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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 30, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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right now at 11:00, the ride home took a turn for the worst. the ride share passenger who died in a hit-and-run crash. plus, gone without a trace. the desperate search continues for a young woman from the east bay. what we've just learned from police. big changes to some of our covid rules just days away. we'll break do you know where you can take our your mask and new places you'll need to show proof you're vaccinated. ♪♪ the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> people in one san francisco
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neighborhood are demanding action comes after someone driving a stolen car crashed into an uber, killing the passenger, then took off. >> we're learning more about the man who died. >> it's like big bomb like an explosion. >> reporter: these neighbors quickly realized there was a deadly hit-and-run just a few feet from their home saturday night. a man driving a stolen suv made a left turn from lincoln onto 46, striking an uber driver and passenger. police say the collision killed 38-year-old barry mcgrath of san francisco who was a passenger. the uber drive was taken to a hospital and the suspect took off. the suv he had been driving was reported stolen weeks ago in the city. >> everybody is in shock with
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how suddenly this all happened. >> reporter: connor mccarthy and the rest of his curling team was with mcgrath just a few days ago. he had just became the chairman for the st. joseph's hurling club. >> he was a friend. he would always look out for people. >> reporter: this three shows us how powerful the impact was. it's cut in half. on the building, there's scratch marks on here. neighbors say these accidents are a far too common sight on this side of the town. they blame the weekend closure of the highway. >> it's a trap here. >> every time we walk back and forth, we feel like something's going to happen. >> reporter: the supervisor says he's been working with neighbors and the transportation department to develop a traffic coning project that would add
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more lights and stop signs. >> unfortunately, didn't move forward quickly enough to prevent this. >> reporter: in the meantime, police are increasing enforcement in the area. desperate search for a missing oakley work continues tonight. recent nursing stool graduate hasn't been heard from since thursday night when she was with an ex-boyfriend. today volunteers searched near antioch and handed out flyers. her car was found with the door left open and the keys in the ignition. those who know gabe well say her car is her baby and she never would have left it like that. >> alexis, we're doing everything we can to find you.
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we love and miss you. we really hope you're safe and okay. we're trying our best to find you. >> just know that if you can hear this, we are going to find you. >> oakley police are asking for the public's help. they say security cameras picked up their car on trenton street near oakley road around 9:30. if you saw anything, you are urged to call police. the rules are about to change in san francisco. beginning tuesday, some things are loosening up. if you are unvaccinated, you'll once again be able to go to a warriors game if you provide a negative covid test. the other big change, you'll be able to go maskless indoors at
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places you see on your screen, offices, gyms, religious gathering and college classrooms. everyone has to be vaccinated and boosted and there has to be fewer than 100 people there. oakland is joining customers at indoor businesses to show proof of vaccination, restaurants, bars or other businesses that serve food, also gyms, movie theaters and other entertainment venues. people 12 and older have to show proof they are vaccinated and adults will have to also show photo id. people who aren't vaccinated have to show a valid exemption and a recent negative test result. it's back to class for many bay area college students tomorrow. uc berkeley, santa clara university and cal state east bay are among the places reopening classrooms monday. on tuesday, san mateo county
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will offer testing at the county's event center. you can register in advance or just show up and get a free test. san mateo county's positivity rate over the past seven days is just shy of 14%. in the past 24 hours, there have almost been 1300 new cases, which is a slight increase. we know there's a lot to keep track up with changing rules. we are answering questions including details on the mask rules where you live. head to our website,, click on covid-19 faq in the trending bar. sadly, this was not the party 49er fans envisioned. the 49ers came so close to making it to the super bowl. instead the rams came back to stun the niners. now rams fans are enjoying every second of it as we do not.
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most estimates suggest at least 60% of the crowd at today's game were 49ers fans. we did catch up with some of them after the tough loss. >> we had a great season. congratulations the rams. you guys deserve it. >> very disappointed but props to the 49ers. they started off the season very slowly. nobody expected them to get this far. they beat dallas, they beat green bay. >> i love the positive attitude. >> yeah. >> anthony flores will be joining us later with more. so it will be the bengals and the rams in super bowl lvi. watch it two weeks from today
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right here sunday february 13th. customers in the east bay are still without service, all because of a shooting that damaged fiber cables. oakland police say surveillance video shows someone firing 17 rounds into the air about 3:00 this morning near eastmont mall. 15 to 20,000 customers are still without service. just into our newsroom, a heads up for muni riders. riders should expect system-wide delays tomorrow and tuesday due to staffing issues. plans are to give an update in the morning. in san francisco, hundreds marched in the streets today to mark one year since an elderly immigrant from thailand was violently shoved to the ground
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as he walked in his neighborhood. that attack was unprovoked. his death sparked outrage and came at a time of rising violence against the aapi community. marchers retraced his steps on his last day, demanding change. >> so important that we come together and say we will not stand for the violence against asian americans. >> load leaders attended that demonstration including san francisco mayor london breed. scary moments for a man in palo alto who chased off car thieves at his home. one of the suspects fired a shot at him. police say the suspects were also seen on talisman court. the man told officers he noticed several people shining flashlights into parked cars. he went outside and caught a man next to his car in the driveway. he chased the suspect to a dark suv. that's when a bullet hit the
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ground right in front of him. neighbors say they're worried about the rise in crime. >> it's pretty surprising. what's next? it could be breaking into houses and stuff. that's scary. >> this is a look at the suv the thieves were scene in. police say there could be as many as six people involved. taking you outside right now, about 15 minutes ago you could see through all that fog, but now the fog is just too much for us. offshore winds tuesday and wednesday could peak at 60 miles
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an hour in the east bay hills. you can see on the higher peaks of the north bay around 11:00 tuesday night increasing into wednesday morning. right around 4:00 a.m. we could see gusts close to 60 miles per hour. gusty winds could have tree and power impacts like we saw ten days ago. we'll keep an eye to see if any rain is out there in the next seven to ten days. could it be the future of covid testing? we're back in 60 seconds with a look at the new technology being developed right here in california. they've been closed for more than two decades because of the 9/11 attacks. and a look at how athletes are celebrating lunar new year.
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so you may soon be able to use your smart phone, a custom app and a special kit to do a covid test at home. a team at uc santa barbara have designed a system that uses a smart phone's camera to do covid tests. it could match lab based pcr tests. you start by spitting into a cup. >> you spit into a cup and you now take that saliva and stick it into this magic mix. you put it into a holder, you turn on your phone and you're done. >> that's it? 25 minutes later your phone will indicate whether you are covid positive or negative. ucsb micro biology professor says the app based test is more accurate than currently available rapid antigen home
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kits. scientists plan to take the next step of seeking fda approval. as the pandemic wears on, paramedics continue to feel pressure every day. calls for service have increased dramatically over the past couple of years. in places like san diego, it's leading to a variety of issues. ambulances are having to wait hours outside hospitals just to drop off a patient. in addition, san diego's ambulance provider says 25% of their 400 employees have had to call out sick since the middle of december. >> you know that whole term of covid fatigue has definitely affected our workforce. it's affecting health care workers in general. our paramedics and emts have been through a lot but they're resilient and wake up each day to serve the community. >> hospitals in san diego say their llc system is experiencing
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the same issues and it's similar to a lot of communities across the country. nationwide cases are dropping down by a third the past two weeks. that's making a huge difference for some hospitals that were up until very recent overwhelmed. blayne alexander has more. >> reporter: at the cleveland clinic icu the load was crushing. as one bed emptied, there was another patient right there to fill it. the national guard and air force called in to help. now, a different story. the number of covid patients has dropped from 1200 to 393 in less than a most. >> it's a significant relief. >> reporter: starting next week, elective procedures are back. the national guard has moved out. do you think the worst is behind you? >> i think so. i hope so. i hope we don't see another variant. we remain optimistic. >> reporter: it's a reflection of a drop in new cases and
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hospitalizations down 14% nationwide. deaths continue to rise in some places with 31 states seeing an increase over the past 14 days. >> the numbers tell us we are likely looking a t the rear view of the worst part of the surge. still to be determined is do we see another rebound with an increase in cases. >> reporter: it comes as some places are dropping masks and restrictions. in denver, the city's indoor mask mandate is set to expire this week. in orange county, florida, starting this week covid concerns can no longer be used as an excuse for missing school. experts are still cautious but encouraged. >> i'm more optimistic today than i have been at any point since the pandemic emerged. we have better tools, better defenses, better information and better ability to make sure that covid doesn't dominate our lives. we have the best chance to get and keep the upper hand against
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this virus. the oakland zoo is joining the growing ranks of organizations and museums hosting popup vaccination clinics. anyone who comes for a free vaccination on february 5th will also get a free family pass. that gets in two adults and two children. vaccines and boosters are available for anyone 5 and older. appointments and drop-ins are okay. the clinic is 10:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon. another clinic is set for february 26th. some underground restrooms at bart stations will reopen. the restroom at the pal station will reopen followed by the one on 19th street. bart shut down ten restrooms following the 9/11 terrorist attack back in 2001. bart will eventually open for more this year. the agency says it will take
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time because current restrooms have to be updated to accommodate people with disabilities and much more. you might remember our report on a church in san jose that also runs a food pantry. the lighthouse ministries food pantry. it was told it couldn't stay open because it didn't have the right permits. after we brought the story to light, they worked toward a compromise and will waive the fees during the pandemic. when the pandemic is over, they're going to talk about waiving fees permanently. roughly 1,000 people a day get food from that pantry. celebrating the chinese new year and olympics in beijing, guests wrote a chinese character on a piece of red paper to
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commemorate the new year. it's customary to do so every lunar new year. >> remember to celebrate and gather with family. >> 2022 is the year of the tiger. those born in the year of the tiger are said to be krajs, assertive and natural leaders. >> i'm year of the snake. >> i'm year of the rat. we're getting a new behind the scenes look at the olympics. this is near the birds nest, the nickname given to the olympic
11:20 pm
stadium where the opening ceremonies are going to take place. check out more video from inside the olympic bubble. this video gives you a look at the rest cabins to help reporters combat jet lag and long workdays. our crew is over there now and our photographer is posting pictures of him laying down with potato chips over his eyes. head to, click on the winter olympics section on our home page. that's our photographer robbie beesome over there. you were over in japan. >> yes, tokyo. >> did they have those? >> no, absolutely not. i would have used it many times. it's not an easy task. it's cold out there. >> around here, though, that's not a problem. >> no. we got some fog, some 40s around here but nothing like the weather they're seeing on the
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east coast with the big nor'easter and snow and gusty winds here. the fog is back in san francisco. we have 51 degrees, low clouds, sneak preview of your morning. 48 degrees currently in emeryville. walnut creek down to 44. in san jose, 48 degrees. temperatures probably not quite as cold as the numbers this morning. we had a lot of 30s and patchy frost. with the return of an on shore breeze, we'll start the day with patchy low clouds and high clouds during the afternoon. tomorrow's highs will be a little bit cooler than the mid 60s we saw today. we start off with low to mid 40s, patchy low clouds and fog. by lunchtime, mostly upper 50s for areas south of san jose. our highs tomorrow stay in the upper 50s closer to san francisco, near 60 in oakland,
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low 60s southward. temperatures kind of being held in check by the overcast skies we're likely to see courtesy of those high clouds. when stops drop inland over that ridge, that gives us gusty offshor winds. tuesday morning, things get underway around the north bay. 11:00 tuesday to before sunrise on wednesday, look at those wind gusts. you don't often get that. you can see the wind speed there in gusts once it gets to red indicates a potential of 60 miles per hour, similar to the event we had about ten days ago. that's giving you an indication of the caliber of winds coming in from tuesday night into wednesday morning.
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it's 11:00 tuesday night into wednesday morning we'll probably see peak winds gusts before things settle down later on wednesday. no storms, high pressure to the west, dry offshore winds. we might see a little more coming in next sunday. needless to say, no rain in that seven day forecast. once the winds back off, we'll see temperatures rebounding next week. we could have more mid 60s and more sunshine. no rain, though. coming up, we'll take a closer look at the ten-day outlook to see if there are any changes. >> i'm beginning to dislike high pressure. >> yeah. it's worn out its welcome. still ahead, giving christmas trees a new life.
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we'll tell you why these trees are being kept out of the trash and given a new home on the beach.
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♪ every year i ask chris, where are we going? as a single mother, i definitely think it's important as a way to connect. i've never been out to the san juans and things have really shocked me. i am so greatful to be able to experience it with my son, and to feel so comfortable. this will be something that we'll talk about forever.
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many bay area communities offer christmas tree mulching, but on the east coast old christmas trees are being repurposed in a creative way. instead of going in the trash, trees in new jersey are ending up on the beach. this week kids teamed up with public works crews to build up and fortify sand dunes to form a barrier between the ocean and the houses there. branches help trap blowing sand and in the event of strong storms, block flood waters. >> it means a lot to me because we're helping the community and
11:28 pm
the dunes in case of the next hurricane. >> great work there. the program has been in use for a few years now. in time the trees will naturally disintegrate in the sand. l.a.'s sofi stadium was the place to be earlier tonight. >> some of the biggest names showed up to watch the 49ers and rams. basketball legend magic johnson tweeted these photos tonight. he spent part of the game with san francisco mayor london breed and l.a. mayor eric garcetti. magic also hung out with governor newsom. a lot of talk on social media about these photos and the lack of masks. the same stadium will see a lot more famous people in two weeks when it hosts the super bowl. anthony flores, how are you doing, man? >> reporter: you were talking about celebrities.
11:29 pm
we just had a celebrity walk by. i was just kidding. seriously, you were mentioning celebrities. i rode in the elevator with leonardo dicaprio. a lot of 49er fans are making their way back home to the bay area. the season has come to an end for the 49ers and we've likely see the end of the jimmy garoppolo era. yep, it's go time with wireless on the most reliable network. ok, that jump was crazy! but what's crazier? you get unlimited for just 30 bucks. nice! but mine has 5g included. wait! 5g included? yup, even these guys get it. nice ride, by the way. and the icing on the cake? saving up to 400 bucks? exactly. wait, shouldn't you be navigating?
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores live at sofi stadium in inglewood. heard break for the niners after letting a lead slip away against the rams. a sea of red flooded sew fie stadium for the nfc championship. the faithful making up about 60% of the crowd. after falling behind, the niners answered. garoppolo hits deebow and he does the rest. he races 44 yards and dives in for the touchdown. in the third after the defense stops the rams on fourth and one, garoppolo finds george kittle for a 16-yard score. the niners led 17-7 after three. the rams strike back early in the fourth quarter. matthew stafford connects with cooper kupp for his second touchdown catch, making it a three-point contest. the momentum of the game changed on this play.
11:33 pm
stafford throws it up. tart is there for the interception but it slips through his hands. the rams kick the game tying field goal later in that possession. l.a. takes a three-point lead on a 30-yard field goal by two minutes to go. garoppolo trying to make something happen, his shovel pass is picked off and that's the ball game and possibly his last pass as a 49er. the rams rally from 10 down to win 20-17. the rams go to the super bowl to face cincinnati in two weeks. it's game over, season over for the 49ers. >> obviously, i think everyone could guess how we feel. so proud of these guys. i love this team. every year is a different team and this is as cool of a team as i've ever been a part of.
11:34 pm
came up short today. that's part of life and you've got to deal with it. those guys are hurting now, but they'll rebound and be stronger for it. >> we were 3-5 at one point. people wrote us off. we just kept fighting. that's what good teams do. i got no regrets from this year. >> i love jimmy. i'm not going to make a farewell statement or anything right now but jimmy has battled his [ bleep ] off. he did some unbelievable things today. i love coaching jimmy. >> as you can hear, it was an emotional post game press conference by jimmy garoppolo and kyle shanahan. this game means the final game in the jimmy garoppolo era for the niners. the team have a lot to be proud of. they were 15 minutes away from a trip to the super bowl. not many thought that was possible after starting the season 3-5. they weren't able to run the football. only 50 yards on the ground and
11:35 pm
only one rushing first down in this game. the rams really outplayed them throughout the game. the amazing part is they were in control of the scoreboard from the middle of the second quarter up until that dropped interception that would have been an interception. then the momentum swung in favor of the rams. still a great season and a lot to be proud of for the 49ers. >> a lot of young players coming back next year, so there's a lot to build around. >> reporter: if they stay healthy, there's no reason they can't be back next year. >> thanks so much. great job.
11:36 pm
the list of contenders for
11:37 pm
president biden's supreme court pick is growing longer. at least one republican signalled support for one judge in contention. >> reporter: tonight, the supreme court guessing game in high gear. who will president biden pick to fulfill his historic pledge? >> it's long overdue. >> reporter: and will any republicans back her? one republican opening the door to getting his vote, lavishing praise on one of the president's candidates. >> i can't think of a better person for president biden to consider for the supreme court than michelle chow. >> she's a federal judge in south carolina, already nominated for the d.c. appeals court. president biden is casting a wide net, a source telling nbc news his list has grown to more than a dozen. democrats looking to move quickly but not so quickly republicans can say it was rushed. >> it's going to be fair and deliberate. >> reporter: a new poll finds 3 in 4 americans want the
11:38 pm
president to consider all options, not just black women. some republicans now questioning mr. biden's race and gender litmus test. >> it adds to the further perception that the court is a political institution. >> reporter: collins and graham among three republicans who voted previously for another candidate on mr. biden's list, judge ka tan ji brown jackson, confirmed last year to the d.c. circuit. those republicans now the focus of democrats' hopes. >> i don't see michelle chiles as an act of affirmative action. i do see putting a black woman on the court, making the court more like america. thousands of afghan refugees remain on military bases waiting for jobs and places to live. about 10,000 afghanistan refugees who fled the country during the august pullout still live on bases across the united states. another 2500 live on u.s. military bases overseas
11:39 pm
including in qatar. tomorrow the emir of qatar is scheduled to visit the white house to talk about plans to get those refugees to the united states. about 65,000 afghans have been permanently relocated so far. in san francisco the community came together to commemorate the death of the 84-year-old grandfather who was shoved to the ground and died from his injuries. his killing sparked outrage. christy smith has more on today's event. >> reporter: they came to rally and march for justice and to make sure people never forget what happened here. it's been one year since he died after he was violently shoved to the ground in what authorities called an unprovoked attack. >> i miss him every day. one year ago my father was
11:40 pm
walking in this neighborhood when he was pushed. >> reporter: today his daughter addressed the crowd. >> we all have a right to stay safe and walk in our neighborhood without fear. >> reporter: his death sparked outrage and came at a time of rising violence against asian americans during the pandemic. violent incidents like the attack helped inspire a stop asian hate movement. >> but we know when you add hundreds upon hundreds, thousands upon thousands of incidents, these are not coincidences. this is racism. >> reporter: city leaders came to show support, including mayor london breed. >> the fact that we're here today signifies hope for a better future of what we can do when we do come together. >> reporter: carrying a banner,
11:41 pm
they retraced his steps on his last day and had a march honoring victims and calling for change. >> it's so important that we come together and say we will not stand for the violence against asian americans. >> reporter: similar events were held in five other cities. more options coming to commuters this week. starting tomorrow the golden gate ferry is adding midday and weekend service between tiburon and san francisco, replacing the service that the blue and gold fleet is currently providing. golden gate ferry trips will leave from gate b at the ferry terminal instead of pier 41. masks are required. up next, a former basketball star gets inspired by a recent uber ride and turns to his social media following for help.
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a bay area athlete is at the center of our next story, but not for what he's done in the arena. it's how he's helping people outside of it. >> fans of the golden state warriors probably remember him. he helped them win a championship in 2015.
11:45 pm
how festus is helping others, including a desperate uber driver. >> festus has an amazing story himself. coming to the u.s. from nigeria as a teenager, never having played basketball before and turning himself into a first round draft pick and an nba champion. still, he says he has gone through some hard times, which is why he is always ready to help those going through the same. perhaps you've caught festus ezeli on tv recently. this story has to do with something festus did on the way to the studio not all that long ago. on that day, festus was in sacramento and ordered an uber to take him all the way to the bay area. the driver seemed particularly eager for such a big fare and
11:46 pm
festus asked him why. the driver said his father had just died overseas. >> i'm in shock. are you okay? are you sure you're okay to drive? he said, yes, i actually need this job because they're asking me for money. i need $480 to pay for my father's funeral. and i don't have that. i need to drive to be able to make this money. >> reporter: festus wasn't con don't just sit there, so he got on instagram and asked his followers to each donate a dollar and see if they could collect a few hundred before the ride was done. the total. >> before we get to my destination, we have $1,000. i think sometimes we under estimate the will that people have to do good. >> reporter: the driver was shocked. but if he knew who festus was,
11:47 pm
perhaps he shouldn't have been. >> i think sometimes you go through hard moments to realize what other people are going through. it increases empathy. >> reporter: in spite of his successes, festus says hard moments have shaped who he is. he says growing up surrounded by poverty in his native nigeria is part of it, but so have been the past few years as he has struggled to come back from knee injuries that have sidelined his professional basketball career. >> i was in a wheelchair the last six months. the best story for me was probably the birth of a new festus. >> reporter: that new festus does more than just give money to strangers. his podcast "rebuilding the beast" is all about sharing how people have and can overcome the challenges life throws at them. perhaps inspiring others to turn setbacks into good deeds. of course, festus could have given the driver the money
11:48 pm
himself and said nothing, but he said it was intentional to get so many other people involved in this good deed. that helped spread the word to others that together anybody can help someone. >> what an incredible human being. we have a sighting behind you. there's an image out there. the fog is out of the way. >> carl the fog is back. we're friends on twitter. carl the fog says i thought city could use a hug tonight. so thank you. carl the fog back trying to inspire us around san francisco right now. we're at 51 degrees, low clouds, patchy fog. not quite over to the east bay yet, but in the morning we'll find patchy fog around walnut
11:49 pm
creek. the inner bay, the coast and inland valleys. afternoon might see a few high clouds but not rain producing clouds. we're going to see a big change from the onshore sea breeze to a dry gusty offshore wind developing around this time tomorrow night. low to mid 40s with patchy fog for the morning. temperatures trending a little bit cooler with extra cloud cover tomorrow, 60 in san jose and oakland, low 60s for the north bay valleys and tri-valley. here is the main event weather wise. it is strong gusty winds across the north bay hill tops as early as tuesday morning. watch the purple, red and pink in the hills. this is 11:00 tuesday night into wednesday morning. gusts could be 50 to 60 miles per hour. eventually some of those winds
11:50 pm
mix down into lower elevations wednesday morning. the main event is tuesday into wednesday morning. santa cruz mountains, the winds speed pick up after sundown tuesday. this looks similar to the wind we had about ten days ago which caused all the problems around the east bay. during the day wednesday, gusty start in those hills and wind speeds starting to come down as we head into wednesday evening. high pressure off to the west and these stops drop up and over down towards southern california. sunday next weekend could see some north winds picking up. now we're out to february 10th. still not good news there. both of those longer range models not bringing any rain our way. we'll have to watch gusty winds at times, especially late tuesday into wednesday. winds back off a little bit
11:51 pm
friday and saturday. san francisco should see 60s. nighttime temperatures in the 30s later in the week as the winds come down. next weekend no rain. looks like more sunshine and highs staying in the mid 60s. the medium range model is not showing much. we're hopeful the second half of february we get that rain to make a comeback and sierra snow too. still ahead, trying to make a popular san francisco restaurant a historic landmark. the final hurdle that has to be cleared before it can happen.
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took a stand against the order to report to the camps. he was arrested and convicted. 40 years later he was finally exonerated. today's program included a presentation of a 48 star flag signed by internment camp survivors to his daughter. >> this is absolutely incredible. first of all, i know my father would be so touched and thrilled that his story and his struggle for justice was inspiring to you to create such a phenomenal, incredible project. no one's ever thought about this before. >> it's the first day in u.s. history to be named after an asian american. it's been celebrated since 2010. people have been buying homemade food at san francisco's casa sanchez for 100 years. the family owned business sits in the heart of the mission district. now it's slated to become one of the city's first latino owned properties to get the landmark status. board of supervisors passed the
11:55 pm
designation last week. on tuesday they'll take one final vote before it heads to the mayor's desk for final approval. congratulations. reunited after three years apart, how one woman's beloved pup finally made it back home. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. any parent will tell you the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body,
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it is always heartwarming to hear about people being reunited with their lost pets. >> some reunions are more likely than others, making them special. a philadelphia woman has been reunited with her dog that went missing three years ago. she got out through a hole in the fence in the yard her owner didn't know was there. the woman posted pictures on social media but her beloved
11:58 pm
yorkie roxy was gone for good. a man came across a scared little dog that looked like hers. three years later the woman got roxy back. >> it's still a joy that burns deep. i almost want to run off and find more lost dogs and reunite them with their family. >> i told them i'll thank them 800 more times. >> they figure somebody scooped roxy up after she originally went missing, didn't try to find her rightful owner. whoever had her did not take particularly good care of her. somehow they let her get away. all's well that ends well. >> i love that. >> have a great week. alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me (friends laughing) you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! what? who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet
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