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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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wear a mask and get vaccinated and boosted. >> right now at 5:00, getting children vaccinated. a live report on the new push state leaders are taking to try to increase the number of children receiving the shot. >> and a vaccine deadline looms for first responders in the north bay. the consequences they face if they fail to comply. >> plus, stepping down from the bench. justice stephen breyer, the bay area native will step away from the high court. our washington insider breaks down who is likely to replace him. this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. if you're on the go this morning, we're not only broadcasting other on television but you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. >> pretty much everywhere. >> let's start this morning with a look at the forecast. vianey arana is in tracking what we can expect.
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>> it's so cold outside. in the 30s right now as you step out the door. look at san jose 30 degrees. morgan hill 35. livermore 37, and we're going to remain in these 30s to start at least until about 8:00, 9:00 and then it starts to warm up as the sun powers through. fog and visibility-wise, no dense fog in the south bay and still patchy areas through parts of san jose so depending on where you are you might encounter fog in the south bay. meanwhile, up in the north bay, down to four miles in visibility and less than that in santa rosa. that just changed down to less than 2 miles and into san car votes and half moon bay. as far as the temperature trend in the afternoon we'll bump up 2509sbly 10:00 a.m. and then it will be another mild dry day as we head in towards thursday afternoon, but what can we expect for friday, saturday and sunday? we'll have a closer look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> great. we'll look forward to that, vianey. >> 0:01 right now. a majority of young californians still remain unvaccinated against covid-19.
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later today local hospitals will try to get more kids vaccinated. >> bob redell joins us live this morning. what's going to happen? >> reporter: u.s. senator alex bedilla will join several hospitals, they will do a virtual news conference early this afternoon to encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated against covid-19. in a news release the senator's office points out almost 850,000 kids under the age of 18 have contracted covid here in california which represents over 18% of all cases. overdue-thirds of all kids between ages 5 and 11 remain unvaccinated, have not y 28% of those between the ages o
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half the states tone. it's under the federal mandate issued by president biden. i say half because the number of republican-led states are fighting the mandate in court, so the mandate is taking effect first in jurisdictions that didn't challenge or drop their challenge against the requirement. those include some of the biggest states with some of the largest populations of senior citizens like california, florida, new york and pennsylvania. today's deadline is a moot point here in the golden state because california has required health care workers to be fully vaccinated since september 30th, and they must be boosted by next tuesday, february 1st. reporting live here in pleasanton, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the booster shot deadline is quickly approaching for first responders in the north day. first responders in marin county have to show proof that they received the booster by tomorrow. now the vaccination rates among firefighters and law enforcement pretty high. according to the marin i.j.
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firefighters vaccination rates in the county are between 91% and 100%. for law enforcement the rates are a little bit lower, from 84% to 100% there. agencies say those who aren't vaccinated will continue to wear masks and undergo surveillance testing and other protective measures. in the entire county 94% of residents eligible for vaccination are fully vaccinated. we certainly know there's so much to keep track of when it comes to covid, so if you've got questions, we've got answers. just head to our website and click on covid-19 faq. it's right up there in the trending bar. >> 5:04 for you and now had a major shake-up in the supreme court. justice stephen breyer is expected to announce his retirement as soon as soon. brie jackson is live with more on the future of the high court and his possible replacement. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. well, today president biden will meet with supreme court justice
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stephen breyer at the white house, and weance pect to learn more about bryer's retirement plans. >> i stephen breyer, do solemnly swear. >> reporter: justice stephen breyer stepping down later this year after more than 27 years on the supreme court, paving the way for president biden to nominate a successor. the president biden not saying much yet. >> every justice has the right and opportunity to decide what he or she is going to do to announce it on their own. there's been no announcement from justice bryer. >> with a announcement coming soon. >> i'm looking forward to making sure there's a black woman on the supreme court. >> that's going to be a black woman almost certainly, and that will be a new perspective historically on the supreme court. >> reporter: on the short list,
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ketanji brown jackson, a graduate from harvard law who clerked for justice bryer. another leading contender judge lean dhra kruger who has argued several cases before the nation's high court. whomever the president picks sets up a confirmation battle on capitol hill. democrats plan to move fast. >> in the senate we want to be deliberate. we want to move quickly. we want to get this done as soon as possible. >> there is no need for any rush. we can take our time, have hearings. >> reporter: justice breyer is one of three liberals remaining on the court. >> reporter: democrats could benefit from the process as democrats just need a simple majority to pass through a
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supreme court nominee pick. >> thank. nbc bay area spoke with justice breyer's brother. he says the timing of his brother's retirement was important. >> he wanted to make sure that the senate, and the president had enough time to confirm someone who could take that seat effective at the end of the term in june. >> reporter: as for justice breyer's future plans, his brother hopes he has an opportunity to spend more time here in california. >> right. come on back. 5:07 now. san jose could add two more big digital billboards on city property. the city has banned putting up new billboards for 35 years. this would be the first. they would be located on airport property right along highway 101. leaders say the sjc advertised on the signs 10% of the time.
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they added revenue would bring in half a million dollars per year. many people are opposed to the zions. scientists at the link obvious industry say it would add to the light pollution and others argue it would distract drivers. >> so we asked the question is it worth it? is it worth it to trash the landscape in san jose, to destroy the architectural integrity and the historic character of the city for what, a tiny percentage of 1% of the city's operating budget? >> late last night the airport commission voted against the project. the city council will make the final decision next month. >> developing now, crews are making progress in the fire burning near big sur. highway one fully reopened and evacuation orders are lifted for roughly 500 people who are forced to leave their homes last friday. containment stands at 60%. firefighters say the strong winds whipped up embers from a controlled burn sparking this wildfire.
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>> 5:08 right now taking a live look. the tower lit up for 949ers, taking on the rams this weekend. we're excited about that. ready to root them on. you can see court tower in the city. the fog not around. >> yeah. we've got some areas with some patchy fog but certainly not as dense as what we woke up to yesterday morning which is good because visibility say lot better for commuters. now, temperatures still cold though. right now in oakland it's about 40 degrees, but we're going to continue to see that trend upwards. san francisco is at 43. notice, too, any cloud cover that does linger will eventually make its exit by about 10:00, 11:00. we'll get more sunshine. temps will bump up into the 50s and low 60s for san francisco. now let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> viana, instead of talking about what is there, let's talk about what was there. good news. circle there getting to the golden gate bridge, a lot of slowing traditional just before
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5:00 as crews headed there, all clear. so is the eastbound lower deck of the richmond centerville bridge. construction crews should be clearing getting ready for the dig to kick in a little later on. over here, this crew cleared as well. all lanes reopened on schedule for eastbound 880 through vallejo and right-hand tonight, the opposite direction has a closure starting at 11:00le about. i'll remind you again. meanwhile, the rest of the bay fully open and moving well. even out of the altamont pass, just a very little bit of slowing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:10, giving back. the new way uber is helping those in need in the bay area, and items you can start donating. interest rates are going up, and some straight talk from elon musk all ahead in business news. but, first, we investigate, an east by a man serving time for terrorism charges getting his terror sentence dramatically
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reduced. right new on, find out more on why a judge made that decision. >> a lot more news ahead on this thursday morning. stay with us. it's 5:10.
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it is 5:13, and we eseeing some fog in the north bay, santa rows, "the new york post"o and napa. right now 33 degrees. we'll eventually bump up into the 40s but that's not until 9:00. bundle up. i'll guide you through the rest of the bay area temps in my full
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forecast. >> yesterday. we had a lot of fog in the south bay. not on the map today. san matteo bridge, a clear view. look at the flat section in the foreground and high rise in the distance. we can see today going up and down depending on which direction people are driving. >> scott. good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. happy thursday to you as well. hopefully the worst is past for the stock market. it was fearing the fed would start talking about raising interest rates, and, of course, the fed has talked about it raising interest rates yesterday. jay powell speaking after the conclusion of the federal open markets committee's two-day meeting. there's no meeting schedule for february so the earliest rate hikes that would likely come would be in march. wall street was obviously freak out about this on monday. you can recall the huge dip and then recovery. things very calm indeed as we
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inch towards the open this morning. apple will report profits today. now these rate hikes only affect banks directly, but, of course, whatever affects a bank is going affect you as well. the fed doesn't set -- control credit cards or interest, mortgage interest, but those rates do move up when the fed rate moves up, but paying more for money is the point. interest rates slow the economy and that slows inflation, at least on paper. tesla said last night it made record profit, and that's remarkable. what's even more remarkable is elon musk stepped away from his habit of he said the cyber truck, that unusual pickup truck, would be delayed as tesla worked on making its current lineup, same, too, for the semi truck and next roadster. rusk usually says new models are just around the corner. spotify has taken neil
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young's music off the service after young asked them to. the musician is angry that spotify distributes joe rogan's podcast saying that he demonstrably spreads untruths about covid and vaccines. spotify said they had a great responsibility in balancing both safety for listeners and freedom for creators. now rogan often features guests who are absolutely incorrect about covid, like a recent guest who said covid cannot be spread aestimatematically which is entirely untrue according to the scientific communities. many american families saw it happen in their own homes. rogan's critics do point out one thing. there is one upside, marcus and laura, to rogan exclusively being on spotify, and that is you can't get him anywhere else which limits his reach. most podcasts, as you know, are available all over the place, all platforms including spotify
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but also apple and apple podcast, google play, stitcher, et cetera. rogan is just spotify. >> his audience knows where he. >> absolutely. thanks, scott. new this morning, uber and the salvation army are partnering to try to help those in need. can donate gently used coats from today until saturday. >> it's a great way to keep a coat living and give it to someone else. the old coat has so much warmth to give. push a button and donate a coat. >> anyone in the bay area can take part. just open the uber app and use the promo code coat drive sf and then send a package to your location and the nearest salvation army list from the list below. under the drop-off section select the delivery method. all coats will be sold at
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salvation army thrift stores which helps fund adult rehabilitation centers across the country. you can find all this information on the website on >> i love that, because i do have some coats that i've been trying to give away from when i lived back east. i don't need them now. >> maybe not as heavy here in the bay area. >> downtown san jose. one thing we do say here in the morning is, look, as beautiful as it looks, you can't tell how cold it is. it is a little cooler out there. a cool start for the morning. >> you won't need your snow jackets unless you're in tahoe and you will need a coat because 30s are still cold, fair enough, especially for us from california. >> california girls, laura and i. for us we're freezing over here. freezing here in the studios if you're back at home watching behind the scenes. that's how cold it is. 36 in dublin and 38 around the bay peninsula where we're also
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seeing fog. visibility, doing okay in the south bay which is great but we still have areas of patchy fog in through livermore, the palo alto area and santa rosa visibility down to less than a mile and pretty dense through half moon bay. the fog will eventually make its exit and we'll get sunshine. san francisco at 43 degrees. by 9:00 a.m. it starts to sort of bump up into the 50, and if you look at the icons we've got plenty of sunshine. we've real he that high pressure keeping the sunshine around, but it's also been keeping us dry as well. and our temperatures will remain in the mid-60s for the south bay, 65. 67 for morgan hill and in through the east bay 63 for walnut creek. martinez 61, around the peninsula 61. for san matteo up through san francisco, 63 in mission, and it's going to get warm as well in through novato. 36 for novato, santa rosa 65. how long is this dry weather going to last? well, we were hopeful about a system making its move on sunday
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into monday, but now the models are showing, you know, less of an agreement as for as if we're going to see any rain. if we do likely a slight chance heading into early monday morning but for the most part that system stays to the north and then we've got a system just offshore. now the impact of that system is going to be wind. not necessarily rain. what the wind is going to do it's going to actually dry us out even more. that drops the humidity and it's also going to keep the temperatures in the 50s heading into sunday and monday for san francisco so we cool off just a little bit. now let's see how the roads are doing with mike. >> everything is looking great right now, viana or almost everything, i guess. we'll look at the maps and we don't see that dark yellow highlighting the peninsula and the south bay like we saw yesterday. that was the nothing that was kicking in on the road weather index. everything down in through south county is clear so we move north and look in contra costa county and on this particular map everything looks great.
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vianey shows santa rosa, a mile of visibility and got to look at the teams, driving for the longer drive. highway 4 and 580, no problems and the bay bridge toll plaza is clear. the view is clear. can you see the east shore freeway in the distance and so is the drive. yesterday's metering lights were turned on around 6:10 to see where they show up this morning. light traffic right now. >> that's amazing. >> the metering lights came on at 6:10, that's accuracy. we're getting closer to the winter games. coming up next on "today in the bay," we're introducing you to a california snowboarder who has already made quite a name for him self. >> and as the excitement builds for the niners game this weekend, we want to see your fan photo. take a look at the ones you see on our screen. make sure you post those and tag us @nbcbayarea. we'll be sharing these photos
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all week on "today in the bay." post, tag and tell your family, tell a friend. we'll be right back.
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here we go. we're officially one woke out from competition starting for the to 2 winter olympic right here on nbc bay area. snowboarders are always some of the most popular and creative athletes at any of the winter games. >> when it comes to one member of team usa, his creativity extends far beyond those spins and jumps, all the way to his
5:25 am
wallet. >> i'm dusty hendrickson. i'm a snowboarder, and i'm from big bear lake, california. ♪♪ >> yeah, duct tape wallets, i used to sell them to make gas money, do anywhere, i ended up with like hundreds so i said let's just sell them and that's what we did. >> can you make us a duct tape wallet. can make a cardholder. lay that down and stick another one on top of it, peel it up. this can be anything you want now. a huge part of our sport is we all kind of think differently and look at stuff differently just from how we've grown up and how we snowboard. there's not a lot more spins you can do these days so everyone does it so you can spin more so cool to see people get creative
5:26 am
and do something in a weird creative way and there's like there's a whole new world of possibilities right there. very creative and funned and things are always changing and avenues are always opening up for more possibilities. >> always cool to learn more about the athletes, right? >> really is. >> okay. a look ahead at the competition. we're telling the stories of how those athletes for team usa managed to arrive at the world stage going for gold so make sure you tune in to our special "journey to the winter games" at 6:30 saturday night right here on nbc bay area. >> and get yourself a duct tape wallet. >> coming up next, the top stories that we're following for you today including from i do to no, you don't. the attempted robbery gone wrong during a wedding photo shoot in san francisco and the new calls for city leaders to take action. plus -- >> you've heard a lot about the omicron surge. now we're talking about an
5:27 am
omicron subvariant or subtype. what does that mean for you? i'll explain what we know coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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>> gosh. we can't go. we can't go. >> right now at 5:30, terrifying moments for drivers on the bay bridge, a bay bridge as a semi truck goes up in flames leaving drivers with no place to go. the investigation under way into that fatal accident. plus, a booster targeting omicron. the new trial now under way to
5:30 am
help combat the variant. and it's a cold start yet again in the bay area. we're in the 30s. i'm tracking how much longer this dry weather will remain in hour forecast for the bay area. good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 5:30 right now. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. only broadcasting right here for you on television and can you also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. first, all new numbers are showing the end of results of weeks of unprecedented spread fueled by the highly infectious omicron variant. one in five californians have tested positive for covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. according to the "l.a. times," that's more than 8 million infections. >> and this morning bay area health departments are on alert after two cases of the new omicron subvariant are confirmed in the south bay. "today in the bay's" chris sanchez joins us with more on
5:31 am
ba-2. >> reporter: hi there. so we have heard all throughout the omicron surge that it was spreading faster than the delta variant, and now we know that that subvariant or that subtype is even more transmissible. let's take a look at what we know about omicron ba.2. there are currently 14 cases in california, two cases in santa clara county, and the data shows it's more transmissible, however not more serious. it doesn't make people more sick. this is only detected through genomic sequencing. you might catch this more easily but you're probably not going to get more sick. >> if you've been infected with omicron already, you'll be protected against ba.2 so it won't infect you, for example, because they are so similar, and no signs that it's more virulent.
5:32 am
>> reporter: now today moderna's chief medical officer is speaking about an omicron-specific booster that the company is developing. early data is promising showing that the specific booster offers greater effectiveness against the variant and is now in phase two trial. >> what we see is there's still protection, but it wanes by six months so that's important for us to know. >> reporter: now even as the omicron surge appears to be peaking and kind of dropping off here in california, health experts say it's important to remember that this will not be the last variant we see nor will it be the last variant of concern potentially. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. >> and we put all the latest news you need to know about covid-19 on our streaming app. all have you to do is download it. it is free. download it on your roku, apple tv and amazon fire stick. just click on the covid what to
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know playlist. >> listen to this story, wedding day bliss turns to terror for a san francisco couple an their photographer. during a shoot at california and powell friday afternoon, they say a car stopped, a man got out and tried to wrestle the photographer's camera away. the couple didn't want to be identified so the witness called police reporting the driver had a gun. the newlyweds say they are now considering leaving san francisco because they don't feel safe. >> i wake up in the morning and i think, my goodness, one of us could have been a groom and widower on the same day. >> the assailant grabbed my hand and the camera at the same time, and i was able to kind of punch my way out of that twice. >> he said he would lake to see more police officers in the part of the city that attract tourists and photographers. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge where roads are now open after a deadly and fiery crash.
5:34 am
it happened just before 7:00 on the eastbound side of the bridge last night. that crash involved a big rig and a car. one person who became trapped inside that car sadly died. both the car and the big rig caught fire. traffic backed up for miles for several hours. one witness who was close to that crash says she thought that her life was in danger. >> we couldn't really back up, so it's really scary to be stuck behind, you know, a car that is engulfed in flames. the flames actually got so high that they were touching the top of the bridge, so it was really, really on fire. >> police have not released the name of the person who died in that crash. the cause is still unknown. it's 5:32 on your thursday morning, taking a peak outside. can you see the lights lighting up the beautiful bay bridge this morning. can you see it. we're saying parts of fog in some parts of the bay area, but not like the dense fog that we, at least in the south bay. >> yesterday. >> exactly. vine yeah is in this morning looking at that forecast for us. >> yeah. got a look ahead at your weekend
5:35 am
forecast. i know it's only thursday. >> no, that's okay. >> friday, saturday, sunday. >> moving forward. >> exactly. let's take a look at your san francisco weekend forecast. the temperatures are going to remain very similar to sort of what we've been enjoying all week long because there's good old high pressure. 60 degrees friday, saturday and sunday and a couple clouds at time, might see some fog early on, especially heading into saturday. if you're heading over to napa, 62 degrees heading into friday and then the 60s remain, but also notice that it's going to still get pretty cold into the overnight hours, especially up through the north bay and expect to see some early morning fog. maybe you had plans to head over to lake tahoe this weekend. 60 degrees. a beautiful live look. isn't that nice and serene. now the temperatures will be fantastic as well this weekend. great weather, in the 40s. high clouds at times. overnight lows dipping down to about 11, 10 degrees, even colder than that. maybe you're heading to big sur. 66 degrees for today, but look at friday and saturday. we warm up just a little bit by
5:36 am
friday, into the upper 60s and we do have that high pressure that continues to dominate. a system just offshore is going to start to kick up some of those winds, so that will actually make us drier around here, but friday, saturday and sunday heading over to yosemite, we'll wake up to some of that cloud cover early on on saturday. temps in the mid-60s and then look at the overnight lows once again. 38 degrees into the early morning hours as well. so cold mornings but comfortable afternoons expected for the weekend. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> viana, you mentioned big sur. highway 1 has reopened. that's good news. progress on the colorado fire down there. up here, we're looking at a little bit of slowing for highway 37 over there in vallejo, but viana talked about the weekend. we're talking about tonight where we're looking at traffic flowing up in towards the north bay. we're going to zoom over here where there is that closure going on. remember, it's westbound tonight. last night it was the opposite direction. this morning it's the commute direction. that's why they will reopen by 4:00 a.m.
5:37 am
the opening commute showing a little bit of slowing for highway 37 out of valuingia and also 101. the last five minutes we've seen the sensors adjust to the yellow and orange, typical spot north of 680 on north 101. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:36 right now. helping the homeless move forward. next on "today in the bay" the step state leaders plan to take as they try to tackle one of the biggest problems plaguing california. >> plus, one win away from the super bowl. can the 49ers beat the rams for a third time this season? a preview of how the teams are both shaping up after the break. and, of course, we'll have the latest on the supreme court, plus waiting on the russians to respond to the latest u.s. proposal to avoid war. but, first, it's something no other city has done, passing a first of its kind gun law, but now the legality of it is being questioned. right now on, we'll break down the lawsuit that one gun rights group that
5:38 am
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ it came a long way to be found by you. find more. spend less. shop now at it is 5::40 right now, and we're seeing 30s and low 40s on the map. tri-vale commute, starting at about 35 degrees it. stays cold and then eventually bumps up into the 50s. we'll talk about how long this dry weather is going to last in our forecast come up. and plenty of cars in that shot as well, vianey. moving smoothly. a little slowing out of the altamont. a live look at the peninsula
5:41 am
shows you a much clearer ride than yesterday. fog is not much of a factor for this part of the bay all the way to the south county. 101 looks like a great start to the morning, though we have a slower patch. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thanks so much. it's 5:40 right now. a man convicted of murdering two oklahoma hotel workers in 2001 is set to be put to death this morning. u.s. supreme court has denied a request to stop donald graham's execution. his attorneys argued that oklahoma's three drug protocol expose him to a constitutional unacceptable risk of severe pain. a federal judge denied the request. future decisions by the high court may be made with a different justice on the bench. >> news exploded with word that justice stephen breyer will retire. >> which would allow president biden, of course, to nominate in fact, that the nominee will
5:42 am
be the court's first black woman to serve. now who that is we don't know yet. whatever decision is made to replace breyer it's not going to change the courts. even if the president biden picks someone very liberal, a dissent is a dis-september and in that event it doesn't matter where in the political spectrum it doesn't matter where the judge sat. unlike build back better democrats don't have to worry about the filibuster picking a supreme court judge because republicans changed the rules to a straight-up vote back when it was their turn to pick a judge. now democrats will need all 50 of their senators to vote yes. it's easy toe forgot the senate used to approve well-qualified,
5:43 am
none controversial indk through the process, 87 yes votes and 9 no votes. picking a few other nominations, ruth bader ginsburg sailed through the senate 97-3. her opponents knew she was a liberal but also knew she was a good judge and patriot. jeff justice john roberts 78 yes votes and the recently retired kennedy unanimous, scalia, sandra day o'connor also unanimous. other news this morning, which is probably going to be a problem long before the nomination hearings is ukraine. the u.s. has sent a letter to putin outlining what we're willing to do and what we're not willing to do. remember. the russians want a promise ukraine will never be allowed to join nato. we're not going to promise that. the u.s. did agree to some of
5:44 am
russia's demands that allied military forces stay farther away from russia's borders. the details of the letter haven't been made public, but the kremlin says it's considering its response. here's the u.s. secretary of state. >> our response to russia reflects what i said in kyiv, berlin. we're open to dialogue, committed to diplomacy and prepared to move forward where there is the possibility of cooperation. >> we'll be watching that, and of course everything is happening in washington. on social media, i enjoy chatting with you. on twitter it's @scottmcgrew. >> thanks. a california council on homelessness will meet virtually for the first time. the organization says on average 161,000 people of the state are homeless on any given night. now that makes up about a quarter of everyone in the u.s. experiencing the issue. the council brings together 20 state entities discussing ways
5:45 am
to solve the issue. 49ers favor getting even more palpable ahead of this weekend's nfc championship. look at court tower all lit up to honor our 49ers. the conserve trif flowers and golden gate park also reping the 49ers spirit. the recreation and parks department will stay this way as long as the team keeps on winning. keep on winning. the next stop for jimmy g. and his crew is l.a. the 49ers have beaten the rams six straight times but is seven too much to ask? >> not for me, but, you know, the winner of sunday's game goes to the super bowl. right now the team is actually getting ready to take on competition they know very well. >> we know these guys as well as possible playing for a third time now. nothing will really surprise us, i wouldn't say. >> lots on the line. we're going to play as hard as we can. they will play as hard as they can, and we'll see who makes the most plays and who makes the least mistakes. >> the only question mark
5:46 am
heading into this weekend is standout offensive lineman trent williams. is he going to be healthy come come day? that's the question. clear your calendar, because kickoff is this sunday at 3:30. >> and a spacex rocket is now on a collision course with the moon. >> the falcon 9 launched back in 2015 as part of a mission to send a space weather satellite on a million-mile journey. the only problem, it didn't have enough fuel to return to earth. it's been drifting in space ever since. scientists say it will hit the moon in march, but the impact will be minor. >> well, so, you've got a four-ton chunk of metal hitting the moon at 5,000 miles an hour, and so it's going to make a nice little artificial crater. there's going to be no se, beca on the moon so it will be a silent smash. >> to hear the full interview and how the moon's gravitational
5:47 am
pull is playing a big role in all of this, tune into the "today" show right after "today in the bay." 5:46 this morning. also trending this morning, if you're an adventurous eater this one is for you. you can soon be an mc mix and matcher. >> mcdonald's now combine some of its famous meals for a new menu called the menu hacks. think about this, hash brown mcmuffin. there's a crunchy double which is chicken nugget and a double cheeseburger. how about a surf and turf, a double cheeseburger and a felet of fish sand woman. i like the fish sandwich but i don't know about together and the land, air and sea. this is a filet of fish, big mac and mcchicken. >> get one of the meal hacks startling on monday, on the mcdonald's app and in some stores. now the first one, i kind of
5:48 am
like. >> the hash brown mcmuffin. that's what you would eat anywhere, a nice little crunch with your meal. fish and cheeseburger. >> and the big mac and everything. >> a big heart attack. >> any time it can be, but those fries, though, they make up for it. >> look away, look away. >> if i eat, that vianey will tell our trainer. >> you can't tell vianey. >> we're accountability partners. >> and then records it. >> i do, i do. >> accountability partners. >> that you are. >> you want you guys to succeed in starting your day. you're going to need a coat or you'll be mad when you go outside. so let's start out right and get a sweater at least. let's do it. in the 30s right now. 35 degrees in morgan hill and 38 in san jose. 36 in dublin. 46 in oakland and 41 in santa rosa, and we are expected to eventually warm up, but we have
5:49 am
a couple of spots with some fog. even though it's pretty good down to the south bay compared to yesterday, look at santa rosa down to about half a mile of visibility and we'll see some of that fog. san carlos and in through novato, the rest of the bay area is doing okay. the outlook right now, had that high pressure dominate as you know. that impacts our air quality, but it is expected to remain moderate according to our bay area quality management district and could see some pockets of unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups at that time especially leading into the weekend and that wind is also going to help dry us out as the system offshore picks that up. forecasted highs for today will be in the mid-67s and east san jose is 66 and around the peninsula also in the 60s. cloudy and times and look at that. look at low 60s and 65 for santo
5:50 am
rosa and 63 for novato. the dry weather is expected to remain and the high pressure continues to hold on strong. that's been keeping any chance of rain really out of the bay area. we were monitoring for the possibility of a system just to our north to play a role in monday's shower chance. it's not looking toopromising now. the wind will kick up and who would have thought just a little bit, inland, saturday and sunday temperatures will remain in the 60s and temps will continue to dip down into the 30s and then we're expecting for some winds to pick up heading into next week which, of course, as you know we have to mob tore any time we're seeing dry conditions. the winds pick up because that means elevated fire danger. saturday and sunday for san francisco, we'll dip down into the 50s so daytime highs will be running a few degrees cooler heading into sunday but you've got at lovely weekend to look forward to, that's for
5:51 am
chilly start. >> vina, just in the north bay, santa rosa, a little bit of fog. south bay there's some slowing and also different than yesterday. we had that deadly crash on 58 this morning. all lines are clear. there is showing that we expect 680 up to oakland roothd and another patch is developing right north around the montague expressway and traveling north on 101. we're going to follow that and see the merge offer 87 and that may be a factor heading into south bay. meanwhile as we get a look at the rest of the drivers, we'll get a look at the south bay over from the peninsula to the east bay and we had some snow developing. altamont pass, no slowing showing up on the sensors but we should see that in a minute.
5:52 am
tiniest bit of slowing but not enough to call out highway 37. and the bay of bridge toll plaza where we have a light flow of traffic. a live look, yesterday this was kind of foggy or at least had the low clouds hovering all around. right now no problem or traffic buildup and yesterday's metering lights weren't turned on until after 6:00 and this morning looks like we'll have the same pattern and i'll have one more refresh and still no lights no, metering lights. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> well, happening now, the united nations will mark international holocaust remembrance day this morning. the u.n. general assembly will remember the 6 million jews and other victims who were killed. today also marks 77 years since the auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the soviet red army. a virtual remembrance ceremony begins at 8:00 this morning. if you have a gas stove, it
5:53 am
could be leaking and you don't even know. all new data revealing just how harmful it can be to you and our planet. plus at 6:00, a vaccine deadline for health care workers in california. we've live with more on that, and a new push to get more kids vaccinated. stay with us, you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:55 am
5:56 am
it is 5:55. welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." in just days eyes will be on the winter olympics and athletes are speaking out on climate change to protect our planet. a study led by the university of waterloo in canada stayed if genehouse gas emissions stay house one of the 21 former host cities will be a reliable site for the winter olympics by the end of the century. if climate trends continue the way they are going, there may not be enough snow on the slopes around sochi, russia or packed down powder in vancouver by mid-century. winter games jesse diggins is one of the many athletes using her platform. >> i'm worried about the future of our sport, and i really want, you know, my kids and grandkids to be able to ski some day and experience this sport that i love so much. i don't want to be the generation that ruins it for else. >> weather and climate are especially critical to the
5:57 am
survival of outdoor sports says the study's author, but if countries cut the emissions in loin with the paris climate target agreements eight cities will remain reliable. >> thanks, vianey. staying with our climate in crisis. a new study finds a gas stove might pose a risk to the planet and the health and the findings come out of stanford and they show that appliances show more of a planet-warming gas methane than previously thought and researchers took a look at 53 stoves in seven california counties. they found methane emissions reduced enough to power half a million gas-powered cars for a year. the stove emits a significant amount of nitrogen dioxide. for more stories like this, visit us online at and click on the climate in crisis tab. now to a follow-up on a breaking news story we brought you right here. san jose police say the suspect wanted in a triple stabbing
5:58 am
yesterday morning is dead and it happened at 2:00 a.m. in the city's oversalt neighborhood. the suspect's car was found abandoned in the area of highway 85 and the boulevard. a short tomb later the chp says the driver of the car was hit and killed by the car causing a serious commute backup. police say they were not per during at the time. as for the adult victims, they were all expected to survive. it's unknown what relation the suspect had to the victims, but it is believed that they knew each other. we also sent you breaking news alerts as this story was developing. download our nbc bay area app and get an alert sent straight to your phone. well, quickly approaching 6:00 this morning. getting your children vaccinated. >> wear a mask, get vaccinated and get boosted. a live report on the new
5:59 am
push state leaders are trying to make to increase the number of children receiving the shot. and a vaccine deadline looming for first responders in the north bay. we're breaking down the numbers and the consequences they face if they fail to comply. >> plus, stepping down from the bench. justice stephen breyer, a bay area faith, will step away from the high court. a washington insider breaks down who is likely to replace him. this is "today in the bay. ". a good morning to you on this thursday. thanks so much for make us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. don't forgot, if you're on the go broadcast not only to your television and take it on your smartphone if you want to but we're on roku, amazon fire, apple tv everywhere. let's start out this thursday morning with with a look at the forecast. meteorologist vina arana is in with a look at what we can expect. it's a cold start to our morning. >> it is. 39 right now in oakland, and it
6:00 am
is going to remain in the 30s, at least until about 8:00, 9:00 while we get some sunshine finally rolling through. san francisco right now is about 42 degrees as well. certainly not as foggy as it was yesterday, but we've still got some areas of patchy fog here and there. temps will bump up into the 50s and as you notice in the icons we've got clear skies ahead. this dry weather pattern has really been lingering for the past several days has been continuing and taking us to the end of the week and then we've got a couple of little changes in the we beened and for that i've got you covered coming up in a few minutes in my forecast. i'll send it back for you. >> thanks so much. 6:00 right now. a majority of young californiaians still remain unvaccinated against covid-19. only about 17% of kids in our state are vaccinated. while the numbers are higher in the bay area compared to the rest of the state, later today local hospitals will still try to get more kid vaccinated. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from alameda


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