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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 25, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a first of its kind policy up for vote by city leaders. the potentially ground breaking impact and the money gun owners might have to shell out if it passes. i want to say a good morning to you. we have a lot to tell but this morning including we begin right here with a live look at san jose. in just about 90 minutes, city leaders will begin their weekly city council meeting. by the end, san jose may become
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the first city in the nation to require gun owners to have liability insurance. that move is part of a land marshall gun reform proposal up for vote today. nbc bay area is here with why the city is looking into what is usually a federal matter. mayor sam liccardo said the city is because -- well, kris is joining us. talk to us about what's going on here. >> reporter: well, i did talk with the mayor and emit is time for the city to do something because congress has not enacted any reasonable gun control reform since the 1990s. and he told me this initially back during the time of the vta shooting at the rail yard there. so let's show you what some of this ordinance includes. it asks that gun owners have liability insurance and pay 25 to $35 every year into a nonprofit fund for safety, gun safety education and social
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services like mental health services and domestic violence services. the goal is to help victims of gun violence and to reduce the cost of emergency response like police and yard visits. >> to create a nonprofit that will be funded with fees from gun owners, that will be entirely focused on initiatives that reduce gun violence in our community. the best way to do that is by focusing on family members who live in households where guns are owned. we know that's where the risk of homicide and particularly, the risk of suicide is many times greater than for other residents. >> reporter: now, the mayor likened what is required under this ordinance to what is required of drivers in terms of liability insurance. and incentivizing good behavior, like asking people to use gun locks and safes and such. he also told me he expects the city will end up in court to defend this ordinance.
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gun rights activists say he's right saying that the ordinance punishes law-abiding gun owners and they're ready to protect that. >> most importantly, they will not stop gun violence. all this legislation does is punish the legal owners of firearms. >> taxing a constitutional right is illegal. >> reporter: this is not the city of san jose's first foray into gun control measurd ghost guns. flag laws allowing people to take people's weapons in dangerous situations and they've defended the assault rifle ban. they'll discuss this and we'll bring you the results of that discussion later on today. in san jose. >> all right. we'll 73 history will be made. thanks, kris. >> you can watch the complete interview on our nbc bay area streaming app. you can download it to see it. turning now to the pandemic.
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pfizer launching a new clinical trail for the latest version of its covid vaccine. this is geared to respond specifically to the omicron variant. in a statement, pfizer says that the current vaccine does provide a high level of protection from hospitalizations and death but this is also an effort to address future omicron-related variants. pharmacies around the country are handing out the first of the 400 million masks from the white house. some vrn, ba.2, could be more contagious than omicron. it has been detected in 40 different countries. health authorities warn that identifying it is also a challenge. >> the problem with ba.2 subidt. you go still tell that it is co
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have to do the entire genomic sequencing. >> in the meantime, in california, cases have leveled off and are falling since faefk january 10th. yet the percentage of people testing positive is still at a high. and still threat of a teacher strike. teachers demanding better covid safety maeshs. the union and district have been in talk for days and still hope to reach an agreement. the union says more than 200 staff members tested positive for covid last week. the remaining staff is stretched thin. >> we know many of you have questions and we put some answers together for you. head over to click on the covid faq link on the trending bar. once you get there, you go find information about vaccine mandates, masks to protect your family and where to get tested. new at 11:00, we're learning
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the name of the man shot and killed. he is 37-year-old nelson zito. california's department of justice is investigating last thursday's shooting inside the international terminal. this unfolded after a tsa employee started him near the b.a.r.t. station there. responding officers saw him inside the airport and said during the investigation, he pointed at what looked like two guns at them. this was before they opened fire. a source says the two guns were actually air replica guns. taking a look at the san francisco financial district, right now attorneys are announcing new legal action tied to the recent rise in hate crimes on asian-americans. they are naming the district attorney's office. we are reporting that hate crimes against asians are higher across the nation ever since the start of the pandemic. we're streaming this news
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conference live right new on our free nbc bay area app and on we'll have more coming up during our evening newscast. developing now, it is a bit more calm on the stock market after a dave really a huge swing. >> oh, yes. scott, we're seeing sell-offs caused by concern over our coming interest rates. >> that's right. the fed meeting as we speak for part of the scheduled two-day meeting. we'll know a lot more tomorrow. generally speaking, when rates go up, investments in stocks go down. let's go to the big board in new york city where you can see. it is quite reasonable today. what you're not seeing is the nasdaq. the nasdaq still about 2% lower. now, the federal open markets committee reportedly considering as many as four separate rate hikes, starting early as march. right now the rates are
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essentially zero. they were set there back when we were trying to goose the economy into action during the pandemic. now the economy is by most measures running just fine and we have this new threat of inflation. higher interest rates fight inflation. the other data we're looking at is house prices. according to the case schiller index released this morning, the san francisco oakland area saw that 18% increase in home prices year over year. 18%. this study does not examine the south bay. 18%, also the average price hike for the 20 cities in the case schiller index. phoenix with the biggest jump. washington, d.c. with the smallest. up 11%. all cities gained. we see a lot of house price data but i find case schiller to be a particularly dependable set of data. the schiller, in case schiller won a nobel prize for economics. and then you have the mortgage rates, marcus and laura, the fed
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does not set mortgage rates. that's not what they're deciding today. but the rates they do decide on tend to push rates higher. so higher priced houses with soon to be much more expensive mortgages. >> all right. thanks. we want to take a live look at the golden gate bridge. oh, the fog is still sticking around for us. take a look at those conditions. kari, you say we'll see a repeat of what we've seen already this week. >> yeah. but this fog is sticking around a little longer and that will keep the at that down a few more degrees. we're seeing the fog rolling over toward oakland and affecting parts of the east bay and the south bay as well. we see it clearing up in parts of the north bay. you see the bland of low clouds and fog rolling across part of the bay area again, it is keeping the temperatures down a if you more degrees. and we do also have a little smoke mixing in with these low clouds and fog.
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so our air quality is moderate as we are continuing to monitor that fire burning in monterey county. we have moderate air quality now but it has improved compared to yesterday. our temperatures will reach into the low 60s. we will see a hazy sunshine once all of this low clouds and fog clears out. and our temperatures head for the low 60s for this afternoon. more of this same kind of weather. we'll talk more about that and when we can possibly see some rain. that's coming up a little bit later. >> all right. thank you. san francisco mayor london breed is introducing a plan to boost surveillance big time. this would expand situations where police can use real-time surveillance. nbc's sierra johnson breaks down the debate of safety versus privacy. >> mayor london breed's plan would allow sfpd to have more access to use surveillance cameras across the country which would give access to crime and high crime areas in real-time.
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according to the mayor's office, the ordinance would allow cameras to be monitored live in two times of situations. critical events and public safety crisis areas. those critical events include mass assaults using firearms, vehicles, or other dangerous weapons or suspected terrorist acts. hostage, kidnapping attempts, arson, theft and burglary as well as looting and rioting. the public safety crisis areas are areas within the city that have repetitioned or have sustained high levels of criminal activity. open air illegal drug markets, drug sales or use prohibiting access to things like transit parks as well as play grounds. this includes areas where there have been documented increases of violent crimes over appeared of 14 days or longer. this new legislation would be an amendment to the existing surveillance technology ordinance. that was created back this 2019 which put limits on when and why
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those cameras could be utilized. now, mayor breed will introduce this legislation to the board of supervisors today. if the supervisors can't decide on the issue, it will be sent to the voters to decide. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new at 11:00, big changes when it comes to college admissions process. the makers of the s.a.t. say the makers of the test will be all digital. the entirely online version will begin in 2024 for online test takers. it will still take place at designated centers. students will have the option of using their own electronic devices or ones provided by the school. timing to take the test will also shrink from three hours to two hours, and will include shorter reading passages. students will also be able to use a calculator on the math section. where were all these changes when i took it? three hours, you're stressed, little dots. all right. much more ahead. firefighters are making progress on the wildfire in big sur.
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why it is part of our climate in crisis and how agencies like cal fire have had to adjust their firefighting tactics. plus, rising tensions surrounding a possible russian invasion of ukraine. the pentagon putting thousands of troops on standby for deployment. the latest disturbing sign that has nato allies on alert.
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thanks for around. tensions are mounting over the gr russia-ukraine border. military units are heightened alert to eastern europe to support nato. nbc'ts on the white house's action plan. >> this morning dangerous actions of vladimir putin along
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ukraine's border could send thousands of american troops overseas. 8,500 u.s. service members are now on heightened alert ready to be sent to europe to join a nato response force. >> no final decision has been made to deployment. >> reporter: but president biden did commit publicly to make u.s. troops available if the 30 nation nato alliance needs more nato help. monday in the situation room, he met by video conference with eight european leaders. last week, the president said there were differences among leaders. but now he claims they're in full agreement. >> i had a very, very, very good meeting. totally unanimity with all the leaders. >> reporter: pressure is building as putin defies demands to pull back. as u.s. officials say, russia continues to build up troops near ukraine. the russian ministry of defense
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releasing video of its forces, preparing readiness checks. >> they have not only shown no signs of de-escalating but they are in fact adding more force capability. >> reporter: a disturbing sign that pushed nato to ask member nations to do more. >> the allies are stepping up. >> reporter: the white house is putting the risks in stark terms. >> we have been very clear. the president has been direct that military action by russia could come at any time. >> reporter: vice president harris traveling in milwaukee with a warning for putin. >> i can't tell you what he is going to do but we are prepared to take decisive action if he moves in an aggressive manner into ukraine. >> reporter: kelly o'donnell reporting there. well, switching gears. taking a live look outside. this is in the east bay. yeah, the hazy, foggy tuesday morning is continuing. kerry has a look at our forecast. hoping some of this will burn
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off. >> it's been pretty slow to clear as we take a live look outside and taking a look at our temperatures where we were headed for the low 60s across the bay area. so we'll continue to see those kinds of temperatures as we go throughout today. we've been keeping an eye on all the low visibility around the bay area that once again has been pretty slow to clear. that live look outside in oakland. and then as we are going to continue to see this fog clearing up, it will stay a little bit cooler compared to what we've seen the past couple days. and looking at our air quality once again, we've been watching that because we've also seen some, a little smoke coming in and that has affected our air quality over the past couple days. moderate air quality that will continue for most likely today. we should see a shift in the wind that will help increase some of that clear air moving in. as far as looking at what is going on across the region, we
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are still staying pretty dry. high pressure has been the main reason why we haven't seen any rain. that high pressure will slowly start to move off toward the east over the next couple days, and finally allow for a chance of some of the showers to move in that have been moving over toward the pacific northwest. take a look at next wednesday. it does show there could be at least some snow for the sierra. as far as what we'll see in the bay area, not a whole lot here. looking at the forecast for the next week with every run of the computer model, it has been showing less and less rain for the bay area going into the next week. and some of those showers will stay well to the north of us. it looks like even up around redding and eureka, that's what we're seeing. some of the rain that could be moving through the next week and possibly more rain and snow for the sierra. and then even looking at this. the runs for the models have really been going down the next week for how much snow we could
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see next week. maybe an inch or two. as we go into the next several days. our seven-day forecast does show that we'll see those highs reaching into the mid 60s and then a lot of sunshine in the forecast. some lower 60s going into the weekend. just a little bit cooler but still a lot of sunshine in this forecast. for san francisco, expect temperatures right at about 60 degrees over the next several days. now as we turn to our climate in crisis, we've been seeing those fires that have been burning around big sur. unfortunately, it does seem like we're going to continue to see more of these fires as we deal with more climb change. so what we've noticed over the past several years is that we have this increase. seeing those winter wildfires. that's all due to those warming temperatures. agencies like cal fire, they have to staff and train year round for the potential that we can continue to see an increase in these winter wildfires, as
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well as last year when we think about what happened in the santa cruise lines mountains. we had all of what we call these zombie fires coming back up. that's the fires that lay dormant from the summertime and we got a stretch of some dry weather during the winter and they pop back up. our meteorologist rob mayeda talked about that on the website. you can check that out on and click on the climate in crisis tab. >> always interesting news there. thank you so much. happening today, lots of giants fans are wondering, will this be the year barry bonds finally gets elected to the baseball hall of fame? in a few hours the results of the vote will be announced. this is the last year he is eligible to appear on the hall of fame ballot. during the past nine years, he's never received enough votes. that's due mostly to allegations about his use of performance enhancing drugs which continue to cloud his baseball to footba.
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it is winner take all showdown for the nfc championship this weekend. many faithful stop short of cheering on jimmy g and his crew. still ahead, the ticket controversy that has some 49er fans in an uproar. first happening now, beijing residents are facing lockdowns. no word was given about confirmed cases in the area but all residents were required to be tested for covid-19 with the second round on thursday. this comes as beijing tries to contain an outbreak ahead of the winter olympic games. you can see how covid is impacting training on our nbc bay area streaming act. click on the winter olympics play list. download our app for roku, apple tv and amazon fire stick right now and it's free.
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okay. an eventful shall we say 49 hours for the 49er faithful ahead of sunday's game in los angeles. >> the winner goes to the super bowl. for a time the niners fans were locked out from seeing their team in person. the controversy may go deeper than the game itself. yesterday, ticket master back tracked on a policy blocking people outside of the last area from buying tickets to the game at sofi stadium west spoke with
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one niners fan in nevada who purchased his seats before the policy kicked in. he's still not convinced his tickets will be valid come sunday. >> just because your zip code says southern california, it doesn't determine if you're a niner fan or a ram fan. >> it sparked aer with a of words on social media. niners fans pointed out two weeks ago, sofi looked more like levi. the policy no longer on ticket master's website. let's all go to l.a. right? as the excitement builds, we want to see your fan photos. be sure to tag nbc bay area on facebook and twitter. we'll be sharing them all day. one new york man discovering
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the hard way, don't mess with grandma. >> grandma was ready. the takedown come after police say unknown men tried to scam his grandmother out of $8,000. multiple men over several phone calls said they needed the money to break their grandson out of jail. she decided to play along. >> i pledged, oh, my poor grandson. i told the guy, please don't tell his mother. >> grandma had time today. when the man came to her home, she handed him an envelope full of paper towels. that's when police moved in. the lesson she says, always confront family, friends and authorities before giving away any of your monday. >> wow! that was the really quick picker upper there. >> don't mess with grandma. >> and don't mess with kari hall with the forecast. >> yeah.
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we have a pretty nice forecast here. and we'll continue to see at that in the low to mid 60s over the next few days. a little bit cooler for the weekend. >> all right. thank you. thank you for joining us. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. >> and you can get all the latest information on see you tomorrow morning. ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+,
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her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance.
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right now on "california live" -- >> we're taking to you an historic landmark in san francisco known for its great taste in food and now they're serving up something different. >> then a new twist on a classic piece of jewelry. the modern monacle. >> a local curling crew that is fire on ice. >> we're going to learn to curl. >> and you have a front row seat. >> people are obsessed by your pants. >> it's all happening now on "california live."


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