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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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airbnb says they have new tools to stop guests from taking things too far, but are the tools working? one group of customers that might feel the most impact. >> also, new tensions at the russia/ukraine border. this is "today in the bay." and a good monday morning to you, as we get started with this workweek. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura is off today. we're broadcasting to your tv, but you can watch us on roku, apple and amazon fire. you can barely see the top of the golden gate bridge in the distance. fog is not the only thing we're watching. >> meteorologist kari hall is here and it sounds like we have to watch for wind as well, kari. >> yeah, especially later on tonight, the winds will start to
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pick up. but it is calm this morning and the reason why we're seeing that fog really settling in across much of the south bay, as well as parts of the north bay. our temperatures are chilly as well. we're in the upper 30s from concord to dublin, down to morgan hill and visibility dropping in the south bay. notice the fog that's just south of san jose, but we're also seeing it in the usual spot around novato this morning. and it's very tough to see in that spot, as our temperatures today start out in the 30s and low 40s. we will head into the 60s in some spots today. we'll talk more about that wind and the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, kari. we already know that commuters in san francisco are going to have to brace for longer waits this morning, as covid cases creating muni staffing shortages that just won't go away. they appear to be stretching into tomorrow. >> "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live in san francisco this morning. this seems like an announcement i would imagine riders are
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starting to get used to. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, they're really not strangers to hearing these types of announcements. earlier this month, sf mta did notify riders that there were staffing issues and delays, but this announcement today is system-wide and it's going to take place today as well as tomorrow. it was the first week of january that they explained that nearly 100% of their staff was vaccinated, but they were still having issues with staff contracting the virus and having to miss work. the agency also said they were already dealing with shortages of those mechanics, car cleaners, as well as transit supervisors. so what is being done to manage the issue? well, according to sf mta, they are working to encourage masking of staff, as well as staying home if they have symptoms and they're also encouraging booster shots. how will you know if your route is impacted? muni says that you can check
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social media. they will share which routes specifically are impacted, both today and tomorrow for the system-wide outages. we have reached out to the agency and we have not heard back, but we will relay information to you both on air and online as it becomes available. we're live in san francisco. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:03 right now and new this morning airbnb is changing policies to avoid out of control parties after several gatherings turned deadly in recent years. the short-term rental company enacted a global party ban, and also restricted people 25 and under, without a positive airbnb track record, from renting whole properties. airbnb also stopped allowing single-day rentals during the holidays. i spoke with airbnb's director of trusts about how some of the changes went into effect at the beginning of the pandemic when shelter orders shut down bars
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and clubs. >> we saw some people started throwing unauthorized disruptive parties in airbnbs, and around that time, summer of 2020, was when the global party ban was launched and announced. in order to enforce the ban, my team launched solutions. one of the most notable was under 25. we look at the reservation and if the guest is under 25 and doesn't have a positive history on the platform and they're trying to book an entire home listing in their neighborhood, under certain circumstances, we restrict that reservation. >> the anti-party system blocked 1,800 rentals in san francisco, 4,500 rentals in san jose, 940 blocked rentals in oakland. so help us put those numbers into context. >> around new year's eve of last year we had about 4 million stays happening on our platform. that's the scale of airbnb. and the vast majority of people
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traveling and using airbnb are good people. not everyone is trying to throw a party. however, safety is at the foundation of everything we do. that is our number one priority. even if a fraction of a fraction of one of those reservations results in an incident or a party, that is not good for our community. >> here in the bay area we saw two really disturbing instances of this. there was a mass shooting at a house and several people were killed there, and then one person was killed at a house party just in sunnyvale over the last summer. what responsibility does airbnb have in that? >> my team obsesses over this fraction of the number of reservations at airbnb that end up in an incident and we're constantly learning, evolving and trying to make sure that each day we're getting better, smarter and keeping our communities safer. >> at 25 i was a young, working professional, maybe wanted to plan a getaway weekend with some girlfriends, it wasn't a party situation.
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i might have gotten caught up in that and it seems like there are other people like that who are 25 and not able to rent on your platform. >> we are investing in machine learning and tooling to get smarter so that we get better at catching parties, but make the experience less obstructive for good users such as yourself. we are not always blocking your reservation. you may be trying to book an entire home and we may redirect you to a property where the host is in the building. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> great interview there. thanks, kris. 6:06 this morning and the u.s. and its western allies are aiming to diffuse the ukraine crisis by striking russia's economy. on capitol hill, lawmakers are working on an agreement to sanction russia, should it invade ukraine. brie jackson is live in washington this morning. talk to us about this. what do we know about the u.s. plans right now?
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>> reporter: good morning, marcus. well, the u.s. is really planning on focusing on striking russia's economy and senators say they are hoping to finalize a bipartisan sanctions package by the end of this week. the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting today. it's hoping to put moscow on the defense. meanwhile, on capitol hill, lawmakers say they are nearing the 1 yard line when it comes to a bipartisan bill to sanction russia. senators say some measures may take effect before a russian invasion, while others are aimed at providing aid to ukraine. >> which would include sanctions, which would include more military assistance, which would include helping them to fight back against the cyberattacks the russians continue to use against ukraine, and also to help on the disinformation campaign that russia is actively involved in to try to destabilize the zelensky government. >> reporter: the ukrainian president is criticizing the west for waiting to impose
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sanctions. some lawmakers suggest that ukraine's backing off its nato aspirations could help. >> any decision about the future of ukraine will be made by ukraine. it won't be made in moscow or washington or the european union or belarus. >> reporter: despite the escalating tensions, there's hope for a diplomatic path forward. meanwhile, back here on capitol hill, administration officials are expected to brief both the house and the senate on ukraine, as well as the increasing tensions with russia later this week on thursday, as more than 120,000 russian troops are there at the ukraine border. marcus? >> when you hear that number and the number of troops that are there, a lot of people are concerned. brie jackson in washington this morning. thank you, brie. 6:08, and happening today santa clara county is fully reopening courtrooms and the clerk offices. three weeks ago access was restricted because of the surge
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in covid cases, because so many workers were sick there just weren't enough people to keep everything running smoothly. other counties also temporarily scaled back some of their in-person operations. and happening tomorrow, more covid testing will be available on the peninsula. a new provider, carbon health, is expected to offer up to 2,000 tests per day at the event center. you can register in advance or show up to get a free test. san mateo's positivity rate is just shy of 14%. 6:09 this morning. let's take a live look out at walnut creek. it's pretty foggy out there a little earlier. seems to be clearing up a bit. but i'm going to leave that to meteorologist kari hall. she's been tracking what we can expect. how is it looking for us? >> yeah, the east bay has been pretty clear. it's the south bay we've been watching, as well as the north bay for that fog. and then later on tonight we'll turn our attention back to the north bay where we will see some
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of these high winds picking up, wind advisories in effect starting at midnight. it may be a high wind warning as we get closer. unfortunately, we are looking at gusty winds as the dry weather continues. it increases our fire danger, especially with the relative humidity levels and the winds picking up from the north at about 30 to 40 miles per hour. you do want to make sure you're prepared for the potential that there could be a power outage as we go into the next couple of days. we'll talk more about the high winds coming up. mike, you're seeing something happening in the east bay. >> out of the east bay, of course, one of the main points would be the bay bridge toll plaza. we're looking at traffic starting to build a little bit for our live camera. you wouldn't really see a difference here from what we saw 28 minutes, a half hour ago. but the metering lights have been turned on about 20 minutes ago now, so there's a mild build as we look at the map. a little slowing across the span. not a major issue at the bottom of your screen. highway 37 at the top and
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highway 4, there's a build through contra costa county where we expect the biggest commute right now. the early slowdown in san jose was short-lived and it's clear now on 101. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:10 this morning. i'm sure you can agree with this story, a lot of parents want to make sure their kids are happy. well, here on "today in the bay," our consumer team helped one bay area father make sure that his daughter's birthday did not get ruined. >> plus, check your air bags. details on a new recall affecting nearly a half million vehicles. >> reporter: and changing your tune, if you did want to leave spotify it may be easier and cheaper than you think. let's take you out to the futures this morning. today is the last trading day of january. >> but first, we are three days from the start of the winter olympic games, and right now on you can see where journalists from around the world will cover the games. that main press room, well, it
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will seat 400 journalists. a lot of work going on in that room. find out more at we've got you covered. more ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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north bay. santa rosa right now 36 degrees, but it will be mostly sunny as we head through late morning. we're also going to watch the winds pick up. i'll talk more about that and i'll let you know if there's any rain in the forecast coming up. >> yeah, the east bay mostly clear, but over here the dublin camera does pick up low clouds hovering just above the deck. folks are able to operate at speed right here not far from the dublin interchange. i'll give you a look at that area and your commute coming up. >> reporter: good morning, very happy monday to you as well. i heard on the radio this morning it's national hug an economist day. we'll get earnings from some big companies this week and then on friday, of course, we'll get the big jobs report. joe rogan is speaking out as more artists take their music off spotify. joni mitchell the latest to do so. rogan is accused of spreading dangerous misinformation about covid on his podcast that's published and paid for by spotify. rogan points out some of the
6:16 am
questions he asked in the past about covid turned out to be legitimate, but in the end he says he's not a scientist. >> i don't know, because i'm not a doctor, i'm not a scientist. i'm just a person who sits down and talks to people and has conversations with them. do i get things wrong? absolutely. >> reporter: now, spotify has lost market share in billions in overall value as people cancel their accounts. spotify is warning its podcasts to follow spotify rules. these are rules which up until now they've never talked about publicly or even made available. among the rules, podcasters should not assert that aids, covid-19 or cancer are a hoax, encourage the consumption of bleach, suggest that vaccines are designed to cause death or encourage people to purposely get infected with covid-19. now, those are pretty low bars. rogan could keep doing what he's doing and not violate any of those rules. now, people are discovering it
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is easy to switch from spotify to another music service like apple music. if you have amazon prime already, you already have free access to a limited version of amazon's music you may not even know about. many people have carefully cultivated their own playlists on spotify, but there are a number of apps that will convert your spotify playlists in lists on other services. i can tell you it takes about the length of a football halftime to convert about ten playlists and cancel spotify. one expert tells the "today" show he doubts leaving spotify will accomplish much. >> there may be some more people who join with neil and joni in this quest, but i don't think it's going to in any way revolutionize the way business is being done. i don't think this protest is
6:18 am
going to make spotify suddenly see some kind of new light. >> now, they'll talk more about that on the "today" show. as we were discussing earlier, music is music, in the sense that if you like katy perry or taylor swift, you can hear it on any of these services. it doesn't matter which one you use. spotify has a good system of playlists that the other groups need to adopt. if you go into a restaurant and you really like the music and you stop the waiter and say what playlist is this, they'll say you can find it on spotify, here it is. i've done that more than once. >> wow, well, marcus and i are a little behind the times. we were jotting down our favorite songs. >> then we'll send it to scott. >> my all-time favorite playlist, the coolest is called w hotel lobby, like the lobby of the w hotel. it's great background music when
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you're making dinner or something like that. >> i'll bet it is. >> i'll give it a try. training wheels on the bike. thank you very much, scott. kia is recalling more than 410,000 vehicles over concerns that the air bags might not deploy in a crash. the recall includes certain kia forte coups, sedonas and souls. it has to do with the air bag control covers potentially with the circuit board and it could result in it not activating in a collision. if you have a kia, maybe call your dealership. now to something trending this morning that you might find -- >> rapper drake is going viral for posting this one-on-one with his son. he's dropping old truths about getting older.
6:20 am
take a listen. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he said something was big. >> i thought he said when i'm big i'm going to die. >> he told the rapper that sometime when i'm very big everything will go back to the universe. very interesting from a little boy like that, right? >> that is not what i got from my high school french. i misunderstood. >> his mother is from france. [ speaking foreign language ] >> what is it? >> thank you.
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>> we are multi-lingual. and we are getting close to mardi gras, too. all right, let's get a look at our fog that's rolling across the south bay this mornin we are seeing low visibility as we take a live look outside in san jose, and then right above that we have a clear sky as our temperatures are dipping in some spots. we're starting out with some upper 30s. and then take a look at the trend as we go through late morning into the afternoon. heading up to about 60 degrees for later today. it's going to be very cool, especially for the start of the day, and only comfortable for a couple of hours during the afternoon. and then dipping, once again, for tonight. take a look at the seven-day forecast. it's already at the bottom of the screen. we'll talk about what i'm concerned about going into the next few days. winds picking up, and especially for the north bay in some of those areas where you see the bright pinks and purples, that indicates where we will have the
6:22 am
highest winds picking up, especially over elevations above 1,000 feet in the north bay. this will continue with a northerly wind that dries out the air with low humidity, gusty winds for the next couple of days. we will have the potential, unfortunately, of a high fire danger. we're talking about that in early february. and then as we go into wednesday and thursday, the winds will gradually calm down. the problem is the lack of rainfall we've had recently and we're still looking at dry conditions across the region, clouds moving in. but with the high pressure that's kept it dry, we also have lows that have been dipping farther to the east of here and that's creating that pressure gradient, making the air flow quickly across the bay area, while steering the rain to the north of us. and that trend looks to continue as we go through the next several days. when we take a look back at the calendar, when was the last time we had rain? it was january 7th. and so now we're heading into this long stretch of dry weather that, unfortunately, looks like it continues into february as
6:23 am
well. we'll be watching that, but at least in the near-term forecast, yes, we are seeing dry conditions. when we look at the sierra snow pack, we're right now at normal, at 99%, but each day without rain or sierra snow, these numbers will continue to go down. so we're looking at dry conditions throughout the next several days, with highs in the mid-60s by the end of the week. mike, you've been tracking several issues out there this morning. >> that's right. as we look at the bay bridge, the metering lights are on and there's a little bit of slowing. our sensors do pick that up. no backup at the toll plaza. highway 37 at the top of the screen and over on the right, highway 4, a little build. nothing dramatic. there is fog in the north bay, north of novato that kari talked about. and the pretty big build over the last 20 minutes over the altamont pass. we're looking at a stall which will add to your travel time as you approach the shops and 580
6:24 am
itself. the rest of the bay shows a smooth dry, no major slowing through silicon valley or the peninsula. >> thank you. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> his kid'srent is way behind schedule with shipping, so a desperate dad asked us to help out. i'm consumer investigator christmas chmura. nbc bay area responds next. chm. nbc bay area responds next. chm. nbc bay area responds next. chrit chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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howell in san bruno bought
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his daughter a bike for her birthday, he ordered it online for $468. a month later, no bike. instead, messages from the shipping company, dhl, about delays and backlogs. howell tried calling but couldn't get an answer. we reached out and howell sent us an update we were happy to receive, because he says, i received the bike. shortly after nbc contacted the vendor. thanks for the help. we also got an email from dhl. it said, we always strive to address customer concerns and find resolution in those rare cases where something doesn't go as planned with a shipment. we are pleased that we were able to resolve this case for howell. it is good to remember, under federal rules when you shop online or by phone or by mail, stores have one month to ship, or else you can get your money back. we made a how-to video all about
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it. you can watch that episode and all of our other how-to videos on our nbc bay area website, our streaming channels and youtube page. just look for the how-to playlist. >> thanks, chris. 6:28 this morning. still ahead, a covid safety agreement between teachers and schools in the east bay set to expire. next step in the negotiations.
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deadline for schools across contra costa county. the district now in limbo over covid safety concerns, and a last-minute deal that averts a strike elsewhere in the county. >> we really hope you're safe and okay. >> plus, gone missing. the desperate search for a young woman in the east bay. what we've just learned from police about who they believe she was last seen with. >> looking gusty over the next few days. a high wind watch going up for parts of the bay area where we may have 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts. this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez here for laura. >> i'm marcus washington. we're on television, but you can catch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, as well as
6:32 am
online at we want to get you started with an agreement in the east bay, at the east bay school district over how to handle covid, but elsewhere the same county, another deal ready to expire. >> hashing all of this out is "today in the bay's" bob redell live in walnut creek. what does this mean for the students and teachers? >> reporter: that's a good question. good morning to you, kris and marcus. right now it's not clear. today, january 31st, this is the day that the memorandum of understanding regarding covid safety measures between the mount diablo unified school district and teachers is set to expire. the last time these two sides met to negotiate over the new mou, memorandum of understanding, was january 20th. but no decisions were made. now, this agreement outlines things like the vaccination and testing policy for teachers, masking measures, ventilation in classrooms. we have reached out to the school district and teachers
6:33 am
union to find out what, if anything, changes if this agreement expires, or will the covid practices outlined in the agreement remain in place until a new agreement is reached. over the weekend, the teachers within the west contra costa unified school district announced that they will not go on strike, after they reached a tentative agreement with the district over their covid safety measures. the district has agreed to provide kn95 masks daily for students and staff as part of this agreement, weekly testing at all schools, twice-weekly testing for all classes that have one covid positive test, and baseline testing after the february and spring breaks. reporting live here in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. some more bay area college students are returning to in-class learning this morning. among them, cal berkley, cal east bay and santa clara university. most uc and cal state schools moved to virtual moving last
6:34 am
month when covid cases started surging around the bay area, and now san francisco and san jose state are among the schools still holding off on returning in person for another couple of weeks. happening now, the search for a missing oakley woman, 24-year-old alexis gabe has not been seen since wednesday night. investigators believe she was last seen with her ex-boyfriend. yesterday volunteers searched near walmart in antioch and handed out flyers. searchers were also in the oakley neighborhood. this is where her car was found with the keys still in the ignition. those who know her well say that that car was her baby and she never would have left it like that. police say cameras picked up a car on trenton street near oakley road around 9:30 that night. if you may have noticed something, anything in that area, you're asked to contact oakley police. 6:34 right now and san francisco police will hold a virtual town hall this afternoon following a recent deadly police shooting at sfo. this happened january 20th near
6:35 am
the international terminal, when a tsa employee spotted the suspect by the b.a.r.t. station. responding officers found him inside the airport and say that they fired after he pointed two guns that turned out to be replicas. the state attorney general's office is now investigating. we first brought you this story as breaking news on our app. so this is a great time for you to download it if you don't already have it. it's our nbc bay area news app and you can get alerts sent straight to your phone. happening today, the state assembly will debate a plan to provide health care for all 40 million state residents. if approved, the bill would create the nation's only statewide universal health care system. a lot has to happen before it becomes law, but today is the last chance to keep the proposal alive. the latest estimate says it could cost taxpayers more than $356 billion a year. california's total operating budget is nearly $262 billion
6:36 am
this year. all right, let's get it out of the way really quick, 9ers fans. there's always next season. >> that's the way we like to think of it. losing no fun, but the 9ers same so close to returning to the super bowl. so late in the fourth quarter of yesterday's nfc championship game, the rams had just taken a 20-17 lead. the 9ers got the ball back for one last drive and jimmy g was facing a lot of pressure and made an ill-advised throw. with the interception the rams seal the deal and the win. afterwards 9ers fans tried to look at the bigger picture here. >> we had a great season. congratulations to the rams. you guys deserve it. incredibly disappointed. we should have won. good luck to the rams in the super bowl. >> very disappointed, but props to the 49ers. they started off the season very slowly. nobody expected them to get this far. they beat dallas, they beat green bay. >> they've given us a lot of
6:37 am
cheers. so now the 9ers have some big questions to answer, starting with whether or not to bring back jimmy g. first round pick trey lance sitting on the bench. right now they say it's too early to talk about that. >> i thought he was going to go in yesterday for a minute. the afc championship, another thriller. this went into overtime when the cincinnati bengals clinched their first trip to the super bowl since 1988. they beat the chiefs 27-24. i thought it was quite the stunner. >> stunner, indeed. and don't forget, the rams and bengals super bowl lvi airing right here on nbc bay area. that's on sunday, february 13th. kickoff is right around 3:30 p.m. but we'll have the entire day of super bowl coverage for you. want to get a look at the weather forecast. it was a good day for staying inside -- not really, it was a wasted day. it was so beautiful yesterday. >> it was beautiful yesterday. we're going to see the same
6:38 am
thing again today, but we're just starting out with some fog and some low visibility in spots. but it's starting to clear up right now in san jose. but as you head just south of san jose near the airport, visibility dropping off, and so just be careful and watch out for that as you're heading out this morning on your way to work. we're also seeing dense fog in parts of the north bay. we do have a coolmoing with somw 40s, but then as we go into today, we're headed for near 60 degrees, with all of that sunshine that does continue for this afternoon, and then by tonight we'll see the winds increasing once again. so we'll talk more about that coming up. mike, you're checking out something happening in the north bay. >> yeah, i'm looking forward toward changes for commuters there. right now we want to quickly check the bay bridge where we talked about the metering lights that were turned on just before 6:00. it's been about 45 minutes since the lights turned on. we're finally seeing a little backup and that will continue as we look at the map, you see it's
6:39 am
a slow drive across this span, also the richmond bridge, highway 4 into concord and in the north bay, highway 37 through vallejo. we had the closure for the tennessee street over-crossing and that will continue and affect route 6 for riders and drivers, of course, going across i-80. the rest of the bay shows a light build. back to you. >> thank you. 6:39 right now and no surprise, a rise in artificial intelligence. >> we are not as in control of our choices as we used to be because we walk around with smartphones in our pockets. >> next up for you, one top tech correspondent explains the ways artificial intelligence may become a larger threat to humanity. >> reporter: a major meeting of the united nations security council as it tries to deal with the crisis in ukraine. let's take you to new york city and the big board. stocks down slightly on the last trading day of january. you're watching "today in the
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right now at 6:14 as you're heading out in the east bay, let's get a look at oakland. temperatures starting out chilly with fog drifting around. we go from the mid-40s for the start of the day. we'll talk about high winds in the forecast coming up. >> heading out of oakland, we're looking at the bay bridge toll
6:43 am
plaza where the crowd continues to build gradually, slowly. but it does continue with that delay. more slowing out of the east bay. we'll show you that and more coming up. the u.n. security council will meet today to talk about the amassing of russian troops on ukraine's border. >> scott mcgrew, the russians sit on the security council and they have a veto. >> reporter: yeah, they're one of the original members just like us. we have a veto, russia has a veto. so we can safely say the security council is not going to vote to take any action against the russians today. but russia cannot stop members of the security council from talking about the crisis and proposing solutions, or even proposing action. today's meeting will allow america and our allies to explain why russia's actions are dangerous. as we watch that meeting, we're also waiting on any official response to a u.s. letter sent to the kremlin, with some
6:44 am
proposals that might mollify the russians to some degree. the letter offers some compromises. here is the ambassador to the united nations speaking on abc "sunday morning". >> they have continued to escalate, despite our efforts to try to find a diplomatic route for them and to encourage them to de-escalate, and part of the reason we're calling for this meeting on monday is one more opportunity to find a diplomatic way out for the russians. >> reporter: now, the u.s. does outright refuse one russian demand, that nato prohibit ukraine from ever applying for nato membership. that is off the table for america and the nato allies. over the weekend, some on social media passed around a tweet from an official republican party account that is extremely misleading. it shows president biden answering questions, saying
6:45 am
answering questions is inappropriate. the republican party intentionally took something biden said entirely out of context. on thursday, biden and supreme court justice stephen breyer held a short ceremony to mark breyer's time on the bench and the president said they would not be taking questions. that's what the tweet showed. but here is the full context of what the president actually said. >> thank you all so very, very much for being here, and i'm not going to take any questions because i think it's inappropriate to take questions with the justice here. he's still sitting on the bench. but you'll have plenty of opportunities to get me later today and for the rest of the week. >> reporter: have you seen a politician or a party claim something on twitter you don't think is true? send it to me and we'll check it out. on twitter you'll find me @scott mcgrew. >> thanks, scott. just about all of us depend on phones and apps to make it through the day, but could
6:46 am
relying on technology to make decisions become harmful for our future? well, that's the new theme of a book called "the loop" written by nbc news technology correspondent jake ward. i was able to talk to him to find out more about this impact and what it's having on so many of us. >> well, this is very much the theme of the book. i was trying to basically put together an explanation for what you're describing right there, that sort of invisible, unconscious, but unmistakable feeling that we are not as in control of our choices as we used to be because we walk around with smartphones in our pockets and spend so much time following the advice they give us. basically what i tried to do was marry the last roughly 50 years of behavioral science, which has essentially shown that we make most of our decisions using an ancient instinctive set of circuitries and trying to marry that to what i was figuring out at the time about the rise of ai in business and all of the
6:47 am
companies, basically figuring out our unconscious patterns as best they could and deploying these recognitions. it turns out the combination of what you and i are likely to make decisions about instinctively and those business models go together really perfectly. >> i have to admit, i'm one of the people who i will rely on technology, whether it's waze, but i'm also from a generation where i use my gut. they tell us to use our gut to make those decisions. so you have some people who kind of know how to do both, but you have this newer generation, this is all they know. >> that's absolutely right. and the difficulty of resisting the rise of these pattern recognition systems and the ways they influence our decisions is exactly what you are seeing there. using our gut, our instincts, to make these kinds of decisions, going with our intuition is a tried and true way. it is how our species has survived all of these years. but it also turns out that we can be played based on our gut
6:48 am
instincts and this leads in cynical and predatory cases to things like online gambling and addictive impulses. in the short-term, when you do scroll through social media for hours longer than you meant to. all of that is playing on your gut. >> this is a fascinating conversation. you can continue the conversation by reading the book "the loop" by jake ward. i want to thank you for joining us and congratulations, again, on the book. >> thank you so much. >> so if you love that conversation, we have much more. that was just a small piece of the conversation with jake. you can watch the full interview on our nbc bay area streaming app. download it for apple, roku or amazon fire and look for the our talk under the must-see playlist. >> if you need one more reason, he's an oakland local. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall and that fog is kind of sneaking down to the south. >> yes, it is. and we've seen it really
6:49 am
drifting around san jose, down to the airport, as well as into the south county. so just watch out for low visibility in spots this morning. it's been fairly clear for much of the east bay, fog in the tri-valley and north bay, one of our typical spots. visibility down to a quarter of a mile in santa rosa, as well as novato. once the fog clears out, we have sunshine. you'll notice the breeze will start to pick up and we'll start to have a wind viz starting later this evening. it begins at midnight and continues through thursday morning, so this will be a prolonged wind event. definitely longer than we had a couple weeks ago. but all of the bay area included, except for santa clara valley because we do have the santa cruz mountains on one side that lowers the wind on some of the valleys. looking at our temperature trend, we're starting with upper 30s and low 40s, but we're headed for about 60 degrees today, which is a little cooler than normal. then another cold night as we dip back into the low 40s, and
6:50 am
even some upper 30s in spots. we've been dry for so long and we're still looking at the same weather pattern, as all of the rain that's been out in the pacific goes up and over the bay area, and then we also had lows dipping into parts of the rockies that's increasing the pressure gradient. so we have high pressure just off the coast. we have these lows that are moving farther inland and producing some snow. and when we see that happening, high pressure close to low pressure, that makes the wind flow quickly and that's the reason why we are going to have high winds. looking back on how long it's been since we've had rain, january 7th. this is going on day 23 and 24. and, unfortunately, it looks like as we go into the month of february we're also looking at some dry weather, at least to start, over the next seven days. more sunshine in the forecast and we are going to see our temperatures heading up. watching out for high winds over the next few days that could have some power impacts and increase our fire danger. we'll be talking more about that. we've also been really excited
6:51 am
about the olympics starting this week, and also the super bowl. we're going to head over to al roker, who is keeping an eye on what's happening there in l.a. >> hey, kari, how are you? i guess everybody around there, you're not too good, are you? look at it this way, it's a california team in the super bowl. once in a lifetime event. february 3rd we've got the olympics starting, and then february 13th, the big game. that's right, the super bowl, right here on nbc. granted, granted, 49ers not in it, but -- i shouldn't keep mentioning that, i suppose, right? probably shouldn't. it's all coming up this morning on "today." >> well, hey, yeah, at least the west coast will be represented. so we're going to be watching that with al roker today. check in on the "today" show for that full report. heading over to you, mike, the commute looking pretty
6:52 am
predictable. >> yeah, it is, and thanks for that reminder, al. let's get a look and we'll see how things are shaping up. in south county, we have fog creeping around the area and the slower drive 101 through san martin. the fog, lower visibility may catch some by surprise. a little build for san jose where i circled the 101, hey hayward and the castro valley area. east bay, typical slowing. the bay bridge toll plaza, there was a crash involving a rig. it backed up and started to clear up once again. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, as of this morning, additional options for weekend service between tiburon and san francisco. golden gate ferry trips leave the city from the ferry terminal and not pier 41. by the way, masks are required.
6:53 am
and a quick look at top stories we're working on this morning. cracking down on unwanted parties. the new schools airbnb has introduced to stop guests from taking things too far. plus -- >> reporter: and commuters, listen up, if you're waiting for a bus or train, there are some days headed your way. we'll break down the reason why coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
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welcome back. we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories on "today in the bay," including commuters in san francisco who might have to brace for longer waits this morning. >> "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live for us in san francisco. so covid really creating muni staffing shortages. >> reporter: good morning, yeah. earlier this month they broke down that a lot of their staff was still contracting covid-19, despite the fact that nearly 100% of them were vaccinated. and today it's much of the same, they're warning there may be system-wide delays both today and tomorrow because of not only those sick calls, but also because of staffing shortages. they were already short mechanics and car cleaners, as well as those transit operators. so today and tomorrow muni letting folks know to keep close to social media to check to see how your route will be impacted, because of those delays. we have reached out to them for
6:57 am
specifics. we have not heard back. when we do hear specifics about any of the major routes being impacted, we'll of course let you know. today and tomorrow, if you're riding muni, be sure to keep a close eye on your phone. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson, live for "today in the bay.." >> thank you. today more college students returned to campus for in-person learning. most uc and cal state schools moved to virtual when cases started surging in december. san francisco and san jose state are still holding out on returning for a few more weeks. happening now, the search for a missing oakley woman. 24-year-old alexis gabe has not been seen since wednesday night. investigators believe she was with her ex-boyfriend. yesterday volunteers searched near walmart in antioch, searchers were passing out flyers in oakley. they also say that her car was found with the keys in the ignition. those who knew her say that her car was her baby. she would have never left it
6:58 am
like that. airbnb is following up on changes toyed to avoid out of control parties. they had a global party ban and restricted people 25 and under from renting whole properties if they did not have a positive airbnb track record. the move comes in the wake of deadly shootings at several properties, including two here in the bay area. >> we are constantly learning, evolving and trying to make sure that each day our tools are getting better, smarter and keeping the community safer. >> airbnb has also stopped allowing single-day rentals during holiday weekends. all right, we go to monday morning and it's time to look at the forecast and commute. how is it looking? >> it looks foggy for some parts of the bay area this morning, starting out chilly. it will be partly cloudy today, highs in the low 60s and gusty winds in the folk for the next few days. and we are going to, of course, watch out for that as our
6:59 am
temperatures are headed for the low to mid-60s, but the wind will be of high concern. and, mike, you've been watching, it seems, a pretty typical monday morning commute. >> yeah, here the san mateo bridge is all right and we see the typical build out over through hayward. we have a live look at the richmond bridge. it looks just fine, but there's a lot of fog over on the san raphael side, fog through the south like kari talked about. we'll come back to our group shot here. cierr adjust talked about the delays for money and they just tweeted out delays for certain lines and i've retweeted them as well. >> team coverage, thank you so much, mike. and we are counting down the days until the start of the winter olympics. the open ceremony is just four days away now, although our coverage begins on thursday. >> you can catch all of the festivities right here on nbc
7:00 am
bay area. and we'll be back at 7:25 with a live look at local news and an update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. our midday show is coming up then. the "today" show is coming up next. have a great day. good morning. the big dig. the northeast still recovering from that historic winter storm over the weekend. braving bitter cold to shovel record amounts of snow. and al says he's already tracking the next potential threat. his full forecast straight ahead. >> high stakes, the u.s., russia and ukraine set to face off at the u.n. today over russia's troop buildup at the border. is there a path to peacer


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