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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2022 7:00am-8:59am PST

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"today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. a beautiful sunrise to start the day. have a great one. "the "today" show" coming up next. go good morning supreme court shake-up justice stephen breyer set to officially announce his plans to retire today paving the way for president biden to make his first nomination to the high court and make good on a campaign promise. >> i'm looking forward to make sure there is a black woman on the supreme court. >> this morning, the politicals coast ahead of a powerful nor'easter expected to bring blizzard
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battle lines being drawn storm watch. a blizzard expected to bring brutal weather to millions al's forecast is straight ahead. bracing for war. troops in ukraine gearing up for a possible invasion with russia sending even more soldiers and ships to the region overnight. the u.s. offers putt yun a diplomatic solution. richard engel has the latest. >> firing back, prince andrew comes out swinging, issuing an official and full denial of the sex assault allegations against him and demanding a jury trial so what does it mean for the case and royal family? all that plus collision course a piece of a spacex rocket set to slam into the moon. a look at space junk and dramatic upset
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>> you are our new "jeopardy champion." >> after 40 games and a million dollars, amy snyder's winning streak comes to an end her touching message after wrapping up a record setting, 2. >> >> announcer: from nbc news, this run. thursday, january 27th, 2022 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza well, hello, welcome to "today." we're so happy you're joining us it's a real busy thursday morning. >> we have a lot to get to in fact, we are hanging on every word that al roker utters this mornin because there's a major winter storm, and it could start impacting the east coast tomorrow, a foot of snow possible in parts of new england. i guess it depends on which model you believe, right, al >> absolutely. >> we just listen to you, so he's going to tell us what the latest forecasts are. but we are going to start
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with supreme court justice stephen breyer's decision to retire, a formal announcement expected today in the joint appearance with president biden. >> the looming vacancy will raise a number of questions, who will president biden nominate after his campaign pledge to appoint a black woman to the high court, and how will it play out in the senate where democrats hold a razor thin majority ahead of the fall midterm elections. >> we got it all covered this morning. we're going to start with our justice correspondent pete williams who was first to report justice breyer's decision yesterday. pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, there's been no announcement yet from justice breyer, but people close to him say he made the decision within the past couple of weeks to retire and planned to formally notify the white house today. administration officials, though, had a good idea this was coming for more than a year, progressives have been urging justice breyer to step down soon
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while democrats remain in control of the white house and the senate which would vote on a successor's confirmation breyer is 83, the court's oldest justice. he appears to be in good health and remains highly productive writing some of last term's headline decisions but as a former staffer on the senate judiciary committee, he knows how washington works he said last fall he understands what's behind the calls for him to step down. >> most of the considerations in mind and i simply have to weigh them and think about them and decide when the proper time. >> reporter: anyone nominated by president biden to succeed justice breyer if confirmed would maintain the current ideological split on the court, six conservatives and three liberals as a candidate, joe biden said he wanted to make history with his first supreme court nomination. >> i'm looking forward to making sure there's a black woman on the supreme court to make sure we, in fact, get every representation. >> reporter: among the leading contenders are ketanji brown jackson, a former breyer law clerk, now a federal appeals court, and leondra kruger who served earlier in the u.s. justice department. >> what justice breyer's announcement does is guarantees
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that president biden can put on a progressive vote in the supreme court and that that will be a person who's in their 40s or 50s and will be there for decades to come. >> reporter: nominated by president bill clinton, stephen breyer has served on the supreme court for nearly 28 years as a moderate to liberal justice. he's been a supporter of abortion rights, affirmative actions and other civil rights measures, and for the past six years he's been a consistent opponent of the death penalty. justice breyer's decision to retire this summer will have no effect on this current term. he'll fully participate in the big decisions yet to come on abortion, gun rights, and religious freedom, and one of justice breyer's decision to retire thi the most consequential supreme abortion, gun rights and religiou court terms in years. let's focus more on the decision and the battles that lie ahead for president biden. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander joins us now how do you expect this to play out? >> reporter: i think you're
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right, for president biden with inflation soaring, his legislative agenda stalled and even his poll numbers thinking this is a political opportunity for this white house, a chance to pivot away from those bad headlines to try to energize democratic voters, the white house has been quick to say the president intends to stick with that promise to pick a black woman who would become the first ever to serve on the nation's highest court, and that's a chance to show black voters who helped propel the president to the white house that he can deliver for them, especially amid frustrations within that group. his approval, the president has dropped dramatically over the last year highlighted by the failure of the voting righting bill just last week. >> thank you very much joining us now, is nina totenberg who has covered the court for decades. hi, nina, good morning, i wonder first before we get into the short list, whether you feel justice breyer kind of felt that pressure there was a time last year, last term there were activists at the
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court with loud speakers saying justice breyer retired do you think it got to him >> no. i mean, the man was chief counsel for the judiciary committee before he became a judge. he understands what's going on he understands politics, and he understands that by the time this term is over he will be very close to hill years old so i think that ultimately he knew that it was just -- it was time, and that he shouldn't wait anymore. last term i think pressuring had a contrary effect, if anything, and that he thought he was doing good work at the court, and he was able to achieve some consensus. that started to fall apart this year he could see a conservative super majority on the march on everything from abortion to affirmative action to religion and guns, and i think he thought
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it was time for a new generation. >> in the moments we have, i said it was a short list it's a pretty short list actually of judges -- >> very short. >> judges that are being considered, and there's top two contendersers, a federal judge in california supreme court justice, and leondra kruger with impeccable legal credentials they've got the resumes. tell us about these candidates quickly. >> ketanji brown jackson was a federal district court judge she was appointed to the d.c. court of appeals, which is the same court where several of hert colleagues came from, the last one being justice kavanaugh. so she really has a -- you know, a perfect kind of background for this she's -- she is, i think, the
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great granddaughter of slaves. she's married to a surgeon, not a lawyer, always a good thing says one person married to a surgeon. leondra kruger is on the california supreme court she was hired by paul clement, the solicitor general in the bush administration, then went on to serve in the obama administration for six more years, and then was offered this job on the california supreme court where she has been a very respected justice. so you have two african american nominees potential either of them i don't think you could quibble with their backgrounds, and unless you came up with something that we don't know about -- and of course we know confirmation fights often involve coming up with something you don't know about, they should be able to attract some, probably not a lot, but some republican appointees in addition to republican senators, in addition to all of the democrats.
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>> all right. we know you'll be there as you have been for years, it's good to have you, especially on a day like this. thank you. >> thank you so much. bye. meantime, there is fresh tension this morning over russia's military buildup at ukraine's border amid fears of a possible invasion, but the u.s. is now offering russia a possible diplomatic way forward to resolve this crisis. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is inside ukraine for us this morning. hey, richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are back in the trenches in far eastern ukraine, and you can see in some places they are very narrow, but they extend for miles. the conditions here are quite spartan. it's cold. the soldiers have to chop wood by hand, which they burn for heat, but they are manning these positions 24/7 watching out for a possible russian invasion.
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deep in eastern ukraine this morning, ukrainian troops are bracing for the worst. the soldiers say they're ready for anything as the prospect of a russian invasion appears to be increasing. we're in good spirits. no morale issues, no panic says the commander valentine, russia and ukrainian separatists backed by moscow have already been fighting here for eight years leaving villages largely empty, destroyed, and lifeless ukrainians call these ghost villages and the only sounds you hear are all the stray dogs that have moved in. but they fear what could be coming may be far worse. russia's military buildup is accelerating, disguised u.s. officials say, by military exercises in the black sea. these firing drills in the baltic sea, and along three sides of the ukrainian border including these forces in new satellite images, a western intelligence official tells nbc
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news russia has deployed up to 120,000 troops in 60 battalion technical groups, with more, maybe many more on the way. the buildup possibly reaching 100 battalion groups in the next two to three weeks, enough, they estimate for a total invasion of ukraine. russia has also brought in missile launchers and mobilized medical and logistics units needed to support an invasion. russia repeatedly saying it has no plans to invade suggesting the troop buildup is in response to what the foreign minister called hysterical threats from the west to punish russia with sanctions. diplomatically, the u.s. formally gave russia written answers as requested, which fell far short of vladimir putin's sweeping demand that nato expansion since the collapse of the soviet union be undone and that ukraine never be allowed to
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join the group. the ukrainian government says it is still hoping for a diplomatic solution, but troops here on the front line are preparing including with american weapons that have been sent. hoda. >> precarious situation, richard engel for us there in ukraine. thanks. another big story we're following, this major winter storm taking aim at the east coast, but just where and when? al's watching its path closely. al, so you've got two different models telling two different stories. >> that has been the story of this, and in fact, the storm system hasn't even formed yet. we've already got winter storm watches for boston all the way down into the carolinas for 33 million people as we watch this. so the european model, which has been the more aggressive over the last 72 hours, is a slower track. it's closer to the coast. that means heavy snow, major
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impacts for new england and possibly all the way down to new jersey and parts of the delmarva peninsula. the american model quicker, further offshore, and that means basically light snow up and down the east coast with maybe some higher impacts down east maine, but that's it. so the difference between the two rather stark, but the one thing we do know, we are going to see a lot of wind. wind gusts, potential wind damages, power outages, the threat for coastal flooding. here's what we're looking for. blizzard conditions possible across new england, upwards of 12 inches of snow or more, but again, the possibility of significant snow from new york city down to atlantic city and parts of central new england still very high so we're going to be watching this very, very closely as it goes on. but again, those models very different, and we're just going to have to keep watching until we see this system form. >> thank you. craig's with us now as we turn to what's shaping up to be an unintentional moon landing. >> hoda, savannah, good morning, good morning to you as well. part of that spacex rocket that blasted off seven years ago, it's going to soon crash into the lunar surface.
7:15 am
nbc's kerry sanders joins us now with that story. kerry, what happened? >> reporter: well, good morning. you know, this planetary view of the moon behind me here at the cox science center in west palm beach sort of shows the moon, and we know it's got all those craters in it. well, now there's going to be yet one more crater on the moon, this time created by our space junk. these stunning first images in 1965 of the moon's surface showed us its majestic terrain, cratered from centuries of impacts, but this morning a giant new collision is just weeks away. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: a piece of this spacex rocket launched in 2015 is now on a crash course with the moon. four tons of metal traveling at 5,000 miles per hour, the moon's gravitational pull sucking it in, impact calculated for march
7:16 am
4th. amateur astronomer bill gray first discovered its crash course it will be the first accidental crash ever of a man-made object. >> this is the first time that something has unintentionally hit the moon. >> reporter: the expected crash will make a new crater, but won't damage the moon. astronomers say this leftover rocket is part of a growing ee man-made problem of space junk images show pieces of junk in the tens of thousands orbiting the earth. >> you think space is infinite and then we have all this garbage. >> same mistake we made with the ocean, right oh, it's huge. we can toss as much as we like in there and it won't be an issue. well, yes and no. >> reporter: last year the international space station was put in harm's way after russia blew up one of its satellites. hundreds of thousands of pieces of shrapnel like bullets that could potentially pierce the i.s.s. >> it was dangerous. it was reckless.
7:17 am
it was irresponsible. >> reporter: as for the moon, astronomers expect the impact to produce a massive flash of light and dirt cloud similar to this nasa animation but don't expect to see it from earth, the impact predicted to strike on the dark side of the moon so while we won't be able to see it with our telescopes, it is possible that there will be later some satellite images of this impact, but clearly this space junk problem points out what is a growing problem, and that is the amount of debris that's floating out there. the u.s. space force is responsible for tracking the low earth orbit debris, but there's nobody out there enforcing, >> get my pink floyd out there, that put me in the mood. all right, what's up >> we just need to call 1-800-goeah.
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>> we are looking at more cold air coming into the plains, reinforcing cold air snow showers around the rockies. sunny skies and seasonal conditions out west. we've got sunshine through the gulf coast on to the mid-atlantic frigid start to the day in the northeast, and we're looking at a few snow showers around the great lakes. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds ...or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... you just made me miss her best line, so now i'm going to have to start it again ...even insisted he didn't need directions dan. okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. that said, do you know where i am? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom cash℠ card. temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s, but by the afternoon we're going to get nice sunshine and daytime highs in the mid-60s. for today, this dry weather is
7:19 am
going to remain through the weekend, not just for inland areas but also into san francisco. expect to see a system just offshore start to kick um some winds heading into friday. as we head in for san francisco's seven-day forecast, we do have the morning low and fog expected for saturday and sunday with some schooling into monday. and that's your latest weather. guys. >> al, thank you, coming up new developments in the sexual assault case against prince andrew as he fires back denying all accusations against him. so where does the case go from oretoday"
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at hampton by hilton, contactless arrival means she can skip the front desk, go straight to her room, unlock her door, and head right to bed. book our family of brands at to new memories. hilton. oh, good morning. it's 7:26 and i'm here with today's top stories including a push to get more vaccines in the arms of kids. >> i'm bob redell. u.s. senator alex padilla along with several hospitals including ucf benioff and children's
7:27 am
hospital at stanford will be holding a virtual news conference later this afternoon to encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated against covid-19. in a news release the senator's office points out that over two-thirds of all kids between the ages of 5 and 11 remain unvaccinated in this state. 28% of those between the ages of 12 and 17. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. we just got the latest data, the latest reading on gdp. all the goods and services and work we do as americans, the combined effort of all of us for the last quarter showed 6.9% growth to close out 2021. really, really strong, especially when you consider we had started dealing with omicron by that point. in fact, the u.s. had its strongest growth since 1984. other financial news, apple reports profits after the closing bell. and beautiful sunrise this morning. great glow over san jose, but it's still pretty chilly out
7:28 am
there. current temperatures in the 30s down to the south bay. expect to top out in the mid-60s. we've got some fog pulling up through santa rosa and novato. the area will clear out with plenty of sunshine. daytime temperatures 65 in san jose. back to you. >> get a booster or risk getting omicron. a message from south bay health providers.
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♪ ♪ i want to fly like an eagle ♪ >> we're back, 7:30, and what a rare find in central park, a bald eagle soaring over the reservoir, even hunting prey now the people are flocking to see it >> that's impressive. >> that's wild >> i can't believe that. >> video. >> wow. >> very nice. >> let's get a check of your 7:30 headlines health officials checking a new sub variant of omicron which seems to be spreading quickly. not clear yet just how dangerous it may be.
7:31 am
the so called stealth variant has been detected now in 49 countries and it's popping up in dozens of states too including california, washington, and texas. health officials are watching it closely as are vaccine manufacturers like moderna which says its phase 2 trial for on omicron specific booster is now underway. an update on a story we told you about yesterday. spotify says it will remove neil young's music from its streaming platform as he requested the veteran rock star saying he does not want to share the platform with podcaster joe rogan who's been criticized for spreading vaccine misinformation spotify says it regrets young's decision but hopes to, quote, welcome him back soon. it's usually not a good thing when the police show up at your door, but for one south dakota woman, the unexpected visit was merely a cue that it was time for lunch take a look. >> i know i'm not who you're
7:32 am
expecting -- >> hi. >> your daughter got arrested for -- [ laughter ] >> so i think that completes the doordash -- take care. >> thanks. >> oh, my gosh. >> they protect and serve. the doordash delivery person got pulled over and arrested minutes earlier, so sioux falls police officer sam bird decided to complete that arby's delivery himself going above and beyond to help people out hope she tipped him well >> good man. also this morning, just two weeks after trying unsuccessfully to get a lawsuit dismissed, prince andrew is taking a different tack against the woman who accused him of sexual abuse >> the prince is now formally denying her allegation in a point by point legal response and demanding a trial by jury. we've got complete coverage, we'll start with "today's"
7:33 am
senior international correspondent keir simmons who's at buckingham palace with the latest on it keir, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, hoda, craig, good morning to you these are those legal papers filed by prince andrew's team. rough translation, i'll see you in court savannah, you remember a few weeks ago we reported that the queen had removed prince andrew's titles that he would no longer be able to call himself his royal highness with this court battle looming now we know why. prince andrew defiant, his legal team is doing a detailed 11-page denial demanding a trial by jury as he faces a civil suit in the u.s. over allegations of sexual abuse. the queen's second son formally rejecting allegations in court documents filed on wednesday listing multiple reasons why the case should be dismissed including his accuser's allegations are barred by the doctrine of consent and by her own wrongful conduct
7:34 am
giuffre's lawyers firing back accusing the prince of trying to blame the victim for her abuse adding, we already requested a jury trial, so that would have happened no matter what he said. giuffre is suing prince andrew for alleged sexual abuse when she was 17 years old she says she was trafficked by the prince's friend, the late billionaire jeffrey epstein, assisted by ghislaine maxwell and that she was forced to have sex with prince andrew three times back in 2001, which she talked about with savannah. >> ghislaine woke me up in the morning and said you're going to meet a prince today. i didn't know at that point that i was going to be trafficked to that prince. >> reporter: for years prince andrew has repeatedly denied giuffre's allegations including during this bbc interview. >> didn't happen i have no recollection of ever meeting her. >> reporter: the prince also saying he does not remember this now infamous photograph with giuffre and ghislaine maxwell who was convicted last month on federal sex trafficking charges. in the new legal papers, the prince says he was never a close friend of maxwell, despite
7:35 am
regularly socializing with her for decades. earlier this month, a u.s. judge rejected the duke's attempts to dismiss the case the next day his mother the queen stripped prince andrew of his military titles, buckingham palace saying in a statement, he is defending this case as a private citizen. and hoda and savannah, this morning lawyers are saying expect a deposition here in london within 30 days and that by mid-july we should hear about the scheduling for what surely will be a sensational trial if it happens, guys. >> keir, thank you >> let's get more on what's next for andrew, his case and the royal family, for that we turn to daisy mcandrew. i thought some people thought he was just going to settle this case were you and others surprised by the strategy he's taking >> reporter: i think it's a very brave strategy, some would say foolish, but i don't think it necessarily means that there won't be a settlement. i think that could be part of the big plan
7:36 am
i think as keir so rightly said, this message, this document does say i'll see you in court, but i think there's a bit of a dot dot dot, if you're up for it and i think we can see from what he's saying in this document that his tactic, first of all, he hasn't given up on the idea of it being dismissed. he's still continuing with his argument that because she doesn't live full-time in colorado as she says she does that therefore, perhaps there's a case for dismissal i think he's also trying to get the price of the settlement down by saying -- almost playing a game of chicken, a game of brinkmanship, i'll see you in court, and i have things to say about you as well as you having things to say about me, again as keir mentioned saying she is somehow trying to profit from her own unethical behavior that's a clear signal of the line of attack that his team is going to go on and in a way he's going to say i am up for that court case. are you? if you're not, shall we talk about the settlement it's reputed to be at about
7:37 am
$10 million. maybe he's trying to get that price down, and we know that if he does settle, he is determined that he won't admit guilt, and we know that ms. giuffre is determined that he will if she were to settle, although she's saying she wants to go to court. >> her lawyers are pushing to have a deposition of prince andrew sooner rather than later. that pushes the whole settlement discussion perhaps to make it more urgent in the next few weeks. daisy, we look at what the queen did when this case wasn't dismissed and allowed to go forward by the judge, the queen stripped him of his military titles do you think that had any effect on the legal strategy we're now seeing >> reporter: i think in some ways it must have had an effect. his team will tell you -- and they have certainly told me --
7:38 am
he now feels free to fight as a private citizen. so in other words, almost taking the gloves off of course he's got to be very careful with that tactic a lot of people already saying as well as her own team, that's victim shaming, and that is not going to go down well with the public his standing here in the uk is about as low as you can imagine it going, but of course it could go lower as a result of this court case if he were to testify, we know he would be asked the most cringe worthy, embarrassing questions that nobody would want to answer, let alone somebody who considers himself a member of the royal family. he'll be putting his own direct family on the stand quite possibly, his ex-wife fergie and his two daughters. interestingly i've been thinking about them a bit, guys, and the way that they have stood by him has been quite extraordinary we know, obviously i'm sure you know, fergie and andrew still live together in the same house. they are incredibly close. i wonder whether if he might at the end of all of this end up
7:39 am
remarrying fergie. >> you dropped a bomb on us. i didn't know they still lived together. >> we didn't know that >> they do they are incredibly close, and she has stood by him she is at all the legal meetings she is with him, by his side pretty much all the time it's an extraordinary relationship, and it was prince philip who really turned against fergie now that he's out of the picture, i wonder whether that might be another way of her coming back, certainly into andrew's life, but of course not into the royal family in any official capacity. >> wow you had a lot there. daisy, thank you so much we appreciate your time this morning. >> yeah. >> we got a little more than we bargained for. >> daisy spilling all the tea over the pond there. up next, amy schneider's historic winning streak ending at 40. what she is saying about that epic run, the big prize she's bringing home, and how she feels after her final "jeopardy!." that's right after this. cool. i think we should see other people. you know if you could just let your hair down. a little bit down! no no no no no. no no no! you're so far away, can't hear ya!
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7:44 am
"jeopardy!" >> yeah, that's right, she made a lot of history as the quiz show's second longest running champ. >> a lot of history, a lot of money as well. joe fryer has more on the remarkable run hey, joe. >> reporter: for 40 games amy schneider dominated winning well over a million bucks in that time she told "the new york times" the fatigue was starting to add up a little bit, but this morning she is being celebrated not just for her brains but because she inspired so many along the way. overnight a historic "jeopardy!" winning streak snapped amy schneider's 40-game running as champion of the long-running quiz show ending in dramatic fashion. >> thank you for the two months you spent with us. it was very special. it was remarkable. >> reporter: the engineering manager who earned more than $1.3 million notched the second
7:45 am
most wins ever behind champ ken jennings, one of the current hosts of the show. she was narrowly defeated by librarian rhone talsma in a thrilling finish. >> we're going to be dealing with countries of the world. >> reporter: with schneider leading by $10,000 entering final "jeopardy!" win 41 was anything but with guaranteed last clue stumped schneider, but not talsma who answered correctly to the monumental victory. >> $29,600. >> schneider's the highest earning female contestant ever and first transgender contestant to qualify for the tournament, recently told abc news. >> you know, i think the best part for me has been being on tv, you know, as my true self, expressing myself, and representing the entire community of trans people. >> reporter: this morning she's being celebrated across social media. one person tweeting you have been such an inspiration and a thrill to watch. another writing, you are a hero
7:46 am
for many people, and you've changed lives. the show released this poignant look back at schneider's experience on the big stage. >> amy schneider, the person that i was before and still am and i just had, you know, a great -- a great run on "jeopardy!." that's all. >> reporter: now the player who seemed to always know the answer. >> amy. >> what is india >> correct. >> is taking her rightful place among the greats of the game >> "jeopardy!" pantheon for sure hey, joe, but here's the thing, this isn't the last time we're going to sea amy on "jeopardy!" right? >> you're going to see schneider again in the tournament of champions and you know who else is in that tournament, matt amodio there is a good chance those two could go head to head, a dream matchup there. >> maybe hosted by the number one ken jennings, right? >> that would be real cool. >> thank you, joe. 7:46 mr. roker, all eyes on you and your weather forecast. >> let's look at some of these temperatures and it has been awfully cold for a prolonged period of time
7:47 am
we've got windchill advisories all the way from illinois stretching into new england, down into the appalachians we're looking at windchills as cold as minus 30 right now it feels like 10 in chicago, minus 1 in boston, 14 in baltimore it feels like 22 degrees down in memphis. for this afternoon, those temperatures don't get much higher with windchills, again, anywhere from single-digits into the low 30s, and as we look ahead toward friday, you can see those temperatures way below average from rochester down to memphis, roanoke, boston, norfolk as well, and over the next few days, going into the weekend buffalo on saturday, you're 14. you warm up to 31 by monday. and this is a live look right now at san jose. beautiful shot there as that sun definitely makes its way through. expecting that to stick around
7:48 am
really for the entire afternoon. here's a closer look at your daytime highs for today. temperatures will remain in the mid-60s to the south bay and 65 in san jose. 66 in milipitas and 67 for morgan hill in through the east bay. expect similar conditions, dry weather lingering through the end the workweek into the start of the weekend. that's your latest weather, and we got some nice ladies out here, flight attendant turning 50 >> remain calm all is well. >> that's right. >> all right, al, thank you so much coming up with the fed planning to soon raise interest rates, should you race to refinance your mortgage, or should you take out a loan now? stephanie ruhle will join us with answers to the questions a lot of folks are asking this morning, but first, these messages today we're kicking off breakfast with heart-healthy quaker oats! -good call! -good call!
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7:56 am
emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. good morning. it's 7:56. i'm marius washington, an here's what's happening now, including a new omicron variant now detected in santa clara county. >> santa clara county now confirms two cases of the new omicron subvariant. here's what we know about omicron ba.2, two cases in santa clara count o'and 14 cases in california. at this point it appears more transmissible and contagious but not more serious. today moerpde's chief medical officer is speaking about an omicron-specific booster that the company is developing. early data shows the omicron-specific booster shows greater effectiveness against the variant. it's now in phase two trials. pfizer is also working on a similar omicron-specific booster.
7:57 am
i'm bob redell. u.s. senator alex padilla along with several hospitals including ucf benioff, chifrp's hospital in oakland and lucille packard hospital in stanford will hold a virtual news conference a little bit later this afternoon to encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated against covid-19. in a news release the senator's office points out that over two-thirds of all kids between the ages of 5 and 11 remain unvaccinated in this state. 28% of those between the ages of 12 and 17. and it's still cold right now as you head out the door. we are in the 30s and 409s, but by the afternoon the temperature trend does show a bump-up into the 60s. we'll send you back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, benchmark, supreme court justice stephen breyer set to officially announce his retirement clearing the way for president biden to make his first nomination we're live at the supreme court with a look at the front runners and the political battle already brewing on capitol hill. then on the move, new details this morning about that major storm set to hit the east coast this weekend, so just where will it strike and how bad will it be al's live with the very latest forecast just out this morning. plus the sound of silence. >> hello, hello, hello hello. >> we're taking you inside one
8:01 am
of the quietest places on earth to show the power of listening >> it resets your ears, it recalibrates them, and it allows you to listen afresh. >> what we learned on our journey and the steps you can take to improve how you communicate. today, thursday, january 27th, 2022 ♪ >> celebrating my 10th birthday with the "today" show. >> from lancaster, pennsylvania, celebrating jamison's 1st birthday we love you, jamison >> here's hoping "today" is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. >> y-a-y, yay. >> welcome back, it is a thursday morning, we're so happy that you're starting your day with us. i get so warmed every time i see those little videos that pop up. >> keep them coming. >> yes. >> let's get right to our news at 8:00.
8:02 am
president biden has a chance to make history with his first supreme court nomination the court's oldest justice stephen breyer expected to announce his retirement later today. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more on the timing of breyer's decision and who is on the short list to succeed him. he broke this story yesterday. pete, good morning >> hoda, good morning, people close to justice breyer saying he made this decision within the past few weeks to step down and planned to send formal notification to the white house today. president biden said during the campaign that he intended to make history by nominating the first black woman to the supreme court, and at this early stage in the process, administration officials say there are two leading contenders one is ketanji brown jackson, a federal appeals court judge in washington, put on the appeals court to fill in the vacancy when merrick garland became court. court. she's a former breyer law clerk. the other
8:03 am
u.s. supreme court forul stevens and during the obama administration she was one of the government's top appeals court lawyers. she's argued a dozen cases here. but today is all about justice breyer with the formal announcement of his retirement at the white house and his plans to step down this summer, hoda. >> pete williams for us there at the supreme court. thank you. now to our other major story, winter storm alerts posted along a lot of the east coast this morning a powerful nor'easter could create blizzard conditions this weekend in parts of new york and new england and that's coming on top of another day of frigid temperatures al has got the latest on when it all starts and who's likely to get it hi, al. >> all right, guys, we're watching these all important models, but already the winter storm watches for 33 million people from new england down into the carolinas we're looking at significant differences, the european model slower, stronger, closer to the coast with heavy snow, especially in new england, blizzard-like conditions the american model, faster, weaker and off the shore more
8:04 am
easterly, and so that means lighter snow up and down the east coast here's what we're calling for right now, upwards of 12 inches of snow or more, down east maine as you come along extreme eastern massachusetts, as you get down toward new york, it's more around 3 to 6 inch amount again, we're watching this very, very closely as this pushes in, but we do know somebody' to be looking at blizzard conditions it's just a matter of when and for how long, and we're going to continue to fine tune that as the newer models come in guys. >> thanks, al. this morning a boston man is being denied a heart transplant because he is not vaccinated against covid-19 and it's one of many similar stories playing out across the country right now. nbc's dasha burns talked to the patient's mother, dasha. good morning >> craig, good morning d.j. ferguson has been in the hospital since november. his parents left the christmas decorations up waiting to celebrate the holiday until their son came home with a new heart. but just after he made it onto
8:05 am
the transplant list, he was told he's actually ineligible because he's not vaccinated against covid-19 this morning it's a race against time for d.j. ferguson and his family >> my son's in the hospital. he's in cardiac crisis >> reporter: the 31-year-old father of 2 with a third baby on the way desperately needs a heart transplant, but his mother says brigham and women's hospital in boston says d.j. can't receive an organ donation because he won't get a covid vaccine. >> he's not an anti-vaxxer, but he's compromised. >> he's concerned about the shot's potential heart related side effects. >> the mayo clinic listed on their website the myocarditis, and blood clots. >> reporter: more than 190 million americans who received an mrna covid vaccine before august 2021 just under 2,000
8:06 am
reported a case of myocarditis >> do you think the tradeoff of a vaccine for a transplant might be worthwhile? >> well, if they can prove to us that it's not going to take his life, i think he would jump on board. >> reporter: in a statement, brigham and women's hospital says they require several cdc recommended vaccines, including the covid-19 vaccine to create both the best chance for a successful operation and to optimize the patient's survival. health experts tell us vaccination requirements are standard procedure given the risks to transplant patients and the scarcity of available organs >> it is almost common policy to say if you don't have all your vaccinations including covid, you're going to be less eligible for a transplant than other people who are going to do bet we are a scarce heart. >> reporter: some hospitals like cleveland clinic require living donors to be vaccinated too. that policy put mike gamen's kidney transplant on hold just days before surgery. mike was vaccinated. his living donor wasn't.
8:07 am
>> all i remember feeling was what are we going to do? where do we go now >> reporter: right now more than 100,000 men, women, and children are on the national transplant waiting list tragically 17 americans die each day waiting for an organ transplant back in boston, tracy isn't sure what will happen next. >> i would want the doctors to treat the patients and not the policy >> reporter: and as we wait for more news on d.j., some good news about mike gamen, the gentleman whose surgery was put on hold. his wife debbie tells us he found another donor and is recovering from a successful kidney transplant. craig. >> that is good news dasha burns for us this morning, thank you. this is the time of day we do a boost this isn't just any ordinary boost, this is a special one. >> hoda, you were so sweet you shared the morning's boost with me because it is my mom's 80th birthday and i'm hoping this gives her a boost. my mom nancy guthrie was born this day nancy ellen long 1942 in fort wright, kentucky, carrying that family trait of round cheeks and curly hair and blue eyes that continues to this day. she's lived a life of integrity and loyalty. she is a consistent doer of the right thing and the hard thing she's a truth teller whether you want to hear the truth or not, she's quick, she's smart, she's well-read.
8:08 am
she's curious about everything she's daring and adventurous she's willing to jet off anywhere she once got into an f-16 for a ride she has met unthinkable challenges in her life with grit, with determination, and always, always with unshakable she's curious about everything she's daring and adventu faith. she loves her family fiercely and her selflessness and sacrifice for us, her steadfastness and her unmovable confidence is the reason any of us grew up to do anything. she's going to be embarrassed by this, but i hope a little pleased because when i think of her, i think of that old proverb, the one she taught me about the woman of noble character. it says her children will rise up and call her blessed. and so we do
8:09 am
happy birthday, mom. >> oh, my word >> she's turning 80. >> that was beautiful and you told me recently that the reason that you were confident that you were going to have vail was because your mother told you it was going to happen. >> yeah, she did i believe her. she's a truth teller, so she doesn't -- she doesn't bs. i guess i can say that, sorry, mom, and she -- when i was in my 30s and wasn't sure i would ever have kids, she said of course, you will, honey. you will have your family. >> wow, beautiful. >> also a woman of great faith in the conversations i've had with her, she always talks about that. >> she is. she's an inspiration. >> beautiful, happy 80th. >> happy 80th momma, thanks "today" show for letting me do that. coming up next, hoda's going to give us a lesson on the power of listening. >> it's an important skill and we actually need to practice we're going to take you to an interesting place where i actually got to do that. it's a quiet room where i discovered just how loud the world can truly be, but first these messages what's going on...? jake from state farm! the perp just confessed.
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8:13 am
we are back, 8:13 with more of our ongoing series, this is a special one. >> it is, hoda you spent time honing one of our most crucial senses. >> yeah, you know what most of us aren't great listeners, myself included, so i decided to tackle something we could all improve, and those are our listening skills so does that sound familiar? you're at home, you got music playing. you're cooking, you're answering emails the tv's on, the kids are chatting with you. well, i've come to realize how distracting life can be, and it impacts everybody around us.
8:14 am
so i decided to try to do something about it >> do you hear that? listen besides the sound of my voice, what other noises are around you? paying attention is the first step to better listening i spent my career listening. it's a job requirement, and yet like so many of us, i could be a lot better at it it's not our fault, our world is in hyperdrive. we exist on a freeway of exponential inputs competing for our attention. we are inundated, distracted, and overwhelmed. >> everywhere you turn, we're almost on defense. >> we go deaf. we get so used to suppressing street noise, aircraft noise, machine noise, that we lose contact with this incredibly important and beautiful sense, hearing and listening. the premium on accurate and careful listening has simply disappeared. >> julian treasure is a sound and communication expert
8:15 am
his ted talks on the subject have been heard more than 100 million times. >> what is conscious listening >> it's realizing that you need to put focus on it so listening is work it takes effort. it takes time, and in our multitasking world, it's very tough. >> what would be the first thing i should do? >> i think it would be great to make acquaintance again with the baseline of sound, which is silence. it resets your ears. it recalibrates them, and it allows you to listen afresh. >> to see if silence is golden, i head to ex machina soundworks in brooklyn. they make professional speakers and have just built a state of the art quiet room to test them. >> hello, hello, hello hello. and with a sound threshold of under 0 decibels, it's one of the quietest places on earth
8:16 am
okay did you ever want to know what silence sounds like? this is it i didn't even realize how loud the world is until right now to me, this is strangely soothing the opposite of my usual sound scape. next our sound expert suggests immersing yourself in a noisy place and try to isolate each sound. >> you can start to disentangle what are the sounds around me and why is this noise kind of intimidating and what's it doing to me at every level? >> julian's final exercise is to experience the healing sounds of nature so how does all this translate into really hearing other people for the answer, i connected with another expert listener, evelyn
8:17 am
glennie, one of the world's foremost solo percussionists and composers. she's also almost completely deaf yet, she still listens in her own way. >> in my case, it's all about opening the body up as a resonating chamber so the body is almost like a huge ear, and that means that every sense is involved in the process of listening. >> an epiphany she had at 12 years old when evelyn first started percussion her hearing aids garbled the sounds, so her teacher had her place her hands on the wall beside the drum. >> i could actually feel that drum, you know, somewhere on my hand, and this was just like sun rays coming up it was like a flower blooming because it suddenly made me realize that i had to pay attention. >> i feel you listening to me a thousand percent, like there's nobody else in the world.
8:18 am
>> at this point in time i'm looking at you and i'm having a conversation with you, and you're the most important person in my life >> evelyn spent a lifetime honing her listening simply because she had no other choice. as for the rest of the us, once we realize it is a skill to master, we just have to practice and the cool -- i mean, there were so many cool things about it when you're in that chamber, you can hear your heart beating. i was doing this with my fingers. it sounded as loud as if you were like clapping your hands. i moved my hair around i go is that my neck cracking? you could hear all the little things and you realize all the outside noise. and that percussionist woman, she's amazing. she says she can only focus on one person like, if you were talking, craig, she wouldn't even notice you, so it's all right here. so even though there are distractions in her world, she's totally one on one, and she has like the best listening -- >> you went into the chamber to sort of reset baseline silence >> yeah. >> so what was it like when you went in brooklyn back out into
8:19 am
the real world is this. >> everything was like on fire i literally wanted to roll the windows up in the car, and i started doing like some meditating at home, and it's so funny, i realize like my heater is so loud everything, the volume goes up >> was it uncomfortable to be in that silence >> they actually tell you you should not stay in there more than ten minutes because people get like emotionally a little bit off. >> oh, wow. >> because you're not used to being in complete and utter silence hearing your own breath. picture hearing your breath and nothing else for ten minutes, like people had to get out of there. >> you're about the best listener i know already. >> i agree >> if you feel like you're not listening well, there's no -- >> no hope for in. >> it's working with my kids because i'm usually like honey, just a sec hold -- so now i'm trying real hard to -- >> my kids don't listen to me. that's a whole other thing. >> you should lock them in that room >> exactly. >> thank you, really cool. >> that was very fascinating. >> yeah. >> so loud in here now, though
8:20 am
it's so loud >> let's listen to al, shall we? >> al, you're on. >> we hear you >> and go. >> he's giving the forecast right now. shh. >> all right, that's enough of that let's show you what we've got as far as today is concerned. we are looking at some light snow coming across with this cold front through the midwest we've got sunshine out west, a gorgeous day temperature-wise, it's going to be awfully cold again through the plains, northern tier states on into new england. for the day today, frigid start in the northeast, more reinforcing cold air coming into the plains, snow showers through the rockies with sunshine out west that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> sst going to be a cold day to start, but a warmer day into the afternoon. 36 degrees in dublin right now, 39 in san jose, so as you step out the door you'll want to bring a jacket with you.
8:21 am
throughout the afternoon, you can shed it. in san francisco, ill's 46 degrees. notice a lot of sunshine, dry conditions remain, topping out in the low 60s for san francisco and a live look right now, 40 degrees in oakland, topping out in the mid-60s. or you could tune in to sirius xm channel 108, tune us on, and then turn the volume way down >> stop it >> but best time of the morning now, full volume, "pop start," baby. >> i'd like to go to that silence chamber in brooklyn and buy real estate inside of it i'd like to build a man cave inside of there, move there for a while. first up on "pop start" today, jonah hill turns out that the actor has beef with the beloved mandalorian icon yoda. hill said in an interview that his don't look up co-star leonardo dicaprio forced him to watch the series the mandalorian. he's not that big of a star wars fan, he didn't love it or whatever seems like no big deal the way the story was posted online, it sort of made it seem like jonah hill was in a weird way in a big feud with baby
8:22 am
grogu. i want to say this once for the record officially. baby yoda and i are dear friends. so it seemed like then everything was fine until jonah hopped back on social media this week with a video that caused a second wave of concern >> uh-oh. >> black eye, from my surf boart is not from a fistfight i got into with baby yoda because of our falling out. >> and then it escalated from there because in the caption he wrote, disney plus definitely did not pay me off to protect one of their marquee stars with a big mouth and would definitely catch hands if he didn't sucker punch me with his little baby green fist >> okay. >> a long way to go there, but thought it was really good fun jonah's been sharing all of this ridiculousness online so we know it's in good fun if you're watching the spinoff, if you watched it yesterday, you
8:23 am
know the return of the mandalorian, i'll leave it at that leave it right there that's so good. next up, celine dion, the legendary singer's 1996 ballad it's all coming back to me now, is exploding people are recording themselves doing their best dramatic lip sync with impressive lighting and prop work. here's an example. check out how fellow comedian singer michael buble honored celine here. ♪ baby baby when you touch me like this, when you hold me like that ♪ ♪ it was gone with the wind but it's all it's all coming back to me ♪ >> my next clip, that is obviously the cast of "this is us." they must have a lot of time on that set, mandy moore. >> yeah. >> here's buble.
8:24 am
♪ when you touch me like this ♪ ♪ when you hold me like that ♪ ♪ it was gone with the wind but it's all coming back ♪ >> there's not the only ones who are messing around here's yours, take a look. ♪ baby, baby, baby when you touch me like this ♪ ♪ when you hold me like that ♪ ♪ it was gone with the wind but it's all coming back ♪ >> i think it was for dramatic effect. >> did you see jenna's thirst trap yesterday >> first of all i learned what a thirst trap was. >> posing sexy. >> like provocative like the young people, like pictures. >> called instagram, aka >> she went sexy librarian next up, david beckham, get ready, on wednesday beckham sharing some crushing news about his 10-year-old daughter writing on instagram, harper seven mentions she has a crush and
8:25 am
this is daddy's face but it's okay, she said, daddy, you are my only valentine. as a father of three girls, you got to hold onto that valentine as long as possible. >> it's a tough one. your jujitsu kicks in, your finally, macaulay call kin is engaged the couple who began dating four years ago welcomed their first child together although they are typically very private about their relationship and family, a recent paparazzi family of songs, sporting a hefty looking rock on that finger seemed to confirm the good news. we wanted to wish them a very big congratulations. >> ahh that's great! >> you're just on fire today you really are. >> ahead what? >> stephanie ruhle, savannah stephanie's going to have
8:26 am
everything we need to know about interest rates, and the impact on the credit card, mortgages and more after your local -- good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. it's time to get a look at the forecast for you. starting out nice and cold for us. >> a little chilly, marcus, temps in the 30s, but, hey, not as foggy, which means area. i want to show ouremtures. you need a jacket through morgan, san jose, livermore. waking up in the 30s. napa, 38. santa rosa, 39. mid-40s for san francisco and redwood city. the sun is starting to finally
8:27 am
shine through. once that sun does push through, we are going to bump up into those upper 50s, low 60s for san francisco and around the bay, about 46 degrees right now, but notice by 1:00 and 2:00, we start to see those upper 50s, low 60s, also for oakland, 40 degrees right now and a lot of sunshine. this high pressure will remain in our forecast heading into the afternoon. that's going to keep us dry and also going to extend into the weekend with more sunshine and the wind will pick up for tomorrow. danville, 64 degrees, walnut creek, 63, concord 63. back to you, marcus. >> i like that forecast. we'll have another local. news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability 830th now, thursday morning, 27th of january 2022 one week from today. >> oh, wow. >> the winter olympics gets underway of course you can see it all right here on nbc. also streaming on peacock. let's go >> athletes are already there. >> coming up this half hour, by
8:31 am
the way, we are going to talk about your bottom line, that hike in interest rates that appears imminent stephanie ruhle is going to join us to walk us through the impact in our lives, in our wallets plus, what stephanie says she sees as good news. >> i like that all right, no driver, no problem. jake ward gets a firsthand look at the self-driving trucks that could be part of the fix for the nation's shipping crisis, and they could be on the roads a lot sooner than we may think. plus, gaby dalkin is with us bright and early from l.a. she's got hearty, healthy winter recipes that are easy to make ahead if you don't have time to cook for the week. coming up on the third hour, we've got stanley tucci live filling us in on his new series all about searching for hidden treasures lost at sea maybe. guys, tomorrow one of our favorite guests, jay shetty will help us share mental exercises to help us start each day with positivity we have the quiet lesson and we're going to get the positivity lesson. >> wellness. let's take a look at what we've got for your weekend
8:32 am
ahead. friday, light snow developing in the ohio river valley, milder highs midsection of the country, santa ana winds kicking up in southern california. the weekend outlook, saturday we've got this nor'easter to deal with. we'll check that out mild in the rockies, sunny and dry out west, and finally sunday sunday, very cold in the northeast with lake effect snow in the great lakes morning freeze down through florida. rain and snow in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around rainy and snow in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> hope your day is going pretty good. i'm meteorologist vianey arana. it's a cool start but a lovely one. san jose, not as foggy as what we saw yesterday, but we're still seeing chilly temperatures and some areas of fog mainly up through the north bay right now, san jose about 39 degrees, dublin 36, concord 37. look at san francisco's temperature trend into the afternoon. we'll bump up into those 50s,
8:33 am
low 60s for san francisco and inland areas. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up next with interest rates set to rise soon, stephanie ruhle is going to be with us to prepare for loans, credit card debt and more. but first this is "tod" onay0,xq
8:34 am
♪ crossing through the mountains and seeing that long open landscape. it's big, it's wild, it's unknown. you know, one of the things we value while we are traveling, is it allows us to relate to each other differently, and bring us closer. as a family, you bring these little humans into the world. and you only have so much time with them, you just got to use it well.
8:35 am
we're back with your money, and a big decision from the federal reserve. >> yeah, that's right, announcing interest rates will remain unchanged for now but they did signal that there's probably going to be the first hike in more than three years as early as next month. >> so what does that mean for the economy and your wallet? nbc senior business correspondent stephanie ruhle joins us with some answers stephanie, good morning, everybody fears rate hikes there's a method to this, but what does it mean for the consumer in interest rates really do rise >> well, let's get ready consumers. so we're expecting rates to rise next month, so if you are planning on taking out a
8:36 am
mortgage, a car loan, if your student loans are private, right now today take action. either apply to take that loan out or refinance same goes for your credit card debt if you can start paying it down, do it now. your net monthly payments will likely go up when rates go up. >> all right, let's talk about investors. so how did they react to the news of this rate hike >> well, we saw it this week they saw this coming, and we saw a lot of volatility, why well, because when rates are at zero, it's a great time for companies to grow, to operate in a bigger way, to borrow. so when rates are higher, it's tougher for them to do that, and more importantly, when rates are at zero, we all know this, as savers we earn nothing in our savings account, so we saw lots and lots of people move their money from fixed income into stocks because that was the only way you could earn money so stocks have been the prettiest girl in school for the last few years, and now things are going to maybe balance out for a while. but for the short-term it will be tough for stocks. >> unless you're a bank stock perhaps. in the simplest of terms for
8:37 am
folks that might be watching why do interest rates matter so much >> they're a really important tool think back to when the pandemic hit. the fed drops interest rates to almost zero because they wanted to keep the economy moving we were so scared, businesses thought they'd have to shut down well, by moving rates to zero, it made it easier for businesses to borrow and keep their employees on think about how hot the housing market has been in the last couple of years. it wasn't just because people said, oh, i want to leave the city and buy a country house, it's because they could. rates were so low we could borrow and get mortgages at a lower rate, and that helped keep the economy going. >> everybody thinks of interest rates going down as a good thing, and of course raises the question why the fed would want to raise them, and it all has to do with inflation, right >> absolutely because interest rates and inflation move together it's the tool that the fed uses to keep inflation in check it's how they slow the economy right now prices are going up, up, up all the time, and by
8:38 am
raising rates, that's going to hopefully slow things down a bit, and i know we're all looking for prices to not go up so quickly >> steph, you promised positive news, and when you say you're going to tell the truth, you will, so what do you have for us >> i'm going to give you two pieces hopefully raises rates will get the job done and we'll stop seeing prices go up so much, but it's especially good for savers. think about senior citizens on fixed incomes. they haven't been looking to put their money in the stock market, and now those savings accounts -- remember those high yield savings accounts we haven't seen them in years. now you'll earn some money when rates go up having money in savings, and that is a really good thing >> stephanie, thank you very much you can find more on stephanie's always on the money. >> always. just ahead, guys, a high-tech solution for the nation's supply chain issues and driver shortage. wait for this, we're going to show you 18-wheelers that drive themselves but first, this is "today" on
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we've been reporting on the nation's supply chain crisis, and one of the key issues has been a shortage of long haul truck drivers. >> the industry estimated that last year it was down about 80,000 that's a problem that is likely to get worse >> well, nbc's jake ward found one high-tech company working on a rather interesting solution. >> imagine looking in your rearview mirror and seeing this 70,000 pound 18-wheeler behind you without anyone at the wheel. well, we are pretty much there because this truck is driving itself aurora innovation already has autonomous trucks like this one cruising the highway, just with a baby-sitter at the wheel. >> at aurora, we're building self-driving technology. >> reporter: sensors track what's going on around the track, and an on board computer not only drives, it does so as politely as possible, so it won't freak out anyone else on the road. >> a combination of hardware, software, and data services that allows us essentially to operate vehicles autonomously. >> reporter: these trucks all
8:42 am
share a common robot brain, and that brain has driven 5 million real world miles every time one truck drives, they all get smarter >> so it really understands the world based on all of the experiences that it's been through. >> so whatever we're likely to see, i was going to say bump into that's not the right word. >> no, no. >> will be in theory something that it has encountered either in the real world or in simulation. >> or something similar, right, so it knows how to handle that situation because it's encountered it before. >> for the moment two experienced drivers are part of every ride he watches the ride while she watches the software and describes what's coming next
8:43 am
>> she's watching how the aurora driver is perceiving the world and how it's making decisions, and she's keeping him updated on it constantly. >> we drove a few miles between dallas and houston, a run that these trucks just began making for fedex, and by the end of 2023, the company says they won't have anyone inside but while this is cool technology, it's really a reflection of a labor issue. the trucking industry predicts a shortage of 160,000 truck drivers by the year 2030 labor experts say it's not a lack of willing drivers. they blame deregulation in the 1980s, which turned steady trucking jobs into contractor work with lower wages and tougher working conditions >> i think it's probably not the job you want to go into 40 careers from now >> reporter: robotic trucks could eventually spell the end of traditional trucking jobs >> is a self-driving truck tremendously less expensive than training up a human driver >> we don't really think about it that way. we think about the value that it gets to bring to the market. the aurora driver is going to be able to drive for 20 hours a day. >> until the gas runs out. >> until the gas runs out.
8:44 am
>> reporter: the implications of technology like this go on and on it could help solve our supply chain issues it might end one whole human occupation while creating a new one for a lucky few, and soon enough one lane of your nearest highway may be an endless wall of robot trucks. for "today," jake ward, palmer, texas. >> a little transformers action. >> robots are here i think the chief thought is -- >> and what happens if you go to a truck stop, are they all robots? >> nobody's safety >> mm-hmm. >> you have to wonder. but you know >> a big rig, a car's one thing, but a big rig's -- >> and what happens if you go to a truck stop, are they all robots? >> nobody's there. >> you don't have a truck stop because nobody has to go nobody's stopping to use the bathroom. >> got to have a truck stop. >> what happens at a truck stop -- >> you go to a bathroom. >> i want to go to a bucky's, come o come o
8:45 am
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we're back launching a new food series called today's table. >> the idea is simple order the ingredients for the recipes we're about to make by using the qr code. >> it works like any grocery service. after you check out, just schedule a store pickup or maybe a delivery order. >> we're taking care of everything. >> this is a great idea. just finding out about. >> never need to leave this show we're going to start with january resolution reboot, healthy, easy recipes from gaby dalkin good morning, thanks for helping us launch this thing. >> good morning, you are so welcome. do you like the darkness outside in l.a.? >> very early, oh, my gosh >> it's an early one, who doesn't want to wake up and make chili, what do you got for us today?
8:48 am
>> we've been making all sorts of healthy recipes in january. this is one of the most popular recipes on my website. it's a black bean chili, that a true meat lover would love i just sauteed some onion and sweet potato in like a large heavy bottom skillet, garlic, salt, paprika, cayenne and cumin and toast that up, and then everything just goes into here we have black beans, we have quinoa, fire roasted tomatoes and it's just going to sit on the stove and kind of simmer with a little bit of stock you could use quinoa you could use farro, barley, rice, and literally it's just kind of a set it and forget it kind of thing, and i'm obsessed with it. >> could you swab out the black beans? if you don't like black beans could you use a different kind of bean? >> you could use chick peas, kidney beans, red beans, like whatever kind of beans you have. >> asking for carson. >> ground beef. >> yes, if you wanted to saute some like chicken or ground turkey or put shredded chicken in before, it is a perfect extra way to add some protein. >> with most chilis they're better even later.
8:49 am
is this a good make ahead? >> this i actually made yesterday and it's better today than it was last night when i made it. the flavors have time to develop, and i'm just going to season it with -- or garnish it with a little cheese, a little cilantro, lime juice, and then if you want to get fancy like you see on a that photo, i like to add a crema, like a watered down sour cream to give it a little extra creaminess, perfection. >> looks yummy you got another dish for us? >> yeah, so let's talk about vegetables because i feel like so many people don't know how to make vegetables properly, and the key to vegetables in my opinion is roasting them so you can see we've got a bunch of cauliflower, i haven't overcrowded the pan and it's super caramelized. i just popped it into an oven, 425 degrees. let everything roast up until it's nice and golden and then to make matters even better, i made a homemade
8:50 am
zucchini sauce i'm just going to put a little bit of garlic in there, a little bit of meyer lemon, i'm in l.a., why not, you could dip your french fries in it, salt and pepper put it on cauliflower, you could put it on broccoli i'm flaking on other vegetables right now because we're live >> yum >> you can put it on every vegetable known to man and it's a perfect way to make vegetables a little bit more delicious, especially for kids. >> gaby, speaking of vegetables and kids, self-admittedly you ylikedis a 7-year-old until you were 17, right you have a 9-year-old, i'm asking this for every parent watching right now it's really concerning for siri and i that etta literally only eats grilled cheese and pasta. is there anything we can do to help that along, or are we supposed to just let it happen >> my parents let it happen, to be totally honest and then i went to culinary school after
8:51 am
college. when you make vegetables like this and you get that caramelized flavor and you tell your kids it tastes like candy when i was a private chef i used to tell the kids that, and they would clear the table. so i feel like -- and getting them involved in the kitchen is really nice. my daughter's 1, she can't cook yet. i can't wait until i can make her chop things. >> you're living proof there's hope for us all. >> thank you, gaby. >> i've actually wondered that, you know, when your kids eat no vegetables like what happens >> they turn into world renowned chefs like gaby, it's incredible. >> it makes me feel a lot better. >> lost time i also had never had seafood before i was 24. >> wow >> there is hope >> that's right. >> going to be just fine >> gaby, thank you so much we appreciate it you can get these recipes and anything you need, just shopping the ingredients, the tools, whatever it is by the help of our sponsor walmart by scanning that qr code that you see or you can text food to 34318 and just so you know, "today" earns a commission for purchases
8:52 am
through links on all right, we've saved a little time for birthdays. >> very exciting time to give those smucker's jars a spin and meet some really nice folks let's start off first up a happy 100th birthday to anna burly, an active lady from new windsor new york who's won several gold and silver medals for swimming in the senior olympics. her favorite race, the backstroke paul tarentolo of houston, texas, is also 100 loves to dance two months ago, got to do that with his granddaughter at her wedding happy 100th birthday to amy, she's a fashionista from brooklyn, doesn't matter the weather or occasion, you will never catch amy without a pair of heels on. john taylor of wallace, north carolina, 102. the proud dad of seven fantastic kids fern jones of boynton beach, florida, 100 rumor has it she makes the best ice cream cake you will ever
8:53 am
try. tom carvello is looking out for her, last but certainly not least, happy 110th birthday to provost, 110, a scrabble champ from greenwich, connecticut, enjoys hanging out with her two younger sisters, one's 94. the other's 100. man, we got to start playing more scrabble. >> if she was on a smucker's jar ten years ago too. we have to look it up. >> mary should be on the costco sized smucker's jar, the big one. >> an intellijar. back for the third hour in a few minutes, including stanley tucci and must have products for the home, and they're all under 30 bucks. >> nice. and then on the fourth hour we're catching one taylor lautner. he hasn't done an interview in five years so we're interested many speaking with him. we'll have that and a lot more, but first, guys, your news and weather.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
morning. i'm marcus washington. bay area cases of ba.2, among 14
8:57 am
i'd sfied so far in the state. infectious disease specialists say it may be a little more transmissible than the original omicron variant but does not appear to be more of a threat. kris sanchez is taking a look at what moderna is revealing about a new omicron-specific booster shot. and the new push state leaders are trying to make to increase the number of kids getting the shot.
8:58 am
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this morning on the third hour of "today," winter storm watch bracing for a nor'easter, expecting to pack blizzard conditions for some while a deep freeze settles over much of the country, and we're going to track it all. later, it's a deep sea drama, stanley tucci live sharing his new series about a treasure at the bottom of the sea. and show your fridge some love, cool ideas to organize, make those veggies last longer and actually eat all the stuff we bought. today, thursday,


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