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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 22, 2022 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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the 49ers making an unbelievable come back. across the bay area celebrating. why this game was extra special for the owner of one east bay bar. high demand to get at home covid testing. how you can sign to get some. >> cleaning up the mess, gusty
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conditions leave a trail of damage. some people still in the dark tonight. firefighters gaining ground on that winter fire. update on the colorado wildfire along the big sur. the news at 11:00 starts now. i am i am terry mcsweeney. >> i am audrey asistio. they are one win away heading to the super bowl. >> the 49ers beat the packers in freezing temperatures. wow, the whole team rushing the field. some of the faithfuls celebrating at a livermore sports bar. the owner of the bar meant business literally and figuratively. here is nbc bay area's tom jensen. >> reporter: two flags always
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flown outside, the 49ers and the green bay packer. with the spot in the nfc championship on the line. >> we have been doing this for so many years. we had a lot of these games together. >> it is the good time tavern. we like to roll like that. >> reporter: justin perish and scott reid has been partners for 17 years. on game day especially during the playoffs, the two teams going head to head, 49ers and fans share glasses of spirits and the spirit of competition under one roof. >> it is a beautiful thing that we can come together in the bay area. it is rare you can see at home and a hub where green bay fans can come. thanks to a stingy 49ers'
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defense. as time went out. scott reid was rethinking his packers win with a 31-17 score that he made just two days ago, hoping his team could just pull it out. >> i thought this game would be a much easier game. the niners have played really well. >> reporter: this 49ers team pulled out a huge playoff win on the road with a game ending field goal and their fans let out a roar. >> go 49ers, man! >> that was a close one. we came up with a win. >> reporter: their faithfuls will be back in tampa cheering avels to l.a. or tampa bay for the championship. >> where ever they go it will be warmer. >> so the niners still need one more win to make it to the super bowl. they'll play the winner of tomorrow's la rams between the buccaneers game.
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tom brady with tampa bay, trying to reach his 11th super bowl. you can watch that rams and bucs game tomorrow at noon. we'll have complete highlights from tonight's when coming up in sports. new video tonight of that unusual winter wildfire burning near big sur. the colorado fire, this video was taken over night from highway 1 near the bixby bridge. the fire is burning south of carmel along the coast of big sur. highway 1 remains closed. firefighters are making progress. cal fire says the fire is 20% contained. that's up from 5% during our 6:00 newscast. it burns about 1,000 acres. down from 1500 acres. the new numbers due to updated mapping. >> strong winds created dangerous conditions across the bay area today from downed trees to downed power lines. a small brush fire in the north bay today. an oakland couple woke up to
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find a tree on top of their car. the couple did not hear a thing over night and could not believe their car was crushed. in berkeley, neighbors were out today. redwood tree toppled over. the fire department responded to 50 calls over night and most of them related to power lines down and trees toppling. >> that's some fierce winds. that's where the ski lifts operating. this was taken by our own garvin thomas. he and his son were at a last lift of the super bowl. several lifts were on and off because of the wind. our rob mayeda. the good news is the wind has died down. >> what a 24 hours we saw. wind speeds strong enough to be
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called damaging wind speeds. around the fire, up in sonoma counties, 96 miles per hour, 71 miles per hour wind gusts at mount diablo. you can see how things look last night, all the purples and reds, look at the picture now. it is really 20 to 30 miles per hour winds on the higher hills of the north bay. good news, the wind is starting to shutdown. we are expecting a calm finish. you can see how those wind speeds taper off. what we do need to see is more rain in the forecast and guess what, seven-day forecast brings a pattern shift that'll bring rain chances back and possibly a big drop and the temperatures are a lot lower what we are seeing right now. >> we'll see you in ten minutes, thank you. the effect of high winds over night are being felt across the bay area.
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silverado trail is still closed because of downed power lines. crews expect to be done working tomorrow morning at the earlierist. here is a look at the pg&e map. less than 5,000 customers are still in the dark. those are the areas in green and yellow in the east bay hills. earlier today nearly 30,000 customers were without power. we are fopping developing nudes out of san jose tonight after another deadly hit and run, this one happens on north jackson their alum rock. police say a driver struck someone and took off. the pedestrian died. this is the sixth pedestrian killed so far this year in just 22 days. if you struggle to buy an at-home covid test the last few weeks. you now have another option as nbc bay area's marianne favro
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told us -- >> reporter: today 1800 people got here hands-on covid tests. >> it is great. >> reporter: santa clara county handed out free test kits here in san jose. the sona park and hellier park. the county plans to give out 60,000 kits until next week. >> we see a high rate of covid in our community. we know there is a scarcity in testing and a great need of at-home antigen tests. you need to sign up in advance and get a qr code to make up as many as four kits. >> the county is going door-to-door to hand out kits.
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county leaders say if you are not ready to get an appointment, you can order the free kit online from the government. that's what ryan did. >> i received two sets of covid test. >> reporter: the first set started arriving in mailboxes today. the biden administration opened up a phone line to order test kits. that number in 1800-232-0233. in san jose, marianne favro. nbc bay area news. >> our chris chmura got his at home covid tests in the mail today. chris is always tweeting out great information about covid tests and masks and much more. make sure to give him a follow. his handle is @chrischmura. it appears we may have hit
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our omicron peak. 1,800,000 and since then it has been dropping. it is not so much of case counts though. health leaders say keep your eyes on hospitalizations and deaths. on wednesday, 146,000, almost 147 were hospitalized with the virus but it looks like that may have peaked. it is not going up like it was. it is leveling out and beginning to come down. we'll be keeping a close eye on this in the coming days. starting today, more travel ers entering the u.s. must be fully vaccinated. travelers entering the country by land or ferry. the foreign travelers have to show proof of vaccinations, covid testing is not required. we know there is a lot to keep track of. if you have any questions, we have the answers for you. when will omicron cases peaked
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in the bay area? we posted an article answering that and other popular questions. head to our website on, click on covid-19 faq in the trending bar. on the 49th anniversary of roe v. wade, both sides were out in force across the country and here in the bay area. in san francisco, thousands of people turned out walk for life in the west coast. it is the 18th year the march has been held in san francisco. there were a few abortion rights supporters at the civic center plaza. this is the scene that played out in several cities across the country today. sinema, accusing her of failing to protect democracy.
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this week, sinema and manchin join the republicans to keep the filibuster. the filibuster has been used hundreds of times by both parties over the years. arizona's democrats could give sinema a vote of no confidence and no support if she runs for reelection in 2024. taking masks as a requirement, we'll come back with the new rules. >> our changing climate could impact future olympics. why some city could be ruled out from hosting the winter games. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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students will have to wear well-fitted surgical. the second largest district in the country says it is following the latest guidance from the county's public health department. now to a story connected to our climate and crisis series. if the world does not curve greenhouse gas emissions, it will be much harder to find a spot to host future winter game s. won't be any place to do them. researchers found only, palisade, tahoe will be considered weather available and the end of this would be japan.
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8 cities could host personal games. the winter olympics are almost here. when team usa walks out during the overcoming ceremony, they'll be sporting new gears made right here in the u.s. it is the moment of millions. make sure you don't miss it. team usa outfitter ralph lauren chosen custom outfits. >> it is an honor to be apart of it? and i am following in my grandfather's footsteps. he is thrilled ralph lauren came back to the company for a second time to make team usa gear. the company is also making the jackets athletes will wear at the closing ceremony and all 3,000 jackets were made at a meticulous space at 7 hours per
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jacket. the olympics kickoff in 12 days and our janelle wang is going to be in beijing. she will bring us live updates. our coverage begins february 3rd. take a look at this. the sunset. >> red and gold. rob, is there some connections between sunsets and 49ers success, i never seen it before but tell me. >> the skyline was linked up with green bay. we are going to show you potential outcomes and of course we don't know if they're going to be playing tampa bay. there will not be a windchill to worry about. tampa bay right now is at 47 degrees. windchills, 45. out in sofi stadium. it is in doors that you have to worry about anything. it is comfortable condition. and tampa bay looking pretty nice as we head towards next
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sunday depending out things go tomorrow. speaking of the sports theme. 49ers red and gold, 56 degrees. look at the moon rise there. east to san jose, 47 right now. clear skies and less winds across the hills there. mount hamilton areas to last night. look at the chilly dry air settling into livermore. it is already down to 42 degrees. winds still breezy across the north bay hills but not like the wind speed we had last night and this morning and sunday afternoon, wind speeds continue to drop off. we'll start off with upper 30s and some of the colder wint shelters. by lunchtime, all right mostly 60s around the south bay. and from areas around san jose, there is a chance we could go from about 65 to 70 tomorrow. it does look like lows to
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mid-60s from san francisco to oakland. >> this pattern has kept us dry. that's going away. high pressure is about to go away. by friday and saturday, the north bay may see a slight chance of showers. next weekend looks relative lie dry. better chances we see rainmaking a come back by the end of the mobt month and february. >> as we move forward, as we get towards february, we'll see the chance of more rain likely to the north bay. here is our good news. it does look like it is going to have a lot of cold air support. if you like 60s, ten days out from that. another polar plunge here coming down the west coast. >> it will be great news to keep those snow level relatively snow. towards the end of the seven-day forecast, the word showers for the north bay will start to show. next weekend will be dry. it is changes of the 10-day
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outlook. mile temperatures and spring-like conditions. we hope a lot of less gusty and dry dangerous winds. welcome changes this time, next weekend we think with rain entering the picture. >> as long as we have that hope, i am good. >> thanks for the hope. >> what comes after hope is the reality. anthony flores, let's check out those niners highlights. >> they just find a way, don't they? >> the 49ers are moving into the nfc. packers and green bay is coming up next. stick around.
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their special team. tl niners and the green bay takes on the packers. the windchill feeling like zero. look at kyle shanahan, he looks cold, does he? >> packers came out hot. aj dillon caught a 69 yard. their final drive, jimmy garoppolo does a good job but comes up with one of those throws. the niners' special team comes up off. it is 7-0 packers at the break. the know starts falling in the second half under 5 minutes remaining in the 4th. the niners down 10. jordan willis blocks the pun. scoops and scores, that ties the game at 10-10. with time expiring, robbie goal,
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the game winner of 45 yards goal. niners are headed to the nfc championship for the second time in three years. >> they're as aesthetic, just that game and being in that game and the way it went and those elements. the guys just balanced at the end. i could not be more proud. >> the fight of this team is ridiculous. no giving up. defense is falling. everything we thought was going to be. we need marcelle to come out with big win. it is a historic place. i am glad we can play a huge part of that. >> special team since taken a lot of heat this season. rightfully so, tonight they win the game. the 49ers will travel either l.a. or tampa for the nfc
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championship. on the ice, the sharks lose to the lightning. 7-1. that's a look at sports, more news after the break. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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sporting the niners color in red and gold. >> looking great. >> did you hear about this? >> two snl stars are the owner of a broken down ferry. >> pete davidson and come lynn jost bough a 56 years old ferry.
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they turn it into a live entertainment venue. mechanical issue sole for $280,000. >> they're going to like make it look really good, i bet. >> i think so, too. >> "saturday night live" is next. >> good night. we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future,
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you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.


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