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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 26, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PST

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history making legislation. a late night vote in san jose will now require gun owners to get insurance and pay yearly fees. the live report on when it is set to take effect, and a brand new lawsuit it is now facing. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> before we get to our top story this morning, developing news. supreme court justice stephen breyer is stepping down from the bench. the bay area native born in san francisco in 1938 was appointed to the court by president bill clinton in 1994 and has served
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on the court for more than 27 years. he will step down at the end of the current term. >> according to people familiar with breyer, they say that his decision to retire is not believed to be health-related. the 83-year-old is one of three liberal justices remaining on the supreme court. president biden can now nominate another jurist at a over over and he has pledged in the past to nominate a black woman on the bench. the city of san jose now the first in the nation to require that gun owners carry liability insurance and pay a fee toward reducing gun likely to end up court. >> reporter: well, we know the first lawsuit seeking to stop this ordinance in its track is already ready to be filed today and that is prepared by the national association for gun rights. they are asking a judge for
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immediate and current injunction, preventing it from going into effect. the so-called gun harm reduction measure requires gun owners to have liability insurance in the event their gun is used in a crime. also to pay a $25 annual fee aimed at reducing gun violence. it will affect 50,000 households in san jose. and for the ordinance to be declared unconstitutional, this has to go to court. we did ask a constitutional law professor about this. she said that it does not appear to present an undue but not on gun owners. >> it is not an overly burdensome restriction and the supreme court has held that there can be some regulation. >> reporter: now, mayor sam liccardo did tell me that he expects this will be in court. that the city would have to defend it. however, this should happen at
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no cost to the city as there is at least one attorney who has said he would take on the cost pro bono. if it is not stopped by an injunction, this would go into effect in august. kris sanchez. nbc bay area news. >> one we will continue to follow. thank you. governor newsom is focusing an appearance in the bay area on our climate in crisis. the press conference underway in santa clara county this morning where he is highlighting the transition to 0 transmission vehicles. it includes $6 billion for innovation and investment. we're streaming the press conference now at and in our app. we'll have more coming up during our evening newscast. signs of progress in the omicron surge. one health leader believes it is on the decline. bob redell on if those mask
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mandates start to ease any time soon. >> california will eventually lift that indoor mask mandate. the question is when. especially now that there is this new information. it could be that mask mandate will stay in effect until at least february 15th, which is what we've known for some weeks o have peak in the bay area. the chronicle reports there are still a lot of people infected with coronavirus, with you the number of cases are down by about 20% since january 9th. and still just over 2,000 people are hospitalized with the disease in our area, but the payment reports that number also appears to be leveling off. according to the chronicle, marin county health officer believes there will be more waves of infection but it will be less harmful than we've seen in the past because of stronger herd immunity. dr. willis predicts we could soon enter the endemic phase of this pandemic. last night, santa clara county public health director dr. sara cody spoke at the covid-19 town hall and expressed confidence
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that her county is also on the other side of the omicron surge twofrlt cases. omicron sub variant, however, known as ba.2 have been detected in santa clara county. they said it is too early to say whether it will be more or less dangerous than regular omicron. >> my guess is it will probably be the dominant omicron variant. it is a sub variant. we'll see. >> you don't think that it is causing more severe disease. in fact, the government released some data showing so far, they are not seeing increased hospitalizations due to this variant versus the regular omicron. >> reporter: ba.2 has been detected in 40 different countries but no evidence that it is spreading quickly and so far it looks like our vaccines will be effective against it. >> thank you. and a reminder if you're looking to get the free n-95
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masks the government is now offering, go to and then head over to our pandemic coverage. you will find the information about how to order those free masks and tests. teachers in richmond threatening to go on strike if concerns about covid safety are not met by friday. in a letter to union members, the united teachers in richmond are demanding masks and weekly testing for teachers. if a class has three or more cases, they want the testing to be bumped up to twice per week. you might recall the district closed for two days due to a rise in infections. they are meeting with the district today. we've reached out to west contra costa unified and have not yet heard back. and a tentative agreement between teachers and the oakland unified school district. there had been the threat of a teacher strike as they pushed for better covid safety measures. the district promised to provide
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weekly testing for students and staff. in addition, large assemblies will be conducted outdoors when possible. the district will continue to make high quality masks available to students and school employees. we spoke with an elementary school teacher moments after union members were notified of the agreement. she said that it took a collaborative effort to reach this point. >> this is the majority of the credit goes to the students and their actions on the streets. the teachers and staff who have stood in solidarity with them in unsanctioned sickouts. if there's anything i have learned in the last few months, that that organizing works. >> an agreement is scheduled to be voted on by union members before being authorized by the board of education. new details on the fire in big sur that shut down highway 1. some trucks are being allowed back in mostly into the district by the fire zone.
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it started from embers from a controlled burn that got out of control from strong winds. bits 55% contained. highway 1 is still closed to nonessential traffic. to a live look in san jose. look at that. the sun, powerful, shining through the fog. very different from this morning when the fog was blanketing the bay area creating low visibility for drivers. >> absolutely. our meteorologist has been tracking it. you said it would burn off. it has but it is still sticking around in some areas? >> it is. depending on where you live, you're getting sunshine or you're still seeing fog. i want to look at the visibility where we're still registering some of the that fog. not san jose but some of the areas in the south bay still seeing a four-mile visibility. you can see it has improved significantly. about 10 miles earlier with less than a quarter of a mile, still seeing that fog through san carlos as well. we are going to see an overall nice day.
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right now in san francisco, 51 degrees. we're getting a mix of sun and clouds. and look at the at that trend. it tops out in the upper 50s, low 60s into the afternoon and eventually, we're all going to be in the low to mid 60s by the time that the sun fully comes out and warms us up a bit. we remain dry. high pressure continues to dominate. i'll talk to you about how that will impact the rest of the forecast. to a follow-up for out a bizarre twist in a triple stabbing investigation we reported all morning long. police now say that the suspect wanted. in overnight crime is dead. the stabbings happened about 2:00 in the morning. this is at home on tehama avenue near raging waters. around 5:00 this morning, investigators say a santa clara county deputy found the suspect's vehicle abandoned in the area. highway 85, and deanza boulevard. a short time later, the chp said
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he was struck and killed by another vehicle. investigators say that they are not pursuing him at this time. >> there was no active foot chase, car chase. anything like that. we were able to quickly identify him, the vehicle. we put that information out to our allied agencies in the bay area. an alert deputy located the car, abandoned. and then shortly after that, we were notified. >> all three adult victims are expected to survive. it is unknown what relation to the suspect of that victim but it is believed that they knew each other. also new, san jose police are announcing the arrests of four men. this is in connection to a deadly shooting more than a year ago. the suspects age in range from 20 to 44. they face charges in connection with violence. this is at a restaurant along
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capital avenue. two men were killed. four were injured in october 2020. sjpd made the arrest following a coordinated investigation with the dea, which included six search warrants. this is video sent in to the newsroom. this is from one of our viewers of one of those raves. meth, cocaine, heroin and other drugs were confiscated. the fed is wrapping up its two-day meeting. the general consensus is the fed is to raise interest rates infl. the head of the federal reserve holding a news conference shortly. of course, we're monitoring that for the latest news. let me give you the latest. they're keeping interest rates unchanged at this point but they are pointing to increases in march. now, the soft market has been in the green all morning, positive. investors acted on it monday and
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tuesday, sending the major indices on a roller coaster ride. we saw them dipping at one point. now you see the dow jones industrial average up about 270. now to the looming crisis at the ukraine-russian border. the biden administration is making new moves to prepare. here's the chief white house correspondent peter alexander. >> reporter: this morning, the u.s. and its european allies are bracing for a possible russian military assault. the latest american ship arriving with anti-tank javelin missiles and launchers and other things to head off an invasion. with 8,500 troops in a state of her, president biden said he could start repositioning them in eastern europe before any russian advance. >> what will happen will depend on what putin does or doesn't do. i may be moving some of those troops in the near term because it takes time. >> reporter: the president said
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he does not expect to send any of the t the pentagon is leaving the door open the more deployments to europe. >> i would not rule out the possibility that we could be putting additional forces on heightened alert in the coming days and weeks. >> reporter: even as russia ramps up near ukraine, moscow is accusing the u.s. and its allies of escalating tensions. president biden says he would consider personally sanctioning russian president vladimir putin if he invades. >> as if he were to move in, it would be the largest invasion since world war ii. it would change the world. >> reporter: after meeting with a german chancellor, french president mac ron said he will push putin. the biden administration said it is working with oil and gas suppliers around the world to boost shipments to europe in case russia cuts off that supply. about a third of the european union's oil and gas comes from russia. the senate's top republican mitch mcconnell offering rare praise for the president's foreign policy, calling the
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latest steps encouraging. >> it appears to me the administration is moving in the right direction. first responders are being stretched thin as covid cases rise. still to come, the action one city is now taking to combat major staffing shortages. plus a new warning for parents on the at-home covid tests. what you need to know about the threats it can pose to your family. >> reporter: hey, on our new episode, we are talking about the new changes to the s.a.t.s and why test takers won't need a pencil anymore. you can watch it on our page on nbc bay area. .
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mayor london breed promising more funding to handle major
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staffing shortages among first responders. right now it is down 20% compared to pre pandemic levels. the plan calls for about $22 million total for both departments including $7 million for firefighters and $14 million for the police department. supporters say it would help address crime, maintain emergency services and meet other safety needs. ? doctors are getting more calls about covid-19 home testing kits. not about taking them but the dangers of drinking them. there's an ingredient inside that has some parent calling the poison control center. it is sodium azide and it's hazardous. we're haeg about some children drinking and it some adults mistaking it for eyedrops. are we talking about the little bit of liquid in some of these rapid tests? >> yes. the little bit of liquid. that is there for a good reason,
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to help the kits last for a longer period of time. it is a preservative. what happens is people take the solution out from the cap. you leave it on for 15 minutes when you're waiting for the test to be done, and meanwhile, kids sort of like reach out for it and spray the water. it falls all over the place. i think that's the danger period, when you leave it unattended for the 15 minutes. >> that's what it sounds like the bigger issue is parents need to watch what their kids are doing and adults, not pick up something and just put it in their eye like an eyedrop. >> definitely. if you put it in your eyes, it can be irritating. if you ingest it, it could definitely cause irritation for your intestinal system. if you're small enough, that proportion, that concentration could be potentially dangerous. >> so parents need to be very, very aware when they're around
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their kids. what should they look for? is the first route to call the poison hotline? >> yes. the first route is to call the poison hotline. in the meantime, look at where it ends up. if it is in your eyes, with a it out with soap and water. if it is in your gut, continue to drink water while waiting for poison control. if it is on your clothes, change your clothes to new clothes and wash that with regular soap and water. the concentration is not big enough. and one other population we have to worry about also is cats, small pets, cats, dogs, they can have toxicity as well. and definitely don't pour it into your aquarium. >> no doubt. i thought it was something they needed for the test itself to help but it is actually a pre serve i have the.
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>> yes. and realize it is used for other reason like pesticide control, et cetera. so it is essential lay preservative. >> all right. the best bet is to be careful, it sounds like, doctor. >> be careful and definitely watch it if you have small animals or kids around while you're waiting for those 15 minutes and the cap is off. >> all right. put everything up high. thank you for joining us. you can watch the complete interview with the doctor on our nbc bay area streaming app. download it on roku, apple tv or amazon to get a look outside. look at that shot behind you. >> we can actually see the city now. we still have some areas of that paxy fog lingering for parts of the south bay, even the north bay as well. for now, it is a very serene shot and we'll remain dry.
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let me show you the spots that do still have some fog. a little in santa rosa, in novato, and notice some parts of the south bay, down to about four miles of visibility as well as the san carlos and hayward area. once it clears out, we'll see a miss the day ahead. oakland, about 54 degrees. if you notice the icons, plenty of sunshine ahead. we'll be in the upper 50s, low to mid 60s in the afternoon. and once again, we are expecting to see the high pressure dominating which is what will keep us not only sort of warm and mild at times, but also, the air quality which we've been monitoring from the north bay, down to santa clara valley, we're talking anywhere from 51 to 100. as far as the forecasted highs for today. here's a look at the south bay. 63 in los gatos, milpitas, 65. through the east bay, look at
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walnut creek, 64, oakland, 60 degrees. along the peninsula we saw a lot of fog. still seeing many areas. san francisco, upper 50s, low 60s, and up through north bay, santa rosa, 63. novato, 64. will we get rain any time soon? well, maybe sort of. it is sort of a weaker system. we've got high pressure that will keep us dry through the end of the workweek. if you noticed, i pushed the time line forward through january 30th which is sunday. that will bring us a chance of a low-pressure system to the north that could bring a chance of rain sunday night into monday morning. over the next seven days, here's look at the forecast. one thing you'll notice, we will stay pretty cold consistently into the overnight and early morning hours. in the 30s, the temperatures will be in the mid 60s through the afternoon. we stay dry through saturday. we'll start to notice an increase in the cloud cover heading into sunday and monday. for san francisco, a hey of 61
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today. thursday and friday, again, in those mid 60s. we get that rain chance that sort of drops down our daytime highs into the upper 50s by sunday and monday. it will be a lovely day ahead. especially when the fog completely clears out. >> sounds good. thank you. bay area olympians are just about to take center stage. still ahead, the three u.s. figure skaters hoping to bring home gold. happening now, british police have taken two more men into custody in question, the hostage incident at a texas synagogue. the news comes more than a week after a british man took four people hostage in a synagogue outside dallas. he was eventually killed by fbi agents.
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well, in about a week, the winter olympics begin. when it comes to milk sports, one tops them off. three leading competitors are from right here. alouisu liu, nathan chen and vincent zhou. forget about containing your feelings. in this sport, you have to let it all hang out. >> this is our stage. this is where we get to perform. >> it is in me.
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i have the fire for it. it is passion. so many emotions. >> i feel confident. >> we are competitors through and through. >> sometimes when i feel right, that's the moment. >> here we go. >> here we go. for more coverage including how covid impacted olympic training, head to our streaming app. just click on winter olympics play list. it is all free. just like the forecast. just like the sunshine. and we're seeing some today. >> yes. we're going to get it. especially even in the spots. we've still got some fog out there. for the most part, it will be a lovely day and it will warm up into the 60s despite waking up to those really cold 30s. by thursday and friday, notice the dry weather remains. we've got a lovely weekend to look forward to. >> i like the forecast.
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>> all right. thank you so much for joining us for our midday newscast. the next one is coming up at 5:00. >> and you can get all the latest information on and also on our app, obviously. have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow morning.
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right now on "california live" -- >> we're taking you to a favorite place with a brand new face. celebrating national salsa day. >> what do you think about marriage? >> okay. >> wow! what an answer. >> and looking for a special spot for valentine's day. i found a place that makes pizza straight from the heart. >> plus, david hasselhoff and martin lawrence's daughters are about to get down and dirty. >> it's all happening right now


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