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tv   Today  NBC  January 28, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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facebook and instagram. that's @nbc bay area. here's a look at some of the fan photos that have already been sent. there they go. look at the lady in the corner on the right. >> have a great weekend. good morning, here it comes. alerts up and down the east coast as a potentially historic winter storm takes aim from the carolinas to maine 65 million people bracing for heavy snow and blizzard conditions throughout the weekend. up to two feet possible in new england. al's got everything we need to know full-court press president biden recommits to his promise of nominating the first black woman to the supreme court. >> it's long overdue >> straight ahead, the timeline he's laying out for making his choice
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the top contenders already emerging, and how heated the confirmation fight could become on capitol hill. armed and ready. russia bolsters its military presence at the ukrainian board. the white house warns again after an imminent invasion and the president holding a high stakes and lengthy phone call with ukraine's leader. the latest developments ahead. breaking overnight a suspect accuse of shooting three police officers in houston now in custody after a tense hours-long standoff. and the nypd prepares for an emotional goodbye for a young officer killed in the line of duty as major cities confront an alarming rise on violent assaults on police and mascot makeovers minnie mouse in a pants institute. the green m & m in sneakers? how people are reacting to big changes for iconic characters. and football's final four. fans gearing up the nfl conference championships
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is today, friday, january 28, 2022 >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie, and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plazas good morning everybody welcome to "today. it is friday morning glad you are with us hoda getting a jump start on the weekend. hope she's bundled up we're going to have a snowy one. >> it could get nasty. information on where that monster storm is headed how bad it is going to be. >> as we speak, roads from carolinas to maine are being prepped for what will be a major nor'easter and sign of the times, officials are warning of a plow driver shortage >> take a look at this these are the snowfall projections. folks in boston bracing for what could be one of that city's
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biggest snow storms ever. >> and right to al's forecast. we've been watching the models have they converged? we have a better idea now what we're going to get. >> right guys. looks like the european model is going win out. we've got 65 million people impacted by winter weather advisory, winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings from virginia to maine. last time this happened, four years ago. this is unprecedented. what is a blizzard technical term shlg strong winds gusting frequently to 35 miles per hour visibility reduced to a quarter mile or less and the conditions have to exist for at least three hours philadelphia, light to moderate snow from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. snow should end by noon. new york city, heavy snowfall. 4:00 to 10:00 a a.m. snow ends around 2:00. in connecticut the heaviest snow between 9:00 and 4:00 p.m boston you are the winner. depending how you look at. this extreme snows, 7:00 a.m. to
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5:00 p.m snow doesn't end until 11:00 at night. powerful winds for the tri-state and all the way down to atlantic city and further south, wind gusts over 45 miles per hour power destruction for maine to the delmarva peninsula snowfall amounts nearly impossible travel conditions and white out conditions snowfall rates 2-4 inches per hour in some spots atlantic city 12-18 inches of snow d.c. 1-2. philly, 4-8. hartford 8-12. east end of long island and parts of contradict, 12-18 inches of know and boston 18-24 inches. and if you are driving, i 95 from philadelphia all the way to bangor going to be a big mess. and from i-90, buffalo to
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boston, is going to be tricky as well we're going to continue to fine tune these models as more information comes in craig? >> all right al. meanwhile to the battle already getting under way in washington over the next supreme court justice. president biden recommitting to nominating an historic candidate during an event formally announce the upcoming retirement of justice stephen breyer. peter alexander has the latest good morning. >> hey craig president biden says he's already considering possible candidates to replace the i retiring justice and he intends to announce his decision by the end of february, next month. the white house has been preparing for this moment since even before president biden took office and senate democrats are eager
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for the process to move quick. >> reporter: this morning is president biden's turn to deliberate in replacing retiring justice stephen breyer. >> the personally not will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. it's long over due in my view. >> reporter: thought to be the top contenders, judge ketanji brown jackson on the powerful federal appeals court here in washington a 51-year-old harvard law grad wh was confirmed last year with bipartisan support 45 year old california street supreme court justice leondra krueger. the senate is confirm if they stay united. all of president biden's 42 nominees have receive the support of every senate democrat, including kyrsten sinema and joe manchin who told a radio show thursday he's open to a nominee whose views are more liberal than his. >> -- will have experience and we'll be to judge off that as far as philosophical believes that will not prohibit me. >> reporter: republican leader mitch mcconnell warning the president must not outsource this important decision to the
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radical left to the president, breyer's decision also marks a personal close to a chapter having run his confirmation hearing 43 years ago reciting the gettysburg address and urging the country not to give up on the american experiment. >> my grandchildren and their children, they will determine whether the experiment still works, and of course i am app optimist and i'm pretty sure it will. >> so let's talk timetable here. what can we expect the time line to look like on this confirmation battle going forward. >> by the president's own time line he has a month from today
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to reach the decision. he's likely neat with possible nominees in the weeks ahead. he'll seek advice from legal experts, his vice president and both parties and in his retirement letter, the one justice breyer hand delivered to the president he said he would serve until the end of the court's term assuming his nomination is made by then. another major issue front and center at the white house. potential russian invasion of ukraine. president biden again vowing to respond decisively should vladimir putin take that step. and pledging additional economic support for ukraine in a phone
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call with its president. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is inside ukraine richard, good morning. >> now we're hearing more specificity with president biden warning that a russian invasion of ukraine in february is a distinct possibility the russian foreign minister this morning said that his country won't start a war. he wouldn't rule out that another party could start a war. but he said that russia won't allow its security interests to be, quote, rudely attacked or ignored. >> reporter: as ruggs troops conduct more live fire exercises near ukraine's border, and continue to build up tank, fighter jet, warships and missile launchers around the country's borders. president biden once against called ukraine's president zelinsky promising economic support. and biden and nato advisors have repeatedly said no troops will be coming to ukraine's assistance
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but it's clear they don't agree on the risk of a russian unsahratian. >> we've always said and for some time that another incursion by russia could be imminent. and imminent means imminent. >> president biden, along with most european leaders has warned with so much force assembled, a russian invasion should be expected. >> my guess is he will move in. >> reporter: with the chances of a russian attack increasing a western intelligence official tells us, as vladimir putin mobilizes more troops over the next two to three weeks for exercises in belarus president zelinsky has told his people there is no unusual risk and blamed the united states for stirring panic its left many ukrainians not knowing what to do there are no public orders for drilling no mass callups of reserves. no tests of emergency response systems. just life as normal. >> translator: it seems there will be no military invasion,
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says marina. i believe this i want to believe this. >> reporter: some ukrainians accuse president zelinsky of publicly urging calm to bolster his own support as he's challenged politically by ukraine's former president and exchampion boxer, now kyiv mayor vitali klitschko it is not an option to relax and stay calm. things could explode at any minute, but ignore it or not the threat u.s. and nato officials say is real and mounting the door to diplomacy is still not closed today the french president spoke with russia's vladimir putin and russia's foreign minister says it is still studying a written response that the united states and nato gave to russia still there, savannah.talks is >> richard engel in ukraine for us thank you richard. meanwhile breaking overnight a suspect accuse of shooting and injuring three police officers
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in houston has surrendered he surrendered after an hours long standoff there. but it is the latest in a series of violent attacks against police nationwide, including here in new york city. where this morning funeral services are being held for a young officer killed in the line of duty. nbc national correspondent gabe gutierrez has more. >> said to be an emotional day here streets are already blocked off. governor hochul is set to be in attendance and mayor and police chief set to deliver eulogies. some of the video you are about to see may be disturbs >> this morning new york city preparing a final salute to a fallen hero. 22 year old officer jason rivera shot and killed in the line of duty last week. >> he was something special. pure happiness
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willing to help people always talking about to be a police. >> reporter: officer rivera was fatally shot last friday after a domestic dispute call in harlem took a tragic turn the suspect opening fire on rivera and his partner, 27 year old wilbert mora who died from his skbrur on tuesday. comes amid a wave after violent crimes at police departments across the country on edge on thursday in houston three officers were wounded in a dramatic shootout. 31 rowland caballero firing before police took him in custody. 61 officers were killed by gunfire in 2021, up 36% from the previous year. in new york, five officers have already been shot this year. >> i've been to too many of these. and i don't want to go to anymore.
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>> thousands floods the streets outside st. patrick's cathedral to remember rivera his wake attended by family, friends and fellow officers from across the country his impact and his loss felt by he's a friend for all of us. everyone. >> my thanks to this officer who i never knew he's a friend for all of us. a family member for all of us. >> reporter: officer rivera married his high school sweetheart in october. she's paying tribute on social media writing i know you are smiling down on me knowing that i'm holding you down to the very end it's just heartbreaking after today's funeral for officer rivera the funeral for his partner is set for next week and also next week president biden is set to visit new york to discuss gain violence craig? >> so sad. gabe gutierrez, thank you. a federal court has rejected a plan to lease millions of acres in the gulf of mexico for off shore oil drilling a judge ruling the biden
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administration did not take into account its effect on greenhouse gas emotions environmental groups hailed the decision they say the ruling gave president biden a chance to follow through on a campaign process to stop off shore leasing in federal waters. >> we're going switch gears now as we welcome tom llamas >> great news on friday. >> the road to super bowl lvi down to its final four the chiefs and bengals rams and 49ers now one win away from the super bowl morgan, good morning >> hey tom, if this weekend's match-up are anything like last weekend's. our blood pressures are in big trouble. incredibly thrilling match-ups by some of the league's youngest quarterbacks changing the game right in front of us and swirling questions around
7:16 am
some of the biggest veteran names, including a guy named tom brady. this sunday is the nfl's version of the final four. battling it out for a spot in the super bowl >> we're not done. we're trying to go out there and win an afc championship and get to the super bowl. >> reporter: patrick mahomes and the kansas city chiefs one win away from making it back to the big game for the third straight jeer. >> to the end zone for the win! >> reporter: coming off a sensational victory against the bills. considered one of the best nfl postseason games ever. >> i kind of turned the page quick and i'm ready to go. just try to keep getting better every single day. >> reporter: but there is a history-making bengals team ready to stand in their way. it is a match-up mahomes had his eye on earlier this season second year quarterback joe burrow leading cincinnati to their first nfc championship
7:17 am
game in 33 years in a notoriously loud arrowhead stadium. >> we expect it to be really loud and we're going to have to be great with our non verbal communication, just like every week on the road. >> reporter: in los angeles a couple of california teams the rams and 49ers will take their division rivalry to new heights with a trip to a home state super bowl on the line. >> we're excited to play in front of our home fans, no question about that. >> reporter: the 49ers head into the weekend with six straight wins against the rams. >> we know these guys as well as possible playing for a third time now nothing will really surprise us, i wouldn't say. >> reporter: as a new guard of nfl quarterbacks vie for a shot at super bowl stardom, speculation swirling about the future of some of the biggest names in the game. fans wondering if they have seen seven-time super bowl champ tom brady take his final bow aaron rodgers still hasn't committed to returning next season and in pittsburgh, two-time super bowl champion quarterback
7:18 am
ben roethlisberger announcing his retirement after 18 years. >> i retire from football a truly grateful man >> reporter: other side of this weekend's big games eyes go to february 13th and the super bowl in los angeles officials already saying any fan shows up entitled to a free vaccine. they will be rapid tested and everyone hand ad free k n95 mask and encouraged to wear them when they are not eating and drinking during the big game. >> you should get that at least if you pay for a super bowl ticket thank you so much. so much pressure on these teams not just to win but last weekend was the greatest week in football history ever. they got to deliver. >> i thought eating and drinking was all you do during football as far as i'm concerned. >> who do we like? >> chiefs, rams. >> okay. >> i'm rooting for the bengals. >> okay. my house we've got to pull for the chiefs. >> i'm going for the dorritos
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commercial. >> nbc is this year's home of super bowl lvi catch it sunday february 13th. got pay the bills now. >> streaming on peacock. >> so we've got snow snow coming west not so much. >> santa ana winds into california sunny skies through the plains and not too bad a day. frigid temperatures reinforcing cold air into the great lakes and settling into the northeast. so that is part of that whole nor'easter and plenty of sunshine through the gulf into florida. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next thirty seconds they're banking, with bank of america. his girlfriend just caught the bouquet, so he's checking in on that ring fund. oh, that photographer? he's looking for something a little more zen, so he's thinking, “i'll open a yoga studio.” and as for the father of the bride? he's checking to see if he's on track to do this all over again...and again.
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digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop banking. what would you like the power to do? good morning. live look right now in san jose. beautiful start. it is still a little cold, so if you're heading out, temps in the 30s and 40s. live look at coit tower in san francisco. no fog for today, but into the afternoon we will get some high clouds. upper 60s in the south bay, morgan hills 68, a high of 67 in san jose, 63 in san francisco, and that dry weather will remain through the weekend, forecast into sunday. and that is your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you very much coming up. keir simmons takes us inside a safe haven for children. meet the remarkable caretakers. also had also ahead modern makeovers from some
7:21 am
beloved mascots. minnie mouse and the female m&ms getting a lot of attention sign of progress or a step in the wrong direction? we're going to dive into that debate first this is "today" on nbc st direction? we're going to dive into
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nfl hall of famer now running towards a new title. college graduate. >> ann thompson visits the campus of notre dame where the legendary jerome bettis where the bus has returned 30 years after leaving school early. but first, your local news
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from had to buy every tool dan... honest question. do you know what this does? making the most of his gym membership dan... i'm here for moral support. you're doing great, tammy. earn cash back that automatically adjusts to where your spending is trending. good morning. it is 7:26. i'm marcus washington. here's today's top stories, including the covid crisis threatening classes in the east bay. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez with a strike deadline for teachers in the west contra costa unified school district. their union are demanding high-quality masks for all weekly testing for all and twice-weekly testing in classes where there have been confirmed positive cases. earlier this month the district closed for two days for deep cleaning, but the majority of the district's 1,500 teachers, nurses and staff say they are
7:27 am
willing to walk off the job if the district doesn't meet their demands. the deadline for that is today. >> i'm bob redell outside levi's stadium, it appears that the rams fans from trying to keep 49ers fans from attending the game might have backfired. earlier this week the rams wanted to restrict ticket sales to anyone outside of the los angeles area. the "l.a. times" reports that the ticket resale site vivid seats is estimating that 65% of tickets to sunday's game have gone to 49ers fans. >> we are expecting plenty of sunshine not only for southern california, but also here in the bay area. beautiful shot of coit tower. and we are going to see temperatures bump up. right now we're in the 30s. still pretty cold as you head out the door. 38 degrees in san jose, 35 in concord, and by the afternoon here is a closer look at your daytime highs. 67 in san jose, 66 in palo alto with periods of high clouds. but the dry weather remains
7:28 am
through the weekend. >> thanks. we're going to have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. we'll see you back here then. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning.
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we're back 7:30 friday morning. they are getting ready around boston it is going to be a block buster, al says. lot of salt at the ready that is not snow that is salt i'm squinting. >> yep. >> okay. well they are going to need it. >> that would be a lot of snow. >> well guess what, al says we're going to get a lot of snow we'll check with hill him in a bit. the coast guard called off the search for survivors of a boat capsized off florida's coast
7:31 am
last weekend 34 people are still missing. one survivor was rescued on tuesday. he was found clinging to the hall of the boat homeland security officials are investigating the case as a human smuggling operation. a federal judge is set to decide a new sentence today for tiger king joe exotic. an appeals court ruled last year the 22-year prison term he's serving should be shortened. exotic, whose real name is joseph maldonado hired two years to --. big art news a rare sandro botticelli painting of jesus christ sold for 45 million dollars at auction yesterday. the portrait tiled man of sorrows dating back to the early 16th century remained in private hands and out of the public eye for decades. the last time it sold in 1963 for a modest $26,000 pretty good investment there sold for 45 million. >> quite the return on the investment let's turn now to some mascot
7:32 am
makeovers capturing the nation's attention. >> disney announced its beloved character minnie mouse is getting a new look days after the m&m characters got a revamp too not everybody is happy about it. jacob soboroff taking a look it a for us good morning. >> if you have been online or tuned into late night tv the latest examples have some applauding and others up in arms one of disney's most iconic characters getting a modern makeover minnie mouse trading in her classic red and white polka-dot for a navy blue pantsuit, with a signature bow to match the new look created by british fashion designer stella mccartney to celebrate the 30th anniversary in march mccartney calling the outfit a
7:33 am
symbol of progress for a new generation but the fashion change is being met with criticism. >> they are trying to destroy fabrics of our society so everybody looks over here look at minnie mouse, don't look at inflation. >> reporter: last week candy maker mars announced its m&m characters had been redesigned to become more inclusive including the female brown m&m's high heels replaced with more sensible pumps and the green m&m ditching her go go boots for sneakers and both with less makeup. some questioning the change. >> where there woman who identified with the green m&m? as a guy i've never looked at any of those m&ms and been like yeah that's me, bro. i feel seen. >> reporter: and others taking the change more seriously. tucker carlson criticizing the
7:34 am
move. >> m&ms will not be satisfied until every last cartoon is deeply unappealing and totally androgenous. >> reporter: disney and mars the latest companies working to adapt to fast-moving cultural changes. some to better reflect consumers and others to address outcry over racist imagery and names like aunt jemima's pancake mix which became pearl milling company. uncle ben's rice now ben's original and george washingtonal marketing professor says consumers are demanding better representation. >> it becomes a question for companies. is this something that we are going to steer towards, or are we going stay the course and do what we've done forever? >> reporter: some of america's most iconic companies trying to keep a foot in the past while
7:35 am
evolving with the future >> reporter: jacob, this isn't the first time mini mouse's wardrobe was shaken up, right? >> exactly savannah in 2019 disney cruise line said they swapped out minnie's dress for a pant shoot to inspire next generation female leaders. and while there's been criticism, there's been plenty of praise too. as far as the m&ms, for what it is worth, they are going to taste exactly the same. >> good to know. >> thank you jacob. >> all right still ahead on a friday morning. our visit to a truly remarkable orphanage and school thousands of miles from their homes that's become a lifeline from children forced to flee conflict. keir simmons shares the hope and love he found there. that's after this. bro, one more time. worth of drip but i'm cut from a different cloth. tell my competition lay low. jif peanut butter. that flow crazy. it's that jif'ing good, ludacris changed his flow for it.
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vacation starts at the airport with centurion lounge access. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. we are back. 7:40 with "behind the wall," our series taking a close look and complex and changing relationship between the u.s. and china. >> this morning a place that's become a safe haven for children exiled, children caught in the middle of a struggle. >> keir simmons joins us with more good morning >> reporter: craig, good morning to you next week, the u.s. will lead a diplomatic boycott of the olympics over china's human rights record. the chines government's treatments of a minority group, the uyghurs, is one of the main motivations for the boycott.
7:41 am
we traveled to turkey where in uyghurs live in exile, and found children celebrated from their paints in this orphanage and school in turkey, more than a hundred children study together, eat together, live together. they are far from home their families torn apart. because they are ethnic uyghurs, a muslim minority from western china. their families fleeing what they say is persecution in china for their faith. for some the orphanage's director has become their lifeline you are all these kids have got right now. you are their parents. >> translator: i can be their father, i can be their mother. they have all my attention, he tells me >> reporter: many of these children's relatives he says have been sent so what they call chinese concentration camps. the state department reports
7:42 am
that since 2017, at least a million uyghurs have been held against their will in as many as 1200 state run internment facilities the u.s. calling genocide china rejects it calling the camps vocational reeducation centers. we visited in 2019 the chinese, keen to show us their program aimed at, they say, ridding residents of extremism and separatist thoughts. one of my guide, a senior official, this month in an exclusive video interview denied china is deliberately separating families. >> those living overseas from the xinjiang region and wanted to get contact with their family members or relatives back in the region can do so through the do channels.
7:43 am
>> reporter: but back in turkey. the director introduces know two of the youngest children in the orphanage. >> will you introduce me. >> how old are you 11 years old you are 11 can i ask you a difficult question when did you last see your mom and dad. >> reporter: they tell me they haven't seen their parents in more than five years. >> do you remember what they said to you? >> my mother says try your best to study hard and don't let me down every the director and volunteers work to feed the children in the cafeteria a 17 year old helping out in the kitchen tells her father went missing after going home to see relatives four years ago >> only thing we did is that we are muslim. >> reporter: he too believes was
7:44 am
sent to a camp >> yeah it is not that easy for us without dad in our family >> reporter: and back out in the hallway, the director tells his own harrowing story. his family too has been torn apart. >> my sister, my little brothers in my homeland >> reporter: and he says, 45 of his relatives have been sent to the camps. >> did you -- how many >> about 45. >> 45. >> reporter: every day, overcoming his own pain to give these children hope that they will be reunited with their parents.
7:45 am
one day you will see them again? >> yeah. >> yes. >> reporter: yeah, one day the morning reports the united nations high commissioner for human rights could visit china after the olympics to see for herself how the uyghurs are treated. critics vowing to keep china in the spotlight over its treatment of uyghurs guys >> heartbreaking but very important story. keir, thank you. thank you. we'll switch gears now al you have been watching the tracks of this weather and the big storm. >> that's right. a little light snow outside right now that actually has nothing do with this system. it is just a little low pressure area that is coming through. but what we do have coming in is some bitterly cold air we got a frigid canadian high. this nor'easter coming up the coast and that is a conveyor belt to bitterly cold windchills right now it is 2. it feels like 2 in chicago same in detroit. 29 in cincinnati hagerstown, maryland 25 buffalo feel like 5 degrees out there. this afternoon windchills of 8 in chicago
7:46 am
31 in philly 6 in saranac lake. 28 in nashville. and morning lows the next few days actual air temperatures. saturday starts off 10 in indianapolis warms up to 20 drops to 21 in columbia. orlando, down in florida they are worried about frost and freeze problems for the citrus crop, which has already been historically low so we're going to be watching that very closely. rest of the country today. frigid hello, there, bay area. it is a beautiful start. look at this live look. you can see coit tower and alcatraz and san francisco. it is nippy as you head out the door. we're starting out in the 30s in san jose, 38 degrees in dublin, concord 35. by this afternoon we're going to remain dry and we've got high clouds. look at your daytime highs. palo alto 66, oakland 62, san francisco, 63.
7:47 am
>> and that is your latest weather. guys >> thank you coming up meet the newest member of the first family, the cat now ready to roam the halls of the white house. but first these messages so i called back? same state farm agent. texted the next day? same guy. is that even legal? and get this - he remembered my name. of course. hey, blink twice if you're in danger. whoa, guys. at state farm, we actually get to know you. it's called service. come on! like a good neighbor, state farm is there. like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways.
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we're back carson joins us and still ahead you wish you could start your day in a better mood or maybe wednesday a smile instead of a sigh of relief. >> teaching us way to reset our minds and become more positive. >> and on "popstart," new music from lizzo and the moment she shared that music with her mom for the first time time first quick check your local ♪i look real good today,♪ ♪i look real good today,♪ ♪i look real good today♪ news ♪walkin' with a pocket full of benjis,♪ ♪and my ten piece♪ ♪i look real good today,♪ ♪i look real good today♪ ♪♪
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here's what's happening now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. if you like good economic news, here is some. americans are getting a lot of raises. the latest data from the labor department shows wages jumped 4% year-over-year in the last quarter measured. however, a different report says an inflation metric watched closely by the fed, the personal consumption index, also rose, up 5.8%. >> and it is 7:56 right now and the temps are still pretty cold, in the 30s in some spots. but it is so beautiful outside. look at this live look in san francisco. coit tower, you can see alcatraz, and it is nice and
7:57 am
clear. our current temps through the cooler spots include concord at 35 and morgan hill at 36. as far as your daytime highs, very pleasant weather today, in the upper 60s nor san jose, 67 degrees, 63 in concord, up through napa 65, santa rosa 66. we'll get a couple high clouds but we're going to keep the dry weather leading into the weekend as well. san francisco, saturday and sunday temps in the upper 50s, heading into sunday. the big game for our 49ers in southern california, they're also expecting a lot of sunshine. marcus? >> thank you. we'll have another local news update coming up in half an hour. i'll see you back here then.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
i love sharing the places i hold dear to my heart with my friends.
8:00 am
. . 49. because i want to learn. >> the heartwarming reasons he's back in the classroom. just ahead. plus, out of the bag.
8:01 am
the first family welcomes a new cat to the white house. we'll introduce you to willow and tell you how she's adjusting to her new life with the bidens. and a very special morning. ♪ in case nobody told you today ♪ you're special ♪ >> lizzo shares what happened when she played her new song for her mom the first time. friday, january 28, 2022. from orlando, florida. >> happy 55th birthday. >> love you guys. >> we're excited to watch the winter olympics on nbc. go team usa. >> good morning "today show." >> from us in chilly minneapolis, minnesota. >> i want to give a huge shout
8:02 am
out to our doctor, nurses and healthcare heroes that make this place so special. we love you. lot of love out there. welcome back to "today" on a friday morning. good to have you starting your day with us. hoda is off. i hope she's bundled up somewhere. we're gonna get a lot of snow. >> friyay. >> by the way we've got the nfl conference championships coming up to decide who's going to the super bowl. an entire week of first looks and sneak peaks and all of those commercials that you are going to see on super bowl sunday. we're going to have a new one every day here on today. >> it is going to be good. news at 8:00. snowplows and salt trucks ready to roll from the carolinas to new england. that major storm al's been warning about this week is making its way here. in some cases record amounts of snow. al has the latest. what do you have? >> 65 million of us under some winter storm watch, warning
8:03 am
advisory. also blizzard warnings from virginia and just the northern tip of north carolina, all the way to new england. last time we saw this? four years ago. we're going to be looking now tracking the storm. philadelphia, light to moderate snow from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. snow ends by noon. new york city, heavy snow 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. but the snow doesn't end till around 2:00 in the afternoon. blow zpg drifting happening. same in hartford. heaviest snow 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the snow goes until the evening. boston, blizzard like. strong winds 1k a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the snow ends by 11 and dangerous wins as well. strong on shore winds with coastal flooding. downed powerlines. scattered power outages from the delmarva pence to new england. and some places seeing snowfall rates 2-4 inches per hour. looking at 12-18 inches of snow in atlantic city. 1-2 in d.c. 8-12 here in new york.
8:04 am
might be on the low side. and 12-18 in montauk and up to two feet in boston. airports and roads are going to be treacherous. we'll continue to track i want and bring you the latest as it comes in. >> we'll come back to you in a few minute, buddy. meanwhile, president biden is narrowing the choices for his first supreme court nomination. he revealed on thursday the qualities that he's looking for during an event with retiring justice stephen breyer. nbc's chief white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest. including when we can expect a decision. peter, good morning. >> craig, good morning. nice to see you. it is now president biden's turn to deliberate. the president says is that he's already reviewing possible candidates to replace the retiring justice stephen breyer.
8:05 am
and that he intends to announce his decision by the end of february. that is next month. the president also says that he's going seek the advice from outside legal experts, from his vice president, and from senators from both parties as he honored justice briar on thursday. the president recommitted to his campaign pledge about his pick. >> the person i'll nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualification, character, experience and integrity. and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. it's long overdue in my view. >> reporter: among the names getting the most attention. judge ketanji brown jackson. he's 51, harvard law graduate and a notably she was confirmed just last year with bipartisan support. 45 year old california supreme court justice leondra kruger. and j. michele childs, a federal judge in south carolina. home to james clyburn one of the president's closest allies. even in a 50/50 senate the democrats can confirm the nominee, if they stay united. back to you. >> from the white house, peter,
8:06 am
thank you. and president biden and the first lady welcome ad new member of the white house family. ever since they first moved in there were rumors they would be getting a cat. and now they have. willow biden. nbc senior white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has the news. >> the first feline is out of the bag finally. yes, today, after more than a year of hints going back to this conversation with craig last year. >> the first family was considering adopting a cat. >> oh yes. and that is true. yes. >> can you confirm that he's waiting in the wings she. she is waiting in the wings. >> was this your idea mr. president? >> no, but it's easy. >> this green eyed short hair tabby is now officially part of the family. say hello to willow biden. named for the first lady's hometown, willow grove, pennsylvania. she's two years old.
8:07 am
the first lady spokesman says willow is settling into the white house with her favorite toys, treats and plenty of room to smell and explore. willow was once a farm cat dr. biden met on the campaign trail. the bidens are pet people who lost their beloved german shepherd "champ" last june. and then major made headlines over biting incidents and moved to delaware. and welcomed commander, now five months old to enjoy beach walks and life at the white house, with his new furry feline sibling. but willow looks like she'll be in charge. jen psaki had her own prediction about willow's debut. >> we know the cat will break the internet. >> reporter: but that curiosity won't hitter the first cat. kelly o'donnell, nbc news the white house. >> hope it goes better for willow than it did champ. >> yeah. all right.
8:08 am
all right. >> hope he behaves. >> becoming author is smog so many people dream about. when it finally happened for jess ekstrom she told her mom she wanted her to be the first to see the new hard cover but her mom didn't know who it was dedicated. >> overcome with emotion after seeing that book was dedicated to her it is called "chasing the bright side" and about embracing optimism to create a meaningful life for yourself. >> so sweet. >> yeah. up next we're going back to school with the bus, hall of famer, and super bowl champ jerome bettis. >> at nearly 50 years old, his pursuit of another dream, a
8:09 am
college diploma, has landed him back at notre dame and ann thompson, a resident notre dame correspondent shares her inspiring visit with jerome bettis on campus to find out why finishing up that degree means so much to him we'll have that after this my plaque psoriasis... ea ...the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is the only medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. from good thing she bought extra rashida... ohhh this one's a goner. alwa nen on a zero .
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8:13 am
himself as a student athlete hen he left the athlete took prominence as he became the heart of the pittsburgh steelers leading them to a super bowl victory in super bowl xl now he's a student again pursing a different title. >> reporter: the bus is back in school jerome bettis who powered through nfl defenses for 91 touchdowns and ran his way into the hall of fame is once again at notre dame. you are notre dame class of? >> oh my goodness. class of 2022? wow, i didn't think about that. >> reporter: 27 years after he earned that nickname in college, wow, i didn't think about that. >> reporter: 27 years after he he's here to finish his business degree more than twice the age of his
8:14 am
fellow students. what's it like to be back at school at age 49 >> it is so strange. because i am -- i'm so behind the times. i'm a dinosaur i don't know what anything is. i'm struggling with the technology. >> reporter: they take notes on ipads. he uses a pen and gets lost in new buildings. >> i don't know which way it is. >> reporter: but some things are familiar like the refrigerate january weather. jerome, where are your gloves? >> i left my gloves -- >> reporter: four courses from graduation betts is just another senior sort of. >> everyone kind of know who is the boss is, especially notre dame. >> reporter: betts left notre dame his junior year for the nfl. 1993 first round draft pick for the los angeles rams, he became a power running icon with the pittsburgh steelers, a six-time
8:15 am
pro bowler, walter payton man of the year, super bowl winner. but not a college congratulate graduate why is it so important to get that college degree. >> one, that i complete the task at hand. that is what i wanted to do. also i promised my mother that i would get my degree. but most importantly, i have two children for them to see dad finish a commitment i think it says a lot to them. >> are you a better student at 49 than you were at 18, 1 or 20? >> i am a much better student 49 because i want to learn. i want to know all this information. >> reporter: in his business, trucking, staffing, development and marketing companies. as well as a tv personality during the nfl season. >> this week, this is only thing that counts. >> reporter: 27 years later, bettis's football scholarship is still good of the 21 members of his football class, 20 earned their degrees.
8:16 am
bettis will be the 21st. >> i stay to all our coaches that there are three things we should be striving for first, integrity, doing things the right way. second is help these kids get a degree and do well in their lives. and the third is winning on the field. and jerome is getting a degree after all his success just underscoring how important that is. >> reporter: back in the locker room where he first found national fame, bettis shows me the traditions. >> now, the first sign, you have got to make sure and that one, you just want to tap it because -- there we go. >> reporter: today pursuing a different kind of glory with the same enthusiasm.
8:17 am
>> this is that moment where it is all coming together i mean right now it's got me itchy. >> are you ready to go. >> i'm democrat ready to go. i'm excited that >> reporter: this may le graduate at notre dame stadium, fulfilling the promise he made to his mom. >> this is education and you can never take away the education. >> reporter: finishing one of the best runs of his life. now, this story was a lot of fun for me to shoot because i'm a notre dame grad and i serve on the board. and over the years i've crossed paths with jerome. and i've always found him inspiring but never more so than what he's trying to accomplish today. guys >> so admirable. yeah. >> i think he should be the commencement speaker at his own graduation how cool would that be >> i know. >> what about those kids in his classes? like, again, just, you are sitting in math class and all of a sudden, like what? >> the bus. >> is that jerome? >> yeah, well what's funny they are all masked. he can walk around campus pretty anonymously because he's masked and in heavy winter clothes. but when he sits in class, he's obviously older.
8:18 am
and then when they ask his name. like the lightbulb goes off. one of the kids said he's got a wife, two did and four business, i'm going home doing homework and sitting on the couch watching the food channel. they are on different planes but he participates in class and he said the hardest thing is not to keep raising his hand the whole time he loves it. >> great story >> he doesn't have to go back. >> no. >> and he wants to. >> we would all love to go back to college at some point. >> no, no. >> -- yes -- >> -- rodney dangerfield i'm going back we all have are. >> we are pledging. >> definitely. >> thank you, ann. that was wonderful. >> thank you let's get to al. all important forecast today. >> let's look at what we've got for today. we're going to be watching that storm developing
8:19 am
along the southeast and atlantic coast. in the meantime light snow chicago to new york. part of a frontal system pushing through. temperatures behind that front bitterly cold with dangerous windchills 70s only in southern california and southern florida for the day today sunny skies in the western third of the country but santa ana winds blowing around southern california, frigid temps around the great lakes, and a little light snow with the front moving through the mid-atlantic states. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> beautiful start to our friday. live look in san francisco. you can see alcatraz back there, clear start, no fog in sight, and the temperatures still pretty cold in some spots including dublin, livermore, down through morgan hill, waking up to those 30s. we have a couple of spots that will all be in the mid to upper 60s by the afternoon. high clouds at times, san jose 67, concord 63, san francisco 63. >> we may have a blizzard coming, but we got a blizzard of "popstart" news.
8:20 am
it is going to be fantastic. >> i'm going back to college, everybody. i'm gonna enroll you're all invited in my dorm. >> kegger. >> totally bring your red cup first up, neil young, this was a big story this week. fans of singer are campaigning to boycott spotify after the music streaming service honored neil young's request to remove his work from the platform calling out spotify for airing comedian joe rogan's pod cast. young writing in a since deleted letter on the website, they can have rogan or young, not both. following spotify's decision to keep the comedian joe rogan's pod cast over neil young's music catalog, the hashtags have taken ouch on twitter. in response, spotify competitors are jumping in apple music and sirius xm seem to be showing their support as well for the singer. not a surprise on thursday apple displaying the banner we love neil on their homepage sirius bring back their neil young radio show for a second
8:21 am
run. up next. ahead of the singles release, lizzo, shared the first time he sirius annou splayed her song, a new one called "special" for her mom ♪ in case nobody told you today ♪ ♪ you're special ♪ ♪ in case nobody made you believe ♪ ♪ you're special ♪ ♪ well i will always love you the same ♪ ♪ you're special ♪ one called "special" for her mom ♪ in case nobody told you toda ♪ i'm so glad that you're still ♪ you're special ♪ ♪ well i will always love you the same ♪ ♪ you're special ♪ ♪ i'm so glad that you're still with us ♪ with us ♪ ♪ broken but damn ♪ you're stil perfect ♪
8:22 am
>> nice ode to mom there definitely getting mom's stamp of approval. can't wait to hear the rest of that and more music from lizzo. "saturday night live" the back this weekend with host willem dafoe and musical guest katy perry but a peek at the most recent preview suggests might not about. >> i'm willem dafoe and hosting snl with katy perry. i love this sketch already. >> this is just a proposal. >> whatever you call it. it's hilarious. >> you can see, willem -- i found that funny that is this saturday. of course right here on nbc. next up, olivia munn we might have to nominate this to be one of the -- maybe a -- did you do a morning boost morning boost part duo very few things cuter than babies playing like a play date. on thursday, olivia munn shared
8:23 am
a series of snapshots featuring her and john mulaney's son malcolm and golding's daughter lyla olivia joking that lyla showing off her own stunts with her action movie star dad. >> cute. >> that is cute. finally jamie dornan sat down about his recent role in belfast. semi auto biographical story about his childhood during ireland's conflict known as the trouble. dorian sharing his own experience growing up in belfast northern island. >> people are like, jesus. i'm like you know what was it was actually like the most lovely childhood the heart and the warmth of people in that city is like
8:24 am
nowhere else in the world. i'm obviously bias but i think all of ireland are the warmest, friendly les funniest most resilient people >> very interesting. catch more of that conversation this weekend right here on sunday "today" with our buddy willie. all right guys coming up. we're going to get calm. our friend jay shetty is here to help us be mindful and positive in 2022. he's got some good tips. first a check of your local news and weather. first a check of your local news and weather.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. parents and oakland teachers should get a better idea of which schools will be ts week st it's considering closing 13 schools. this is due in part to budget deficit of more than $40 million. covid relief funding did help postpone the closures but that's close to running out. parents and staff will be notified today. the school board will receive the proposal monday. they are set to vote on that plan february 8th. time to get a look at the forecast for you on this friday.
8:27 am
meteorologist vianey arana has a look at that. >> such a nice start, haven't been worried about the fog, clear skies, beautiful shot of san jose. let's look at san francisco's forecast. 47 degrees in san francisco. if you look at the icons, we will keep some of those high clouds lingering, upper 50s, but we'll hit some low 60s today in the city. and for the rest of the bay area, upper 60s, down from the south bay into the interior valleys, concord 63, san jose 67, oakland 62. we're going to keep this dry weather not just for today but also through the weekend with temps in the upper 50s, low 60s. marcus? >> thanks, vianey. i'll have another local news update in 30 minutes. see you back here then
8:28 am
welcome to the happiest place on earth! where your happy... is everywhere!
8:29 am
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oh, they are playing our song and folks, they are off. back at 8:30 with dozens of team usa athletes hopping on a plane at lax on thursday for that trip to the winter olympics the first event just six days away the opening ceremony one week from right now and savannah guthrie, your hard at work studying ready. >> the opening ceremony a week from today it will actually be live at this time so if you want to get up and have your coffee and watch, you can. >> do you have to study a lot. >> you do. parade of nations.
8:31 am
you do actually. it is fun. >> if folks can, if they maybe want to come out to the plaza we're going to open it up. >> it is going to be really fun. >> starts next friday. if you are fully vaccinated and would like to join us, we'd love to have you. head to >> jay shetty in the meantime is going to help us push the reset button find a little more positivity in the year ahead. >> and a long time and legendary member of our nbc news family kevin tibles is hanging up his hat. and as we celebrate his remarkable career. >> what a great guy. and coming up. is this a trick question do you love tacos and crispy chicken? of course you do and with a lot of folks searching for healthier recipes to begin the year. >> and coming up in a few
8:32 am
minutes on the third hour of "today" we're at home with jill martin sharing hacks and deals fur our daily lives and date night as well. done right, according to jill. but before, that mr. roker, how about one final check? >> our weekend ahead for tomorrow, snow and wind. mitt atlantic into the northeast and new england. the rest of the country looking nice mild weekend in the central planes from the great lakes to the gulf coast one last dry day in the pacific northwest, where a new storm moves in on on sunday. it will be the coldest florida night and day in years sunday with chilly conditions and light right now in san francisco, it's 47 degrees. we have some high clouds in the area but not too concerned about the fog for today. we'll get some sunshine in through the afternoon. it's about 58 degrees by 1:00. eventually, though, we will be topping out in those low to mid-60s around the bay, even around the coastline as well.
8:33 am
upper 60s for the south bay and the interior, livermore 63. morgan hill, 68, nearing that 70-degree mark. for the weekend, we'll keep the dry weather around lingering through the start of the work week. weather. >> when we come back, our friend jay shetty will guide introduce a more meaningful grounded way of living. if that sounds ambitious, don't worry it jay is going to make it all so simple carson. simple carson. but first, this istoday" on "
8:34 am
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we are back with start "today" and a much needed deep breath with on of our favorite, jay shetty. >> former monk turned storyteller making his wisdom go viral with a community of 45 million followers. his inspiring videos have been seen seven billion times and a global best seller and number 1 pod cast. >> and today the monumental task helping us get our minds right in 2022. high jay good morning. >> good morning.
8:36 am
so great to see you both again i've missed you. >> you too we're getting to be at the end of january seems about the right time for resolutions to start just going kaput. why is it so hard to stick with these goals that we set at the beginning of the year? >> yeah, you are so right, studies show that 80% of us drop our new year's resolutions by february 1st so this is just in time. and there are two top reasons. one of the first ones is that we think we need to make a big change be does kind of a small priority it needs to be the other way around we need to make a small change but make it a big priority in our lives. and the second one is that we're really struggling because we're trying to change everything all at the same time try and create a "what if" plan. if you sleep late, what to you
8:37 am
do next? if you don't wake up early, what to you do next if you miss a day, what do you do next? make a what if plan. >> i think a lot of people have a hard time with just managing their time what do you say too these people i want to do all this stuff but i have three jobs and like children and have to get dinner and stop at the market tonight how do you negotiate and make time >> so psychology talks about the difference between being efficient and being effective. and i think sometimes we try to do both of them in the same day. so efficient is quantity it is doing a lot of things. it is doing a number of things and being effective is doing a few important things so when you are planning out your schedule for the week, ask yourself is monday going to be an efficient day or an effective day? is my goal to tick off everything off my to-do list or is my goal to focus on one big important task and when we start looking at days and weeks
8:38 am
as efficient or effective, which we need both of. then we start to be really conscious conscience of what we expect each day. >> let's talk about meditation how long have you been meditating savannah? >> i do not. i tried but i can't. i have that monkey mind. >> i'm knew to it too. and that's a interesting i think we could talk -- meditation seems to be the big thing people talk about. but when i first started what was bothersome was my racing mind. i have this internal dialogue. and what is -- how do you meditate. >> what i've really tried to do with my new series in partnership with calm called the daily j. is take seven minutes. say you are folding the laundry, washing the dishes, maybe you are making your bed. you can actually plug in and listen to the daily j and use that as you do an activity
8:39 am
and as you are doing the activity, allow yourself to connect with the story, the insight and focus on your breath. >> is that meditation? i thought -- >> yes. >> -- was like you are like sitting in. >> silence >> not like doing your laundry. >> analyzing your own brain. >> meditation is a tool that can be practiced that way by mindfulness is inviting meditation to every part of your daily life being still, experiencing things more deeply. that's where we experience more joy. >> what about if you try to meditate and you fall asleep that happens to me a lot >> you take an am bean. >> no i can't. just a cocktail -- just kidding. no i do. if i actually start to get quiet, i fall asleep. >> i think you won >> i would say that meditation is actually showing your body and mind what you need so when you meditate, if you fall asleep, that is your body showing you what you need at
8:40 am
that time. and so some people when they meditate they feel energized when they meditate they fall asleep it is good the as the great signal to what you need to make are time for this weekend. >> it begs the question, should we be telling people put the phone down walk in nature talk to people face to face. why are we telling people to spend more time on their phone >> i think one of the most beautiful things is giving people an alternative choice we all have the habit of reaching for our phones in the morning. and it can be a real challenge but what if you could reach for your phone in the morning but press play on a meditation and now you are actually being transported to another space you are being connected to yourself i think it is about giving people healthy choices because we are connected to our phones throughout the day wherever we go. >> you are right and you do have to kind of meet the audience where they are in order to help them. >> exactly >> i think also when you are meditating though you have won
8:41 am
that is like the ultimate goal best place of bliss. >> and also it is like don't think you are going to be a monk like jay just start small right jay? >> definitely start small. take it easy and don't put too much pressure on yourself. meditation is joyfully performed and step by step. >> i didn't do the dry january i did the damp january not going to be dry. >> -- julyish january, but it wasn't. >> december was wet and -- >> yeah. >> -- that's less pressure that's what jay is saying. >> exactly baby steps >> baby steps to mental health >> moderation. >> thank you jay. >> thank you jay coming up a man seen and covered just about everything. we're going to cebrate ourel
8:42 am
♪ every year i ask chris, where are we going? as a single mother, i definitely think it's important as a way to connect. i've never been out to the san juans and things have really shocked me. i am so greatful to be able to experience it with my son, and to feel so comfortable. this will be something that we'll talk about forever.
8:43 am
we are celebrating a beloved member of the family kevin tibbles. >> correspondent for nbc news more than 25 years
8:44 am
kevin has finally decided he needs a little rest. >> we like to celebrate him. we don't want to say goodbye but first a look at everything he's done for us over the decades >> b kevin tibbles joins nbc news in 1995 as foreign correspondent traveling the globe covering breaking news, reporting on some of the biggest stories, like the war in iraq. >> so far we've heard several thuds which would assume to be cruise missiles. >> and the death of princess diana. >> from just outside the gates of buckingham palace >> 22 million pounds of plastic dumped into the great lakes each year. >> in 2000 moved to the united states and has been our go-to reporter out of chicago more than 20 years with a front row seat to history. covering our country's first black president. >> expecting many as a million people for this victory party for barack obama >> and he was on the ground for some of our greatest challenges,
8:45 am
like hurricane katrina and rita. >> if these levees are not breached now they are certainly going to be weakened. >> kevin's covered five olympic games and some of the world's greatest athletes. >> if you need anybody, give me a call. >> learned how to fight like an ancient gladiator. >> aam scared. >> and introduced us to the opera in china >> tibs has a seemingly ending appetite for adventure he's golfed on the glaciers of iceland. >> the 18th hole is somewhere beneath those clouds >> gotten up close and personal with beluga whales he's a topnotch correspondent with a huge heart. tibs has done it all and while his adventures at nbc may be coming to an end, if we know question, there will be plenty more ahead.
8:46 am
we love seeing those adventures. why are we always in the cold places >> well of course as a proud canadian, who else are you going stick out there in the freezing cold weather and i have to say, al, that it's snowing pretty good outside my little chicago home right now. i'm very glad that i'm inside in the warmth feeling the warmth and all the love, of course. >> and tib, is there a story after 25 years that really stands out more than the others? >> well i -- craig, you know, i -- i've loved everything that i've done. and i think you just had a little example of how wild it can get.
8:47 am
especially when you are working for "today." but i really enjoy the company of other people. people i've never met. you know, as kids when we were growing up my mom and dad drove us from coast to coast to coast. and my father always used to speak to everyone. while us kids lay on the backseat of the car out of embarrassment. because he could talk to everyone and unfortunately, that's what snap happened to my own children who are now grown up and taken off to get as far away from me as possible. but i can always coax a sound bite out of anyone primarily because i'm actually interested in what they have to say. >> you're a charmer. >> -- blessing it's been a blessing and. >> yeah kevin, i want to tell you as a young reporter i used to read your scripts besides being a great
8:48 am
interviewer you were an incredible writer. i see that typewriter behind you. i'm wondering, are there books in you what are you going to do after this >> well actually i'm going to be calling up jay the monk right after this interview and hopefully he's going to be --. i have -- i have a summer place that's winterized up in quebec on the st. lawrence, a beautiful part of the world. i'm going sit there and look out the window for a little while and watch the boats gogy by. i have lots of plans i haven't decided. of course i'm going play some hockey and i've really taken to curling, which is a crazy, crazy four-year phenomenon, every olympics and i'm going to be doing my curling. you know, i might have a little time to do some typing in between. but we'll see. >> well kevin, it is a well
8:49 am
earned rest. we're going miss you well done my friend. well done. we love you and thank you so much for everything you have given to this network over the years. >> yeah, thanks tib. >> thanks, tib. >> just don't let me get emotional here. >> we won't let it happen. >> you won't have to play golf in iceland anymore you can go to florida now. >> well, you know, they got those, you know, they have got those blue lagoon hot pools or natural springs there. so after a rough game of golf you can go relax in there with, you know, while i'm doing a dry january and february and march right now. >> always -- >> thank you, kev. >> thank you, tibs. >> thank you, kevin. keep in touch. >> bless you all, thank you. >> we love you. >> when we come back we're going to hop aboard a hot food trend with a new twist on tacos that will surprise and please your family but first, this is "today.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
we're back with "today food" and this morning's guest, the lovely jenne claiborne >> she's the blogger and mastermind behind speed potatoes where her mission is to make vegan food easy and approachable and i love this. it is going to be done with tacos. >> there is a thing called vegan-uary that's been a topic of google searches for the morant veganuary. so you are going to share two meals that are very easy to make, also good for you. packed with flavor jay why are people ditching meat and dairy and going the vegan route? >> first off because it makes them feel so much better when you are eating vegan food especially wholesome vegan food. things made of cauliflower and beans, whole grains and such you are going feel lighter, more energy your digestion is going work better so people want to take advantage of those amazing benefits this time of year and hopefully stick with it beyond january. >> what is an your veganuary
8:53 am
menu today >> so today we're making a couple of my most famous >> what is an your veganuary menu today? >> so today we're recipes. my cauliflower fried chicken and we're using a cauliflower. i want to show you i cut it into the florets that are going to resemble fried chicken so what i'm going to be doing is a using a regular fried chicken batter here i have flour. i'm going start it off i have nutritional yeast in here which is a vegan little secret old bay, paprika onion powder and over here the wetted soy milk over here use any non dairy milk mustard and some hos sauce this is going to be a spicy fried chicken. and when you do this you want to double batter. first do your wet.
8:54 am
mustard and some hos sauce. this is going to be a spicy dip dip. put it into the dry. use a different hand we're not going to cross this. use a different hand for the dry. stick it back into the wet double dredge that >> why do you do that? >> you do that because then you are going to have more flavor on your batter. it is going to be so good. and just fry this for about four minutes. four to five minutes until it is nice and crispy. and golden brown like we have over here basically. can it is super easy to do it is just cauliflower and delicious. >> about two minutes left. we want to make sure we get to these tacos. >> let me show you the tacos these are incredible
8:55 am
lentil tacos with a mango guacamole this is so easy. the mango guacamole is just a regular guacamole with mango added. and your lime, cilantro. all that good stuff. and the tacos, i have tomatoes over here. cook the tomatoes until they are nice and soft. and then add in your lentil, add in some chopped kale you can use frozen kale or spinach or any other green you want then add your spices i like to measure mine out ahead of time. cumin chili powder, lots of salt cook that down and we don't have much time. so you cook that down and then you are going to have something like this. so easy to make. takes a few minutes. and anybody can do it and it is great for anyone whether you are vegan or not just a really nice healthy light, super flavorful and
8:56 am
filling vegan meal. >> you nailed it couple days left for veganuary couple days left and go to for the recipe >> veganuary >> thank you, great job. still ahead and this should be interesting. hoda and jenna are playing match maker for a fewer who asked for their help finding love. >> before that third hour, the stars of servant, lauren ambrose and rupert grint but first your local news it is 8:56. i'm marcus washington. as of next tuesday, masks will no longer be required in offices, gyms, religious gatherings or college classrooms if everyone the vaccinated and
8:57 am
boosted and those gatherings have fewer than 100 people. exemptions are allowed for restaurants and bars but people need a recent negative covid test. teachers in one east bay school district may be ready to walk off the job. it all stems from a dispute over covid policies. kris sanchez is following those developments and will have mored a midday. and gearing up for the nfc championship, the 49ers take on the l.a. rams with a trip to the super bowl at stake. head over to where we have a dedicated tab for the big game.
8:58 am
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such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. this morning on the third hour of "today," monster storm. tens of millions in the northeast bracing for a major winter blow. boston possibly buried by up to two feet of the white stuff. we're tracking this potentially historic storm. then later, jill martin's got ideas for snow days, and date nights. she's sharing some home hacks and romantic advice you'll love. and we'll reveal healthy habits that could be the key to the a longer happier life. spoiler alert. there will be wine. "today," friday january 28,


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