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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 30, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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right now at 6:00, big changes on the horizon. we'll break down where you can take off your mask and the new places you'll need to show proof you're vaccinated. plus, marching to remember a san francisco grandfather killed in an unprovoked attack. calls for justice a year after his death. and gone without a trace. the desperate search for a young east bay woman who just graduated from nursing school. the news at 6:00 starts now. i'm audrey asistio. >> i'm terry mcsweeney.
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in san francisco if you're vaccinated you can ditch your mask in certain indoor settings. we're talking about in offices and gyms, religious gatherings, inside college classrooms. here's the catch. everyone has to be vaccinated and boosted. and there has to be fewer than 100 people there. also starting on tuesday, we're talking about oakland now, joining other bay area cities requiring customers at indoor businesses to show proof of full vaccination along with a photo i.d. the new rule applies to people 12 and older. people not vaccinated must show a valid exemption and a recent negative test result. meanwhile, it's back to class for many bay area college students starting tomorrow. number of bay area universities are welcoming students back for in-person learning. uc berkeley, santa clara and cal state east bay are among the places reopening classrooms on monday. now on tuesday, san mateo county will offer more testing at the event center. the new provider can offer up to 2,000 tests a day.
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you can either register in advance or just show up to get a free test. san mateo county's positivity rate is 13.7%. and the past 24 hours, there have almost been 1300 new cases which is a slight increase. there's a lot to keep track of with changing rules and mandates. so we're doing it for you. we're answering popular questions, including what are the mask rules where you live? just head to our website, and click on covid-19 faq in the trending bar. new at 6:00, a search effort under way for an oakley woman last heard from wednesday night. 24-year-old alexis gabe is a recent nursing school graduate. she's been missing almost four days now. volunteers joined family and friends to search near a walmart and hand out flyers. they were also in the oakland neighborhood where her car was found. the door was left open and the cars in the ignition. those who know her say her car
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was her baby and she never would have left it like that. >> alexis, we're doing everything we can to find you. we love and miss you, and we really hope you're safe and okay. we're trying our best, our best to find you. >> just know that if you can hear this, we are going to find you. >> there's now a facebook page dedicated to helping find gabe called help bring alexis gabe home. developing story for you. thousands still have no comcast service in the east bay after an early morning shooting. a new picture just in showing a damaged fiber optic cable in oakland. comcast, our parent company, tells us the line was hit by gunfire. oakland police say someone fired 17 rounds into the air around 3:00 this morning near eastmont mall. this afternoon, comcast told us between 15,000 and 20,000 customers still have no service. they've been working all day to fix that outage. in san francisco, the
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community came together to commemorate the death of vicha ratanapakdee. one year ago he was shoved to the ground and died from his injuries. it sparked outrage, calls for justice for asian american victims of hate and violence. nbc bay area's christie smith has more on today's event. >> reporter: they came to san francisco to rally and march for justice and to make sure people never forget what happened here. it's been one year since 84-year-old vicha ratanapakdee died after he was violently shoved to the ground in what authorities called an unprovoked attack. >> i miss him every day. one year ago my father vicha was walking in this neighborhood when he was violently pushed. >> reporter: today his daughter addressed the crowd. >> and we all have a right to stay safe and be able to walk in our neighborhood without fear. >> reporter: his death sparked outrage and came at a time of rising violence against asian americans during the pandemic.
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violent incidents like the attack on grandpa vicha as he's known, helped inspire a stop asian hate movement. >> but we know when you add hundreds upon hundreds, thousands upon thousands of incidents, these are not coincidences. >> they're not. >> this is racism. >> reporter: city leaders came to show support, including mayor london breed. >> the fact that we're here today signifies hope. it signifies hope for a better future. of what we can do when we do come together. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> reporter: carrying a banner that read justice for vicha, they retraced his steps on his last day and led a march honoring victims and calling for change. >> it's so important that we come together and say, we will not stand for the violence against asian americans. ♪♪ >> reporter: similar events were held in five other cities.
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in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. we're learning more about a deadly hit and run in san francisco. a 38-year-old man named barry mcgraph was killed. san francisco police say around 7:30 an audi suv collided with a honda at 46th and lincoln avenue. lincoln is right alongside golden gate park. the honda was being operated as an uber at the time of the crash. mcgraph was the passenger and died. the driver was not seriously injured. the driver of the audi took off and hasn't been seen since. people who live in the neighborhood are not surprised by what happened. >> it's a fast track here and also -- and people drive very, very fast on lincoln. >> police say the audi was reported stolen a couple of weeks ago out of san francisco. in oakley, a crash involving three vehicles sent eight people to the hospital. it happened just before
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10:00 this morning near the intersection of east cypress road at summerlake drive. one of the cars ended up on its roof. another caught fire. two helicopters and six ambulances were called in to help transport the victims. one is in critical condition. another has major injuries and the others escaped with less serious injuries. it's not clear at this point what led to that crash. scary moments for a man in palo alto who chased off car thieves at his home. one of the suspects fired a gun at him. the confrontation happened around midnight on south court. he noticed several people shining flashlights into parked cars. he went outside and he caught a man next to his cars in driveway. he chased the suspects to a dark suv. a bullet striking the ground in front of him. police say it was one of a string of attempted car thefts last night. the suspects were also seen on talisman court. here's a look at the suv the thieves were seen in. there could be as many as six people involved. always lock your car doors. another case of stolen
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bulldogs in the bay area. two frenchies are now missing after someone grabbed them in oakland. here is a picture of the two dogs right there. this crime happened saturday morning. their owner says someone ripped them from their car while she was at the safeway on redwood road inside the lincoln square shopping center. anyone with tips can call oakland pd. coming up -- reopening after being closed for more than two decades. the major change beginning at several b.a.r.t. stations. also, trying to cut through red tape. how city leaders are trying to help a south bay church continue to feed those in need. there's a pretty view looking across the bay. high clouds but not really the rain we're watching in the forecast but the return of offshore winds. the timing on that and how strong those winds will get when we come right back. ugh? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon.
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today is fred korematsu day in honor of the oakland native who fought the world war ii internment order. it was a virtual event put on by santa clara county and university. korematsu was just 23 when he took a stand to the order to report to the camp. 40 years later he was finally exonerated. fred korematsu day is the first day in u.s. history to be named after an asian american. it's been celebrated since 2010. a south bay church will be able to continue feeding many in need. you may remember our story on a
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church that also runs a food pantry. the lighthouse ministries food pantry was told it couldn't stay open because it didn't have proper permits. after we helped bring that story to light, the mayor and council member worked towards a compromise. and on wednesday they plan to urge the city's rules committee to waive the permit fees for the duration of the pandemic. then after the pandemic is over, they'll talk about waving the fees permanently. city council would then have to approve it. >> i appreciate the city of san jose's support. but even since the last media, or the last time you guys did a story here, it brought in so much support that attorneys came in. other entities like second harvest stepped up. loaves and fishes. hunger at home. they all stepped in to cause this entity in stay in place and continue feeding this community here. >> the permit fees, about $15,000. roughly 1,000 people a day get
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food from that pantry. it's on the corner of 17th and julian streets. for the first time in more than 20 years, some underground rest rooms at bart stations will reopen. beginning wednesday, the underground rest room will open. you may remember bart shut down ten underground station rest rooms following the 9/11 terrorist attack back in 2001. that's over concerns about a terror attack since the bathrooms and the bart platform share the same ventilation system that will eventually open four more this year. they say it will take time because current rest rooms have to be updated to accommodate people with disabiliies and much more. the golden gate ferry is adding midday severance between tiburon and san francisco. one big change, though, golden gate ferry trips will leave from gate b instead of pier 41. that's where blue and gold
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ferrys leave from. masks are required to ride the ferry. earlier, about an hour ago, you showed us a beautiful sunset. red and gold sunset. still looks nice. >> pretty nice. no fog right now. a little bit of ocean air conditioning under way. the west wind reaching places like san francisco and emeryville right now. west-northwest wind at 9 miles an hour. 52 degrees. san francisco looking nice. also at 52. and we'll take you into our walnut creek. 55 currently. san jose also in the 50s. has dropped to 51 degrees. northwest wind at 5 miles per hour. so for now winds are onshore. higher humidity and a chance we could see patchy low clouds. but if the wind changes direction late tomorrow, that's going to really dry things out. especially around some of the hills. for tomorrow morning, low to mid-40s. and some patchy fog. then increasing high clouds around lunchtime. temperatures in the upper 50s around noon and then we should see 60s tomorrow around san jose
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and some of the north bay and east bay valleys. probably not quite as warm. extra cloud cover coming in. and as you're about to see, a taste of those north winds making a comeback by tuesday morning. we begin with patchy fog. during the day, increasing high clouds. these aren't rain-producing clouds but another sign that a storm is kind of missing us and diving up and over the bay area. setting us up for more offshore wind. and i think you're really going to notice it if you're in the hills and north bay. those peak wind gusts. red and purple in the higher hills. mainly above 2,000 feet. could see gusts of 30 to 45 miles per hour. then by tuesday evening, you begin to see stronger winds down through the diablo range, east bay hills and santa cruz mountains as well. not as much around the inner bay but stronger wind speeds for the higher elevations. stay tuned to see if we get wind advisories attached to the gusty dry winds monday night into tuesday and breezy wednesday
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into thursday. there's really no signs of any rain. clouds going by. but this dry pattern that we're in now which is at believe day 23. a couple more days as we wrap this up. into february, does look like things are going to stay dry probably about through the 8th. as you'll see in the seven-day forecast, no rain. it's watching the wind. look at san francisco. temperatures climbing a little bit. second half of the week. mid-60s around friday. breezy and dry in the hills. we'll have to watch that for elevations. next weekend, less wind. even as we move into the next month, things staying dry in the 7 to 10 days. still ahead, our final countdown to the winter olympics. to beijing for a behind the scenes look inside the olympic bubble.
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you are looking at the calm after the storm. this is new drone video tonight from cape cod. an historic blizzard blanketed the region in snow this weekend. this is video over the city of bourne. the national weather service says it saw 20 inches of snow. tonight millions of people in the northeast are digging out from that storm that did turn deadly. it's being blamed for at least four deaths. at this hour, thousands of people remain in the dark. nbc's chris pollone has the latest from boston. >> reporter: boston, massachusetts, apparently no worse for the wear after a record-setting day of snow. nearly two feet falling in 24 hours. >> we have not only survived an
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historic storm but really seen the incredible teamwork and collaboration to have the roads mostly clear at this point already. >> reporter: after several hours of blizzard whiteout conditions that caused even the heartiest new englanders to give pause at the sheer scope of it all. >> a lot of snow for one time. >> reporter: the classic nor'easter dropped snow from the carolinas to canada followed by bitter cold. tens of thousands are still without power in massachusetts, mostly on cape cod and the south shore. cleanup could take days. >> it's not too heavy. but it's a lot. >> reporter: the region's airports full after most flights got wiped out saturday. >> i would not travel in this type of weather, but due to family member having a party, my niece, i got out and just to risk it, but if it wasn't for that, i still would have been in alabama. >> reporter: the wild weather stretching to florida where unusual cold temperatures caused a unique phenomenon captured by this 7-year-old with a bright future in tv news.
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>> do iguanas fall out of trees when it's cold outside? yes, they do. >> reporter: back in boston, schools will be open monday after a long, cold day of digging out. in the hardest hit areas, elected officials are urging people to take it easy while cleaning up after the snowstorm. on long island, new york, leaders there said at least three out of their four storm-related fatalities happened while people were shoveling snow. in boston, chris pollone, nbc news. >> spotify announced some changes today after another singer ditched the platform over covid misinformation. joni mitchell is following the lead of neil young. he pulled his music over issues with joe rogan's podcasts. it's been criticized by professionals who say he has a history of spreading misinformation. spotify will add a content advisory for any podcast episode related to covid-19. it will point listeners towards
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its own covid-19 database which includes information from trusted doctors and scientists. we are getting a new behind the scenes look at where a lot of stories will be coming to you from over the next month at the olympics. our producer posted this video today. so it pretty much shows the location where reporters, including our very own janelle wang will broadcast live from in beijing. it's better known as the hollywood squares out there. it's near the bird's nest which is the nickname given to the olympic stadium. that's where the opening stadium will take place. of course, watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area beginning thursday. the 49ers quest for the super bowl continues. one side of that matchup is set. tell you all about it next in sports.
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if the 49ers make the super bowl tonight, we already know who they'll play. >> it would be a familiar foe. the cincinnati bengals shocked a lot of people today. they fell behind to kansas city. it was 21-3 and they rallied back to win in overtime, 27-24. >> wow. >> that puts the bengals in the super bowl for the third time in their history nep24th times they've been there they played the 49ers and the 49ers won both of them. super bowl xvi and super bowl xxiii. that was after the '88 and '81 seasons. we'll have complete coverage of the 49ers' quest to make this year's super bowl in our 11:00 p.m. newscast.
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it's almost here. just four days from the start of the winter olympics. the competition officially gets under way on thursday. as we gear up for the games, we want you to get to know team usa. >> that includes carmel native breda sig ourney. she's already overcome a long list of injuries in her halfpipe skiing career. a list that's a bit longer than most athletes. >> we didn't want you to be all alone. this is my friend to keep me company. >> brita sig ourney. >> free ski halfpipe. from carmel, california. >> winding up. gets it. >> i've been left shoulder, all the ligaments. broke the tip off the collarbone. dont even have it anymore. this collarbone shattered into a million pieces in france. also broke my pelvis. my left fibula. right tibia and fibula.
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three knee surgeries. broken kneecap. cartilage repair. acl. >> and brita sigourney is taking home the bronze. >> when i was young, it never was a question. i just bounced back from the surgeries. now it's a little different because my body is more beat up. i just love the sport enough to come back to it. >> i have a cat named corey. i got her right after i tore my acl. she was my rehab kitten. when i got herks everyone was like, what are you doing? you travel way too much. you'll never keep this cat alive. and this last winter, i actually finally got myself a puppy. actually surprised my boyfriend with her. her name is sadie. she's a black lab and i've been wanting a dog my entire life. my best friend.
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>> oh, such a cute puppy. we're your olympic station. the opening ceremony is friday. and we'll continue to have coverage every day this week. you can watch the ceremony and the games right here on nbc bay area. we're back in a moment.
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any parent will tell you the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body, which means you never, ever stop worrying. that's why we got health insurance and for way less than we thought was possible. the kids' doctor and dental check-ups are free, and i get screenings for my cholesterol and my blood pressure. don't get me wrong, i still worry. just a little less. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st at sean white has been one of the most recognizable olympians over the last decade. >> with his trademark red hair, white, known as the flying tomato is back for his fifth olympics.
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team usa tweeted this picture of white wearing a custom-made jack fept shows the years 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022, which are the years he's made the olympics. white has won three gold medals in snowboard halfpipe. sometimes homes are divided during big sports matchups. the white house, no different. >> here's a picture tweeted by second gentleman doug emhoff. the vice president kamala harris. harris is rooting for the 49ers right now. emhoff, though, is rooting for the rams. and he can be excused for that. the vice president is a bay area native, former district attorney of san francisco. the second gentleman grew up in l.a. earned degrees at northridge and usc before starting his own law career. >> i wonder how they watch the games. are they yelling at each other? >> separate rooms? i would -- i would guess they're pretty civil some gentle ribbing. >> calm, collected. >> yes. i'd like to think. >> all right.
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doug mcconnell: hello, i'm doug mcconnell and we've got some great discoveries for you out here along the open road. doug: we'll explore nature next door from endangered birds to elusive badgers being given a chance to thrive in the modern age with a little help from their friends. we'll discover why and how fire can sometimes be our friend, not always our foe, protecting us from catastrophic conflagrations and healing ecosystems we all depend on. and we'll celebrate the saving of the san mateo coast for nature, agriculture, and us, and nearly 50 years of giving people room to roam on the peninsula. ♪♪♪


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