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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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will the new year festivities return. we'll take you there. a wild hit and run crash ends up shutting down bart service. we're following more trouble on 580. will he or won't he? tom brady requirement rumors sets the sports world on fire. his own parents are throwing water on those flames. what they told us about the situation today. the news at 5:00, starts now. thanks for joining us.
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we are following break news. traffic on 580 is moving again after police investigated a suspicious vehicle. bart service has resumed as well. it's been a nightmare day for drivers in the area. here is a picture from the scene less than an hour ago 580 was closed in both directions. you can see a police vehicle behind another vehicle on side of the road. it's not clear why police closed the highway. >> here is a look at how bad the back up was. >> crash caused a pickup to go through a fence partially onto the bart tracks. bart had to shut down some areas. is this one is separate from the incident we told you about on
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580. lunar new year celebrations returns to town. china town was buzzing. a small procession. >> it's where it starred. hopefully we can start before the people come in. >> reporter: the owner the hoping lunar new year festivities will be a boost. for a while now pandemic related closures and impacts have been tough on businesses in china town. sdmp very hard. . >> reporter: city leaders and law enforcement were on hand.
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>> basically selling anything from lucky celebrations to flowers to fruits to anything to decorate and prepare the home for. >> the year of the tiger starts february 1st. >> reporter: they coordinate for the chinese new year parade and sate to return after covid cancel it last year and other events are back too. >> we're grateful we're partnering with the city of san francisco to open this event. >> reporter: he believes turn out today was better than expected and says safety remains priority. >> we are still under pan demonstrate basic and trying to deliver this event as healthy and safely as possible. all of our volunteers and staff workers, all the booth workers have been fully vaccinated and verified as well as wear masks.
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>> reporter: visitors are glad to support. >> it's a great way for the community to come together and enjoy this time of year. san francisco is asking people to take precautions for covid. not just for lunar new year but upcoming black history month. really for all events. the city seven day average is about 1200 new cases of covid a day. san francisco is loosening indoor mask mandates. gym members and other stable cohorts can take off masks inside if they are fully vaccinate and eligible boosted. the number of overcall covid cases has exceeded 74 million. case count reached 73 million three days ago, signaling a slight slow down. millions of home tests are
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arriving in the mail across the country. more than 8 million of the cases have been in california while the state is averaging about 90,000 new cases per day. >> a positivity rate set at 2.3%. by january 8th it spiked to 23%. by now the positivity rate is under 19%. that's down close to 2% from the previous seven-day average. people wondering about getting a free n95 mask, if you have questions, we've got answers. we have an article answering many popular questions. head to our website, click on covid-19 faq in the trending bar. are you ready? it's less than 24 hours to kick off -- >> i'm ready. >> you've been ready.
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san francisco 49ers fans got a special treat at the airport this morning. go ahead and take a look here. you can see some of the 49er fans out there high fiving 49ers mas mascot as their boarded their plane. united airlines organized a pep rally. that's the team drum line. the organizers say they want it to be ready to root for the team by the time they land in l.a. >> we're looking forward to them pulling out a win. it's going to be awesome. >> go niners. >> by the looks of it, the rams attempt to keep 49ers fans home isn't working too well. more evidence of 49ers fans taking over l.a. look at this. this is the sea of red, as you see there in enemy territory. 49er fans took over a bar in los angeles and that games doesn't start until tomorrow.
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they're doing pretty good out there. they obviously can't wait. we'll have a live report from l.a. during our newscast at 6:00 pm. all kinds of statement and denials about the greatest career in football history coming to an end. there's con flicking reports about tom brady's playing status. earlier today espn reported he was retiring after 22 seasons. it's kind of stunning. brady's mother says the reports are not true. on top of that, brady reached out to buccaneers general manager to say he has not made a decision yet. brady's agent issued a statement saying without getting into the accuracy or inaccuracy of what's being reported, tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. the seven-time super bowl champion may retire, maybe go after one more super bowl. we still have to wait and see.
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you worked in boston where he was the lord mayor. >> absolutely. the g.o.a.t. this would be the top story there. the entire newscast would be on tom brady. will he retire or not, besides the blizzard that they are dealing with now. you actually spoke with his mother today. >> i talked to her. she answers phone and we start talking like she was the most real person. she goes, the family would know. we don't know about this. this is not accurate. he has announced it. he may some time soon but as of right now, that has not been announced by tom brady and you really want to know what going on, talk to mom. >> she knows it all. >> did she seem a little annoyed? >> no, no. she wasn't crazy about the reports but she was cool with me. >> whether he retires or not,
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what a career. >> seven super bowls. coming up, going off road to the aftermath of a crash in the north bay. how this car ended up on the shed's roof. thousands on the east coast are out of power after being walloped by a powerful storm. the latest on the conditions as the nor'easter rolls through. at the complete opposite weather end, you have the bay area. 62 degrees. san francisco today. a few areas near 70. we'll talk about if it will continue for sunday. we come right back. is
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. a wild scene in the north bay early this morning. the chp says the driver of a blue car lost control about 5:00 this morning. highway 29 in napa ended up crashing through a shed hitting three work trucks and coming to rest, look at this, on top of a shed on a cargo container. it happened at a storage yard that saw damage from a similar crash a year ago. >> this one was something out of the movies. seeing a car on top of a container. that was a different view early in the morning.
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the last one was last year. it took out a couple trucks. come to my side. >> the driver, the only person in the car, the only one hurt and the chp says the 21-year-old man behind the wheel was taken to the hospital with just minor injuries and then arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence. officers had to call a crane to get the wrecked car off the shed and down to the ground. time is rushing out to cash in on the 2021 stimulus payments. the irs most people automatically got all of the stimulus money they qualified for but in some cases the credit can still be claimed. one big reason, you had baby or gained a dependent in 202137 you also qualify if you lost income in 2021 compared to 2020 or if you didn't get the stimulus but were eligible. if the payment isn't claimed on your 2021 tax return, you'll have to file an amended claim
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later to claim it. the company meta opened a new public park today on the peninsula. take a look. the park is named mett park and is right next to the park campus. it's just more than two acres long. it's part of meta's ongoing agreement to improve the city park. a live look at san francisco that has one top honor of being home to places where employees like to work. people mentioned flexible work environments, strong benefits and access to senior leadership. some other to metro areas, new
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york, boston and l.a. we're following that powerful winter storm blasting the east cost. this is a look at boston. massachusetts has declared a state of emergency as of this afternoon. more than 100,000 customers appear to be without power. officials are warning people to stay off the road. it's dropped snow from the carolinas to canada. the mayor said the storm could be historic. >> reporter: the powerful nor'easter brought blizzard conditions to several northeast states. in massachusetts, one plow driverer summed it all up perfectly. >> we can't see anyone. can't see people. >> can't see. it's coming down 30 inches in an hour. we'll be here until sunday morning. >> reporter: part of state expected to get more than two feet of snow. more than 100,000 people lost
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power, most south of fwons that saw the highest wind and coastal flooding. people were warned to stay home. >> i got do urge each and every one of you to stay off the road. >> reporter: many did. travel was dangerous and difficult. airports cancelled thousands of flights. the storm exits, the danger isn't over. temperature overnight plunging into the single digits. >> this is when frostbites kicks in. look at how serious that can be. we're trying to remind everybody to take this very seriously. >> reporter: perhaps the region had a stroke of luck that the storm hit on a saturday. >> i think we'll be able to get through this pretty smoothly. >> reporter: clean up in the hardest hit areas could take days. take a live look from bos don. that's their sky ranger out there keeping track of the blizzard. you can see just how powerful
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that wind is. in this type of wind if you're reporting out there, you'll need googles because it's strong and painful as well. here is the thing. when driving in these types of blizzards, first off you're not recommended to drive in the blizzard. you are going very, very slow because they are very dangerous conditions. you pretty much should stay at home. that's what they are dealing with now. >> you had your googles when you were back there? >> i did. i had multiple layers. my buddies who work out there have been covering this blizzard all day, all night. they're asking me how we're doing out here. i felt so bad. it's like it's in the 60s. >> how bad should they feel? it felt pretty darn good today. >> you miss any of that? >> no, i'm not. i'm grateful i'm here. wind chill factor 0 degrees in some of those places.
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look at the progression of that nor'easter. it's now 13 degrees in boston. you factor in the wind and that's when the feels like temperature is dropping below zero. the snow moving out. the temperatures locking in the cold. quite a change compared to what we're seeing back here in california. near 70s in l.a. currently 58 degrees, clear skies. no sign of any snow here. storm ranger need a car wash now. haven't had any rain in while. over to strans no sign of any fog, no clouds out there. 62 degrees. as we head towards the morning the one cloud type we could see will be patchy fog. we're in the inland east bay valleys. could have a little bit of fog as we start off the day. patchy frost possible as well. the rest of the weekend ends like how it is now. sunny sky, hazy conditions with trts again climbing through the 60s. by our standard, it will be a
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little chilly for the morning. upper 30s to start your morning. by lunchtime upper 50s. our high temperatures tomorrow, warmest place from san jose southward. a little bit cooler. maybe san francisco to oakland 60 to 50. as we show you the 10-day precipitation outlook, things don't look like they will change much through the first week of february. the storm track for now continues to move off toward the north. we can see the storms hit from areas mainly portland north ward but bypass us here in california. we'll show you the cause and the effect. here is the cause. strong high pressure which about a week ago there were some signs it might back partser away from the coast but looks e look what's happening instead. the storms just can't get through that. they drop up and over the ridge of high pressure.
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as they drop into southern california, that build a pressure gradient. it will be gusty. you don't want to see this. up towards the north bay and east bay hills into tuesday. notice the wind there. pointing out of the north and knot east. i think we'll be having to watch these winds. i think you'll notice that monday night into tuesday, look at temperatures. breezy and dry in the hills. seven-day forecast. all into next weekend. not much change there. next weekend it will be nice to fire up our storm ranger here. no rain in the 7 to 10 day forecast. back to you. >> thanks very much.
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the united states olympic delegation has arrived in beijing. they were cleared for entry at beijing international airport. the delegation arrived around the same time hundreds of other athletes flu in today as well. personnel are starting to pour in as well. customs officers at the airport have been working around the
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clock. they will soon be greeting our very own janelle wang. >> i think they're in the air right now. >> are they in the air right now? >> perfect. i'm so excited for them. the opening ceremony is this friday. it's always an incredible show. you'll not want to miss it. we'll continue to have coverage each day leading up to it. you can watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area. the 49ers are not the only team playing in big game this weekend. the u.s. men's soccer team move closer to qualify for the world cup after defeating el salvador this week. the team has another qualifying match against canada. team usa disappointingly missed the world cup four years ago. this has ban bit of a redemption tour for this young team. match is at 11:30 tomorrow morning. you can watch it on telemundo 48. we're back after this.
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last night's 426 megamillion jackpot went to one person. >> limiting ticket purchase in california. lucky winner hasn't come forward yet. here is another look at the numbers. 3, 16, 25, 44, 55. the mega ball was 13. it's worth about 290 million dollar this time around. >> that's nice.
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i always get jealous. did you play? >> i didn't play this time. >> me neither. >> back in a moment.
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breaking news tonight, the blizzard of 2022 now pounding the northeast, dumping as much as two feet of snow and counting hurricane force winds and whiteout conditions crippling major cities from new york to boston more than 100,000 without power. major airports almost completely shut down. and now the storm surge is flooding entire downtown >> this is a very serious storm. this could be life threatening plus, florida freeze the coldest temperatures in a decade the warnings tonight, beware of falling frozen iguanas supreme decision, the white house confirming a possible contender r


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