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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 25, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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let's be clear, there's only one country with 100,000 troops pre-positioned on the border. >> right now at 5:00, inside the escalating tensions with russia as the biden administration orders troops to stand by. a live report from washington on the message world leaders are sending to vladimir putin this morning. >> plus, groundbreaking legislation. leaders in the south bay on the verge of passing a first of its kind gun control ordinance. the new revenues they're seeking from gun owners and the surefire legal challenges they are likely to face. this is "today in the bay." here we go, tuesday morning. thank you so much for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. don't forget, when you're on the
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go and we're not broadcasting right here, you can't watch us at home, we've got you covered. you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. >> let's start with a look at the forecast. kari hall is tracking what we can expect. cold start. >> yeah, it's very cold in some of these spots. take a look at walnut creek. right now we've dropped to the upper 30s, so it's going to be one of those mornings where you have to go back in, get a warmer coat and then head back out. but you'll want to make sure you have the sunglasses for later today. we're starting out with upper 30s in the east bay. we go late morning into the afternoon with our temperatures warming up nicely. upper 50s, but we know we've been stuck in this weather pattern with a lot of dry weather, and even as we look down the line, things are looking pretty dry for us for a while. we'll talk about when we can see some of the rain possibly moving at least close by. that's in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. we'll check back with you.
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thank you so much. 5:01. today san jose may become the first city in the nation to require gun owners have liability insurance. the move is part of a landmark gun reform proposal that's up for vote today. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with why the city is getting into what is usually a federal matter here. >> reporter: you know, in talking to mayor sam liccardo, he said that cities can't afford to wait for congress to act. we haven't seen any reasonable gun reform laws since the 1990s, so he said it's time for the city of san jose to move forward. let's take a look at some of the provisions of that ordinance that will be considered today. it will require gun owners to have liability insurance, also to pay a $25 to $35 fee every year. that would go toward a nonprofit, toward reducing gun violence, educating people and such. also the penalties for gun owners would help the public who
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are victims of gun violence. it would also reduce the cost of the public responding to gun violence, that is emergency personnel, police, fire and such. mayor sam liccardo says the idea is to incentivize people to do the right thing by helping them to lower their premiums if they want to own a gun. >> to create a nonprofit that will be funded with fees from gun owners that will be entirely focused on initiatives that reduce gun violence in our community. and the best way to do that is by focusing on family members who live in-house holds where a gun is owned. we know that's where the risk of homicide and particularly the risk of suicide is many times greater than for other residents. >> reporter: the mayor told me that he expects the city will end up in court to defend the ordinance. gun rights advocates agree, saying the ordinance really only punishes law-abiding gun owners. >> more than 200 people in san
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jose every single year suffer death or serious injury as a result of firearms and we must do whatever we can within our power to prevent another family from experiencing yet another devastating loss. >> it attacks legal gun owners and people who exercise their constitutional rights. >> reporter: now, it doesn't remove the right to own a gun, it just requires that liability insurance. but this isn't san jose's first for ray into gun control policy. it has banned ghost guns and strengthened the red flag laws that allow police officers to seize the weapon of someone who is in a dangerous situation, like a domestic violence situation, and also the city has helped to defend the assault weapons ban. so this goes before the council this afternoon. we expect that there will be lively public comment. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> certainly a lot of people talking about this one.
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thank you. in fact, you can watch the complete interview with mayor sam liccardo on our streaming app. download it on roku, apple tv or amazon fire to see it. >> an east bay family pleading for help to involve a shooting. it happened yesterday near gentrytown drive. victor coleman would do anything to help those in need. >> he's active in his grandchildren's life. what do i say to them? >> police say witnesses did not get a good enough look at either the gunman or the car. investigators are still scouring surveillance video for evidence. 5:05, and tensions mounting over the growing threat at the russia/ukraine border. president biden is weighing options as russia appears to be on the brink of an invasion. "today in the bay's" brie jackson live in washington. this comes as the u.s. and nato
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allies send a clear message to moscow, back off. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. yeah, the u.s. and nato allies say they want to put on a unified front and the white house says that it is closely monitoring russia's troop buildup on ukraine's border, saying that president biden would make a decision on military action in the coming days. 8,500 u.s. troops are on heightened alert this morning as the u.s. weighs military action against russia. during a videoconference monday, president biden spoke with european leaders about a united response. >> i had a very, very, very good meeting, with all the european leaders. >> reporter: the pentagon weighing out options. they include moving troops to countries outside of ukraine, flying bombers over the region and sending ships to the black sea. >> what this is about, though, is reassurance to our nato
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allies. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the preferred path forward is a diplomatic resolution, but suggest russia is the aggressor. >> let's be clear, there is only one country with 100,000 troops pre-positioned on the border, participating in war games, and spreading propaganda. and that's russia. >> reporter: despite amassing troops at the ukrainian border, russia denies plans to invade its neighbor. >> that's exactly the way putin wants it right now. he likes the uncertainty, the ambiguity. >> reporter: nato says it's putting extra forces on standby and sending additional fighter jets and warships. u.s. defense officials stress no deployment orders have been given, but troops are ready to assist nato allies. and back here on capitol hill, republican lawmakers are pushing for sanctions against russia, while democrats say that president biden should wait and see. marcus?
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>> brie jackson in washington this morning, thank you. students across california may soon be required to be vaccinated for covid to attend class. sacramento state senator richard pan introduced the new measure. supporters call it similar to policies for mumps, measles and other diseases. in this case, students would no longer be allowed to ask for an exemption. governor newsom last fall made california the first and only state to mandate a covid vaccine for schoolchildren. happening today, hayward leaders will consider adopting new policies for the police department's unmanned surveillance technology. it would include modifying redaction policies, data security efforts and the use of technology during protests and demonstrations. leaders last year agreed to purchase that new technology. 5:08 right now. a cold start to our bay area morning. taking a live look outside,
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oakland, looks like traffic is picking up. we'll check in with mike in just a moment but maybe grab a heavier coat as you head out the door. >> we're going to need layers, because it's starting out nice and cold this morning. meteorologist kari hall, of course, tracking all of those temperatures for us. hopefully the warm-up comes sooner rather than later. >> yeah, it will be later this afternoon, but i guess that's soon enough, because our temperatures are starting out this morning in the upper 30s as we're heading out the door, getting this tuesday started. it is clear, for the most part, as we get a look at some of these numbers. 36 in morgan hill. i think we're going to see these numbers dip a few more degrees as we approach sunrise. 36 right new in dublin. as we're starting out with 30s in these spots, we're also going to see a nice little warm-up, a few clouds drift around throughout the morning in the east bay, freemont going into the low 50s at 10:00. mid-50s at lunchtime and you can see all the sunshine that's in the forecast for today, as some
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areas reach into the mid-60s with some upper 50s near the coastline today. we're going to see more weather like this. we'll talk more about it coming up in a few minutes. mike, you were looking at the light traffic on the bay bridge right now. >> we're looking toward the bay bridge where you can see the lights are light. you can't see the lights in the city because the low clouds are hovering right above the deck. so drivers are doing just fine so far. across the bay bridge, the arrows around the screen show where we had significant slowing before 7:00 yesterday, and then it really kicked in during the 7:00 hour. so we're watching for that volume today as well. so far, everything is just fine. pretty much green all over the bay, except for out of the altamont pass where we see signs of more traffic. back over to you. talk about a hot ticket. 49ers fans desperate to see their team in person for the championship game.
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still ahead on "today in the bay," what some fans are calling just downright ugly. plus, potential new signs of economic turnaround. the silicon valley. >> reporter: and they're comparing the stock market to a roller coaster. it's not a roller coaster any of us would like to get on. we'll take a look coming up. >> only if it turns green, my friend. talk about a little grown here, tax season officially open. we've got you covered. right now on nbc --, chris chmura explains. we'll be right back.
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happy tuesday. it is 5:13 and we're taking a live look outside in the tri-valley. our camera in dublin shows we already have a lot of people up and out the door, and it is a cold start this morning. we've seen these temperatures dipping down into the upper 30s. as we go into the rest of today we'll see it warming up nicely, sunshine, but a hazy one and we'll continue with our dry weather. i'll let you know if there's any chance of rain in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we're looking toward hazy sunshine, and right now we have a little bit of fog and haze as well. at the golden gate bridge, low clouds have descended on the construction crew that may still
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be on the left side. we have no major problems. we're going to track slowing in the south bay coming up. very happy tuesday to you. i think the stock market took a lesson from those back and forth football games over the weekend, because it was sure hard to predict what the final score was going to be yesterday. the dow industrials and other indices plunged at the start of trading. at one point the dow was down more than 1,000 points, s&p 500 in correction territory. now, this is a time lapse, but it sure felt this fast in reality. by the end of the trading day, it was like we had robbie gould on our side and the markets posted a winning day. what's going on? traders very concerned about the upcoming fed meeting and the possibility of as many as four rate hikes over the course of the year. we're looking at the bets that traders make on the open as we check out futures, showing rough sledding ahead.
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investors tend to get out of the stock market when they think interest rates are headed higher. higher interest rates make it harder for consumers to buy things and it makes it harder for businesses to borrow money and just generally slow down the economy. so investors put their money elsewhere, like bonds. up until now, the stock market had been doing very, very well because there were really no other good places to put money, what traders called a t.i.n.a. market. there is no alternative other than the stock market. the federal open markets committee meets today. then we'll get some idea what the central bank is thinking as far as the rate hikes. president biden met with economic experts to talk about inflation and what to do about it. rate hikes are the most effective tool, but, remember, the white house doesn't control that. and, yes, the president did call a reporter stupid and worse for
5:17 am
asking about inflation. we'll talk about that as we talk politics in a half an hour. the one bit of non-inflation news, musician neil young threatening to take his music off spotify if they don't do something about rogan. rogan has made claims about vaccines on his podcast which is available only on spotify. last month 270 doctors and scientists wrote an open letter to spotify asking it to do something about rogan's claims, saying false claims are putting people in danger. now neil young saying you can have me or rogan, but not both. >> interesting. 5:17 right now, new this morning, good news for silicon valley. unemployment now back to where it was before the pandemic took hold. the group joint venture silicon valley put last month's unemployment rate at 2.9%, just
5:18 am
about what it was in january of 2021, and it's nine percentage points between april of 2020. silicon valley has recovered more than 184,000 jobs. so an eventful, shall we say, 49 hours for the 49er faithful ahead of sunday's championship game in los angeles. >> we know that the winner goes to the super bowl, and the 9ers fans were locked out of seeing their team in person. the controversy may be deeper than the game itself. yesterday ticket master backtracked on a policy for people living outside the l.a. area from buying tickets to the game at sofi stadium. we spoke to one 9ers fan in nevada. he's still not convinced that the ticket he purchased was actually before the policy kicked in. will it still be valid come sunday? >> just because your zip code says southern california, it really doesn't determine if you're a ram or 49er fan. i think the whole thing is in
5:19 am
bad taste. >> now, the move sparked a war of words on social media. 9ers fans pointed out sofi looked more like -- this is during the last 9ers game against the rams two weeks ago. ticket master is referring all questions to the rams, who are not commenting on this. shall we call it a ticket gate? i don't know. we'll see. >> not fair. >> not at all. you know what? that excitement builds for the 9ers game this weekend. we want to see your fan photos. be sure to tag @nbc bay area. and we'll likely be sharing them all week on air right here. >> we want to see the painted faces, you know. >> the kids cheering. >> with pom-poms. i don't know, though. i think they should just open up the tickets. everybody should be able to go. what are they afraid of? >> you know what they're afraid
5:20 am
of. >> what? >> a behind kicking. >> loud fans, i think it's great. bring on the rivalry. >> i don't know, i would like to go. but we're going to stay right here in the bay area. kari has a look at our forecast. it's a cool one out there. >> it is a cold one starting out this morning. also, we've had these temperatures in the upper 30s to start. it will be a nice day, but then as you're out and about, just keep in mind that we do have some air quality issues due to the fires that are burning just to our south. some of that smoke coming in, so this, with the numbers, the measure of particulate matter shows that we will have some moderate air quality today. if you're sensitive to it, you might want to limit time outside. but there will be a hazy look to the sky this afternoon. this is as our temperatures head for the low 60s, so it's going to be very comfortable after this cold start. cupertino will see a high of 64
5:21 am
degrees, 63 degrees in gilroy today and our east bay temperatures will be slightly cooler in some spots where we see low 60s heading over toward antioch, mid-60s there. 62 in livermore and oakland reaching 59 degrees. we'll see 50s for much of the peninsula, a high of 62 in palo alto. in san francisco, staying in the upper 50s today and ranging from the low 60s from mill valley to 68 degrees this afternoon. a very quiet weather pattern here, as we look at what's going on across the region. we have this large area of high pressure that's kept it dry and there are some storms out there in the pacific, but they're just not able to make it into the bay area. it does look like as we go into next week we could see the high pressure weakening just a little bit, but unfortunately it does look like the storm track may stay just to the north of us. here's a look at the outlook for
5:22 am
next week. it shows a lot of the rain just north of the bay area, but also moving into the sierras. that's going to be good news, whether we get the rain or not. but at least we are seeing a change in pattern and models are kind of backing off a little bit on how much snow we could see for the sierra. there's still a lot of time for this to all change, but only looking at light snow for next week. i guess that's better than nothing. take a look at the seven-day forecast because we are dry over the next seven days. our temperatures will reach into the low 60s and still stuck in this pattern for the next several days, but we do have a game this weekend, so we'll be watching that for l.a. mike, you're seeing the fog affecting some drivers in the south bay? >> yeah, just maybe a patch or two. you've been giving the overall big view. we'll take a microcosm at 101 and 680 where you see low clouds and a little bit of fog right here at 680, just north of 680,
5:23 am
where it's starting to kick in. the map shows you a similar thing with slowing. there was, for about two minutes, a little slowing developing at the arrow where we would expect it right about now. the only issue is that there's no fog showing on the road weather index. the low clouds are drifting around. not a major problem for visibility, but we'll track that. try valley, contra costa looking great. along the peninsula, no problem. the arrows show you where we had slowing yesterday. tuesdays usually see a little more traffic than mondays. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> a medical company collects payment twice. now the patient expects half that money back. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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good morning. francis says her doctor prescribed a brace for carpal tunnel and she got it from a company called breg. it later sent her a bill for $14.67 and she paid it. but two days later, francis got a letter from her health insurance company saying it paid the $14.67, too, and she owed nothing. so she asked breg for her money back. that didn't happen, so frances asked us for help. we did. breg sent her a payment of
5:27 am
$14.67. she said we were able to identify this issue and process her refund request. medical bills can be a big part of your credit report, so if you ever get a bill with an error, you should immediately address it. we recently made a video step by step to help you do that. you can watch it on our website, streaming partners or youtube page. just look for the how-to play list. >> 5:27. top stories we're following, including an update on the wildfire that's burning along big sur. evacuation orders are still in place. we're going to talk about where containment stands this morning. plus -- >> reporter: mayor london bree is looking to expand how the city's police department can utilize surveillance cameras. we'll have a picture of what that could look like coming up.
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right now at 5:30, up for grabs. the white house coming through with its promise of free n95 masks. how you can get yours. >> combatting crime in san francisco, the controversial plan up for debate in san francisco. mayor london breed's possible plan b if city leaders say no. >> and it's another cold start to our morning here across the bay area. we'll also have a nice mild afternoon. we'll talk about when we could possibly see some rain in the
5:31 am
microclimate forecast. this is "today in the bay." hello, tuesday morning. thanks so much for starting your day with us. 5:30 right now. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. of course we're broadcasting on your television, but if you have to go, we've got you covered. you can watch us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. we're following breaking news. pfizer is launching a clinical trial for the latest version of its covid vaccine geared to respond specifically to the omicron variant. in a statement, pfizer says the current vaccine does provide a high level of protection from hospitalizations and death, but this is also an effort to address future omicron related variants. pharmacies and health centers around the country are handing out the first of 400 million n95 masks from the white house. the distribution can't come soon enough, with the new covid variant on the horizon. the world health organization
5:32 am
says sub-variant ba.2 could be more contagious than omicron. it's been detected in 40 different countries. health experts warn identifying the strain is a challenge. >> the problem with ba.2 sub variant is it's not as easily identified. you can still tell that it's covid or sars covid 2, but you have to do a more laborious jenomic sequencing. in the meantime in california, omicron cases have falling since the peak of january 10th. bet the percentage of people testing positive still high at about 20%. in the east bay there's still no agreement between oakland teachers and the school district as a threat of a strike looms. teachers are demanding better covid safety measures. their union and school district have negotiated for days and hopes to reach an agreement. the union says more than 100
5:33 am
staff members tested positive for covid last week and remaining staff is stretched thin. we know many of you have questions and we've got answers for you. head over to, click on covid faq in the link bar, the trending bar at the top of the page. once you get there, you can find information about covid vaccinations, vaccine mandates and the right masks to protect you and your family, as well as where you can get tested. 5:33 right now, and san francisco mayor london breed wants to crack down on crime and she's introducing a new plan to boost surveillance. >> the plan would expand situations where police can use real time surveillance. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson joins us. concerns for a lot of people. >> good morning, yeah, that's exactly right. mayor london breed's plan would allow sfpd to have access to surveillance cameras and access
5:34 am
video that would allow them to see what's happening in real time. according to the mayor's office, the ordinance would allow cameras to monitor live in two types of situations, critical e convenience and public safety crisis areas. now, those critical events include mass assaults using firearms, vehicles or dangerous weapons, actual or suspected terrorist acts, hostaging and kidnapping incidents, arson, looting or rioting. the public safety crisis areas are areas within the city with repeated or sustained high levels of criminal activity. that would include those open air drug markets where sales or use inhibit access to community amenities like parks, transit, as well as playgrounds and this would include areas where there have been a documented increase of violent crimes over a period of two weeks. the legislation would be an amendment to the existing surveillance technology ordinance that was created in
5:35 am
2019 and it put limits on when and why those cameras could be utilized. so mayor london breed will introduce the legislation to the board of supervisors today. the supervisors can't decide on the issue. the issue will be left to the voters. we're live in san francisco. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> we'll continue to follow. thank you. 5:35, and happening today the city of san francisco expected to name new legal action tied to a recent rise in hate crimes targeting asian-americans. attorneys later this morning plan to announce their federal lawsuit, naming san francisco's district attorney's office. rate crimes against asians are higher around the nation since the start of the pandemic. firefighters are making progress on the wildfire near big sur. the so-called colorado fire is now 40% contained. but since friday, about 700 acres have burned. it's just south of carmel-by-the-sea. evacuation orders are still in
5:36 am
effect for about 500 people. much closer to home, taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is picking up. mike says tuesday is when people get their groove back. coming on back to work. maybe we'll officially start the workweek on tuesdays now. wouldn't that be nice? i guess not. >> it would be nice. [ laughter ] >> let's see what's going on. we've been watching the conditions around that colorado fire and now temperatures are much cooler and the winds are calming down. we still have the northwesterly wind at 15 miles per hour and the humidity coming up to 92%. hopefully that containment number from 40% continues to grow upward. we're still seeing smoke coming in today. not as much as yesterday. we'll still have a hazy sky and our air quality outlook today will be moderate and that means that the measure of particulate matter in the smoke will be
5:37 am
unhealthy for people who are sensitive. so as we go into today, still looking hazy as our temperatures in dublin reach 64 degrees. we'll see a high of 64 in san jose and reaching 62 in san raphael. san francisco in the upper 50s today. we'll see the upper 50s near the coastline and these numbers and what we're feeling for this afternoon will be very much like it was yesterday. we do continue in this weather pattern and we'll see if there's any changes. also, a look at where we're going to possibly see some rain, that's coming up a little bit later. mike, you're starting with a note for this afternoon. >> yeah, kari. traffic is very light. you see that on the sensors over my shoulder. on the map, we have a chance right now to look ahead this afternoon. even know the warriors do not play all week, folks should know there's going to be a lot of activity, i hope, at chase center, looking toward the february 1st requirement for vaccinations over there. we're looking at a booster
5:38 am
clinic tonight called go for three, they're talking about the booster and two shots and they're giving shots and boosters at chase center today. go to meanwhile, we're looking at more traffic for these areas with the arrows. in fact, the top of your screen you see highway 37 does show a slower drive already dropping. the first slowing we see, we have circled that. not only does the volume build but there's a little fog down here as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening today, antioch leaders debate a plan to go green to help fight our climate in crisis when it comes to city vehicles. the city of antioch currently has about 200 cars in its fleet. just one of them is electric. commissioners have submitted a plan to change to all electric and boost charging stations.
5:39 am
council members will discuss the plan later today. dry january coming to an end. next on "today in the bay," tips on how to keep healthy in your habits all year long. >> and we're counting down to the winter games right around the corner. excitement is certainly building for legendry olympian shaun white as he aims for gold. we're going to talk about what he's doing to prepare. >> reporter: and the president of the united states apologizes after calling a reporter stupid and something more as well. we'll take a look. first, nbc bay area investigators free covid tests that aren't really free or accurate. right now online, you can read the latest about the fbi search for a covid testing company called the center for covid control. it has faced increased scrutiny for its operations, that includes some in the bay area. we'll have more ahead this morning right here on "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:42, make plans to get outside, even though we have a cool start. temperatures in the inland east bay will be in the low 40s this morning, but sunshine and a nice little warm-up for this afternoon as we head for the low to mid-60s. we will see this weather on repeat with just fairly minor changes. we'll talk more about that and when we can see rain in the forecast coming up. and we have changes in the south bay as well.
5:43 am
the speed sensors show slowing right here at our camera, north 101 at 680, 280. some of it is because of the volume of traffic and lower visibility. you see the low clouds, fog in that particular area. we'll track the impact it has for the south bay. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. 5:43 right now. president biden has apologized to a fox news reporter after the president called him stupid. >> yeah, i saw that interview. he called him more than just stupid, scott mcgrew. >> reporter: yeah, more than. the president added an expletive to it. you probably saw it already. if you haven't, here is the president responding to a question from fox news' peter doocy. >> you stupid son of a -- >> now, the president is being described as being caught on a hot mic.
5:44 am
surely he knew it was on. it was sitting right in front of him. it seems unlikely this was a mistake. fox news had a good laugh about it. they had peter doocy on the set afterward and the president called the reporter to apologize. to be fair, members of both parties have called peter stupid. >> your relationship with the pres that you are not going to support anything thatr? >> why would you say something that stupid? why would you ask something that dumb. >> reporter: the late john mccain, who was always a bit short-tempered, and the current president can be short-tempered as well. you'll remember in june he apologized to a cnn reporter for what he called his own abrupt behavior. >> why are you so confident he'll change his behavior, mr. president? >> i'm not confidence. what do you do all the time? when did i say i was confident? what i said was -- let's get this straight. i said what will change their
5:45 am
behavior. >> reporter: again, cnn had its reporter on set after the incident to debrief her and talked about the incident for the rest of the day on cnn. and of course then-senator biden, last shot at the presidential debate, telling the then-current president president of the united states, will you just shut up, man, after then president trump repeatedly interrupted biden, making the debates nearly unwatchable. as for peter doocy and his question about inflation, it wasn't stupid. obviously, yes, inflation is going to hurt the democrats in the midtermsow reporters would ask someone to address an issue, like asking a gold medal winner if she's happy or a victim of a crime if they're angry. you know the answer but that's how you get a quote or sound bite when you're a reporter. as "the new york times" was covering the biden/doocy issue,
5:46 am
they seemed to be applauding a climate reporter for building a career on asking dumb questions. we're certainly talking about it on social media, as if everyone else. yes, of course we're watching ukraine as well. we have brie looking into that. on twitter you'll find me @scott mcgrew. >> thank you so much. it is 5:46, the popular trend, ditch the hangover, reduce your waistline. we're talking about dry january that's been gaining traction in the bay area. for some, it may have a different meaning, especially if you're among those wondering where the rainy season went. but this is actually a month-long challenge, started in brittain a decade ago to abstain from alcohol. a recent british study found about seven in ten people who took part in dry january say they slept better, they had more energy. more than half lost weight. the owner of a bay area business specializing in alcohol-free drinks says the focus should
5:47 am
never be on finishing the month how you started. >> i look at dry january as something you do for yourself, not necessarily as a mandate or a contest. if you walk away from it having kind of reset your drinking, that's a positive thing. >> if you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol dependency, there are resources. 800-662-help. it's the national hotline for substance abuse and mental health services within the department of health and human services. we've also posted the number on our website. 5:47, and a little more than a week from the start of the winter games. the u.s. olympic team all set. the committee finalizing all 200 plus athletes heading to beijing and it includes four-time olympians -- i should say five-time olympians. one athlete everyone is cheering for, of course, is a fan favorite, shaun white. and he, once again, qualified for the halfpipe snowboarding,
5:48 am
and he's actually determined to, once again, reach the top of the mountain. >> shaun white, for the gold. >> just pushing everything out of my mind and thinking, just one more run. this right here was the turning point. >> needs the back-to-back, and gets it! >> then contain the excitement and finish it. it felt like an eternity waiting for the scores. >> shaun white takes the gold! >> this is one of my favorite moments of all. there's my mom. i'm going to -- this is what it's all about. >> that is what it's all about, that emotion gets you every time. of course they're getting ready for the olympics, but they're also being impacted by covid. you can see how that's impacting their training right now nbc bay area streaming app. the games kick off right here on nbc bay area february 3rd. >> right around the corner. can't wait. >> don't want to miss that. okay, so this is the next story we want to talk about when
5:49 am
it comes to one 6-year-old, brain cancer survivor in southern california. all he ever really wanted was to be a u.s. postal worker. >> and let's just say the u.s. postal service really delivered. >> are you kidding me? >> i love it. that's jacob hayward, learning he had been named an honorary postal worker. his daily mail carrier van, look at that cute car. yesterday was a full package delivered, besides a mail truck, they bought a pint-sized truck that jacob and his sister can ride forever, as long as they fit in it. they're probably going to grow pretty fast. he says it's the first time in his four-decade career someone told him they wanted to be a mailman and jacob's dad says the memory will be stamped in his mind forever. isn't that cute? i always thought it would be fun to drive one of those cars.
5:50 am
you're in the sun. >> and it's a workout. >> i love it. and thank you, mail carriers. so important. >> until you bring the bills. >> you can keep those. that's not their fault. it's the messenger. hopefully a good day to get out this afternoon and maybe go for a walk, whether you're a mail carrier or not. >> yeah. and we're starting out with some fog in some spots. when you take a look at this camera in san francisco, all we can see is the little light glowing on top of the buildings. if you're higher up, it's really hard to see. we've seen fog drifting around, especially in the north bay, down to a quarter mile visibility, and unfortunately we may see the fog getting a little worse. that's coming with temperatures that are near freezing. sometimes when we get freezing temperatures and fog or high humidity, that could also create some freezing fog, which could ice the roads a little bit. so watch out for that around
5:51 am
santa rosa for those elevated roadways. then we go from 32 degrees to seeing those temperatures warming up nicely. let's head to the south bay, our high temperatures this afternoon reaching 64 in morgan hill. also 64 in san jose, los gatos reaching 62 degrees. mid-60s toward the east bay, while oakland will stay in the upper 50s. we'll see 60s in spots like palo alto. san francisco in the 50s today. we head to the north bay and we'll see a high of about 65 in novato. we've been stuck in this pattern with a lot of sunshine. we're not going to see that change for the next few days. high pressure keeps the rain bae from the bay area and that creates clear skies, sinking air and keeps the storm track to the north of us. going into next week it looks like the high pressure moves out of the way but we're starting to
5:52 am
see changes in the forecast. it looks like next week there could be some rain, but it may area. a lot of these models are also backing off on not only how much rain we could see, but also how much snow we could see for the sierra for early february. we're going to continue to watch that and hopefully we trend back toward a wetter pattern. we are still dry for the next seven days. no worries about your outdoor plans, at least not over the next several days. mike, you were tracking fog moving into san jose. >> yeah, if you're planning to drive outdoors, which you have to do, we'll get a live look at 280 and 17 where this traffic is flowing smoothly. most of the south bay looks like this, clear, easy drive and clear view. but look at 101. our camera just north of 680 we do have the low clouds. that's where we have the slowing, but it's a little bit further back than we often see. so the circle is where the first
5:53 am
camera was with a clear view. a nice, easy drive for the rest of the bay. the metering lights are turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza, so we have a little slowing as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, san raphael plans to spend millions to prevent future flooding. it will include rebuilding the san joaquin block station off of shoreline parkway. the plan calls for spending more than $3 million in pandemic relief funding. previous federal and state grant applications for that project were denied. 5:53, and still ahead on "today in the bay" -- >> apparently they thought they had the big fish on the hook. >> a scammer out-scammed. how this grandmother turned the tables on a man targeting the elderly. and the epic arrest, all caught on camera. san jose on the verge of passing a first of its kind gun
5:54 am
control ordinance. the added fees mayor sam liccardo wants gun owners to pay up to help reduce violence. you're watching "today in the bay." can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies.
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welcome back. the time is now 5:56. you're watching "today in the bay." and in our climate in crisis, we
5:57 am
look at how the fire that's burning in monterey county is an example of how we could see more of those winter wildfires occurring more often with climate change. the colorado fire is happening right now in monterey county, and as the temperatures warm globally, we unfortunately could see more fires during the wintertime. now agencies like cal fire have to staff and train year-round as we experience more of what we call these fire years. the ongoing drought and high tree mortality adds fuel to the fires, and even when it's been months, a fire that burned during the summer can reignite during a dry winter spell. these are called zombie fires and we saw that happen last january in the santa cruz mountains, when about a dozen fires popped up after that historic 2020 fire season, and a late start to the rainy season. you can find out more about
5:58 am
wildfire behavior. go to and click on the climate in crisis tab. >> good to know. thank you so much. 5:57 right now and new this morning, one new york man discovering the hard way, don't mess with grandma. >> go the ground! >> the takedown came after police say unknown men tried to scam a grandmother out of $8,000. multiple men over several phone calls say they needed the money to bail out her grandson, to bail him out of jail. instead of hanging up, she decided to play along. >> i played stupid grandma, oh, my poor grandson. i told the guy, please don't tell his mother. >> wow, when the man came to her home, she handed him an envelope full of paper towels and that's when police moved in. that was a lesson, she says, always consult family friends before giving away any of your
5:59 am
money. >> wow, don't mess with grandma. supreme court justice sotomayor is out with a new book called "just help". she it's inspired by her mother and it's how kids of all ages can learn how to help friends and neighbors in ways both big and small. this morning on the "today" show you can catch a rare live interview with the justice, coming up at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." right now at 6:00, groundbreaking legislation, leaders in the south bay on the verge of passing a first of its kind gun control ordinance. the new revenues they're seeking from gun owners and the legal challenges they're likely to face. plus -- >> let's be clear, there's only one country with 100,000 troops pre-positioned on the border. >> on the brink of invasion, u.s. troops on heightened alert with a possibility they'll be
6:00 am
called to defend ukraine against a russian invasion. we'll have a live report from washington on the standoff and the message world leaders are sending to vladimir putin this morning. >> and no exemptions. california students already ordered to get the covid vaccine. the latest move that could soon eliminate most opt-outs. this is "today in the bay." and here we go, tuesday morning. thank you so much for makes us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. if you're on the go, we broadcast not only to your television, but you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. let's start with a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect. good morning. >> good morning. it's a very cold start this morning. once again, we're seeing cold temperatures, and as you're stepping out the door, be prepared for this. it's only 36 degrees right now in dublin and in morgan hill.


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