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tv   Today  NBC  February 14, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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today, so that will mean afternoon slowing through the event at 5:30. >> it should be a lovely event. really, really nice. what a bay area icon he was. leaving you this morning with a live look from beijing. >> make sure you stay around because olympic coverage continues online at have a great day. >> pass. kupp, got it. touchdown. >> the city of los angeles's first nfl title in four decades. we've got all the highlights and the inspiring captain of the rams. 40 year old andrew whitworth will celebrate with us live this morning. warrior footing.
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the whitehouse signaling an invasion o ukraine could happen within days. and president biden signaling talks over the weekend with vladimir putin and ukraine's president. and americans are urged to leave the country. this morning richard engel joins us live from the front lines. breaking overnight. read to roll. police clear the final protesters from the ambassador bridge, reopen trade route from the u.s. and canada. but is the movement now headed to the u.s.? we'll have the latest. one two finish. >> it is cold for team usa and kayleigh humphries. >> americans take cold and silver in the first ever olympic monobob event. while u.s. ice dancers grab bronze just edging out another pair of americans. and overnight the figure skating scandal heating u. the ruling allowing a russian star
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to compete despite testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. craig has coverage from beijing. all that plus legend lost. tributes for ivan wrightman, we'll written the influential film maker behind ""ghostbusters"," animal house and a string of other comedies. and unforgettable night. from the star studded halftime show to the commercials filled with fun and surprises. one players post game proposal. another racing from the field to the hospital for the birth of his son. we've got all the biggest moments covered today, monday, february 14, 2022. ♪♪ >> anonser hoda kotb from studio 1a in . >> announcer: from nbc news this is a special edition of "today," with winter olympics. with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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>> love it when he says that. o good morning everybody. welcome to "today." it is monday morning after the super bowl late night for lot of folks but it's worth it. >> who's bleary eyed. kicking things off. super bowl lvi, the rams beating the bengals in the last minutes 23-20. >> while the game was incredible. so was that halftime show. dr. dre, snoop, kendrick lamar, eminem and mary j. blige. come on! wow! tens of million watching around the world loved it. and some big olympic wins for team usa overnight. including that gold and silver in the debut of women's monobob. that after american erin jackson became the first black women to win an olympic medal in speed skating history. >> we've gotted all covered for you this morning. the rams in a moment. andrew whitworth now the oldest player in the league who just won his first ring after 16 seasons. first tom llamas with the highlights.
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good morning. >> good morning to you. rams fans war little nervous during that second half, like so much of the postseason. the game came down to the final drives. the rams best players this season. cooper kupp and aaron donald coming up big in the fourth quarter. this is a town that talks a lot about the lakers and the dodgers. but now it is the rams that have achieved l.a. glory. >> pass, kupp! got it. touchdown. >> the rams were built to win the super bowl, and they have sealed the deal. >> reporter: on football's biggest stage, the rams stars shined the brightest. quarterback matthew stafford finding cooper kupp on the crucial final drive. >> got it.
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touched. >> reporter: how confident were you when you threw that pass to coop that he was going catch it? >> pretty confident. >> at 36, sean mcvay now the youngest coach to lift the lombardi trophy. >> the playoffs and super bowl basically came down to the last minute. how did you get your team mentally prepared and ready for the final seconds. >> they did it. they are a mentally tough group. >> it wasn't even to fight the star filled roster and home field advantage. >> sofi stadium. it is so loud in here. >> reporter: the rams had to overcome the lass of star wide receiver odell beckham jr. to a knee injury and a tough and talented bengals team. >> over the middle. picked off! >> major interception in the end zone. bengals fans are going nuts. you can see all of the orange up and down. >> reporter: but this warm february night belonged to l.a. ♪♪ hip hop royalty taking center stage. ♪ you better lose yourself in the music the moment ♪ >> reporter: be the rams defense
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made the difference, sacking young bengals star quarterback joe burrow a super bowl record seven times. >> obviously it stings. but, you know, we had a great year. didn't come out this last game the way we wanted it to. but i think we still have something to celebrate. >> reporter: rams defensive star aaron donald shutting down cincinnati's final drive emotional after the game. >> so happy. i wanted this so bad. i dreamed this, man. >> will some celebrations in alongside going too far with vandalism downtown. put inside the stadium all smiles. especially for winning quarterback, stafford. his win capping off a harrowing journey for his family. his wife kelly overcoming a
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tumor and brain surgery within the last three years. the victory for the family now that much sweeter. stafford appearing with all his kids at that post game news conference. it was so sweet. as we mentioned cooper kupp was the super bowl mvp. it is pretty incredible for a player who had no college offers coming out of high school. and we also want to mention two other big moments. we saw one on field marriage proposal. rams safety taylor rapp proposed to his girlfriend right after the game. she said yes. and another player left the stadium right after the win to get this, meet his new baby who his wife actually had to be taken out of the stadium because she went into labor. the couple now has a super bowl ring and a beautiful baby boy. guys back to you. >> that is what is called having a good night. a great one too thank you so much. great story. last night was extra special for rams captain and offensive lineman andrew whitworth after a remarkable 16 seasons in the nfl, he won his very first super bowl ring and if that is not impressive enough. andrew also recently captured
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the league's highest individual honor. he was named the walter payton nfl man of the year. andrew joins us now. i don't know if we can describe what your face looked like on the field with the confetti dropping and the reality hitting you finally got your first super bowl ring. can you try to put it into words what it felt like? >> its been a pretty special four days. i'll say that. it is one of those things. there are so many things to thank and so many people part of our journey. it is just unbelievable to have this moment. and there are so many people you wanted to win it for it is really cool to enjoy that moment and you got to look at your family and friends and all the people in the organization that have put their heart and souls into it and just embrace each other. >> they say after tom brady retired you are one of the
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oldest guys in the nfl but boy you showed them. and you are playing against the bengals you, former team highway did that feel? did that add extra emotion, not that you needed it >> yeah, definitely. you know, it is a place that for 11 years i served as a captain and gave my heart and soul to that team and that comnity and that means the world to me but at the end of the day we went our separate ways and there was a little doubt about whether or not it's i'd continue my career and to get the opportunity to not only continue but to play them in the super bowl and win, i'd be lying if i didn't say it was a pretty sweet moment pretty special and something i hope people take from it believe in yourself. bet on yourself. and always believe that you can achieve what you want. >> it was so cool, man i know your people in monroe, louisiana, your lsu fans, where you went to college were cheering for you but i think the biggest cheers came from your kids you, wife all in the stands but we got a
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kick out of to seeing one of your daughters this was a great shot. she was actually kind of reading a book in the middle of this whole situation. it got a lot of laughs from the crowd. what did you think of is that? >> she's the fourth one and you know what t hardest one and that's just certain. she's so cool in every moment. and that's what makes her special. the fourth one, the strongest, the toughest and who she is, and that's why we love her so much. >> the super bowl may not have been your best performance this wreak. as mentioned you received this prestigious nfl honor for your service off the field. i want to play a portion of it >> you are not going to remember me i'm derek barnes you spent time with me when you were a young player in cincinnati at the boys and girls club and it meant the world to me you used to sit with me and talk to me about life and i was just a little did. i wanted you to know how much it
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meant to me. i said, man, he goes you know what the main thing i want to say, whit, i made it. i made it to the nfl, big whit >> i mean, what can be said andrew why have you made this service, this philanthropy that you do off the field such a big part of your career? >> well i just think the biggest thing in life is any time you can make things about more than just yourself and meet people where they are and find a way that you can put a smile on a face or make a difference to somebody in their life, there is no greater victory in the world to me than that. so derek's just another part of that him and i share a special relationship he posted a picture of him when he was little and we were out playing some football together in the grass and you know, we'll always have a bond for life and it is always a humbling experience. we never know when those opportunities present themselves but always making sure you are available when people need you
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and that is the key. being there, being open to making life more than just about you is a special opportunity and a special way to live life. >> andrew, is this the end of your nfl career? or do you think you are in for one more >> you know, i don't know. i think it is one of those things i'll sit down with sean mcvay and we'll decide but what a special way to go out. these four days having an opportunity to win walter payton nfl man of year and then win a super bowl i don't know how i could ever repeat these four days and have a more special moment in my life but i couldn't have more gratitude to the league and my experience and to my teammates and all the people that are involved it is just so special in moments like this. and i couldn't be more grateful for it. >> andrew, you have given more than you got and that's saying something. andrew, thank you so much.
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>> congratulations >> thank you y'all i appreciate it. it's meant the world to me. >> other big accomplishment was waking up at 4:00 in the morning in los angeles after the super bowl well done andrew. >> we're going to have all things super bowl throughout the morning. >> that's right. >> thank you andrew. >> all right good night we're going to turn to new developments in the ukraine crisis with u.s. officials warning russia could invade within days. president biden spent his weekend working the phones talking about russian president vladimir putin and ukraine's president. while the most embassy staff ordered to leave ukraine good morning. >> reporter: about a dozen countries now have urged their citizens to leave this country vladimir putin is keeping the
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world guessing this weekend president biden spoke with the russian president. and then president biden briefed the ukrainian president and told him that should russia invade, the united states would respond swiftly and decisively in concert with u.s. allies but so far diplomacy is not producing any breakthroughs. armed and capable of redrawing the map of europe, russia continues to build up troops and weapons along ukraine's borders. surrounding the country russia considers part of its homeland russia has well over a hundred thousand troops near ukraine's borders and they could invade in the coming days, including during the winter olympics russia denies it will invade ukraine and calls it warmongering hysteria. zelinsky said this weekend he doesn't expect a russian attack. ukraine has called for an urgent meeting with russia within 48 hours asking moscow to explain what all the troops are doing on its borders but some communities are taking matters into their own hands. just across from russia in the city of mare yeppal. some ukrainians are preparing.
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basic training for the family. learning first aid to treat wounds and weapons training on a.762 caliber. the 79 year old a retired accountant and a great grandma >> you are about my mother's age. and i can't picture my mother laying on the concrete learning how to fire an assault rifle you think you would actually be doing. "yes is putin coming i should be able to shoot. i think every person should be able to shoot from the window or on the street if the enemy comes. down the firing line just learning to point, shoot and work the safety. paulina is a university senior studying foreign languages how are you both feeling right
7:16 am
now. >> i'm scared at this point. that's why i'm here. but still i hope that nothing will happen. >> reporter: today it is germany's attempt at diplomacy with the german chancellor meeting with the ukrainian president in kyiv today. and then flying to moscow to meet with vladimir putin tomorrow >> richard engel in ukraine. thank you. >> a lot more to get to, including the winter olympics. a big weekend for team usa and a key decision tied to that russian skating scandal overnight. craig's got it all covered for us hey craig, good morning. >> reporter: good to see both of you. another action packed weekend here in beijing, from americans going one, two in that brand new women's bobsledding event, to a speed skater, eager to take advantage of her second chance to even make the team. we had it all.
7:17 am
and also, as you mentioned, overnight a new development in that growing figure skating controversy ahead of the women's final. 15 year old russian figure skating scar kamila valiyeva is still in the games the court of arbitration for sport declining to suspend valiyeva she tested positive for a banned substance in december. the russian anti-doping agency had suspended her but lifted that ban, allowing her to compete in beijing and bobsledding legend kaley humphries winning another gold medal. >> elana meyers taylor is well on her way to another olympic medal. >> reporter: after starting her olympics in covid isolation, american star, elana meyers taylor surging to silver with her son nico rooting her on. the rivals turned teammates celebrating together >> i am so honored to bring back the gold medal. >> i think it is the first medal
7:18 am
for the isolation hotel. >> reporter: in speed skating, a sprint for the ages. team usa's erin jackson grabbing gold in the 500 meters with her family watching from park city, jackson becoming the first black woman to win an olympic medal in speed skating history. >> it will be awesome if i wasn't the first but i'll do my best to be a good example. >> reporter: after a slip in trials initially cost her the chance to compete. jackson's friend and teammate brittany bowe graciously gave jackson her spot in the race jackson making the most of her second chance with bowe cheering her on. >> i was very excited, very happy to be here and feeling really confident >> reporter: in ice dancing. >> just outstanding.
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>> reporter: madison hubbell and zach donohue uniting for a memorable performance. long-time teammates making every move count on their way to bronze and so far, so good for the young u.s. men's hockey squad. with 15 college players on their roster, the undefeated americans are heading to the quarterfinals. that's a great story by the way here at the games. after it was announced no nhl players would be on that men's team, they became true underdogs here a role that the head coach says they are now embracing apparently also we should point out just this morning, a short time ago, another medal for team usa this one a bronze for megan nick in women's aerials and mikaela shiffrin will be back on the slopes tonight after two training sessions.
7:20 am
she confirmed she will be competing in the downhill. and one more note here erin jackson who you j she confirmed she will be competing in the downhill. and one more note here erin jackson who you just saw in that story there made history. he's going join us coming up in the third hour as well lots going on in beijing. >> excellent. >> we're going zo have a lot more on the skating controversy too in the next half hour. we're going talk about its impact on team usa skaters we'll have scott hamilton with us to talk about that and remember you can watch live olympic coverage starting at 8:00 p.m. here on nbc. >> our first check of the weather. good morning al. how about that snow over the weekend. >> that stuff came in, and then moved on through, and boom, gone but we got another system. a coast to coaster coming into the west today it will bring snow and rain into
7:21 am
the northwest. breezy conditions with up to 50 miles per hour winds tomorrow spotty showers across southern california. pockets of heavy snow in the northern rockies be and by wednesday, a risk for severe weather in the southern plains with the system. snow and a wintry mix to the north from chicago just to the south of des moines. we're also looking for risk of severe weather wednesday, 11 million people, wind gusts of 60 miles per hour, damaging hail and tornados possible. texas on into arkansas heavy rain through wednesday stretching south of chicago all the way down of parts of northern texas we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. here, safe driving saves more than just your cargo. ♪ ♪ safe driving saves you 40% with drivewise. ♪ ♪ the safer you drive, the more you save with allstate. click or call for a quote today. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're starting out cool with temperatures in the mid to upper
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40s, and low 50s as we're getting this day started. but there will only be a slow rise in temperatures today, and the fog that we're seeing will be slow to clear. our temperatures reaching into the low 60s by this afternoon. and then going into this afternoon into the evening, temperatures dipping quickly, heading back to the upper 30s by later on tonight. coming up in the next half, those roller coaster temperatures continue. >> is it a quiz? >> no. no sorry. >> tomorrow. i want one. >> okay. >> coming up, which commercials are you going to remember most from super bowl lvi, from the star studded today the silly and is it sopranos we'll round up the best of the bunch. >> and if it was stars you were watching for, how about our halftime show. loaded with music legends, all of the highlights anthe d
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coming up an out of this world nbc news exclusive.
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(blue mom) deboned chicken. chicken meal. brown rice. barley. oatmeal. (purina one mom) yeah, but those ingredients cost a lot more. (blue mom) blue's about 40 cents more a day. that's not too much for my chester. good morning. 7:26ment i'm marcus washington. here is today's top stories, including more bay area colleges returning to in person class. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez at san jose state, welcoming students back in person once again today. students began the semester at home last month, but because covid cases are dropping and the vaccination rates are higher, the interim president says it's time to find a way to live, learn and work with covid with us for a while. san francisco state students are also returning to campus in person today.
7:27 am
>> reporter: i'm bob redell in burlingame. today they'll be loosening their mask mandate for students on campus. starting today, students can take their mask off when they are outside on campus. still must wear it inside the classroom. when they're outside, they're allowed to take it off. burlingame joins san francisco yun side and san raphael. those are some districts that already allow this. >> it's time to get a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall has a look at this valentine's day forecast. >> yeah, marcus. we're starting out cool with some fog drifting around parts of the bay area. we are going to see some partly to mostly cloudy skies, but what you're going to notice the most will be how chilly it is, especially compared to the weather we've had recently. it's going to be much cooler today and gusty winds. our temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. more sunshine and we're keeping the cool weather tomorrow. this is normal for early february. then we do warm up as we head toward the end of the week with
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highs in the low 70s for inland areas and the weekend will be cooler, especially on sunday. >> we're going to have another local news update in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then. care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions.
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let's get a check of the 7:30 headlines. it's a cold one outside. we're going to head out in a little bit and say hello. thank you for coming to visit us. >> on valentines day. absolutely. overnight the busiest border crossing between the u.s. and canada reopened this morning. police in windsor ontario arrested at least a dozen people as they work the clear roads around the ambassador bridge. the crossing carries about 25% of all trade between our two countries and last week the department of homeland security warned truck convoys may be in
7:31 am
the works here in the u.s. >> from oversea, camila, the duchess of cornwall tested positive for covid-19. the news from a statement a few minutes ago. she's said to be self slating. her husband prince charles tested positive for covid for a second time. officials say both charles and camila are fully vaccinated. and sad news from hollywood. producer ivan wrightman, perhaps be known for "ghostbusters." has died. his other credit, animal house, meatballs, twins, and he brought laughter to countless around the world. ivan wrightman was 75 years old. al i know you were a big fan. i heard you playing the ghost busters team in honor o of him this morning. >> just a terrific guy. a philanthropist and great family guy and obviously a film
7:32 am
maker who's legacy is going to live on in these movies. >> absolutely. >> really amazing. >> thank you. back to a major headline from the winter olympics overnight. >> 15 year old russian figure skater are kamila valiyeva, the favorite to win gold has been cleared to skate despite testing positive for a banned substance. >> we'll talk about it with scott hamilton but first nbc's stephanie gosk joins us with details. >> reporter: the court of arbitration for sport held a hearing that went for six hours, well past midnight here in china. ultimately deciding that kamila valiyeva should skate. but late today, the ioc said this case is not over. and while it is being evaluated, there won't be any medal ceremonies that could include
7:33 am
her, casting a shadow over this week's competition. this morning, it is official. kamila valiyeva's olympic journey will continue. the court of arbitration for sport deciding the 15 year old russian skating star can compete in the women's event. and she's the gold medal favorite. in a statement released overnight the panel saying in part because of her age, she's considered a protected person under the world anti-doping code and the ban might cause her irreparable harm the panel noting the test results took weeks to be reported and left valiyeva with little time to respond >> the late notification is extremely unfortunate as it reflects not only the athlete but also the organizers of the olympic winter games. >> reporter: the united states olympic committee is disappointed in the decision adding athletes have the right
7:34 am
to know they are competing on level playing field. unfortunately today that right is being denied. two former olympians and nbc figure skating analyst tara lipinski and johnny weir agree. >> there is a slap in the face to the olympic games, to our sport and to every athlete that's ever competed at the olympics clean. >> for me i think it will leave a permanent scar on figure skating. >> reporter: the decision a win for russia, whose athletes are unable to compete under their country's flag because of a state-funded doping scandal date back to the sochi olympics the russian olympic committee tweeting support after the ruling the ioc says the sample was taken on christmas day at the russian figure skating championships and processed by a swedish lab proved by the world anti-doping agency it is unclear why it took six weeks for the positive result to be reported. since then the russian olympic committee says valiyeva has two clean test including one here at the olympics but the orc's gold medal in the team event was put in jeopardy. with today's ruling valiyeva will get her chance to skate for cold the ioc says if valiyeva moves on to the free skate, they will
7:35 am
add another athlete to the list suggesting they are concerned they may have to disqualify the 15 year old at some point down the road this doping drama sadly is not over >> steph, thank you. let's bring in scott hamilton. figure skating analyst for olympic ice and peacock and 1984 gold medalist. tara and johnny called this a slap in the face, a permanent scar what do you think about the decision to let her skate? >> well there are so many legal, ethical, moral, you know, this whol thing has been about as clear as mud. it is just a mess. she's a 15 year old athlete. 16 is kind of where the cutoff is from the way i understand it. but, you know, russia has been under this cloud of doping for so long.
7:36 am
and now you have a positive test and all you have to go do is go back to tokyo and alice wilson a swiss athlete that went through the same process, and he was denied the opportunity to perform. so, you know, it is a mess it is a total unbelievable mess and it -- no one will make a decision i honestly think and sadly i'm very compassionate. i have a huge level of compassion for her because i don't think consciously think she would do anything like this at 15. but the you have to take a hard stance and if you want the olympics to be clean you have to remove her from the competition. it's sad because i want to see her skate and succeed but not under these conditions at all. >> and i honestly don't really understand then their decision on the one hand to let her skate but on the other hand say but we're not going award any medals because maybe this is not on the up and up -- does that make any it's just a mess
7:37 am
i mean you have all these different committees sense at all >> no. it's just a mess i mean you have all these different committees all these different hierarchies that want a say in all of this and i think ultimately they want to side with the athlete and i think whatever she said in the hearing obviously touched their hearts and they have compassion. and ultimately we're human beings and we have compassion. but, you know, if this is going to be a situation where now you have a tainted athlete competing and for a gold medal and not only the individual event but the team event as well that's already been decided, now you are getting into a situation where precedent is set and who is going to be responsible and and how are they going to be able to do this in the future if you are allowing athletes that
7:38 am
tested positive under their rules to continue on in the games. so it is an absolute mess. i feel badly for everyone lvvoed i feel bad for team usa in the team event because obviously it effects them and then you look into the individual vent. and it is just an asterisk games. is this going to be well she, and then this happened and it's just -- they need to make a decision. and they need to make it now and they just seem to be running into each other. it is a clown show. >> agreed. total agreed thank you scott. >> thank you scott clown show more of him on olympic ice streaming at 10:00 a.m. eastern on peacock. up next. inside the minds of scarlett other places super bowl ads took us this year
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big game of course talking about the super bowl commercials. >> which ad scored the biggest with viewers and which missed the mark? lorenzo reyes is here to reveal the score cards from the annual ad meter competition everything is scored in the super bowl even the commercials. >> absolutely. >> and companies are spending 6 1/2 million dollars for 30 seconds? >> 30 seconds. >> so from three to one in terms of the most popular. number 3 was a dorritos commercial what made that sell? >> this year the teasers were huge and the teasers almost became just as important as the ads themselves and the thing is you have to give dorritos and cheetohs credit in the teasers they basically let out megan thee stallion and charliely puth were going to be part of it so when --
7:44 am
you have theseous peopf e you didn't know who it was number two let's play a little bit of it. it was amazon's mind reader ad let's roll it. >> alexa, it's game day. >> stream football on prime video. closing blinds chilling rosee. >> wow actually with read your mind >> i'll take it. -- >> activating blender. >> funeral on monday >> it is a good one. >> it's a good one. >> this was my favorite actually yeah so often we see celebrities as almost unapproachable or whatever and this really juz humanized them we saw this glimpse into their personal life. and the jokes landed actually colin brought in some of his writers, with amazon. it felt like an snl skit honestly. >> to the number one rated
7:45 am
commercial was a rocket mortgage commercial with anna kendrick. let's roll it. >> barbie really wants the dream house. stunning views and a slide and barbie found out from w an alert from rocket homes. it is a super competitive market everyone wants to buy this dream house. >> i'll go ten over asking >> oh no. >> don't worry barbie has a verified approval. it shows her finances are backed by rocket mortgage >> cute. >> some of these ads, like this had messaging that landed. >> how can you not hear a character like better offer betty and -- >> yeah. >> this is actually a great run for rocket mortgage. they now become the first brand since 2014, 2015 to win in consecutive years. the star power of anna kendrick and this brand in barbie, a childlike approach to an adult problem with this competitive real estate market it resonated really well. >> i love that larry david ad.
7:46 am
bitcoin orb -- >> yes >> let's roll -- >> can i be honest with you? >> it stinksftx, [ speaking foreign language ever. >> why not >> it's far. it's too far it's far. >> like i was saying, it is ftx, a safe easy way to get into crypto. >> eh, i don't think so. and i'm never wrong about this stuff. never. >> never >> yeah. i love that too. and i'm a huge fan of -- so of course i was going to love it. but i don't think you have to be a fan of the show just to enjoy it because he acted so well it was just universally fun.
7:47 am
>> you know the one with the qr code that was just bouncing for 60 seconds how much did they pay for the bouncing >> we have it estimated like $13 million. >> you complicate id. >> i clicked it. after a minute of watching, i had to do it. >> apparently it crashed their website. >> they posted a blog posting. it was trending on social. >> that was it. >> yeah. >> imagine 60 seconds of that. >> they got more than 20 million views in less than a minute. which is good. i mean if you want brand recognition, that's good but this actually ranked last in our ad meter because it was just a missed opportunity >> -- thank you lorenzo. by the way you can catch the full commercial breakdown with "usa today"'s ad meter live show later today. >> mr. roker a check of the weather. hey al. >> i like the nfl commercial where the video game comes to life and wrecks the house and debra said of course who's going to clean that up valentines day in idaho. maybe a little snow and some showers. colorado, 45 honeyville, new york, 12 degrees
7:48 am
and kissimmee, florida 65 and partly sunny skies that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening your i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're waking up and heading out to cool temperatures and a lot of fog. we can see low clouds over san jose. that's going to be slow to clear as our temperatures are in the low 50s. we will get sunshine breaking out by late morning into the afternoon. then take a look at the trend. we're only going to reach into the low 60s for this afternoon. big change from the weekend and then we'll also have some gusty winds. we're looking at cooler weather to start out this workweek. >> and that's your latest weather. guys >> al. thank you. still ahead, a dominatin performance perfection for team usa in the olympics very first monobob event.
7:49 am
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7:56 am
here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about the combination of two immunotherapies, opdivo plus yervoy. good morning. it is 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here is a look at what's happening now. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in burlingame. starting today the school district will be loosening its mask mandate for students on campus. starting today students can take their masks off when they are outside on campus. still must wear it inside the classroom, but when they're outside, they are allowed to take that off. burlingame joins san francisco unified, east side unified, some of the school districts that already allow this. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. did you see the unusual ad during the super bowl, the one with the qr code bouncing around? it's an ad for coinbase, a cryptocurrency company.
7:57 am
coinbase says the ad was so effective, their service was actually knocked off the internet temporarily, as all kinds of people signed up. >> well, signing up for the forecast this morning, meteorologist kari hall has a look at that. >> yeah, we are in for cooler temperatures today. take a look at our live view in dublin. you can see the low clouds and we're also seeing poor visibility in parts of the north bay as people are driving to work, and about three-quarter mile visibility, but it is clear elsewhere across the bay area. when we deal with low clouds and fog, it's also going to keep our temperatures from warming up so quickly as the cold front comes in. we're expecting gusty winds by this afternoon as our temperatures only reach into the low to mid-60s across the bay area. we'll see more of the same tomorrow with less wind, and our temperatures will warm up by the end of the week with highs reaching into the low 70s for thursday and friday. notice it does dip again by the end of the weekend. marcus? >> thanks, kari.
7:58 am
we're going to have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then. okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second. it's gig-speed wifi that's “mikaela shiffrin” fast. ok, that's fast! speed's cool, but does yours block threats? yup, even for these upstairs all-nighters
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it is 8:00on "today." coming up, l.a.'s story. the rams rally against the bengals coming back to score a touchdown with less than 2:00 on the clock and become super bowl champions. >> pass, kupp! got it. touchdown. >> we're live at sofi stadium with all the highlights. then shooting for the stars. sitting down with the crew and commander of spacex's star ship rocket.
8:01 am
the details about their new mission, their big plans to get man back on the moon and even mars. plus showing their mettle. team usa dominants in the first ever monobob event taking gold and silver. then jenna's interview with ice dancers madison chock and evan bates. >> it is us a tom think about how much we experienced together and how much our lives led us to each other. >> and california love. >> ♪ everybody put your hands in the air ♪ >> a sunner at the super bowl, as some of music's biggest names take the field. we're recapping the big moments from the big game. "today," monday february 14, 2022. ♪♪ >> first time in new york city. >> from tennessee. >> hello reno, nevada.
8:02 am
>> nurses from seattle. >> love the "today show"! ♪♪ >> from austin, texas. >> and tallahassee, florida. >> go team usa. >> hi, we're dave and valorie young. and. >> and we are sending lots of love and support to our usa olympians from idaho. >> aye. >> how cute. feeling the love this morning. welcome back to "today," monday morning, busy one. valentines day, winter olympics and of course the day of the super bowl. good morning. a big night. city of angels, the city of champions this morning. the l.a. rams topd the cincinnati bengals 23-20 and won
8:03 am
super bowl lvi. and at the center of the night, quarterback matthew stafford. after more than a decade he led his team to victory. tom llamas joins us. good morning. >> good morning again. this is all you need to know about matt stafford. last night after winning the super bowl with the los angeles rams, he also thanked fans back in detroit where he played for 12 years. he said they helped him a lot and the is staffords have been through a lot to reach this moment. it was a fourth quarter turnaround, led by rams quarterback matthew stafford. the nfl veteran taking control of the final minutes of the game. capping off a 79 yard drive with the game-clinching touchdown. >> pass, kupp! got it. touchdown. >> reporter: sunday night's thriller, a hollywood ending for the 34 year old, winning his first ever championship ring after 13 seasons on the field. >> just so proud of this team. it is such a team victory. >> reporter: his successful second act in los angeles comes after playing most of his career for the detroit lions. just last year stafford joined the rams in a big off season
8:04 am
trade. >> this is a huge opportunity not only for me but, you know, for my family as well. so we're excited to be out here. excited to take on this next chapter. and in my football career. >> reporter: with him every step of the way his wife kelly and their four young girls. the couples love story beginning at the university of ga where stafford a star quarterback for the bulldogs med kelly, a cheerleader. their bond tested by major obstacles off the field. in 2019 kelly underwent brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. her long road to recovery included learn hough to walk again. her husband cheering her on from the side lines. >> he never left my side. when i say i couldn't do anything, he had to be by my side at every moment. >> reporter: their embrace going viral after stafford finally punched his ticket to the big game, and it was all packed with emotion. now the couple marking a new milestone together, celebrating the super bowl. >> she's been with me through
8:05 am
all these years and we've battle sod many things together. you know, to get it done and have her down there with the kids and everything is such a special thing. >> reporter: stafford now adding another life-changing moment to his storied career as he delivered on sport's biggest stage with his new team and biggest supporters by his side. we also have to remember when you think about matt stafford, he played in the league with guys like tom brady, drew brees, the manning brothers, patrick mahomes. and i don't know him but he seems he has his priorities right. if you look to the right you see a little girl there with her fingers up i'm pretty sure his wife was behind them ducking down holder her up to make sure she wouldn't fall. clearly the standards staffords are a family that put priorities first. and makes him a better champion as well. >> tom, thank you so much. hope you had fun.
8:06 am
let's move now to an nbc news exclusive. the billionaire commercial astronaut who helped raise more than 200 million dollars for st. jude's hospital is going back into space with not one but three more missions. taking his fundraising efforts global. nbc's tom costello has mor. >> reporter: you may remember jared isaacman t 39 year old billionaire who let the inspiration four crew last year. he's back teaming one elon musk and paying for three more flights to push further into space. and it only gets bigger from there. sunrise at elon musk's star base near brownsville texas with a massive 400 foot rocket on the pad. this is star ship, built to
8:07 am
carry astronauts and cargo to the moon and eventually mars and this morning an nbc news broadcast exclusive as spacex announced the first commander will be jared isaacman the billionaire now leading a new mission program dubbed polaris. the first mission however will be in the same type of spacex rocket and ship that his inspiration 4 crew road. but with some big differences. >> we're going to go farther into space than humans have gone since we've last walked on the moon. >> and looking through the window we can see the entire parameter of the earth which is so beautiful. >> repor so beautiful. >> reporter: last year's inspiration four mission was part fundraiser for st. jude's children's hospital raising a staggering $240 million. and isaacman taking that fundraiser global and paying for three more trip, planning to use the spacex new starlink satellite network to connect people anywhere in the world
8:08 am
with st. jude. do you foresee a day which a family in subsaharan africa which doesn't have the access to medicine we have in the states might be able to link up with a specialist at st. jude. >> that is absolutely the case we also really believe no child should dine in the dawn of life. >> reporter: joining isaacman, veteran air force pilot pilot. an engineer serving as the onboard medical officer. two of them will perform the first ever commercial astronaut space walk are you nervous about actually being on one of these flights? >> i think it is natural to have some butterflies but i deeply have faith in the spacex team. >> we're going to be prepared. there is inherent risk in anything we do. >> i'm so excited to just see what it is like. >> reporter: elon musk says his mega rocket, "starship" is all
8:09 am
about saving humanity and finding a second home on mars. >> to be frank, civilization is feeling a little fragile these days. >> reporter: starship's first unmanned orbital test flight could come within months that is the mega rocket. starship isaacman and his crew are expecting to fly an an existing ship in november or december guys back to you. >> tom costello, thank you and now beijing where team usa added to its medal count and case has stoked the controversy everyone more. craig is back to round it up for us hi craig, morning. >> reporter: lot of eyes back home of course on the super bowl sunday but the action did not stop here so let's get you caught up on
8:10 am
the headlines. 15 year old russian figure skating scar kamila valiyeva is still in these games, because the court of arbitration for sport declining to suspend valiyeva after she tested positive for a banned substance back in december valiyeva is favored to win the women's event this week. meanwhile in the debut of women's monobob, brand new event competing under the u.s. flag for the first time at an olympics, bobsledding legend kaillie humphries winning her third career gold medal. and here is the thing. the best part of the story she was born and raised in canada kaillie became an american citizen just two months ago on december 20th. meanwhile after starting her olympics in covid isolation, american elana meyers taylor
8:11 am
surging to silver in the monobob just behind humphries. and in speed skating, it was team usa's erin jackson grabbing gold in the 500 meters jackson becoming the first black woman to win an olympic medal in speed skating history. and the u.s. men's hockey team off to quite the impressive start, with 15 college players on their roster, the undefeated americans heading to the quarterfinals. and guys, this has really become one of the best stories of the olympic games so far, this u.s. men's team all eye on them to see just how far they can go, savannah. >> craig, thank you. we're going talk to those monobob medals in a moment and catch more action live tonight on nbc >> we've got the news covered. how about a morning boost. we'll keep with that theme a family that loves to hit the slopes together attached a microphone to their 4 year old, 4 year old snowboarder it was adorable. check it out. >> is this way you slip i won't fall ♪ maybe i will ♪ ♪ that's okay ♪
8:12 am
♪ because we all fall ♪ ♪ >> okay i can't. ♪ lets go down this bill old hill ♪ >> okay. is that amazing? too late calming h having a lot of fun. that's little auburn sage. fell couple times but what a great attitude she has ♪ i won't fall ♪ ♪ maybe i will ♪ >> those are words to live by. >> good girl. >> keep going. coming up next t duo behind team usa's 1-2 finish in debut of a brand new bobsledding event and they are celebrating with us. >> gold and silver and on valentines day one couple's journey to a olympics that is also a love story. jenna talks chemistry are madison chock and evan bates wait, unlimited dvr? yeah, that's right i'm worried what that much power might do to me. ok. youtube tv has real-time highlights
8:13 am
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8:19 am
olympic competition. it is gold for team usa can kaillie humphries. >> history overnight, one two finish in the bobsled event making its debut, monobob. >> kaillie humphries a four time olympic who hails from canada but became a u.s. citizen last year just in time to win the gold and silver went to elana meyers taylor, also a four-time olympian, a we know her well ladies, good morning congrats. >> good morning. >> congratulations. >> good morning. >> kaillie, you got the gold and became the first u.s. citizen to compete for this country what did that moment feel like >> it was so empowering, i felt on top of the world. to be able to cross that finish line
8:20 am
it was an emotional moment it's been a hard fought four years with so much certainly if citizenship is going to come in time, just being able to be here and compete for the stars and stripes, to be able to sing the anthem and wave that flag. i felt on top of the world but it was also very heartwarming i felt not only proud, but relieved and excited and every single person that has supported me and cheered me on, the country that i really have felt, you know, has empowered me to be in this position it feels incredible. >> kaillie we're so happy and proud of you we're also very very proud of our friend elana meyers taylor we've been following your story elana. you were supposed to be the flag bearer you got covid. and couldn't do it and you were cooped up in this room and we were thinking is she going to be in the right head space to compete and you were and you did what did it feel like when you crossed that line? >> oh my gosh.
8:21 am
i still don't really believe it. it was just incredible feeling to know that all we had gone through, me and my family and the team and everyone, to be in isolation, to come and get covid in china and to come away with any medal. i was just screaming my head off. we didn't know if it was going to be bronze ar silver we knew it wasn't going to touch kaillie for the gold but such an incredible feeling >> is elana, your first medal as a mom. what are you going tell nico when he's old enough about this moment >> i'm going tell him his mama fought like she's never fought before to go after her dreams and do everything she could to bring this home for him. >> and it is fitting you go one two in the event you were both championing getting to the second bobsled
8:22 am
event in the first place make this victory a little extra sweet for both of you? >> it definitely does. elana and i, this is now four podiums we've shared at four games. and i think just having the opportunity. we both have grown throughout this sport and been in positions where we weren't afforded the opportunity to compete be in the same bobsled houses and tracks and told we're not strong enough placed on our gender to be able go through this last eight years of pushing for four man, for getting this event here and to be able to know we advocated and we fought for something. and then have the opportunity to be able to compete and, you know, walk away successful, it definitely was a hard fought battle and to be able to share that with someone who, you know, inspires me and pushes me to be the best and hopefully i do with her too and shows how strong our program and how strong we are as females and hopefully that can continue in the future. >> you guys are close off the sled as well to be teammates now, elana, that must be extra special. >> yeah. you know i think the best way i
8:23 am
can describe is it we were both at each other's wedding. and her coming from canada and travis being from san diego and my family from georgia and nick's from the bay area, there weren't a lot of commonalities between the two weddings so to be able to share that moment and now sharing four podiums together, a really special momentum for both of us. >> elana you also said it is the first medal for the quarantine hotel. the isolation hotel. go isolation hotel. >> congratulations elana and congratulations kaillie. >> thank you >> over to al get a check of the weather. >> let's show what we've got going on temperatures taken a real wild ride unseasonably warm out west could be a record in san diego today. bakersfield as well. warm temperatures to the east tomorrow way above normal memphis, st. louis, des moines, amarillo you are going to be 75 degrees. and later in the week your temperatures plunge. wednesday chicago, you are 48. by friday you are 28
8:24 am
look 25 i should say atlanta, 62 wednesday. 50 by friday and here in the northeast we've got some pretty chilly temperatures with windchills, single digits and the teens. we'll see a little bit of a warmup into wednesday. and thursday we'll see a little bit of a warm-up as we get into wednesday and thursday, but then, look, temperatures plunge again, back down about 10 to 15 degrees stretching from cincinnati, washington, on into boston. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we each got a cold front dipping into the bay area that's going to change our temperatures from the record highs we've had from over the weekend. we can see the clouds clouds with us right now. that will gradually clear. as we look at our temperature trend, we're going from the upper 40s and low 50s to only the upper 50s for today for many of our microclimates. we'll see some low 60s for parts of the south bay and temperatures dipping once again as we go into tomorrow morning
8:25 am
with lows in the lower 40s. >> al, thank you still ahead, what would valentines day be without a love story? and there is a really special one playing out at the winter olympics, courtesy of two members of team usa. jenna is going catch up with them and spread the love as only she can after your local news and weather.
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i'm marcus washington. the san francisco 49ers sacked by a ransomware attack. the team says it recently became aware of the network security incident that disrupted the corporate i.t. network. the ransomware gang called black bite claims to have stolen the team's financial data and recently posted some of it to the dark website. so far the cyber criminals haven't publicly asked for ransom. the niners say they notified law enforcement and hired cybersecurity firms to help out. they also did not believe that
8:27 am
ticketholders' accounts were targeted. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> we're already seeing a big change in our weather with some low clouds and fog drifting around the bay area. and we will get some sunshine today, but our temperatures will only reach into the low 60s with some gusty winds, and that's going to make it feel a lot cooler. we'll see more of the same tomorrow, just slightly warmer with sunshine and then our temperatures continue to warm up as we go throughout the week, highs in the low 70s by thursday into friday, and then another cooldown for the weekend but notice we are all still dry as we go through at least the next week. marcus? >> kari, thank you. another local news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ every year i ask chris, where are we going? as a single mother, i definitely think it's important as a way to connect. i've never been out to the san juans and things have really shocked me.
8:30 am
i am so greatful to be able to experience it with my son, and to feel so comfortable. this will be something that we'll talk about forever. ♪ it is 8:30, with our friends at rockefeller plaza one of the songs that had fans moving last night in the halftime show. >> yes. >> what a "halftime"show it was. the expectations were high i think it is safe to say they did a great job. andre, smooth and mary j >> -- >> heck of a show. we're going to take a closer look at performance how it all came together at sofi. >> and also, remember the youth football team we showed you bringing the l.a. community
8:31 am
closer to their local police force? they got a once in a lifetime experience and got to see the magic happen. >> that was really cool. >> and our third hour, team usa's gold medal winning and history-making speed skater erin jackson will be joining us. >> and tomorrow winter fashion inspiration. why wearing white is not just for summer. >> we're all wearing the plaid jacket i didn't get the memo. >> it works. >> it does reminder if you want even more "today" check us out on our streaming channel "today" all day. >> we've got a quick crowd moment i'm looking for misty and matt okay what is your last name. >> valentine.
8:32 am
>> wait. there's more today happens to be valentine's -- >> day. >> and also your -- >> anniversary >> how many years? >> five. >> five years together misty and matt so that's so sweet how'd you guys meet. >> isn't that crazy? oh we, a long time ago. >> ooh there is a story there. >> is there's a scandal. staying dry out west. and that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
8:33 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be windy and much cooler today. take a look at our high temperatures and where we're headed, 64 degrees today, and with the gusty winds it will feel even cooler. as we go through the rest of the forecast, our temperatures will stay in the 60s for the next few days and warm to the low 70s for the inland valleys, dipping again for the weekend all while staying dry over the next seven days. san francisco also has some significant cooling for next couple days but then feels milder by the end of the workweek. on the other end of our plaza. so we just wanted to make sure we showed them as well. and these folks, these lovely focus. get these focus in the corner, johnny there you go
8:34 am
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i know that sound. >> what is it. >> time to get my act together first up on "pop start." we're talking about the super bowl halftime show it was a star studded night at sofi stadium and sheinelle jones is here with the highlights. >> sheinelle. >> good morning. for fans of hip hop it was a special halftime show. legendary rap icon and dr. dress eminem, kendrick lamar and mary j. blige all finally letting hip m spotlight. for the first time ever, some of rap's biggest name taking center stage of the super
8:37 am
bowl halftime show west coast royalty dr. dre and snoop dog kicking things off performing andre's "the next episode" and a late tupac shakur's "california love. and eminem exploding on to the stage before breaking his oscar winning anthem "lose yourself. but halftime was not without controversy with dr. de taking a deck at law enforcement. and eminem taking a knee to protest police brutality and racial injustice the nfl saying they were aware eminem planned to take a knee. saying it was not a surprise what was a surprise? an appearance by rapper 50 cent, wowing the audience by starting his 2003 breakthrough hit "in the club" upside down, a throwback to the original music video. ♪ >> which had nba superstar lebron james dancing along in his sky box.
8:38 am
the queen of hip hop soul, singer mary j. blige dazzling too. delivering two of her biggest hits "no more drama" and her 2001 classic "family affair." ♪ at age 34, and already considered an icon, rapper kendrick lamar electrifying th stadium. the group closing the show together performing "still dre." an epic halftime show celebrating some of hip hop's generational superstars. and their contribution to music and pop culture. have to tell you guy, so i watched yesterday and i opened twitter because i didn't want to be alone my house my twins are like why
8:39 am
is she say nothing more drama? what happened is she sad mom -- but it was so much >> so good. >> it was so pun -- one a lot of people are laughing about. they said if you are watching the show -- what if? yeah, if you are stoked about this halftime show, it is time to book your colonoscopy. >> ouch. literally. >> -- katy, she mentioned shout out to my high school prom afterparty lot of people just had a good time >> makes me feel old. >> overall -- >> i thought it was great. is that the best halftime show ever i think it is in the top five. i think everybody sort of unanimously agrees prince singing purple rain many miami and certainly brought back memories for me. it was great thank you for that sheinelle appreciate it. next up on "pop start. we'll stick with the super bowl theme here t halftime show stars were shining bright.
8:40 am
one of our favorite couples. jennifer lopez and ben after-like and matt damon blew up the internet spots with the new mustache there was a funny joke, i had matt damon no mustache -- that was great. and snowboarders chloe kim and shaun white returned back home and they were there at the big game which was pretty cool too there was a funny joke, i had matt damon no mustache -- that the rings of power audiences took a look at the highly anticipated show headed to prime video set in middle earth are thousands of years before the bringing a cast of new and familiar faces here is a peek at the trailer. here >> haven't you ever wondered what else is out there world
8:41 am
>> wonders in this world beyond our wondering. >> i can feel it >> that looks good you are going to have to wait a little while the multi season series starts stream on prime video september 2nd. >> most expensive tv series ever. >> is that true? >> yeah. >> looks like it wow. >> finally bob marley, the bio pic of the music icon is in the works. the plot currently kept under wraps. tapped to play the starring role is one night many miami actor kingsley ben deer. his we have no word when the movie is going to come out but for us bob marley fans that looks good
8:42 am
and sanctioned by the marley family >> american ice dancers partners on and off the ice jenna will share the very sweet conversation with evan bates and madison chock. madison chock. onrst this is "today" [bushes rustling] [door opening] ♪dramatic music♪ yes! hon! the weathertech's here. ♪ weathertech is the ultimate protection for your vehicle. laser-measured floorliners... no drill mudflaps... cargoliner... bumpstep... seat protector... and cupfone. ♪ what about my car? weathertech.
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we're back at 8:44 jenna joins us and a sweet and very timely story. >> yeah with the winter olympics unfolding and this being valentines day, jenna caught one one of our favorite team usa couple, ice dancers, evan bates and madison chock. >> sweet. >> you are going to love this story. evan and maddie have been competitors since they were kids but ten years ago when they both needed a new skating partner, sort of like a bachelor episide, maddie had to pick one of three men vying to be her partner, and the rest is history. >> they are one of america's top ice dance teams, competing in sochi and pyeongchang and now
8:45 am
their first games together in beijing. >> these two are one of the best in the world. >> partners on the ice for more than a decade. partners off the ice well that happened too. >> it was only when we started skating together that we started spending a lot more time together and we started this bond and this friendship that eventually grew into a romance >> they have known each other since they were kids as teenagers, there was a hint of what was to come. >> y'all were high schoolers, 16 years old. and you went on a date is that right? >> evan took me out to dinner for my 16th birthday to bahama breeze >> she wore this black dress,
8:46 am
pink stilettos. >> i love that you guys still remember like these details. you know where you want. you remember the red truck that he picked you up in. >> yeah. y knew it was machine than just a work partnership >> it took like five years before i really came forward and expressed my feelings and wanted to be more than skating partners and when that eventually did happen, kind of some of our friends around us were like well, du. >> i was like huh, that's so interesting, i feel the same way about you. where did that come from but it had to have always been there. >> maddie and evan live together in montreal. they train up to six hours a day at a top facility there. the precious moments off the ice are filled with their poodles henry and stella maddie is an artist bo designed the skating costumes and evan plays the guitar together they share their story on a pod cast "unlaced." partners on the air, on ice and life could either have you have ever imagined sitting at that booth in bahama breeze that this is
8:47 am
where your life would take you >> no way. >> no. >> no way. >> it is crazy that is why we tell each other, can you believe we're skate together can you believe we're dating it is really fun to look back and think about how much we experienced together and how our lives keep evolving in unexpected ways. >> i loved the way they looked at each other. it was really beautiful. and maddie and evan told me they get mistakened for a married couple all the time, including when they went to a competition in the bulletin. it was like and the married couple and so that then that led me to ask when they are going to get married is and they said to plans yet but they will. and i actually tried for them to do a proposal on the plaza >> nice. >> is that -- >> that's when they said goodbye. but anyway, y'all there's love. >> love them both.
8:48 am
>> -- ice dancers fall in love is that taboo? they all have so much chemistry i always think they are all dating >> that is the thing there was actually a hilarious meme that each ice dancer needs to save their siblings, they are married or -- >> -- commentators at the beginning do say. >> -- i felt it in my office happy valentines day >> cute. >> that is cute jenna, thanks for that and you can find more about evan and maddie later this afternoon on our streaming channel called today all day. >> -- remarkable group of kids coming up, a dream come true for a remarkable group of kids and the ogram that's helped pr
8:49 am
8:50 am
we are back with a once in a lifetime series with nbc sports and an update on a story we brought in the fall. >> back in 2011 on a patch of dirt in watts, california, the lapd started the football team
8:51 am
>> 11 years later with the help of the l.a. rams its players were not only part of the nfl kickoff campaign they just had a once in a lifetime experience. nbc's jacob soboroff has the stories for us morning, jacob. >> good morning. we were there in september the first time and as the nfl offered each of them an opportunity with good grades and sportsmanship to earn their way to this year's super bowl. so we caught up with them again on sunday as their super bowl dreams came true >> today, nothing else matters. >> reporter: they opened the season longest aaron donald and the stars of the nfl kickoff campaign they finished it watching the same aaron donald seal the deal for their home team in a dramatic super bowl win.
8:52 am
starting in 2011 by the lapd as a way to engage the community. children 8-14 together playing football four days a week. >> i'm a los angeles police officer and head coach >> reporter: coach has been policing in watts for over 25 years. an area just 8.2 square miles. it has the highest concentration of gangs in all of l.a. >> kids are forced to make hard decisions at 9, 10, 11. >> coach z offers a different option. >> this program is about discipline, period. >> reporter: the team took off in 2017 when the lambs got involved, providing uniform, player mentoring, a state of the art field and once in a lifetime opportunities. >> star of a national television commercial. >> yep. >> how does that feel? >> feels amazing i would have never thought this opportunity would have came may way. so when i see it, i was like
8:53 am
wow. it's crazy amazing really. >> reporter: this year as part of the nfl's "we've got your back" campaign, the stakes were raised the nfl is going to give all of you the chance -- the chance, to earn your way to super bowl lvi at sofi. >> reporter: they ran with the opportunity. the team making it all the way to the championship playing at sofi stadium and then. >> just wanted to surprise y'all and let you know that i got probably about 19 tickets, something like that for y'all to go to the super bowl >> shaking right now like i'm right here with odell. >> i'm right here with you. >> reporter: we caught up with them just as therd headed to the game. >> i saw you guy you saw yourself in an nfl commercial for the first time. then the coach told you if you earn your way to the super bowl you can get on a bus like this and go i do. you guys got it. >> exactly
8:54 am
we made sure to have our grades stayed where they were supposed to be. just kept, stayed disciplined and i mean, we got 'em. >> you know, like this is just a honor, a blessing, just to go to the super bowl >> reporter: we met the watts rams five months ago, now they are headed to a once in a lifetime experience, the super bowl bye guys then with their brand new super bowl jersey, they enjoyed the entire super bowl experience including a storybook finish a once in a lifetime moment. and i got to tell you guy it was so great to catch up with them this weekend and if the season was not magical enough for the entire los angeles rams organization, along with winning the super bowl, 40 year old andrew whitworth, the ram's star offensiven who we also profiled this year. he's a humanitarian at heart he won the nfl's prestigious man of the year award for excellence on and off the field
8:55 am
just all around an extraordinary experience for the organization and the kids in watts. >> what a great story. >> followed up got to see the happy ending. >> so fun. >> yeah. jacob, thank you >> thanks jacob. >> thanks guys. >> you bet coming up in our third hour, calling all procrastinators. vicki nguyen has ideas to celebrate this valentines day that will make it seem like you have been planning for weeks. >> and a special valentines day surprise for you and also for jenna and me they said we don't know what's happening. but it is supposed to be one can't wait but first check your local news and weather.
8:56 am
a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. later fans will celebrate a legend, john madden, at 5:30. he died at the age of 85.
8:57 am
most recently he lived in pleasure sonton. he won the super bowl in 1976. his remarkable second act got going when he became a tv analyst and the launch of the madden nfl video game. tickets are required to attend tonight's event. money will go to charities in oakland. happening now, we'll carry a live stream of the ceremony. head to there's a link at the top of our home page. more bay area colleges are reopening classrooms for in-person learning, san francisco state and san jose state university. virtual learning is still part of the curriculum. check our twitter feeds for details. everyone is still buzzing about the super bowl and the halftime show. we have a recap on our home page.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on the third hour of "today." california dreaming. the l.a. rams super bowl champs after a fourth quarter come back. we're live with the reaction to the big game and the epic halftime show. and fire on ice. we're talking with three of team usa's newest medal winners. speed skater erin jackson an her trail blazering win. and ice dancers.


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