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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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cher tells betty white. >> right now at 4:30, ouch, a tough loss for the 49ers faithful as the rams make a very late comeback. reaction to the nfc championship loss and whether this marks the end for jimmy g as a 9er. >> back to class. and another sign of a rebound from the latest covid surge. college students set to return to campus this morning. >> and it is shaping up to be a beautiful morning. unfortunately, still with no rain in sight. meteorologist kari hall has a break down on the rest of the week, how that's going to shape
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up. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm marcus washington. we're broadcasting not only here on television, but you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. let's get you started with a look at the commute and a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall is in with a look at that forecast. how is it looking out there for us? >> it looks good, but we are starting out with some fog in some unusual spots. take a look at the fog that's drifting across downtown san jose. so we're going to see low visibility not only in the south bay, but also coming with some cold temperatures. take a look at where we're starting this morning. some spots in the upper 30s. it's 42 in san jose, 41 in brentwood and 44 in redwood city. after all of that fog clears out, we are still going to see sunshine, but right now we have
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visibility near zero around novato, as well as parts of the north bay and about a quarter of a mile? san jose. then our temperatures will head for the low 60s today, upper 50s for much of the bay area. it's going to be a cool one and winds will start to pick up as we go into this afternoon. we're going to be talking more about the dry conditions, high winds and these temperatures that we're expecting throughout the week. that commute may need to slow down just a little bit, even with very few people out there. >> yes, precautions. be careful. our traffic map shows the weather in the north bay, talking about fog hitting novato, down to zero miles visibility at the airport. looking at a smoother drive around the bay, slowing for 780 and construction crews just off skyway as well. we're looking to the south bay at the airport, down to a quarter of a mile. so we're looking at the dublin camera as well.
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traffic flow with green sensors, traffic flowing very nicely, what we can see of it. low clouds and fog cover coming through this area as well. use caution. back to you. >> thank you. covid rules are about to change in san francisco. starting tomorrow, you'll once again be able to go maskless indoors at places you can see on your screen right there. this means things like offices, gyms and religious gatherings, also college classrooms, but not everyone -- everyone has to be vaccinated and boosted and it has to be fewer than 100 people. if you're unvaccinated, you'll be able to go to a warriors game if you provide a negative covid test, but not an at-home test, and it has to be administered by a third-party provider. if you're vaccinated, proof of a booster will now be required. tomorrow oakland is joining other bay area cities in
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requiring customers indoor at businesses to show proof of full vaccination. that means places like restaurants, bars, other businesses theatres and other entertainment venues. people 12 and older have to show proof. adults also have to show photo i.d. people who are not vaccinated will have to show a valid exemption and a recent negative test result. more bay area college students return to in-class learning, cal berkley and santa clara university. most uc and cal state schools moved to virtual learning last month when covid cases started surging. san francisco and san jose state are still holding off for the return in person for a few weeks. >> scientists have introduced a new way to test for covid at home using your smartphone. uc santa barbara team designed a system to perform a covid test. they say the accuracy could
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match covid testing gold standards, lab-based pcr tests, and would be a lot more affordable. it starts with spitting into a cup, 25 minutes later your phone indicates positive or negative. the product still needs fda approval before it can be sold on the market. and we know that there is a lot of questions going on right now when it comes to the change in rules and mandates surrounding covid, so we're doing this for you, we're putting a list of questions and answers on our website. they're the most asked questions there, including details on mask rules, where you live. just head to our website,, and click on covid-19 faq in the trending box. >> we know 9ers fans are feeling bummed out as the team came up short in the nfc championship game after giving up the lead. >> while yesterday's ending was tough to watch, there's nothing for 9ers fans to be down about this season. here is "today in the bay's"
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anthony flores with a wrap-up. >> reporter: a sea of red flooded sofi stadium for the nfc championship. the faithful making up about 60% of the crowd. after falling behind 7-0, the 9ers answered. jimmy garoppolo hits deebo, and he dives in for the touchdown. 9ers led 10-7 after the break. in the third, after the defense stops the rams on fourth and one, garoppolo finds george kittle for a 16-yard score. the 9ers led after three. the rams strike back early in the fourth quarter. matthew stafford connects with cooper kupp for a second touchdown catch and makes it a three-point contest. the momentum of the game changed on this play. stafford throws it up for grabs, tart is there for the interception, but it slips through his hands. the rams would kick the game-tying field goal later in the possession.
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l.a. takes a three-point lead on a field goal with under two minutes to go. the rams controlled the line of scrimmage for most of the game with the 9ers looking to rally on third and long, jimmy garoppolo trying to make something happen. his pass is picked off and that's the ballgame and possibly his last pass as a 49er. the rams rallied from ten down to beat the 49ers 20-17. the rams are going to the super bowl to face cincinnati in two weeks and it's game over, season over for the 49ers. >> obviously i think everyone could guess how we feel. i'm so proud of those guys. i love this team. every year it's a different team and this is as cool of a team as i've ever been a part of. came up short today and that's part of sports and part of life and you've got to deal with it. the guys are hurting now, but they'll rebound and we'll be stronger for it. >> we were 3-5 at one point, and we just kept fighting.
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that's what good teams do, that's what tight brothers do, and i've got no regrets. >> i love jimmy. i'm not going to sit here and make a farewell statement. he battled his ass off and did some unbelievable things today and i love coaching jimmy. >> reporter: i'm anthony flores for "today in the bay." the afc championship was another thriller. that one went into overtime. that's where the cincinnati bengals clinched their first trip to the super bowl since 1988. they beat the chiefs 27-24. and don't forget, it's the rams and bengals in super bowl lvi airing right here on nbc bay area, sunday, february 13th. kickoff is around 3:30 in the afternoon, but we will, of course, have a full day of super bowl coverage. coming up at 4:38, bad news for diners when it comes to some of the most popular value items.
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the reason they're disappearing at some restaurants. >> spotify announces changes in how it is going to monitor the online content. the additional artist now threatening to pull music if the app does not alter its policy. >> and as you're heading out the door this morning in the east bay, we are seeing clear conditions and chilly temperatures. we'll talk about where we'll see gusty winds in the forecast coming up. >> and what we are seeing already, a good amount of traffic. the nimitz never at a lack for light, but no problems for the nimitz right here. we'll show you the bigger look at your commute. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. we have this cool shot looking at downtown san jose, with the fog rolling by. but that fog may mean you need to get out the door a little bit earlier, with temperatures right now in the low 40s, and it's going to be foggy for the next few hours. then sunshine as we go into late morning into the afternoon. a bit of a cool day. we'll talk about this and the winds picking up in a few minutes. >> when you think fog, i think the golden gate bridge. right now things are moving very smoothly across the span. we're looking at no problems for the green sensors around the bay. we are looking at the golden gate bridge, one of your usual suspects. no fog, clear view.
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good morning. i'll silvana henao from cnbc. it's been a bruising month for stocks. the dow and s&p 500 are headed for their worst decline since march 2020 as investors worry about inflation, higher interest rates and supply chain issues. the nasdaq is set for its worst month since october of 2008 and worst january ever, down 12%. in focus this week, reports on manufacturing, job listings, factory orders, unemployment and the monthly jobs report. earnings season rolls on with big names like alphabet, general motors, ford, ambassadors, starbucks and exxon mobil all reporting this week. spotify is making changes. the streaming service will add content advisories before podcasts that discussion covid. this follows protests by neil
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young over the spread of misinformation. spotify's ceo laid out more transparent rules saying advisories are rolling out in the coming days and will link to spotify's fact-based covid hub. and burger king, denny's and dominos are among the restaurant chains trimming parts of their value menus to try to improve margins. the "wall street journal" says executives hope this will bring less pushback from customers than price increases. mcdonald's is letting franchisees sell sodas for higher prices. denny's is promoting low-cost items. restaurants costs rose 6% year-over-year in december, the biggest increase in nearly 40 years. >> they're taking our value menus away. you need just a little snack. >> yes, exactly. >> thanks, silvana. unusual reopenings,
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literally decades in the making. this goes back from the 9/11 attacks. coming up on "today in the bay," the big move b.a.r.t. is making and how commuters will benefit.
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here we go, monday morning. a live look in san francisco this morning. waking up to a little fog out there and, of course, cold temperatures. >> a little fog? a lot of fog. it's hard to wake up on a monday
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morning after a game like that. >> speaking of that game, you might be noticing that we're dressed a certain way. we'll talk about that in a little bit. it's not because we necessarily want to. >> it's because kari is our golden girl. clear the fog for us, kari. >> that was a tough loss. and we're dealing with fog and we're all in this mental fog this morning, like what in the heck happened. let's get a look at visibility across the bay area, and we are seeing down to about a quarter of a mile in the south bay, in san jose, parts of the south county, traveling up 101, it's going to be really tough to see in some of those spots. we're seeing more of the same in the usual spots in parts of the north bay, up around novato. and then as we go into tonight, through the next couple of days, the winds are going to be picking up. so we will have this wind advisory going up in effect for much of the bay area, except for
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the santa clara valley, where we see the hills on either side kind of block the wind a little bit and decrease the wind speeds. but it will be windy for the next couple of days. unfortunately, here we are in january talking about a fire danger. let's go through this wind forecast. the peak winds will start to pick up by tomorrow afternoon and then continue through tomorrow evening. and then parts of the north bay, we could see those winds at, unfortunately, 50, possibly 60 miles per hour, and the rest of the bay area will have breezy winds. but we're really watching the north bay as a focus for some of the highest winds that will be picking up over the next couple of days. we also will have low humidity going on at the same time. even though the hills and vegetation is still green, winds like this and very low humidity could quickly turn things brown going into the next couple of days, especially with the lack of rainfall we've seen recently. but we also have lows kind of diving to the inland areas that
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increases the pressure gradient and makes the air flow faster, and we're also going to see that continue for the next couple of days. as we take a look at our seven-day forecast, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, and then increasing just a little bit to the mid-60s by the end of the week, so it will feel more comfortable, but still cold mornings. and this weekend, still dry, no chance of rain here over the next several days. mike, you're tracking a crash going on in concord? >> yeah, there may be a car fire as well for that car involved. let's take a look at the map. it's northbound 680 around concord avenue. no major slowing past the scene. it's actually technically off the freeway, went down the embankment. but this will be a distraction and some folks may have to slow for equipment that arrives. right now no injuries reported. north 680 at concord avenue. contra costa county, easy drive. low visibility in the north bay. we were talking about a north bay closure as well, looking
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toward the tennessee street crossing. it joins the georgia street over-crossing. that's the rest of your commute, absoluting -- including the san mateo bridge. scary moments for a man in palo alto who chased off car thieves from his home. the confrontation happened around midnight saturday on south court. police say the suspects were also seen on talisman court. a man shot at officers and he noticed several people shining flashlights. when he went outside, he caught a man next to his own car in the driveway. he chased the suspects to a dark suv and that's when a bullet was fired at the ground in front of him. say neighbors say they're worried about the rise in crime. >> it's pretty surprising. if car break-ins can happen, what's next? it could be breaking in-houses and stuff. that's scary. >> this is a look at the suv
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that the thieves were seen in. police say there could be as many as six people involved. for the first time in more than 20 years, some underground restrooms will reopen this week. beginning wednesday, riders will be able to use the facility at the powell station, three weeks later the one at the 19th street station in oakland reopens. b.a.r.t. shut down restrooms following the september 11th terrorist attacks. the transit system will eventually open more this year. the rise in artificial intelligence. >> we are not as in control of our choices as we used to be because we walk around with smartphones in our pockets. >> next on "today in the bay," a top tech correspondent explains the way artificial intelligence could possibly pose a threat to humanity. >> and happening now, as of this morning, additional options for golden gate ferry commuters includes more midday and weekend service between tiburon and san francisco. the trips leave the city from
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the ferry terminal and not from pier 41, where blue and gold ferries depart. masks are required. we'll be right back. 4:52.
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4:55 this morning. right now we are living in a technology world, and many people depend on phones and apps to make it through the day. can relying on technology to make decisions be harmful to our future? that's the theme of a new book called "the loop" written by technology correspondent jake ward. i was able to have a conversation with jake to find out more about the impact that it's having on so many of us. >> this is very much the theme of the book. i was trying to basically put together an explanation for what you're describing right there,
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that sort of invisible, unconscious, but unmistakable feeling that we are not as in control of our choices as we used to be because we walk around with smartphones in our pockets and spend so much time following the advice they give us. what i was trying to do was marry the last roughly 50 years of behavioral science which has shown that we make most of our decisions using an ancient instinctive set of circuitries and trying to marry that to what i was figuring out at the time about the rise of ai in business and all of the companies basically figuring out our unconscious patterns as best we could. it turns out the combination of what you and i are likely to make decisions about instinctively and those business models go together really perfectly. >> i have to admit, i'm one of the people who i will rely on technology, whether it's waze, but i'm also from a generation where i use my gut.
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they tell us to use your gut to make those decisions. so you have some people who kind of know how to do both, but then this newer generation, this is all they know. >> that's absolutely right. and the difficulty of resisting the rise of these pattern recognition systems and the ways they influence our decisions is exactly what you are saying. using our gut, our instincts to make these kinds of decisions, going with our intuition is a tried and true way. it is how our species has survived all of these years, but it also turns out that we can be played based on our gut instincts, and this leads in predatory cases like online gambling, but it's also when you uft scroll through social media for hours longer than you meant to. all of that is playing on your gut. >> this is a fascinating conversation. you can do that by reading the book "the loop" by jake ward. i want to thank you for joining us and congratulations, again, on the book. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate you having
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me. so that was just a small piece of that conversation with jake. you can actually watch our full interview on nbc bay area streaming app. just download it. it's free. and you can watch the information on apple tv, roku or amazon fire. and look for our talk under the must-see playlist. cracking down on parties at airbnb rentals, still ahead on "today in the bay," we sit down with company leaders about new guidelines and how effective they are so far.
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right now at 5:00, a heads-up for transit riders. muni warning of delays during the commute. we're live in san francisco with what you need to know before you head out the door and the wait until muni gets back on track. >> we are investing in tooling to get smarter. >> cracking down on unwanted parties. airbnb now has tools to stop guests from taking things too far, but are those tools working? one group of customers feeling the most impact. >> also, new tensions at the russia/ukraine border. a live report from washington on the new threats from nato and the u.s. if russia does invade. this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. >> i'm marcus washington. don't forget we're not only live on television.


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