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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 27, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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is going to remain in the 30s, at least until about 8:00, 9:00 while we get some sunshine finally rolling through. san francisco right now is about 42 degrees as well. certainly not as foggy as it was yesterday, but we've still got some areas of patchy fog here and there. temps will bump up into the 50s and as you notice in the icons we've got clear skies ahead. this dry weather pattern has really been lingering for the past several days has been continuing and taking us to the end of the week and then we've got a couple of little changes in the we beened and for that i've got you covered coming up in a few minutes in my forecast. i'll send it back for you. >> thanks so much. 6:00 right now. a majority of young californiaians still remain unvaccinated against covid-19. only about 17% of kids in our state are vaccinated. while the numbers are higher in the bay area compared to the rest of the state, later today local hospitals will still try to get more kid vaccinated. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from alameda
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county to tell us more about how that's all going to snoop good morning, laura. later today u.s. senator alex padilla along with several hospitals in the state of california, including usf benioff and children's hospital in oakland and lucille packard hospital in stanford, they will hold a virtual news conference early this afternoon to try to encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated against covid-19. according to the senator's office, they put out a news release, and they point out that almost 850,000 kids under the age of 18 have contracted covid-19 here in the state of california that. represents over 18% of all covid cases in the state. over two-thirds of all kids between ages 5 and 11 remain unvaccinated, 128% those between the ages of 12 and 17. today is also the deadline for health care workers in about half the states in our country to get their first hot of the covid vaccine.
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this is under a federal mandate issued by pvnltd i say half the states because a number of republican-led states are fighting that mandate in court so the mandate is taking effect first in jurisdictions that didn't challenge or drop their challenge against the requirement. those include some of the biggest states with some of the largest populations of senior citizens like california, florida, new york and pennsylvania. now today's deadline is a moot point in the golden state because california has required health care workers to be fully vaxxed since september 30'd and must be boosted by next tuesday, february 1st. reporting live here in alameda county. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. meantime, this booster shot deadline is quickly approaching for first responders in the north bay. those in marin county have to show proof that they received that booster by tomorrow. now the vaccination rates among firefighters and law enforcement, they are actually pretty high. according to the marin ij
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vaccination rates are between 92% and 100% and for firefighters it's a little liar, 87% and 100%. in the entire county over 95% residents eligible for vaccination are. in berkeley health leaders will soon be required that certain workers stay up to date with their boosters as well. workers at restaurants, theaters and gyms will have to show proof of vaccination by february 7th. also, those places will require full vaccination of people at least 5 years old before they enter a business. we know there's so much to keep track of when it comes to code of so if you've got questions we've really got to provide the answers for us. head to the website and click on covid-19, faq, right in the trending bar. now to a major shake-up in
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the supreme court. san francisco native justice stephen breyer is expected to announce his retirement as soon as today. b ri e jackson is live in washington with more on the future of the high court and his possible replacement. brie? >> reporter: good morning, marcus. well, president biden will meet with justice breyer at the white house today and we expect to hear more about his possible retirement plan. that would leave president biden with an historic decision to make. >> i, stephen breyer, do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: justice stephen breyer stepping down later this year after more than 27 years on the supreme court, paving the way for president biden to nominate a successor. the president not saying much yet. >> every justice has the right and opportunity to decide what he or she is going to do and announce it on their own. there's been no announcement from justice briere. >> reporter: with an
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announcement expected soon -- >> i'm looking forward to making sure there's a black woman on the supreme court. >> reporter: the white house reiterated president biden's campaign commitment to nominate a black woman. >> it's going to be a black woman almost sernlgs and that will be a new perspective historically on the supreme court. >> reporter: on the short list ketanji brown jackson, a clerk for justice breyer and another leading could be tender judge kruger who has served on the california supreme court court and has argued several cases on the high court. whomever the president picks sets up a confirmation battle on capitol hill. democrat falloon move fast. >> in the senate, we want to be deliberate. we want to move quickly. we want to get this done as soon as possible. >> there is no need for any rush. we can take our time, have hearings. >> reporter: justice breyer is one of three remaining liberal supreme court judges. president biden's new appointment will not change the
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balance of the court. >> a 2017 rule change made by republicans could favor democrats allowing senators to confirm a supreme court pick with just a simple majority. marcus? >> all right. thanks, brie. nbc bay area spokes with justice breyer's brother who himself is a jim, a u.s. district judge in san francisco, and he said the timing of his brother's retirement is important. >> he wanted to make sure that the senate, the president, had enough time to confirm someone who can take that seat effective at the end of the term in june. >> as for justice breyer's future plans his brother says that he hopes that he has an opportunity to spend more time here in california. >> san jose could add two more big digital billboards on airport property. however, the plan is being met
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with major backlarge the city has banned putting up new billboards for 35 years. these would be the first and would be located on airport property right along highway 101. leaders say sjc would get to advertise on the signs 10% of the time. the ad revenue would bring in at least half a million per year. a lot of people oppose the new signs. scientists at the link observatory say it would add to the light pollution in the valley. others argue they would distract drivers. >> so we ask the question is it worth it? is it worth it to trash the landscape in san jose, to destroy the architectural integrity and the historic character of the city for what? a tiny percentage of 1% of the city's operating budget. >> late last night the airport commission voted against the project. the city council will make the final decision next month. new this morning, commissioners are set to vote on a controversial proposal that would bring a sand and gravel facility to the port of oakland
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so the company behind the building distributes materials for bay area construction projects. according to "the east bay times" that proposal is facing pushback. some say the facility would cause air pollution and the health of those in live in the nearby communities. last month a bay area air quality management district sent a letter urging the port to implement safety measures to protectress dents in its decision. developing now, crews are making some progress on the fire burning near big sur. highway 1 is now reopen andced o leave their homes on friday. containment is now at 60%. strong winds whipped up embers from a controlled burn to spark the wildfire. 6:01 for you this morning. a live look in san francisco court tower lit up for the 49ers as they play the rams on sunday. let's go, 49ers. all right. well, we're going to continue to keep things going with you and get a look at the forecast for
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you. >> at least they won't worry about the weather, california weather. really nice this weekend. we'll continue to see the dry weather as well really in through the entire california state. let's take a look at your daytime highs for this afternoon. 56 in san jose. 66 in east san jose. a couple degrees warmer through there. walnut creek 63 and heyward 63. you'll notice the sunshine eventually start to warm us up around san mateo 61, heading into the city. upper 50s and low 60s and north bay 65 for santa rosa and 63 for novato, so even though we're starting in the 30s eventually we'll get to the 60. now let's get a check of the roads, motorcycle. >> the heater just went on over here. hope you can hear me. looking over towards the roadways where we can see the traffic flow very smoothly and typical 37 in vallejo and over towards lakeville and highway 4. we talked about that and saw it developing.
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circled an issue, a disabled vehicle box in one lane south of the venettian bridge. tracking this as well in san francisco. north 220 at cesar chavez. we may have one lane blocked by a crash, actually two lanes chp says and 10e 1, that's completely clear and no slowing on either section. 101, there is late construction picking up at the montague expressway. back to you. >> thanks, mike. giving back. still ahead here on "today in the bay," the new way uber is stepping up to help people in the bay area in need. and the items that you can start donating. well, the fed is going to raise interest rates. we'll have the latest on straight talk from elon musk and out to the futures where things look like they are in the green. that's welcome news. plus -- ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ ♪ what a way to way to make a
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living ♪ >> dolly parton has a new side hust. the sweet gig that she's just dropped next. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years.
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and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. it is 6:13 right now and temps are starting out in the 30s and low 40s. for san francisco right now it's 42 degrees. what will we warm up? well, by 10:00, 11:00 we'll be in the 50s and eventually topping out in the 60. i'll guide you through your thursday forecast coming up in a
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few minutes. and no need to guide you. you can see today. yesterday we needed a guide through the fog. there's the berkeley curve. tail london knights heading over towards the bay bridge without delay. no metering lights just yet. well, good morning, mike, and good morning, everyone. happy thursday to everyone as well. hopefully the worst has passed for the stock market. it was fearing that the fed would start talking about interest rates, and, of course, that's exactly what happened yesterday. the fed started talking about interest rates. jay powell speaking after the conclusion of the federal open market committee's two-day meeting. now, there's no meeting scheduled for february, so the earliest rate hikes would come as likely march. wall street was freaking out about this on monday. you'll recall that huge dip and then the recovery. things looking very calm indeed out there as we inch towards the open this, mo. apple will report its profits today.
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now, the rate hikes only affect banks directly, but, of course, whatever affects a bank is also going to affect you eventually. the fed does not send cred cart rates. it doesn't set mortgage rate, but those rates do tend to rise when the fed moves things up. interest rates slow the economy, and that slows inflation, at least it's supposed to on paper. tesla said last night it made record profit. that's remarkable. what's even more remarkable is elon musk stepped away from his habit of overpromising. he talked about delays and said the cyber truck, the unusual pickup truck, would be delayed as tesla worked on making its current lineup better saying the semi truck and next roadster. musk usually says new models are just around the corner. spotify has taken neil young's music off of service after young asked them to. the musician angry that spotify
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distributes seth rogen's podcast despite the fact that he spreads mistrusts about covid and the vaccine. spotify say they have a responsibility for balancing the responsibility of listeners and freedom of creators. there is one upside of rogen being exclusively on spot five. you can't get name anywhere else which limits his reach. rogen often features guests who are absolutely wrong about covid, like a recent guest who said covid cannot be spread aestimatematically which as you well know is entirely untrue according to the scientific community, and many american families saw covid spread assist. matically throughout their own homes. people know what he's saying isn't true. >> all right. scott mcgrew this morning. scott, thank you.
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new this morning, uber and the salvation army are partnering to help those in need. you can donate gently used coats from today until saturday. >> it's a great way to keep a coat living and give it to someone else. the old coat has so much warmth to give. push a button and donate a coat. >> we know how cold the mornings can be, so here you go. anyone in the by area can take part. open the uber app, and you use the promo code coat drive sf. add that to your uber wallet and then you tap send a package. enter the location and the nearest salvation army location from below the list. it will pop up. on the review order screen under the drop-off section update the delivery method to meet at the door to pick up the coat. anyone in the bay area can take part. all codonations will be sold at the salvation army thrift stores which help fund adult rehabilitation centers across the country. can you find this information on our website
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we'll try to give this afternoon. trying to figure it out in the commercial break and i think we've got it now. >> trending this morning. other she comes again. we're talking about dolly parton. might be known for all her singing, acting and that wisdom that she gives, but she can also apparently cook in the kitchen. >> who knew. yeah. parton along with dung hines introducing two cake mixes, one coconut and one banana flavored and dolly not skimping on the frosting either, rolling out butter cream and chocolate butter cream creations. all are included in a $40 kit which went on sale yesterday and already sold out, yeah. donati worry, jolene, the mixes and frostings will be sold separately when it hits stores. >> i saw it yesterday on kathie lee and jenna, no, "hoda & jenna." >> "hoda & jenna." >> and it looked pretty good. >> exactly. >> may want to try that. >> okay. give it a go. >> cake-baking weather out
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there. >> it is, because it's cold. you know, use the warmth of the oven. i know marcus does bake. you make your -- >> sweet potato pie. >> i haven't shown it either. >> just shows it on instagram. >> our producer dana did and actually requested more. >> so it's good, too. >> so i've been told. >> we'll have to stand by on that one then. i'll give you a pass on that one. >> okay. >> i do want to try it. let's take a look at our current temperatures right now as we head out the door because it's so cold in the 30s and, hey, at least it's not as foggy as what we saw yesterday. san jose really nice, a nice clear shot through downtown san jose. can you see the buildings and lights and look at the temperatures right now. in the 30s. 37 degrees and dublin 36 and napa 37 and we do have a couple of 40s around the bay and peninsula. as far as fog goes, mentioned that, if the live in the north bay areas of fog through santa
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rosa and novato and also seeing some fog as well in through some parts of liver pore right now, patchy fog here and there. we do have moderate air conditions and could see some pocket kt of unhealthy air quality and based on the fact that there's high pressure so there's nowhere for any of the gunk to mix out. wind are expected to pick up as well as heading into the weekend, and we'll see how that plays into our allergies. air quality may be moderate and temperatures mild in through the afternoon. san jose 65 and milipitas 66 and cupertino 65 and in through the east pass, 64 degrees for danville and 67 degree in walnut creek and san matteo 61. san francisco upper 50s and low 60s and up through the north bay 62 for clear lake, 65 in santa rosa. high pressure, we've been monitoring that really waerks you know, low pressure system just to our north.
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it does look very promising, you know, even now looking at the model that we'll get the actual rain. if we do get a little bit of rain it will be likely sunny into monday and smother chances up through the north bay. we're monitoring that closely. now a system offshore heading into friday and saturday and sunday temperatures mostly dry and, mike, how are the roads? >> south bay, the roads seem to be doing just fine, but there's unexpected slowing on our map at north 101 around montague expressway, and there is an overnight striping project that hasn't cleared north of mountianview. that's likely the reason. crews are probably still there waiting for the paint to dry. that's what i'm watching, yes, waiting for paint to dry. the rest bay shows you a nice smooth drive. to san francisco, a couple of reports, up is north 220. we talked about the crash reported at cesar chafds, but then there's one reported north 101 on cesar chavez and i do think the one on 101 is the one
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that's going to stick around for a little bit longer. backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and slowing on the incline and that issue has cleared south of the penalty la bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:21 right now. we're getting closer to the winter games. next on "today in the bay" we introduce you to a california olympic snowboarder who has already made quite the name for himself. >> and as the excitement builds for the niners guam this weekend, we want to see your fan photos. take a look at them on the screen right now. that could be you. all you have to do is post them on facebook and twitter and make sure you tag us @nbcbayarea. we'll be sharing the fan photos all week right here on "today in the bay" so make sure you stay with us. be right back.
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here we go. we're officially one week out from competition starting in the 2022 winter olympics right here on nbc bay area. snowboarders are always some of the most creative athletes at any of the winter games and they are amazing with the stunts that they can do. >> that's all i can say, ah. when it comes to one member of team usa, his creativity real extends far beyond the spins and jumps and make you go ah. actually reaches into his wallet. >> i'm dusty hendrickson. i'm a snowboarder and i'm from big bear lakes, california.
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♪♪ yeah, duct tape wallets. i used to sell. make some gas money, whatever money i needed to go anywhere, do anything. i ended up with like hundreds so i said let's just sell them so that's what we did. >> do you think you can make us a duct tape wallet? >> i can make a card holder. >> lay that down, stick another up on top of it. beal them up. this can be anything you want now. a huge part of our sport is we all kind of think differently and look at stuff differently just from how we've grown up and snowboard. there's not a lot more spins because it's gotten that everyone can do it. it's cool to see some people get creative and do something in a weird way and you're like there's a whole now world of possibilities right there. very christ and fun in that aspect of stuff and avenues are always opening up for more possibilities. >> really amazing to see the
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stunts that they can pull off. okay. you can watch them ahead of the competition. the stories of how team usa managed to arrive at games going for the gold. they didn't make it look's. a lot of hard work put into it. tune into our special "journey to the winter games" at 6:30 saturday night right here on nbc bay area. >> fun to watch. >> all right. next here, the top stories that we're follow today including another cold start to the morning. meteorologist vina arana is tracking how long these chilly temperatures will last. plus -- >> the omicron surge seems to be waning here in california, but now there's a twist. there is a subvariant. we'll tell you what you need to know and whether you need to worry. and from i do to no, you don't. an attempted robbery gone wrong during a wedding photo shoot in san francisco. and the new calls for city leaders to take action.
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the right now at 6:30, a booster targeting omicron. the new trial under way to help combat the variants, and the new details of a closely monitored sub variant. plus -- >> oak my gosh. we can't go. we can't go. >> terrifying moments with drivers on a bay beige as a semi truck goes up in flame leaving drivers with no place to go.
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an investigation under way into that fatal accident. and chilly 30s to start, but not as fog is as what we saw for your wednesday morning. thursday is going shape up to be maybe even a little bit warmer. a look at how long this dry weather will last in my full forecast. you're watching "today in the bay." mr. >> it's 6:31 on your thursday morning. thanks so much for starting your day with us. >> i'm marcus washington. broadcasting live on developtition and catch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. first this morning all new numbers showing the end result of weeks of unprecedented spread of omicron variant. you know, spread by this variant. one in five californians testing positive for covid-19. according to the "l.a. times" that's more than 8 million infections since the pandemic started. >> and this morning the bay area health department is on alert after two cases of that new
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omicron subvariant were confirmed in the south bay. today in the bay's kris sanchez with more on the ba.2. >> reporter: well, we're learning about that just as the omicron surge seems to be waning just a little bit, and the question is how worried do we need to be that it could cause another surge? let's talk about what we know about the omicron ba.2 variant. we know that there are 14 cases currently in california, and two of these cases are in santa clara county. it appears at this point to be more transmissible, that is more contagious. however, not more serious. the subvariant is only detectable through genomic sequencing. a ucsf infectious disease specialist says you can catch it more easily but you might not be more sick. >> if you've been infected with omicron already so you'll be protected from ba.2 so it won't
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superinfect you because they are similar and no signs that it's more virulent. >> reporter: today's morrina chief medical officer is speaking about an omicron-specific booster that the company is vempingt early data is promising showing the specific booster officer effectiveness against the variant, and it's now in phase two trials. >> from what we see there's still protection but it wanes by six months so that's important for us to know. >> reporter: pfizer is also work on an omicron-specific variant though, again, existing boosters seem to offer some level of protection. however, it's not clear if having had omicron prevents you from having omicron again. now, even as omicron appears to be peaking in california, the health experts say the pandemic is certainly not over and this may not be the last variant of concern. kris sanchez, "today in the
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bay." >> interesting no know that people have now had it twice. >> thanks, kris. >> we put together all the latest news you need to know about covid right on our website. go to and also on our streaming app. you can download that for free on roku, apple tv and amazon fire stick. once you get there you click on the covid what to know play list. >> well, just into our newsroom, san francisco police say they are very close to capturing one of the most notorious serial killers. according to "the chronicle" police plan to announce plans to double the reward for the capture of the donnie sadler, the $200,000. the killer terrorized san francisco's gay community in the 1970s with bodies found on beaches in the western edge of the city. the announcement comes 48 years to the day after the first victim was found. police are also expected to announce another likely victim bringing the total number to six. well, wedding day bliss turns to terror for a san
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francisco couple and their photographer. listen to what happened. during a shoot at california and powell friday afternoon, they say a car pulled up, a man got out and tried to wrestle the photographer's camera away. the couple who just got married didn't want to be identified. they say a witness called police reporting the driver had a gun. the newlyweds say they are now considering leaving san francisco because they don't feel safe. >> i wake up in the morning and i think, my good ney, we could have bush one of us could have been a gorom and widower on the same day. >> the assailant grabbed my hand and camera at the same time and i punched my way out of that twice. >> the photographer says he would like to see more police officers in parts of the city that attract tourists and photographers. a live look this morning at the richmond san rafael bridge. this is where the roads are now open after a deadly fiery crash. it happened just before 7:00 last night on the eastbound side of the bridge.
6:36 am
that crash involved a big rig and a car. sadly, one person became trapped inside the car and died. both the car and the big rig caught fire. traffic was backed up for miles for several hours. authorities have not released the name of the person who died in that crash, and the cause is still unknown. want to take a live look this morning in downtown san jose. a beautiful start to the morning you can see the sun starting to rise, but, no, the temperature still pretty chilly out there this morning. if you're going to head out. make sure you pack the coat at least for now. meteorologist vina arana tracking what we can expect from the forecast today. >> we'll head right into the weekend because we're going to see pretty dry, consistent weather for the next couple of days and also similar temperatures to what we've really seen all weekend long. san francisco friday, saturday, sunday, temps in the 60s, but if you notice on sunday we'll be in the upper 50s. we have a system nearby that will influence the temperature change. overnight lows once again
6:37 am
dipping down into the 30s. we'll be heading up to north bay and expect to see the early morning nothing again and it's about 13 degrees at lake tahoe. look how beautiful. a live look and here's a look at the weather for the next three days. friday into saturday, temps in the 40s and a overnight lows and maybe 10, maybe even colder than that. high clouds at time so your travel up there will be fine. we've been monitoring bug surbecause of the fire but at least the temperatures are proving to be mild into the weekend. mike, how are you roads? >> reporter: well, vianey, you're talking about the weekend, and i've just talking about tonight. we're talking about the closure. last night we had the full closure of eastbound getting away from the bay and heading in towards vacaville. overnight at 11:00 p.m. in westbound, the community lanes will be closed and the commute direction will open at 4:00 earlier in the other direction overnight. typical slowing in the
6:38 am
directions here and as you look at the slowdown for 37, highway 4 and the bay bridge. slowing of a crash that have both cleared out at south bay. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were turned off at 6:20 and now we've had 10, 15 minutes of build but not much at the toll plaza, but there is slowing on the incline and just past the toll plaza itself. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:38 right now. a giant collision in space is just weeks away. right now debris is headed straight for the moon. next on "today in the bay," how an amateur helped discover it and why scientists are not worried. the latest on ukraine. the u.s. has sent a letter to the russians and how we're waiting for them to respond. we'll have the very latest. and one win away from the super bowl. can the 49ers beat the rams for the third time this season?
6:39 am
a preview on how the teams are both shaping up after the break. plus -- >> yesterday we had a meeting about planets. >> well, to be fair, jim, james, jimothy -- >> a reunion millions have been waiting for. michael and jim back together again, but they are not headed back to the office. the new project steve carell and john can a zikazinski are worki.
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♪ every year i ask chris, where are we going? as a single mother, i definitely think it's important as a way to connect. i've never been out to the san juans and things have really shocked me. i am so greatful to be able to experience it with my son, and to feel so comfortable. this will be something that we'll talk about forever.
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6:42 is right now and's hate out the door 39 degrees in walnut creek. 9:00, 10:00 hour we'll warm up to a more comfortable mid-60s. i'll tell you all about your daytime highs and what to expect next. >> and potential for slowing through the east bay right now. here's the "nimitz" and the good flow of traffic with tail lights and you might find slowing in heyward with a new crash. i'll bring you the updates. all that coming up. thanks so much. 6:42 right now. decisions about the high court may be made with a different justice on the bench. >> news exploding yesterday with word that justice stephen breyer will resnir that will allowed president biden to nominate his open pick to the high court. the president has said,
6:43 am
promised, in fact, that the nominee will be the court's first black woman to serve. now we don't know who that is. we don't know who that is yet. whatever the decision is made to replace breyer it's not going change up the makeup of the court, of course. breyer is considered a more liberal judge. biden presumably will choose a liberal. even if the president picked somebody very liberal a dissent is a dissent. in that sense it wouldn't matter where on the political spectrum the future judge sat. now, unlike build back better, democrats don't have to worry about the filibuster when it comes to picking a new supreme court judge because republicans changed the rules to a straight up vote back when it was their turn to pick judges, but democrats will need all 506 their senators to vote yes on the pick. it's easy to forgot that the senate used to produce
6:44 am
well-qualified picks with a bipartisan vote. when breyer went through the nom anything process back in 1994, the vote was 87 yes votes and 9 no votes. picking a few other nominations, ruth bader ginsburg sailed through the senate 97-3. her opponents knew she was a liberal, but they also knew she was a good judge and a patriot. chief justice john roberts 78 yes votes. the recently retired justice kennedy appointed by ronald reagan unanimous, scalia and sandra day o'connor also unanimous. other news this morning which is probably going to be a lot more of a problem before the nomination hearings sue crane. the u.s. has sent a letter to putin outlining what we're willing to do and what we're not willing to do. remember, the russians want promises ukraine will never be allowed to join nato. we're not willing to promise that. the u.s. did agree to some of the russian demand that allied military forces stay farther away from russia's border. the details of the letter
6:45 am
haven't been made public but the kremlin is considering the response. here's the u.s. secretary of state. >> our response to russia reflects what i said in kyiv, berlin and geneva last week. we're tone to dialogue. we prefer diplomacy, and we're prepared to move forward where there is the possibility of communication and cooperation. >> we're waiting on a kremlin response on that. we'll be talking about it on social media. and, of course, the new supreme court pick whoever she is. you can join us. i'm on scotter @jotmcgrew. a spacex rocket is now on a collision course with the moon. the falcon 9 launched back in 2015. it's actually part of a mission to send a space weather sat lloyd on a million mile journey, but the only problem didn't have enough fuel to return to earth. it's been drifting in space ever since. scientists say it will hit the moon in march, but the impact should be minor. >> well, so, you've got a
6:46 am
four-ton chunk of metal hitting the moon at 5,000 miles an hour and so it's going to make a nice little artificial crater. there's going to be no sound, of course, because there's no air on the moon so it will be a silent smash. >> a silent smash. to heart full interview and how the moon's gravitational pull is playing a big role in all of this tune into the "today" show at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." all right. we're talking about the fever. 49ers fever getting even more palpable in the bay area ahead of this weekend's nfc championship game taking a look at the landmark tower in san francisco. lit up in red and gold. they also say the conservity tower also in that 49ers spirit. the sanitation and recreation department stays will stay that way as long as the team keeps winning. don't want to jinx it. keep it going. >> the next stop for jimmy g. and his crew in l.a.
6:47 am
we've been talking about it. 49ers have beaten the rams six straight times, seven. let's do it. >> not a lot to ask, right? >> exactly. >> not a lot to ask. >> that's because we're not playing. >> right. >> the game on sunday, of course, go the winners there. the winner goes to the super bowl and right now the team is getting ready to take on the competition they know very well. >> and we know these guys as well as possible playing for a third time now. nothing will really surprise us, i wouldn't say. >> lots on the line. we're going to play as hard as we can. they will play as hard as they can, and we'll see who makes the most plays and who makes the least mistake. >> the only question handing into this weekend is standout offensive lineman trent williams, is he going to be he will for the game? is he? that's the big question. clear your calendar because kickoff is on sunday at 3:30. don't want toies in. >> certainly looking forward to that. >> you know what. also trending for you this morning, a lot of people talking about this. if you are a office superfan i want you to listen up to this
6:48 am
because two dunder myth land employees are coming bam together. >> they will reunite in the new movie "if." description of the movie is still under wraps based on krasinski's nrnlg idea about a child's journey to imagination. if you can't wait to see the two on the big screen watch all the episodes of "the office" and newly edited "superfan" episodes all streaming on peacock right now. always fun to revisit. >> that's going to be a good one. >> when you look at the camera, you know, so let get to the forecast. it's really cold. really lovely and leading not weekend we've got a lot of things to look far to so a live look in san jose right now.
6:49 am
a beautiful shot of downbe town. look at the temperatures. 37 degrees and still in san jose so struggling to warm up a little bi. the sun is not quite out to warm us up. 35 morgan hill and 37 in concord and 37 in nap ark. let talk about fog and visibility because we're doing okay down here. look at this. the south bay, no issues through there and look at novato, santa rows, and areas of patchy fog traveling in the sacramento area and expecting to run into the fog and our daytime highs will eventually warm up, i promise, even into the afternoon once the sunshine comes through. look what happens so 39 degrees right now in oakland and by 10:00, 11:00, upper 50s and then today we're going to be in the mid-60s. san francisco's 42 degrees right now. once we get into the cloud clearing, we'll go the some sunshine and by 11:00, 12:00 upper 50s and 58 by 12:00, 1:00, topping out in the low 60s. forecast highs for today. let talk about the afternoon sunshine. very similar to what we saw yesterday. no major changes. we've still got the high
6:50 am
pressure keeping us dry in the bay area. morgan hill 6 and martinez 61, and your air quality outlook has pretty much been moderating all weekend long. you might have noticed your allergies clearing up a little bit. high pressure dominating and the world will get a little bit of the world taking up and that will make your allergies act up as well. a pretty weak one to the north. sunday night into monday, our models are showing a less likely chance that we'll see any real amount of rain heading into monday so if we do see any shower chance it will be further up to the north. for now our seven-day forecast locks like this. 38 degrees heading into early friday morning so tomorrow morning it will be cold again and then it stay drys through the weekend. also cold in the morning on saturday and sunday. san francisco temps will be in the 60s. we've got a system just offshore than will pick up the winds and that will also bring down our humidity as well. let's see how the roads are
6:51 am
doing. let's check in with mike >> you talked about visibility much better than yesterday although the toll plaza had lower visibility and metering lights turned on ten minutes earlier yesterday. still a very slow build here and mattering lights have been on for 25 minute now as we look at the maps. we see some slowing on the bay bridge, of course, and the volume builds up. that's why they turn the metering lights on. highway 37 and highway 4. looking at the rest of the bay, smooth flow of traffic outside of heyward. a crash at "a" street and distraction and slowing there as well and south bay, a little bit of slowing through san jose. back for you. >> thanks so much. mike. 6:51 right now. and happening now. united nations will mark international holocaust remembrance day this morning. u.n. general assembly will remember the 6 million jews and other victims killed. today also marks 77 years since the auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the soviet red
6:52 am
army. virtual remembrance ceremony starts at 8:00 this morning. next a quick look at the top stories including a deadline looming for first responders in the north bay. a booster shot progress report next. plus -- >> a majority of young californians still remain unvaccinated against covid-19. the push later today to get the shots into those young arms. >> but, first, it's something something no other city has just donned. the first of its kind gun law and now the legality is being questioned right now on nbc bay the law south one gun group has announced with the city of san jose. stay with us. maas
6:53 am
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. 6:55 on your thursday morning. welcome back. a look forward with a look at your top stories on "today in the bay. "first a majority of young californians still remain unvaccinated against covid-19. >> only 17% of our kids in our state are vaccinated. while the numbers are higher in the bay area compared to the rest of the state. later today local hospitals will still try to get more kids vaccinated. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live. bob, what will happen here? >> reporter: well, marcus, more
6:56 am
later, u.s. senator alex padilla and several hospitals including uscsf, benioff and children's hospital in stanford will hold a virtual news conference to encourage parents to get their unvaccinated kids vaccinated. according to the senator's office they put out a press release that points out that almost 850,000 kids under the age of 18 have contracted covid-19 here in the state of california. that represents over 18% of all cases. over two-thirds of all kids between the ages of 5 and 11, they remain unvaccinated. 28% of those between the ages of 12 and 17. now today's also deadline for health care workers in about half of the stays to get their first shot of the covid vaccine. this is under the federal mandate issue by president biden, and i say half because a number of republican-led states are fighting that mandate in court. so the mandate is taking effect first in jurisdictions that
6:57 am
either didn't challenge or drop their challenge against the requirement. those states include many so of the biggest with some of the largest populations of senior citizens like california, florida, new york and pennsylvania. now today's deadline is a moot point here in the golden state because california has required health care workers be fully vaccinated since september 30th, and they must be boosted by next tuesday, february 1st. reporting live here in pleasanton, bob redell on "today in the bay." >> however, booster shot deadline is quickly approaching for first responders in the bay. those in marin county have to show proof that they received that booster by tomorrow. now, according to the marin ij firefighter vaccination rates in the county are between 91% and 100% and for law enforcement the rates are a little bit lower between 84% and 100%. the agencies say those who are unvaccinated will continue to wear masks and undergo surveillance testing and other protective measures.
6:58 am
berkeley, meantime, city health leaders will soon require certain workers to stay up to date with their booster shots. workers at restaurants, theaters and gyms will have to show proof of vaccinations by february 7th. also, those places will require full vaccination of people at least 5 years old and up before they enter a business. well, just in, san francisco police say that they are very close to capturing one of the most notorious serial killers. according to "the chronicle" police today will announce plans for doubling the reward for capturing the so-called doodler to $200,000. that doodler terrorized the san francisco gay community. this comes 48 years to the date after the first victim was found. san jose could add two more big digital billboards on airport property. however, the plan is being met with major backlash. the city has banned putting up new billboards for 35 years. these would be the first and
6:59 am
would be located on airport property along highway 101. lowered say sjc could get the advertised on the signs 10% of the time. the ad revenue could bring in half a million a year and many oppose the signs. late last night the commission voted against the project. the city council will make a final decision. approaching 7:00. a cool start to our thursday morning, vianey. >> eventually we'll warm up quite nicely. comfortably into the 60 and another dry day across the bay area. everyone will get the sunshine heading into friday, saturday and sunday and looking out ahead. we'll have a nice weekend to look forward to. mike? >> looking at the richmond side of the bridge to san rafael westbound 580 starts the backup. a bigger backup here than at the toll plaza at the bay bridge which did start to clear. a note if you heard about the closures overnight 580. both directions of this bridge are open for business. lock how clear it is. no fog like yesterday. >> yeah. i can see clearly now.
7:00 am
that's nice. well, that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. a beautiful sunrise to start the day. have a great one. "the "today" show" coming up next. go good morning supreme court shake-up justice stephen breyer set to officially announce his plans to retire today paving the way for president biden to make his first nomination to the high court and make good on a campaign promise. >> i'm looking forward to make sure there is a black woman on the supreme court. >> this morning, the politicals coast ahead of a powerful nor'easter


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