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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 28, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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really very large surge of cases. >> right now at 4:30, loosening covid rules as cases decline. one bay area city already planning to reign in its guidelines. when other counties will follow suit. >> plus, new allegations against the san francisco da's office. why one former worker is accusing them of withholding evidence. >> and our meteorologist vianey arana is looking at how our weather is shaping up. mike has a look at the drive
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times. this is "today in the bay." a good friday morning. thank you for starting your morning with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington, we're broadcasting to you live over the television waves and also live on roku, amazon and apple tv. first, let's start out with the forecast. we're close to the weekend. >> i'm so little. we're cold to start, you guys. we're in the 30s right now, just like we saw yesterday. we're going to keep this weather pattern through the remainder of the weekend as well. 36 in dublin, 37 in dublin hill, concord, 36 degrees. fog and visibility not an issue this morning. clear roadways means better commute, hopefully, so let's check in on the commute with mike. >> yeah, the visibility is great this morning. we did have a not great situation, but the lanes just
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cleared for southbound 101. there was a deadly crash in san jose right by the airport, southbound 101 experienced a quick traffic break from lawrence expressway. there's a tiny bit of slowing on the sensors. all lanes cleared again on southbound 101. about three hours of closure for most of those lanes. everything else is green. easy, light drive this friday, including out of the altamont pass. back to you. >> thank you very much. covid rules are about to change in san francisco t. new protocols take effect next tuesday, thanks to the decline in cases. >> if you're unvaccinated, you'll be able to go to a warriors game provided that you test negative. if you're vaccinated, proof of a booster will be required. >> mask requirements, once again dropped indoors in some locations, including, offices, gyms, religious gatherings and college classrooms with fewer than 100 people. we'll examine whether other
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counties will follow suit. >> reporter: with the omicron surge behind us, when will masks go away? san francisco announcing its easing restrictions starting next tuesday, no masks needed in gyms, religious gatherings or college classrooms, but only if everyone is vaccinated and boosted if they're eligible and the gathering has to be fewer than 100 people. >> we have made it through this very large surge of cases with omicron and an increase in our hospitalizations. our cases are coming down, our hospitalizations have leveled off. >> reporter: indoor mask rules will remain for most indoor places but there will be religious and medical exemptions to vaccine requirements for places like restaurants and bars. people would also need to get a recent negative test to enter those venues if they're not up to date on vaccinations. gyms were pleased to hear the update. >> we are actually going to give people a five-day grace period to get boosted, that includes employees, as well as our clients. then there's a mandated wait
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period after you get boosted, about a week. then after that's done, we're going to remove the mask mandate. >> reporter: what about other bay area counties? we reached out to all of the health departments and most told us they're following the state's guidance. current masking rules are set to expired on february 15th. others like alameda county told us they have no plans to lift the current rules, saying cases and hospitalizations are higher than they were when the rules were put in place. we asked the state health department if the mask mandate will, in fact, expire on february 15th. staff responded to us saying it will be updated as they continue to assess. >> where people will choose to wear masks if they want to just ensure they're not around respiratory pathogens, but the uk and almost every country in europe, except for germany and poland, have gone to this approach of mask optional.
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moderna is testing an omicron-specific booster shot. the company announced the phase two trial underway. early data shows it has improved effectiveness against the omicron variant. >> what we see is that people are still protected, there are still good antibody levels at the six-month time point, but they have begun to wane also against, in particular, the omicron strain, which we would predict because omicron, we would expect to see over levels. we imagine over time if you carry that out, perhaps by the fall of this year, levels will be low of antibodies in people and there will be a need for a boosting. >> dr. paul burton also reveals more about the progress the company is making on vaccines for kids ages 2-5. you can watch the full interview
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coming up at 5:30 right here on "today in the bay." right now our nbc area streaming app, we introduce you to a group of bay area teenagers who helped create that bill that allows teens to get vaccinated without their parents' permission. the teenagers spoke with us earlier this week and you can download our app on roku, apple tv and amazon fire stick. new accusations against san francisco's da's office. prosecutors are being accused of withholding evidence in the hopes of convicting a san francisco police officer of excessive force. our investigative unit has learned a member of the da's office testified she was ordered by her co-workers inside the da's office to withhold evidence. she said she believed she would have been fired if she refused. this had to do with an officer accused of unnecessarily beating a man with his baton two years ago. an investigator yesterday told the judge she never disclosed the fact that she interviewed a
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witness who said just before the officer pulled out his baton, the man he hit was seen beating his girlfriend. the officer has argued his use of force was justified and has filed a motion to dismiss based on the alleged misconduct. the judge is set to rule on whether to throw all the case. chesa boudin did not respond to our request for comment. how about more time off? this morning on "today in the bay," we're going to tell you the good news for some tech workers. one major company bumping up vacation days. >> apple testing a new feature that make unlocking your iphone a lot easier. >> i feel like my face is enough. right now current temps are in the 30s. 36 in concord, 37 in morgan hill. i'll take you through the weekend forecast, what to expect coming up. >> and overnight we've got the closure of i-80, which opened
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ahead of schedule. it's fine for your commute. we'll talk about what else is going on in the north bay coming up.
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good morning. it is 44 degrees right now in san francisco. fog not really a factor this morning. temperatures will bump up and be slightly warmer into the afternoon with more sunshine and some high clouds. full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> and a quick look outside
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shows you traffic is smooth on the sensors over here. let's get a live look and show you how things are shaping up as we look out to oakland, north 880 with taillights, equally as light in the southbound direction. you like to hear that any time of day. we'll see how things are going in the north bay. a warning for you coming up. good morning. i'm silvana henao from cnbc. wall street is set to open lower today. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 have seen major swings each day this week as investors continue to digest the federal reserve's shift to higher interest rates. the dow falling for the ninth time in the past ten sessions. the s&p and nasdaq are in correction territory or more than 10% below their most recent highs. the nasdaq is down 17%.
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reports on personal income and spending and consumer sentiment, plus earnings from caterpillar and chevron. apple is testing an id that will allow you to unlock your phone when you're wearing a mask. the feature could be included in the next update. the iphone would be able to recognize a user's features around the eyes to authenticate. it will only work with newer phones and you'll have to switch the option on manually. google is bumping up vacation days and parental leave for employees. they'll receive a minimum of 20 paid vacation days, up from 15. parents who give birth can take up to 24 weeks off. all other parents will have up to 18 weeks of leave, up from 12. the company is doubling the amount of leave people can take to care for seriously ill loved ones to eight weeks. back to you. >> i think they should triple the amount if you give birth to triplets, don't you think?
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>> i think so. >> triplets. >> not that i'm doing it again. >> my turn. >> thanks, silvana. more problems plaguing san francisco's chinatown, coming up on "today in the bay." the new challenge many merchants are facing as the city prepares for chinese new year celebrations. i've heard some companies offer doggie time off when you adopt a new pet to adjust. i would love that. san jose, beautiful view. no fog, not a factor today. i'll talk about your weekend forecast coming up. >> and a nice easy drive down east shore freeway, clear visibility, clear flow of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll tell you know what we're expecting coming up, potential issues for north bay drivers tonight.
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it is 4:46 right now. still chilly, and i do want to take you to a live look of san jose, in case you were wondering about the fog. it's been a story since the start of the week but we haven't seen it this morning be a problem. look how great this shot of coit tower is. now, if you're going to be heading to the game this weekend, take a look at your forecast. so overall the good news is we're staying in california, right, so no big changes to the
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forecast. plenty of sunshine. temps will be comfortable in the upper 60s, maybe a couple of low 70s for the l.a. area. it will be fantastic football weather around kickoff at 3:30. right now our temperatures are cold, though. 36 in concord, 36 in dublin, 37 in morgan hill. we're starting out in the 30s and fog and visibility, we're clear really through and through. a couple of areas through santa rosa, it might start to develop. overall we'll have a sunny day with a couple of high clouds rolling through. temperatures will be running a few degrees warming this afternoon. san jose 67, almost in the 70 range, and through the east bay 65 for walnut creek, 62 in oakland. through the peninsula, 64. the city is going to be in the mid-60s as well. mission might hit a high of 65 degrees. santa rosa, 66, novato 65.
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we've had had high pressure going on for the past two weeks. it's been so strong that it's kept any chance of rain to our north and south. it sort of blocked any chance of a system creeping through and that's exactly what we're going to continue to see through the first week of february right now. the models are showing a pretty dry start to february as well. so that rain chance that we had hoped for, it's looking less likely each and every day. saturday and sunday our temperatures will cool off just a bit, a high of 58, early monday morning we're going to get a little cloudy to start, and also the winds are going to pick up heading into tuesday from the northeast. 15 to 35 miles per hour. and any time we're monitoring winds, pair that up with how dry we've been and it brings the concern for elevated fire danger, especially for high elevation areas. we'll monitor that, but if you're looking ahead to the weekend, saturday and sunday, it's going to be absolutely stunning. we're going to wake up cold and then eventually warm up with
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plenty of sunshine to enjoy the outdoors. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> we're looking over to the roadways, an easy drive through silicon valley. we had slowing until a few seconds ago southbound 101, heading past the scene of the overnight deadly crash, which has cleared. all directions through out-silicon valley moving at speed, and pretty much everywhere, the peninsula, east bay, getting into contra costa county. no major problems, through larks burr, starting tonight at 11:00, just before 11:00, they'll close the off ramp. golden gate bridge, traffic flow is light. they're moving the cones and getting ready for the morning commute. we have a nice flow of traffic once this clears from the northbound direction. >> thanks, mike. lunar new year celebrations get under way across the country
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this weekend and in san francisco. businesses are already banking on festivities. >> reporter: tourists are trickling back into chinatown. >> more people because of the chinese new year coming, people are afraid to come out anymore. >> reporter: kevin chan says after a second slow year at his world famous golden gate fortune cookie factory, it's a welcome change. he's hoping it's not only a new year, but a new beginning. >> the street fair will boost up the foot traffic. >> reporter: he and other merchants are struggling with another issue. >> the cargo at the port, it's not unloading. all of my material is held up. i don't even have chocolate to make chocolate covers. >> reporter: at sweethearts florist, orders are coming in, but costs are going up. and finding the perfect blooms
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are harder than ever. >> now it's a supply problem. they have it but nobody can ship for us. >> reporter: despite the ongoing challenges, merchants are hopeful that the year of the tiger will deliver good fortune. >> tiger is life, energetic. our 49ers are on the national stage, and jimmy g taking a lot of heat. still ahead on "today in the bay," who is rushing to his defense. happening now, part of a park in marin is closed over concerns about high tides. caltrans says half of the park will be closed until february 2nd and the area will be closed off entirely to prevent overnight parking. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 4:54, and renting an airbnb in lake tahoe could be a little more difficult in the future for residents there, if they get their way. south lake tahoe, already banned many short-term rentals with the new year. now plaser county wants to limit the rebtles from 25%. lots of full-time locals want to cap lower. lake tahoe has been trying to figure out how to regulate airbnbs for years, but it's tough to do that since there are five counties in the basin. draymond green has a side hustle. he signed a sports to appear on
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"inside nba". >> he's the first player to sign while he's still playing. andrew wiggins making headlines, a first-time all-star when he hit his big three last night. the warriors were down in the third quarter, but the three-pointers helped the dubs pull out a big one, 124-15. we are moving you forward on the championship game as the 9ers try to claim a spot in the super bowl. some wonder if it will come down to jimmy g. >> if you like to take shots at jimmy g, you're not alone. he's on the verge of leading the 9ers to their second super bowl in three years and as anthony flores tells us, 9ers players have his back. >> reporter: imagine showing up for work knowing your replacement was already in the building. that's what jimmy garoppolo had to do this season, but he didn't complain about it. he just focused on the job. and at times it's been a bumpy ride this season, but now number
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10 has the 49ers just one win away from their second trip to the super bowl in three years. whether it's at levi stadium or on the road, garoppolo is one of the most popular players and the most polarizing. lot of people have strong opinions about his play. >> it is the definition of being part of the project that gets an a while doing none of the work. >> reporter: his critics say the 9ers are winning with him, not because of him. he doesn't have a touchdown pass this postseason, while making a few questionable throws. one part of his game that is never questioned, his toughness. he's playing through a thumb and shoulder injury. he also has the ability to lead his team under pressure, like he did in green bay to set up the game-winning field goal. when it comes to his teammates, there's no doubt they have his back. deebo samuel posted on social media in support of his
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quarterback. >> i'm glad they're sticking up for him. jimmy is one of the main reasons we're here. he's done an unbelievable job. people don't give him enough credit. >> when you're the starting quarterback, you have a spotlight just based on the play thars have played the position before you and there's a lot of people that try to consistently bring you out of the spotlight. and jimmy has stood firm and continued to throw darts. >> reporter: he also has the respect of his nfc championship opponent. he's 6-0 as a starter against the rams, including a 17-point comeback victory in week 18. >> last game, we got off to a big lead and dared jimmy to beat us and he beat us. >> reporter: win sg what jimmy g does best, a victory over the rams and his record as starter improves to 5-1. i'm anthony flores for "today in the bay." don't forget, you can watch the super bowl right here on nbc bay area. it's on february 13th. that will be a huge day for us, as we essentially broadcast the olympics and super bowl all day,
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with both going on at the same time for the first time ever. >> a lot of great sports. calling 911 may call you next time. next on "today in the bay," the fee that's being implemented in the north bay.
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right now at 5:00, the clock is ticking down as teachers in one district may be hours from voting to walk off the job. the changes they're demanding, which they argue will keep them
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and the students safe. >> and loosening covid rules as cases decline. one bay area city already planning to reign in its guidelines. where and when you'll be able to ditch your mask. plus -- >> that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. >> president biden following through ois campaign promise. he's pledging hisck woman. experts are tackling the significance of this history-making move. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. don't forget, if you're on the go we're broadcasting not only here on television, but which he can us out live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. we certainly have a lot to get to this morning. first let's start out with a live look at levi's stadium, the 9ers getting in a final practice


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