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tv   Today  NBC  January 24, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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today. mike? >> filling in all lanes for the richmond bridge and the san mateo bridge, a little slowing across the high-rise. we definitely have more traffic than we have for the last month. >> that's what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back with you at 7:25 with more live, local news. >> thank you for joining us. we'll take a live look. the "today" show is next. good morning show of force. the president considers deploying u.s. troops, warships and aircraft with the ukraine crisis deepening nato countries overnight announcing additional assets to the region and the state department urges americans to leave with russia at the border. is a russian invasion all but inevitable on edge. several major cities in mourning after violent attacks of police officers including an ambush shooting that killed one new york city officer and left another fighting for his life. this morning, the growing
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challenge to make the streets safer. and our in-depth look at increasing concern for law enforcement nationwide, untraceable ghost guns that can be homemade. and encouraging news as covid cases start to fall. >> they are going this the right direction. >> this morning the state seeing biggest declines and where hospitals and schools are still struggling against omicron uncharted waters, a cruise ship bound for miami suddenly diverted to th an arrest warrant. and hundreds of passengers left stranded those stories plus, had hello! >> i'm sorry i love you >> adelle surprises fans in las vegas after suddenly postponing concerts there inside her apology tour until
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she's ready to take the stage. and instant classics >> the kick, is good >> in the game of the year the chiefs stunned the bill, tying it at the last second before winning in overtime. >> to the end zone, for the win! he caught it >> and tom brady leads the bucs on another incredible comeback but comes up just short against the rams >> boots it through. >> inside the play by play as the final four teams are set in what's already being called "the greatest football weekend ever." "today" monday january 24, 2022. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning everybody. welcome to "today. it is nice to have you with us on a monday morning.
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if you are just waking up, no that was not a dream that was an actual nfl playoff game where -- how many points did they score in the last 25 seconds? >> it was amazing. by the way, i was on the edge of my seat. i was stress eating along with america. didn't matter who you were rooting for. even if you like football or not. you could not script it any better all four games decided on the final play. >> the nfl delivered in a big way. now the final four is set. culminated with that epic over time finish. the chiefs/bills clash euphoria for k.c. fans agony for buffalo. we'll break down the action in a minute. >> can't wait for that plus, we are in miami where a crystal cruises ship was supposed to dock this morning. instead it remains in the bahamas. a lot of its passengers were ferried home it is all about a standoff over unpaid debts details are straight ahead. u.s. response to that tense situation in ukraine the state department now urging the families of u.s. diplomats to leave kiev. and warning americans not to travel to ukraine or russia.
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and the president weighing several options for responding if russia does invade, including increasing military presence in the region we have complete coverage. we'll start with nbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell. >> the president is looking at plans by air, by sea and on the ground to fortify nato allies in eastern europe, not send these assets into ukraine. the mission is to deter putin and protect our nato partners. can i'm told conversations have begun with the countries that could receive this u.s. military support, which may be one tangible sign that the president's decision-making process is moving forward. this morning president biden weighing a new military operation to counter vladimir putin and bolster nato allies in europe at camp david saturday the president was briefed on potential troop and equipment
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movements to nato countries in eastern europe administration officials say defense secretary austin on video conference laid out options for the president to act and a new warning. a decision could come within days fl. >> we'll continue to build up deterrents as necessary. >> and a new warning, americans ordered home including embassy staff in kiev. and a voluntary departure for nonessential workers due to continued threat of russian military action. >> can be no doubt at all that if putin makes this choice, russia will pay a heavy price. >> reporter: revealing its discovery of a russian plot to overthrow the democratically elected president of ukraine and install a former ukraine official close to moscow the u.s. called that deeply concerning and put russia on
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notice >> there is going to be a swift, a severe and united response. >> reporter: while putin's moved more than 100,000 russian troops to ukraine's border, the u.s. ha delivered 200 million dollars of lethal military aid to ukraine and negotiations continue. lawmakers say sanctions should not wait >> we do need to go ahead and impose sanctions on russia now we need to show them that we mean business. >> reporter: and while president biden considers his military options, today nato's secretary general announced that the alliance of nations is putting some forces on standby, sending additional ships and fighter jets to eastern europe and would welcome the support of other allies to contribute forces for deterrence. savannah >> kelly, thank you. we turn now to jeremy bash, national security analyst for nbc news he served at chief of staff at both the cia and defense department good morning jeremy. >> good morning.
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>> we heard overnight that nato announced moving military assets to the region. the u.s. is considering doing so the state department announces americans are urged to leave and families of diplomats are ordered to leave is this a significant escalation how do you read the tea leaves here >> yeah, i think this means that the u.s. government has concluded, savannah, that an invasion of ukraine is imminent. you don't order the families of u.s. personnel in the embassy to leave unless you believe they have to get out of harm's way. and we're encouraging all americans to leave the country that combined with these military deployments within nato and additional troops to the region means i believe the biden administration has concluded that all efforts to stop putin at this point have basically failed there are no off ramps we have to get our forces postured for potential military conflict. >> and then how does it play out, jeremy? what could potentially happen here >> well, look, i think if putin does something, and i think everybody believes he will, then i think first and foremost, as i said we've got to get our people
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out of harm's way. we've got to put more forces aligned with our allies in eastern europe so they know we have their back because ukraine is on the doorstep of nato and if russia takes one step over that line into nato, under article 5 we're duty bound to defend those countries and that means the u.s. and russia are at war. i think the next steps are sanctions on russia. and we're going to be arming ukraine. and could be bloody battles going on for months maybe years. >> the u.s. threatened severe sanctions along with nato. but if putin has concluded, or we have concluded that putin is going to go in, is it too late obviously he's doing so in the face of the threat of those sanctions. >> well it may be too late to stop him at this stage but we want to prevent him from escalating once he goes in so i think sanctions and cyber efforts are very important to prevent putin from going up the
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escalatory ladder. and those sanctions are going to hurt him his economy is in decline. it is very brittle make no mistakes, savannah sanctions also could hurt european companies and american companies. so there are going to be lot of people coming through washington asking for exemptions to sanctions and over time those sanctions will erode. >> about nato's alliance would there have been divisions in nato? the president openly spoke about divisions. will they stand united and what are the competing consideration there? >> it is a 30-nation alliance. to get everybody on the same page is always a challenge but i this nato is unified under the concept that russia can't force a country to redraw borders by force and it can't tell ukraine it can't be an ally where the the wrest. so nato seems very aligned and i think they are going to stand strong. >> jeremy bash thank you very much. officials in several major cities searching for answers to combat a growing rate of police
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officers run member of the nypd killed here in new york another now clinging to life after responding to a domestic dispute call stephanie gosk has the latest for us >> reporter: gun violence supervisor 16% compared to the same time last year. the mayor calling this latest police calling an attack on thet entire city. this weekend police departments on edge after officers were shot in multiple cities houston police grieving one of their own after a traffic stop turned deadly. in d.c. police responded to a man acting suspiciously and he opened fire. one officer sustained non life threatening injuries
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all of this as new york is now a city in mourning >> and it hurts my heart it really does. >> reporter: hundreds lying in the streets as the body of 22 year old officer jason rivera was escorted from the medical examiners offers his partner, wilbert mora is in critical condition both responding to a domestic incident when a suspect shot them 47 year old la shaun mcneil fired on the officers inside his mother's apartment at the scene the police officers recovered a stolen glock pistol with a magazine that held up to 40 rounds. >> violence within new york. that's the battle right now. >> reporter: mayor adams pleaing for federal help to get guns off >> it appears as though for every gun we remove from the street five are coming in. >> reporter: five nypd officers have been shot in just the first three weeks of this year and in east harlem, a 19 year old burger king employee was shot and killed when the shooter tried to rob the restaurant. it was her last week on the night shift. just days ago an 11 month old girl was struck in the face by a stray bullet in the bronx. in response, mayor adams says
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he'll reinstate controversial anti-gun united staffed by plain clothes officers but today the city remembers a young man tragically lost. >> jason, love you you will always be remembered. always. >> reporter: officer rivera's funeral will be right down the street at st. patrick's cathedral. and he was in the police academy he wrote a letter to an official say he wanted to become a police officer to help heal the relationship between the community and the police force he barely got a chance to do that hoda. >> heartbreaking stephanie gosk there thank you. the battle against covid there is some positive news when it comes tot omicron variant final some cases starting to drop and thousands of protesters marched in the nation's capitol over the weekend good morning. >> good morning. over the weekend the nation surpassed 70 million confirm covid cases but in cities along
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the east coast are starting to see rapid decline of now cases unfortunately that is not the case everywhere. and experts warn even though numbers are going in the right direction, many hospitals are still in trouble >> reporter: this morning the battle over vaccines playing out in the nation's capital. on sunday crowds of demonstrators, led by speakers including robert f. kennedy jr. marched from the washington monument to the lincoln memorial in effort to defeat the mandates. >> i feel like to coerce somebody to make that decision is really unjust. >> reporter: the rally comes days after a virginia woman was arrested after she appeared to threaten officials at a school board meeting over mask mandates. >> my child, my children will not come to school on monday with a mask on all right? that's not happening and i will bring every single gun loaded and ready. >> reporter: the nation's deep
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division comes as covid cases are finally starting to fall after weeks of skyrocketing case counts driven by omicron the national average daily new cases down 10% compared to a week ago >> don't want to get overconfident, but they look like they are going in the right direction right now. >> reporter: in new york, once the nation's covid epicenter, the governor citing a 66% drop in just the last two weeks >> this is extraordinary progress. >> reporter: but cases in southern and western state where is omicron hit later continue to go up, as hospitals are overrun. in california, the number of covid positive patients in intensive care has ballooned more than 60% in the last two weeks. in san diego, the staff is exhausted. >> are you surprised things are this bad >> you know, i -- i want to say no but deep down, i was hoping we'd
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never be back here again there is some hopeful news for parents of small children. the former fda commissioner said this week the fda and pfizer are looking very closely at the data and that by late march a vaccine for children younger than 5 could be available savannah >> miguel. thank you very much. let's take a turn. everyone's been waiting for this one. it was a wild amazing weekend of football wasn't it >> epic. epic. >> and you stayed up. >> i did i'm sleepy this morning. like a lot of focus around the country. heartbreak, upsets, comebacks. the playoffs, divisional round had it all including this wild finish between the chiefs and bills late last night. and another instant classic. this chapter of the tom brady career sam brock covering it all for us hey sam. >> good morning. this weekend was utter madness i think at one point hoda had a tweet are 11 exclamation points.
7:16 am
and by the way, the saints weren't even playing guys this is the first time since 2009 that tom brady and aaron rodgers both are not in the conference championships the futures for both quarterbacks right now cloudy. and as savannah was saying earlier t chiefs and bills scored 25 points in the final 2:00 of regulation an instant classic >> never been a better -- >> over night a playoff game for the agencies. >> oh my gosh, this is the most perfect quarterback play. >> the bills and chiefs back and forth in the final few minutes of the game. >> down the middle to the end zone and there it is! >> gabriel davis's fourth touchdown from josh allen giving buffalo the lead with just 13 seconds left but incredibly the chiefs answering right back behind the arm of promotion setting up a game tying field goal to end regulation the young quarterback moving forward while football's most famous face won't be playing in the conference championship. even though sunday had all the mixing of a history breaking comeback
7:17 am
24 points erased in just over a quarter. >> this is officially lunacy. >> only for the rams to convert a dagger deep shot and walk away with the w, prompting questions immediately about whether the 44 year old brady will return next season. >> i haven't put a lot of thought into it still. we'll just take it day by day and see where we're at. >> reporter: after two other game-ending field goals saturday the final four is set. bengals and chiefs in the afc. ninersers and rams in the afc. and san francisco sacking aaron rodgers dreams of adding a second ring and adding a new dimension to his green bay future. >> we'll have conversation in the next week or so. and, you know, start to
7:18 am
contemplate after that. >> reporter: the faces of the nfl for years, brady, and rodgers, preparing to give way to the new guard of allen, mahomes and burrow. though fans in tampa are till expressing sheer awe. >> have you ever seen anything like that. >> absolutely not. that was incredible. >> reporter: and one immutable nfl law finally broken, "never bet against brady." brady does have one year left on his contract but even nfl insiders aren't sure what's going to come next for number 12. and adding to the drama, more debate over the overtime rules. because if the team that starts with the ball scores a touchdown on the opening drive, that's it. game over. meaning that a coin toss can play a massive role in the outcome of the game. and last night it appears that it might have. >> upset about the overtime rules before the --
7:19 am
>>well -- >> exactly and the rest of us are outraged. oh it is a great game. well it's just a coin. oh well. >> still have to score the touchdown. >> let's go call roger goodell. >> i don't think we want to call roger goodell about that. to sam's point. >> you dill feel like you were watching the changing of the guard though. the new kids on the block. >> bengals, let's go. >> al roker. >> we watched football all weekend long. oh i can't wait for the super bowl on nbc and peacock. we're going. >> we've got that super bowl. >> we're all going. oh we're going. oh we're going, baby. oh it's happening. february 13th, right here. we're going. >> we want to go. >> yes! woo! let's go. we are looking at some light snow coming across the great lakes. little system. not a big deal. had a little slight know in the northeast overnight. could be higher amounts this side of the great lakes due to lake effect snow bands from the
7:20 am
up of michigan to the northeast and parts of new england. also watching down here in the gulf. showers texas to mississippi. the strongest storms stay out over the gulf, but you can see along the gulf shores, heavier rain moves into florida late tomorrow. there is the system will cross through southern florida. threat for heavy rain and really windy conditions. we're looking about an inch to a half an inch around the panhandle of florida and a little heavier into the central gulf into eastern texas. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. gulf into eas te
7:21 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. take a look at our temperatures and what you're feeling as you're heading out the door. we have some mid-30s right now in the tri-valley, as well as the south counties and it's 37 right now in napa. we've started out with a hazy sky and we'll see air quality as an issue for people sensitive to the smoke because of the fires burning to our south. we're watching out for that, especially in the east bay, as our temperatures head for the 60s. we'll see more throughout the week. and we're also looking at maybe something along the east coast this weekend woo hoo. >> wait, again >> sunshine? a warming trend. >> -- get that excited about sunshine that's the problem. >> all right al. thank you. ahead unprecedented drama on a cruise ship bound for miami and the captain suddenly changing
7:22 am
course docking in the bahamas because apparently there was an arrest warrant issued if for ship kerry sanders has the latest in a live report. >> and the spotlight on ghost guns, homemade and untraceable in the wake of a recent school shooting this focus is on. our investigation reveals just how easy it is for building those weapons years after the videos were banned on youtube. but you can still find'em.
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still ahead a remarkable story from the final moments in the u.s. war in afghanistan. >> and all started years earlier in west point. a former student, professor teamed up to resident crew an afghan grad and how that effort started a mission that's now saved hundreds we'll share that after your local news all these other things too. it can all add up. kesimpta is a once-monthly at-home injection... that may help you put these rms challenges in their place.
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good morning. it's 7:26. i'm marcus washington. here's today top stories, including a booster shot deadline in the south bay. >> i'm bob riddle. today is the deadline for santa clara county workers who work in high risk settings to get their booster shot. this would be health care workers, first responders like emts and firefighters, people who work in skilled nursing facilities and jails. if they don't get boosted, they'll be reassigned away from frontline positions. the county did set up a waiver process after hospitals protested that they would lose too many workers. each hospital or department has to apply for the exemption for
7:27 am
the booster shot. workers themselves cannot. good morning, i'm cierra johnson in frans. san francisco. a series of flyers were spread in a three-block radius in pacific heights. they contained anti-semitic rhetoric that connected jewish individuals to what they're calling a covid agenda. now, the letters were found by a jewish couple walking their dog. they reported it to us. leaders in the community speaking out saying they have contacted san francisco police and hate does not have a place in their community. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a very cold start this morning. some spots near freezing right now. especially in the north bay. but then take a look at our high temperatures. we're headed for the low to mid-60s for a lot of our inland valleys for this afternoon and we continue to see some slightly warmer temperatures in the forecast. more sunshine, still no chance of rain this week. but we are seeing a change in the pattern that could bring
7:28 am
some rain moving in next week. mark snis. >> we're going to have another local news update in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then. >> local news update in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then.
7:29 am
7:30 am
it is 7:30. monday morning, january it is 7:30. monday morning, january 24, 2022 how about a quick hello to this crowd we have outside. this is our crowd from, we'll see it from inside lake charles, indiana in the house. a girls trip good morning to them in the meantime, ten days away. >> ten days. >> the olympic games team usa just announced its official roster. calling it the most experienced american team ever all eye on veterans like skier mikaela shiffrin and snowboarder shaun white. chloe kim.
7:31 am
all names we know well >> and an early winner at love anyway this darling video of her engagement her boyfriend canadian snowboarder tyler nicholson dropped to one knee. where else. >> on the snow >> of course. >> to pop the question she's such a doll and she's going for her third gold medal in slope style. >> she said yes. >> of course she did let's get to your headlines. 7:30 the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol hill riot. barr was a staunch defender of trump during his presidency but he resigned in december 2020 amid lingering attention of trump's false claims election fraud. a lawsuit centers around a
7:32 am
2017 editor in the times that editorial incorrectly linked palin's political action committee to the shooting in arizona that left six people dead and congressman gabby givers wounded. former vice presidential candidate is seeking unspecified damages. >> theory mugler has died. he also directed short films and commercials and designed costumes for various film has theater productions. theater thierry was 73 years ode. he was 73 years old. >> a cruise ship scheduled to dock in miami over the weekend is instead in the bahamas. >> the crystal symphony took that unexpected detour, with hundreds of passengers on board by the way
7:33 am
after u.s. authorities issued an arrest warrant for the boat over debts they hadn't played nbc carry sanders joins us now if from miami. good morning. >> crystal's troubles come as a blow to the industry that's been in troubled waters because of the pandemic and it also comes as a big surprise because crystal has such a strong reputation in the industry but this morning, the cruise ship symphony is knocked in the bahamas. and all the passengers have been safely transported home. >> reporter: this morning hundreds of passengers and crew of the crystal symphony are navigating uncharted waters, after their ship originally headed to miami suddenly diverted to the bahamas saturday, in an apparent effort to avoid an arrest warrant ove unpaid fuel expenses >> i left that ship this morning. and my friends were still on there. and they don't know their fate they don't know when they are getting off.
7:34 am
>> reporter: musician ilio pace was working on the ship when it changed course >> who's ever heard of a ship being arrested and then the reason being because the fuel hasn't been paid for >> reporter: the drama began last week when crystal's parent company genting hong kong filed for bankruptcy and entered liquidation proceedings. peninsula petroleum far east filed suit in federal court claiming its owed more than $4 and a half million for unpaid fuel bills now a judge issued an arrest warrant for the ship which means a u.s. marshal could take charge of the vessel once it enters u.s. waters. >> we thought we all became he pirates. >> reporter: symphony passengers were taken by ferry to fort lauderdale sunday, including brad and tina oaks who say they feel devastated. >> those people had to be devastated
7:35 am
they knew their jobs were now ending they were like, it's a pleasure, can i help you, would you like -- and they never stopped that i give them big props. >> crystal declined comment on the lawsuit writing, "this end to the cruise was not the conclusion to our guest's vacation we originally planned for. crystal's guests are among the most passionate and loyal in the cruise industry. and we thank them for their patience and understanding during this challenging time >> i'm heartbroken i actually thought to myself you know am i ever gonna -- am i ever gonna be on the ship again? who knows? nobody knows >> reporter: crystal has suspended operations until at least the end of april there are two ships that are still at sea on voyage they will eventually end their voyages, but not in u.s. ports all those onboard will be taken back and if there is a passenger out there for a future cruise on crystal, the cruise line says they will refund your money. guys >> sounds like the passengers took it in stride. kerry sanders, thank you
7:36 am
coming up an eye-opening nbc news investigation on the alarming rise of so called "ghost guns. one just used in a recent school shooting >> and why police say the untraceable weapons are making their work more dangerous. and why instructions for making them are so easy to find online. but first these messages instru instru them are (vo) you can be well-dressed. you can be well-mannered. (man) oh, no, no, after you. wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo. (vo) but there's just something about being well-adventured. (vo) adventure has a new look. discover more in the all-new subaru forester wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. discohmm that's great.ll-new subaru forester wilderness. you're great! i'm here to save you. i'm good. cool. i think we should see other people. you know if you could just let your hair down. a little bit down! no no no no no. no no no!
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subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re... we're back now 7:40, with in-depth "today" this morning. an alarming new trend that has law enforcement and government officials raising a red flag. >> police departments coast to coasting are warning homemade firearms known as ghost guns are becoming more and more common on
7:41 am
the streets. and a new nbc investigation discovered instructions for making them can easily be found online. >> erne mcdplochb joins us where more good morning. >> reporter: guy, good morning across the country crime is on rise and authorities have a new tool to help them break the law so called ghost guns or untrainsable firearm the shooter just 17 years old. this morning a 17 yoorld student facing second-degree murder is expected in court after this scene at a maryland high school friday the high school junior allegedly shot a 15 year old sophomore who was injured by expected to survive say authorities. police have charged the shooter as an adult and say the weapon he used was a ghost gun, a kind of build it yourself firearm that has no serial number and nearly impossible to trace authorities say ghost guns are quickly becoming the criminals
7:42 am
weapon of choice and instructions to make them live online. an nbc news investigation found three years after youtube banned ghost gun tutorials. dozens of videos with step-by-step directions for building weapons were still on the site youtube says its guidelines prohibit such consent and has since taken down the posts we flag ford violating its fire arms policy. >> these gun kansas shoot just like any other gun because that is what it is but it is not serialized. >> reporter: a legal loophole allows anyone to buy one without a background check including convicted felons even children. that's because the kits only contain partially completed gun parts. it is not until the kit begins to be assembled that it is considered a fireman and possibly illegal. >> and you can see the holes where the specific drill locations are. so when we come into a house and we see three or four of these sitting down in the kitchen, we know what's going on
7:43 am
they are build ghost guns. >> reporter: nationwide, the number of ghost guns increased five times between 2016 and 2020 police here are so alarmed they have established one of the first ghost gun units in the country. we sat down with two of the units undercover agents. who is attracted to these kinds of guns >> it's criminals. it's people that don't want you to know they have these guns that's the big thing that's the big draw. >> and how difficult is it to make one of these guns >> if you can -- you can do this >> it is about ease of angz access to these firearms. >> reporter: in 2019 his daughter gracie was killed by a ghost gun during a school shooting outside of los angeles. brian was able to find and purchase a ghost gun kit with his cell phone in minutes using gracie's name. >> it was really disheartening when a box showed up with my
7:44 am
daughter's name on it. >> reporter: do you feel you are making progress? >> yeah, i do. i mean, just if you think about it, every gun that you get off the street there is a possible victim behind that gun. >> reporter: even so detectives say the technology is outpacing the law. >> the internet so smuch bigger now than it was even five, six years ago. and what you can get online, how it teaches you to build these things. >> reporter: ten states including california and new york have enacted laws to at least partially address ghost guns the justice department propose ad new federal rule to regulate the sale of homemade gun kits including othe firearms requiring background checks and forcing manufacturers to add serial numbers to parts the rule is still pending. >> eye opening report for us this morning erin, thank you. >> mr. roker is back got another check of the weather? >> yeah we had a pretty cold weekend in the northeast, mid
7:45 am
atlantic into parts of the mid west florida's turn now nine million people under freeze warnings, frost advisories low-s in the 20s this morning. 14 in detroit. minus 4 in burlington. 24 in washington, d.c. this afternoon. temperatures awfully chilly. windchills from duluth, fargo, looking at below 0 windchill 7 in green bay it is pretty sad in green bay right now. staying cold all week long minneapolis you are going to start off at minus 1, but at least you will warm to about 24. chicago 12 up to 32 new york, tuesday 41 down to 2 4 on wednesday and temperatures up and down and over the next week we're looking at colder than average temperatures for the entire half of the country into the plains warmer than average out west and as far as precipitation, next we're week looking at wetter than average conditions.
7:46 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our temperatures today, even though it's a cold start right now, we're headed for the low 60s for a lot of our inland valleys and we'll see more of the same as we go throughout the week. still no rain headed our way in the near-term forecast, but we may see a change in the weather pattern next week. for san francisco, expect it to be a clear but hazy day. and in some spots there will be unhealthy air quality, but we keep these temperatures through 60 throughout the rest of the week. >> all right al. a little weather and sports from al >> i like how you mix it up. coming up. inside adele's weekends spent making amends after postponing her vegas show at the last second. >> what she did that managed to give a few fans the thrill of a louvre time. his girlfriend just caught the bouquet, so he's checking in on that ring fund. oh, that photographer? he's looking for something a little more zen,
7:47 am
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7:50 am
♪♪ we're back with a new twis we're back with carson and the new twist to adele's now postponed residency in las vegas. >> over the weekend the star did what she could that make fans feel love. >> and joe fryer has more. good morning. >> hello already in vegas when they got the news adele would be postponing her residency there for some imwas years in the making the singer surprised some of them this weekend and promised the show would eventually go on. ♪ go easy on my baby ♪ >> reporter: for nine weeks adele has been living at the top of the charts. ♪ had no time to choose ♪ starting friday she planned to
7:51 am
take up residence at the coliseum in caesar's palace in vegas for her hotly anticipated concert series. >> i'm really, really sorry. >> reporter: last week she shocked fans with a lost minute announcement covid complications meant the show was being postponed. >> i'm so sorry but my show ain't ready. >> reporter: she's been trying to see adele for years, including 2017 when she flew to london, only to find out adele was canceling her final performance there. >> and the you are ear drivers name was adele and i was like okay this is the universe literally laughing in my face. >> reporter: when she got tickets for christmas, it finally felt like the laughing would stop. >> and then we fly to vegas and she cancels her show again. >> reporter: she made a tiktok about the experience that went viral, and caught the attention of someone on adele's team. >> no we know who loved it and you know who else loved it and she turns around her phone
7:52 am
and it is adele. >> i'm sorry, i love you. >> reporter: adele promised to fly her back to vegas and bring her on stage once the show is rescheduled. >> it turns out adele canceling her show was the best thing ever. >> reporter: and across the weekend adele surprised a number of fans with messages and calls. including domonic who spoke with us from the airport before leaving town he says what happened in vegas, certainly won't be staying there. >> now i have this amazing story for the rest of my life. >> good to see no word yet when adele's run at caesar's palace is going to be rescheduled. >> still ahead idris elba maybe a huge role in the future. one he deserves. and pop stars quick first check of local news and weather. pop a and pop start but a quick first check of local news and weather. >> will
7:53 am
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7:56 am
with stelara®. janssen can help you explore cost support options. good morning. it's 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here's what's happening now. >> reporter: good morning, i'm scott mcgrew. tax season starts today. the chiefs at the irs say it's time to pay those bills. a reminder, if you made money on bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, that's not different than making it off stocks. so you owe capital gains if you sold for a profit. if you had fun with robinhood or coin base, you may have a big tax bill ahead. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as you're heading out the door, we're starting out with cold temperatures around the bay area. right now in the mid-30s for san jose, as well as morgan hill, dublin right now 34 degrees.
7:57 am
we are seeing some clear visibility for much of the bay area, but it will be hazy today as our temperatures reach into the low to mid-60s over the next few days. take a look at our seven-day forecast. we will see mild weather throughout the weekend. it will be also very dry over the next several days. marcus? >> thanks, kari. we're going to have another local news update coming up.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
we'll tell you about the new warning for americans inned country. where americans may head from here. and tax tips. all you need to know about filing taxes this season. including why the irs is urging americans to file ahead of the deadline. plus, no one left behind. meet the group of hundreds of
8:01 am
veterans and civilians that worked together to help get allies out of afghanistan, as u.s. troops withdrew from kabul. we'll introduce you to the friends that helped the movement and evacuated their classmate and his families. >> i called shabir and i said this is really hard. but take whatever you have right now and move to the airport as soon as possible. >> the harrowing story just ahead. and arthur arthur. we're catching up with the creator of everyone's favorite aardvark, what he's saying ahead of the show's 25th and final season. including the story how he came up with arthur. this morning. january 24, 2022. >> hi we're the lengels and miami florida. >> mapleville, minnesota. >> celebrating my mom's 37th birthday. >> with breakfast in bed and the "today show."
8:02 am
>> from massachusetts. >> and alexis's 10th birthday. >> happy birthday alexis. good morning everybody. welcome back to "today," it is nice to have you with us starting the week off. monday morning. let's go. >> going to be a great week. >> yeah. let's get to your news at 8:00. the president considering sending thousand of american troops to eastern europe to counter the russian military threat to ukraine. washington is also ordering the families of american diplomats and urging non essential embassy staff to leave ukraine amid growing fears of an imminent invasion. u.s. officials say more than 100,000 russian troops have ukraine surrounded on three sides. and in the meantime a russian plot to over through ukraine's democratically elected president
8:03 am
and install a pro russia regime. opening statements said to begin in the former trial of three former minneapolis police officers charged in the connection with the 2020 death of george floyd. they are accused of depriving floyd of his constitutional rights. megan fitzgerald is in st. paul covering the trial for us. hey megan. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. yeah it been nearly 20 months since george floyd's death and three other officers are set to stand trial facing federal charges for not stopping derek chauvin and not intervene b when they saw george floyd needed help. a jury has bernie seated so in a couple of hours opening statements are set to get under way. this morning george floyd eats death is back in the national spotlight, with opening statements set to begin today in
8:04 am
the federal trial against three former minneapolis police officers charged in connection to floyd's killing. prosecutors say thomas lane, j. alexander kueng and tou thao deprived flied of civil rights when they saw him lying on the ground and failed to aid. prosecutors also say king and thao willfully failed to intervene as fellow officer derek chauvin knelt on floyd's neck for more than nine minutes. all three officers have pleaded not guilty to the charges. >> considering the fact that he that he moaned in agony and could not breathe for minutes on end until he passed, i believe proved the fact that they did denied him of his civil right. >> reporter: 12 jurors and six alternates have been chosen from across the state of mini to decide the high profile case. of the 12 seated jurors, seven are women, and five are men . the majority appear to be white. prosecutors must prove. as chauvin knelt on floyd's neck, police body cam footage and video showed king and lane helping to restrain floyd while thao kept crowds at bay. floyd's death sparking a national reckoning on social justice. chauvin is currently serving a 22 1/2 year prison sentence after being found guilty of
8:05 am
floyd's murder in a separate trial last april. he's not part of this federal trial, after pleading guilty to two civil rights violations last month. the officers also facing state murder charges that. trial getting under way in june. >> megan fitzgerald. thank you. now to our ongoing series "your money" as today marks the first day of the nation's tax filing season. the irs is urging americans to file as soon as possible to avoid delays in getting refunds. joined with key tips to know as we all get ready to prepare too file this year. hey steph. >> hey hey. >> let's start here. what's going to be different about this tax season? >> covid strikes again.
8:06 am
like so many other parts of our live, craig, because of covid there is a huge backlog. the irs has many returns from last year they still haven't processed because of all seniors of shortages they are facing. what does that mean for you and me? file now. file electronically. it takes a lot longer to deal with paper returns. when you file electronically, also sign up for direct deposit so you can get that refund directly to your account. and if you can't do that. file early. the sooner you get it in, the sooner you will get that refund. and this is the year you don't want to be sloppy. no mistakes. if you get a clean tax return through, chances are you will get your refund within 21 days. but if you have mistakes you are going to be waiting a while. >> also pandemic related were all these different programs and special aid going on around the pandemic. how does that potentially affect your taxes? >> reporter: buckle up. it is really confusing because a lot of aid as relates to taxes is different in 21 than 20.
8:07 am
couple examples. the expanded child tax credit. if you are getting the monthly payments, chances are you get a smaller refund. if you got unemployment last year, you got a tax break for getting unemployment in 2020. you didn't have to pay taxes on it. you do have to in 2021. and lastly, and this matters to everybody. don't expect any covid deadline delays. remember the tax deadline was delayed over the last couple years. not gonna happen this year. april 18th, pay up. >> hard to get organized like in a regular normal year and this year with all the changes and weird things it is even more difficult. how do you keep track? >> it is hard but start here. put it all in one place. you won't even have all the tax forms you need yet but find a big envelope, a shoe box. you need the w-2 form, any sort of tax documentation. if you did freelance work. if you own a house. any mortgage interest you paid.
8:08 am
anything you paid on interest on your savings account. all of those things you want to start to line up because you want them all in one place like your charitable contributions. you want to make sure you've got documentation for that stimulus check. for the child tax credit. all of it in one place. and when it is time to sit down at the dining room table and do it, you are going to have everything in front of you. >> easy. >> -- still though. stephanie. but it helps. >> i know. >> we're facing up to it. thank you so much. all right guys. here is a good one for you. so a young woman need reed ballard. she's got a gorgeous voice but she was only comfortable singing if are her sister jordan. but as a christmas gift to their mom she record ad few songs. a watch as her mom listens, doesn't even realize whose voice it is. ♪♪
8:09 am
♪ and the whole world -- >> doesn't realize. >> mom, do you know who this is? -- a warm embrace ♪ ♪ to make you feel my love ♪ >> i was going to say my gosh, that is so pretty. >> a minute for mom to realize and understand that was her own daughter. and when she did, she was moved to tears by her daughter's talent and thoughtful gift. >> okay. how about how well reed sings. >> how about reed now start singing for the rest of us that was pretty cool. >> folks in vegas this weekend wanted to hear adele you sound just as good. >> wow. >> up next on this monday morning, remarkable story about how a west point graduate and professor worked the phones from afar with only minutes to spare to get a former classmate out of kabul last year and how those efforts are now helping save hundreds of others but first these messages
8:10 am
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welcome back it has been nearly five month since the u.s. military completed its withdrawal from afghanistan ending our nation's lovrngs war. >> the last days the world watched as allies struggled to escape and one incredible story gave rise to a veterans group that helped save hundreds more. >> the bonds at west point last a lifetime and those became a lifeline for an afghan graduate and his former roommate and professor, as they worked to get him and his family out >> the final moments of war. as american troops were leaving, thousands of afghans rushed to the kabul airport with the taliban moving in to take control. many u.s. military veterans having afghan allies and friends felt compelled to do something among them are barrett ward and
8:17 am
caleb mcdaniel and 2017 west point graduate, shabir qabiri one of a handful of students studying at west point every year and when say tau the crisis unfelting they reached out to shabir. >> why were you to worried. >> i knew he had gone to west point and served alongside meshes and made him possibly a target. >> when did you get concerned. >> i texted and wondered if you got out okay he responded almost immediately, no we're not okay. >> reporter: with time running out. shabir's friends knew he had only one option left. >> called shabir and i said shabir, i, this is really hard but you need to take whatever you have right now and you need to get to the airport as soon as
8:18 am
possible. >> reporter: in kabul, shabir at first thought caleb was joking >> wait, they are serious. get to the airport with my family and it took me a few minutes to process. but then i said already, i am ready but how to tell this to my family. >> reporter: shabir managed to convince his parents and five younger siblings that they needed to leave immediately. shabir's friends in america knew he needed help to get through the gates at the airport the scene there, utter chaos so caleb and barrett started working their contacts made at west point who are you calling? who are you texting? >> we got some random numbers that started coming through from our contacts and we were cold calling and saying we have this guy you need to get him lew. >> so you are texting back and forth. >> i was panicking it was tough i had my family. i brought them to a situation where the crowd would just shove. my younger siblings.
8:19 am
a sister-in-law who was pregnant. >> reporter: caleb and bairnt managed to contact the u.s. commander at the airport gate. and aware that soldiers from the afghan army were about to shoot into the air to disperse the crowd. shabir's american friends texted him to use that opportunity to get to the gate, while everyone else ran, he and his family were escorted to safety. >> in the whole journey i was saying like movies are real. movies are real. because i was experiencing just a single fence. a metal fence and when we crossed that there was a sigh of arelief. i think we're safe now. >> shabir and his family now live in maryland he's got a job his brother's baby was born in november, an american son. >> long time no see. how are you doing, brother >> and on the day we talked to them the three friends were reunited for the first time in six years. >> -- for your brother and you new nephew. >> awesome yeah they are growing fast. >> reporter: the efforts to get them out gave birth to "allied
8:20 am
air lift 2021. it helped get about 700 afghan allies to safety before u.s. troops departed from kabul airport at the end of august each of those refugees is now starting over, safe but far from home >> reporter: what is your hope for your life here and their lives here >> my sisters are learning riding bike. they didn't get a chance to ride bike back home every small thing they do and i say all right, it was worth it >> shabir, who is also by the way a fullbright scholar, now works at an automatic engineering firm and allied air lift 21 is continuing its mission it is now more difficult because the taliban is back in charge of that country but organizers insist they are not giving up.
8:21 am
>> wow >> shooting into the air and giving open space for them to cross through. >> i hope our friend peter burg is watching. great director i can see him making that scene at the airport into a film good story. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's start it off, show you what we got for today. first on satellite a clipper across the great lakes a storm system gathering down through the gulf, that is going to bring rain along the gulf coast later today. temperatures really chilly up in the northern plains today. 70s down in southern california. 60s and 50s through the gulf and pretty chilly in new england snowy today through the great lakes. dreary through the lower gulf. warm sunshin warm sunshine out west into northern texas. sunny skies up and down the eastern seaboard but it starts to rain tomorrow into florida. lake-effect snows around the great lakes and snow showers through the rockies. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
8:22 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at our view in the tri-valley, a hazy start and also busy out there getting ready to head to work. it means our temperatures have been in the upper 30s to low 40s, but we'll warm up nicely late morning into the afternoon. as we go through the forecast, still staying dry throughout the week with temperatures today for our inland areas headed for low 60s and then mid-60s by the end of the week. this weekend will be slightly cooler but still no rain. but we may see a change in that by next week. nothing better than a monday "pop start" to get the week going. >> we'll get right to it prong ka dhoep ra and nick jones, congratulations in order because the couple just welcomed their first child together revealing the good news on instagram writing we are overjoyed to confirm we welcomed the baby via surrogate we respectfully ask for privacy in this special time just weeks after chopra told "vanity fair" children were a big desire for their future. and the couple who just celebrated their third wedding
8:23 am
anniversary is not is sharing the name or gender just yet. we wish them the best. great people and in 007 t hunt on for the next james bond. a recent episode, producer revealing that fan favorite contender, idris elba might be in the running for the iconic role and asked if there had been any conversations about idris taking the part she said, friends with him and he's a magnificent actor it's been part of the conversation but hard to have that when you have someone in the seat and give audiences more time to see daniel craig's last performance and they are work on filling the role i've said it since 1978, idris elba needs to be the next james bond, period we've been saying this forever
8:24 am
just announce it already. >> wrap it up. >> john hamm the emmy winning actor has been cast in some big roles over the years well there is one roll he hasn't gotten he's made his feelings very clear how he feels about it in the new ad for apple tv plus. >> hey, apple. did i do something to offend you? samuel l. jackson. cris evans what about john hamm >> seriously denzel francis mcdormand. momoa. snoopy snoopy >> kind of feels like cheating could have cloned me >> super funny. >> that is great finally betly white t newly released video shows the legendary actress just 11 days before she passed away in desk shared to her facebook the message originally record as a thank you to fans what would have been her 100th birthday. >> i just want to thank you all for your love and support over
8:25 am
the years. thank you so much. and stick around >> and the caption the page administrator thanks fans for continuing the actress's legacy by donating in honor of the #betty white challenge which raised almost 14 million dollars for animal shelters and resident accuse good work there. >> good "pop start". >> thank you >> didn't even go into overtime. still had the aardvark that impacted generations of kids celebrating two milestones for arthur the driving force behind the beloved books and shows after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning. it's 7:26 -- 8:26 i should say. i'm kris sanchez. if your plans take you near the beach today you need to be on alert. the national weather service is issuing a sneaker waves warning through 1:00, so sneaker waves coming with unusual force that can pull people and animals into the ocean even if they're just a few feet high. the waters can also look very cold before the sneaker waves strike. anyone on the coastline, do not turn your back on the water. kari hall is tracking the conditions along with the rest
8:27 am
of us. we're seeing a hazy sky heading out this morning with these chilly temperatures. san jose where we are right now in the low 40s, but we've seen some 30s in some spots. it will warm up quickly as we get ready to head for the low 60s. just watch out for the moderate air quality that we are going to see, unhealthy for people sensitive to the smoke because of the fire happening to our south in monterey county. we'll be monitoring that throughout the day. we continue the week with dry conditions and temperatures reaching into the low to mid-60s throughout the rest of the workweek. kris? thank you. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium. and the novarros are paying under $100 per month.
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check to see your new lower price. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. we are back. it is 8:30 monday morning, 24th of january busy half hour it is going to be fun. >> do you know in. >> why lgts gsz 4ri6r7k9sdz why? >> three initials. j.p. hrksz three more r.w.j. read with jenna. man behind "arthur" as the beloved children's book celebrates 45 years and the show heads into its 25th and final season. >> or w.f.m., wait for movie january blues? we've got psychologist and author adam grant ready to help you with five things to reboost spirits for the new year's.
8:31 am
>> and ready or not. your public service announcement valentines day exactly three weeks away that means now if you are responsible would be the time to shop from flowers to foods and more help to a head start with a great gift idea or two or six from our friend. >> and we've got a special morning on our third hour. our pal dylan. back from maternity leave. we're going catch up find out out she's adjusting to live as a party of five. unbelievable >> also great guests this morning on the third hour. cynthia nixon. christy bransky. they are going to tell about their new historical drama from the create over "downtown abbey". >> and sit downing with justice sotomayor. about her first children's book inspired by her late mother. look forward to that conversation. >> and mr. roker, how about the weather.
8:32 am
>> a check of the week ahead snow and cold around the great lakes monday today sunshine out west. heavy rain through the gulf. we get to the midweek period and a blustery day along the east coast. wintry chill through eas texas, staying dry out west. and end of the week, off the west coast, wintry conditions around the great lakes, mid atlantic state, plenty of sun from the plains to the gulf and warm o that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. does look a bit hazy out there. we've seen the fog quickly clearing out from the north bay. as we look outside at the golden gate bridge, no fog this morning and we are also going to see some smoke coming in from the fires burning to our south. our high temperature for inland areas into the low 60s. we'll see the same for the week. no change in the pattern as of yet, but it does look like we are seeing a chance of rain that could be moving in for the first
8:33 am
part of february. we'll track that. hoda. >> up next we're celebrating our third classic children's book and beloved tv show. jenna sitting down with the man behind them as they reach a special milestone.
8:34 am
8:35 am
we are back. it is 8:35 on this monday morning with jenna on this wonderful kind of day. of course that's the theme song that you are hearing theme song for that beloved children's tv series >> got to sit down with the >> great story about an shelves and final season of the show with kids decades and how it changed his life >> never in a million years did i imagine i would go on all of these adventures because of arthur >> arthur, the 8 year old aardvark who navigates life and
8:36 am
faces real issues that real kids often encounter. author mark brown is the genius behind the character and his cast of friends like buster, francine and binky but as the 25th and financial season of "arthur" approaches, it is hard to imagine that the series almost never happened the book was very much inspired by a bedtime story for your own son >> i had just lost a teaching job. and i went home that night and my son asked for a bedtime story. and i said, oh i've had a terrible day i really don't feel like telling you a story tonight. and he said, oh come an dad. maybe it will make you feel better awe, and he was right. >> more than 125 books later, combined with the longest-running animated kid
8:37 am
series in the u.s. ♪ >> arthur's made a lasting impact on millions of children, and adults. >> the best thing that arthur has done for kids all these years is tell them the truth i think kids trust him and i value that trust that i have with kids >> is there a little bit of you in arthur? or a lot of you? >> okay. i guess the secret's out yeah there is a little bit me in arter. >> the show has not only received awards but strong praise for the diversity and inclusion represented throughout the series you were making sure kids no matter who they were felt like they weren't alone was that the purpose or is that's just sort of what happened >> when pbs came to me originally, their agenda was to make kids want to read and then when found you know all
8:38 am
of these subjects that we could deal with that would be helpful to kids. >> guest stars from john lewis, jane lynch, to alex trebek all appeared on the show but it is who hasn't been on arthur that's causing a stir on the internet there are millions of memes that say he looks just like john legend they do. they are doppelgangers. >> who knows maybe we'll do something together. >> are you telling me -- >> i'm -- uncharted territory here >> do you ever just marvel at the fact that this character is so iconic in the fabric of our culture that chance the rapper is singing the theme song ♪ believe in yourself -- ♪ >> do you ever just think wow? >> yeah, i do, every day. >> another cultural icon inspired the title of his latest arthur book, "believe in yourself." his dear friend and mentor, mr. fred rogers.
8:39 am
>> he said mark, every child needs just one person to believe in them to make it in the world. and boy, that stuck with me. >> as the series approaches the end. many young fans anxiously await to find out how "arthur" story will unfold. >> we'll address the most often asked questions that kids ask us about arthur and his friends. >> brown is forever grateful for the little aardvark that came into his life. >> you did many jobs before this you were a truck driver. you were a teacher. >> short order cook. >> you did all these different things. >> i got fired so many times from all these jobs. i feel like the luckiest guy in the world because i'm doing this job that i love. >> it is almost like arthur found you. do you ever feel that way. >> i do. i mean if it weren't for that bedtime story that night it changed my life >> so this was so much the fabric of my childhood
8:40 am
i loved talking to him he's so right that our kids can inspire us seeing the world through their eyes he went on to have that inkred ib career and he said this is not the last you are going is see of "arthur. other projects are in the works. i'm guessing a movie with john legend that he's my guess but also episodes will still continue to air on pbs kids but the 25th and final new season premiers february 21st. >> thanks. >> we also want to mention that mark's latest book, "belief in yourself, what we learned from "arthur"" is out tomorrow. and you can preorder a copy right now. >> up next feeling a little down? psychologist mr. grant, adam is here to help us out with things
8:41 am
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we're back 8:43 with "start today." the holidays far behind us resolutions perhaps fading it is easy to get stuck in the postnew year's rut. >> best selling author of "think again" is ready to help us fight the january blues. five things he's challenging us to rethink in 2022 to my left is a big napper >> it's true. >> we talk a lot about the importance of rest in the new year is napping in the equation >> well, not for me. but i think in this country we have a pretty unhealthy today towards rest
8:44 am
we think of it like take your foot off the gas pedal and don't really stop until we pushed ourselves to the brink of burn out. and we need to realize relaxing a way to recharge your energy and that breaks are a way to refocus your attention and this is i think really critical for some of us. because for a long time i've seen play as a reward for finishing my to-do list. and i've realized the past year it actually belongs on my to-do list. >> and rest doesn't have to be a nap although i do recommend a little snap if you are able to squeeze it in you day. and another thing. these are all wellness ideas this is a different one. disagreement lot of folks really avoid conflict i actually consider myself one those. but how can we disagree healthfully and helpfully? >> i think a lot of us see
8:45 am
disagreement as a threat to a relationship when in fact when we all agree, it means that nobody is really thinking critically or speaking candidly so i think the real sign of harmony or chemistry is not actually being on the same page. it is enjoying your disagreements with someone you want to arrange different sound, just like you would in a song, and that can make beautiful music if you have creative tension. >> you talk a lot about opening your minds when you are having an argument and seeing all sides of that argument how can my wife -- i mean, how can i do a better job of that? >> well i wouldn't try to -- but too many of us come into arguments in preacher or prosecutor mode, which is saying i'm right and you are wrong. the moment the prosecuting attorney shows up the other person is going to bring their best defense lawyer to the courtroom and no one is going to open their minds i think lead with more humility. i've been starting argumenting like i look i have a bad habit of going into prosecutor mode. if you catch me on that, call me out. >> i have been saying a i'm right with bones and sauce but maybe you are right. maybe wings are delicious. >> i appreciate you start a uncomfortable moment with eating humble pie
8:46 am
the as good way to start. >> humble pie sounds a lot more delicious than bones can -- >> you are still wrong though. >> it is an going disagreement we have. okay, talking about the workplace. you have said we need to reframe and rethink when you have somebody applying for a job. maybe experience isn't the end all be all as far as qualifications >> yeah. empirically experience is overrated. a meta analysis shows it doesn't matter much if people have done the job before what matters is whether they have done it well before and whether they are motivated and able to learn to do it well in the future we're closing doors on a lot of people with high motivation and ability to learn by saying you must have seven years of experience to apply for this job that might only take you seven months to master. >> and talk about writing as a way to beat the blues. putting pen to paper what is so special about that? what happens when you take the time to sit down and write
8:47 am
something out. >> well there is a lot of evidence that journal category actually improve mental health and helps people to process traumas by forming a story about them and distancing themselves from them. but a lot of us don't write because we think we're not writers. in fact it is a tool for thinking one of the best ways to actual sharpen your mind is to write out your thoughts because you see the gaps in your logic right out in front of you. >> savannah we have our homework cut out for us the rest of january. >> let's journal through our disagreement adam so much gives a lot to think about and up next, it is going to be re before you know it.he
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are back with "today" shop and valentines day is three weeks away so instead of waiting, how about this why not get ahead of the game and buy now. >> or we can get ideas and still
8:50 am
wait to the last minute. but we have made it easy for you. scan the qr code bottom of your screen. lloyd, style director for "good housekeeping" put together a great list of ideas. lorie good morning. >> good morning, my fellow procrastinator we're going start with flowers we're going to a modern take on flowers. these flowers will last up to two years. they are real flowers. i swear. >> what? >> they are real flowers they are preserved feel them. they are eco friendly. they come from all over the world and so fun about this. because valentines day should be about the experience of spending time with your loved one you can do this kit together the as diy kit >> you and mike can get together. >> we're constantly flower arranging, lorie
8:51 am
this is if perfect. >> it is really fun, and it is beautiful and it is a great investment because they look pretty and you have them for two years. >> i loved your next one, lorie. this coffee maker. can you show it and explain we don't have it here i really want to see this. >> so savannah, you know i've been doing this a long time. i have not been this excited about an item. this is what the cometeer. you get this frozen puck of coffee they make it you melt it. you pop it in your cop pour in the hot water. stir it. and it is barista quality coffee you guys in seconds. i am obsessed with this. for right now up until valentines day there is a special deal where you can get four boxes of those pucks that i talked about, 32 cups of gourmet coffee for under 50 bucks.
8:52 am
>> i want to try anyway. >> you have to try it. it is incredible i'm going to send you some for valentines day craig and savannah because it is that good. >> the waffles too >> i will get to it. my kids are tough customer when it comes to delicious waffles. these were gobbled up in seconds. they are so easy to do from eastern standard provisions, under $30. you get six of them. they are delicious and they come with these really cute sprinkles it is a really easy way to do breakfast in bed for under 10 minutes and virtually no clean up so what is not the love about that. >> awesome. >> let's keep the food theme going, lorie you have a great idea for date night. >> so valentines day 2022 might look a little different than pre covid time but we do want to say, like, you know, restaurants are still making food. chefs need our love now more than every and one of the best ways to take advantage is with gold belly do you know about gold belly. >> oh yes.
8:53 am
>> all right so what we did is picked two of our favorite restaurants the iconic, legendary, blue ribbon in new york city for some sushi. this is another one that you can diy. my husband is like i'm not doing this i'm not doing this the bills are going to be on soon i'm not doing. this guy, he did it. he loved it. it is so much fun to do. you just make your own sushi and it is delicious. what's not to love about that. and lou malnati, taste of chicago, iconic pizza. what we loved about the heart shaped pizza and cookie is that with this one when you buy it, they will donate to a local charity. >> speed round one minute you have this romantic match making class just take us to the end. >> uncommon experiences. so fun to do a romantic map making class. you sign up. you can just print it out. they have a million experiences, written in stars you can do your astrological chart. a great way to do something fun at home.
8:54 am
>> cute. >> the smitten mitten, you guys. such a fun gift, especially for kids you can stick your hand in one side they can stick their hand in the other side you get to hold it this is from etsy and the maker, oh -- >> oh my gosh. i'm sorry. with have to demonstrate this. >> this is. >> this is so you can hold hands? oh my gosh >> how cute is that. >> that is hilarious. >> carson is one clicking it right now. >> get it carson. >> he's getting it and you guys know this if they have little kids they love pop it get these from paper stores. and it is a notebook so -- >> oh that's cute. >> isn't that cute at paper stores. and finally who doesn't love minten i think you can see the beautiful models. >> i love minton yeah. >> and you can do custom puzzles. great to do with families. they are so adorable savannah i have your savannah anniversary one here at my house that my children put together
8:55 am
and my daughter said, mom, all these people look so friendly. i said yeah they do. america's family right there. >> so sweet. >> great ideas, filled with love happy valentines day guys. >> carson they mocked up a daily family puzzle. a whole series now >> and comes with a bag too. >> really cute you always have the best ideas "good housekeeping," lorie thank you so much. check out the gifts at >> we're back with dylan dreyer's return on the third hour kate hudson on the fourth hour but first your local news and some weather
8:56 am
good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. a key deadline happens today in the south bay. all santa clara county workers in high-risk conditions must have a covid booster. if they are not boosted they will be reassigned.
8:57 am
hospitals are concerned they could lose too many workers but each hospital or department has to apply for an exemption, not the workers themselves. the santa clara county fire department says that includes 40 firefighters. bob redell will have a report on our midday news. a disturbing discovery in san francisco pacific heights where someone dropped hate-filled anti-semitic flyers at people's homes.
8:58 am
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this morning on the third hour of "today," a high-tech consumer confidential. would you let a robot do your lashes? how about a manicure? a glimpse of what could be the future of beauty. then we're traveling to the past. cynthia nixon and christine bransky live filling us on on their new 19th century drama. and reunited and it feels so goodaranski live filling us on their new 19th century drama. and reunited and it feels so good dylan is back sharing food. sharing family recipes for


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