduce depression symptoms 62% more than the antidepressant alone. so you can stay on your current treatment and keep moving forward. rexulti can cause serious side effects. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. antidepressants may increase suicidal thoughts and worsen depression in those under 25. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, which could be life-threatening, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. increased cholesterol; weight gain; high blood sugar; decreased white blood cells; unusual urges; dizziness on standing; seizures;
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7:50 am
of course, so many of us had to find new ways to stay in shape during the pandemic. and that helped catapult peloton to incredible success. now that demand is dwindling and the company is forced to re-evaluate the road ahead >> got to look good. got to look focused today. >> this morning, workout giant peloton is facing an uphill climb. one of a few brands americans turned to in the early days of the pandemic that is now facing headwinds. according to internal documents obtained by cnbc, the company has faced a significant reduction around the world, thanks to increased competition and shoppers wanting to pay less the company is pushing back on reports that it intends to temporarily halt production of the popular workout equipment. in a memo to employees, peloton's ceo and cofounder says those reports are based on leaks of confidential information which he criticized as incomplete, out of context, and not reflective of peloton's strategy adding, the rumors that we are halting all production of bikes and treads are false but foley acknowledged peloton is resetting production levels for sustainable growth and will review our cost structure to
7:51 am
insure we set ourselves up for continued success. >> anyone who wanted a peloton bike has now had the opportunity to buy a peloton bike. >> it comes as another service that offered relief to those stuck at home, netflix, is seeing its stock drop overnight after predicting slower growth forecasting an added 2.5 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, down from the almost 4 million added during the same time last year the company noted covid pressures and fierce streaming competition, but touted its big hits this year with more high-profile releases to come. peloton, a fan favorite even pre-covid, climbed to instant fame and millions of subscribers during the pandemic. it's now facing increased competition as more people race back to the gym.
7:52 am
the company has already weathered its share of bumps in the road last year, the company recalled the tread plus after dozens of reports of injuries to children and one death. this 2019 commercial was criticized as sexist and recently, the bike became the instant antagonist of the "sex and the city" reboot, when main character mr. big suffered a fatal heart attack moments after finishing a ride peloton later responded with an ad which it pulled after accusations of sexual assault surfaced against chris noth, which he denied. now the company shifting gears again amid questions on the road ahead. the company will tack on delivery and setup fees. those had been included in the purchase price >> blayne alexander, thank you coming up, we saw the footage yesterday of a reporter who got hit by a car while doing a live shot. we'll check in on her, and so far, so good you're looking great we'll do that after a quick check of your local news and weather. ow. i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. i am kris sanchez. >> i am cierra johnson. scott wiener has introduced a bill that would allow children 12 to 17 to receive the vaccine without their parents' consent. he is hopeful his legislation will allow children to make their own decision. as it stands right now children ages 12 to 17 cannot be vaccinated without permission from their guardian unless it's for a sexually transmitted disease. good friday morning. we're starting out with a
7:57 am
breezing wind across the bay area now that we do have a wind advisory going up for the bay area. that's for all of these areas shaded in orange, and that does include san josé and santa clara valley but includes much of the rest of the bay area. we are focused on the north bay, and this is for the hills and mountains, we could reach wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour with the winds peaking later tonight. after that drier conditions and calmer conditions next week. >> thank you, kari. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. enjoy more of the "today" show right now.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today."° coming up, high stakes the biden administration meeting face-to-face with russia this morning amid rising tensions over ukraine as the white house faces backlash over the president's comments about a possible invasion we're live in washington with the latest thriving together. two conjoined twins successfully separated after months of planning >> we forgot they were together in some way. >> yeah, they're just ady and lily to us >> we'll speak live to their parents in an exclusive interview and show you how the girls are doing now. plus, what didn't happen in
8:01 am
vegas. ♪ go easy on me baby ♪ >> adele forced to delay her highly anticipated residency just 24 hours before the first show was to begin. >> i'm so sorry. it's been impossible we have been up against so much, and it just ain't ready. >> the reasons behind the delay and her emotional message to fans just ahead. and joining us live. >> i just got hit by a car, but i'm okay >> we'll talk to the reporter hit by a car on live television. she's going to tell us how she kept on reporting and how she's doing today. >> that's live tv for you. >> friday, january 21st, 2022. >> we're the smallen family. >> i'm celebrating my 12th birthday with "today." >> happy birthday, debbie. >> we want to wish my dad -- >> and my mom -- >> a happy birthday. >> happy birthday, doc and grandma.
8:02 am
>> good morning, "today" show, from virginia. >> we're celebrating lexi's sweet 16 >> on "today." >> sweet is the word how cute happy birthday to her. welcome back to "today." it's friday morning. we're so glad to have you along with us. >> we made it to another one >> let's get to your news at 8:00 we'll start with tough negotiations at the highest level to try to defuse the russian/ukraine crisis russia still insisting it has no plans to invade in neighbor. the president clarifying what is at stake if it does. nbc's senior white house correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us with the latest on all of it. good morning >> good morning, savannah. the u.s. calls this a critical moment to avert conflict between russia and ukraine that could threaten europe. this morning in geneva, secretary of state antony
8:03 am
blinken met with his russian counterpart for 90 minutes, and neither said any breakthrough was reached. their high-stakes meeting follows the white house trying to resolve confusion caused by president biden when he surged a minor incursion by russia into ukraine might not lead to a full response by nato the president then made a point to make his position more clear. >> any, any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border, that is an invasion. it will be met with severe and coordinated economic response that i have discussed in detail with our allies as well as laid out very clearly for president putin. >> secretary blinken called today's meeting frank but not a negotiation and said the u.s. is acting not on emotion but fact and history that russia has invaded before, even as they claim no intention to invade now. savannah >> kelly o'donnell at the white
8:04 am
house, thank you this morning, fans are remembering singer and actor meat loaf who combined a powerful voice with a dramatic performance style. ♪ i would do anything for love but i won't do that ♪ >> you remember that one meat loaf won a grammy for that comeback hit he burst onto the scene earlier with the rocky horror picture show and his mega selling album, bat out of hell. meat loaf dies thursday at the age of 74. his family issued a statement to fans that ended from his hard to your souls, don't ever stop rocking. >> we have an update on dramatic video we showed you yesterday. a reporter from our nbc affiliate in huntington, west virginia she was hit by a car during a live shot. we'll talk to her in just a moment first, she's fine. see, she's smiling we'll show you one last time the video that has captivated the world. >> and now we're starting to
8:05 am
experience unfortunately in b freeze thaw, water main breaks >> oh, my god. i just got hit by a car but i'm okay i just got hit by a car but i'm okay, tim. >> that's a first on tv. >> we're all good. >> are you okay? >> yeah, you know that's live tv for you. it's all good. i actually got hit by a car in college, too, just like that my whole life just flashed before my eyes but this is live tv and everything is okay >> okay. >> wow >> you could tell a lot about someone in a few moments like that joining us from west virginia, tori yourgey good morning, we're so glad you're okay. i don't know - >> good morning. >> we're not going to show that video anymore. i don't know what your mother thinks when she sees that, but how are you doing? what did you think when you saw the video, and what do you think about this reaction you're getting? >> it's crazy. thank you for having me. this is really crazy you know, when i saw it, i was really surprised because, you know, you stand there waiting
8:06 am
for your shot to go on air for a few minutes at least, and of course, right as i'm about to talk, you know, it happens and it just was amazing that it, like, got so in the frame. everything and just, you know, while i was on, you know, no video over me or anything. my mom was not, you know, too happy. she's obviously in the philadelphia area so she didn't see it right away. she was really upset in the beginning, but now that she knows i'm okay, my whole family, same deal. they're a lot better now that they know everything is fine >> so many things struck us about that quick moment. one is the minute you fell down, you're like, i'm okay. you were worried about the driver i hope she's not upset you were worried about your anchor talking to you to make sure everyone knew he was actually with you. it was like the most selfless, a bunch of selfless acts right there. >> well, that's sweet, but no, it really was just because, and i said this before you know, accidents happen, and
8:07 am
that woman, you know, bless her heart, she did not mean to do that i could tell as soon as she got out of the car and i just read her face and was like okay, just calm down. everything's fine. i'm okay you know, and i think the more -- it was more scary. i thought i was going under the tire initially, so i was kind of in a shock i wasn't really hurt it was just kind of scary. but yeah, the outreach has been phenomenal i can't even thank people enough it's been crazy. >> tori, we know today is your last day there in huntington you're off to a new station in pittsburgh they're lucky to have a reporter like you >> oh, my gosh that means so much thank you. thank you. and i know a lot of journalists are speaking out about this and safety, and i do think that's a conversation to be had, but i do just want to point out i did not feel in danger my boss was the first to tell me f i do, to leave i really thought i was in a good spot you know, now, going to pittsburgh, i will definitely learn from this. and hopefully this will never happen again >> but you know, an intrepid
8:08 am
one-woman band a lot of us in news have done that very thing, and you're on your way and we're really happy to meet you, and congrats on all your successes. >> good luck >> thank you so much thank you. >> all right, guys way to go, tori. >> she's my morning boost. >> she is, but how about another one? a michigan man wanted to do something memorable and special when he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, so he enlisted the help of her kindergarten class at duncan elementary school for a surprise proposal on the playground the kids held signs that spelled out marry him, and each of them handed her a rose. the kids can be heard telling her i love you as she hugged them tim got down on one knee, popped the question the newly engaged couple started dating nine years ago when they were both still in high school how about that >> a playground proposal >> really cool by the way, i saw that in detroit. it was one of their stories. i said can we steal it for a boost? >> a good one. coming up next, a very
8:09 am
special "today" exclusive. we'll introduce you to two adorable sisters and their remarkable parents there they are, the girls were born conjoined, and they're now thriving after nearly a year in the hospital pioneering surgery and a lot of love, prayers, and support we'll introduce you to this remarkable family right after this and aim that camera up high ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is the only medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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welcome back, guys. it is 8:14. we have a remarkable story. 14 month old twins welcome back, guys it is 8:14 we have a remarkable story 14-month-old twins addi and lily were born conjoined at the abdomen and chest. >> do receive the care they needed, their pantremos ved from chicago to pennsylvania and the children's hospital of philadelphia >> it was there doctors performed a ten-hour surgery to separate the sisters today, they are thriving we're going to talk to mom and dad and meet those beautiful twins in just a moment first, a look at their inspiring journey. >> just was stunned. i was like, oh, my god are there two babies? >> dom and maggie had been preparing for their first child when the couple received the news they could never have imagined during a routine ultrasound appointment maggie was pregnant with two babies, and the twins were conjoined.
8:16 am
>> i paused and was a little nervous, but i turned to her and i go, that's okay. we'll just separate them >> the couple took action. they moved across the country to receive specialized care at children's hospital of philadelphia conjoined twins are rare, occurring about once in every 50,000 births. most do not survive. >> i would tell dom, i feel it they're kicking in there they're moving they're going to make it >> on november 18th, 2020, after a high-risk c-section delivery - >> congratulations >> addison hope and liliana faith were born. >> you forgot they were together in some way. >> they're just ady and lily to us >> a specialized medical team helped addi and lily prepare for separation with multiple surgeries and physical therapy >> are you holding yourself up, girls? go for it. you got it >> a month before their first
8:17 am
birthday, the twins were ready for separation surgery a surgical team of more than two dozen specialists spent nearly ten hours operating on the girls. >> done. >> we got the call that lily and addi were two separate girls >> it's like a miraculous moment, all the months of planning have come to fruition >> oh, my god. >> addi and lily returned to their parents in separate cribs. >> you look so beautiful she's smiling. >> hi. >> we're just so proud of these little fighters. >> we're going home. >> every morning, they smile, and every night, they smile. and that, to us, is just amazing. >> we're weeping over here the family is with us. we have got addi with dad, dom,. and lily with mom maggie it's so great to see you maggie, will you just take us back to that tiny moment after the ten-hour surgery, the
8:18 am
doctors walked out and said it worked, it was a success what was that like for you >> yeah. it was -- it was very surreal. just very emotional. the whole day was very peaceful, and we kind of just gave it to god. and we have done that throughout this whole journey and you know, we're just so lucky to have surgeons who know what they're doing and really worked hard and cared for our girls like they were their own >> it's incredible first of all, this is a love story. we're going to get real mushy at the end, but we have to give the due, dom, to those doctors it's incredible. the more you read about it and we'll have it on, what they were able to pull off, how hard their practiced this was such an intricate surgery that they performed. >> it absolutely was they were locked in and a team like theirs at the children's -- yeah a team like theirs at the
8:19 am
children's hospital of philadelphia spends their whole career prepping for situations like this. and not only our girls conjoined but many other rare circumstances for families out there. so we're just so thankful and proud that that team performed how they did >> you always saw them as two separate little girls and now they're in separate laps tell us what they're like. >> they're both very different obviously, addi is a very chatty one. lily, she observes everything. and you really have to earn her love and trust and we're working on stranger danger for ms. addison being in the hospital, they made a lot of friends it was amazing just to see how these girls have developed since coming home, too >> yeah. they had their whole lives in the hospital, and then they finally got to come home and you talk about the moment you held one of the babies individually for the first time. and if you could just share that with everybody, i thought it was
8:20 am
so dear and so telling >> yeah, i didn't expect for me to be apologizing to lil because i started to hold addison first. and you know, lily had a little bit tougher recovery and so -- i know and so we did end up holding addison first, and so i started crying and looking over at lily and saying, i'm so sorry, lil. i'll hold you later. obviously, you know, she's still upset. >> well, you have beautiful children we're just so happy to hear your story. when you said we gave it to god, it was very apparent thank you to the altibelli family of four we do want to mention this essay. >> maggie wrote a beautiful essay for us on i hope that -- it's to her little girls it touched my heart, and like you said, maggie, when they were born, they were perfect. and boy, did god choose the right mom and dad for them thank you so much.
8:21 am
they're coming back in our third hour, and along with the lead doctor for the separation surgery. they're amazing. >> going to be amazing >> why don't we take a check of the weather from mr. roker hey, al. >> you can't help but have a smile on your face after that. we have those santa ana winds in southern california. snow showers through the rockies. a little clipper bringing snow through the northern plains. plenty of sunshine through the midwest into the great lakes but temperatures brutally cold, and we're looking at a little bit of wet weather and some icy conditions making their way through the southeast. strong storms down through the good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be windy today, we do have wind advisories in effect for the bay area with high wind warnings expected for our hills and mountains in the north bay. after the winds calm down tomorrow we will see those temperatures continue to reach into the mid 60s and just a little bit cooler for the end of the weekend into early next
8:22 am
week, but still no rain in the forecast. our dry weather continues while san francisco and near the coast will have some mild and windy weather today, but a little bit cooler the rest of the weekend. that's your latest weather best time of the morning >> what time is it, al >> friday pop start. pop that start >> good morning, everybody we're going to start with a big story in entertainment adele, the grammy winner postponing her las vegas residency just 24 hours before it was set to begin. sheinelle jones is here. >> such energy in the studio this morning well, adele was seen in tears as she told fans the news, postponing all of her planned concerts due to covid related issues with her crew many fans made plans to travel from all over the world to see her perform over the coming months all the shows will be rescheduled, but the singer says she simply needs more time ♪ go easy ♪ >> it was one of this year's
8:23 am
hottest tickets, but adele won't be hitting the stage tonight as planned. >> i'm so sorry but my show ain't ready. >> the chart topping singer whose hit "easy on me" has been number one on the billboard top 100 for nine straights weeks forced to postpone her las vegas residency just 24 hours before it was set to begin. >> we have been awake for over 30 hours now trying to figure it out, and we have run out of time >> a tearful adele apologizing to fans as she made the tough announcement on twitter. >> and i'm gutted. i'm gutted and i'm sorry it's so last minute. >> like so many events during the pandemic, she says covid is to blame >> been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and covid. half my crew, half my team are down with covid. they still are and it's been impossible to finish the show.
8:24 am
>> the highly anticipated show called "weekends with adele" have been set to run every friday and saturday through april at the coliseum at caesars palace in a statement, the venue saying they understand the disappointment but fully support adele's decision ♪ everybody loves ♪ >> tickets for the concert were going for as much as $30,000 on resale sites and just last week, even more excitement, as she released the music video for "oh, my god," the hit song off her new album, "30. on social media, many fans were sympathetic, but some already traveling were understandably frustrated >> severely disappointed right now. >> calling the last-minute timing cruel and unprofessional. >> i'm really, really sorry. i'm really sorry >> the rescheduled dates have not yet been announced, but adele promised her fans the show will go on >> and i'm going to finish my
8:25 am
show and i'm going to get it to where it's supposed to be. >> she does look heartbroken caesars palace says any concert goers with reservations will be able to get a full refund for this weekend or any in the months ahead it's definitely a disappointment for people planning, especially people who are traveling from all over the world >> a lot of people flew into las vegas expecting a show tonight and they're not going to get one. >> she sings so well all she needs is good acoustics. >> yeah. >> next up, a christmas story. this holiday classic is getting a sequel peter billingsley is expected to reprise his role as ralphy, all grown up with a family of his own. he's also going to produce the upcoming project with vince vaughn it will be set in the '70s we'll see ralphy return to the
8:26 am
old neighborhood and reconnect with his old friends hbo max set to stream the sequel called a christmas story christmas. production is scheduled to kick off next month hold on to your excitement, everybody, about this. you look very skeptical. >> looks good. >> i don't know how i feel >> start touching the classics like good morning to you, it is 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. san jose police chief today will reveal more details about a deadly police shooting that happened wednesday night after a crash involving a carjacking suspect in the rose garden neighborhood. the car eventually caught fire, but when officers arrived they say the man started shooting at them. he has not been identified. today's news conference is scheduled for 10:30 this morning. we will have an update in our midday newscast as well. and we are also watching that microclimate forecast so we can plan for the weekend. good morning, kari. >> it's going to be windy today, kris, and we are going to see
8:27 am
these wind advisories in effect through tomorrow morning, but we're also watching the north bay and these areas shaded in red, that's where we will have high wind warnings going up, and these wind gusts could reach up to 70 miles per hour for our upper elevations. it could bring down some trees and also have some power impacts, so make sure that you're ready for that today. and then as we go into tomorrow the winds start to relax as our temperatures head for the mid 60s. we will have warm temperatures in the near term, but a little cooler once this system passes. by the end of the weekend into early next week, kris. >> thanks for reminding me to put the umbrella down, kari. we have more local news coming up for you in half an hour. hope you're having a fantastic friday.
8:28 am
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♪ you gave me something ♪ >> back now, 8:30, a friday morning. yesterday we told you we have two weeks to go until the start of competition at the winter olympics well, today marks 14 short days until opening ceremony is happening, and we have one of team usa's brightest stars with us
8:31 am
>> mikaela shiffrin, she's already got two gold medals in her cabinet and she's vying for more as she heads to her third olympic games. she's taken a brief break from training in the mountains of italy and is with us live. >> looking forward to that >> hi, mikaela also ahead, something that athletes and the rest of us could use more of. how about rest >> from pillows to pjs, the editor in chief of "real simple" is going to share the winners of this year's 2022, everybody, sleep awards the sleepies >> the sleepies. >> i made that up. >> very nice then we're going to gear up for the big nfl playoffs this weekend with chef tiffany faison she's got three tasty twists on the traditional and this is for you, savannah, the wing platter. perfect for pleasing a hungry crowd. >> what do you call them again >> bones with sauce. but not the way tiffany makes them >> just ahead, in the third hour of "today," actor jim belushi will join us live. we're going to find out about jim's budding empire and theemp
8:32 am
reality show featuring reality show featuring some of his famous friends as well >> every time you say bones with sauce, an angel loses their wings. i want you to know that. that's blasphemy >> they know and they're glad someone is speaking truth to power. >> quick, i would like to tell you about something important. this weekend on "today," including oscar winner mahershala ali, the star and producer of "swan song," a story of a man in the near future hiding a terminal illness from his family who is given a chance to spare them from grief by replacing himself with a clone interesting story there. our buddy willie geist sat down with ali to talk about it. >> how did you pull those scenes off? >> you have to play it out in your head, because you want what you shot on one side of the camera to go with what's going to work on the other side of the camera there's a moment where we come down the stairs. you see the dog come in and look at us.
8:33 am
he sees both of us it was very clear to me, oh, this is going to work. >> you can check out the full conversation, just tune in this weekend to sunday today, and again, you can catch mahershala ali in "swan song" on apple tv plus >> how about another check of the weather? >> let's show you what we've got for the weekend. very cold in the northeast santa ana winds, southern california then sunday, sunday, we're looking for snow showers across the great lakes into the northeast and new england. milder highs in the midplains, plenty of sunshine out west. a chilly start down through the southeast. that's what's going on around the coun i'm meteorologist kari hall. our winds will be gusty today and we will see some of those highest wind gusts in parts of the north bay. we will be watching out for that, it could bring down some tree limbs and also cause some power outages, especially for the upper elevations in the north bay mountains. and then as we go through the rest of the forecast, our temperatures will be slightly cooler but the dry weather does continue. we are still looking at sunshine
8:34 am
in our forecast through at least next thursday, and san francisco will continue to see highs near 60. oh, it's a big one that's right coming in to the raiders, making their way -- the rams, i should say. sorry. the rams, i'm sorry. they're coming in to raymond james stadium, taking on the bucs tom brady. mostly sunny 60 degrees it's going to be huge. that's right, the divisional playoffs rams/bucs sunday 2:00 p.m. nbc and peacock. >> it's been a hard segment for carson first, the bones with sauce. and now you just triggered him by mentioning the raiders who weren't in the playoffs. >> they should be. >> it's fine they should be next year. >> coming up, she's one of the faces of the winter games and she's with us live >> we'll speak with skiing superstar mikaela shiffrin as hoe gets ready for a s
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
we are back with our countdown to the winter olympics the opening ceremony now just 14 days away. >> one star we cannot wait to cheer on is two-time olympic champion and our friend mikaela shiffrin >> she's been busy ahead of the games breaking a world cup record just last week and now mikaela is starring in a new campaign from nbc sports and universal pictures, part of our parent company, nbc universal. >> in it, she finds herself face-to-face with a few stars from the upcoming film, "jurassic world dominion." check it out >> wow >> come on >> mikaela, excellent acting we are so proud of you
8:38 am
shaun white is doing this, nathan chen. what did you think when they came to you and said, hey, you want to ski with dinosaurs >> yeah. oh, my gosh. i was like, yes, absolutely. "jurassic world" is -- i'm a big fan, so yeah i was kind of geeking out that whole day, and they gave me a whole new world of respect for what actors do on a daily basis because i got, you know, i got a full day worth of shooting kind of taste of it i was like, oh, my gosh. this is not than easy. and trying to imagine a dinosaur, trying to imagine a polar bear and be like oh, my gosh >> you were like a pro you're a pro by the way, speaking of geeking out, we're geeking out because
8:39 am
you're about to go to the olympic games again. it's a couple weeks before we start. how are you feeling in this moment >> in this exact moment, i'm feeling not too bad. yeah, no, it's a little bit ups and downs with the excitement and then obviously there's always a little bit of nerves that play a role heading into the olympics and you know, this games, there's certainly a lot of logistics we have to figure out just getting there with the testing process and just covid related things so it's a lot to think about and it's kind of hard to even imagine being there and competing. i don't know, even watch footage from south korea, it's like, oh, my gosh. i can remember doing that, but at this point, i can't imagine what it's going to be like yet when we go into beijing. it's exciting.
8:40 am
that's for sure. >> you had covid last month. walk us through that it must have been torturous for you in the hotel room. you have to isolate. it stops training. i know you got imaginative with some of your training in the room what did you do and what was that like? >> yeah. i had a couple little pieces of equipment. i had a kettle bell and one weight plate and some exercise bands. and i was trying to stay on top of it as much as possible. i had a bed frame and i was able to do pull-ups on it, which was maybe a little overkill, but for whatever reason, pull-ups have been like a big thing of mine that i just -- i couldn't do a pull-up when i was 15 years old. i couldn't do one. i want to be able to do pull-up. just staying on top of it. >> you did it. >> to show how good you are, after quarantine, you came out and broke records. you know, you were okay afterwards, right? >> well, yeah. i think the hardest part about it was not -- just basically having to be nearly sedentary, not fully, but not being able to ski for two weeks during the season
8:41 am
i never take more than two to three days off max during the season so having, you know, essentially two weeks completely out of my ski boots, off snow, that was the biggest, the hardest thing to overcome. and coming back, we came right back into, you know, one of the biggest bulks of the race season so that race was just kind of the end of that block of races and i was trying to get through so i could actually get to this one where we are now and train get a really good chunk of training and try to catch up from what i lost when i was inside doing pull-ups on a bed frame. >> if anyone can do it, it's you. you're a veteran you have been there before it's all icing on the cake we're cheering for you if you get scared or if you want to go faster, just imagine there's big old tyrannosaurus rex chasing after you. >> i'm sure that's what i'm going to be thinking at the start gate >> thanks, mikaela we'll be cheering you on you can catch the winter olympics starting february 3rd
8:42 am
right here on nbc, streaming on peacock. >> opening ceremony two weeks from today when we come back on this friday, get ready to get a better night's rest. the winners of the real simple 2022 sleep awards, or as carson has dubbed them the -- >> sleepies. >> the sleepies. >> the sleepies. first, this is "today" on nbc.r9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
8:43 am
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ling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. we're back it is 8:00 something, and we're doing today's -- 8:44. if i slept more, i would have known what time it is. we have help with something we all could use, a better night's sleep.z, and you can >> our friends at "real simple" tried dozens of pillows, gadgets to come up with it, '22 sleep
8:45 am
awards aka the sleepies here is liz, and you can already shop online. we'll remind everybody that qr code will be up. liz, good morning. you're there, we're here, but walk us through it let's start with this, what is this called? >> a bolster pillow. >> how do you sleep better with this one >> this is our best nap accessory, guys. it gives you that extra boost of support. and what we love about this is the versatility of this bolster. you can put it under your knees when you're lying down >> that's what i do. >> does that feel good >> if you're a side sleeper, that's perfect, carson
8:46 am
>> he just hit me. >> work from home types can put it behind our backs. >> under your back you can put it under your knees. >> yes >> can you pass me the remote control? >> and you can give yourself extra neck support >> what i like about it, liz, it's not too hard. some of those bolsters are like, they're like rocks >> will you read me a bedtime story? >> next, hold on he's sleeping. you might have to get up the mattress topper. how does that feel >> it's one of those memory foams. >> yeah, everybody is thinking i need a new mattress. i need a mattress makeover we love the tempur-pedic temper
8:47 am
topper supreme this is a three-inch topper. push down on this thing. >> i'm on it it's getting pushed down >> it's so squishy what it does is it adapts to your weight, shape, and temperature over time. it only gets better and better and better as the months and years go by. >> how interesting even your temperature, wow >> exactly and one thing we also love is it has a removable and washable cover that's mold, allergen, and dust mite resistant. >> i like it i really do. >> yes >> next on our list, cozy clothes. here they are. >> okay. >> these are soft. >> these are the jambies pajamas. we tried on so many pajamas. we dubbed these performance inactive wear. >> are these for guys? >> guys, girls, kids, adults so many colors those boxers have pockets in them >> oh, i like that >> and a waistband that doesn't bunch up we tested these. i slept in these the short sleeve shirt looks like a t-shirt, but like feels like a robe almost that fabric is fabulous. >> it is cute. i like the little trim, the color. would you sleep in this, carson? >> i had my sleep shorts on the other day. i put my iphone in the pocket of my sleep shorts. because the waist wasn't cinched, the shorts went right down to my ankles because of my iphone >> that's a visual we didn't - >> the jambies solve both of those problems for you >> be careful with your imagination. >> sorry >> next, i actually wore this for a while, the oura ring
8:48 am
>> this is our most innovative gadget you will be obsessed we know wearables. put one of these on. it's very light. >> i didn't know it came in gold it's cute. >> and it gives you insights about your sleep patterns. a lot of data about how much rem sleep, light sleep, deep sleep what your heart rate variability was throughout the night for athletes who are tracking that and so you click on that app in the morning and you can go deep into the data and know if you're ready for a hard workout or you should take it easy. you can call your boss and say this is not a good day for me. my sleep did not prepare me for an intense meeting >> i don't know who your boss is >> what if you run into someone in a bar and they're like, sorry, you're married. no, i just sleep good. >> i had a great night's sleep >> what is the next thing here, liz? >> so this is the loftie alarm clock. we call this the best mood setter an all-in-one night light, white noise machine. you don't put that smartphone next to your bed this is going to wake you up to the peaceful sounds of like morning rain, a crackling fire, whatever you want. and if you have trouble falling asleep, you can set this for a guided meditation before you fall asleep, breathing tips, and it has white noise so if you have a snoring partner -- >> i do. >> you turn this guy on.
8:49 am
>> you are the snoring partner >> this is great because it's the three or four apps you would use on your phone by your bed. >> it's lovely and it looks modern and chic. >> it does unisom, isn't that the sleeping pill >> we tested so many calming elixirs, cbd chews, all of it. this sleep slumber pill, and it's raspberry flavored, it really hit the sweet spot. it's just enough melatonin in there to make it part of your nightly wind-down routine or give you that extra help on a night that you're a little too maybe amped up and think you might have trouble >> liz, is it safe to pair this with a glass of cabernet >> yes, it is an over the counter. i would take one gummy, carson >> got it, i'll take two >> exactly exactly. all right, liz, this is great. you had a lot of really good stuff. >> the jammies win it all. >> amazing, except now i thought about it again, how your pants fell down.
8:50 am
anyway, sleep award winners. more from the list, scan the qr code, go to, and it's all there up next with a big football weekend ahead, how you can take that traditional platter of delicious wings to a whole new level. but first, this is "today"n o
8:51 am
8:52 am
w we're back with "today" food loves football to get you ready for this weekend's matchup >> we know the traditional platter of chicken wings, but tiffany is bringing us a new lineup filled with other flavors. >> before we get started, we have to say there's a big debate, by that i mean savannah, bringing up what we should call wings. >> do you like bones with sauce? how many votes did bones with sauce get? >> how dare you. >> i voted for bones with sauce because i knew i wanted to be right. >> every time you say that, and you're blasphemous about wings, an angel loses their wings
8:53 am
>> have your saucy bones >> wings are not bones >> with this much meat and a lot of sauce you like bones >> you have been on this crusade for so long. >> like savannah had a bad boyfriend once and all boys after that are ruined. she had a bad set of wings can you help her out >> i get it. sometimes i refer to my hands as god forks. so if we're doing that, we can call wings bone spoons so we're just -- they're condiment spoons with bones. >> i bet your bones with sauce are delicious. tell us about your flavors >> thank you for talking about my bones and how delicious they might be so we have normal wings like chicken wings that we're used to, and then we get into playoffs and it's like the big games, and you have to bring lots more flavor and excitement. we're going to talk through three different flavors of wings you can serve, and again, all these still go with ranch and blue cheese and anything else on them, because they're condiment spoons we're going to start with chicken wings.
8:54 am
you get closer to the big game and sometimes what you get at the grocery store is what you get. we call these flats. so there's two bones on these. in the spoon category, you can really scoop with this and these are drums. >> drums love those >> they're attached. we like big drums and we cannot lie. if we start with these, these are the bones, or the drums and the flats attached if you get these and want to break them down, it's a quick break. you kind of go into the middle k with your knife. don't be afraid of it. i know, you want to talk about chicken angels losing their wings. >> that's what it looks like >> and then cut them in half we're good with that we have a bunch of bones we have our wings and our drums in there you can also keep them together if you want, like if you have people that like monster wings i'm one of those people, you can certainly keep them together so we're going to put those in a bowl we're going to start with our first recipe a masala wing, which is kind of
8:55 am
a play on indian flavors lots of fun. we're going to keep our wings in here to this, we add some honey honey is like a great sweetener. adds a lot of viscosity and a lot of flavor without as much kind of white raw sugar. a little bit of oil to coat. some tomato paste which is going to give us a lot of the stick-to-it feel we love from chicken wings. yeah exactly. >> do you do that on every one individually or mix them all together >> you mix it all together this is not precious cooking a little bit of turmeric, ginger, cumin. this can be cayenne, but i like to use indian chili powder so it's really spicy. want to take it easier, hot pepper >> we only have 45 seconds left. can you tell us about the other recipes? >> yes, i sure will. so these are the masala wings and we're going to finish them with a little bit of cilantro on top. we also have these are a little
8:56 am
bit more, if you're not as adventurous and you want something not quite as spicy, these are really classic sort of black pepper, vinegar, rosemary. >> and these are baked >> all of these are baked. savannah, here's the thing all of the sauces are baked into the bones. >> sounds delicious. >> tiffany, you ever use the air fryer? >> i once was in a competition with an air fryer for the first time i met an air fryer in a competition. so i have. i have gotten to know it, friends now. you know what i love in an air fryer? grilled chee good morning to you it's 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. happening now, the clock is ticking for tens of thousands of oakland students. teachers there may be days away from a strike. the district and the union so far have not reached a deal on aunt updated covid safety plan.
8:57 am
this follows more than 100 staff members testing positive for covid just last week. the union says remaining teachers are now stretched thin and it's calling on the district to hire more support staff and the president of the union says he is authorized to call a strike if that doesn't happen. this is possible that it could happen within the next 48 hours, but meetings are scheduled to continue, staffing shortages statewide have prompted governor newsom to this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
8:58 am
a booster shot deadline is approaching for first responders in the south bay. also, honoring deputy recruit david nguyen, he was shot and killed on a bay area freeway, we talk with the sherr i have about the plans for the funeral.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning, on the third hour of "today," two little miracles. we are going to introduce you exclusively to an incredible family. the formerly conjoined sisters, how they're both doing after a life-changing surgery. later, our bud, jim belushi is here, talking about his latest project. it's not a movie. it's how he's trying to grow his own empire. and hair help. celebrity stylist who has worked with huge stars like j. lo and kim kardashian sharing some new looks for the new year. today, friday, january 21st, 2022.


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