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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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he still is the one. that's all for now i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now at 11:00, an alarming discovery in a san francisco neighborhood. hateful flyers found on doorsteps and they didn't just appear here in the bay area. investigations under way in other parts of the country tonight. also, tax season begins in a matter of hours, and the pandemic will have an impact. what you need to know before filing. plus closer to containment. crews gaining ground on that winter wildfire, but a new warning for people on the monterey peninsula tonight. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm audrey asistio. growing concern tonight after
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neighbors in one of san francisco's most exclusive neighborhoods wake up to something alarming. >> people living in pacific heights found their doorsteps blanketed with anti-semitic flyers which states covid is part of a jewish agenda. here is nbc bay area's thom jensen. >> reporter: the flyers were found in front of homes in pacific heights sunday morning. >> i had no idea. that's awful. >> reporter: a jewish couple found the anti-semitic material while walking their dog and shared pictures with an nbc bay area but declined to talk on camera, saying they feared retaliation. so did another couple who found the flyer in front of their home on this part of union street this morning. their neighbor says it has no place here. >> obviously this is a city largely of inclusion, and i mean, surprising to hear. >> reporter: the flyer said, quote, every single aspect of the covid agenda is jewish, end quote, and it names 15 people from the director of the cdc to pharmaceutical investors as
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being jewish people involved in the agenda. and they were placed in plastic bags with rice to make sure they didn't blow away. >> and for the purposes of, again, spreading their conspiracies, spreading their lies, but also for the purpose of intimidation and terrorizing. >> reporter: anti-defamation league regional director seth brisk says the material mirrors statements made by different groups whose radical followers sometimes use the propaganda to try to justify acts of physical terror. >> there is that link between spreading the lies, trying to intimidate, and it can inspire violence and terroristic activity. >> reporter: we did reach out to san francisco police department to see if it is investigating these racist flyers being left on doorsteps. but a spokesperson said so far this weekend, the department does not have any record of complaints being filed. in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> tom, thank you. in a statement, san francisco supervisor katherine stephanie said, quote, let me be clear.
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this kind of anti-semitic hatred has no place in our city. i've been in touch with the sfpd and intend to see these individuals held accountable. our communities have been terrified by the rise in hate crimes, and we must do everything we can to stand against it wherever it occurs. similar flyers were also found overnight in miami beach, florida. the city's mayor posted on twitter saying hundreds of homes found plastic bags like these filled with what appears to be similar hateful anti-semitic flyer along with small pebbles. he says police are increasing patrols in neighborhoods and working to figure out where the flyers came from. this comes after a series of recent incidents targeting the jewish community. among them, a gunman taking several people hostage at a texas synagogue last weekend. also the arrest of a woman in new york after she allegedly spat on a young child and made hateful statements. the clock is ticking for south bay first responders to get their covid booster shot.
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all santa clara county workers in high-risk settings need to get boosted by tomorrow, which is less than an hour away right now. if they're not boosted, they'd be reassigned from the front lines. hospitals protested saying they would lose too many workers, so the county set up a waiver process. but here's the catch. each hospital or department has to apply for the exemption. workers themselves can't do it. so santa clara county fire says 40 of its firefighters want waivers. in sacramento, a few dozen people turned out for the march against mandates rally on the state capitol steps. many of the protesters aren't just against the mandates. they're also against the new bill that would allow minors to get vaccinated without their parents' consent. >> as a parent and a grandparent, i feel that the parents are the ultimate authorities for their children when they're doing the very best they can. if parents want help, of course, they can ask for help. but otherwise, the
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decision-making should lie on the shoulders of the parents and not on the state. >> the proposed bill involving child vaccines would apply to children between 12 and 18. a similar rally was held in washington, d.c. thousands attended the demonstration at the national mall. many of those who attended oppose other pandemic requirements and restrictions as well. anti-vaccine activist robert f. kennedy jr. and controversial dr. robert malone were among those speakers there. san jose's children's museum is giving away the covid vaccine with a nice bonus. the museum was turned into a vaccination clinic today as it welcomed anyone 5 and older. come on in for a shot. in addition, anyone who got the vaccine received a family pass for up to eight people to enjoy the museum for free. >> it feels great. this is my third one, i think, after the first two. hoping i don't get covid after any of these shots. >> if you missed out today, you still have another chance.
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the museum is offering the vaccine and free passes again on sunday, february 13th. let's take a closer look at the vaccination rates in the south bay. right now, nearly 89% of people ages 5 and up who live in santa clara county are fully vaccinated. and out of the people 12 and older who are eligible to get boosted, about 61% have gotten that extra dose. those numbers are a bit better than the state's vaccination rates. take a look at this. nearly 73% of californians 5 and older are fully vaccinated. of those 12 and older who are able to get a booster shot, just 52% have. now, we know there's a lot to keep track of, so if you have questions, we've got answers like what type of mask protects you best. we've posted an article answering that and other popular questions. head to click on "covid-19 faq" in the trending bar. fire crews are getting a better handle on the colorado fire burning between carmel and big sur.
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cal fire now says it's 35% contained. 700 acres have burned. that acreage number is significantly down from earlier estimates. highway 1 remains closed, and evacuation orders are still in place for roughly 500 people. the monterey county health department is telling people to boil their tap water or use bottled water for drinking and cooking. the move comes after potential water system damage from the fire. well, people in parts of the east bay spent a second day without power after strong winds ripped down power lines. but tonight things are getting back to normal. let's take a look at the current pg&e outage map. you see right here crews are still trying to restore power to about 300 customers, many of whom have been in the dark for two days now. one of the worst spots, the oakland hills. several trees fell on power lines there. while the lights were out, people had to get creative. >> we have a gas stove, so i made some pasta and had a little headlamp and a lantern, and we
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had dinner by candlelight. >> we have a propane generator with a couple barbecue tanks and that's been getting us by. my neighbor's done the same thing. >> sounds like they were ready. many people in oakland hills are now more prepared for something like this after three years of public safety power shutoffs due to fire danger. it is that time of year again, tax season. starting tomorrow, the irs will begin accepting individual income tax returns. as nbc bay area's marianne favro reports, the pandemic is still causing complications. >> reporter: it may be 2022, but the irs is still facing a significant backlog from last year. the reason, you guessed it. the pandemic. the irs is still trying to catch up after being forced to close offices and adjust to staffing shortages. >> there's a lot more work for the irs to do with a lot fewer staff members doing it. >> reporter: which is why carolyn chan, professor of tax at san jose state university college of business, offers this
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advice. >> if you are a traditional filing taxpayer who is going to be filing a 1040, i would urge you to file as soon as you possibly can, and i would urge you to file electronically. do not file by paper because paper is where a lot -- or most of the backlog exists. >> reporter: and consider this. last year the irs had fewer than 15,000 people to handle 240 million calls, which means this year it may take a while for the irs to answer your questions. >> i think the expectation is that it's not just going to be a few weeks. it could be months. >> reporter: another issue, companies across the u.s. that process w-2 forms may be delayed in sending them to you because of the pandemic. when you do file, professor chen says be sure to take advantage of a new charitable giving deduction congress authorized in response to the pandemic.
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>> the new law has allowed a single taxpayer to be able to deduct up to $300, and married filing jointly up to $600 right from their income on the first page of a 1040. >> reporter: another important change, this year taxes are due on april 18th, and treasury officials say there is no current plan to extend that deadline. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> important information there. the u.s. secretary of state making a very clear warning today, telling nbc news if russia decides to move troops into ukraine, no matter the size of the incursion, that move would be met with swift and severe action by the united states and its allies. the state department is now ordering families at the embassy of kyiv to get out of the country. there's also a warning urging people not to travel to the region because of the rising tensions. >> reporter: tonight, as russia
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adds even more forces to those already encircling ukraine, the u.s. issuing its strongest warning yet to vladimir putin. secretary of state blinken promising severe economic sanctions if a single russian soldier crosses the border. >> in the event that there is a renewed russian incursion, russian forces going into ukraine, there is going to be a swift, a severe and united response. >> reporter: with russian troops massing along ukraine's northern, southern, and eastern borders, europe now teetering on the brink of war. the state department still weighing whether to evacuate nonessential u.s. embassy personnel. but warning american citizens in ukraine not working for the u.s. that if war does break out, they shouldn't expect to be evacuated by the government. britain also accusing the kremlin of preparing to mount a coup in kyiv. the goal of the alleged plot, to topple ukraine's democratically elected president and replace him with an ex-politician friendly to moscow. >> this is very much part of the
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russian playbook. >> reporter: russia dismissing the british allegations as disinformation. a first load of u.s. weapons arriving this weekend to help ukrainian troops defend themselves. but president biden under pressure at home and abroad to do more and fast. ukraine urging biden to impose punishing sanctions on russia now. a call echoed by both republicans and democrats in congress. >> i believe that we need to act now. >> reporter: tonight, ukrainian volunteers arming themselves and preparing for the worst. the stage is set. the niners and the rams going to be going head to head for a spot in the super bowl. we're back in 60 seconds with why it might be hard for some of the faithful to score tickets to the game, and audrey's not liking it. >> not at all. plus, sticker shock at the used car lot. we'll take a closer look at why prices are skyrocketing. and for now, we're watching for some patchy fog setting up for the morning commute. but bigger changes around the
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corner in the seven-day forecast. tracking when rain will be making a comeback when we come back in just a couple of minutes.
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let the gamesmanship begin. the rams may be hosting the nfc championship game. that does not automatically give them home field advantage. you might recall just two weeks ago when the 49ers beat l.a. down there at sofi stadium, there was a huge number of niners fans in attendance. you could hear them. now comes word that the rams are restricting public ticket sales for next week's game to southern california residents only. they're checking the zip code. ticketmaster says sales to other areas outside the greater l.a. region will be canceled without notice and refunded, audrey. >> oh, come on. >> an estimated one-third to half of the stadium was filled with niners fans last time they played. there's also a secondary market, of course, but it's clear the rams are trying to make this as difficult as possible for the faithful to be the dominant
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crowd in their home stadium. >> i think the niners fans are going to find a way to get tickets. >> they will. >> and still take over, i think. if you've gone shopping for a used car recently, you've probably found the prices are quite high. in fact, prices for used cars are rising faster than almost any other product. it's a major roadblock for consumers who need affordable transportation. nbc's rehema ellis has more on what's driving those huge price hikes. >> normally the lot would be two lines. >> reporter: amr youssef sells used cars in new jersey, and the past two years, he's had less to sell. he blames covid for accelerating the shortage. before the pandemic, this lot was typically packed with about 120 used cars. today there's only 45. >> we are paying around 30% more for the same car that we used to buy before the pandemic. >> you have to pass that along to the customer. >> absolutely, yes.
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>> reporter: nationwide, the price of a used car has skyrocketed 37% in the past year. the average cost soaring above $28,000 for the first time ever. >> everybody's frustrated. >> there's a shortage of cars. >> reporter: in west new york, new jersey, a smaller dealer but the same story. >> it's got 120,000 miles on it. >> reporter: nick constantino has been selling cars at this corner lot for nearly 60 years. his fleet is older with a lot more miles, but like many other dealers, he also has less to sell. >> all the years that i've been in business, these last two years are the worst years i've ever seen. >> reporter: he says that's hurting business and the lower income buyer. >> a lot of people that come here cannot afford a car today. >> reporter: that's the hard reality for john cook and his wife in alexandria, indiana. >> we don't have that nest egg. >> reporter: no nest egg to replace their 1990 subaru that was totaled in an accident. he needs a car to help care for his five grandsons. >> i didn't expect it.
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i expected a premium price. i didn't expect it to be outside, especially on a fixed income. >> reporter: even with financing, it's a challenge. with the average monthly payment for a used car topping $500. in fact, a study this week found the average worker would need to work five additional weeks a year to afford the additional cost. is there one thing or a series of things that's leading to this lack of inventory in the used car market? >> there are fewer semiconductor chips, which means there are fewer new vehicles being built, which means ultimately there are fewer vehicles that are being sold into the used market. >> reporter: whatever the market has to do, john just wants a car so he and his wife can get back to being involved grandparents. >> and there's still some growing left to do for our kids, so we need to be there. >> reporter: but in today's market, getting there in a used car may be further down the
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road. rehema ellis, nbc news. santa clara county is expected to move forward on a plan to educate people about lead contamination found near the airport in san jose. count supervisors ended the sale of aviation fuel there. on tuesday, leaders are expected to recommend that supervisors hire consultants who speak a variety of languages and go door to door in san jose and explain what these findings mean. lead poisening in kids is linked to iq and cognitive problems. the alameda county sheriff's department recruit killed in a freeway shooting earlier this month will be laid to rest tomorrow. the funeral service for 28-year-old david nguyen is set for 10:00 in the morning at cornerstone fellowship church in livermore. the service will be streamed live on the sheriff's training center youtube page after a private burial held in coma. nguyen was just a month away
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from becoming a sheriff's deputy when he was shot and killed while driving near the bay bridge toll plaza. no arrests have been announced at this time. the alameda cou "today in the b tomorrow for an exclusive interview ahead of the services. it could soon be easier for san francisco police to use surveillance cameras to respond to crimes. mayor london breed is behind the plan to change the city's surveillance ordinance. it would give police the opportunity to use cameras in real time to monitor serious incidents or high crime areas. breed introduced that legislation at tuesday's board of supervisors meeting, but she also put this measure on the ballot, saying if supervisors cannot agree on the issue, she'll leave it up to voters. new at 11:00, a rare firing on broadway. the actor playing the character of the adult harry potter in the broadway show "harry potter and the cursed child" has been fired from the production. it comes after a complaint by a female co-star about james snyder's conduct. producers didn't say exactly what happened but that the show
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was committed to fostering a safe workplace and harassment in any form will not be tolerated. the play picks up the harry potter story 19 years after the events of the last book. a passionate group of film buffs in san francisco want to make sure the historic castro theater continues to show movies. they're urging the owners of the theater to not get rid of films. some believe the owners may stop offering movies and just provide live events. the owners, bay properties inc., is partnering with a company called another planet entertainment to upgrade the theater, and that has led to the concern. >> i've been coming to the castro theater for decades for the silent film festival, the film noir festivals, and we want to see that continued. i am very nervous that another planet is a live music event producer. they do not have a history of film programming. >> and there is a response. another planet says in a
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statement it wants to present all sorts of programming in the theater, including film, comedy, music, as well as community and private events. well, would you take a look at this. we wrapped up the weekend with another gorgeous sunset. this is a time-lapse taken from our camera looking out at the transamerica pyramid. >> beautiful. >> yeah, it is. here's another view. got some stunning skies over the san mateo bridge. we showed that on the 6:00 show -- 5:00. the fog was over it. >> foggy. >> fog got out of town and the beautiful sunset moved in. >> just in time. >> just in time. >> we have some fog, wind -- >> and rain eventually. are we right about that, rob? >> yeah. we're seeing fog for tomorrow morning and more pretty pictures here. i'm going to get out of the view here so you can enjoy it without me standing in front of it. that's a nice look, isn't it? golden gate bridge. >> beautiful. >> the gold lights, the international orange, looking
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49ers red at this hour. let's show you the temperature. it's 53 degrees. looking for a bit of a sea breeze. 53 right now in san francisco. 48 currently in san jose with some of those hazy skies. as we head inland, look at livermore, down to 41 degrees. 30s around the tri-valley by sunrise tomorrow. and in walnut creek, 46 degrees. watching out for hazy skies. and in the east bay valleys, a bit of a light offshore breeze. i think briefly in the morning we might see unhealthy for sensitive groups air quality due to smoke trapped underneath high pressure. now, another source of the smoke and the extra orange we saw to the sunset tonight was due to the smoke from the colorado fire down here south of monterey. you can see how more of that smoke has been hung up around monterey county. that should be generally less of a factor over the next couple of days as the activity from that fire continues to trend downward. but notice a trend here in terms
11:23 pm
of the fog. it's already setting up across the sacramento valley and the san joaquin valley to the east. so very likely solano county, inland contra costa county, some of those north bay valleys, you will see some of that patchy fog for the morning. it will be a chilly start. 30s and low 40s for those inland valleys for the morning. by lunchtime, dress in layers. you'll be back in the 60s for areas south of downtown san jose. mid-60s again around san jose. but upper 50s, we think, san francisco to oakland as the sea breeze comes back. that's going to start to cool things off a little bit along the coast and the inner bay. bigger changes we think will develop once we get past friday. you see the seven-day forecast still looking pretty mild. the first weather system approaches on friday, but kind of falls apart there near mendocino county. then next weekend we'll get more clouds. then fingers crossed this time next sunday, we'll watch a chance of that rain coming through. showers to start. a big drop in temperatures. highs back into the 50s. then a better chance for rain
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progressively as we get into february. so here's a look at those medium range weather models. this one hasn't updated yet but its counterpart has, and it's trending more positively. all that red would indicate the ten-day rainfall potential, most of that over the course of three days from the end of the month into early february. may see an inch or two of rain returning to parts of northern california. that of course means more snow potential in the sierra. so a wild week ahead with some patchy fog and hazy skies. the ten-day forecast continues to trend more positively. we'll take a closer look at what this could mean for the sierra and that snow back coming up at about 11:45. it just goes to show your spam folder is not all junk mail. look at this. >> whoa! >> a woman gets the surprise of her life when she checked her email. we'll tell you all about this next.
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that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enrollment ends january 31st. great story here. enjoying the snow and potentially saving lives too. that's the life of some special dogs at ski resorts, and the one you're meeting right now, this is shaka. he's been on the job at palisades tahoe for eight years now as a dog that helps find people buried under the snow during an avalanche. it can take up to 1,000 hours of training for a dog and handler to pass the validation test. >> training for the dog, it's really just a game. so what they've learned is that it's really fun to play hide and seek and specifically to look for human scent that's under the snow. >> shaka's handler is more than a boss. the two of them live together throughout the dog's entire
11:29 pm
life. he even gets to hang out at the resort when he's not on duty. i hope he appreciates it. we appreciate him. a michigan woman learned a valuable lesson, to always check the spam folder in her email. >> mm-hmm. and when we say valuable -- >> valuable. >> we mean very valuable. laura spears matched all five balls at the end of december in the michigan lottery. she bought the ticket online, moved on with her life. a few days later, she looked in her spam folder for another missing email, and that is where she found a legitimate email from the state saying she won $3 million. >> whoa. >> she has now claimed her prize. going to share it with her family, retire early. >> i wouldn't have believed it. >> right? i wouldn't either. one last note, she also added the michigan lottery to her safe senders folder just in case she wins again. >> some people are probably thinking, maybe they'll do that in california. we checked and our producer tells us that you can't do it this way in california. you have to do it the
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old-fashioned way, go in, hand them some money, get the tickets. let's check in with anthony flores right now. talk about one of the greatest football weekends that ever could be. great games. >> there certainly was, and we will talk a little basketball as well. more specifically, steph curry. a little cold from behind the arc. he made just one three-pointer tonight. how were the warriors still able to beat the jazz? i'll tell you. stick around. sports is next. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. klay thompson was a game day
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scratch tonight against utah. now he has some soreness in his surgically repaired left knee. dubs taking on the jazz. first quarter, steph curry from behind the arc with the splash. it was his only tre of the game. went just 1 for 13 from three-point land. finished with 13. in the second, check this out. jordan poole, they call this breaking ankles. he cans the tre. the bench absolutely loves it. he had a team-high 20 points. it would come down to this. dubs up two in the fourth. bogdanovic for three. the put-back is no good. warriors beat the jazz 94-92. the 49ers had to beat the rams just to get in the postseason. now their division rivals are standing in the way of a trip to the super bowl. the rams knocking down out the tampa bay buccaneers today in tampa. the rams had a 27-3 lead. then tom brady and the bucs come
11:34 pm
storming back. under a minute to go on fourth and goal from the 9. leonard fournette goes for a little run. that's a touchdown. game tied at 27. matthew stafford leads the rams into field goal range. then matt gay hits the game winner as time expires. rams beat the bucs 30-27. so the rams will host the 49ers in the nfc championship next sunday. >> you really enjoy this, then we got to get ready for a team we know has been a really tough matchup for us. they've done an outstanding job, and it's going to be a great game. >> you don't want it no other way. i feel like it's the perfect setting to get to what we need to get. we got to play a divisional opponent that got the best of us the last couple of times. you wouldn't want it no other way than what we got right now, so, you know, get ready for a dogfight. >> should be a great game. terry, i know this. a team from california will represent the nfc in the super bowl. this will be the second time the
11:35 pm
49ers and rams will meet in a span of three weeks. you remember the 49ers rallied from 17 down to beat the rams 27-24 in overtime back in week 18. the niners have dominated this series lately, winning six in a row against l.a. niners are now just four quarters away from their second trip to the super bowl in three years. hard to believe after they started the season 3-5. >> this team has been through a lot of adversity. we've dealt with a lot. we've lost games by making mistakes. we've won games, you know, dirty. this is a gritty team, it's a salty team. >> we're not standing here with a win if we didn't go through what we did in l.a. against the rams to start. i think going through that kind of win and take us into dallas, winning that game, and obviously here. it's all kind of just storybook. >> all right. terry always asks, terry, what do i say? mobile quarterbacks make me nervous. >> make you nervous. >> matthew stafford.
11:36 pm
but he's not mobile. niners will travel to sofi to take on the rams for the third time this season. kickoff next sunday is at 3:30. maybe the best game of the weekend. the chiefs and the bills. just over 70 seconds to go. bills up three. patrick mahomes hits tyreek hill, and he is off to the races. wow, 64 yards for the touchdown. k.c. goes up four, but back come the bills. fireballs josh allen hooks with gabriel davis for the score. davis had four touchdown receptions but they left 13 seconds on the clock. k.c. kicks a field goal, sends it to overtime. the chiefs win the coin toss, and they never give it up. mahomes to travis kelce, and that's your ball game. the chiefs win it 42-36. that might have been the super bowl. just saying. kansas city will host the afc championship for the fourth year in a row. that's a look at sports. more news after the break. don't get mad at me, niner fans.
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protesters from across the country marched on washington today, voicing their opposition to covid vaccine mandates, vaccines for children, and other pandemic requirements and restrictions. nbc's josh lederman has more. >> reporter: tonight the vaccine battle reaching a fever pitch in the nation's capital. >> if there is risk, there must be choice. >> reporter: thousands rallying on the national mall for the defeat the mandates protest, featuring some of the nation's most prominent anti-vaxxers. >> tried to get a burger last night and we got turned away because we didn't have a proof of vaccination card. >> i'm not anti-vax. i'm fully vaccinated but not this vaccine. the main reason being because it's, quote, unquote, experimental. >> reporter: that's not true. covid-19 vaccines are fully
11:39 pm
approved. more scrutinized for safety than any vaccine in history. supporters say mandating vaccines is the only way to get life back to normal and to protect those most vulnerable. but a new nbc news poll shows deep pessimism that may be hampering the vaccine effort. 7 in 10 americans believe the country is on the wrong track. and 53% disapprove of president biden's handling of covid, his worst numbers yet. and just 45% say they're vaccinated and boosted. >> everybody wants to say we're extremists, and all i can say is we're living in extreme times. >> reporter: mr. biden suffering yet another blow to his vaccine push on friday. his vaccine mandate for federal workers blocked in court. >> obviously we are confident in our legal authority here. >> reporter: across the u.s., a tale of two pandemics. one showing glimmers of hope in the northeast and mid-atlantic as cases plummet in areas where omicron may have peaked. in new york, once the nation's covid epicenter, the governor citing a 66% drop in just the
11:40 pm
last two weeks. >> this is extraordinary progress. >> reporter: but in the south and the west, where omicron hit later, a different story entirely, one of cases surging, setting new records, and overrunning hospitals. but dr. anthony fauci says he is hopeful the rest of the country will soon see a turnaround, possibly by mid-february. >> we don't want to get overconfident, but they look like they're going in the right direction right now. >> reporter: there's a big caveat. fauci prdicting more pain and suffering in areas where fewer people are vaccinated and boosted. samoa is on lockdown tonight after 15 passengers on a flight into the small island nation tested positive for covid. the flight was from australia. prime minister announced a 48-hour lockdown, including no flights into the country. future flights from australia may be canceled as well. passengers who tested positive were all fully vaccinated and tested negative before the flight. china is ramping up covid testing in beijing ahead of the olympics. an entire beijing district is
11:41 pm
now ordered to undergo testing following a series of infections in the capital. the district is home to some 2 million people. people in other areas of beijing deemed at high risk of infection are also being told not to leave the city. china has had a strict zero tolerance strategy aimed at isolating every infected person as we get closer to the start of the winter games february 4th. we have got some good news for you tonight involving the colorado fire burning on the big sur coast. it is now 35% contained, and the acreage burned has actually been downgraded to 700 acres. the bad news is the evacuation orders are still in place, and a portion of highway 1 remains closed. some people are on edge and ready to leave their homes if needed. >> when fighting a fire, it takes all the tools in the tool belt. >> reporter: crews got back to work on sunday fighting the colorado fire with more manpower and aircraft.
11:42 pm
but rugged mountains remain a challenge. >> this is in very steep terrain, so ground crews are very important. dozers may not be able to do as much when it's extremely steep. >> reporter: some who live in the area describe the moments they first saw the colorado fire, a sight they'll never forget. >> the sky was just lit up with just red, a red glow, and we're like, oh, my god. you know, that is a fire. >> reporter: which is why some say they're not letting their guard down just yet. >> so we packed all our things and put them by the door just in case because the wind was blowing the fire towards where we are. >> reporter: others who have lived in the big sur mountains for decades say the timing of this wildfire is a wake-up call. >> for us, it makes us realize we have to be vigilant year-round, not just in the summertime when we think of the greatest risk. >> the last rain was i think about two weeks ago, and i'm amazed how fast the fuel
11:43 pm
moisture has dried out here. >> reporter: something cal fire emphasizes. >> the fact that it's january and we're talking about big sur, an area in monterey county that's supposed to be the area that gets the most rain during the winter months, and we're having a fire that's more than 1,000 acres, that's an issue and a cause for concern. coming up, high school students giving their teacher help. garvin thomas explains how it's bound to change that teacher's life. it's a story that will make you bay area proud. right now, 41 degrees in livermore. plan on a chilly start to the morning with patchy fog. we're watching that and rain chances finally returning to the seven day forecast. and early next week. we'll have a look at that when we come right back.
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
our bay area proud segment is all about highlighting acts of kindness and generosity in our communities. we've got a good one for you tonight. >> it involves high school students showing just how much they care for one of their teachers. garvin thomas shares the story of what the teacher calls one of the best moments of her life. >> reporter: if the scotts valley high school theater department gave out an award for best drama this year, it wouldn't go to any show they put on in the school's theater. no. the most moving scene performed by theater students took place on a thursday in december, in drama teacher kendra's classroom. >> i just started crying. they were crying, and it was
11:47 pm
just probably one of the most special moments of my life. okay. big step back. >> reporter: when it comes to kendra's life, theater has always been a big part of it. when miss k. as her students call her, was just 17, a tumor was discovered on her spine. the surgery to remove it left her unable to walk. but kendra had just been cast in her high school musical, so she rehearsed from her hospital bed and just two months post-op, there she was onstage in her wheelchair, performing. >> theater, i tell these kids from experience, is like the most healing and important part of my life. it got me through the absolute darkest days and i wouldn't be here without it. >> reporter: and now it looks like theater has once again come to kendra's aid. her students knew the wheelchair she's been using for the past five years just wasn't working for her. bulky and ill-fitting, it made every aspect of life more difficult. >> normally with a wheelchair, it's supposed to feel like an
11:48 pm
extension of you, and this one, just how difficult it is to get around, is a constant reminder i'm in a chair. ♪♪ >> reporter: when this freshman heard that kendra couldn't afford a wheelchair that would really work for her, well, twixt wanted to do something for someone who had done so much for them. >> i've never had anyone in my life who's such a positive influence on me. >> you know that we all love you very much. >> reporter: so she started a gofundme, believing it might raise a few hundred dollars. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: but by the time they surprised miss k. with it, it was $7,000. >> it's just -- it's just so unthinkable to me. i don't know the fact that like people did this thing for me. grateful doesn't even begin to describe how i feel about it. >> reporter: it is money enough for a wheelchair that will truly allow kendra to live the life she wants. thanks to a group of young
11:49 pm
people who already seem to have figured out what's most important in life. >> wow. >> garvin thomas getting it done. i'm not crying. you're crying. >> i am. i really am. such a beautiful story. if you know of someone doing something extraordinary in your community, we want to hear about it. send garvin an email. you can reach him at bay area we have got a little bit of everything and a lot of things we need coming our way. >> towards the end of the seven-day forecast, we're watching that closely as some of the latest evening model runs applies to sierra snow and the rain potential as we approach the start of february. right now, no rain in san jose. 48 degrees. a bit chilly in the tri-valley, down to 41 in livermore, watching out for some patchy fog possibly setting up by the
11:50 pm
morning. 46 currently in walnut creek. a beautiful view looking at the golden gate bridge right now. san francisco seeing 53 degrees. look for an increasing sea breeze tomorrow, which will cool things off a little bit around the inner bay and coast. temperatures right now already down to 39 degrees in napa. watching those north bay and inland east bay valleys for patchy fog. most of it right now still off to the east of solano county. but by tomorrow morning, solano county, inland contra costa county seeing patchy fog and then a high few clouds passing by. 30s and 40s to start. while not as warm as the temperatures we had this weekend, once we pass lunchtime into the afternoon, we should still see mid-60s closer to san jose. low 60s around the tri-valley with hazy sunshine and into the north bay, but trending a little bit cooler around half moon bay into san francisco and oakland. so the pattern change coming up isn't really showing up very much in the seven-day forecast
11:51 pm
because friday, the first system in the series kind of falls apart as it gets closer to the bay area. but the bigger changes are lurking just after the end of next weekend. so that does run a little bit beyond sunday there in the forecast. but as we move into february now, we're beginning to see cooler temperatures, more moisture, and as you see there, good rain chances starting to return pretty much just as soon as january ends. so here's a model update for you. the european model bringing more rain with its latest update, and its counterpart, which updated earlier, is also trending to a little more rain. also encouraging that this pattern does have cold air support. so the 60s and 70s we've seen the last couple of days, within about a week will be replaced by probably highs in the 50s. look at that cold air dropping down california. so the good news is we put out some projections for potential snow. the numbers this far out, that's going to change a lot. what is more interesting is to see where the potential snow levels are, and the early estimates could be snow down into the sierra foothills.
11:52 pm
maybe 3,000 to 4,000 foot snow levels. the rain chances coming back, and the potential for some good snowfall to the sierra. just outside the event horizon of our seven-day forecast. we'll see more clouds next weekend. not expecting any rain just yet, but you can see temperatures trending warmer through thursday, then cooler next weekend and hopefully this will be the last of the dry seven-day forecast. good chance of sierra snow and much needed rain making a comeback moving into february. back to you. >> all right. rob, thanks very much. and we will be right back.
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
getting around oakland's airport will be a little more difficult because of a construction project. the city is repaving 98th avenue near the airport between empire and doolittle. crews going to be working from 8:00 at night until 4:00 in the morning. people are urged to use haganberger road as an alternative to 98th avenue. they hope to finish that job by february 4th. two tons of nasa's research material is on its way back to
11:55 pm
earth tonight. after two days of delays because of bad weather, the spacex dragon cargo ship undocked from the international space station today. it's expected to splash down off the coast of florida tomorrow. the science onboard includes a cyto skeleton which is used to better understand how the human body changes in micro gravity. we're back in a moment.
11:56 pm
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sometimes the stars align just right to bring people together in the most unusual ways. >> they really do. two sisters in illinois remember losing her wedding ring 55 years ago. they believe one of them dropped it down the kitchen sink when they were just 1 and 3 years old. flash forward to november of 2020 when another couple bought the sisters' childhood home. while upgrading the kitchen,
11:58 pm
they found a ring. it sat on their dresser for months until one of the sisters came to visit her old home, which is their home now. well, days after the visit, the couple remembered the ring and called them back. >> she kind of gasped and said, this is crazy. >> we were going nuts over the phone. like that's got to be mom's ring. it has to be her ring. >> i want you to have it because you're a good sister. >> well, the sisters found this picture of her mom on her wedding day. look at that. she sent it to the couple, and it was a match. the sisters now have the ring and some honest new friends in their lives. >> nice story. nice way to end it on. thanks very much for joining us. have a great night. >> take care.
11:59 pm
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