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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  February 1, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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coverage starts on thursday. >> that's really exciting. we hope you join us for that. all right. what's coming up at 5:30. >> a lot happening. warning from ukraine president. don't invade us or it will be a full fledged european war. the message to russian leaders who deny their planning to attack. and how the biden administration is responding tonight. >> he also urged immediate russian deescalation and withdrawal of troops and equipment from borders. >> changing covid rules in san francisco. what to know the next time you head to the city. top diplomats spoke today about that crisis unfolding right now in ukraine.
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russian president vladimir putin is blaming the united states for not meeting his biggest security demands. nbc's alice barr has the latest from washington, d.c. >> today, renewed diplomatic efforts to end the crisis in ukraine. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken speaking with his russian counterpart and agreeing to continue diplomatic discussions. >> he also urged immediate russian de-escalation and the withdrawal of troops and equipment from ukraine's borders and was clear that further invasion of ukraine would be met with swift and severe consequences. >> but shortly after that call, russian president vladimir putin publicly faulted the u.s. and allies for ignoring his top security demands. the u.s. has said it won't agree to ban ukraine from joining the nato military alliance. president putin also wants nato to roll back forces from eastern europe. boris johnson meeting with
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ukraine's president in kyiv today. >> this is a clear and present danger. we see large numbers of troops, we see preparations for all kinds of operations. >> putin said today he was open to more talks. russia denies it's planning an invasion of ukraine. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations pressed russia on its intentions at a tense u.n. security council meeting yesterday. >> why would you put 100,000 troops on the border with ukraine if you had no intention of invading that country? >> on capitol hill, lawmakers are preparing a massive sanctions package to hobble the russian economy if it invades, that includes targeting russian elites in president putin's circle. alice barr, nbc news. >> the country of denmark is scrapping most of its pandemic restrictions. the omicron variant is surging there, however, the country has a high vaccination rate.
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medical facilities aren't overcrowded. masks are no longer mandatory on public transportation or shops. denmark's digital health pass is no longer even needed to enter nightclubs or eat indoors at restaurants. elsewhere in other parts, as in europe, there's a patchwork of approaches to the pandemic. the nations are relaxing virus restrictions while others tighten them. thousands of canadians are protesting vaccine mandates. the demonstration started as a rally against the vaccine requirement for cross border truckers and then it turned into a demonstration against government overreach during the pandemic. this is happening in the country's capital city of ottawa. the protesters have turned disrespectful and rowdy. the country is 80% vaccinated so the demonstrators are getting little sympathy. >> a colorado man accused of threatening violence at ucla has been arrested. matthew harris sent an 800-page manifesto detailing specific
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acts of violence to members of the ucla community. he's a former researcher and lecturer who was let go by the school last year. he no longer lives in colorado. boulder's police chief said shy was notified last night that the suspect was in the area. after a three-hour standoff with officers, harris was taken into custody. ucla officials said in-person classes will resume tomorrow. >> okay, not quite the smooth rollout he was looking for, but nowadays it's hard to keep a secret. after the news leaked over the weekend, it was made official today. tom brady is retiring. his next stop, certainly, the pro football hall of fame. today, brady made the announcement in a lengthy post on instagram. widely considered the g.o.a.t., the greatest of all time, and it all started here in the bay area at san mateo high school. excuse me, at san mateo serra high school. 22 seasons in the nfl. he led his team to the super bowl ten times, winning seven super bowls. both are records. a part of this post today read,
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quote, i have loved my nfl career and now it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention. the current football coach over at serra says brady's retirement is bitter sweet. damian trujillo spent the day on campus. >> it's no secret tom brady was not the greatest quarterback when he roamed the field here, but he quickly changed that reputation in the pros. it's called freighta field today, but while some know the stadium name, almost everyone knows the most famous name to play on it, tom brady. shrines are all over the school, but it wasn't always magic for brady. >> he did rnt start his freshman year here. he didn't particularly have a great senior year in terms of winning. >> that was the part that fueled the man who would go on to win more super bowls than any player in nfl history. from the scoreboard in high school to watching 198 players
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get drafted before him in the nfl. tom always took it personally, and used it to rise above the rest. >> it's almost like the biggest gift was being told no to him. >> current serra football coach patrick walsh called it competitive humility, and it was that internal fire that made family friends and tom's summer baseball coach realize anyone betting against brady would end up eating their words. >> watching him play here at serra, he did some wonderful things. and you knew he had a bright future ahead of him. we were all hoping he would attend college local. >> trophies began piling up. he went to ten super bowls, winning seven of them. but everyone at serra says brady is as big a champion off the field as he was between the lines. from his charity work to the inspiration he's left behind. >> tom brady went to my school, and i just want to -- he left a great legacy here, and i want to show that i can be just as great as him one day. >> his mindset basically laid a foundation for me. showed me where he came from is
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where i come from. >> it gives us a different type of like you could say swagger, like he gave us a different type of motivation as we walk on the fold. >> many call him the g.o.a.t., the greatest of all time. a kid from serra high school who still might need to prove himself again if he wants a job as a coach at his alma mater. >> we're full on our coaching staff, so he's going to have to submit his resume, but we may be able to carve something out for him. >> damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> nice, tommy brady the assistant line coach at serra. whether you watched him from afar or covered him professionally for the past two decades, it's easy to see his career simply unparalleled. here's matt may oako from nbc sports bay area. >> i think tom brady might not only be a one in a generation player. he might be one in the history of professional football player. for everything that he accomplished, you know, the dynamics of the game, they're
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changing a lot. for him to remain healthy, you know, takes a bit of luck. but it also takes just a maniacal work ethic. i just don't see how anyone could ever come along and even approach what tom brady has done. >> well said by matt there. before brady came along, right around here at least, actually everybody around the nfl, joe montana was considered the greatest quarterback of all time. that has changed over the years. take a look side-by-side comparison, not to take anything away from montana's career. both are great. just fun to see the eye-popping numbers. 22 years brady was named to the pro bowl 15 times. won seven super bowls and was named the super bowl mvp five times. we'll switch over to joe montana. in 15 years, he was named a pro bowler eight times, won the super bowl four times, and was a three-time super bowl mvp. oh, yeah, by the way, nfl mvp
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twice. we love them both. >> both of those stats are pretty impressive if you ask me. thanks, raj. >> a couple changes coming to the city. come people who work or work out in san francisco can go maskless in some settings. there is a caveat. you have to be vaccinated and boosted. cierra johnson joins us from one of those places where you can now drop the mask. >> well, this isn't the first or even the second time i have been here in soma. it's a gym, and we have really monitored how they have weathered the storm or the roller coaster ride known as covid mask restrictions. starting today, the folks here, if you are vaccinated and boosted, will no longer have to wear their masks. if you work or work out in the city, there are a few other places you won't have to wear the mask as well. take a look at your screen starting today, you'll be able to go maskless in offices, religious gatherings, even college classrooms as well as
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gyms. it's important to note you have to be vaccinated and boosted to do that. the location also has to have fewer than 100 people. and another change starting this week, if you're unvaccinated, you'll once again be able to go to a warriors game if you provide a negative covid test. that test can't be an at-home test. it has to be administered by a third party provider. and these changes, they all come as communities find themselves on the other side of the omicron surge. the gym owner here, the particular mask change could be the momentum needed to push forward. >> i feel like this round of mask mandate lifting is a better step in the right direction. we have had our clients and trainers vaccinated and boosted for months now. so i feel like just based on what everyone is feeling over this past month of this latest surge, we're headed in the right direction. >> and that gym owner tells me that january was surprisingly slow. he says in part due to that
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omicron surge, a lot of folks not comfortable coming to the gym. he says this new loosening of restrictions, as he said, could be the key to pushing business forward. we're also keeping a close eye on the other bay area counties to see if they, too, reduce any of the mask restrictions. in san francisco, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> up next, as we celebrate black history month, we profile a man in east oakland who's teaching kids more than just tricking out their bicycles. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ray niry. i'll have the latest on the warnings for the bay area.
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headline in the nfl today. a former head coach who was recently fired by the miami dolphins has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the league. his name is brian flores. he accuses the national football league of mistreating black coaches and having a history of racist hiring.
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one example, he says the new york giants offered him a chance to interview for a job that he had no chance of getting. he had similar claims against the denver broncos, saying the team president john elway was an hour late for his job interview for head coach. the nfl denies the claims and says diversity is core to the league. >> all right, february marks the annual celebration of black history month. we're here celebrating the culture and the community. tonight, nbc bay area's joe rosato takes us to east oakland and introduces us to a man who is showing kids how to take their bicycles to colorful new places. >> most people see a bicycle as a way to get around. a meaning of exercise or transportation. but to tyrone "baby champ" stevenson, a bicycle is a canvas waiting for bling. >> this is real therapeutic. >> in his native east oakland, stevenson is king of what are known as scraper bikes.
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>> you customize and put your design on it. making it personalized. >> to stevenson, every piece of tricking out a bike is personal. he's been bringing them to life for nearly two decades. >> when i was a kid, i was getting into lots of trouble. something for me to do, something to keep me creative. red, yellow. then i noticed that scraper bikes was keeping me out of trouble. >> growing up in tough east oakland, it took just a little paint, some tin foil and tape, to make something special. >> a lot of it is all about the pops of color. it's the vibrancy. you know, it's the self-reflection. >> stevenson was known as the scraper bike king of the east. it was his uncle paul broun known as tall paul, who sat on the scraper bike throne of west oakland. >> he's known for riding his custom bikes. >> near the rv where he lived,
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tall paul was famous for his tall bikes. and also his giant heart. >> but if the kids brought tall paul their report card, he would make them a custom scraper bike. >> brown's ride ended several years ago when he died of cancer. yet, to the end, he saw the potential for scraper bikes to make others feel tall too. >> one of the things that he would tell me before passing was that i should open up a school. >> and so stevenson co-founded the scraper bike team after school program which works through oakland's schools to teach kids how to build their own cool bikes. >> pull it. >> i'm teaching them bike safety, bike mechanics, bike customization. how to make a scraper bike. you got you a bike there. >> i think the colors and the time that it takes making it makes it the best. >> scraper bikes have been around since before you were born. >> the program, which operates out of a shipping container, has been on hiatus since the
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beginning of the pandemic, but stevenson is preparing to reopen soon, and even expand the program. >> giving them that exposure to something that's positive and safe is really important to us. >> stevenson and the scraper bike team turn up at community events, pedaling their colorful bikes and waving their oakland pride. >> let's go. >> for stevenson, it's as if bikes and life have all come full circle. >> it's the best feeling in the world. >> joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> that is a good looking bike. you might have already heard the fireworks and the dragon dancers and all the parties people around the world celebrating lunar new year today. one local doctor recommends keeping gatherings small and outdoors if you can. >> the global pandemic has hit our entire world, and one thing about that is that as a humanity, we're undergoing the same hardships, and one thing,
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taking time to find milestones and celebrations like lunar new year is really important. it's about wishing each other blessings and prosperity. good health. and a time for people to be with loved ones and family. >> well said. a new beginning for so many people. check this out, our own janelle wang showing off what lunar new year celebrations look like in beijing. very festive at the nbc hotel before the winter olympics begin. they begin this thursday. you can follow janelle on instagram. >> and janelle is cold there. we may have wind, but it's a lot colder in beijing. >> i mean, yes. at night, windchills in the teens. >> ooh. >> yeah, have to bundle up. let's get to our reality, and we do have some windchill here tonight as well. when the wind kicks up, 20 to 25 miles per hour. certainly making it feel anywhere from about 3 to 6 degrees colder. if you're heading out here in walnut creek, 59 degrees.
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we're dropping down to much colder 40s at 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00. let's take you to what's been happening with the weather. so here's the setup as we roll through tonight. we have high pressure to the north. this smaller system to the south. the air flows when it comes to weather from high pressure to low pressure. so when you have two systems this close together, it's always going to create wind. that's what's bringing us these northerly winds. as we roll through tomorrow night, what going to happen is this system right here is going to break away, take some of the wind with it, and it's going to gradually start to calm those winds down. by tomorrow night, again, we'll begin to see differences here in that forecast. so, when it comes to our wind warning overall, looks like it's going to be the gustiest in the mountains of the north bay. you can see the dark orange color, where we'll get 40 to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts possible. for the rest of the bay area, we're going to average 22 to 45. through tonight, look at the key at the top, 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts in the magenta color.
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that stays with us as we roll through tomorrow morning. windiest again in the north bay, and then as we roll through tomorrow night, you can see how that wind will eventually start to calm on down. temperatures as we start off tomorrow will be chilly to start. we're looking at upper 30s and low 40s. so you need the jacket. also the sunglasses. got you down to 38 in the tri-valley. for the north bay, 42. san francisco at 43. daytime highs for tomorrow down here across the south bay going to look like this. 62 in san jose. let's move to the east bay, i have it at 61 in vallejo. right through the peninsula, 60 in redwood city. san francisco, 59 in the marini and through the north bay, 59 in clear lake, and 63 in novato. dry through the next seven days. no hope of any rainfall. we're really pushing it towards the end of february for maybe a few chances. still doesn't look great at this point. we'll hold to the 60s in san francisco. and for the inland valleys, also in the 60s for highs. notice these mornings, by friday
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morning, lots of widespread 30s right through this weekend. so the wind calms down on thursday. then after that, some smooth sailing in that forecast. >> windy right now, i tell you. >> yeah, it is. chilly, too. >> thanks. up next, going to head down south for the big game? it's pricey. the reason this year's super bowl will be more expensive to attend. we'll have some of the numbers for you.
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okay, it takes a lot of people power to make the olympics actually happen, not just on air but off air, too. nbc tonight giving us a behind the scenes look at home base for production crews. this is the olympic broadcasting center, home to not just nbc but journalists from all over the world. 65,000 square feet, two years in the making. turns out, though, the super bowl is changing how engineers traditionally have to pull things off. >> mike tirico will start the primetime show here at the ibc, and of course, continue his journey to the super bowl. so connecting the studio from here to the prime time control
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7,000 miles away, we don't normally do the olympics like that, so the challenges of running a tv show on both sides of the planet at the same time is one of the hurdles we had to solve for, and we have great hopes for it. >> going to be good. total team of more than 3,000 people it takes to air the 2022 winter olympics. if you missed it, you can watch our journey to the winter olympics special on our nbc bay area streaming app. you can download it to your apple tv, roku, amazon fire, and look for our special under our winter olympics playlist. >> we have a lot going on, the super bowl and the olympics. the super bowl is going hollywood, and ticket prices reflect that. prices are the most expensive they have ever been. on ticketmaster, if you want to go low, like the cheap seats, $6600. up to $24,000. that's per seat. seatgeek says the average price is about $10,000 per ticket. exclusive seats, your type of
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seats, club level, all that stuff, $50,000. experts say one thing driving up the price, rams fans are willing to spend more since they don't have to pay for a flight or hotels since the game is at their home stadium. >> a good rationale. >> just watch it on tv like the rest of us, nbc bay area kickoff is at 3:30. we'll broadcast the olympics and the super bowl all day, all night sunday, february 13th. >> i'm going with that. i'm going with the nbc plan. >> is it a final farewell. you'll hear jimmy g.'s heartfelt message to all the niner fans. that's next. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome.
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and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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it wasn't an official good-bye, but it sure felt like one. i was almost teary-eyed watching it. most likely the last time we see jimmy g. at 49ers headquarters. he was so -- he was gracious, but it was kind of sad. >> it was. i think for him as well. today, essentially, his exit interview. nothing changed here. garoppolo was genuine, humble, and as grateful as ever. the bosses were also there on the left side, gm john lynch. head coach kyle shanahan. they also spoke with the media today, as did jimmy, separately, though. he said he expblths to get traded and hopes he can have a say in where he lands, essentially what team he goes to. he ended his media session with a special message to the 49ers fans. >> faithful, thank you very much for everything. it's been crazy, man. just all the comebacks at levi's, comebacks on the roads,
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ups and downs. a hell of a ride, guys. i love you guys. see you. >> i think it was special just to be able to sit down with jimmy and let him know how appreciative we are as an organization of the way he handled everything. the way he played. the toughness that he exhibited. and just express my admiration for him and the way he handled everything. you know, this season and during his time with us. >> when jimmy g. comes back with another team to levi's stadium, they'll give him a standing ovation. really special part here. >> the gm says and the head coach, kyle shanahan, says they want to keep jimmy in the loop as the process moves forward. tre lance, as you probably know, is the quarterback in waiting. nice job. cool to have jimmy g. the last couple years around here. >> right now at 6:00, on alert. the warning from firefighters and pg&e as strong winds whip through the bay area. >> definitely has the ability to
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send debris flying, for branches to break. and for trees to get knocked over. >> also, a shooting at a spa near lake merritt in oakland. what sources are telling us led up to this and the close call for someone working at the cafe next door. >> i'm in san jose where thousands are turning out to celebrate the lunar new year here in little saigon. check out the sights and sounds of the year of the tiger coming up. >> the news at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aquirre. brace yourself for windy weather and potential power outages. the national weather service has issued a wind advisory for some parts of the bay area, and it's going to happen over the next few days. pg&e says it will be all hands on deck as it gears up to respond to downed lines, power outages and potential fire danger that creeps up with every single wind gust.
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